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76, Report #188261
Apr 24 2006
09:34 AM
Bank Of America Bank of America Stole from me as well!! Ripoff Norwalk Connecticut
Complaint: Bank of America has taken $1293.19 from my checking account by error which they even admit however they are not putting the money back in my account. I have been working with them on this since last Thursday and I am getting no definite answer. Bank of America tried cashing a paycheck of mine on Sept 8th which they claimed back in early May to have lost. I went to my employer and had them stop payment on the check that the Bank of America branch in Norwalk CT claimed to have lost. My employer then issued me another check which I deposited into my checking account. On September 8th this lost check was attempted to be cashed however no money from this check was deposited into my checking account. Bank of America in response to discovering that this check had a stop payment issued to it debited the amount of the check from my checking account eventhough no money from that check had been deposited to my account for them to collect back. I had tried calling Bank of America the week prior to the 16th of September when I discovered this money was originally missing to find out why such a large amount was debited from my account. They gave me incorrect information and said that some checks that I recently deposited where not endorsed and they were being sent back to me. I am very upset that Bank of America has taken this money from me without second thought and are giving me such a hard time when it comes to getting my money back. They keep asking me to be patient with them when they are not patient with me when it comes to paying my Bank of America credit card bill. If I am a day late they are more than happy to charge finance charges... they are not patient with me and I do not understand why I must be patient when $1300.00 was practically stolen from me. After fighting with Bank of America for countless hours, at work, lasting weeks I finally made them see their error and how they stole money from me. They finally credited my account back and did nothing to make me feel any better about how they stole money from me. Bank of America is a sham and a fraud and I have had nothing but problems with them. Good luck to anyone else who has had their money stolen by the own bank that they are trusting to hold their money. Andrea Trumbull, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
77, Report #313796
Mar 01 2008
06:37 PM
Bank Of America Rip Off Interest Rates from Bank of America Willmington Delaware
I was informed by BOA that my interest rate on my credit card was going up to 27.99 %, so I called to find out what was going on. I was told that I was only making the minimium payment on cards,which is not true since my credit rating just went up to @ 680 for paying ahead of time and paying more than the minimum and that I had used my credit cards more often recently.I've had their card since 2003. I was told I could refuse to accept this ripoff in writing, but that I could no longer use the card or the 27.99 % would go into effect.Needless to say,I refused their offer and cut up the card. I recently read in Forbes that BOA is doing this to alot of their customers that pay on time to recoup all the cards they sent out to dead beats on their pre-approved offers.Don't let this happen to you. Hezakiah Philly, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Willmington, Delaware
78, Report #325259
Apr 11 2008
05:11 AM
Bank Of America Bank Of America Rips Its Customers Off With Know Respect Frisco Texas
Bank Of America has been my bank for over 5yrs and in the past 5 yrs it has been ripping me off with over draft fees and return fees. They post a pending traction and shows the money is avalibale and goes as far as to clear it and then comes back and charges you return check fees for not having enough funds. I am just really upset because we trust in a banking system that is trying to rip us off. We are better off in putting our money in a shoe box and hiding it. We allow them to use our money for a little of nothing and then rip us off to. The way to days world is we need to put our money were we can trust it will be there. I will soon be closing out 5 accounts with bank of america. I care not for them. I understand now why they are the number one lender they rip people off. I am better off with a nobody bank then a bank that is full of false hope. Angela allen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
79, Report #327516
Apr 20 2008
04:13 PM
Bank Of America Bank of america overdraft fees are bullshit Tampa Florida
I have had the same problem with bank of america that I have read about from others, they are right they are crap. I resently have had customer service people hang up on me because I was pissed off about the fees. I look at my account online and theres money and everthing I used my card for was showing then all of a sudden I have four $35 dollar bank fees because their system is screw up and they of course take their money then show me as owing them more money because they took all my money that was suppost to go for a electric payment. I make a payment one day then they say it was done until another day but yet they charge me for using the card that day, if your confused so am I. None of this makes any sense at all and something is seriousely wrong, how can they do this when in all acuality I had the money until they took theres. I have recently sent them e-mails concerning this and have let them know that I will discourage others from using bank of america if they do not resolve this matter, I won't my money. If anyone else has had this happen to them I would love to hear from you. Bank of America doesn't care about their customers all they want to do is rip people off. Crazysteph28 tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
