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26, Report #4947
Apr 18 2001
12:00 AM
Best Buy = Best Rip-Off
More than 3 times I have recived horrable service from best buy. They truley dont care about the customer, or any returns. I bought a brand new vcr and gave it to my wife for Christmass. It did not work. Best Buy would not exchange it or work on it without a extended warranty which they made me buy. After 6 weeks I called them only to find out they threw my vcr in the trash because it could not be fixed. As hard as it is to belive, this is completley true. The store manager was rude and rotten to me. DONT EVEN BUY A BATTERY FROM BEST BUY!!!!!!.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
27, Report #1033436
Aug 31 2007
07:24 AM
Best Buy Best Buy not a good buy on credit Birmingham Alabama
We purchased a laptop computer for our daughter with the terms 6 months same as cash with a best buy credit card.One month after the purchase we went by the store to make an early payment and found out the store would not take a credit card payment! After mailing in the payment we were hit with a FINANCE charge on a 6 MONTHS SAME AS CASH deal! The pakistani who didn't really speak english in customer (dis)service in Bupkiss, India, lamely replied we have changed the terms of the offer. Well we have changed the terms as well. The $3000 limit best buy credit card will be shredded and we will never buy from 'best buy' again! Randall in alabama Hueytown, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama
28, Report #1354797
Feb 08 2017
07:03 AM
Best Buy Best Buy CoBest Buy Co, INC Fraud in online purchases Internet
Do not order From Best Buy online. They sell products they don't have. The show they've shipped the items, then do not give the item to the carrier. They promise 2 day shipping on large purchases, then send them by ground. Now my purchase will not arrive before I leave the country for a month. They say they can't refund because it has shipped, after telling me it has not shipped. Then they start putting you on hold and giving you the run around!
Entity: Internet
29, Report #787035
Oct 10 2011
12:47 PM
Best Buy Best Lie Best Buy Black Tie Protection On LED TV's - Big Scam Internet
I bought my Samsung LED TV a few years ago.  I bought a display model.  The screen eventually crapped out on me.  It was a panel failure, and could not be repaired.  They offered to sell me the newest model of a Samsung TV for the same price.  I had purchased the Black Tie Program, which saved my butt as my original warranty expired a month before my TV panel shot it's wad.  The problem is this:When you purchase the Black Tie Program and the TV has to be replaced, because it can't be fixed, they will fix it for you, but that exhausts your future Black Tie Protection.  When you chose another TV, you have to re-purchase the Black Tie Program all over again for the same price to cover the new TV.  This is a RIP - OFF !!  Sears, for example, covers a new TV if you cannot have the original one repaired.  Their extended warranty is still in effect for the 2nd TV.  Best Buy ripped me off for over $260.00, since i had to purchase a new Black Tie Protection Plan.  Do NOT buy your TV's from anyone that has that type of plan, especially Best Buy.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #154177
Aug 18 2005
06:33 PM
Best Buy ripoff Costa Mesa California sold us a computer package on August 7, said they had plenty on hand, sent emails throught the last couple weeks updating the shipping date and then 11 days later cancels the order because they no longer have the product available. I called the physical store prior to buying online and the salesperson assured me the best way to go was to buy online to be guaranteed the product which turned out to be not true. Now since they have already shipped other parts associated with the package, printer, cable, memory stick (no laptop) they want me to package it all up and get it back to them asap. In talking to a supervisor last night, basically it was, too bad for you we ran out and we have that right to cancel at any time. They lost me as a customer forever. Laurie Irvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #125832
Jan 04 2005
10:06 PM
Best Buy ripoff Rebate for Computers Anchorage Alaska
