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76, Report #469554
Jul 14 2009
11:22 AM My account was closed without cause Seattle, Washington
I was a seller on and have had no problems until one day my account was closed because they believe I am involved with another seller who has had their account closed. I work alone and I don't have help from other sellers. I don't contact other sellers in any way and the company even refuses to disclose the name of the other seller. I was told I cannot open any new accounts and without any real investigation my account was closed. My account wasn't even in an investigative status this all just came out of nowhere. They have no right to make such allegations without proper investigation. John Oakmont, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
77, Report #410038
Jan 09 2009
10:52 AM Amazon does not honor their affiliate agreements Internet
Two months ago I decided to make a large purchase and wanted my designated charity to benefit. I could shop through, which would have resulted in 2.8% of my purchase being donated, or I could use Amazon (who I hate) who stated they would donate 6% of my purchase to the charity. So reluctantly, I clicked through the charity site to and made my purchase. followed up with the charity... no donation. followed up with Amazon and they responded that my cookies expired during my session and they would not credit my purchase to the charity. They were able to determine that I had correctly gone through the charity's website to their site, but refused to honor the agreement. It leaves me to wonder how many others, in good faith, have purchased this way thinking their charity benefitted, when in reality Amazon manages to expire the cookies so that no link is made? I will NEVER use Amazon again. Crazylu new york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #415392
Jan 23 2009
03:15 PM Third-party seller permanently barred Internet
I saw a story on this website about a a person who was a third-party seller with Amazon, and one day he got an email from Amazon Alliance stating that he had been permanently barred from selling on Amazon. This happened to me as well. In December of 2004, after barely a year of selling (and maintaining what I thought was an OK seller rating) we received the ominous email, and just like the other guy said, this was a PERMANENT action taken by Amazon. We grossed over $40K that year, and we thought everything was under control. We pleaded with Amazon to lift the ban, but to no avail. If the person who wrote the previous article is serious about a class action suit, I may be willing to participate. Someone has to stop Amazon from taking what I consider to be cruel and certainly UNUSUAL steps to punish those who they believe have broken the rules...I do not recall giving any of my constitutional rights away to become a member of the Amazon team. 4Real in, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #438502
Mar 28 2009
01:00 AM They cleaned up my entire debit card Internet
I am a regular buyer from amazon. yesterday i bought 2 items from A corsair memory kit and a gigabyte motherboard. As the usual process was they charged my debit card for it and my bank sent me an sms stating the amount. After sometime i received another sms from my bank of the same amount of the corsair being transferred to amazon. i called them up and spoke to them about this. the moment i kept the phone my debit card was again charged for the corsair memory kit. this was really getting ugly because even in my orders it showed i had just bought 1pc of both the items. i called them up again and spoke to them about it. and as luck would have it i kept the phone and within 10minutes i was charged again for the gigabyte motherboard and i couldn't do anything about it. in all i have been charged thrice for the corsair memory kit and twice for the gigabyte motherboard. I called up amazon again to know what the hell was going on and how could they just keep charging me. all they had to say was it will take 24hrs to find out whats happening. I don't know what to do now. anyone had any similar incident. I cant even call my bank and ask them to block the money as it is already transferred to amazon from my debit card. I am a student with not much money in my account and they swiped out all from it. i would appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction about this. Sher DubaiUnited Arab Emirates Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
80, Report #372064
Sep 11 2008
03:33 PM Amazon won't honor payment method offered for television Seattle Washington
On August 27th, 2008 I ordered a $2300 television from The next day I came home to an email that my order had been cancelled because my bank would not verify my billing information. I placed the order again and contacted customer service (the price of the television had gone up BTW). Same thing again. Customer service told me that they would assist again and replaced the same order, adjusted the price, but the order was cancelled again by their billing department. Called customer service again and asked for a manager. The manager informed me that there was a glitch in their system and to give them four days to correct the issue and replace the order. I waited four business days, called customer service and placed the order again (we are now a little over a week into this). Guess what - order cancelled again. So, Amazon gives me the phone number for Telecheck and tells me to contact them to see what the issue is. I call Telecheck who tells me they provided