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1, Report #204318
Aug 03 2006
08:20 AM
American Home Shield ripoff American Home Shield Arkansas
AHS is a ripoff. I am now going on over 2 weeks with no airconditioning and temp.'s over 100, heat index >110. I called in the problem on a thursday evening. I did receive a call the next day, but was told no technician would be available until Monday. I took my children to a relatives for the weekend. On monday I left work at the agreed upon time and the technician finally showed up 2 hours and several phone calls (from me) later. He did not have a ladder to look in the attic or even freon. What kind of a/c man doesn't have freon? I was charged my $55 service fee and told they would come back the next day. I did not see them again for 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks they refused to return calls, blatantly lied to me and told me they were on the way, they were waiting on authorization from AHS. AHS of course told me they were waiting on the technician to phone in the repair for authorization. I was told by the technician that AHS would pay for the evaporator coil, but I would be charged $100 coil disposal fee. I have 2 units so $200. They finally came and fixed 1 unit after 2 weeks, but now I am having to go through the same thing again with my upstairs unit. AHS told me they paid for freon recapturing so why am I being charged a coil disposal fee? Especially when they are probably taking the copper to a recycling place and getting quite a bit for the copper! I asked the service technician for the coil as I wanted it after he reclaimed the freon and of course I am still waiting to hear about that too. I am canceling AHS because they do everything they can to not pay a claim. They previously denied a hot water heater repair because it was sediment. How can you tell unless you take it apart? They send service technicians who are rude and do shoddy work. You are stuck with whoever they send and at their mercy unless you want to call someone on your own and pay for it. Kelly Bryant, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1252693
Sep 03 2015
11:35 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Memphis TN
As a customer with American Home shield, I put request for AC service on 5/31/2015.  I received a confirmation email right away giving me information about the contractor who is supposed to take care of the service I requested and that s/he will contact me with a 24 hrs to schedule the inspection visit.  Two days passed and no one contacted so I went ahead and called AHS to see what's going on.  I was told that the contractor they set my service up with doesn't have an opening before two weeks.  I asked if there is a way to find another contractor, she said she'll try.  They changed the contractor; however the technician didn’t come until June He works for JJK-HVAC LLC.  He diagnosed the problem and told me that he will do his best to fix it.  I didn't know by doing his best he meant that he will harass me.  He was asking me very personal questions when he was over at my house then he started texting me inappropriate messages (which I have records of) after he left.  I felt so uncomfortable as he was bargaining me to get my AC repaired.  I reported him to both his employer and AHS.  JJK-HVAC LLC Ended up sending the owner of the company to apologize and fix the AC while AHS did nothing.  Now I put another service request with AHS for microwave repair.  I requested the service on July 25th 2015.  They assigned the job to SILVER STAR APPLIANCES LLC.  The technician came over to my house after two days, diagnosed the problem with a broken heater and said he will come back to replace it once he receives the broken piece.  He came back 3 weeks later and changed the part, but he ended up breaking the controlling board which was working pretty well before he replaced the broken part.  Today is September 3rd and I still haven’t had my microwave fixed.  The repair company wants to replace the part the technician broke with a refurbished part  which of course I refused giving that the piece wasn’t broken and wasn’t the problem of why my microwave wasn’t heating and now I have to accept replacing it with a refurbished part.  I have been calling AHS since July 27th, stay on the line for no less than 15 minutes waiting for a representative to pick up the phone then nothing has happened.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1241014
Jul 10 2015
10:28 AM
American Home Shield Home Warranty Nationwide
I just wanted to warn people about this company. Do not use them. I had a water heater break down. American Home Shield had someone come take a look and they said that it wasn't covered because it was not maintained and was all rusted out. Ok, fine I totally understand. I did have to pay the $100 service fee. Ok fine I understand that too. So I paid it via their website. The money came out of my account and I thought we were done. A week later American Home Shield took out another $100 without my authorization. I called American home shield and was on hold for just about an hour before I got to speak to a rep. After I told them my story they apologized and said it was an error and gave me my money back. Then a few days later another $100 was taken out. Again without my authorization.  I call again, on hold for over an hour this time. Finally got to talk to a rep. Again they apologized and I got my $100 back. Long story short this happened 4 times! 4 times they illegally took $100 out of my account without my authorization! $400 they tried to take from me! So I call to cancel my account. Another hour on hold. I talk to a rep and she told me that the cancellation department was very busy and she would have them call me back with in 24 hours. 4 days later I receive a voice mail message from American Home Shield and they told me that they were canceling my account and that they would be charging me an early cancellation fee. So now they cancelled my account without my authorization. Then I had to call them again. ANOTHER HOUR ON HOLD! Finally got through, cancelled my account and they told me there was no cancellation fee. I told them about my voice message saying they were going to charge me. But they said that was also a mistake. Come on American Home Shield, get your self together! Bottom line this whole fiasco costed me about $60 in over withdraw fees from my bank because of the multiple unauthorized withdraws and I spent a good 6 HOURS on hold. American Home Shield is a sham. Be warned!