80, Report #229809
Jan 10 2007
04:04 PM
Bank Of America bank of america is all about share holders Ripoff Newberg Nationwide
During a recent phone call to bank of amercia to ask for mercy from overdraft fees I was given corperate reterich from a management point of view. It had been explained to me that corperate policy regarding customers fo B of A was ultimately to it's share holders and I don't think they meant individual savings deposits. Frequently the dates and order of my checks and debits are conveniently shuffled in favor of the bank in order to take advantage of as many overdraft fees as possible. I was told If I had a savings account or credit card with overdraft protection I would be more well respected by the bank. They have made roughly 3000 dalloars from overdraft fees from my bank account over the last year. Thats a positive cash flow in anyones ledger and I proclaim the bank is making money off of me. Since I am a freelancer and don't qualify for credit , I am ok with paying thier fees if they cover my checks. Many people are in my shoes. More than would be believed. Mostly independent contractors. We talk and compare situations. This country is run by small independent business which is slowly being strangled by share holders of big corporations who recieve plenty of perks from local state and federal government. This nations policies are only good for the rich and privileged. I encourage protest and resistance to this etrocity. Write your congressman to encourage more funds for small business start ups, and more banking restrictions. This abuse needs to stop. Delmer newberg, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #262164
Jul 20 2007
03:18 PM
Bank Of America Need address for Bank of America Ripoff Internet
I am having a lot of difficulty getting answers from Bank of Americas customer service staff and their supervisors. Customer Service seems to have no power to fix problems anymore. I get a lot of canned answers when I use their online message service too. I was wondering if anyone had a mailing address for someone at Bank of America who has real power to help me. I feel if someone in power heard my dilemma they would help me. Basically it's about having the abilty to transfer money into my checking account from outside the bank. I am an internet only customer of theirs who lives 500 miles from the nearest banking center (strangely, we do have BoA non-deposit ATMs in the area so I can get cash out with no fees). Why do I bank with them then you may ask? The banks in my area truly suck. BoA has services my local banks don't offer, a great website and I earn airline miles with my checking accounts debit card. Well, anyways, I keep a small account at a local bank just to have a place to take paper checks and cash to deposit. On BoA's website you can initiate a transfer from an outside bank. There is 3-day and next day delivery. For some reason you have to earn the right to have the abilty to transfer money in next day. Well, when I do initiate a transfer, the money is deducted from my local bank account the very next business day, but BoA does not credit me this money for another 2 business days. Every single one of my transfers goes through no prob. It's not like I am transfering money in thats not there. I have been using this transfer feature for years now and I never have fit the crazy complicated criteria for having next day transfer rights. I have gotten overdraft fees charged to me because of this. (Yes, overdrafts are my fault and before anyone harps on me about it, I keep a check register that I update daily, but I am human and have made mistakes, I see the overdraft before it will happen but am powerless to deposit money quickly to prevent.) Well, since so many people have dealt with BoA on this forum for various problems, I thought I would see if anyone had an address for someone at BoA who I could write to about my dilemma, who may actually have the power to help since customer service is powerless. I will probably get turned down but I would at least like to try. Shannon Elyria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #255827
Jun 20 2007
07:28 PM
Bank Of America Bank of America - Lobbying to be Legal Mobsters and Loan Sharks Ripoff Irving Internet
I am looking for everyday individuals that want to join a class action suit with me against the bank. I am tired of being held hostage by some fat cat suit or customer service person who doesn't care anything about me or the fact that the company they work for regularly steals money from their customers. I am FINALLY beyond tired! I have had it - 10 years of watching Bank of America (BofA) slowly steal my paychecks with erroneous fees and shady banking practices have finally taken their toll on my health. On days I am extremely frustrated, I Google the words I hate Bank of America and I amazed at the sites I see and stories I read. If I actually told you all of the grievances I have had with this bank, it would take a novel. I think I actually DESERVE pain and suffering from the extreme emotional distress I have felt when I have checked my account on a pay day and my entire check has been seized by the bank before I even get to work. I see my rent check bouncing, I have 3 small children and no food in the house, the lights will be cut-off, do they care? NO! It is all about money - LOOK at the Washington Mutual commercials, they make fun of banks like BofA. We simply make them rich. It reminds me of the old school mobsters that we all heard of when growing up, with the exception that this is actully LEGAL??? Or is does wonder. Is this really legal, or has no one had the balls to stand up to them? I recently sent the Chairman and CEO of Bank of America a grievance packet that contined a letter asking