Amazon with an authorization code/number on August 28, 2008. Hmmm, so Telecheck validated my electronic check on the very first order! I call Amazon back and provide them with this information. They place the order again with special notes for the billing department. Yup, cancelled again. Call Customer service and this time they add a note to manually call the bank and I provide the bank phone number, the name of the manager and the assistant manager. Well, the bank never received a phone call, but they sure cancelled my order This time the customer service manager refused to even take my call and told the rep to replace the order and promise me that they would stay on top of it to be sure it went through. Well, that didn't work either - cancelled again. So tonight I call customer service and actually speak to a manager who informs me that they are a big global company and don't have the time to deal with all these situations like this and they aren't going to do anything, but that she will send the query back to the billing department again. Amazon doesn't care - they have no customer service. Why not just tell me that weeks ago and let me find somewhere else to order my television. Sunshine Lusby, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
81, Report #368066
Aug 28 2008
08:49 PM extraordinary orders were not delivered Seattle Washington DC is not best as it declared. It's worst experience we have: extraordinary number of orders were not delivered. Our suspicions seems to be truth when the strange situation cleared: is collaborating with has big assortiment of Books. But more popular books are with pictures: photo albums, illustrated books etc. And exactly these books are stay in Germany, in English Books department: I bought Books and have nothing -- they can sell them someone else. Good business, and also all orders were insured. First orders came in horrible shape, they weren't drobs or smashed, - but they were in old dirty boxes. Happy to close my account with them. Never repeat. Ebay is more reliable. Helg MoscowRussian Federation Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Seattle, Washington DC
82, Report #610040
Jun 11 2010
03:22 PM
Discount sold faulty merchandise Internet
Through purchased hair straightener.  Merchandise received was used and packaging torn.  Two calls later, no shipping label to return.  I have to be inconvenienced to go to the post office and wait in line to return merchandise.  I also have to wait for refund.  This Discount Jungle-vendor through Amazon are total rip offs 
Entity: , Internet
83, Report #808948
Dec 13 2011
04:57 PM Amazon amazon pay SCAM Internet, Internet
Beware the latest SCAM with Smaller purchases are sent to a TeleCheck Service for collections attempting to collect for payments already received and cleared in your bank account. When you try contacting Amazon, they transfer you to TeleCheck, a collections agency. TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance Service tries to get your bank information...if you give it to them, they'll charge you again for the same items. Amazon Help was no help at all. I'm contacting my Bank for assistance in THIS latest Amazon SCAM.
Entity: Internet, Internet
84, Report #658170
Nov 03 2010
04:48 PM HotImportToys Outrageous Undisclosed Handling Fees Seattle, Washington
Outrageous undisclosed Handling FeesAmazon is complicit for allowing their store HotImportToys to charge me for undisclosed and unreasonable outrageously priced handling fees.I contacted the Seller, and Amazon's Customer Service questing a full refund, within 12 hours of placing my order. I initially didn't see the outrageous handling fee, because it was only one store of 8 that were part of my large but single Amazon order. I even filed a A-to-Z claim, but it was canceled by them when the seller refunded my items cost, but not the handling fee!I tried to re-open an A-to-Z, but couldn't, so it is more a A-to-B far far from Z.Much less H for handling, or F for Fees unreasonable. Or even a option to contest the closing of the A-to-Z claim! Quote Buyer-to-Seller (from me to HotImportToys) and stated to Amazon CS.------------------------------------------------Subject: Outrageous  handling fee of $41.19!I contacted both amazon customer service to complain about your S&H fee, and FedEx to request delivery to be canceled, as I would have refused delivery anyway. Tracking no.: 27526741030****Buy your own (hidden) shipping page you over charged me $24.04!__Standard Shipping within Continental US for all other products__Estimated Delivery:     3-5 business days__Shipping Rates:     $5.99 per shipment + $1.99 / lbsMy package weights 14lbs which should have been at the most $33.85 by even your TOO high rates!  Not $57.89 that you tried to charge me!Actual FedEx Ground for a 18x12x12 14lb package From: Whittier, 90601, | To: Chicago IL = $16.70.That means you charged me a handling fee of $41.19. OUTRAGEOUS!------------------------------------------------Both Amazon and HotImportToys Ignored my request for fair reasonable resolution.I hope this starts a class action suite, I've given them both more than enough time!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
85, Report #641254
Sep 16 2010
02:31 PM Holding funds for 90 days without explanation , Internet
I was once a seller at My account was permanently blocked by Amazon's seller performance team and my leftover funds are held for 90 days. Why does Amazon have to hold it that long? Why can't I just withdraw my own money after they blocked my account? It is just ridiculous!!!  
