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76, Report #303370
Jan 25 2008
03:06 PM
Award Notification Commission Rip off Award noifaction commision notice by us mail. send $11.89 for $1,ooo,ooo,000.00 Kansas City Kansas
recieved official looking letter in mail, looked like I had really won a million bucks. It included 23 digit reference no. asking for immediate attention and PLEASE RUSH return envelope.I guess only asking for a small amount $11.89 they expect to make millions themselves. I checked Map-Quest first and found the location of the post-office in K.C. and as a truck driver I know the area. No office buildings or any thing else that looked prominent. I c'ant say more as I don't want to offend any one that may live in the area.Next I chect the web by entering the name and found RIP-OFF Report. I stopped my search They use U.S.Mail as it looks more real, either way land mail or E-Mail a Scam a Scam just as a skunk is a skunk Rob Dyersburg, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Ks., Kansas
77, Report #1173980
Sep 02 2014
04:29 PM
Award Notification Commission ANC Keeps sending Ceritifed Award and Provision of Payment form Kansas City Kansas
ANC keeps sending me this Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment.  This company is listed on internet as a Scam. However, they continue to send me mailouts and ask for fees in order to allot me prize money.  What can be done to stop these Scammers?
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
78, Report #1061697
Jun 24 2013
02:39 PM
Award Notification Commission Have you ever BEFORE won lump- sum jackpot Award of $ 1,320,000.00 Kansas City Kansas
This is a total shame and I Ann glad I'd did not send Larry Hourd my $13.89!!  
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
79, Report #1128677
Mar 06 2014
10:19 AM
Award Notification Commission Judging Office & Decisions Center Official Declaration of Certuified Award and Provision of Payment , Kansas City Kansas
My wife received an Official Declaration of Certified Award and Provision of Payment from the Judging Office and Decisions Center, PO Box 2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905. The first red flag is that they want $12.99 or $15.99 for special rush processing, either by cash, check, or money order payable to ANC. The award is $2,000,000.00 dollars, $66,667.00 For 30 years, or a lump-sum check for 1,140,000.00. The second red flag is that the documents are overly formal, official, obligatory, and final, using phrases like throughout this documentation, extending honors on these formal proceedings. There are document numbers, bar code numbers, form numbers, verified I.D. numbers, and official numbers. Throughout the documents, commas are missing and words are unusually officious, like Rather, by mandate of my professional office, the sole requirement if you have and return the preselected winning number is that you respond by >>MAIL REPLY
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
80, Report #1257951
Apr 13 2016
03:26 PM
Corporate sponsor judging and decisions award notification commission Award scam Kansas city Ks
 Received letter that looked very official, almost governmental stating I won over $1,000,000. All I had to do was send $12 for processing. I didn't but this is ridiculous! Poor old people might fall for this garbage.
81, Report #1263231
Oct 23 2015
01:48 PM
Award Notification Commission Morley Smith; presiding director of awards advisement of large award Kansas City Kansas
No big surprises' here! Just another postal scam for great riches from another post office box address.(really ? not very creative!) Whoever Mr Morley Smith is (sounds boring!) said I had won a total award annunity of $2,000,000.00 Dead give away is the PO box number folks! Don't fall for it. A title as vague as Award Notification Commission; also not very credible. I needed a laugh today so I thought I would post this !  
