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1, Report #591929
Apr 10 2010
10:11 PM Seller scam Internet
Sellers and buyers beware. has ripped me off. They did so by way of an item I sold. I sold a wireless router and it was listed as like-new condition. Was this the best choice? Probably not. But it was my choice. Upon the sale of the item and receiving of it by the customer, the customer proceeded to email me through Amazon's contact seller links. I immediately replied to the buyer with the requested information in the same day. Twice. Five days later the buyer files a dispute with Amazon stating he did not receive any contact from me even though I had evidence proving otherwise. Amazon sided with the buyer by claiming that my item was not as listed, even though it was exactly as listed. They gave the buyer a full refund and did not require them to return the item to me. The buyer was essentially rewarded for lying by receiving a free product. Even after filing a dispute with Amazon and a report with the Better Business Bureau, Amazon closed the case. While the cost to me was minimal, it is the fact of the matter that someone lied to them and they believed it. I had conclusive evidence to prove otherwise against the buyers claim and Amazon never once requested it. So buyers and sellers beware. They will screw you over.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #559526
Jan 25 2010
05:17 AM
Amazon.Com ripoff, Internet
After reading all the complaints about ripoffs I think folks should send a duplicate email to Washington's Attorney General Rob Mckenna, issue your complaint and refer him to all the people being scammed by at site. Being an elected official it is his job to go after predators like this.  The only reason not to is if he is beholden to as a campaign contributor.  This information can be obtained easily enough and if that is the case it is time to vote him out. If they must suspend a persons account then they should be paid interest on this money at a substantial rate.  We know this money isn't held in a cookie jar so it must be making money in interest somewhere.  So why is allowed to hang onto it for the interest when i can think of no other company is allowed to do it. Just google Rob Mckenna and you will get all the pertinent information on how to contact him.  Let's flood him with letters, phone calls, and emails and he won't have a choice in the matter.   I remember in his campaign he vowed to fight internet fraud and scammers.  Let's put him to the test.  
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #700443
Feb 27 2011
05:13 AM is a cheater. USA, Internet is a cheater. They stole my hard earn money and refuse to give it back. Yes, I SAID STOLE. Five days before I had to pay my rent, they sent me an email telling me that my account is under review, and they will hold my funds for 30 days. They said I have high rate of cancellation. There were only 5 cancellations on that month. And it's because customers changed their minds. I have 100% positive feedback. No problem with customers. I feel like I want to scream. Amazon doesn't care if you get evicted. They don't care if you are sick or dying, or have financial difficulty. They just want your money. Period. They're driven by greed and jealousy. If you're selling very well on Amazon, they will do whatever it takes to stop you. They will come up with a stupid reason to suspend your account. In a meantime, their CEOs use your money for God knows what. They use it to buy a jet, a big house, a nice car and anything they want. I have to skip meals, so that I have enough money to pay rent (tears). That's not fair. The freaking BBB is not doing anything about it because Amazon pays them to look the other way. You know the funny thing is they don't have to cheat people to get rich, they can be fair and still get rich. What they do is unjust and unnecessary. Those people who came in defend of Amazon, they just don't know what it's like to have this thing happens to them. It makes me sick to my stomach.
Entity: USA, Internet
4, Report #722759
Apr 27 2011
01:45 PM pulled my seller account Internet
 I have had a very costly problem being an Amazon seller. My plan is to hit them with a class action lawsuit for 100 million dollars, and need to get 50 former sellers together. They suspend your selling priveledges without giving you any reason or chance to defend yourself. I sell $750,000.00 per year and have now been cut off. I plan on paying for the suit, but need 50 sellers that have had similair problems. Well put our names and stories together and make them pay. Please send your story to (((REDACTED))) and Ill then ask for your contact info and permission to be a prt of this. We have to stop the insanity right now. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #886432
May 22 2012
01:32 PM Scam seattle, Washington Scam. Be advised that anything you buy through that isnt physically shipped (Kindle products, Amazon Cloud products, Music, etc.) to you can be taken back by at any time. Heres an example that happened to us several times. Over months we bought many Kindle books that were delivered to our Kindle device. The problem is that the Kindle is rather delicate and if you have to take it back to the store were you bought it/or to Amazon, its stolen, or it breaks for any reason, youll need to log-in to your account and register another Kindle. But can and has blocked many peoples  ability to even log-on to, which means all the  books you bought are worthless because your Kindle broke, was stolen, or simply doesnt work anymore. can and will block access to your online Amazon account w/o warning and w/o reason thereby Amazon has taken your money for a product you either dont have or cant use. Dont buy from Amazon unless its physically shipped to you.