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1396761
Aug 30 2017
11:56 AM
American Home Shield Home Warranty Memphis TN
Do not take a warranty out with this company unless you have hours to wait to talk with a customer service representative. Called on Friday, August 25th my refriderator stop working all food and meat had to me throwen away.  I still do not have a repair company here and today is August 30th.  Of course you do not need a refriderator. Had customer service representative transfer me to another department to cancel and again I had to wait 45 minutes to learn that I can not cancel until the repair is complete.  In this day and age you can not tell the computer do not take out-stop- payment for SEPTEMBER customer is cancelling. I have had to call AHS three times to asking when my refrigerator is going to be repaired.  I have spend a total of 6 1/2 hours on the phone waiting for a CR are you kidding me.      
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #156698
Sep 11 2005
11:06 AM
American Home Shield ripoff Nationwide
After living in our new house for about 2 weeks, our built in microwave stopped working. I called AHS and someone was sent out the next day. He told me that the door switch was broken and he needed to order a new one. He collected his $50.00 and was on his way. After not hearing from him for about two weeks, I began to try and contact this person. Surprisingly the phone was never answered, even though this was supposed to be a place of business and should have been open during business hours. I came upon this website and read about all of the other people who had a bad experience with AHS sending out shady characters who collected the money and never did the work. I looked this person up on the BBB website and saw that this person had several reports filed on him for the same thing that happened to us, he never came back to do the work and could not be contacted. I called AHS and was told that there was nothing they could do, that he was the person that was assigned to do th work and it was my job to hunt him down and make him do the work. After reading about all the bad experienced that people have had with AHS, I chalked up my $50.00 as a lesson learned, and we just replaced the microwave ourselves. When my A/C wend out a couple of months later, I figured that I would rather be safe than sorry and we just ate the cost of replacing it ourselves rather than take the risk of not only losing at least $50.00 but maybe having someone come out and totally screw it up worse that it was to begin with. This warranty came with the house and I will not be renewing with this company, I figure I am better off just saving my money for the next thing I might need to have fixed. Sheila copperas cove, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
6, Report #96399
Jun 25 2004
09:56 AM
American Home Shield ripoff Mesquite TX
I got American Home Shield insurance thinking this is great to have repairs needed to my home appliance for little money. Well, apparently they will not cover much if anything when you call for repairs. I called because my air conditioner was not cooling the house. The air conditioner was set on 50 but it was still 85 in our house. The repairman they sent out said that it was manitenance on our side that we did not have the unit cleaned and that he could do it for $85 or we could do it ourselves. Well, that would have been a total of $130, $45 for serivce call and $85 for him to clean our unit which he tells my husband he can do himself. So, we opt to to this ourselves and still the house does not cool. I call back telling customer service that what he told us to do did not work. They tell us we need to have a liscence repairman do this then they will send the same repair man back to our house if cleaning it doesn't work. I canceled my insurance with them and called a real air conditioner repairman to my home. Turns out that the unit did not need cleaning the hose which the freeone goes thru is clog/needs replacing and to the tune of $400. I called American Home Shield back and they still insist that we should have it cleaned first by a liscene repairman then they would send the same guy out to check it again. This has been going on for two weeks. If you purchase insurance to have repairs why do we need to follow these stupid guidelines that they do not tell you in order to get work done. I would not suggest this type of insurance to anyone. It may cost you more to have the repair done yourself but it's worth it as you don't have to contend with the rude customer service people who are not going to do anything for you other than take your monthly payments and make you very upset. Esther Mesquite, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #448279
May 02 2009
12:44 PM
American Home Shield Home Warranty Lagrange Georgia
I have had AHS for 10 years. Every time I call on them for help with a covered item the story is always the same...'its not covered' or 'its not an emergency'. My AC has gone out every summer for the last 4 years. AHS sends a tech out who patches the problem but never 'fixed' the problem. Finally I went to an outside agent and had a new system installed. Now I have a water heater (that they actually wouldnt cover the first time) short out and almost cause a fire. The water heater is less than 1 year old. AHS told me on a Friday that 'not having hot water was not an emergency and it would be Monday before someone can come out'. This is competely unacceptable. I called them back and advised them there was a drip in addition to the electrical problem and they stated 'now we can make this urgent, but it will be tomorrow at the earliest before we can get soemone out there'. I was told to unplug the water heater and deal with it until someone could get out here. Enough is enough...AHS has 'gladly' taken my money over the years but are yet to make me a satisifed customer. I fully intend to cancel my contrac with them and let as many people as I can know that AHS is a complete rip off. the service levels from them have been substandard by far. David San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lagrange, Georgia
8, Report #643191
Sep 22 2010
10:37 AM
American Home Shield AHS Ripoff, Internet
I've had AHS for 5 years. I have a double wide. Occupied by my husband (cardiac pt) two multi-handicapped daughters, and my self (also handicapped). I originally purchased AHS because they said they cover aerobic systems. Found out that was a lie. My HVAC cooler has had nothing but problems since we bought the house. Our water pump also having trouble. I was told they cover plumbing. I found out that was also a lie. I wish I had done my homework before going with this company. They have been nothing but trouble. The tech's they send out are not very knowledgeable and the owners of said companies even worse. I got paperwork from about the lawsuit but I can not find it. I feel trapped and crying over the whole situation with them. Not sleeping. Wish I could enter the lawsuit against them. If someone could please send me info on how to join the lawsuit.  They take the money each month, the service fees for the last five years and nothing is resolved. Can anyone please help me?
