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26, Report #404598
Dec 24 2008
08:58 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield = Consumer Fraud Carroll Iowa
I have filed report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and my local department of Consumer Affairs on AHS. This company is committing consumer fraud. My hot water heater and furnace are both 16 years old. Recently they both went on the blink. AHS sent a technician to look at the furnace. He fixed the auxillary limit and told me my furance was in its senior year. A few days later it is 18 degrees outside and my heat still was not working. AHS sends the technician back and he then says my evaporator coil is dirty and that is a maintenance issue. AHS refused service. I had an independent, well respected, accredited BBB company come out and look at my furnace. They said I need a new furnace. I called AHS and they said they would send someone for a second opinion. I had to call back twice to see what happened. The first time, they said they cancelled the request, and the second time they said the company didn't get my fax. Stall tactics, because they did not expect me to get a second outside opinion. Christmas is tomorrow. This company that is so caring doesn't give a hoot about denying me heat. AHS says if the technician finds that it is a maintenance issue again, I have to pay another service fee. Over my dead body. I am not giving them a dime, and if they try to take it from my bank account they will be in big trouble. With regard to my hot water heater, I contacted AOSmith the company that makes the heater. They said the life span of my heater is 7-13 years. At 16 mine has done its job. Why would I be maintaining something beyond its service life? AHS hires low grade service companies. Their MO is to say it is a maintenance issue, and even if your item has been maintained, they say your service company was incompetent or did the work wrong. Anything to get out of replacing the item. Lchrod Mableton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
27, Report #693005
Feb 09 2011
11:57 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield a Bogus company Memphis, Tennessee
I had two service requests declined by Amercian Home Shield (AHS). The  first one was for my microwave. AHS claimed that the microwave failed because I  did not mantain it. The microwave was 6 years old! They claim that the grease build-up inside the micrwave caused it to fail and I am suposed to clean the microwave. They expect me to open up  a microwave and service it?? how many people do that? Then next service request was for my refrigerator. The side panel for the water dispener and ic dipsener just stopped working. The technician said that the mother board needed to be replaced. AHS claims that , though the refrigerator is covered the motherboard is not!!! How ridiculous is this?  This company is a big scam. I  reported this to BBB and the company responded saying they would not cover it as per the contract and i  could cancel my membership for $35 !! Someone needs to stop this company. A Class action lawsuit would be awesome.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
28, Report #959532
Oct 24 2012
02:30 PM
American Home Shield AHS American Home Shield: Misleading crooks Memphis, Tennessee
I have been a customer of American Home shield for nearly 7 years.  The contract stated that if something in the house that was covered was broken, I pay a small service charge and the product is repaired, or if not able to be repaired, it is to be replaced.  My water heater broke and needed to be replaced.  American Home Shield refused to cover what they called upgrades, as the heater being replaced was no longer in code.  I had to pay an additional $200 out of pocket, that I do not have before this would be fixed. I have been paying a monthly fee for almost 7 years, and only had to replace a garbage disposal...they have thousands of dollars of my money that was never spent; and when I am in a desperate situation, the refused to cover the upgraded equipment to bring it to code.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
29, Report #1090802
Oct 25 2013
11:44 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield is a scam Memphis Tennessee
Our air conditioning died during a heat wave, we opened a ticket in July 2013 and in October 2013 they send over a tech after 2 local hvac companies in town diagnosis the AC as needing a Replacement part.  American Home Shield says it isn't covered after spending days and hours with customer service, they call and say it isn't covered under the warranty.  This service is a scam! Save the $500. I have been hung up on and I called Mark Barry, the CEO and he isn't willing to return my calls. Call him, tell him he is a thief....I did a few times, you van get to his voicemail. Goog mark Barry 
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
30, Report #1186753
Nov 04 2014
02:35 PM
American Home Shield The American Home Shield ripoff Artistry award Nationwide
If you have been ripped off by American Home Shield for a home waranty like I and thousands of others please help us collect you articles and personal experiences by not only posting here but on the Facebook page linked below.  This company needs to make right on its claims or be stoped. Spar terry the BBB does not care about there real record or most state atorney Gennerals about the constituents that are ripped off.  We need your stories and your articles. .  
