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76, Report #1136957
Apr 07 2014
12:44 PM
AuraVie Ellaskin Very Deceptive Sales Practices Van Nuys California
Beware of the pop-up ad for these products that advertise a free trial for only the cot of shipping.  I would have never provided my credit card # if I had read the microscopic print indicating a 10 day return policy or be charged 97.33 for the facial products.  When I returned from a business trip and the 10 days had passed, I was charged the 97.33 and still had not had a chance to try the product.  When I saw the charge on my statement, I contacted the company and after 20 minutes on hold, spoke to a supervisor who agreed to issue a refund once the un-used product is returned. The product was received on 3/6 and still no refund.  I called today to inquire and again on hold 20 minutes and they refuse to issue refund because they claim the product was used.  The plastic seal was broken on one of the three bottles but I did not use the product yet they did not indicate that the seals could not be broken.  This company has no intention of allowing customers a free trial period.  I have paid for shipping of product both ways and for product that I do not have and they still refuse to issue a refund.  Stay away--Very bad customer service organization--basically running a scam as the product likely can't stand on it's own. 
Entity: Internet
77, Report #877817
May 03 2012
11:58 AM
AuraVie BUNZAI MEDIA GROUP AuraVie, S/B AuraLIE VAN NUYS, California
Do NOT order AuraVie under any circumstances.  The company is DECEPTIVE!!!  Their name should be AuraLIE!!!! I ordered AuraVie on-line after seeing an Internet advertisement.  I do NOT remember seeing the word TRIAL, used anywhere.  What I saw was you pay ONLY $4.95 Shipping and Handling.  I looked all over the advertisement to see if there was a CATCH, but I could find nothing.  So, I ordered the product.  The products (three of them) arrived in a package within a couple of days.  Nowhere in that package was there any information about a 10-DAY TRIAL PERIOD, or the fact that after the 10-days, your charge card would be charged $97.88 A MONTH!!! Shortly after ordering AuraVie, I placed an order on-line for a 30-day Trial Offer with a national company.  Everything was SPELLED OUT.  In fact, even the date of the end of the trial period, was provided.  What a difference between that company and AuraVie!!! If AuraVie was a LEGITIMATE company, they would include information about their 10-Day Trial Offer, with their product. This company is nothing but a SCAM!!  And their product DOESN'T WORK!! Save your money!!!
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
78, Report #1157878
Jun 27 2014
05:50 AM
Auravie skin care HRskin, ZMM Auravie is a SCAM Van Nuys California
Auravie skin care is a scam and a rip off. I ordered the free trial like thousand of others have and got one shipment of 3 small bottles. Within 10 days, my bank account was charged $97.88. I did not approve of this! I found their phone number and called immediately to cancel. I was told it was canceled only to be charghed $97.88 yet again in June. I was forced to go to my bank to report fraud in hopes I may get my money back. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT order from this company! Even though they kept charging me, I never got any more product at all. The product itself is horrible. Sticky and does not do a thing 
Entity: Van Nuys, California
79, Report #1177167
Sep 16 2014
11:56 AM
AuraVie Uskin, Ella Skin, AuraVie Update to yesterday's post West Hills California
 Today I phoned my bank and was told that I was SOL because I used a debit card. And got fussed at like a child for doing so. I re-dialed the company using the 1-866-216-9336 number. Yesterday I had used the 1-888-609-8847 number. I let the man (he sounded like the same guy as yesterday) look me up in the system and today he found me. he did agree to cancel the order for this month.    No, I told him. I want a refund from 8/25/14 but he said it was too late. Checked the shipping number (that he didn't give to me) and said it had been delivered. It was NEVER received. I doubt it was delivered.   so I guess I am out $97.88 for the last 2 or 3 months.  Thank you to whomever posted the two ph numbers here at ripoff report.    If I try again tomorrow I'll re post.