Entity: seattle, Washington
6, Report #536081
Dec 08 2009
05:18 PM Withholds Funds to Seller. Unethical Practices Seattle, Washington
I too am a victim of selling on  I cannot believe this company is getting away with withholding payment to sellers and if there is a class action suit against them I am ready to sign up.  I started selling on a few months ago.  On December 1 I received an email that my account was in review for 30 days.  Of course this puts it to Dec 31 and since they take a few days to process it means I won't get paid until January 2010...but won't their Dec. 31 balance sheet look good.   All orders by customers had been shipped and I supplied Amazon with the tracking numbers.  Amazon said that I didn't get enough customer feedback.  I had gotten four feedbacks and all were very positive.  I had no returns, no negative customer comments.  They told me to keep selling while my account was in review.  Reading other comments by sellers this is just a ploy to hold more money from you.  I am concerned that when the 30 days is up they will extend it to another 90 days like they did with other sellers and possibly block or suspend my account.  As a Woman Owned Small Business holding these funds is a hardship as I have to pay my suppliers for the goods I have sold.  You can't talk to anyone at Amazon about this and forget the emails.   I can't believe they are getting away with hurting the sellers like this and how they can illegally hold these funds in their account where they are earning interest on it.  If there is an investigative reporter or an attorney who will take this on....please speak up NOW!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
7, Report #352813
Jul 18 2008
11:31 AM > Rip-off to Sellers!! Do NOT use!! Internet
I read about complaints against, but unfortunately, it wasn't until after I had set up an account for myself. I started an account because I assumed name recognition would draw more customers to my store. I set up an account and listed my items for sale. It wasn't until a week later, that I received noticed that I had a buyer. After shipping the item, and checking my account to find out when I would receive payment for the sale, I was shocked to find out that I had owed over $100 to for Subscription Fees. I hadn't intented to set up a Pro-Merchant account, or anything of the sort to aggressively advertise my items; however, it appeared that within 3 days of each other, I was charged over $33 each for these fees. I closed my account, cut my losses from my one sell... cancelled my other listings and will never use Amazon again!! SCAM!!!!! Molly Columbia, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #397915
Dec 04 2008
03:06 PM has unfair Practices for Sellers!! California Nationwide
First of all, suspended my account stating that it was linked to an account that had been closed ( I have NEVER) had an account at, secondly, they refused to answer my emails to as why the account was closed or for me to pled for the opening of my account, thirdly, when I call, the person on the other end tells me to email them, I'd told them that they aren't answering my emails, they are holding almost 1K in their reserve accounts even though I'd already shipped my items with delivery confirmation, they emailed me to tell me that's there's a 90 day wailting period until I get my money. I guess it's their way of making interest on my money, needless to say i'm a single mother of 4 children and this is Chrismastime it makes it very difficult to go through this anguish for no reason. I'm mad as hell!!! I'm accepting any attorneys contact or legal advice. Lynette Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #807472
Dec 10 2011
12:00 AM sold very old refurbished item as new Internet
I was looking for a Sports watch that would monitor the heart rates and calories that could also be connected to a computer to see whether the training targets were achieved or not. I decided on Polar FT80 watch and looked for prices. Found out that was selling for about $20 cheaper and placed an order with them. This was in Dec of 2010. Once I received the watch, after a couple of jogging sessions, I hooked up the watch to my laptop and was surprised to see data from beginning of January 2008. I thought it could be a mistake. Within 8 months, the unit was not working. I contacted the manufacturer Polar USA and sent it for repairs. They said the unit is out of warranty and that my out of pocket expenses are around $60 + shipping and Handling of another $25. I told them that I bought the watch from about 8 months ago (these units come with 2 years of warranty). Basically, I was fooled by Not only I got a refurbished unit, but it is very old too. Buyers be ware. Do your homework. It is worth buying it at a bit more expensive at a reliable place than going online like and get ripped off. I have contacted them and they are saying they will investigate from where the product shipped to me and let me know. God knows how many days, months would go by. I will never buy again from them.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #695468