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
82, Report #1326097
Sep 02 2016
03:31 PM
Award notification commission Anc,international award services They told me I won 2,000,000.000 I just needed to send 13.89 Kansas city Kansas Internet
 They sent me notices through the mail saying award notification commission at this official advisories in 13.89 in and then I want 2 million dollars and from the same address they sent me a letter from International award services with the same address on it saying they wanted 12.99 and then I want another two million dollars same address two different names International award services and award notification commission Commission both had P.O box 2905 Kansas City Kansas 66110
Entity: Internet
83, Report #1233810
Jun 05 2015
03:15 PM
Award Notification Commission Corporate Sponsor Judging DecisionsAward Notification Commission Recieved Award Notification Commission Scam Letter Kansas City, Kansas
I recieved an Award Notification Commission Letter in the mail on June 4, 2015.After reviewing the notification information, I immediately realized that this was a scam with it requiring an aquisition fee of $11.89 and noted that this must be entered before the deadline to be honored and filed offically, Consequence of late reply would be an automatic termination. Unable to locate a deadline date. No physical address listed anywhere on the two pages of this notification. Just a post office address of PO Box  2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905.Although this appeared to look official, it also looked very suspicious since there was no number listed anywhere to call. I felt this should be reported immediatly if it can be traced at all. I sincerely hope these scammers can be apprehended quicky to avoid them from scamming people.CarolHueytown, Alabama
84, Report #767945
Aug 21 2011
06:31 PM
Awards Notification Commission $ 2 million dollar award letter with a fee Kansas City, Kansas
I received a $2,000,000.00 Award letter requesting that I send a fee of $24.89 for a Black Onyx necklace that MUST be purchased.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
85, Report #1053716
May 24 2013
09:11 PM
Award Notification Commision Award Notification Commission is a SCAM, DON'T BUY INTO IT. COMPLETE RIP-OFF Kansas City Kansas
This happen to me once before, but luckily i didn't lose nothing especially money. It was from payday loans.   It was officer david marshall and jeff hardy claimed i was involved in Bank Fraud and i needed to contact an attorney involving my case.  That was my first official involvement in someone trying to lure me into getting my money and information.  Not Happening.   This is the one that really got me.  (ANC) AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION IS A SCAM.  I had thought it was part of the PCH criteria. Out of nowhere i received letters saying i had won money and how would i like to receive it, in a lump sum of 1,320,000.00 or in 30 annual payments of 66,667.00 equaling 2,000,000.  Sure enough all i had to do is enclose an acquisition fee of 11.89, 11.99 or 13.89 and it would be mine.  BIG MISTAKE. I should of look it up on time, i browse the internet and found out it was a SCAM, man did i feel like i just came out of the trash with a tattoo on my forhead saying fool.  Luckily i had caught it in the beginning before i went to far with it.  What caught my attention was an  envelope these punks sent which had written words on it saying west and question mark.  I wondered why they kept getting my address wrong.   EVERYONE PLEASE LOOK UP ANY SITE OR LETTER OFFERING BIG TIME PAYOUTS.  Make sure they are legit and see if anyone has had a problem with it before entering.  I learned the hard way but i don't want anyone to be in my position especially when im having financial difficulties and a new born on the way.  JERKS.     
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
86, Report #522331
Nov 11 2009
09:50 AM
Award Notification Commission Of Kansas City Ks Possible winner of 1,134,000.00 Kansas City, Kansas
I live in Scotland, I've never heard of ANC before, and I was most surprised to receive a letter from them yesterday telling me that I was in line to receive the sum of 1,134,000 (which, let's be honest, is a not inconsiderable sum). All I had to do was to send them 9.99 to cover their expenses. Needless to say, I didn't. I had similar mail from a similar company (name now forgotten, unfortunately) about 3 months ago, and my reply to them was along the lines of:- I've won HOW much? WOW! You come up here and give me the check personally, wait until it clears through my bank and I can see my winnings shown in my bank account, and I'll give you 10% of the winnings to cover your expenses invoked in coming all the way to the Scottish Highlands. Oddly enough, I've heard nothing from them since!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
87, Report #424914
Feb 16 2009
11:13 PM
Award Notification Commission Of Kansas City - James Mallory, Sr. Review Officer the Winner Kansas City Kansas
01-16-2009 I received a notice that I have won $2M from this Commission. I can take a lump sum of $1,020,000.00 if I so choose. But first I must send them $11.89 for pending parcel. It was required for delivery with a completed form. A month leter I did not hear from them. I looked the Commission up on the internet & found this rip-off report. I feel really dum since my familt could use this monet very much. These people should have bad health & I curse them forefold forever... Lied to- I am the victum salt lake city, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