Entity: Internet, Internet
86, Report #528956
Nov 26 2009
05:14 AM Amazon Fraudulent Business Practices Seattle, Washington
Here is a link to the evidence: ordered a data vac from and the bags that are shown as frequently bought together.  The bags are not the proper size for that vacuum.  Amazon did refund the money but they still list these bags with the vacuum thus ripping off other customers and/or the company that sells them.  The refund was charged against the company that sells the bags when it is in fact an error on's fault that they refuse to fix.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
87, Report #570914
Feb 17 2010
03:49 PM Holding my funds for 4 months!! Seattle, Washington
It's first time I'm selling through internet & choose I sold my electrics and dvd's(I could not even sell my shoes; need approval??) ok... I have sold about 15 items for cheap because I have pay my bills.. and here we go... amazon stated 14 days of holding funds for first member.. that was fine. I register and start selling after 14 days they send me an email wait 30 days!! to see if everything settles down everyone received items and all. I have all the tracking numbers and I have positive feedbacks.. I emailed them to get my fund through my bank account but they rold me 'A-Z claim' stuff  or whatever,.. I have to wait another 90 days!!! what the....!! what kind of business are they in? a bank? only reason I sold my ipod touch, psp, corless iron, and dvds to pay my bill and I end up HAVE TO wait 4 months before I get to resolve my bills!! I believe this is truly a ripoff and I need a lawer to get my interest with my funds plus my headache I had. please someone help!! I will NOT do(sell or buy) anything with AMAZON anymore. First time was the worst!!
Entity: Seattle, Washington
88, Report #954901
Oct 14 2012
04:37 PM Got kicked out of selling , Internet
After not being able to secure a teaching job due to work related problems, I turned to sales.  I've been selling items through mail order for years selling DVD's and used video games, and have never had issues apart from the PO destroying a package and refusing to take responsibility. I have sold on Amazon for years, and just got kicked out of selling because of an unfair negative feedback.   A new customer to Amazon made her first purchase with me, and I refunded her entire order because I noticed the movie she ordered was a promo disc. I sent her a detailed message as to why I refunded her order. She asked me several questions about how her money would be refunded to her credit card, and I explained every step of this in plain English to her. When she was assured that her credit card had not lost her $8, she then promptly left me negative feedback (including poor customer service, no communication, and poor shipping time). Amazon upholds her right to leave unfair feedback, and I could do nothing about this. The final straw: because the item turned out to be a promo disc, I was banned from selling because promotional items are not for sale. End of Story, and end of my relationship selling on Amazon.  SERIOUSLY??? I refunded this customer's entire purchase because I didn't realize the item was a promo when I stocked it, and once I caught the mistake, I had no intention of selling it, otherwise I would have sent her the %$&$ disc and she never would known the difference. But now I am banned because I tried to stop the sell of a promo disc and gave this customer all of her money back? As of right now, I am still within the window of delivery for that transaction, but yet she leaves me poor feedback for shipping time? I answered every question she had through Amazon messaging, but she leaves me poor feedback for communication? I gave her a complete and instant refund, but she leaves me poor feedback for customer service?  Amazon obviously does not care about small business sellers.  I do this for a living, I feed family of three, and now this.  I am devastated, and this is to put it nicely.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
89, Report #946548
Sep 25 2012
04:18 PM Seller-performance UNFAIR SUSPENTION OF MY ACCOUNT, Internet
I was a seller on I have made over 900 sales in the course of 4 months. Their rating system is terrible. I had 6 claims put on my account and they suspended me. 6 claims outta over 900 sales!! They dont care how many positive feedbacks you recieve just the negative. On top of it one of those claims came from a woman holding me responsible for shipping her item to wrong address. She says she changed her address and Amazon DIDNT UPDATE IT!! So the claim goes on me?? People have questions about their item and just immediatly place an A to Z claim without even contacting me first! They shouldnt be able to file a claim if they have not contacted seller first? How do they allow that? And Amazon should ask questions before permanantly marking my account! If you email them to look at the transaction they say doesnt matter they cant remove the claim, you believe this?? One buyer placed it by accident because he couldnt figure out how to place a return authorization, he removed the A to Z claim apologized for the mistake BUT AMAZON KEEPS IT ON MY ACCOUNT!! And good luck trying to communicate with them because THEY WONT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU. Once they suspend you they refuse to communicate with you!! What kind of crap is that?? Meanwhile I have my money invested in merchandise, shipping supplies and equipment, a truck and a place I rent and because of their and buyer mistakes being clueless on how to do things on that website IM SUSPENDED FOR GOOD!! They made me invest money and put in a business plan and they still wont reacctivate me! Why would you tell me to correct problems and then when I spend money to do so stop communicating with me and ignor me! I want to sue them because they have put my life in a financial wind storm and Im approaching bankcruptcy over it because I was all invested in this company. SOMEONE HELP!