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1033736
Jun 27 2007
08:00 PM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Strikes Again Ripoff Carroll Iowa
I have had problem after problem dealing with both AHS and their vendors. The right hand does not seem to know what the left hand is doing. Service charges that are paid but not reported. Vendors that set up appointments and never show and won't return calls. Vendors that order parts.....come to install.....THEN tell you the plumbing has to be repaired before they can repair the dishwasher.....he should have checked that when he first made the call. Hence another service charge for another vendor. I guarantee, I will NOT renew again....if there is another Home Warranty Insurance that is good, can someone tell me who it is? Richard Bakersfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
32, Report #1096738
Nov 04 2013
07:32 AM
American Home Shield AVOID American Home Shield at all costs! Carroll Iowa
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Bought a policy when i bought my new home and all was good, then 2 years later my washer started leaking and i called. I was told that my washer was not covered! Apparently when i signed up with them it was not a blanket policy that covered all my appliances and item, but it only covered my *Top 10*, so only 10 item could be covered and my washer wasn't one of them. I told them that i never picked a top 10 and knew nothing about it and what were they? 1. a/c including duct-work, 2. Dishwasher, 3. Garbage disposal. 4. Water heater, 5. Plumbing, 6. Dryer, 7. Electrical, 8. Heating inducing duct-work,  9. Built-in Microwave and 10. Ranges/Ovens/Stove-tops. So my first question was who picked these for me and why would a/c and heat be 2 different items since they are the same machine? and why would i pick electrical and no my washing machine? I was blown away and very upset, when i asked them to fix my policy since i never picked a top 10, they told me that i would have to cancel this policy and buy a new one to add the washer, but the washer would have to be fixed beforehand and i would have to send them proof. So i fired them on the spot, and now they are sending me bills for the remainder of the contract which they broke. NEVER GETTING ANOTHER CENT FROM ME!!! Keep sending the bills guys, they will never be paid.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
33, Report #1094012
Oct 23 2013
10:05 AM
American Home Shield Beware American Home Shield! Nationwide
American Home Shield charged my bank account without notice, then couldn't tell me for days why it was charged (they said they couldn't even SEE this charge), and when they finally could see it they said they couldn't refund it.   First, I was told by a representative that I needed to pay $49 to get my warranty going on the monthly payment system and it would be $49 a month thereafter.  Several days later I got some paperwork in the mail that said my payments would be $57 a month.  Strange... but not a deal breaker.  A few days after that, American Home Shield made an unauthorized charge to my bank account for $22.99.  This was at the very end of a strained pay period, tipping my bank account slightly under and resulting in a $35 NSF fee from my bank.  Agents at American Home Shield couldn't even see this charge at first and asked me to fax them documentation from my bank statement.  I did so, then didn't hear back from them for a few days...  When I called back not only could they now see this charge, but they said it was valid and neither it nor the $35 NSF fee could be returned to me. So essentially even though they repeatedly acknowledged and apologized (hollowly) for their company's representative giving me the wrong information, they stuck to their guns that the unauthorized charge to my account and the subsequent NSF fee from my bank were not their problem.  How's THAT for excellent customer service? And speaking of which, it's bad enough when every single person you talk to at a company gives you a different story, but it just adds insult to injury when one (Larry from the Consumer Sales Department) sounds inebriated the whole time and can only repeat the same I know one of our people made a mistake, but we're not responsible for our representatives circular non-logic over and over again until you feel like screaming. BEWARE this wretched, worthless company!
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1162427
Jul 16 2014
07:18 AM
American home shield AHS American home shield is a scam Nationwide
i have had 3 issues in 2 yeas! All took months to repair and a fight to try and get it covered! The people they send are clueless and unlicensed! The last guy lied and said someone unplugged or had worked on it so my insurance could use that as excuse not to pay! No one had touched it and if it had been unplugged it would not have worked the previous 2 years! Contractor not only lied but didn't return calls and this was enough good enough for them to refuse to pay!