for a simple review of some erroneous charges I was getting nowhere with, a complaint I filed with the FTC, as well as, an identity theft complaint form filed with our local PD. Do you know that Ty from the Chairman's office actually had the nerve to call me and claim they reviewed my grievence and found that the bank did not do anything wrong. BullXXXX! I want an external audit! Did you know that BofA was tied up with the Enron scandall and that many of their former employees are willing to testify that they are trained to seal money by processing debits before creidits and then charging a $35 fee for each of the transactions? My husband and I have had so much money stolen from us since September, it isn't even funny - in fact it makes me angry and sad. Late last year, BofA garnished our account for $12,000 for a $2,000 garnshment, wouldn't fix it and charged ME attorney fees when they were forced to research it. I ended up having to settle for $1600 of my Christmas bonus just so I could get my account unfrozen! Esentially - no Christmas for MY kids, although I am sure the CEO had plently of MY money to spend with HIS Christmas bonus! Recently we have been battling the card services divison of the bank. I don't know why they even call it that, because they don't offer ANY services. They basically don't care. In February 2007, my husband and I started noticing daily purchases going through our account on items that neither of us purchased. We had charge, after charge, it almost became a game to see if our bills were going to clear before someone spend my money. After numerous calls fighting with every supervisior I could find, we eventually got my husband's card closed off. We finally settled the erroneous charges, but never fully recovered the fees. Fast forward to March and we get 1 more charge on the new card for $49.90. The bank credits the dispute to the acocunt, then takes it out a few days later, charges us bounced check fees for it and then tells us that the charge is valid. We attempt to contact the company that sent the charge through (Pacific Web Works - VERY BAD business practices!!!). After getting the run around and calling multiple times, we finally get a manager to tell us that they don't give refunds and that I will have to file a police report. Guess what I did just that - sent it to both entities and waited, called and complained. It is now 2 months and $5000 later... yes I said $5000, that is how much the bank has made of me these last two months from a $49.90 charge. You know what I told Ty (most likely the CEO's secretary)? She can consider me the next Erin Brockovich! I am making it my life's mission to force the FTC to more closely regulate these theifs. When I was younger, I never would have imagined that a bank could get away with forcing me to not only pay for something I DID NOT ORDER or receive, but also give them a $4550 tip for it. I WANT ACTION - if one guy can force McDonalds to change how they serve coffee, then I think we can collectively force the bank to return monies owed to consumers! DGR Irving, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bank of America
Entity: Internet
83, Report #1198505
Dec 30 2014
05:41 PM
Bank of America Bank of America Merchant Services Customers Ripped Off Houston Nationwide
B of A Merchant Services process credit card payments for merchants. The contract fopr services is $134.00 per year plus a percentage. I opted for No Paper billing, statements and etc.    I recieved a paper mailing from B of A and opened it. The banks letter informed me that I am being automatically enrolled in a security program, with a third party,  for 19.95 per month as of February 1st, 2015. They will start deducting the amount from my business account without any response or approval from me and it will be a 12 month contract.      The only way to opt out is to call a phone number and get an opt out confirmation number then go to a website and enter the number.   Needless to say, when I called the number, I got a foreign based Indian woman that argued with me, threatened that my account could suffer shut downs without this protection and insulted me for not understanding the importance of this.    I have no Paper agreements for all of my accounts but they use a mailed letter to imform me of a contract they are entering me into with a third party vendor. This must be fraudulent, illegal and thousands of people are goint get screwed by this. How many will never notice.
Entity: Nationwide
84, Report #1180647
Oct 02 2014
08:50 PM
Bank Of America BOA CONSUMER WARNING: Bank of America Freezing Consumer Accounts Tucson Arizona
After banking with Bank of America for 10 years (checking, savings, credit cards and mortgage), they finally crossed the line with me in an act so horrendous, so stupid, so costly that I have now closed all my personal and business accounts with them. WARNING: My advice is is move your money now, because this could happen to you, DETAILS:One day, without warning I discovered I could not pay my mortgage or credit lines through my online banking because my accounts had literally disappeared from their secured site. Initially, I thought it was a technical glitch so I called support. After 2 hours of waiting and being shuffled through a string of incompetence I was assured they'd fix the problem. I paid by phone and thought all was good.The next month when it was time to pay again, I logged in and could see they had not fixed anything. Naturally, I called again and after another long waste of time and numerous clueless support people, I was told I must visit my local branch to solve the problem. I was assure it would be easily resolved if I just went in, showed my ID and they'd have notes on the file to correct what ever the problem was.So I did this. Upon arriving at the bank, it became quickly clear