Feb 14 2011
08:31 PM Bait-and-Switch Price Gouging by on Kindle eBooks Internet
FACTS:I have two different accounts with which I make purchases on  I was shopping for an ebook the other day, and under account #1, it was advertised at a price of $9.99.  I decided to buy it with the other account, so I logged off and logged back in with account #2.  Upon finding the same book, I noticed that the price was then listed as $14.99.  I verified that the ASIN numbers were the same, that it was the same version, same seller, etc.  Everything about the item was identical but for the fifty percent increase in price. See the attached screenshots that show this.  I hereby affirm that I have in no way modified any information in these screenshots.  The only change I made was to redact my account names and replace them with the account reference numbers (#1 and #2) I’ve used here. I emailed customer service, and after a string of several emails, it became clear that they were not going to own up to a lower price being offered to account #1.  They simply stated: (quote) I've checked by logging into your account both as [account #1] and [account #2] and I could not replicate the difference in the price of the Kindle book. The current Kindle price of the book Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs, from Communism to Al-Qaeda [Kindle Edition] sold by Penguin Publisher is $14.99 (unquote) After receiving this, I checked again and found that sure enough, the price had been changed so that account #1 was also at $14.99.  I have as yet no explanation for the change. I did a spot check of seven more Kindle ebooks, and found that six out of seven were offered to account #1 at lower prices.  That is a total of seven out of eight books which were offered to account #1 at a much reduced price compared to account #2. I have bought many thousands of dollars of merchandise over the years through on account #1, but I do not have my Kindle registered to this account, and so I've never bought a Kindle ebook through account #1.  My kindle is registered to account #2, and I have bought over a hundred kindle books on account #2. On the Kindle product webpage, one finds the following as part of the product description: (quote) Low Book PricesOf the 700,000 titles available in the Kindle Store, over 550,000 are $9.99 or less, including 73 current New York Times® Best Sellers. (unquote) THOUGHTS:In my opinion, it appears that is practicing a bait-and-switch pricing scheme wherein they lure the customer to buy a Kindle with promises of low book prices.  Once a customer has paid for the Kindle, and several ebooks, Amazon appears to raise the prices of ebooks so that Kindle users (who are committed to the Kindle in having paid a lot of money for it) will pay more.  They do not advertise or otherwise publicly acknowledge this, and in my case, they appear to have deliberately denied and then tried to obscure the difference in price I observed. I have seen this practice refered to as price customization.  In my opinion, and especially in this case, this is a euphemism for bait-and-switch price gouging.  I do not know for certain whether this practice is illegal, although I imagine it's not.  It is clear that Amazon does not want their pricing strategies made public.  In my opnion, this means that they know they are doing something unethical, and that it would negatively affect whether consumers would choose to shop there if it were to become public knowledge. I strongly believe that this bait-and-switch price gouging is indeed highly unethical, distasteful, and unfair to consumers.  This is the very reason we have laws about false advertising as well as many other unethical business practices.  I am several hundred dollars committed to my Kindle (kindle price plus many books, some are reference material I will always want to keep) and I enjoy reading on it.  I am left with the dillema of what to do about the unethical nature of's support of my ability to purchase content for it. I will no longer be recommending the Kindle to my friends as I was.  Instead, I will be describing Amazon's pricing practices as above and recommending they don't shop there at all. TO AMAZON Dear Please make your pricing policy public.  Then each customer can make an informed decision about whether to do business with you, rather than being blindsided and betrayed later.Also, please consider simply charging the same price for every customer.  Even if it meant prices went up on average, this would be vastly preferable to a system of unfair bait-and-switch price gouging. Signed, Previously Loyal Customer
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #642465
Sep 20 2010