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #191241
May 12 2006
12:22 PM
American Home Shield ripoff home repair Internet
American Home Shield is nothing more then a rip off for unsuspecting customers. As a first time home buyer I thought I had found my ideal house and it had a bonus or so I thought home warrenty. Two weeks after I moved into my new home I went down to the basement and found raw sewage all over the basement floor, thinking it was a easy fix and just needed to be snaked I called an independent plumbing company who came out and informed me that I had a broken sewer pipe underneath my basement floor as he informed me of the costly repair I thought thank god I have a home warrenty this will all be taken care of. When I first contacted the company (late on a Friday afternoon) I was told by the telephone operator that she would contact someone immediately and I could expect a call back within two hours and someone would be out on Monday to see what needed to be done believing what she told me I took Monday off from work because I am a nurse its not easy to just take a day off.I received a call on Sat morning informing me no one would be able to come out until the following Wednesday.I had cleaned up the raw sewage ( a severe health risk) and waited until Wednesday as I could not take another day off from work I arranged for someone to be at my house I was told they would be there between 8-1 they showed up at 1:45 pm. I was then informed that it would cost 2,850.00 to fix it and my home warrenty would not cover it. When I called American Home Shield to inquire why it wasn't covered I was informed that the contractor said it wasn't leaking at the time he was here so they weren't go to fix it, although I had a bill stating what it would cost to repair it. The employees I talked to were rude, unprofessional and of no help I asked them ok so I have to wait until I have raw sewage agin in my basement put myself again at a health risk before they would fix it and they pretty much confirmed this by saying its not leaking now so we are not going to fix it. After making many phone calls one to my real estate company to complain about this service I received a call from AHS informing me that they would send another tech out with a camera to find out where the leak was and after I paid the 95.00 service call they would cover 400.00 of the repair minus the two hundred it would cost for the camera.So out of almost 4,000.00 they would cover 200.00 what a joke being a single women just buying my first home this has turned into a night mare. Don't be fooled into a false sense of security of a home warrenty with this company they will cheat you and rip you off. Thelma Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #202221
Jul 21 2006
07:14 AM
American Home Shield ripoff CARROLL Iowa
I would like to take part of class action Law Suit against American Home Shield. A total rip off. First problem I had was with my sewage line. I had water back up in my house. Called AHS sent a contractor to my home and they indicated that my outside sewage line pipe inside the ground was busted and that they had to replace whole line which would cost about $8,000.00 and American Home Shields would not cover. This happen around January of 2006. I called another plumbing company. They came out and found a root in my sewages line and pull it out and everything is fine. It cost me about $365.00 to have this done. Sent American Home Shield a letter requesting reimburstment and they told me no. Second, June 2006 AC problem called American Home Shield sent a contractor out. Contractor told me coils were damage by some one and American Home Shields was not going to cover. I repalce my Unit inside for $1,380.00 do to there report. In meantime my outside unit whichs was put in in June 2003 started having problems and come to fine out my compressor went in July 2006. Called American Home Shields sent a contractor he tried to rip me off concerning Fueses and wanted to charge me $150.00 on top of $45.00 I already paid him. I told ime to get loss. Called American Home shields so many times talk to Veronica in Memphis office. She was helpful and trying to send out another contractor but American Home Sheilds denied my claim on AC compressor. And I sill have no AC in my home and it has been 100 Degrees in Maryland. And I now have to kick out another $600.00 for AC Compressor. This is really sad and a rip-off by American Home Shields. David Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: CARROLL, Iowa
11, Report #194407
Jun 02 2006
07:29 AM
American Home Shield ripoff Plano Texas
Can anyone tell me where they sell an A/C condenser for $577? Because that is what American Home Shield will pay me to replace my A/C condenser unit. I find this amount ridiculously low, one cannot even buy a decent window unit for this amount. They told me that is the amount they pay to buy volumes of condenser at wholesale prices! I thought all they do is SELL policies to unsuspecting home-owners and contract any repair to any third party company that are willing to get paid minimal for the job. American Home Shield need to be stopped and closed-down, there is nothing American about them and they definitly will not Shield you when you need them!! Count me in Larry! in you pursuit! Robert Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #191954
May 17 2006
11:37 AM
American Home Shield Ripoff Memphis Iowa
American Dream and an American Rip-off! When the warranty was purchased, I believed the purpose was to protect me from issues that I was not aware of at the time of purchase. Approximately 2 weeks after my move-in date the AC unit stopped working properly. After submitting a claim and having a technician provide his opinion that the leaks were pre-existing, I was told that my claim would not be covered and AHS needed to protect itself. Furthermore, the technician hired by AHS to inspect the AC unit stated that in his expert opinion, coolant had been added to the AC unit at the time of inspection. His expert opinion was not only a false claim, but was a slanderous statement against an independent, licensed third party contractor. After several attempts to reconcile the problem, to include providing documentation and contact information for the home inspection company that certified there are no leaks at time of inspection, I was unsuccessful. My only option was to have AHS hire another contractor for a second opinion. I declined this option because I did not believe I would get an unbiased second option. The reason I believe this is because it is clearly stated in a testimonial found on AHS by a contractor who works for AHS he writes: George Valdenegro - GTR Heating and Cooling Home warranties are an excellent investment for homeowners and for people buying or selling their homes. It's a win-win for everyone. For contractors, it's a great way to start a business. Partnering with a home warranty company provides a steady stream of work, and if you're good, which we are, AHS provides more work. It's a partnership that really helps our bottom line. I requested a claim denial letter a month ago and still have yet to receive it. Also, just a side note check out Better Business Bureau 1300 complaints in 3 years. Michele Zephyrhills, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Iowa
