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76, Report #129630
Jan 31 2005
06:49 PM
American Home Shield misrepresents the parameters of their worthless home warranty Carroll Iowa
American Home Shield is a big sham. Quite frankly, this company hires incompetent and shady subcontractors to do service calls at your home, then the subcontractors tell you that they cannot do the work needed (even though it is supposedly covered), and then both American Home Shield and the unethical subcontractor split the proceeds of the service call, while the consumer is still left to deal with their problem. AHS is designed to make money while footing the consumer with a bill for porous service, and even more inconvenience when the consumer has to scramble to get a real service provider to address the problem at their residence. Someone please put an end to this horrible front of a home warranty provider!!! Jason Canoga Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
77, Report #145547
Jun 09 2005
04:39 AM
American Home Shield unethical, misleading advertising, intensional loopholes in contract, ripoff Carroll Iowa
AHS denied coverage on a 27 year old air conditioning unit by claiming that we had not kept up sufficient maintenance. The unit was in a home which we had purchased three years prior. Filters had been regularly cleaned and this unit and it's wiring and plumbing were simply old. This is why we bought the policy - to cover old appliance and systems in the home. This is what their advertising pitches. But when we really did have a failure in an appliance that had a large cost attached - they suddenly pulled out the fine print and claimed that it was our responsibility to prove to them we had provided maintenance on this unit every 6 - 12 months. We asked for a second opinion and they would send only one company - Stewksbury Appliance - one that we had major problems with before on another property. Although AHS had a record of our complaint against stewksbury - they refused to even try to find any other company to offer another opinion. We have been having 90+ degree days here in tennessee so we regretfully accepted their only source of second opinion - but, we were told it would be three days before they could come. Our tenents could not sleep in the home without air conditioning so we went ahead and paid $3000. to replace the unit. The person we got to replace stated that he thought maintenance had been fine and that the unit failed do to it's age. Parts for this unit were impossible to get given it's age and mode. It is clear to me that AHS takes this hard line and interprets maintenance in this way to avoid replacing costly items that the consumer believes will be covered. The marketing message sent sent by AHS is misleading and is not lived up to in their practices. I think this company should be exposed for the rip-off that it is. I have other examples I could provide of their methods to mislead and defraud consumers. I have my own home and rental properties and have used AHS for 8 years in Tennessee and 10 years prior in California. I always kept the contracts renewed in spite of poor service and questionable practices because I expected that when I did have a big money item fail - the policy would cover me. I was wrong. Susan Maryville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
78, Report #58493
May 27 2003
09:30 AM
American Home Shield One of the Biggest Wastes of Money Around
My air conditioning unit was not cooling, so I contacted AHS. They sent someone out, and I was told that preventative maintenance needed to be done, before they would try to figure out the problem. I asked them to do it, but I was informed that they didn't have time. I contacted another company and had the preventative maintenance done. They also cleaned the evaporative coils. I sent proof of service to AHS and they said That's not good enough, the air conditioner is no longer covered until it is in good working order. The evaporator coil needs to be pulled and cleaned. So I got the other company to come out and pull and clean the coil, I sent documentation to AHS. It still wasn't good enough. I called customer service. They acknowledged that the preventative maintenance was done, but I needed to get the Air conditioning unit repaired, so that the pressures are perfect and its in good working order. I asked, Isn't this what I'm paying you for? Tanita Shreveport, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #105403
Aug 25 2004
03:36 PM
American Home Shield Of Texas A Division Of ServiceMaster ripoff Carroll Iowa