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1268487
Nov 17 2015
09:54 AM
American Home Shield American Home Shield Ripoff and Lies Memphis Nationwide
I contracted with American Home Shield in August, 2015. November 12, 2015, my hot water heater flooded my hall and bedroom (Thursday). I notified AHS that same day, and was told that a plumber would be out Friday, November 13, 2015. He was no show. I called AHS and was told that no one could be sent out until Monday, November 16, 2015. So the plumber shows up Monday, and states he can replace the hot water heater the next day. That night, he calls and tells me AHS has refused to let him get the hot water heater from his supplier, that it will be at least a week. When I called AHS (still Monday November 16) they told me that they would allow the plumber to use his supplier so I would not be without hot water. Tuesday, November 17, plumber called and said AHS had ordered the hot water heater from themselves, and would not allow him to use a water heater he could access immediately. I again called AHS. After speaking with two operators and a supervisor who told me that nothing could be done, I asked to speak to a manager. I was told that wouldn't do any good, and that the wait time would be 45 minutes. Told her I would wait. After a few minutes, a woman named Melissa got on the phone and told me she would call me back in 30 minutes with answers. That was two hours ago, and still no answers. This company is the biggest ripoff in the history of ripoffs.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #160777
Oct 14 2005
12:55 PM
American Home Shield ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I have been with American Home Shield for about two years. Everytime I request service,it's nothing but aggrivation.I requested for my dryer to be serviced last month, I had an appointment and they were coming that morning and cancelled late in the day. The guy who was coming out gave one excuse and when I called the company itself (Aspen) who is contracted through Home shield, he gave another. I complained numerous times.I was treated like crap by the supervisor from Aspen he spoke to me like I was trash. I finally spoke to a Barbara from AHS, she stated that she will waive the $45 service fee. I called again to state that I recieved not one phone call. I was aggravated and I told her to cancel my policy, but I told her that I should still get service for my dryer. She said, I will, due to the fact that the order went in before the cancellation. Now today I found out the policy is cancelled but I am getting no service. Now Aspen's excuse is that they do not service my area. Not true, they serviced my washer(bad job done)last year. I feel that I am being discriminated against because of where I live.They sure did not discriminate in taking my monies every month!!! Carmen camden, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
37, Report #360726
Aug 08 2008
09:33 AM
American Home Shield Deceptive Practices Carroll Iowa
The following letter was sent to the corporateoffice. It explain the situation that I am currently fighting. I have read similiar situations and I feel that it is necessary for a suit to be filed. Thursday, August 07, 2008 Dave Crawford, CEO American Home Shield P.O. Box 849 Carroll, Iowa 51401 Ref: Contract #80330522, Order #135209922 Dear Mr. Crawford; This letter is being written to request that your company honor your contract with me and repair my Sub-Zero Freezer. I am writing directly to you because I am not satisfied with the information that I am receiving from your subordinates. I have been paying your company for a Home Warranty Contract since 2004, and I have been receiving less than honorable service from your company since my first request for service. The situation that I will speak of in this letter will show you that your company is not abiding by the contract, both implied and what is written in that it is telling me and other consumers that it will provide if we purchase your home warranty program, but find reason not to honor it when repairs are needed. The reason that I am requesting that you honor the contract is outlined below. If your denial still remains after reading this letter I will have no alternative other than to file a suit against you and your company through the court system and a grievance filed with my Attorney General here in Texas. Upon the purchase of my home, the previous owners purchased a Home Warranty Contract from your company to cover all the components of the home covered under your warranty. You issued the warranty contract without even reviewing the items in the home so I was and still is of the opinion the contract to cover all list components of the home was a valid contract at the time and still is a valid contract today. In my opinion, the previous homeowners made a very good decision with the purchase of this warranty contract because soon after I moved into the home the freezer failed. Your company was contacted and they sent out a representative to work on this item. While the repairman was at the home he had to call your company in order to get authorization to make the necessary repairs. I had to get on the phone with your company and explain to them the type of unit I had in the home and immediately after explaining to them the make-up of the Sub-Zero they authorized the repairs which to me, was an implied contract and it validated the contract that was purchased. With this authorization I was under the opinion that my unit was covered under your warranty as stated. Now that this same unit needs to be repaired again I am being told that it is not covered. I am of the opinion that your company have failed to honor your contract, and have deceived me, but at the