Entity: West Hills, California
80, Report #1177764
Sep 18 2014
07:16 PM
AuraVie AuraVie offered free sample, then charged me $97.88! Van Nuys California
I recently was made an offer online to get a free sample of AuraVie skin care products for the cost of shipping & handling (about $5).  So I entered my debit card online & was happily surprised to get the products in the mail that looked like full-sized bottles, this should have tipped me off right there.   A few weeks later, right before pay day, I am on my way to the grocery store when I check my bank balance to find that $97.88 has been taken out of my account for SKIN in Van Nuys, CA.  Confused about this debit and now broke, I tried to call the company only to find that it is closed & to call back during reg. hours. So I called my bank to tell them about the fraudulent charges & to cancel my bank card, once the bank informs me that the purchase was made with my bank checking/debit card. The next day I call SKIN, wait 15 minutes for a customer service rep., & listen to them answering my phone call with this huge speech basically telling me that if I am calling concerning the TRIAL SAMPLE of skin care & the $97.88 account charge that this billing was in the fine print on the website where I purchased it.  This long speech that the customer service rep gives me is done even BEFORE I tell her what my problem is!!!  My brain is screaming at me that I just got scammed.   So I tried to tell her what I was calling about but there was a lot of background noise on her end of the line.  I also had a hard time hearing her because it sounded muffled or it was possibly her accent that was very hard to understand.  I was trying to tell her that I couldn't understand her because of this issues when she HUNG UP ON ME!  SERIOUSLY?!?!  What kind of customer service is that?!?!  This company obviously cares nothing for its customers & doesn't want my business with its shoddy tactics & crappy service!  I will be getting my money back.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
81, Report #1047123
Apr 30 2013
09:06 PM
AuraVie Skincare AuraVie is a RIPOFF and engages in FALSE ADVERTISING Van Nuys, California
AuraVie advertises a risk free trial that they then charge you $97.88 plus postage for.  What they also fail to mention is that you are signing up for a monthly renewal of these products at the same price.  When I received the 2nd shipment I immediately informed them that I did not want the products and was returning them for a refund.  Apparently in the fine print somewhere were some very strict requirements to receive a refund.  My order was billed to me in January and they received the product (unopened and untouched) on January 22 but their cutoff date to accept a return was January 14.  They very kindly offered to refund me 30% of the price as a courtesy.  This company is a total SCAM!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
82, Report #1133891
Mar 26 2014
01:45 PM
AuraVie Skincare Auravie Renew, Revive Replenish RISK Free Trial w/ebooks van nuys California
First of all I was tricked into getting a FREE RISK FREE trial offer.  I thought for a mear $3.02 shipping and handling but wait then $1.93 processing fee, I would TRY their product.  However, I did not know that at the same time they charged my card an additional $3.02, and then in 10 days I was supposed to cancel this offer.    No WHERE did it say this when I was ordering it.  I will never do that again,  It is almost like Pro Active and others, however, they tell you that if you don't want this product to cancel before the next shipment in 30 days, it wasn't even 10 days since I had the product.   Not only that but I broke out using this product and would NEVER pay $98.88 for ADDitional products that a I woudln't want and b  would not use.   I have cancelled but lets see if I get my money back on my paypal account.  Pay pal is supposed to help their customers only now they changed the rules a little bit and it isn't as easy.
Entity: van nuys, California
83, Report #1123399
Feb 13 2014
02:47 PM
 I was looking for skin care products on a designers webpage and there was an offer for a free sample.  The ad says that you get a free sample in the mail if you just pay the 4.95 shipping and handling fee to enter your credit card number and that you will recieve in 5 to 7 business days free of charge.  When you get the package you get what was promised but in full size and a shpping order with a balance of $o.oo, as a week or so passes by you get slapped a bill for 97.88 to your credit card and when you call them to cancel your order it asks  you to make a selection from the menu. once you press the number to cancel it automatically give you a cancellation number and hangs up on you. When you call the company at that number once again the machine is programmed to recognize your number and does not allow for you to reenter the system which in turn hangs up on you.  There is noone there.    
Entity: Select State/Province
84, Report #1116135
Jan 16 2014
04:51 PM
AuraVie AuraVie pops up free gift, just pay shipping. AuraVie had taken $98.00 out of my checking account, internet
I was buying last minute Christmas gifts for my wife from Roaman's online. In the middle of my purchase AuraVie pops up and says I get a free gift. I thought it was from Roaman's. A few days later I got the package.There was nothing about paying for anything.A few days later i noticed they had taken the shipping out of my account.Which I had agreed to. Then a few days later they took out $98.00 out of my account. Which I had not agreed to. 