I am filing a complaint against American Home Shield and its air conditioning service company with the Texas Consumer Protection Agency and the Texas Real Estate Commission, which licenses home service companies in the State of Texas. The basis is the technician's claim that the 10 year old unit was improperly installed, and thus not covered. A second opinion said otherwise in writing. Anyone else want to contact me and join me in correcting this conspiracy? Send me an email. Gayle Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
80, Report #102113
Aug 04 2004
12:05 PM
American Home Shield unintelligent service/slow response Caroll Iowa
Our water heater went out on July 23. We called AHS, the system indicated that someone would come out the next day. Nobody called us until Monday, July 26, they set up an appointment for Tuesday, July 27. I had to take off work each time someone was dispatched. I have called them about 40 times on this. It is August 4 and I still don't have hot water. First Repair company- looked at our 2002 Whirlpool water heater and said he doesn't work on them, left. I called, upset because they didn't send anyone who can work on a Whirlpool. Second Repair company- Wednesday, July 28- Looked at water heater and said they don't work on it,called water heater mfgr and said he was former owner of my house to try to get our AHS claim denied through mfgr warranty that didn't transfer to us, spent some time reading my newspaper and using my phone at my dining room table and left. I called, trying to ensure that someone would be dispatched that could work on my water heater. I asked why they couldn't dispatch someone who specializes, they said we don't use companies you choose, we have to use our companies. Third repair company- Friday, July 30- arrived, said they dont' work on it, tried replacing thermalcoupler, didn't fix problem, left, didn't call AHS back, so we faced another weekend with no repair. Monday, August 2, I called in about five times until finally someone said, you can get permission for us to reimburse you for the repair. So I am on that plan, but problem still has not been resolved. Their reps have been polite but entirely useless. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, called my local newspaper real estate section, and told everyone I know not to purchase an AHS policy because we've gone 2 weeks without service because of their incompetence at figuring out what to say or who to call. This stuff isn't rocket science! Donna Torrance, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
81, Report #107229
Sep 07 2004
08:20 AM
American Home Shield refused to fix drywall from plumbing repair Internet
About 6 weeks after I moved into my house, I noticed the plumbing from the bathroom upstairs was leaking onto the ceiling of the middle level. I called American Home Shield and they sent a plumber out. The plumber said it was leaking from the shower drain. American Home Shield then said they didn't cover shower drains and refused to pay a dime to fix it. The plumber then told me how to fix it myself. He told me to cut a 1 foot square hole in the ceiling and remove the old shower drain. I cut the hole and removed the old drain. I then realized the real reason it was leaking. The plumbing didn't match up exactly with the shower drain hole. I then called AHS again to try to get them to fix the plumbing to the drain. They called the plumber out again and he expanded the hole in the ceiling and fixed the plumbing. I was charged $52 for the fix, which took 1.5 hours and $25 worth of parts. I'm not sure how much AHS was charged if any. I then called AHS again to have them fix the now 1'x2' hole in the ceiling. They said that since I made the oringinal hole, they would not fix it. I explained to them that they refused service when I first called them to fix the plumbing, and that is why I had to make the hole myself. They agreed that it made no sense, but still refused service. So now I'm stuck with a large hole in my ceiling that I will have to pay to fix myself. I paid $45 for the first plumber visit that AHS refused service. I then spent about 2 hours cutting a whole in the ceiling and removing the old shower drain. I spent $52 to the plumber the second time to fix the pipes. I was then left with a 1'x2' hole in my ceiling. I estimate it will take $100 to fix it. Here's a summary of my cost. $45 plumber for refused AHS service $52 plumber for part and labor 2 hours of time to fix plumbing myself left with a large hole in the ceiling, cost apporx $100 to replace. --My cost approx $197 and 2 hour labor I should have only paid $45 for AHS to fix this problem. Rodney Maryland heights, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #93310
Jun 02 2004
08:01 AM
AHS - American Home Shield ripoff-scam-insurance fraud Carroll Iowa