11:46 AM Freezes Funds for 30 to 45 Days Internet has frozen all of our funds in our seller account in order to review our account.  Please see message below:  We have been sellers on for over two years.  They have frozen all of our funds from past sales which we have completed.  The amount is over $1000.  They have tracking information for EVERY SINGLE order we have FULFILLED.  So we are out the merchandise and now will not be receiving any of our funds from these past orders for 30 to 45 days.  This in my opinion is flat out theft!  We as sellers have fulfilled our obligations to ship out customer orders as promised.  Amazon has not in our opinion lived up to their obligation to pay us our share of those sales.  Oh, and for those of you wondering our feedback is very good.    Hello from Amazon.We are writing to let you know that we are conducting a review of your selling account. During this review, your funds will be temporarily reserved in your Marketplace Payments account. We conduct reviews when sales volumes or inventory are not supported by sufficient buyer feedback or an established history. These reviews are a routine part of our commitment to improving the customer experience.While we review your account, please continue to fulfill orders and list only items that you are able to ship by or before the promise date. For information on how you may be able to expedite this review, please search on Velocity Limits and Account Reviews in our seller Help.You will be notified via e-mail when this account review is complete.We appreciate your patience and cooperation.Regards, Merchant Approval Team   
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #915359
Jul 21 2012
09:08 AM and PRICE FIXING InteSeattlernet, Washington
Let's start here. I have been a pro merchant seller on for ten years. I realize many of you who look through these reports are interested in finding similar issues. As a seller I have had a consistent 99+ %  Feedback score for all 10 years.I realize that products can be stolen by and given to buyers free at the expense of sellers under the  A-Z guarantee. It s FRAUD and should be stopped but that is not why I am here writing this.I recommend filing for the exact amount of the transaction plus actual court costs in local small claims court,  then forcing Amazon to come to court and defend. Under the idea of chattels the rightful owner is entitled to their property back and small claims  courts generally find in favor of the seller if his item was Fraudulently given away. These small claims cost Amazon around $400 an hour to defend and generally if they have STOLEN or given away  your item they can not win. Amazon will reimburse you once you file and they receive the Court documents. They did that to me but I still found taking them to court for costs was relevant as I had filed BEFORE they refunded my acount. when you file be sure to note all dates in advance and watch your settlement files. The Court frowns upon anyone that makes a decision based on hearsay without physical examination of the item.  It is not presently worth a class action as the damages are too small to fight them on the legal battlefield. Hurting in the legal pocket is the best way to fight back. It is only a spiritual not a financial victory for sellers. And requires time and patience.Here goes...the Real Deal ...the untold story...I have had 40,000 individual sales through Amazon mostly, but not exclusively,  of media related items where shipping is a FIXED price. I recently had the opportunity to purchase guitar strings as a closeout from a distributor, all new,  all major brands. When I tried listing them on I found out that specific pro merchants had an option to list with fluctuating shipping rates. That's right Amazon gives preferential treatment to specific sellers allowing them to change actual shipping. However I was not permitted to change the shipping rate which was listed as an excessive fixed rate of 4.99 or 5.99 per set. This is more than  2 1/2 times the USPS rate to ship 2  ounces first class mail!! effectively was making it impossible for me to compete with their preferred sellers.I had a store on with a minimum of 400 items in large quantities for sale. An inventory of 40,000 Items. I complained about the inability to list items with lower shipping. Amazon response was that if I   wanted to sell guitar strings I would have to shut down my account, and start from scratch. After 10 years of building relationships with customers and having repeat customer business this was not an option for my business. I was proverbially screwed.I started reading everything I could about monopoly. all the laws all the cases. I am not a lawyer but I Studied The Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Antitrust Act and the Robinson-Patman Act. I read as many cases as I could find.I informed that I was gathering information about this unfair advantage given to specific sellers and their response was to close my account permanently. Amazon stated I was permanently suspended for in response to your inappropriate and threatening communication with us. No other explanation no violation of any terms of agreement , no sales issues.I realize not only did I hit a nerve but that has been involved with price fixing at a very high level and sellers who held pro merchant subscriptions were likely entitled to every $39.99 that they had paid out to as their rights as sellers were violated by the price fixing.I started research on how many items in the Amazon Catalog were involved in the fix. All I can say is thousands of items are involved.  