that the employees and manager were clueless about what to do. But I did find out my account had been frozen. For no clear reason, but they promised to get to the bottom of it. I went home and waited (optimistically).Next day, I got a call and they said they found the problem. Seems some how my social security number had been lost or edited and no longer matched my real social number. I was told they'd change it and I'd be back up and running in 24 hours.Next day? nothing happened.Next day? I went in to local branch again. The manager came out and said they needed one more day, but they'd call me. PROMISE.Next day? no call. Account still frozen.Next day? back to the local branch. I'm now looking at over two months effort trying to get this fixed. Literally fix a screw up they orchestrated.I'm told my account is permanently frozen because I have multiple profiles --- again, this is 10 years into my relationship with BOA. 10 years! I'm told they cannot unfreeze it.Naturally I ask to just give me my money, close the account. They close it ok, but then after a 45 minute wait as they huddle behind the counter I finally speak up? HEY? where's my money?They reply, they cannot give it to me. I have to wait a day or two.I refused to leave the bank without my money. So I sat. I tried to talk logic. I tried everything I could think of. This was a BANK ROBBERY but it was Bank of America robbing a customer.After another half hour they final come up with my money. Why could they not do this originally? Why the hassle? Why the problem in the first place? If I have multiple profiles WHO created them? Why can't they correct them? Why Why Why? All I got was excuses, lies and hassle.I was made to fill like a crook or something, they were humiliating me. And it was THEM that caused the problem, it's their system. After 10 years with them I'm out now.Guess what? I'm out of there and you may be next on their list. They were just hit with the biggest fine in banking history for many of their dubious activities? READ THE NEWS. Do you really want to leave your money with these people? Really?TIME MAGAZINE: Bank of America To Pay Record $16.65 Billion Finecom/3153262/bank-of-america-record-16-billion-fine-mortgages-subprime-loans/RECOMMENDATION: Don't assume this won't happen to you. I'm only detailing ONE incident here, but there have been a string of such incidents I've endured at Bank of America. This one was the final straw. Move your money? or don't say, I didn't warn you.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
85, Report #1148323
May 20 2014
03:04 PM
Bank of America Bank of America Overdraft Scam North Port Nationwide
This person who does not speak English well, went to Bank of America and opned an account. Later, a banker with the same language told him he can use a debit card like a credit card. He did not know what that meant, After he recieved 5 over draft fees in a week bescause of unaware Legal Charge, I noticed he had a credit card account not linked to over draft protaction. He told me he paid $100 deposit to use his debit card like a credit card. But he was supposed to receive a credit card with a $500 limit and have it linked to over draft. After I got it linked, he received another over draft, still $35 he was only supposed to be charge $10.Basically, Bank of America suggested and opened a credit card account and was supposed to link him for over draft protection. they never did. When I did it for him, it never worked, but still says it is linked. Fees are still $35Bank of America computer systems do not work right and will charge you fees. You need to keep requesting refunds. and most people don't. So far we had no luck gettin refunds so I am about to close the account for him.I have C**** (((REDACTED))) and never had a problem, they even waive first time purchasing ashiers check for me.
Entity: Nationwide
86, Report #1159394
Jul 03 2014
01:31 PM
Bank of America bank of america, rip off, cheated folsom Nationwide
 Closed an old joint account i had with my ex at bank of america. It was reopened without my knowledge and auto pays started processing that my ex has previously set up for his own bills. I was charged $300 for overdraft charges to my personal account with them and they refuse to refund back my money.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #1276375
Dec 26 2015
10:39 PM
Bank of america BOA Bank of america home loans modification aren't real Tampa, Florida Nationwide
 Hard times hit me September11 2011. I contacted Bank of America (BOA) to see if I would qualify for a modification. I was told by BOA to send in a lot of papers which got lost or as they (BOA) stated we didn't receive them. After resending the same papers over and over the following month with that another house note came due. I asked Tom the representative from BOA I was assigned to where do I send my payment since sept payment wasn't made? Tom stated You can't send in a payment at this time The underwriters have your paperwork and that could mess up their calculations. I didn't think much of it I trusted him. November came and went but still no place to send the house note. I became very concerned. The modification started Dec 2011 January2012 Feb 2012. All went well so I thought. Mar/Apr-Dec came and went then finally April 2013 came and so did my HAMP permanent modification paper work. While reading threw these papers I was horrified. BOA wanted me to sign papers stating I was 37,600 in the rears. I phoned BOA and at this point I had received several different contact people only to get the run around about these figures. Finally I contacted what I thought would be someone stable a person that would be my contact person. Well I was told that all those months (year+) of payments was placed in a certain account and to everyone including the credit bureau it seemed like I