We paid the premium on the AHS home shield insurance for 3 years. When our water heater broke (flooding the basement), they refused to pay for a replacement. First they couldn't find a service company to come to the house and they gave us permission to find our own company. The company we called came and replaced the water heater. Then AHS said they were not granted permission to replace the water heater by them so they wouldn't re-imburse us. The also said that not having hot water in a home was not urgent ! This way they get out of replacing home equipment seemed like a TOTALY scripted scam. They pre-planned the whole chain of events to get us to replace the water heater and then say we didn't give you permission ! Avoid AHS at ALL costs....a total waste of money. Also a year earlier they sent out a plumber to fix a toilet wax ring. The incompatent plumber caused over $5000 damage to our home !!! Donald Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
83, Report #115635
Nov 01 2004
05:19 PM
American Home Shield ripoff water well service Carroll Iowa
Back in June 2004 my water well went out. I informed Am. Home Shield of my problem through their web site. I took me calling them 2 days later to find out what was the situation with my request. They said they would call me back... Another day later--no call. I phoned them and was informed that they did not have anyone in my area to work on water wells. They asked me to contacted someone my self, pay for if out of my pocket and they would reimberse me. Everyone I phoned would not come out because they had been ripped off before by Am Home Shield. I finally had to hook up to city water. I have phoned them repeatedly to cancel my water well on my policy. (wrote letters also) But still being charged for it. I would be willing to join anyone in making them PAY! Kendra Hockley, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
84, Report #62016
Jun 27 2003
05:19 AM
American Home Shield ripoff worthless warranty Houston Texas
Our compressor stopped working on a Saturday in the middle of summer in Houston, Texas. American Home Shield took 48 hours to get a technician out -- a contractor from a company called Cool Breeze of Sugarland. During the interim, the house was uninhabitable, so we stayed in a motel. The repairman took a look at the unit and declared it was the contactor that was at fault. He found two dead ants in the contactor and blamed us for failing to properly maintain the unit. Hence, AHS denied coverage. We ended up having to pay $120 for the cost of replacement of the contactor, as well as the visit fee. The unit STILL didn't work. He THEN told us there was inadequate voltage getting to the unit. A neighbor from up the street came by and looked at the circuit breaker. It turned out the breaker had gone bad -- THE PROBLEM HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AC UNIT. We replaced the breaker ourselves and the AC came back on line. AHS told us they wouldn't resume coverage until the unit was inspected and found to be in good working order. I told them I didn't want that guy from Cool Breeze coming out again. So AHS sent out another contractor to look at it. He told us the fins were dirty, and he couldn't sign off that the unit was working until we had the fins cleaned by him -- for $185. We paid. All told, between the motel and the two contractors, we shelled out about $600. Add the $400 we paid to AHS for their worthless warranty and we ended up paying $1000 to learn a valuable lesson: AMERICAN HOME SHIELD IS A RIPOFF!!! We are lapsing the AHS policies on our house and our investment property, and we're telling EVERYONE we know to do the same. Spread the word. John Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #58813
May 29 2003
08:24 AM
American Home Shield ripoff slow prossessing San Antonio Nationwide
I have a home warrenty service contract with AHS. I had a water leak on a water heater. I called in a service call. I had a leaking water heater in a city in drought conditions and very expensive water. Water was running into the house!!! 36 hours after the service call, I received a call to scheduale the service...they wanted to scheduale it for 24 hours later. At this time, water would have been running in the house for 36 hours. I had already called my plumber and it was fixed within 6 hours for $10.00 more than the $45.00 service call would have cost me. If you calculate what the contract costs verses just paying for repairs as theyare needed, you can save the cost of the contract yearly and repairs will be cheper or near cost of the service call charge. No hassles with waiting for a service person to call and scheduale a repair. It cheaper and easier just to doit yourself with people YOU pick to do the job. Any reputable service person will guarantee thier work...who needs a rip off service company that does not do service? Philip c. San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #15427
Feb 28 2002
12:00 AM
American Home Shield rip off number 10,001 (Waterheater)