88, Report #386519
Oct 30 2008
07:42 PM
Award Notification Commission Of Kansas City they are a rip off Kansas City Kansas
Hi i'm writing in reference of this company that i recieved a letter saying i won 1 million dollars and that i needed to send eleven dollars and eighty nine cent s well i knew it sounded to good to be true so i turned to the internet and there they were in the fraud rip off catergory i almost sent the money Valerie altus, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
89, Report #353178
Jul 19 2008
01:29 PM
ANC - award Notification Commission, It's about another alleged Scam Kansas City Kansas
The alleged scam report for today: Today July 19,2008.. whoooo. I couldn't believe this stuff,....I recieved again this noticed that I won $ 1,000.000.00 dollars from the ANC. It say: from Formal Entry processing Docket-Record For 2008 designated Recipient, my name is was verified winner???... It says I need to send $ 11.89 dollars and also enclosed the form which is requiered to fill up all my information? Scary!!! It says I should reply within 1 week. Theres no list of tel. no even e-mail address. Alana **** west hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
90, Report #458565
Jun 04 2009
11:56 AM
AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION Ripp-Off and Scams ARTISTS Abound! The Company want's money to qualify to win, $1,000,000.00 Kansas City, Kansas
Looks like I am not alone on this rip off company! I whish that somehow there was a list somewhere of all Company's that are running scams and Rip-off's. All you had to do is enter the besite and click on the Apha Letter andyou can search the thousands of companies going by that name. It could help spare a lot of heart aches and money lost. I received a post-card followed up with a formal type letter with all the inforeveryone here has entered. I knew 'it was too good to be true' and when they asked for my legal signature and 11.89, from my visa, etc. my curiousity got peaked, so I'm here checking them out. Award Notificantion Commision/ANC Headquarters, @ P.O. Box2905, Kansas City, KS 66110-2905,seems to have many branches across country. We ought to find someone to at least trim back some of those branches if not dig up that tree! I've been out of work for over a year and I am not the only one in our nation.These people should be taken to task. Put them OUT of Business, NOW, before someone actually believes them! Florence Eustis, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Kansas
91, Report #453921
May 20 2009
10:24 PM
Award Notification Commission $2,000,000.00 prize awarded for a an $11.98 fee and your name released to other companies Kansas City Kansas
Most other people apparently got a letter from the same company except the grand prize was one million dollars, mine was two. The only type of verification you can find of this company is scam reports. They're not BBB accredited or even BBB reported. Plus the address doesn't exist in the yellow pages. As well, they don't even have an official site to visit and can be contacted by mail only. Also your name is submitted to another company for various offers you might be interested in with no specific details except another mailing address. Plus since when do sweepstakes say no purchase necessary and then go on to state that your order is REQUIRED for delivery. On top of that, the main prize number is already picked and will not be awarded if the lucky person with that number doesn't submit it. You can't have a grand prize drawing if the number is already picked. Then what's the point of a contest? I chucked my letter in the garbage, if it's real, they'll try again and someone somewhere should be able to find something legit on them. Until then, damn, wish it was real. The letter I received is as follows: Dear (Your Name) The AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION of KANSAS CITY, KS is hereby proud to CONFIRM and formally Validate Category 1510 eligible AWARD SERIES directly to you by this signed letter of disposition, (Date from this week). Please follow all instructions herewith. The total amount in this AWARD SERIES is fully and 100% verified (by who I don't know); accordingly, dispatch by immediate Certified Check(s) is Guaranteed with proper resolution of entry and Winners designation which our offices eagerly await. PLEASE NOT THAT YOUR MAIL RESPONSE IS REQUIRED TO PROCEED> ELIGIBLE AWARD BREAKDOWN FOLLOWS AS CONFIRMED: (Total Award Amount) CONFIRMED: ******* $2,000,000.00/Two Million Dollars (IMPORTANT): Attachment of the Recipient Requisition Form at right has been authorized by our officers for you applicable completion and return to ANC headquarters. Please do not delay in your reply in any way whatsoever, (because big sweepstakes people use the word whatsoever) for if you have and return the primary preselected (note it said preselected) winning number before the deadline accourding to the terms and condions herein. . . YOU ARE THE VERIFIABLE AND UNCONTESTED WINNER of ****** $2,000,000.00/Two Million Dollars, (Your Name), to be delivered by your choice of $66,667.00 annually for 30 consecutive years (total $2,000,000.00 (because you didn't already know the total amount)) or an alternate lump-sum SINGLE PAYMENT of $1,020,00.00. (But the taxes on a prize like that never exceed 46%). Please make sure to peel-off the Recipient Presentation Label above and affix it to the area indicated