Entity: Select State/Province
85, Report #663307
Nov 17 2010
09:07 PM
AuraVie Skincare Refused to abide by the free trial offer terms, charged my card $90 Encino, California
I accepted the AuraVie skin care free trial offer on the internet.  The Contract stated you will have 14 days to try these products. ( wrinkle creams and micro abrasion) If I wanted to keep them my card would be charged $90.  If not, I was to call the company for a Return Merchandise number and instructions for returning it.  I called the company on the 12th day after receiving the shipment (verifiable by FedEx records.) talked to Christopher, he said he owned the company.  He told me he had charged my card that morning because I had Odered the free trial 14 days ago! I asked how I could try the products for 14 days as stated in the contract, if I didn't yet have them in my possession.  His answer: It doesn't say you have 14 days to try it after you receive it   HELLO!  Guess you're supposed to be trying it while it's on the FedEx truck. My bank refused to pay this sleeze.  I'd say go ahead and get the free trial (you pay shipping only)  but be sure to call them about the 3rd day if you don't like the products. Zero Integrity there.
Entity: Encino, California
86, Report #740716
Jun 14 2011
03:08 PM
AuraVie BEWARE, they scam you into paying $90, misleading advertisement!!! Internet
When i came across the advertisement to try their products, and they were certain i was going to love it, they offered it to me for $2.95 shipping. then i see i was charged $90.00 a month later, when i called, i dealt with a VERY NASTY PERSON, who would not give his name, but he said if i read the fine print i would have seen that i was going to be charged for the product. I am livid. please please do not order from this company, they are scammers!!
Entity: , Internet
87, Report #816219
Dec 31 2011
09:01 AM
On 12/12/11 i ordered Aurivie Skin Care 10 day trial delivered 12/17/11  and usd the product for 9 days  the product did not do what it claimed to do and i followed directions 100%. When i called on the 10th day to cancel i found they had already charged my account 97.88 and refused to refund my money i was threatened with them reporting me to 3 credit agencies for trying to rip them off and was told i was trying to scam them! I was told it was to late to send the unused product back it was over 10 days and if they wanted to they would start my 10 days from the order date and it would be way past 10 days IT WAS NOT i told them if they did not refund my money i would take it further my money was refunded but i am still waiting to see if thier threat of reporting me as a scam artist is going to happen at that point i will sue! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE BE AWARE DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT 
Entity: Internet, Internet
88, Report #824540
Jan 18 2012
11:11 AM
AuraVie Skincare Fraudulent Deceptive Come On to Obtain your Credit Card number and apply charges Internet
This company purports to be sending you a free sample.  They solicit your credit card number to cover a small mailing fee. Then they turn around and start you full price for the sample they just sent (to the tune of $100 a sample).   Yes it is a stupid come on and I fell for it because I wasn't paying close attention!  Beware - they are highly deceptive and will not refund monies.  I am now dealing with my bank on this one. 
Entity: , Internet
89, Report #889968
May 29 2012
01:27 PM
auravie skincare rip-off on trail offer VAN NUYS, California
when I ordered the trail offer it said free  trail offer.  Call with-in ten days if it is not for you to cancel.  Well That is what I did and was told that I was going to be charged 97.88 for th next five months. There was nothing mentioned about paying any money for the next five months.  It was suppose to .be a FREE TRAIL OFFER. Beware do not buy from these people they are nothing, but false advertisers,all they want is your hard earned money.
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
90, Report #957464
Oct 19 2012
11:11 PM
I had the misfortune of buying skin care products from auravie. They are grossly overpriced and impossible to return. If they truly believed in their products they would not shove them down the throats of unsuspecting consumers. The only thing worse than their return policy is their products.
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
91, Report #942955
Sep 18 2012
10:56 AM
Auravie Skincare Possibly involved in other Fraud activities Van Nuys, California
You get a product for $4.95, and then they charge $97.10 if it isn't returned in 10 days. You don't realize this. Then they take another $97.10 the next month for another shipment you don't want. You call and can get it canceled. They say they don't refund first amount. In the meantime, something else maybe going on they don't mention. Just after receiving the second shipment, my bank contacted me about a fraud alert on my debit card. Apparently, I sent money to other places which they thought was fraud. It was. I never authorized other deductions from account. Bank closed down debit card, and is investigating this. It is strange that the only time that this has ever happened was right after ordering from this company. It makes a person wonder if the two are connected. Be very careful in ordering from company as other people maybe a victim of further fraud. If this happens to enough other people, perhaps someone can take legal action on this company.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
92, Report #881528
May 11 2012
02:43 PM
Auravie YOU WILL LOSE $97.88. Do NOT PROVIDE ANY CC INFO.Misleading Trial Offer! Internet, Internet
A very misleading trial offer.I should have not provided my credit card info, so do not make the same mistake. You will lose $97.88! You will be told many different things. Their terms and  conditionswill be emailed to you more than once,to try to excuse their lack of customer service, and trying to mask the fact that there is no real opportunity for a refund.I was told by one person that a different company mails the product to the customer, and was denied this fact when attempting to recive my refund from another  'representative.' I want a refund. I would not have mailed the product back to an address that was not clearly labeled. The representative acted as if I had done something very strange by sending to the address on the label.This is just another tactic,under layers of so many other tactics, to prevent any actual refunds from occuring. I am sure many people would be interested, should a class action lawsuit against this company begin.