Entity: Internet, Internet
90, Report #186894
Apr 16 2006
12:28 PM No Delivery or the Rubbermaid Streach Seattle Washington
A outside storage shead was ordered from on March 25, 2006. Amazon said it shipped on March 27, 2006 as scheduled. Estimated delivery was March 29 to March 30, 2006. My credit card was billed for the full cost including a $50.00 charge for shipping. My order has not arrived. I contacted Amazon repeately and finally requested they cancel my order. They have refused to refund my purchase charges. Amazon claims that their shipper in Phoenix, ABF Freightways has my order. This is probably a Teamster Union organization who conviently lost the order when it fell off the truck. However; Amazon says that the order will be returned to them and I will be charged $211.60 for shipping the order back to them. That's $211.60 to return an order that was never delivered in the first place. This is not only a Rip-Off, it is attempted fraud on the part of and ABF Freightways. Paul Prescott Valley, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
91, Report #315082
Mar 05 2008
03:46 PM Sells refurbished/ USED products as NEW Seattle Washington
Purchased Sony Playstation 3 for kids gift DIRECT from Amazon LLC. Please note that this was a DIRECT order from Amazon, NOT a reseller on Amazon. Charged my card $403, item delivered a week or so later from Amazon's Fernley, Nevada Distribution Center. PS-3's come from Sony with a one year guarantee and can easily be replaced by Sony if item is NEW. In my case, PS-3 quit after 2 months of use. Contacted Sony (USA) who informed that by using serial number on unit, that I had received a USED or REFURBISHED PS-3. Not a NEW one as advertised and shown on Amazon. Amazon denies everything (even after talking to Sony rep.). But the proof is quite clear as their is no warranty decal on hard drive door. Amazon, after many phone calls only wants to refund $140.00 I USED to trust Amazon, but not after this. Item was listed as NEW, not used or refurbished.... Amazon's customer service is overseas and they do not do anything for you. Avoid... Blair Hesperia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
92, Report #324436
Apr 07 2008
09:49 PM Bait and switch not in stock scam Seatle Washington
I searched the net for Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom the best price I got was $229.95 from so I naturally placed the order, received a confirmation and thought I was going to get my order in a few days. Well the next day I received this email: Greetings from, We're sorry, but the following order from Ace Photo Digital has been canceled because the items you purchased were out of stock. Please return and attempt to purchase again at a later time. We apologize for any inconvenience. ================================================== ORDER DETAILS ================================================== 1 of Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Your credit card was not charged for the order. To view your transaction status online, please visit: Thank you for shopping at well as you can see is claiming that the vendor Ace Photo Digital does not have the camera in stock, what I did was go to and searched for the same item, they had it in stock, then proceeded to check out, now granted the price was $399.00 almost $200 more than it was on I printed the page where I had to pay the $399.00 price it's on PDF I have proof that this is a bait and switch scam and I cant believe a company like is willing to take a big risk and opening themselves up to a big class action suit. It is illegal to advertise something at a price then offer a higher price, it's called bait and switch Gary Pacoima, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
93, Report #326443
Apr 16 2008
07:17 AM Sorry our rep. lied to you...but tough cookies. Internet
I made a purchase last year at, the check was mailed, but an unexpected medical expense came up. The medical costs wiped out my checking account, to the point where I could not even afford the stop payment fee. So I called and explained the situation. I asked their customer service representative what the policy was and if there were anything I could do to prevent the overdraft from occuring. He looked up my information and infromed me that he could see on his computer that I had cancelled the order and that since I cancelled before the check was recieved it would be held until I placed another order. I was so nervous about overdrawing that I asked him twice more. So you're certain that the check will NOT be cashed until I order something else? He assured me, adamantly, that this was the case. The following week Amazon did, of course, attempt to cash the check. Twice. Resulting in overdraft fees in excess of one-hundred dollars. When you're on a fixed income $100 may as well be $1,000. I tried to work it out with them, and when that failed I contacted the Better Business Bureau. I spent an additional $30 repeatedly faxing the same infromation to the same number. Five months later informed me that they had