on your AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION RECIPIENT REQUISITION FORM at right. This label is identified directly to you and contains personal information designated for review and record and ANC offices! (How Do they have this personal information? I never entered anything) In addition and by separate pending parcel, we make available to you a Premium Offer: $2,500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off online merchandise and service offerings. Make your check or money order for $11.89 payable to ANC if electing this Premium Offer, it is REQUIRED for delivery with your completed form at right. (It's a separate and pending parcel and REQUIRED for delivery.) (Your Name), your response within (10 days) is requested to resove this matter and MUST be executed by mail. There is no alternate means to validate your entry record. (Once determination of the WINNER is formally made in accordance with the official rules and declared, the payment process will begin!) The fine print goes on to tell how your name and info is shared to one company in particular, Next-Gen Inc., who is then allowed to share it with anyone. They have a do not mail address, but I doubt that matters. Plus just on a finer note, how can a prize awarding place located in the U.S.A. not be Better Business Bureau accredited or even noted? Especially since they have almost everyone, charities included. Tawny Lovelock, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
92, Report #398686
Dec 06 2008
07:54 PM
Award Notification Commission Mail mailing to me and many others enticing payment of $11.89 for registering with 'Sweepstake' lottery Kansas City Kansas
This was a mass mailing received during the past week with my correct name, address and contact details. It is clearly a scam operation requesting payment of $11.89 to register for this $1M Sweepstake prize that I am sure does not exist. The name behind the scam is a Jefferson P Williams. Evidence shows that others have received the same invitation and doubtless many more will have sent the $11.89 with high expectations that are doomed to disappoint. Regardless, there appears to be many more such scam operators now prevailing and whichever government department is responsible for monitoring these scam operators, they need to step up the vigilance and enforcement. These predators need to be swept off the face of the globe. Moreover, I should like to see greater control execised over my personal address details so that all and sundry cannot just send me all this nonsence in the mail. I for one, will not be sending my $11.89. J Pike Davis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
93, Report #393754
Nov 21 2008
03:52 PM
Award Notification Commission Document worded to misslead reader into mailing money back to company for no good return Kansas City Kansas
Documents from Award Notification Commission are confusing and misleading. I did not send money or reply. However, I know the promises look very legitimate in wording, because of attention to details that mimic actual award lottery formats. Purposely mailed to unsuspecting, and perhaps vulnerable people, this company must reap many ill-gotten financial returns. Because of the sophisticated presentation, this operation is not going to stop. From information tracked by watch-dog agencies, it is evident that this company has been bilking people all over the country for years. No physical business address, no listed telephone or fax numbers, no actual customer service or web site -- all these omissions mean the business this shady. Wiser Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
94, Report #370288
Sep 05 2008
10:57 PM
Award Notification Commission scam letter saying I have to send them $11.89 and I have a chance to win $1,000,000.00 Kansas City Kansas
So I got a letter in the mail saying that I have a chance to win $1,000,000.00 if I sent them a payment of $11.89. I thought it was real it looks so real I was gonna send then the $ but I looked online first and I found this website. good thing I didnt send the $. It says that I can get $33,334.00 annually for 30 yrs. or I can get $528,000.00 in one single lump sum. I really wish that was true but its a scam dont fall for it. That pray on people it seems like when you really need the $ 2. The letter is signed by there prize officer Jefferson P. Williams and on the bottem of the letter it says it is a legal disclaimer to recipient of contact. They also send a second sheet data od verification that u have to send back with your payment dont do it its a scam!!! This is crap people need to know so that way they dont get all there money taken so please dont send these people sht*!! Gina woodstock, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
95, Report #762088
Aug 07 2011
10:07 AM
Award Notification Commission, Raymond Sauer Consumer Funding Program G1 181: Send in $11.99, for your paperwork confirmation, processing fees Internet
My mother-in-law, is being targeting, from this company, say...She could be the winner of Two million dollars. This is not the first time the letters has it her mail box. Then came aletter for a second chance of winning a Million dallars. All she needs to do is send in the following amounts: $11.99, $13.99, $15.99, to assure the speedy proscess of the paperwork, to make the deadline for the drawing of the Grandprize, of $1,000,000.00 & $ 2,000,000.00 .  I have all the paperwork in a file.  Only one payment was sent in til I cought this scam.Reply as needed to me.