I signed a contract for home service contract and AHS is taking my money but not providing the required service. My water heater needs to be replaced. I can have Lowes replace the unit for $185 plus permit and cost of the unit. AHS wants me to use their company that wants to change me over $450 for unrequired code upgrades. I've spoken to the city of Carrollton, TX supervisior of building codes and was informed none of item listed are required. So why do they have to be done (so the scam company can make money off me). I told the company to install it they way I want an if it is red flagged by the code people I will deal with it. Will they do it? NO. Will AHS send some else out? NO. All AHS has offered is $131.71 buy out (181.71 less my $50 service charge). What can I get $131.71??Nothing. Edward Carrollton, Texas
Entity: Dallas, Nationwide
87, Report #27131
Aug 16 2002
11:14 PM
American Home Shield poor customer service your home appilances will not be repaired Houston Texas
beware dont be mislead by the hollow promises of american home shield. your home appilances will not be repaired in a timely and efficent manner, by quality, qualified professional service technicians, you will not receive prompt 24 hour customer service from well trained, polite and knowlegable personnel. what you will get is put on hold for excessive periods of time, you will have the joy of interacting with service operators who are not really sure of company policies, you will hear plenty of im not sure sir, i really dont knows, and ill have to check that with the ever popular but strangely unavailable supervisor. if you are lucky enough after four or five days a service man will show up at your door two or three hours late he will then spend five minutes at your home claim he has fixed your problem and leave with your cash, soon your problem will reoccur this goes on for several months you will find that the service company responding to your requests has a long and sad history with the bbb and state licensing bureau. your complaints will fall on deaf ears at the ahs SERVICE deartment you will eventually cut your loses and move on. now imagine the ever broken equipment is an ac unit and you live in houston and this all occured from may to august god bless AHS because i surely wont mark houston, Texas
Entity: Houston, Texas
88, Report #2069
Apr 14 2000
12:00 AM
american home shield rip-off ..home warranty company of household appliances
American Home Shield (AHS)is a home warranty company of household appliances. We have a contract with them from 10-15-1999 to 10-15-2000 (copy to follow). Under that contract we asked that they provide service on our Spa bath tub on the second floor which leaks onto and damages the ceiling on the first floor. There is a one time fee (per service call) of $45 which was paid to the plumber when he arrived. His analysis of the situation prevented him from fixing the problem. He claimed that he could not gain access to the plumbing and that I would have to provide that, upon review of my contract it appears that AHS will provide access. The assigned plumber called the AHS escalation line to inform them of the need for access. AHS is not honoring their obligation under the contract to provide access to the plumber. This is a particular issue that needs resolution, however, it is clear from the discussion that I had with the supervisor that their primary tact in dealing with this issue is to find ways to avoid having to honor their obligations. Examples: 1. Statement- Plumber says that he does not remove cultured marble panels to gain access to plumbing. Fact- Panel is not cultured marble but plywood with faux marble laminate 2. Statment- Supervisor says contract does not cover access to plumbing through access panel. Fact-Section D1 of contract clearly states that AHS handles access to plumbing. 3. Statement- Supervisor says that he cannot access plumbing through ceiling or floor and that he knows this because he has been handling phone calls for several years. Fact- Supervisor has no data to support that assertion as he is in Memphis TN, it is obvious to me that the water spots on the ceiling are coming from the bath directly overhead, ergo, unobstructed access is available through the ceiling. 4. Statement-Supervisor claims that cited panel is not an access panel. Fact- It is obvious that this panel is the ONLY access panel on the whole unit. 5. Statement- Plumber says there is nothing he can do to troubleshoot the problem without access. Fact-I have second opinion from same plumbing company that first level analysis does not require removal of the access panel. It is clear that the AHS process is to avoid costs by not honoring the contract and obfuscating the facts in the hyperbole of the contract, i.e. there is only one interpretation of the contract the supervisors.