hadn't made any payments until I sign and send back these papers. I stated once I added all my payments it still didn't add up. Well as the lady stated Interest accrued. $6,000+ and that gets put back once all the papers were signed besides you will lose your home if the papers aren't back in time. So BOA submitted a bill to HUD in my behave in the sum of close to $38 thousand dollars and I was to repay them in a balloon payment at the end of my loan. A few months passed and still they (BOA) haven't signed their part to complete this transaction. I continuously call and of course I get the run around. I finally call an ask since you don't and didn't close my modification is there a chance the note can be a little bit lower if not just leave it. The BOA rep stated of course when we do these modification we leave a small margin just in case. I also had HUD involved for2 and1/2 months to see why my modification never closed. HUD seemed to be working on it and out of nowhere statedBOA told us they closed your mod I statedwell did they give you any paper work that shows this . HUD stated Noand we're closing this case now goodbye. BOA did statebefore we complete your mod you have to sign these forms stating you will allow us to convert your FHA loan to. A conventional loan. I stated no way then I'll have no protection from you loan sharks! That rep statedwell your house is up for auction next month anyway. I signed the papers. Here's the what was to be a HAMP mod I received. BOA attached 11years onto my mortgage plus they got paid from HUD almost $38 thousand dollars plus any extra money I might send in will go straight to interest also I cannot ever rent the home out plus there's a second $25 thousand dollar balloon payment next to that other balloon payment. I was just made aware of the lawsuit BOA lost in court. BOA stated in their letter you qualified for $25 thousand forgiveness but you won't receive this forgiveness until your mortgage term is up . According to the courts BOA had a short while to notify people and do whatever. The courts did not say do whatever in 25 years. There's no one to protect the homeowner from deceitful loan sharks like BOA. I cannot hire a attorney I'm a disabled single woman with a fixed income besides how can a single attorney fight a corp like BOA you need a army.
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #1366412
Apr 10 2017
04:34 PM
Bank of America Risk Department , Claims Department , Bank of America Risk Department / Thieves Macon Georgia
 I have been with Bank of America since 2012 and I have had no problems other than minor unauthorized charges that were quickly reimbursed. However on March of 2017 I noticed some international charges on my account so I contacted the bank and proceeded to tell them about the charges the bank went over all of the international charges that were on my account during the previous 2 1/2 months and the total come to almost $3000 . I was given information from the representative that said I would receive a provisional credit within 1 to 2 business days and the rest will follow and could take up to 21 days but normally only a few days. However I have yet To receive one penny of my money and my account was completely closed and I was told that I can never bank with Bank of America again as long as I live and my account was turned over to the risk department and they said they were going to investigate my case and they would have a response within one to two business days OK. It has now been four weeks and I have been told that my money was approved and they did rule in my favor and a cashiers check would be sent to my residence on file by Friday that was 4 Fridays ago and I get have received a single dollar I need my money and I need some help getting my money without having to hire a lawyer I mean come on this is my money here they're playing games with collecting interest on it and holding it just goes they can this is not right and I would not recommend anyone to bank with Bank of America please spread this on your social networking and any other means of advertisement that anyone may have to prevent Bank of America and any other bank from being able to do these types of things with monies that does not belong to them
Entity: Macon , Georgia
89, Report #1385720
Jul 15 2017
10:51 AM
Bank of America Bank America violated the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 Hanford California
 Bank America inticed me to apply for a loan for my rural medical clinc in late 2015. They assured me it woud be approved. It was a refinance to the old building loan. After months of hassel. Finance reports. Tax returns some 22 year old underwriter in New Jersy made the decision to decline the loan. Even though we have a credit score over 740 and perfect record of paying back the old loan. What About the federal community reinvestment act ?
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #1064273
Jul 03 2013
05:27 PM
Bank Of America is the worst bank in the US.  Don't use them if at all possible.  My husband recently applied for credit and was told that Bank Of America closed out credit card account without our knowledge.  He had a credit score of 791 and the new credit application said his score was around 750 because Bank of America closed his credit card account with a balance.  We've NEVER missed a payment or made a late payment on the account.  When my husband called BOA it took him over 20 minutes to get to a supervisor (after being transferred 3 times).  All this is 2 1/2 years after they jerked us around on a home loan.  They are on the top of my list of all time worst companies to deal with.  They think they are so big they can walk on the little people.  I've since started dealing with a small local bank who is happy to have our business.  Can't wait for the day Bank Of America falls.  