Entity: , Internet
96, Report #789968
Oct 17 2011
09:13 PM
Award Notification Commission Sends bogus letter to try and trick money out of us Kansas City, Kansas
Its a good thing we decided to look up this so called AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION letter that arrived in the mail.  I just kinda figured this to be too good to be true, and after looking it up on Rip Off Report, sure enough there it was.   Dont send these scam artists any money! and dont buy into it, I feels so sorry for all the people who actually sent them $11.89.  You wont receive anything from what I read in past reports, and just get really angry.   DONT SEND THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING, and I sure hope they get prosecuted and have to pay people who they preyed upon.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
97, Report #795105
Nov 04 2011
10:48 AM
Award Notification Commission Office of the President, Scam! You did NOT win $2,000,000!!! Do NOT send them $11.89- It is a SCAM! Kansas City, Kansas
This company sends a very official looking letter stating that you've won $2,000,000. It goes on to say that you have to confirm your name, address, and eligibility in order for them to process. You must also include $11.86 'as REQUIRED by the Awards Notification Commission'. While the letter and certification sheet look official, there are plenty of hints that this is a scam. The letter included seems to indicate that you've already won and will be awarded your prize after sending in the form and 'fee'. However, if you read the enclosed 'fine print' you will see at the very bottom it says you have not yet won. It also mentions in the long list of rules that your chances to win are 1 in 3 million. The Official Rules also mention the sponsor, NextGen, INC. This is a sales company and appears to be the company behind the scam. When Googled, you will see they are also listed on many scam sites. These two companies (or possibly one combined entity) are nothing but false advertisers trying to scam people out of money with false promises of already won prizes. Please do not fall for this by sending them your money!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
98, Report #825015
Jan 19 2012
07:01 AM
There is a scam going on and want a total of $14.89 in a sweepstakes for $2,000,000.00 do not believe it. The Address is: PO BOX 2905, Kansas City, KS  66110 When I got this in the mail, I was very excited and then I said to myself, I'm going to look this up on the internet and see if this is real or not, sure enough it was a scam, so I never sent anything in and saved $14.89,  Thank you Rip off report.  
Entity: KANSAS CITY, Kansas
99, Report #809792
Dec 15 2011
09:55 AM
Award Notification Commission Win $2,000,000.00, but before you do, send $11.89 for aqisition fee to our offices in Kansas City, Kansas
Award Notification Comm. made it look like Publishers Clearing House, with a little note on the bottom that said no order is necessary to win, however there were no products to view within the envelope! The reason for this report is a thank you to all that previously posted regarding ANC.  I generally go on line to make sure of scams, and all of the reviews just confirmed it for me. I just can't believe that have gotten away with it for so long.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
100, Report #681455
Jan 11 2011
07:09 PM
Award Notification Commission ANC Very professional looking scam, documents look real with watermarks and seals the whole nine yards. Kansas City, Kansas
This scam looks very very real and professional. The documents had watermarks and stamped seals on it the whole nine yards. They claim you have won $2,000,000. The catch is you have to send them $11.89 for the processing fee in order to get your winnings. Also they rush you into making up your mind on what to do with the 7 day reply deadline. Why cant the cops case the PO Box until these a$$holes come to collect their mail, and put an end to this scam already?? Ive read a report about these from 2008 its now 2011 when I got mine sent to me. And in the other reports I've noticed the PO Box they were using was 2905 and the one I got sent to me was PO Box 2904 Kansas City Ks 66110.Ive also seen the documents used from even December of 2010 which were not even close to the look and professionalism of the one I received. What a low risk high reward scam, you have to gamble on $11.89 of your money in order to get 2 million seems like an easy choice, but DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY on these a$$holes!!
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas

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