I bought the Emachine computer combo the day after Thanksgiving sale. I mailed off the $50 rebate for the monitor and the $350 rebate for the computer. I certified each envelope. Triple checked ALL requirements to make certain I did nothing to screw this up. As that is a big amount of cash back rebates. The only eay I can afford the computer at the time was to put it on my Best Buy credit card as well. So I get back my 2 cards (One week apart from each other) One is signed by an employee and the other is hand stamped. Reconsider I have no clue what this means so I call the rebate center and talk with a gal. She says that she doesnt have all my information that I need to give it time to be put in the system. However she did state that reconsider usually means that something wasnt done properly. Well, I told her that it must not be true as I had the mail lady double check for me before I put the stuff in the envelope. Then I said let me guess, the reconsider was the $350 rebate right? and of course it was. So my thought is this. IF they do deny me my rebate for whatever purpose they dream up. I will return the computer and everything else I purchased from them in the past 3 months. Any one else have a Reconsider on their rebates? How can they reject something when I KNOW I did it RIGHT? L Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Anchorage, Alaska
32, Report #122084
Dec 09 2004
05:08 PM
Best Buy ripoff Lousy Customer Service
I went to get a tracking number for an order my mother placed because she goofed on my address. Went to contact customer service and gave the rude lady my mothers name etc was told we can't do this your not her What insulted me was she asked are you ***** DUHH. I wanted to give her the order # and she repeated her scripts. This has gone too far. What a crappy way of doing customer service! I will never shop BestBuy Online again. I'm thinking about putting a complaint to the CEO of Best Buy but what good will that do? Another customer service rep treated my Mom the same way.. GURRR. Enjoy your 600 percent markup mr CEO of BestBuy, INC You have some cool stuff but your customer service agents are F***IN RUDE! Me needs to make an effort to record his calls to customer service for quality and BS Rob Mary Esther, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #148572
Jul 05 2005
02:39 PM
Best Buy Poor installation Lewisville Texas
I purchased a JVC CD Player for my 2001 Chevy Blazer on Feburary 29th, 2005. I had it installed at Best Buy, and should have known when the tech, broke off a part of my radio cabinet, that things would be bad. He informed me, that my truck, required that he drop the steering column, to get to the required wires to install my cd player, and that it was normal. His installation, complete, I left driving in the dark, noticing that my blinkers no long worked. So the next day, I drove back other there, spoke with the same tech, and he said that my hazard light just hung and that he'd fix it. Not wanting to cause a scene in front of the other customers, I left, my blinkers still not working. So after doing little things like replace ALL the bulbs in my car, replacing the combination flasher behind my glove box, and having replaced a fuse, to no avail, I've had to resort to putting my car in the shop to find out what was wrong with it. $721.90 later, I find out that it's a switch/wire in my steering column. Now, my story gets better because you see, the CD Player in my truck is defective, and I'm told that the only thing I can do is have them un-install it and let me take it up to the customer service desk. I'm concerned because I've had no one else working on my truck, and I feel that Best Buy is responsible, do I have any recourse? Can I hold them responsible for the switch/wire repair? I'm not an irrate individual, so I don't want to seem like a screaming lunatic, but I do feel that this is their responsibility, to A) fix my CD Player (which has a warranty) and B) assure me that I'm not going to have another 700 dollar bill when they're through and C) that they would like to keep a loyal customer. You see I've also purchased a Sony play station there, and also a Sony DVD player as well. Lala Somewhere in, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
34, Report #147964
Jun 29 2005
03:16 PM
BEST BUY ripoff WEST COVINA California
i used to work at best buy in west covina and knew all the INs and OUts of that store... when they offer you magazines and you don't want it they add it on to your card and you get charged anyways. customers are turned away who want to return things so they can get there numbers up. they sell you the service plan and when you don't want it they lie to you that they're out of the product. they forge signatures on credit applications just to get their #s up!!! and that's ALL best buy, not just the one i worked at. Dania IRVINE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: WEST COVINA, California
35, Report #145034
Jun 04 2005
05:24 AM
Best Buy Rebate ripoff Savannah Georgia
I had purchused 2 500.00 cameras from them and 2 memory cards. Well the cards had a 60.00 rebate when you buy 2 of them, huh, I sent my receipt and upc bar code and have never received my refund. They should be ashamed as I have searched and found that they rip alot of refunds off. My husband was over seas at war at the time and needed these items to send home his boys pics of him. I will never shop them ever again!!! If you search the webb, you 2 will see they are a rip off Tammie bloomingdale, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