13, Report #151622
Jul 28 2005
02:28 PM
American Home Shield ripoff Internet
I doscovered a hole forming in my ceiling and traced it to my AC unit leaking off of a pipe and some other unseen location. I had AHS bring in a plummer who said it was an AC issue. Out comes an AC guy who says it is a dirty filter but it's a plumber's issue because of the pipe. Meanwhile the water damage over my living room is getting worse. The third clown AHS sends out says he is an AC guy and that I have an improperly installed condensation pipe and a dirty coil. He leaves w/o fixing it. AHS calls and isn't even aware a third guy had come out. They basically told me if it is a dirty coil it is not their issue and I'm SOL. I basically now have to hire my own plumber, AC guy and dry wall guy because of these idiots who's only criteria for reigning in independent contractors is that they pass a state test!! Actually, I think they only hire contractors fresh off the boat because they are cheaper and can play dumb easily. I have now taken it up with their sales rep! Kelly westlake village, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1186567
Nov 03 2014
03:18 PM
American Home Shield Rip off usa Nationwide
Multiple trips to fix door opener and washer. Customer service is rude and non helpful. When you have a problem call Corporate headquaters at 901-537-8000. Ask for Rene Golwitzer. Then demand to talk to Mark Barry President. He can also be reached at901-525-7800.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #999387
Jan 18 2013
04:18 PM
American Home Shield ripoff, WasteOfMoney internet
This company does not provide a worthwhile service. If they were honest with the customers, and lived up to what they promise to do, that would be a different story, but unfortunately, IMHO they do not. Besides the fact that they are reluctant to cover a service or item, they work with rather sub-par service companies, so you get relatively poor results from the work they do. I was with AHS for about six years, and each time I had a claim, with very few exceptions, I had a severe hassle getting the service I needed and getting AHS to cover that service. I will describe one situation where they were up front, and I had no hassle whatsoever. I had a ceiling fan-light fail, and they came out and charged me $60 and then told me to go buy a comparable fan and they would install it. I did, let them know, and they came out the next day and installed it. Sounds like a great Company to work with, no? But the problem is the new fan cost the same $60 I gave them for the service call, so I really only got the installation free from them (which I recognize has value, but would not be a reason to have the $45 insurance. Here is an instance where they ultimately delivered, but not in a timely fashion. We had a burst hot-water pipe in our attic, so we had to shut the hot water line in the entire house until the leak was fixed. They sent out a very poorly-equipped plumbing Company, who took about one week to get the job done (it was a simple job of opening the wall -- we knew exactly where to open it -- and replacing a section of pipe). The delay was due to them not having the correct equipment for the first three times the guy came out to do the job, once he didn't have the right saw to open that section of wall, the next time he didn't have a crimping tool for galvanized steel piping, and the third time he came too late in the day to see what he was doing (?!?), So we went for about a week without hot water (we showered by our neighbors -- ugh!). That doesn't sound like a worthwhile service to me. Now let me tell you about some instances where they did not deliver. I had a water heater fail, so they sent out a company to check it out, and they told me the installed heater was not done to code, and they would replace the water heater if I paid them $1200.00 to upgrade to code. Well, I thought that was a bit steep (they said I had to install a sump pump and strap the new heater for earthquake safety, which I didn't think should cost $1200), so I got a few estimates, and to make a long story short, I took their cash-out option ($550), and I got a new water heater, installed to code, with a sump pump and earthquake-safety strapping, all for $900.00 (which means I paid a net $350 for what AHS wanted $1200 for). Sounds like somebody was trying to rip me off, no? Another story was when my A/C compressor needed to be replaced, and they came out, charged me $60, and told me that my A/C was installed incorrectly (it was 9 inches from the house wall, and it needed to be 12 inches), which was the reason for the compressor's failure. I told them I wanted a second opinion, so they sent out another sub-par contracting company, who said that I had not done proper maintenance on the unit (they claimed the coils were dirty), which caused the failure. I fought that too, claiming that it seemed they were looking for excuses not to pay for the compressor, and the real reason for the failure was that it was seventeen years old, which is about the average life expectancy for that type of compressor. I also forwarded to them receipts showing that I had indeed serviced the unit on a regular basis, and the last service had been just a few weeks before the failure, so the coils were certainly not dirty. I had a long arbitration process with them, and I paid two independent A/C Companies to come out and give their own diagnoses, which were basically that the compressor died a natural old-age death, and its replacement should be covered. In the end, they denied the claim, and I dropped their service and had the unit replaced by a regular A/C Company. After that, I sent them a final letter of intent, informing them that I would be taking them to small-claims court for the cost of my new unit. They immediately responded, informing me that they would pay me for the compressor, which is what their maximum cash-out responsibility was, and they sent me $915.00. If you like doing business the way I have described above, then they're the Company for you. The only reason I gave them 1 star is because you can't give zero stars!