Only a few benefit from their ability to change shipping prices and thousands of items and pro sellers  are involved in the fix. If you start looking at non media items and shipping prices  this  pattern becomes clear. When you see different shipping prices for the same items the  pattern evolves. I printed out files after files of items where the fix was in.I believe that is up against it. Until my discovery no one realized that these special arrangements had been made with specific sellers. I did a series of printouts and contacted a few other sellers and have now kept meticulous notes. One must pull up the items and look carefully to see what is going on, it is not obvious as a buyer, most look at price not shipping charges as that is in the total. It makes competing at any level impossible for most pro merchants.I am interested in a few others that wish involvement in a class.  Here are some preliminary studies.My current estimate of 30,000 pro merchants since the opening of  With an average run of five years. Who spent $479.88 each year  over the terms of selling. Would make the class worth about $60,000,000.the suit would not involve damages to business only the concept that everyone was not selling on the same platform as advertised should be entitled to a complete refund of any fees given in order to be on that same 60,000,000 plus all court and legal fees would be about the minimum asking for the initial claim.FURTHER DAMAGES...according to my understanding of the Robinson-Patman Act would require an expert in finance who would have to evaluate the loss of business in order to seek recovery. This is beyond my scope and would likely be part two of the class. I believe it would be possible to approach 1,000,000,000 in this area making this the largest suit to be filed against an Internet Corporation. If  in fact 1,000,000,000 in sales were conducted using fluctuating shipping this could be the potential damage to those that were affected by the price fixing. It would take experts to evaluate this.I am now in contact with several professors and experts on Price Fixing. I am currently arranging meetings and learning how to proceed. I no longer have my internet business so I can dedicate lots of time to this cause. I am interested in making selling on the Internet a level playing field. We are still in the Wild West stages and I would expect to see other actions out of this discovery emerge in the future.
Entity: InteSeattlernet, Washington
13, Report #317162
Mar 12 2008
06:43 AM Amazon, also known as, defrauds its' Associates! Seattle Washington (Amazon) is guilty of not paying promised commissions. They owe us over $800 for two quarters in 2007, plus late fees. We generated these sales by spending over $500 with (PPC). We have found that many others have not been paid. We are releasing this information worldwide with 1000's of notifications during the entire 2008 year, including all stock regulators and managers. To show unpaid debt funds as net profit is fraud. If you have their stock (AMZN), you might wish to sell. Another creative accounting company! We would appreciate your support: refuse to purchase items from a company that is guilty of corporate greed and fraud. Do not invest your time and money in their schemes; you may never see any return! Amazon Contact: Jennifer L. Bledsoe Executive Customer Relations Amazon Corporate Office: 1516 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 622-2335 Gwen Williford, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
14, Report #315029
Mar 05 2008
01:45 PM is abusive to seller Seattle Washington
I decided to sell items at Sales went pretty good and Amazon informed me that they had disbursed payment to my bank account after I had waited the 14 days that all new sellers are required to. The next day I get an email telling me I am under a seller review. It doesn't say why and I don't think anything of it. The funds (about $1500) never made it to my bank account. I call Amazon seller help and they confirm that I will not get the funds that Amazon already told me were transfered to my account until the review is complete. I ask why I am being reviewed and Amazon seller help tells me they don't have that information and they provide me with an email address that I am to use to learn why I am being reviewed. Amazon seller helps tells me there is no phone number I can call. I email the address and get an auto generated response that doesn't answer any of my questions. I call Amazon and ask how I can complain. Again, they give me an email address and tell me there's no phone number that I can call. Same thing happens. An auto generated email returns that doesn't answer any of my questions. I call Amazon seller help and share this nightmare to them. They provide me with this snail mail address to their Legal Dept: Legal Dept. P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226 Fax: 206-266-7010 Pretty sad that I have to write a Legal Dept to ask why a seller review is being conducted when I have three 5.0 feedbacks and why amazon apprised me they had disbursed funds to my bank and then failed to do so? Is this the best use of their Legal Dept's time? It certainly is a huge waste of mine. In the meantime, I am still expected to ship items to customers and pay for shipping, handling, etc... Is this anyway to do business? I hope a state Attorney General or a class action lawyer is reading this somewhere. Pathetic. Chuck Jersey City, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #134559