Entity: Internet, Internet
93, Report #874157
Apr 26 2012
09:58 AM
AuraVie Skincare Bunzai Media Group 10 Day Risk Free Trial Sample Package Van Nuys, California
I ordered the AuraVie Rejuvinating skin care sample package.  The advertisement said I had a 10-day risk free trial period.   If I was not satisfied with the product, all I had to do is cancel by calling their Customer Service phone number, and no further product would be mailed to me.   If I like the product, I just do nothing and a monthly supply will be mailed to me with my credit card charged.   I received my package on April 20, 2012.  I called their CS phone line on Monday, April 23 to cancel.   Imagine my surprise when I was told I had to mail back the sample package or I would be charged $$92.88 (charged to my credit card!)!!!!  I'm so glad I visited this RIPOFF REPORT Website!   There are LOTS of complaints here.  When I called to cancel the subscription, the CS Representative got quite defensive with me.  He told me I had until May 15 to return the intorductory sample box (or my credit card will be charged $92.88) AND I have to write  RMA 10 789 714 on the box, or it would not be acknowledged!!!! I am also so glad I used my bank debit card to place this order!  After reading all these RipOff Reports, it looks like AuraVie will send me another months supply and charge me $92.88....well, I have a surprise for them!   I called my bank, and for a $5.00 service charge, they cancelled my card! They will issue a new card (with a new number) to me soon.   It is well worth the $5 because AuraVie will not be able to charge my checking accound anymore!  If they try to charge me $92.88, they will find that the Credit Card number is no longer valid!   Thanx to Iberia Bank for all of their help and understanding and super-fast service.   I called the bank an hour ago, and the credit card number is no longer valid!   Screw You, AuraVie!   You got only $3.02 for the sample pack.  It's going to cost me $5.98 to ship it back to them, so actually, AuraVie has cost me almost $10 for this terrible mistake.    I really should keep the sample package and see if they call me!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
94, Report #1117343
Jan 21 2014
11:18 PM
Auravie Kai skin This is a scam Van Nuys California
I only authorized the charge of 2.99 for shipping and handling for a trial size. They have charged my account for 97.88 1/17/2014, 73.41 1/18/2014, 48.94 1/19/2014. These charges were not authorized and to my surprise I see everyone has been scammed too after reading the consumer complaints from this company. I want this ceased immediately. This company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I have received the product but did not authorize anymore merchandise.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
95, Report #1112002
Dec 31 2013
06:50 PM
Auravie skin care charged my account $97.88 for free sample VAN NUYS California
I seen an ad for free skin care sample just pay 2.97 shipping a week and a half later charged my account $97.88 I bought this off of a deals site on Facebook that finds great coupons and deals there was nothing nowhere that Said to cancel or anything about $97.88 this company is a rip off and thief.
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
96, Report #1112953
Jan 04 2014
04:28 PM
AuraVie Skin Care Skin rejuvenation regimen California
 I had written three email to AuraVie and I called several times and but they were closed for the holiday. I started out I called AuraVie on Dec. 11, 2013 about a payment but the customer service never mention about rl # when refund the products. When I email the company I had written that I was having reaction or my skin broke out in red blots, but I email them in between the holidays. Then finally email me saying a problem with contacting me. But I email them my name, address, and phone number. So that was a lie. They email me. Anyway, I, FedEx the products back to the company on Dec. 27, 2013 with a tracking number. I called them on Jan. 03, 2014, customer service said that they received the package but I don't have an rl #, how can I gave them a rl # if you didn't gave me one, when I ordered the products. They email me a confirmation date when the package was shipped. The customer service said that I would receive $14.00 not the price I paid for the trial cost of $38.29 plus $2,95 for shipping. But I paid $14,22 to shipped the product back to the company. So who got rip off, me the customer. Thank you for your time.