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1050650
May 13 2013
05:08 PM
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
17, Report #1145999
May 12 2014
03:24 PM
American Home Shield Fraud!! Nationwide
We have been loyal AHS customers since we purchased our very first home in 2002, and have been in our current home using AHS for 7 years. We have always sworn by them and given any of our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. who were homeowners crazy looks whenever they indicated they didn't have a home warranty! AHS was always our first recommendation. The service has always been impeccable - even when it wasn't a covered repair. But today they have really messed up!We have the extended plan which covers our HVAC unit - and we have 2 of them since we have a 2 story home which costs us approximately $600/year. We also have the HVAC preventative maintenance plan which is an additional $330/year. As a part of the preventative maintenance plan, AHS will send a HVAC technician out twice per year to inspect our HVAC system. We just had this done in October 2013 and the technician rated everything Satisfactory. Well this weekend my A/C went out. I submitted a service request to AHS and the technician came out today and advised that the evaporator coils were badly clogged and had been for quite some time and were beyond repair/cleaning and needed to be replaced. AHS is refusing to cover the repair to the tune of $4K because of poor maintenance of the evaporator coil --- but hello they did the maintenance check in October and advised that the evaporator coil was in satisfactory condition. How do you get to refuse to repair an item due to improper maintenance when you are the company performing the maintenance and indicated the system was satisfactory.After being passed around several times between the AHS service department and the preventative maintenance department, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I could write a letter!!!!! After continuing to press for a supervisor I was told they would give someone a message to call me back and 4 hours later and I am still waiting. After this experience, even though it is my first bad experience with AHS, it's a doozy enough for me to completely end my relationship with them and never recommend them to anyone else, in addition to filing a complaint with the BBB and the Texas State Attorney General's office because this reeks of fraud to me!!
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1251960
Aug 31 2015
10:58 AM
American Home Shield Useless Home Warranty Nationwide Nationwide
 I purchased a home warranty plan from American Home shield when I bought my home.  Unfortunately, I have had to make 3 service requests in the last month.  First, we called regarding our AC not working properly.  Our thermostat stay set at 72 and during the day the temp in our house rises above 80 degrees and does not fall back to 72 until after midnight.  The technician came out and advised this was completely normal and our unit is working perfectly?  I understand it may be normal for the temp to fluctuate a little during the summer months but not 10 degrees, this in my opinion is definitely not normal. Our 2nd request was for our gas oven that just stopped working.  The technician came on and said he would have to order a part and it would take a week to get the part in and he would be back out to install.  Two weeks go by and we have not heard anything.   I called AHS and after a 55 minute hold time, I was informed the part had just been ordered the day before and would be another 7 to 10 business days before it would be delivered.  They even guaranteed that it would be delivered and they would call to set the appointment no later that 8/24/15.  Well on 8/27/15 I still have not heard back from anyone and call in again to sit on hold for another 45 minutes.  They then told me they had the part in and set the appointment to install. In the end our oven has been repaired but took just over 4 weeks to complete. On our 3rd request, we needed a plumber for a leak in our crawl space from our kitchen sink.  The plumber came out and said that it was a visible leak and would cost around $1900 to repair and would not be covered by AHS since it was obvious?  I don't really understand how coverage is denied here when nothing in our contract states this exclusion and our home inspection did not see this either, so I would assume it is not obvious nor visible considering you have to crawl 30 feet into our crawl space to find.  We requested a 2nd opinion from AHS.  They sent out a 2nd plumber who told us that the extent of the work needed was not as severe as the first guy had claimed and advised that it would be completely covered by AHS.  However, AHS would have to send the first plumber back out to complete the repair since they were the first called?  This seemed odd since the first guy quoted $1900 and the 2nd was around $800, but if AHS wants to pay more than they need to who am I to argue.  The plumber set the next appointment to be out sometime between 8am and 1pm.  He was a no so and I called to follow up at 1:15 and the plumber told me he remembered my home and wanted to let me know that they would not cover the full cost of the repair and I would have to pay $746 out of pocket???  I called AHS to see why he was telling me this when they said it would be covered 100%.  Again I sat on hold for almost an hour before a representative advised she could not tell me what was going on here and would have a manager call me back.  2 days later, no call and I call back to try again and again wait on hold 40 min for a rep to tell me that there is nothing they can do and if the plumber says it will cost this much we will have to pay out of pocket.  I requested to have the 2nd plumber complete the work since he quoted half the price and said it would be covered. This apparently is not allowed and they said I would have to use the 1st plumber or take the cash out option.  Well not trusting the plumber at all, I requested the cash out option and was told that department would contact me within 2 days.  Now a week later and several phone calls to AHS, NONE from AHS, hours of hold time later and I still have no response or answers to any questions.  Only the empty promise that someone will return my call. This whole thing has been incredibly frustrating and time consuming and all I want is a simple explanation and try to find a resolution.  I don't think this is too much to ask considering how much money they have been paid to cover these issues.  Save yourself the headache and save your warranty premium to use for your repairs if you need them because you surely can't rely on AHS.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1225673