no such hold policy and that they were sorry for the misunderstanding. If I were to walk into any department store and be mislead by one of their staff the store would attempt to 'make things right' I worked for over two decades in such jobs. I find it reprehensible that is unaccountable for the assurances made by their staff. If you have an issue with which an associate of theirs assures YOU will be handled appropriately/resolved. I urge you to demand this in writing, and get a name and employee number. I had a name, a date, and a time for the call in my case, and they were never even asked for. I had to agressively keep the communication open and insist on giving the information to I find it doubtful that this information was even noted. Ruth Indiana, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
94, Report #171744
Jan 14 2006
09:57 AM Fraud never paid me, No email, no phone Internet
I started selling on for extra money inbetween jobs. I sold all mys tuff to the sum of around $250.00 and when I went to transfer funds I got an email saying that I was under a merchant approval program where my funds would be held for 30 days. Well now after 30 days I have been getting more and more pissed everyday. I emailed many times to no avail. Today I got a message saying your account has been closed and my funds will be on a hold for 90 days. So im out the money for 120 days because why??? When I called the customer service they said that the merchant approval side doesnt have a phone number only email. hmm thats odd I thought was up on that good customer service thing. I just want my money amazon got theres and I want mine. Adam Champlin, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #223671
Dec 04 2006
11:04 AM ripoff False advertsing Bait and switch Advertising Seattle Washington
On December 4th, I ran a price comparison search for a Panini Maker on My intent was to purchase the gift for my wife for Christmas as many millions of Americans do this time of year. I came to a final decision that I was interested in the Cuisinart GR4 Panini Maker found at 13 stores/merchants. I proceeded to the comparison and claimed that they had the product in Stock for a price of $99.95, with no sales tax and free shipping. First Search Second Search When I was directed to the, I learned that free shipping was far from the truth. Utilizing a bait and switch tactic they directed me to one of their vendors who was trying to sell the product for $99.95 as claimed and proceeded to a shipping & handling charge of $40.85. $140.80 is a far cry from $99.95 advertised on your site. Extremely upset, I called's customer service line and was directed to New Deli India. The customer service representative and his supervisor Sumnit S. Area Manager for customer service did not have the authority to resolve my complaint. Their answer was for me to buy the item for $129 as listed on their site with no shipping charges. I am proceeding to file my complaint with the and the Better Business Bureau to warn other retail consumers of Amazon's deceptive retail trade and advertising practices. I am personally shocked that a company with such an image and reputation as would stoop so low to advertise with such unethical advertising practices. The last time I checked, false advertising is against the law, especially bait and switch advertising. It would be interesting to see if a law firm would like to take on a class action law suit with Maybe I will get a few calls after I share my story. A concerned consumer! Jim ****** ((( ROR REDACTED LAST NAME FOR SECURITY PURPOSES ))) Jim Bedford, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
96, Report #264124
Jul 30 2007
10:49 AM - Babies-R-Us Wrong product Rip Off Internet
This reply is most advice for future orders, because they ripped you off good. Next time pay with a debit card or credit card, then if you have a problem with the company as you did. You could go to the credit card company or bank card and get a FULL REFUND the right way. If you have a problem paying with your debit card as you did, have patience look carefully at the card number you put in and go online and make sure you have the money in the bank to clear the transaction. If you use a credit card, when you have problems the bank will protect you. D HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
97, Report #301239
Jan 18 2008
10:32 AM - Amazon is a market place ripoff Internet