Mar 11 2005
12:18 AM
Amazon.Com ripoff completely ignored by Amazon.Com Internet Illinois
In January, I ordered 2 old movies. One was for $25.99 and the other for $9.49. I have never received either one. I wrote and wrote and was promised credit, but my credit card company said they did not occur. I want my money or the movies. I have waited all these months for movies that were supposed to be Valentines' gifts! This is a HORRIBLE rip-off company. All I get is snotty answers from the supposed sellers, or completely ignored by Amazon.Com Minnie Rolling Meadows, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Internet
16, Report #1123577
Feb 14 2014
12:18 PM My cookbook is over prized on Internet
I am the author of a cookbook.  It normally sells for 9.95, but on it's listed for 357.98.  I have tried and tried to ask them to either pull the book from their site, or lower the price, they will not do either.  They are falsely advertising my book, and because of this, it's possible this is why I am not selling and making money on the book
Entity: Internet
17, Report #160520
Oct 12 2005
02:38 PM ripoff wireless phone rebate scam Internet
I sent the the rebate form in certified mail and record shows they already received it. But they consistantly said they haven't received by an auto-generated email. Ya Brighton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #164714
Nov 15 2005
05:36 PM ripoff Internet
for 3 months ive tried to get a refund of only 5.85 from ,only to be BSed by them. instead, today the send me a gift code worth 5.00 but it connot be used for anything i would want sold by Craig saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Interrnet
19, Report #102529
Aug 07 2004
12:44 AM Seller ripoff 21,000 dollars Seattle Internet
I sold software on amazon and got 3 neg feed back so amazon withheld over $21,000 in payments to me,so of course i cannot make my shipments,and they tell me they will pay if i do. Not THATS a scam.OF COURSE I CANNOT MAKE MY SHIPMENTS!!! I dont have the money to pay my vendors. Now i have to sue them Theres a class action suit brought by over 5,800 other vendore they have done this too for over 9 million dollars.They are SCM Don Beaverton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #83583
Mar 11 2004
07:21 PM benefits from stolen goods Internet
I have been an buyer for years and never had problems until my last purchase. I purchased a used book from one of many independent sellers (to which charges commission) and what happend is that the seller send me a book that had the stamp and the control number of a public library. After contacting the library's supervisor by phone, I discovered that the book should be in the library (conclusion? the book was stolen and then sold to me!)thus, I shipped it back to where it should be in the first place (at my expense!) When I contacted to inform on the situation and to request a refund (I do not think it is fair to let the seller keep the money) I was told by that could do nothing about it. If I wanted a refund on the money I paid for the item, I would have to contact the seller myself!!! And I would get a refund only if the seller agreed to it. Just then, would process the refund. Now, what concerns me the most is that never show concerns on making a commission on a stolen good! Isn't it a crime? Rosa 13850, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #24157
Jul 08 2002
08:01 AM ripoff Internet Internet advertised MS Windows XP Professional for $109 after 2 mail in rebates of $45 each. I reported to them that the rebate coupons were identical and i would like to get the second coupon. First they denied there was a problem, but I persisted. They informed me that it was an error and the second coupon would be corrected and I should check back on their website in a few days. I placed my order and received the software. The coupon had not yet been corrected, and I continued to correspond with amazon. Through numerous emails, they never informed me that the rebate was an error and that there was only one rebate available until after I loaded the software. They refuse to honor the advertised price of $109 and they have failed to pay any rebate even though I submitted the proper paperwork. This is a clear case of fraudulent advertising. Bill Canton, Michigan
Entity: Internet
22, Report #38418
Dec 16 2002
07:57 PM ripoff fraud scam Seattle Washington