same time taking money for a contract that you are not willing to honor at this time. According to your own contract, you have stated, No limit to the number of covered repairs. If your dishwasher breaks this month and next month your stove is on the brink just call AHS. The rest will be taken care of with no hassles. It's that simple. Why am I having a hassle at this time? The initial repairs done on my freezer implied that you and your staff understood what was in my home and would repair it again if the need arrived again. I expect you to honor this and repair my freezer. Below is a photo of the unit that is in my home. Although it is not the normal unit that your staff is use to, it still is set up to provide the same function as a normal refrigerator/freezer unit. As you can see in the first photo, the Sub-Zero unit consists of the same components as a normal refrigerator/freezer they are just set up differently. How many homes will only have a refrigerator? Most home have a refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen area. This is exactly what is situated in my home. The refrigerator and freezer are an integral part not a separate part and the intent is the same as a normal refrigerator/freezer that is in most homes. The only reason that I can see you not wanting to honor your contract is because of the extent of the service that is required and the cost involved. It appears that your staff is fishing for a reason not to make the repairs so they are utilizing every avenue available to do so to include the wording of the contract. I am of the opinion that the intended use of the equipment is the overriding factor, and I am sure that your staff knows this. I have been faithful in making payments to you in order insure that the items in my home are covered. Since your company is receiving and using my funds, I feel that you should take care of those items that you supposedly cover. Again, I am requesting that you honor the contract and make the necessary repairs to the freezer in the home. I will be waiting for your reply to my request. I feel that I should be hearing from you at least 15 days after receipt of this correspondence. Respectfully submitted, Leo P. F***, Jr Homeowner Leo p. f Kountze, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Home Shield
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
38, Report #379263
Oct 08 2008
07:32 AM
American Home Shield THIEVES Memphis Tennessee
Like a fool I allowed my mortgage companyto talk me into AHS in case we had an expensive repair or replacement on a major appliance. My heat and air system went out, BIG TIME. The first company AHS sent was one Ron Haynes from Dalton, GA. He was not interested in doing the job and totally unqualified. The second company, while being very professional, was told to replace my high-end system with bottom of the line equipment. I have COPD, so no to low air filtration is out of the question. Not to mention, the system would have run my electric bill sky high because the system was low performance. It would only have lasted three years tops. As it stands, AHS is sending a $2,400+ check to the second company and they won't install the system I have requested without my paying $6300 more because they don't normally do business with Carrier, therefore they cannot get the rebate discount that a dealer would. I would gladly pay all the service charges to Duckett, the second company, but he claims he has to cash the check from AHS for a Goodman system. Here I sit with serious breathing problems, my windows open, praying Duckett will be honest enough to dispatch a check ASAP so I can go to a reputable company to do the installation of another high-end system with a ten-year warranty, very high air filtration, and no Freon. In the meantime, I may end up in the hospital adding far higher medical bills than the cost of the system and just take another notch out of my life. Isn't life great? AHS needs to be investigated and put out of business. Janice Somewhere, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
39, Report #922471
Aug 04 2012
11:57 AM
American Home Shield AHS Dunce Extrordinaire Memphis, Tennessee
I have had two major events that should have been covered by AHS. The first, the jacuzzi on the third floor failed and did over $16,000.00 dollars worth of damage to my home. AHS didn't fix anything and sent two individuals to my home to inspect the damages; thay fixed nothing, charged me $60.00 dollars for a service call, and could hardly spell their own names. USAA ended up covering the whole thing. Second, my septic tank pump failed and again AHS was inept. They tried to schedule an inspection for more than a week later. Remember, raw sewage is backing-up into my home real-time. Tis one I paid for directly to Aquia Stafford Area Plumbing, Inc and provided a copy of the invoice to Mr. Zack Paxton on multiple occaisions; still nothing. These folks are crooks; yes, I said it!!!!!!!!! for Zack Paxton, the only way he could be a bigger fool is to gain weight.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
40, Report #889933
May 29 2012
12:00 PM
American Home Shield Poor Performance Internet, Internet
I am requesting a refund of $229.00 for service provided by Mr. Rooter on 5/19/2012.  I placed a service request on 5/18/2012 for a plumber to fix a problem that we were having.  The tech spent over 2 hours and did not fix the problem.  He stated to you we had no clean outs.  This is a false stament.  Mr. Rooter found a clean out.  He was able to snaked that one and was able to snake a secondary drain and fixed the problem.  You will be able to see I made calls to AHS to help resolve the issue but that was denied do to a false statement.  I have attached the invoice for your review.