I hope someone can help. I started selling on Amazon on Dec 8th 2007 for some extra money. I read about amazon that they would hold funds for 14 days and after that it would be released. I started on dec 8th and on Dec 10th I received a email from merchant approval that they need to hold funds up to 30 days because Im a new seller and to make Amazon a better and safer market place. That was hard because xmas was in a couple of days and I had to ship packages with my own money and buy xmas gifts for my kids when times are hard now. I waited for the whole 30 days and finally on Jan 8th they look the block off and I could start receiving my money. On Jan 16th I received an email from amazon merchant account again and stated that they was going to hold funds for 30 days. I received this same letter the first time I started selling so i had to think this is some sort of mistake. so I emailed them and they emailed me with a automated response and stated hold of funds for up to 45 days. So now I am confused. I am not a new seller. i have 100% feedback rating. So I emailed then again and asked if this is 45 days from when I started on amazon from Dec 8th or this is another extra 45 days from present day. i havent gotten any emails yet from them. I cannot afford to ship out any more items with my own money and have to wait over a month. I dont get Amazon at all. I just feel that they are unfair and they dont give direct answers. I have over 500 dollars in my account that they are holding and I need this for school. The same email they wrote me the first time is the same email I received the scecond time about being new. I dont know if this is a mistake or they doing this to find something out which i have no clue of what. In the email to them they wanted to know what other ways im selling online and my pyscial inventory. I dont get this extra delay in my funds. Amazon been a headache from the start and I cannot lose merchandise and money this time. I waited the 30 days and I started receiving my money and within 8 days they hold me again. Can someone help me on this matter so I can get this resolved. Yen flushing, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
98, Report #343028
Jun 22 2008
10:24 PM
AMAZON.COM AMAZON unfair to their sellers and downright allow theft Seattle Washington
Hello, I was a seller on, i sold a few products, then one day out of nowhere i got an email stating my account was under review, and that my funds would be held for 45 days, when i signed up they said only 14 days, so when i emailed them about this alliance emailed me back and said my account was BLOCKED and i can't sell on there again, and that they would hold my funds for 90 days $2200, i had already shipped out my inventory and everything and they did this! I tried to find a phone number to contact them but there is NO PHONE NUMBER for Alliance with Amazon, you can only email them and you just get automated BS responces from them with no explanation! So finally i just gave up and decided i would wait the 90 days! About 2 weeks later a buyer contacted me and told me he has not recieved his set yet, but i had shipped it priority mail with tracking, and checked online and it said delivered!! I emailed this to the seller, and he told me he lived in an Apartment complex and maybe the set was stolen (HOW IS THIS MY FAULT) i told him i was sorry for him and i was willing to refund him part of the money he paid for the set (when your funds are held by Amazon you can use the refund button and refund people) He did not reply but filed an A-Z claim against me with Amazon saying he didn't recieve the set, I emailed Amazon the tracking info and they still simply refunded him the entire amount, This customer probably got the set and knew how their A-Z process works, its a liscense to steal! you can order anything from a seller and you have 90 days to file a claim and 95% of the time Amazon will refund the buyer and NOT REQUIRE THE BUYER TO SHIP THE PRODUCT BACK!!! This is blatent theft! So, Amazon holds my money for 90 days and they make interest on it then later on the are giving my money away! AND STILL NO EXPLANATION And NO CONTACT!! Stay away from Amazon or be very careful when selling for those sharks!! PS: I found out how to get back on the site and i am selling on there again, ofcourse under a different name, So AMAZON DON'T THINK YOU CAN BAN SOMEONE FOR LIFE!! If you have been banned from Ebay or Amazon THERE ARE WAYS TO GET BACK ON!!! SCREW YOU AMAZON!@ Jason_s scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
99, Report #1066247
Jul 11 2013
12:43 PM Amazon Prime Lack of cust. svc in billing dept Internet
While I attempted to get amazon prime on a company credit card acct., out of country customer svc. reps ,3 of them,  managed to charge my personal checking acct five times. They don't have a billing dept. people are allowed to talk to. The best they can do ,no matter how bad the spot they have put you in,is assure you that things will be ok in three business days. That doesn't fix bills you might have set up with auto pay ,baby diapers can wait. In this world of high tech they can't make room for emergency fixes!! 
Entity: Internet
100, Report #1099726
Nov 15 2013
08:49 PM Would not allow return for defective product Intenet
Purchased a bottle of name brand oerfume. What was sent was not representative of the perfume you buy in the store by this btand. Amazon refused to allow a return as they said I opened it. How rise was I supposed to know that this was fake perfume being misrepresented? I had to open it to discover it. I will never buy from Amazon again. They Fleece THE punlic.
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