Entity: Internet, Texas
91, Report #121017
Dec 03 2004
09:25 AM
Bank Of America Military Bank ripoff San Antonio Texas
I am a solider in the Medical Corps in the US ARMY. I have had promblems with Bank of America Military Bank. I have had money come up missing, extra overdraft fees, and Checks deposited in my account with over 1500.00 dollars in there and still get an overdraft fee. It seems the day before payday something new comes in and clears for 100, 200, or even 300 dollars and they can't tell me the merchant who did it or any information on it. I also have taken out two loans to keep my account in good standing and low and behold it was all gone in two days. I think that they have really shitty service. They are not for the soliders like they say they are. That is about all I have to say. I hope this helps somebody out. Trent None of your BusinessU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
92, Report #197888
Jun 23 2006
08:00 PM
Bank Of America misleading Leominster Internet
I can see that this is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed by our goverment. I too am a victim of BOA. I feel what they are doing is pirating our money. I have been charged over $1500.00 worth of fees total. I also have called and asked a customer service rep. why this is occuring in my account. I did exclactly what they have told me to do, and that was to not follow the online balance but run a register. Ok with giving them the benefit of a doubt, I did so. I wrote down everything I did in order as they happened. I also tried using not just my visa end of the check card but the debit end as well and the atm. Now my register reads exactly what the balance showed on my atm receipt, and what showed online. Then I called to get a balance over the phone and went to the bank itself finding that all ending balances match my register. I then printed out the online page showing how my account had a 40.00 bal. I then made a purchase that cost me 30.47. Now by my register, I still have 9.53 still in my account. I then paid with my check card using the visa end and feeling very confident that there was no reason why I should have any problem. Yes it APPROVED it.the key word is approve and the signed the slip. The next important thing I then did was came home checked my balance online. Low and behold it showed my dinner in the pending with the exact amount as in my register. I then printed my page showing this. I did not go over my funds. It was the next day when things exploded. Now things in the posted section were different and some of the transactions were gone, and on top of everything, I am now in the negative. Negative to the tune of $118.00. I had my direct deposit going in, fees pending, and my hard earned money trying to work its way in and got interceped by BOA. They then charged all their fees and still left me in the negative. Now mind you the transactions they removed still needed to be reposted to my account and now be declined and bounced. I never knew an atm or debit transaction could bounce, but with BOA it can. Ok with all this in mind I called BOA. Evidence I presented to the BOA rep.,I was graced with, a credit back to my account. Now if this is not admitting falt when you can prove to them they are messing around with your hard earned money, what is. This is just the most recent of many such incidents I have encountered with BOA. I am very tired of having to explain to them how to do their job. I would just like to say for us all to win, Please, if you can, print a daily report from your online account for 2-3 or more days this will be all your proof they are pirating your money their advantage. Paula Leominster, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #1112016
May 28 2014
10:30 AM
Bank of America Bank of America NA Bank of America is the most corrupt bank I have ever seen. No customer service - lousy treatment. Tamarac Florida
I walked in to my local bank branch in Tamerac to close out a HELOC account.  The customer service representative Jose Ortiz took over an hour to handle it.   Come to find out three weeks later... he never handled it at all.   When I called the bank to complain bitterely about the complete lack of customer service the bank sent police to my house claiming I threatened the people at the tamarac branch (never happened).   Then they closed all my accounts.  Banking with them has been the worst experience of my life.  They closed my Operating, my merchant and my personal checking without warning and honestly without justification.  I complained for good reason not made up excuses.  They failed to close a HELOC after many many tries to do just that.  They can't even service the accounts they have on file.  You can never reach a person when you need one... never.  When you do they hang up on you if you complain about the treatment you've been getting.   They suck.   I'm 52 years of age and I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my life.   NEVER BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA.  They are putting themselves out of business with the way they do business.   