Entity: Menphis, TN, CA, IA, Nationwide
89, Report #348530
Jul 07 2008
09:32 PM
Save your money, Do Not Invest your hard earned cash into a shield that shatters as if it were made of glass. I'm a single mom who works. her butt off to own a home and protect my kids. I've been dealing with American Home Shield Warranty Company for 2 years. I've had them come out 5 times for the same issue (my A/C unit) the service technician tells me something different every time. Finally one of the techs said the system is dead and needs to be replaced. Now the warranty company tells me that the unit must have been struck by lightning, so it's not covered. I pay roughly $480.00 per year plus $55.00 every time there is a service visit, yet they refuse to cover the warranted unit. In 2 years I've spent a total of $1,215.00 on it and tonight it is 84 degrees in my house. My children and I are smoldering. The reason why I purchased a home warranty is to protect my family against unforeseen circumstances such as this. Im wondering how many others are having the same issue with Amer. Home Shield. Maybe AMERICAN HOME SHIELD just tries to screw single moms because they think they can get away with it. Tucker2008 Kansas city, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Missouri
90, Report #467936
Jul 09 2009
01:32 PM
American Home Shield False infomation when buing the home warranty Memphis Tennessee
After paying for two years worth of monthly payments to AHS (american home shield warranty) our air conditioner need work. We called the warranty company and after about a week someone came out. We paid the 60.00 service fee and was told that we would receive a call from the warrany company in a couple of days, the call never came. After calling numerous times to Artic Cirle Air and AHS I was told that we would have to pay 1010.00 dollars out of our pocket for the unit to be replaced. I told AHS that I have a 4 year old and a adult that has asthma and they needed the air fixed and that I was told that we would not have to pay anything except the service fee. Ron the man that I talked with told me that he was sorry for the misinformation but that there was nothing that he could do about it. Please there has to be something that can be done when a big company hires people to work for them and trains them to be sales people and then the people that buys the product is riped off. My husband is a police officer and I'm disabled and we don't have the 1010.00 dollars to replace the inside unit that is the reason we bought the warranty. Patricia lavonia, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
91, Report #466451
Jun 30 2009
01:37 PM
American Home Shield is a waste of money Carroll Iowa
I have been making monthly payments to American Home Shield for the last four years. My AC stopped working a few weeks ago. I placed a service request. It took them days to send someone out. When the person came out he said the repair was not covered under the warranty. I disputed the claim and was promised by AHS they would send another person to give a second opinion. The second person never came. After being in a hot house for three weeks, I finally called a repair person outside of AHS. That person came out the same day and fixed the problem. The problem that was fixed was something covered under the AHS contract. When I called American Home Shield they refused to reimburse me for the repair. I then canceled my service. I have wasted hundreds of dollars with this company. Please do not waste a penny of your money with these people. Fred Roswell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
92, Report #463574
Jun 22 2009
06:45 AM
American Home Shield worst service in the home warranty industry Carroll Iowa
I should have my head examined!! I ahve had AHS since I bought the house in 1999. I have never had a service call that went well. They have no local vendors to service or area (a large densly populated area in Noth Palm Beach County, FL.) and it takes days to get someone here even if it is an emergency. The present service order has been open almost thiry days and I am told it will be at least seven more days intil the get parts for my common name refridgerator. This was an emergency and it takes a month? We have thrown out food becasue of this and when I complain, no one cares and I get no calls back. I intend tp contact the CEO Mr. David Crawford, in their home office. I will bet he does not care and will not help either. They are the highest price in the home warranty industry and you can bet I will not renew my contract in July 2009.! Robert jupiter, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
93, Report #600770
May 06 2010
04:17 PM
AHS - American Home Shield AHS Rip Off Internet
I should have read all the rip off reports about American Home Shield (AHS).  Not only will they not cover my air conditioner, I still have to pay $45.00 a month for the next 7 months until my contract expires.  DO NOT sign up with this deceptive outfit.  They are thieves!  RUN AWAY BEFORE THEY RUN OFF WITH YOUR MONEY!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
94, Report #635820
Aug 30 2010
05:02 PM
American Home Shield AHS Service Fraud Memphis, Tennessee