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #199540
Jul 05 2006
11:54 AM
American Home Shield ripoff Memphis Tennessee
I called American Home Shield (AHS)regarding my hot water heater (HWH). They first sent a company that could not tell me what was wrong with the HWH but that wanted to replace it for over $1600. They charged my $35.00. AHS sent another company that could not find what was wrong. The company sent a second technician that found a plug in the line. The fix last for about a week. I called AHS yet again and had them send the technichian back to my house. The techician told me that I did not need a new HWH, but that it needed to be drained. The HWH exploded the next week and flooded my house. A professional service had to dry my house out for an entire week, and I have a $500 insurance deductible. I have lost personal property that belonged to by deceased father and can never be replaced. AHS first told me that they could not cover the replacement HWH because it had sediment in it. They finally agreed to give me $330.00 for it, after I paid yet another technician another $55.00 to look at the HWH. I called AHS today because I still have not received the check. It was cut on the 29th. Apparently AHS has decided not to send the payment because my next installment payment on the contract was due July 1, 2006 and I haven't paid it. Go figure. If anyone is considering a class action against this company, please let me know.I am anticipating filing a cliam in Magistrate Court in Cobb County, Georgia. Angela Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
42, Report #99166
Jul 16 2004
03:53 AM
American Home Shield ripoff Carroll Iowa
I just want to say thank you all whom took the time to write experiences concerning this company. Received an ad yesterday and called AHS requesting copy of contract to be mailed to my attention. When I receive the copy, it will go in the trash along with the received ad now in the trash. It is from my experience that AHS is underwritten by an insurance this is nothing more than a policy. Perhaps your complaints can be handled directly with that insurance company instead of AHS. I believe AHS is nothing more than a clearing house for redirecting claims...the less claims they file with the policy servicer...the more money they make...simple logic. Again thanks for not creating a potential problem for my family. Lanny Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
43, Report #150283
Jul 18 2005
07:53 PM
American Home Shield ripoff Kansas City iowa
if you are able to get the class action suit going please let me know. i have been battling them for nearly two months on getting my a/c repaired and have had extreamly high light bills due to their not wanting to do the repair and the extra stress it caused to the unit. which basically caused the units death. so now i have had to spend the month to replace the entire thing. i have even gone to the BBB, but because of the out they have in the contract of improper installation there is nothing that they can do. Vanessa missouri city, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #151756
Jul 29 2005
02:09 PM
American Home Shield ripoff Carroll Iowa
I received a mail solicitation from this company and the offer looked fraudulent to me. I decided to see what info I could find on the Internet, relative to this company. I couldn't find anything positive. I did find lots of negative comments. I wanted to pass the following info along to any Rip-off Report subscribers who have been hurt by this company. There is a well known Attorney's Office, seeking input from individuals who have been wronged by AHS. The following link will take you to their site, where you can input information to assist in developing a Class Action Suit. (link deleted - see below) I hope this can help some of the folks who have had bad experiences with American Home Shield. Tim Houston, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
45, Report #1118239
May 01 2014
11:36 AM
American Home Shield Terrible service and accountability Nationwide
I am renting a home that has AHS covered appliances.  From the day we moved in, the Stove did not operate.  We placed multiple calls with each one requiring a service person then later a part that was ordered to fix the problem.  We are now going into our third month trying to convince AHS that the stove is not repairable and should be replaced with a new one.  They continue to drag out the need for service evaluations to see WHY it is not working.  We are very upset, have not had a working stove to provide our needs for cooked meals.  Forced to go through the long, drawn out process of possible repair first, then they might consider replacing.   A real nightmare.  I do not recommend anyone paying a dime for this scam service that utilizes poor quality vendors to perform non-professional repair attempts. So far 3 different repair technicians, none of which knew the first thing about the simple, non descript cheap appliance or how to fix it.Take NOT waste your money here!  Put it in an escrow account for a day you really do need something fixed.  They apparently have a license to steal!  Read the other comments, there are many here and all over the net! Shame on this theivery!  