Entity: Tamarac, Florida
94, Report #213330
Sep 29 2006
08:59 AM
Bank Of America Give them masks and call them Bankrobbers of America Ripoff Vista California
it starts harmless enough, I get a check from my client who banks at B of A. little did I know that just because they say a there is money in the account and the online reports show sufficient funds. Bankrobbers of America have determined that they can not release funds because they need to make MORE interest. Yes go put cash into a B of A account and wait 3 days to be able to have funds drawn against it. i am not talking about policies and procedures, i am referring to flat out extortion, because in addtion to the $6 fee my bank charges me.. they hit my client with a $35 nsf charge.. when the freakin money is shown as available. oh and that's not the worst of it. so what did i do? i had my client write another check - which i took to his branch to cash so i could correct the damages to my account. So after checking the signature card, calling him to confirm, they hit me with a $5 non-customer fee. I laughed and said fine. i get the check cashed with a thank you. and i stand there. teller lady is like can i help you. i say yes, receipt please. she says we don't issue receipts. i am like excuse me. we don't print receipts. she advises me - you take money and don't document it her -oh its in the system me - that's borerdline criminal her - i can handwrite a receipt me - please can you beleive that one. the major bummer is this - my client gets a 100,000 check on 9.20. He asks them the policy and they tell him oh it is CA based so even though it is like 10 days, but in 2 days it will clear and it should be available. debating on whether to go back and ask for a wire.. he decides to put the check in on Mond 9/25. he calls Wells Fargo (where check is drawn) on 9/27 and finds out the check clear on thier end. Call BofA and they won't release the funds til 10/4. this in on a 9/25 deposit. hmmm.. 6 pts. on 100k thats good for 150 per day. .and then 35 in nsf fees.. what a f'n ripoff!!! can someone get the FTC involved? i mean really - B of A is the master of extortion? advise.. if you get a check drawn from B of A.. pay the 5 bucks and get the cash!!!! Nik Carlsbad, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vista, California
95, Report #52831
Apr 14 2003
02:13 PM
Bank Of America - bogus NSF FEE'S, Scams of America Sherman Oaks California
On 3/11/03 I became overdrawn on my Bank Of America checking account which of course I didn't realize. I knew I was close and was making small purchases for $5 at the gas station, $3 at starbucks up till 3/19/03 when my card finally got declined. My complaint to BofA, why were my check card purchases able to go through after 3/11/03(when they aknowledge my account was first overdrawn) up to 3/19/03 and when does it know when to finally decline a sale. Let me tell you why: Because for those small purchases I made(a total of about $35-40 over 10 purchases) in that 8 day period I had to pay about 350 in NSF FEE'S. After talking with customer service, they were of no help and told me to pay closer attention to my account(thanks) and that they charged 32 for every purchase after your account is overdrawn and they had no Idea when the system will finally decline a sale, so you could continue to purchase, only small purchases will go through though, and then they can charge you their 32 dollars. Now that sounds fair doesnt it! Paul sherman oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
96, Report #474769
Jul 29 2009
08:35 PM
Bank of America is becoming BendOver America! Mercer Island Washington
7/29/09 Make an online payment 7/2 but B of A does not deposit it into the recipients account until 7/14.......Isn't that against the Law? I understand that they can hold funds and use our money and get interest on it for 5 business days...but this is not right. Called Bank of America and was given the brush off...too bad, so sad...what are you going to do about it? Then...I went into the bank to make a deposit. They have taken all the deposit slips out of the bank!!! A greeter stands at the door and 'encourages people to use the outside ATM Machine because it's all the same.......ok. So, I tried it last night. Made my paycheck deposit. Normally when I go into the bank and come back to the office I can see my deposit right there on screen.....I made the deposit yesterday afternoon but it's not in my account......I call the number on my slip that I got from the ATM? and the lady says....we hold the funds for 24 hours. SAY WHAT????????? Are you people kidding me? I am still at the office at 8:30 pm, it's over 100 degrees outside...I was going to pay my bills tonight because the place I am, the Blue Angels fly two shows tomorrow and the entire freeway is locked down.....for HOURS. Here I was trying to be a good more! Bank of America is truly become BENDOVER America....they are losing my business....I'm not going to take this crap any more. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice? NOT A PRAYER! Seattlebizwoman Mercer Island, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Mercer Island, Washington
97, Report #407519
Jan 03 2009
09:31 AM
Bank Of America What is an extension for then??? America Massachusetts
Hard times have hit many people. More than we want to realize. When in trouble where do we go but to our bank. Our buisness has taken a huge hit, things have slowed. We have never been late on a car payment. This month I know the bills will be late. I called BofA to apply for an extension on the car note and was told that in order to apply you must be 30 days current. That means there cannot be more than 30 days passed since your last payment. I made our payment on the 4th of the month before and called them on the 7th of this month,3 days past the 30 day mark. Sorry, was the answer I got. Make a payment and then you can apply. Excuse me? If I could make the payment I wouldn't be calling for an extension, right? When I asked them where I could drop the vehicle off so they can have it back they changed their tune some, but it didn't change a thing. Am I wrong? BofA have changed their policies since we opened our account. We have been banking with them for at least 10 years. I have also been hit by NSF funds because when a cash deposit is made they don't credit it right away. When I complained about that I was told it's their policy but spoke to a customer service rep one day who was extremely nice and looked up state laws for me. BofA will do their own thing and disregard each states individual banking laws, and in Mass, I believe a cash deposit is supposed to be made available immediately. The tellers, bank managers, atm receipts, phone banking all make those cash deposits available, not pending, all but the BIG system, who backtracks and holds the deposits. Find out the laws in your state and go from there. BofA is soon going to be a bank of my past. Local credit unions are where its at. Indisbelief west yarmouth, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Massachusetts