Entity: Select State/Province
97, Report #1019797
Feb 25 2013
08:10 AM
auravie skincare RISK FREE TRIAL is NOT FREE charged $97.88 to my credit card TWICE!! Internet
I ordered the AuraVie Risk Free Trial, which apparently is not risk free.  I have had two charges of $97.88 applied to my credit card as of this date. There was nothing in print or otherwise to advise me of any of these charges nor did I authorize these charges!  The shipping box included packing list: AurVie Risk Free Trial  - line price -0-, shipping & handling only, with a card to receive 40% off additional purchases.  I never ordered any additiional products!  I have been unable to get in touch with these people!  This is diffently a Rip Off!
Entity: , Internet
98, Report #969621
Nov 15 2012
10:47 AM
Auravie Skincare Stay Away from this company Van Nuys, California
Do not order from this company.  Ordered the trial $5 shipment, canceled the membership the same day via email.  I was shipped a second package and charged 97.88.  Customer rep said email was not sufficient and that it had to be a phone call even though they confirmed my cancelation via email.  Terms and conditions don't say that emails are not sufficient.  After 20min customer rep gave up arguing and offered full refund, but I still had to pay for shipping to return the second unused package. Waived 15% restocking fee due to T&C vagueness saying email cancelation not sufficient Will receive 97.88 refund Two packages sent:  10 day trial package plus first month package VIP membership program canceled, monthly shipments canceled Get delivery confirmation to prove delivery- essential
Entity: Van Nuys, California
99, Report #1027466
Mar 12 2013
10:13 AM
Auravie Free Trial IS NOT FREE!! Be VERY AWARE of all T&C's!!!!! Van Nuys, California
I was trying to access Toys R' Us Website when a customer survey kept popping up on my screen.  There was no way to X out of it and each time I left the page and returned, so did the survey.  Reluctantly, I did the three question survery and, as a thank you, was offered serveral rewards to which I could choose one.  A risk FREE 30-day trial for Auravie Skin care products was the one I chose.  The deal was you only had to pay S&H, and because of the survey I did I was given a Promotion Code so that I only had to pay half of the S&H.  My total charge was approx $2.95.  Not Bad!!  I was skeptical and scanned the page the catch.  I found nothing.  I was shipped the products in several days and was surprised to find that they were not sample size, as I had expected.I didn't think too much of it and went on the try the product, which I have actually enjoyed using.  Last night, however, I got a text message from my bank saying my account was overdrawn.  I was shocked to see that I had been charged $97.88.  I immediately called the company, which was closed.  Next I called my bank to report fraud.  Since the amount was still pending I could not yet dispute it. I also did research looking for others who had this same experience.  There are hundreds of shocked consumers, just like me!!  My plan was to dispute it, get my money back and SHOW THEM! But, also in my research I found that Auravie typically wins these disputes because (looking back now I SEE IT) on their webpage where you enter your CC info, in ultra smal print, is all the info: after the 10-day trial you will be charged the full amount and entered into their regular subscription which you will be shipped more prodcuts and charged the $97.88 on a monthly basis!!!I read of others who recieved their money back when they initually disputed the charges, but then were charged again because they LOST THE DISPUTE.  I Called the company.  They seeemd to know why I was calling before I EVER said ANYTHING about fraudulent charges.  I voiced my frustration and they offered to give me 50% back, totalling $48.94.  I took it because I knew that legally, I would lose the dispute and recieve NOTHING back.  They also explained to me the EVER SO CRITICAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRIAL AND SAMPLE.  If it is a TRIAL, it IS NOT FREE!Be super cautious when signing up for FREE TRIALS.  Look for the ultra fine print and just know, that if it is a TRIAL, there are Terms and Conditions that make it NOT SO FREE!!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
100, Report #1024535
Mar 06 2013
02:33 PM
AuraVie Offered free trial but then charged my account 97.88 Van Nuys, California
I feel scammed by the Auravie company offering a free trial. I then received a debit on my checking account for 97.88. It was a free offer.
Entity: Van Nuys, California

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