This is the letter I sent to AHS: Re: Contract Number 50510965   To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to request a refund in the amount of $650.00. The amount requested includes a $120.00 service fee paid to Betz Enterprise, $380.00 in labor fees paid to Ruben Mendoza and $150.00 on supplies. On July 27, 2010 I called into AHS to request service on a leak. I informed the representative taking the call that I owned an American Standard whirlpool tub and that it was leaking into my kitchen below. I was informed that ARS would be contacting me. Later that evening I called back into AHS because I had not received a call from the company assigned, I was told that the company has 24 hours to contact me. The representative stated that she would send an email to the company and call me with a response. On July 28, 2010 I called back into AHS because I still had not been contacted by the assigned company or the previous representative. The Kimberly, the AHS representative placed me on hold when she returned back on the line she stated that she had spoken with the company and they were assigning an emergency plumber that should be contacting that night, no one contacted me. On July 29, 2010 I called back into AHS and informed the representative of my situation and that secondary damage was occurring. I was informed that Pipeworks would be the new company assigned to my service request. On July 29, 2010, three (2) days after my initial request Pipeworks arrived at my home. The plumber looked at the pipes through the access panel and said he saw no leak, and could only figure that the leak had to be coming from the jets on the tub. He never looked at the pipes from below where the damage was occurring in the kitchen. When I asked him if he was able to fix the problem he stated he doesnt work on whirlpool tubs and I needed a company that specializes in whirlpools. I contacted AHS while the plumber was still in my home and informed the representative of what the plumber stated. I was informed that Betz Enterprise would be assigned to my service request. I asked the representative would I be responsible for another $60 service fee and was told yes. When I asked why a company that specializes in plumbing and whirlpool tubs was not assigned in the beginning, an answer could not be provided. Later Friday evening I received a message to call AHS. When I contacted AHS I was informed by DL Shields that the service request for my whirlpool tub was being canceled because jets were not covered. When I asked how AHS could know whether or not it was the jets when a technician had not been to my home, I was informed that the technician (plumber) from Pipeworks stated in his call that the leak was from the jets. This is the same plumber that doesnt specialize in whirlpool tubs. At this point I didnt know what to do and my plumbing was still leaking. I contacted Betz and scheduled an appointment for Friday, July 30, 2010 between 11:00am and 2:00pm. When Randy, a technician with Betz arrived at about 2:15pm he looked at the tub and stated that the leak could be coming from the suction tub, but the tub would have to be pulled out to be certain. He went outside, when he came back into the house he stated that he spoke with his employer and he was not sure if that would be covered. I was charged $120.00 for the service request because I was told that AHS cancelled the service request. After the technician left I received a call from Dan Betz who stated that he would contact AHS to see if they would approve the repair since the problem was not the jets. On July 30, 2010 at 3:56pm, I received a call from Corey informing me that I needed to contact AHS at 1-877-489-8320 regarding my whirlpool tub. When I contacted AHS, spoke with Nicole and was informed that my request was not approved.  I asked her why and she informed me that the technician from Betz (Randy) stated that the customer cancelled the service request. I never stated that I wanted to cancel service, especially when I had a leak that was causing damage to my ceiling. I called back a second time and spoke with Nicole again, this time she informed me that I would have to provide access to the tub by removing the tile and tub for AHS to approve the repair. I also wanted to know who I needed to contact to seek a refund of $60.00 since I paid Betz Enterprise $120.00. Nicole informed me that there was no one I could call and that I would have to submit a request to: AHS Reimbursements, P.O. Box 787 Carroll, IA 51401.   On Saturday, July 31, 2010 I contacted Casa De Maryland a company that provides licensed professionals that are out of work jobs. On August 1, 2010 Ruben Mendoza came to my home removed the whirlpool tub and installed a new tub. After the install he conducted his tests to make sure it was installed properly and there were no leaks, unfortunately the leak continued. Upon further inspection he found that the 6 extension pipe connected to the drain was severely cracked. I purchased a new pipe for $2.69 plus tax which he installed. He was paid $380.00 for his services.    On August 5, 2010, I received a call from Ashley an AHS representative who contacted me at 9:39 am from 706-298-3201. Ashley informed me that AHS was contacted by Dan Betz who informed them that the work on my tub was completed. Ashley offered me a reimbursement/refund of $485. This was the approval amount for Betz Enterprise to complete the repair. She asked me to email my receipts to The email was sent at 11:00 pm on August 5, 2010. The email was resent again on August 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm after I received another call from an AHS representative offering $485 reimbursement for the repairs. Finally on August 19, 2010 I received a call from Shacola, Customer Relations at 1-866-343-5674 ext. 2022. When I spoke with Shacola she informed me that AHS would only refund the $2.69 for the part and two (2) of repair time, which is unacceptable.   I am asking for full reimbursement, had the plumber from Pipeworks done a complete and through inspection of the drain system he would have found the leak and I would not have had incurred any other expenses. It is apparent that the technician from Betz was not able to detect the problem as well. All my expenses were incurred because the plumber neglected to do a through job. I have enclosed photos to show the damage and completed work and receipts to show the expenses I incurred. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.  