Apr 29 2015
09:48 AM
American Home Shield home warranty Nationwide
I called American Home Shield the middle of march to report my central ac wa not working properly. It would not cut off and I had to manually throw the breaker on the unit in order to cut it off. They sent out a repair person whom I had previous contact with on my whirlpool refrigerator. He had done warranty work for whirlpool and he came claim to order a part and kept saying it was back ordered. Long story short he never showed back up or called me on the refrigerator and we had to get someone else to come out.I was not happy about who they sent and I called and complained because he basically ignored what I told him was happening and replaced the thermostat and haulded butt. Well that did not fix it so I called and told them and they came back the next day. They claimed it was the control panel so the had to order it. A few days later they show up put the control panel in and that does not work either. So, they then opt to replace some kind of relay switch again, that did not work. Now they have came and taken the heater off and are rebuilding it. Today they came to get it and said that a contractor that added a room on my house 8 years ago had ran the wiring for the room to the AC unit and that was dangerous. The dude with him said yeah that probably why this heater is not working right! Really?? After 8 years you think all of the sudden that the wiring is the issue?? No way! They do not know what they are doing is the problem. I a firmly convinced of that! They said they had not choice but to make a note of that. So, I am sure somehow or other they are going to try and say that is the reason I am having the problem but if it was then it would have happen way sooner than this.I am very unhappy and have told AHS but as one guy said they just really could give a rip! So they will not have to worry about me renewing with them.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1299365
Apr 12 2016
01:23 PM
American Home Shield AHS Unbelievable Nationwide
I have been an AHS customer for years. Our HVAC unit broke and would not blow cold air (outside unit was fine after being fixed the previous year after many attempts). After 2 weeks with no air, they sent a substandard company out to fix and it worked for about a week, and we had to call back to be sent out again. This company couldn't make it out for another week afterwards. It worked for another 2 weeks and went out again. We had 2 months of $500-600 dollar power bills from the second house unit trying to compenstate for the MS heat. After going through this for the second year in a row, we called and cancelled our contract with AHS thinking we would spend the money on a new unit and were done with them. Six months later we get a bill from a collection agency saying we owe money for not paying monthly bills to AHS. I promptly call AHS and they tell me they have no records of us cancelling. They must contract out with a crappy company to keep their records I guess, as we are on the hook for their bad record keeping.  I suggested that if I was still considered their customer then they should finish fixing the HVAC unit, and their response was that since I cancelled the contract, they were no longer responsible. I thought they just told me they had no record of me cancelling???? They then come up with no payment was me cancelling. If it is cancelled, then why are you charging me and sending it to a collection agency??  AHS sends bad contractors witht the cheapest parts possible and then waits for you to get fed up and cancel. After that they lose all records of cancellation and try to get a few hundred more bucks out of you before moving on to the next sucker.  Way to go AHS. Please take American out of your name. You have NO American values.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1160876
Jul 09 2014
07:43 PM
American Home Shield Incompetent Technician Rockwall Nationwide
I had my first experience with AHS. They sent an HVAC company that clearly represented that there was a problem with the drip pan that needed to be replaced. Of course, it's not covered. I called my HVAC company that I have used for years and that I trust. The problem: the coils were so dirty it backed up the system to a point that the condensation was dripping over the drip pan. I'll try to get any unused portion of my premium returned to me. I don't know the point in using a company you can't trust and who, in my case, sent out an unqualified technician.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1429725
Feb 17 2018
10:25 AM
american home shield water heater went out Nationwide
i would not recomend a h s they do not stand behind their customersa.h.s. sent out service contractors plumbing ,they agreed that it needed replacement. said they had to get it approved by a.h.s. which they approved. then i got a call back ,was told i would have to pay over 400. for permits and upgrades. i called a.h.s. and told them ,they told me they would pay for the water heater ,but the rest was between me and the not expect a.h.s. to stand behind you and do what they advertise. they send somebody out you pay your service fee then you are at the mercy of the contractor they can charge whatever they want
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #333194
May 17 2008
04:50 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Home Warranty Scam Carroll Iowa