Mistreated and ripped off - they usecustomer credit cards for interest-free loans ..... is using customer credit cards to float themselves short-term interest-free loans. They do this by debiting your account and waiting weeks to ship your products (most companies do not debit your account until your order is actually shipped). If you return items, it may take months after they receive the goods for them to return the money to your account. The details: I placed an order with for two books on 9-20-02. Both were listed as being in stock. My account was billed for $36.90 on 9-23. I chose the free shipping offered at that time. On 10-4-02 I emailed a complaint about the fact that while I had been charged for the order almost two weeks ago, the books had not been shipped. I continued to email them and received only unsatifactory answers - answers that had clearly been cut and pasted from boilerplate text. On 10-11 my account was credited $36.90. On 10-14 my account was debited $20.94 twice for a total of $41.88. Note that the total magically increased by $7.98. I finally received my order on 10-25, four weeks after my account was debited. Understandably angry about the service, I returned the books on 10-28-02. Since I live in the same town, they should have received them by 10-30 at the latest. Finally, on 11-11 they credited me $16.95, not the full $20.94 (which was an overbilling in the first place). After several more emails, I was promised the remaining refund by 11-24. It is now 12-16 and I have not received it. They held money from my personal account for four weeks the first time, and have now held it for over 6 weeks. I'm pissed off!! Sandy Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
23, Report #10791
Jan 06 2002
12:00 AM
Used merchandise purchased on ripoff
I purchase a used 13 piece set of Farberware on The site indicated that used items were returned items and that the box had been opened. I thought, no problem, just like in a store they would check that the items are still in good condition. WRONG! I opened the box to find the handle to one of the frying pans busted off and scuff marks and dents. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #19291
Apr 22 2002
04:33 AM Amazon Poor Service and Book Review Fraud Internet
I have used for years but now it seems that is up to a couple of tricks. Here are my concerns: 1. As soon as you place an order your items are placed in a shipping soon status (about five minutes after your order). What this means is that you cannot modify or cancel your order with 2. You items are in this shipping soon stats for days without shipping., it appears, is doing this so the customer cannot change their order before it ships. 3. In prior years when I used I found it a great experience, now I see these shifty practices. This is the third time I've ordered things from this company only to see the status within five minutes - Shipping Soon. One of my orders was not received for 30 days. That's what I call shipping soon! 4. The final concern I have about is that there seems to be a manipulation of the book ratings on their site. I've talked to several people who have given books a one star rating, yet their reviews never appear. If you look at recent book reviews you will be hard pressed to find any one star reviews. Why is this being done? Most likely to manipulate the overall review ratings so they will sell more books. Bottom line on - DON'T TRUST THEIR REVIEWS and you can be sure that SHIPPING SOON means anything from the next day to the next month. Shame on you! Your service was better in prior years! Sherry Boston, Massachusetts
Entity: Internet
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Oct 16 2009
04:50 PM Amazon Double Dipping Alliance Employees ? seattle, Washington
Are amazon alliance employees double-dipping? Myself and many others have been banned from selling from Amazon ,even though are feedback has been in the 98-100% range.(Mine was and still shows 100%). Though there were no customer complaints , I was accused of selling copied media (IE CDRS/DVDRS). I never did ,all items were factory made,usually sealed. Out of over 3500 sales does anyone believe someone would not have complained,Emailed me or left bad feedback? I presented my case to Amazon several times ,assuming my proof and common sense(on their part) would prevail. Wrong! Automated email responses and lazy employee responses ,til Amazon Alliance stepped in with After further review we are sorry you can no longer sell on Amazon. They further stated that there was a reason,however they would not reveal it!! The only thing that makes any sense to me is either 1. They are too lazy to really dream up some sort of plausible explanation or 2. Someone or somebodies are double-dipping - selling under psuedonames on Amazon on their off hours , while eliminating the competition under Amazon's watch,never being called in to judgement. I would love to have someone investigate this.         
Entity: seattle, Washington

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