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
95, Report #797284
Nov 11 2011
09:09 PM
American Home Shield AHS Refused to pay for contracted repairs. Carroll, Iowa
September, 2011, our water heater broke. We called a contractor to fix the issue, he did, AHS refuses to pay for the $15 bill. We paid a total of $85. October, 2011, our heater broke. We called AHS to send a contractor. They gave us a contractor, Cool & Cozy from Hanover, PA who responded a few days after we attempted to contact them. It was so long I asked AHS for another contractor & they refused to give me another name. Now I know why.Cool & Cozy sent out someone who took apart our heater & left the mess on the floor. A few days later I called Cool & Cozy & a curt female answered the phone & told me to hang up when I told her my name. I told her I wanted to know if my heater would be replaced & she said, No, it's from the flood, hang up! I tried to call back & she answered & said, Stop calling! I told you to hang up!! I paid $60 for this treatment. I cleaned the heater & it's working. I have a small child & needed the hot water & heat for her health. I will not be renewing my contract with this company. I have had this for 3 years & when I need them, they are rude & assign ignorant & rude contractors to our case.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
96, Report #785109
Oct 05 2011
01:15 PM
American Home Shield Not worth the price Carroll, Iowa
The former owner of my house purchased an American Home Shield Home Warranty through Coldwell Banker real estate. I have made several claims with them, and the more I deal with them the less satisfied I am. They only have one service provider in each category (electrical, plumbing, heating) in my area. I've had trouble with two out of three, and had to escalate a plumbing issue to the complaint department. Each new service call has a $95 fee. The coverage is spotty: nothing outside the home (even exterior lights) are covered. No structural issues. Low water pressure isn't covered...the list goes on. Save your money, hire reputable service people, and you'll be better off.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
97, Report #695524
Feb 15 2011
07:14 AM
American Home Shield AHS Home Warranty Emergency Service is greater than 24 hours Memphis, Tennessee
We had 18 inches of snow in Madison with minus 10 degree temps, however, the streets in Madison Wisconsin were plowed.  Our furnace stopped working.  I called for waranty service and was told that Sears couldn't be out until the next day.  Our pipes plus us would have frozen by then.  I called R&A heating in Madison Wisconsin, they were out in 60 minutes and replaced a board in the furnace at a cost of $224 which I had to pay. Emergency service of greater than 24 hours is not acceptable.   When i tried to complain, they have noone you can write to and told me to google to find their corporate address.  They also said they had no idea if there was a federal agency that governed their business. The people answering their phones are 1000% ignorant and incompetent and don't ever have an emergency or you are on your own.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
98, Report #734146
May 27 2011
05:49 PM
American Home shield AHS ServiceMaster SCAM Carroll, Iowa
 This company will do anything not to pay a claim. I called for a plumber for a simple leak in the bath tub. A Drainco Plumber came in asked for 60.00 walked upstairs grumbling with no tools. He said it is a broken gasket and thank god it was not a jet on the world pool because the warranty would not cover it.  He would order the part and install it Monday that was on a Friday. Two weeks later when he did not return, I called AHS who assured me that it would be taken care of. Two more weeks past and still no repair. I called again they assured he would call me and make an appointment to install the gasket. He did call and schedule the appointment for Friday May 27, 2011 to replace the gasket. However on that date I got a call from AHS that they were denying the claim, because the plumber called that morning and told them it was a jet leak that was not covered. He lied to them so he did not have to come back to install the gasket. When I called AHS to report him they said sorry but he called in the report and it is not covered. They said  I said  I would have to take it up with their denial/dispute department, which was not open. When I asked if that didn`t seem suspicious that the plumber did not report that a month ago and he has not been back since, and now says it is a jet problem. They said too bad he reported and I need to talk to their dispute department. AHS said  if I wanted another plumber to come out I would have to pay for it. I mentioned that I had a contract with them not their sub contractor and they were responsible and if it was not resolved I wanted to file a bad faith suit against them. She said she would call right back and  Of course I never heard back from AHS or Drainco. This is just one of many problems I had with them deny coverage and plumbers who take my money and don`t come back.