On approximately 10/21/2007, I requested service for water leaking through my living room wall. At the time, I wasnt aware of the numerous complaints made against AHS from consumers. The leak was coming from where my air conditioner and water heater are co-located. I submitted a work request and American Home Shield sent out a contractor. At the time, I wasnt aware that the contractor they had hired to come out for the repair appears to be listed as having an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau and on July 10, 2007 this company's membership in the Better Business Bureau was revoked by the Better Business Bureau's Board of Directors. When the plumber came out, I showed him the leak and told him it could be either from the water heater or condensation from the air conditioner. The plumber proceeded to look for the leak. After he punched holes in two walls, he looked again at the air conditioner and surmised that the leak was actually condensation coming from the air conditioner. The plumber was very polite and honest with me and apologized and said that if he had checked something else first he wouldnt have punched holes in the walls. The plumber said it was one of those days for him and I was very understanding of the situation. The plumber and I were both under the impression that AHS would cover the repair of the wall. I contacted AHS and made request to repair the wall. When the contractor came out to repair the wall, I learned that AHS would only cover part of the damage. The contractor would only do basic patches with tape and I paid the contractor $20.00 extra just to put on some extra putty to prepare the wall for retexturing. Since that time, I had to have that basic work REDONE by another contractor because the basic work was not adequate. At the beginning of this situation, I contacted AHS Customer Service who initially refused to listen to my concerns. I was very polite and professional but the person I spoke with was patronizing and informed me I was on my own with the situation. I had made several more phone-calls asking for assistance with the situation and the Customer Service personnel continued to refuse assistance to me. Each time I called, I spoke to a different person and each person was unaware of the situation, even though each person said the matter would be looked into and someone would get back to me to act as a liaison. During that time frame, no one ever returned my call. I tried to contact a supervisor regarding this whole mess but was told by one person that she was the highest level I could speak with and if I didnt like it, to take AHS to court. After several phone-calls and much frustration, I took a more direct approach and finally got through to the corporate office. The person I spoke to seemed completely unaware of the multiple conversations that had transpired prior to our conversation. She agreed to be a liaison between the contractor and myself. However, at that point it was already too late as I had already had communication with the contractor. AHS refused to honor their agreement every step of the way and would not offer any service until it was too late, and I had to really push just to get that far. I requested a refund on the service fee in November 2007 which was never processed until long after, when I eventually filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. Since this all began, I had to have that basic wall-repair that AHS contractor REDONE by another contractor because the repairs that were initially done by AHS contractor was not completed adequately and had to be redone prior to retexturing. What should have been a minor situation has snow balled into one big mess due to AHS shady business workings and refusal to assist when needed. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with our service, American Home Shield will continue working with you until you are satisfied or American Home Shield will refund the amount of the trade service call fee. This NEVER happened. I received no assistance and no follow up. Customer service told me I could not discuss this issue with anyone else and I was told that the only recourse is to go to court. I welcome that feedback and will strongly consider that option given to me. AHS has failed to live up to the guarantee. The staffs abrasive attitude and steadfast refusal to provide assistance as liaison with contractor or otherwise assist, has forced me to escalate this simple matter to higher levels. Some research has shown me that the BBB and other watchdog agencies have already received numerous complaints nearly identical to my situation. I only hope that this trend can be resolved before others suffer the pains and misfortune I have suffered at the hands of AHS customer service. This situation was not resolved. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint as Customer Service Issues. Marcy Codys response failed to address any of these concerns. She didnt mention why AHS refused to act as a liaison between myself and the contractor until after numerous phone-calls were made and AHS was pressed to do so. She didnt respond as to why AHS would not return phone calls or even look in to the matter. She certainly had no answer as to AHS Customer Services terse manner of speaking and rude behavior, which certainly initiated my frustration. Actually I dont blame Ms. Cody for attempting to navigate around these problems that AHS has with Customer Service; the same customer service concerns that I had stated are easily found in numerous other complaints made against AHS. Ms Cody did acknowledge that they dispatched the named contractor; however, she failed to respond as to why AHS dispatched a contractor that is listed as having an unsatisfactory record with the BBB and had its membership in the BBB revoked. Ms. Cody acknowledged how a 2nd contractor repaired the wall to rough finish. However, she failed to respond as to how I had to have a different contractor redo that work to rough finish (again) prior to repairing. Ms. Cody acknowledged that the Executive Relations Department did waive the $55.00 trade service call. She failed to mention that I had requested this in OCT-NOV and the refund on the service fee had not been received until after I filed this complaint. Despite AHS lack of assistance, I was able to negotiate with the original contractor regarding the repair of my wall. However, I am still $20 out of pocket. Much of this could have been worked through had AHS behaved more appropriate and professional when dealing with my concerns. Due to this mess, I contacted AHS and asked to cancel my policy and refund me the remaining pro-rated amount for time remaining on policy. They did cancel my policy, but charged me the same amount that they owed me on the refund so what I got was a terminated home warrany with no money back. Then, AHS continued to call me almost daily to ask me to renew my policy. Steve San Antonio, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