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1197913
Dec 27 2014
09:00 PM
American Home Shield Waste of money Orlando Nationwide
We bought our house almost 2 years ago.  The warranty was included so we renewed when the time came and made sure they had all of our appliances covered on the warranty.  Our fridge broke Christmas night.  I called AHS the very next morning.  I have an infant who is on prescribed formula that once it is made it must be refrigerated.  Not only could AHS not find a repair man to come out to my house they didn't even call me to let me know they couldn't find anyone till the following week.  I had to call AHS constantly to get status updates.  After 6 hours of them calling 7 companies they still couldn't find anyone to come.  I made two calls and found someone who could come out the next day, Saturday morning.  The repair man was very nice and walked me through what could possibly be wrong.  My fridge is no longer made so the part is unavailable.  The repair man called it in to AHS and got the authorization number for the work.  I was told that I would need a new fridge since there is no way to fix my fridge.  Because I have an infant and the New Year coming up, I wanted to follow through with AHS after the repair man left to make sure that this was taken care of right away since my family is currently living out of a cooler.  AHS said they basically didn't believe the repair man and needed me to get a second opinion.  Now I have to wait till at least Monday (4 days after I made the initial call) to find out when a second repair man will be able to come out to look at my fridge.  I asked the AHS rep Darrel (I believe is his name) if they would allow me to go buy a mini fridge to make sure that my daughters prescribed formula was the correct temperature and they said they would not do that.  They would only allow me to possibly buy a cooler and told me I should buy dry ice.  We pay almost $800 a year for this so called warranty.  I asked to talk to a supervisor and Darrel told me that he would have one call me right away.  I have now been waiting for over 11 hours for that call.  If this warranty company that I have paid so much money too over the last two years isn't going to fix the problems then they need to give me my money back.  I could have had a repair man out to my house the morning my fridge broke and had a new one delivered the next day.  But no, I have a warranty and have to wait 4 days just to get a call as to when someone might be able to come out.  The best part that Darrel told me on the phone today is that if I do need a new fridge, it will take 5-7 business days once approved to get the actual fridge.  That would be 2-3 weeks after I made the initial call.  So now I get to keep my food and my baby's prescribed formula in a cooler until then.  What a wonderful experience this has NOT been.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1191151
Nov 24 2014
04:13 PM
American Home Shield Very Deceptive Pelham Nationwide
We had previously had trouble with a septic tank and then called and we paid more on our policy to cover this if it ever happened again. Well we had another problem so we contacted America Home Shield. We were told they only do it for one year and then drop the coverage. We were never notified about this or told then when we paid the extra to have it covered. If you choose to use them look for every possible loop hold that they could possibly find. I believe this company is deceptive and not a reputable company. We tried to rectify it but we could never able to get to a supervisor. Beware! Elaine
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1179662
Sep 27 2014
02:17 PM
American Home Shield Fradulant company, poor professionalism Nationwide
Requested service through American Home Shield for a water heater issue. Arranged for a relative who was able to take off work to sit at home for service to be done.  Serviceman left residence without fully repairing problem.  Contacted AHS, provided them with info that service was not completed, was not able to take off work again for their required time frame, threatened to cancel service.  AHS contacted me back had set up appointment for company to come out on Saturday, waited all day for this company whom I had to call and then found out AHS cancelled the appointment without notification to me.  Cancelling their service dont need them anymore, unproffessional and rude.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1254352
Sep 11 2015
02:47 PM
American Home Shield below subpar service