Entity: Carroll, Iowa
99, Report #871245
Apr 20 2012
08:00 AM
American Home Shield AHS Ripoff Orlando, Florida
American Home Shield is a rip-off. They charge about $700 bucks per year to warranty your home appliances but I suspect the money they pay their vendors is insufficient. When the vendors come out they are usually shady independents that work out of their homes. I have never seen a brand name repair company like Sears, Pinch-A-Penny or Maytag come to my house. Most of these vendors won't even contact you in a day or two and you have to track them down yourself. When you do they put you at the bottom of their priority list because they aren't even breaking even from the money they get from AHS. I picked up on this a few years ago and now whenever a vendor comes out I ask them about what they make and they all complain.  If you ever have a problem with the performance of one of your vendors good luck getting AHS to intervene. My Kenmore dishwasher motor went bad and rather than order a replacement the vendor tried to rebuild it himself (it took 3 weeks). I found out from my neighbor that the cost of a replacement motor was about $115. I tried calling the repairman several times for status but the call went to his cell phone voicemail. I asked AHS to intervene and they said they had to wait until the motor was brought back. Financially you will save money with AHS (if you add up all the service calls and parts for your house over the course of a year it is greater than $700) but your frustration levels will greatly increase because you are not dealing with professional companies. In addition they will replace your equipment with cheap knock-offs to save on their costs and you will have other problems later. If you have AHS and they send vendors to your house insist on taking a picture of the equipment they remove and a picture of what they replace it with. I'm in the process of finding another home warranty company as soon as my contract with AHS runs out. They're inept.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
100, Report #854386
Mar 15 2012
01:48 PM
American Home Shield Not worth it! Internet, Internet
As part of my purchase agreement I received a Home Warranty paid by the seller.  Ordinarily I would never pay for something like this as I've found they're more trouble than their worth and a total rip-off, but it came with the house so I thought it was better than nothing. Within my first day of moving in I found problems with the home that my inspector had either not found, or the previous home owners had broken before I moved in.  I had to call about the microwave right off (more detailed complaint further down) and the following day I had a stripped stem in my master shower that caused the water to run for an hour and a half before I could get it off and then another four hours without water while waiting for a service tech to show up.  I was also frustrated to learn that every time someone comes out to my home, it costs $60, even if they find nothing wrong.  This was never explained to me.  In this way I do not consider this product a warranty but more like insurance with a large co-pay.  So for starters the company is misrepresenting itself. The last straw though happened today.  My built in microwave was inspected before I purchased my home and was said to be in working condition.  When I moved in it turned on and made noise but wouldn't cook.  I called a technician out, and paid $60 when he replaced the part he said was malfunctioning about two weeks later.  His service was unsatisfactory, he looked at the microwave for no more than a minute and was gone, there's no way he could have diagnosed the problem correctly. However, because it worked I thought things were fine.  About a week later my roommate was cooking a baked potato.  She had punctured holes in it and had it in there for less than 10 minutes when she smelled smoke.  It was a large potato and this is not out of the realm of acceptable cooking times.  She found that the potato had caught fire.  It took some time to get the fire out and the microwave was destroyed.  I called AHS again to have a new technician come out to the house because the first company obviously didn't do the job.  They did and today I got a call that the microwave would not be replaced because we had over-cooked the potato.  I called back AHS to refute the claim and was initially told that they were sorry, they could only go by what the technician said.  Upon a second call I was told I could have another technician out but would have to pay another $60.  This is ridiculous.  I don't care if you cook a potato for 30 minutes, it simply becomes hard and inedible.  In my entire life I've never once caught something on fire in the microwave. This is obviously a problem with the microwave and not the cooking.  My warranty is supposed to cover defects like this but instead AHS is trying to get out of doing what I've paid them to do. So I'm done. I've reported them to the BBB and I'm filing as many other complaints as I can find because they hire the worst contractors to come out and then deny your claim.  I would tell homeowners to take the money and invest in gold instead and then use that to pay for repairs on an as-needed basis. This product is a complete scam.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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