24, Report #967796
Nov 11 2012
04:52 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield won't honor their Home Warranty Contract Internet, Internet
I moved into my residence 2 years ago in October, 2010.  At the time I purchased my residence I was also sold a home warranty policy by American Home Shield. In the 2+ years I have had my home warranty policy I have had to request service on the air conditioning unit several times.   On 5 previous occasions they have sent out technicians to work on the unit.  Work was done and the air conditioning unit was working.  However, they did very sloppy work and the repairs have not lasted. This summer my air conditioning unit failed again.  Once again I contacted American Home Shield to make the repairs.  Only this time they have given me the run around. 1. I have been told that the AC unit is too close to the fire place.  But, the fireplace is 20 feet away on the separate side of the house.  The A/C unit is above the kitchen.  In the kitchen is a skylight that was part of the original construction of the home.  I question any persons intelligence that cannot tell the difference between a fireplace and a skylight. 2. They have stated there is not enough room to do the work.  However, other A/C technicians I have hired for a repair quote have stated there is plenty of room. 3. They have stated that the evaporator coil is 6 inches away from the fireplace and they cannot work on it because it is a code violation.  Again, the fireplace is 20 feet away.  Again, they are confusing it with a skylight. 4. They complain that there is not a walkway in the attic.  I'm confused on this one.  Most attics I have seen are simply the frame of the house and insulation.  If this was truly a concern they could have said something on previous repairs. I have a current policy with American Home Shield.  I am current on my payments and all the work I am requesting is covered under my policy.  This appears to be yet another company that simply wants to rip off the public.  Stay away from them.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #424111
Feb 14 2009
11:02 AM
American Home Shield Dealing with American Home Shield & thier horrible service Horsham Pennsylvania
We bought a house in Feb, 2008 and had a home warranty provided to us by the previous home owners. The week after we moved in, we did the appropriate thing by having the oil furnace serviced prior to getting service & oil deliveries. The oil company came out and we were told that the heat exchanger was cracked and thus the furnace was deemed inoperable. A second tech guy came out and confirmed the first guy but this time he disabled the thermostat inside of the furnace as well as shutting off the circuit breaker and oil line to the furnace to prevent useage as the furnace was now blowing carbon monoxide throuout the house ~ obviously a serious issue. Please keep in mind that this was the first week in march and it was freezing outside. We called AHS and we paid the $45 fee to have their contractor come out to confirm what the first 2 guys stated. At this time, we got a call a week or two later telling us that it was a pre-existing issue and they were not liable. Everyone that I spoke with at AHS was rude, ignorant and down right nasty to me on the phone. We, at one point, had actually considered paying for it ourselves but after the downpayment on the house, closing and moving expenses, we were completely tapped out for cash. Besides that, we were entitled to the warranty that was included in the purchase of our home. We fought with them for 3+ weeks on the phone and it was down right mentally exhausting and quite frankly, was a horrible experience. In the end, it worked out in our favor as we did finally get a new furnace BUT the 3+ weeks we spent in our new home was without the proper heat that you would normally use. The danger of using portible space heaters was always on our mind as well as the fact that if we didn't have any heat at all, there was the potential of pipes breaking due to the cold. Luckly, our house has a pellet stove but after a week of using that constantly, that shut down on us so we were out of heat all together. I was, at this point, completely on the edge mentally and mind you, I had to have these horrible conversations with AHS and their horrible contractor while I was at work. After numerous yelling matches with AHS & contractor, many of which I ended up in tears of anguish and frustration, I completely lost my mind and threatened everyone ~ previous homeowners, home inspector, both realtors, AHS and their contractors with lawsuits. Only after I used the phrase lawsuit did we get our way and had them install a new furnace. While we did get what we needed, we in no way should have had to gone through all that to get what we were entitled to in the first place. I don't know if we are entitled to be a part of this class action lawsuit but no one should have to go though that kind of stress, anguish and aggravation, EVER. If there are any folks or lawyers interested in speaking with us then please contact us through this website and we would be glad to provide anything and everything that is needed to help. Pam Horsham, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania

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