98, Report #400853
Dec 12 2008
07:53 PM
Bank Of America Total screwing from Bank of America NORTH CAROLINA HOME OF BANK OF AMERICA CHARLETTE North Carolina
I have Yankee season tickets and a Yankee Bank of America credit card I signed up for the 4 payments plan to pay for my tickets my first payment was for 835$ in november . I was carring a balence on my card and almost always pay on time or a little late and always large payments from 300 to 5700$ on monthly basis I did a little christmas shopping and went over didnt relize that my payment for second installment didnt go through even after I called the Yankees and asked they said it went through I landed up getting a email that it didnt go through so I had to make a 1620 $ payment so I put 2000$ payment through to Bank of America website but it wouldnt post until 12/15/08. So i called and asked if I put through an immediate phone charge could they cover the 1620 $charge not only would they not cover the charge they told me that they were closing my account and it wouldnt be reopened again. The agent credit analsyt was so rude and disrespectful . I asked to speak to the manager they left me on hold for 1 hour before she the manager showed up to tell me I was late on my mortagage on my rental property and that they were closing my account I told them I never gave you permission to look up my credit report I asked if you could take a payment not go through my credit history meanwhile they charge 29.99% intrest .They are worse then the organized criminals on the street so all in all dont call the Bank of America for help they will cut off your account and peek into your credit report with no permission this company has no compunction about perserving your right to privcy.They are just about the worst out there the ironic thing here is we helped bailout these crooks and they basically urinate on all of us who knows how much fraud there coving up when they bought CountryWide and Merril Lynch and the creeps that work there I hope they are laid off I here there dumping 35k of those losers from that criminal enterprise calling its self a reputable bank be very wary of this bank if your with them watch your credit cards and your accounts they are out to help no one just look at that company in chicago we arent going to get out of this financial crisis with the likes of banks like this hoarding all the cash they were supposed to lend out to get the economy moving what a crock total bunch of thugs degenerates and criminals people rely on there credit lines to get through tough times these guys could careless dont give them a nickel they charge rapacious over the limit fees and late fees they intice you with teaser rates then jack you to 29.99% there just pigs. Paul Miller Place, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: CHARLETTE, North Carolina
99, Report #329744
Apr 30 2008
05:49 PM
Bank Of America Phishing Scam!! BE Aware Be aware of any emails received throught this website with Bank of America regarding ACCOUNT BLOCk Bank Of America Maryland Nationwide
I recieved an email yesterday stating: Your Online Banking is Blocked Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on you account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on you account. So we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security. Please click on sign in to Online Banking to continue to the verification process and ensure your account security. It is all about your security. Thank you. and visit the customer service section. This is a scam but, by me banking with Bank of America i responded and it took me to another website identical to the Bank of America website all except for the website address and the lock symbol at the bottom of the screen that represents that the sight is secured. But by me not realizing that the first time i was just nervous that my account was blocked and wanted to take care of it immediatly. So I gave my SS#, Account #, Bank Card # Mailing Address, and also my Access Id# and password which is used to get into the online banking for your personal or business accounts. So this person can now pretend that he or she is me. So today I'm looking onto my statement online and i notice that $400.00 was transfered to another account with the name Lightner on it which i do not know and did not authourized so i immediatly contacted my bank and not knowing what i did the day before gave someone access to my account the told me that i had just been Phish. So i than had to cancel my bank card and also move any additional $$ that i had to my savings account and also change my user id and passwords. I also had to contact all 3 credit beareu and contact the Federal Trade Commission about this so that i can get fraud protection on my credit. This has become a night-mare the economy is really really bad right now but for someone to do this to me is just almost un-real so i just want to post this to keep everyone informed on the lasted thing that is going on with banking if anyone has had anything similar happened to them please let me know. I will be spending alot of time to see what i can do about Prosecuting and finding out who this persone is the name is Daniel Lightner but i can almost guarenteed(99.9% sure) that this person is a person of stolen identity and that the real person didn't use their so sad Patrice Sunderland, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #1108605
Jun 02 2014
05:19 PM
Never do business with Bank of America.  They are the worst bank in America.  They have no customer service at all.  They can't get the accounts right.  They hire idiot employes who do not take ownership of any problem and solve it... they just push it off to the next department until the customer is so frustrated they bank elsewhere.  It's a major joke. Bank of America doe not know the meaning of customer service.  They do not answer their phones.  The phone lines do not go to the right departments and if they do pick up they will not get you to the right department.  It's a joke.I have a mortgage, a HELOC, two business checking accounts a personal account and I'm moving everything to another branch.  I'm fed up. When you call their 800 numbers for any banking reason.... you get treated like a second class citizen from the word go.F* You bank of America.   You suck.  Soon to be ex- customer!    
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina

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