My dryer broke I called American Home Shield to get it repaired I was told that it would be two weeks before a technician could get out to rpair it. A little excessive wait but I went with it. American Home Shield called me back and told me that the technician would be arriving at my house between the hours of 8 and 5 pm. I told the representative that I could not stay in this house for 8 hours waiting for the tech. I don't go to work I don't get paid. So the rep told me that the tech would call me when he was a hour out, I gave the rep my cell number. I left work a hour early when I arrived at my house there was a sears van getting ready to back out of the drive way. When he saw me pull in he got out of his vehicle and told me that he had been trying to call me I asked what number he had he was calling my home number no wonder he could not get in touch with me I was at work not at home. So he comes inside to fix the dryer he does not have the parts to repair it. He calls AMHS and requests to replace the item as it is 12 years old and it will cost 723. dollers to fix it. AMHS says repair it, so he orders the parts. Again this dryer is at least 12 years old. The tech tells me that he won't be out for two more weeks. So it will have been over a month with out a dryer. I call AMHS I am on hold for 45 min or so when I finely get to talk to someone I  request that the dryer be replaced. I am then transfered to the home aplience department they take my info and tell they will call me back in two days. Well 4 days go by nothing heard so I call them (AMHS) I ask to talk to the aplience department ( after I was on hold again for 30 min or so ) I am now talking with the aplience department and I am told that I talking with the wrong department. I am transferred back to AMHS and they get my info and tell me they will call me in 3-5 bussiness days. Again nothing heard so I call them back again on hold for at least a hour this time. I finaly get to talk to a rep and ask her if I can talk to a supervisor and she tell sme no. I have to talk to her first. I about lost it I can't belive this service that I am recieving it just blows me away./ The dryer that I bought 12 years ago was around 300 dollers to repair this dryer it will cost almost 800 dollers. With this type of bussniess ethic how do they stay in bussiness or for that mater turn a profit? The custormer service is extremely poor. I would rate them at a -10. Don't waste your money with american home shield. I would not ever reccomend them to anyone. Go else where.
50, Report #1276929
Dec 29 2015
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American Home Shield Deceptive Advertisment Nationwide
American Home Shield (AHS) is a deceptive and disorganized company. Recently, I had plumbing leaks and filed a claim to have them repaired. The warranty company dispatched a local plumbing company to my home to assess the issue. It was then that I learned my contract required me to remove obstructions from the walls, including cabinets and plumbing, for repairs to be completed. I had to disconnect the plumbing to the only sinks in my home and move sink base cabinets to the middle of the floor.  After doing this, the plumber cut holes into the walls in two different rooms and left, claiming to return with supplies. Instead, I received a call from AHS requesting an additional $300.00 to complete one of the repairs. The warranty company did not have any information on the second repair and alleged that I did not report both issues at the same time. I have e-mail confirmations to prove otherwise. If I had not employed a contractor and a separate plumbing company, I would have been forced to pay additional fees for one repair and go days or weeks with a disconnected sink from the second leak.  AHS claimed the removal of obstructions and the holes cut into the walls were a part of their diagnostic process. The amount of damage caused from these actions should not be required to determine if coverage is available.  I spoke with several representatives and supervisors but received no resolution. I filed a complaint against AHS with the Attorney General's offices in Alabama and Tennessee, along with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). AHS has nearly 6,000 complaints with the BBB regarding poor customer service, poor quality of work, and deceptive warranty coverage. The BBB has closed my complaint, noting that I was not satisfied with AHS' response. One attorney directed me to the Attorney General in my state, but his office forwarded my complaint to the Alabama Department of Insurance, which offered no solution.  In my correspondence with AHS, they continued to repeat Section E-1 and Section H-8 of their contract. Section E-1 mentions the removal of obstructions, listing built-in appliances, systems, cabinets, and floor coverings as obstructions. Section H-8 states that AHS is not responsible or liable for the cost of construction, carpentry, or other modifications made necessary by the existing equipment or installing different equipment. The latter section can be used to deny any and all claims filed with AHS. A warranty is pointless if it does not cover construction, carpentry, and modifications. Consumers should be made aware of the legalese in their contracts, so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to continue paying for coverage they may not have. Many are blindsided when they are in dire situations, which explains the high volume of complaints. 
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