36, Report #159585
Oct 05 2005
11:56 AM
Best Buy ripoff worthless service contract Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Best Buy Corporate Customer Care P.O. Box 949 Minneapolis, MN 55440 To Whom It May Concern: On September 29, 2005, I called your 800 for service on our Mitsubishi Projection TV. I called about 6 AM, and after having to go through what seemed like an endless number of choices to select from, I was on hold for at least 45 minutes before I was able to speak to someone, which to me is a ridiculous amount of time to have wait at that early time in the morning, I may expect that during peak business hour, but at 6 AM, come on, you people need to do something about service center response time. I explained to your service center person that I believed that the only repair needed done was to have the projection lamp replaced according to the light indicator on the front of the television. She stated that service could not be provided until October 4, 2005, and if this was acceptable. My reply was that it was not acceptable because I don't believe that it should take a week just to replace a projection lamp, which should take no longer than 15 minutes to replace according to the TV's Owner's Guide. She said she would set us up for service on October 4, 2005 and she would also have someone return a call to me about the possibility of having an earlier service date. Guess what! No one ever returned the call! On Tuesday, October 4, 2005, I called at 11:00 AM to ask when the service person was scheduled to come and do the repair, behold to find out the original service center person, (unfortunately I don't remember her name, of course I didn't expect such poor service from Best Buy), did not even write up a service order. There was a record that I called, but no service order written, very unsuitable practice by your service center personal. I know you can research back to who the service center person was, and this practice should be addressed with her. I am sure if she has done this to me, she has done this with other customers and will do this with future customers. Your service center person said she could arrange to have the repair done on October 5, 2005, unacceptable, I already had to take the day off from work because it seems now a days service companies are unable to schedule a time of day, let alone show up on the correct day scheduled. My wife had to call the local Best Buy store and then the service center again to get the local repair company telephone number to find out if they could come out today. The repairman finally arrived at 1:30 PM, and all he could do was take out the lamp that needed to be replaced, he did not have a new one to replace the burnt out lamp, he stated it would be at least another week before we would have the new lamp. Two weeks to replace a lamp, totally but totally unacceptable repair practice on a $ 400.00 service contract and a $ 6,000.00 TV. My wife and I spent over $ 6,000.00 for the television and service contact and this is the best we can expect from Best Buy? Plus, we have already paid this merchandise off, so is this how customers are treated afterwards? Now did I not only lose a day's wages for nothing today, but I will have to lose another day's worth of wages, plus he can't even tell me what day he can return. My wife and I will definitely think twice before purchasing merchandize from Best Buy again, if we even ever consider Best Buy again. In my eyes I can no longer consider Best Buy as America's No. 1 specialty retailer of technology and entertainment products and services and will by word of mouth pass this on to our family and friends, plus various web-sites as the Rip-Off Reports, etc. Due to this gross inconvenience I feel that my wife and I should receive some sort of monetary reimbursement. I want to mention this was not a problem from the service company that Best Buy contracts through, but through Best Buy itself, due Best Buy's employees lack of communication, inadequate employee training, Best Buy's inept ability to solve the problem immediately same day service due to their screw-up. Dale Carnegie, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
37, Report #67284
Sep 21 2003
12:24 AM
Best Buy Warranty Ripoff Virginia Beach Virginia
I purchased a Compaq 1800T notebook computer from Best Buy in Virginia Beach, VA in May 2001 Things were fine until June 2003. I began to experience system crashes, ie: Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your hardware. I would notice these crashes while doing something processor intensive such as defrag or virus scans. I thought I sure am glad I bought the PSP plan from Best Buy, they will get my computer fixed right up! I called the Best Buy help desk on 6/30/2003 and spoke to Dave (case #C1737754). We troubleshot the problem over the phone. We found that the PC was unable to do a Windows XP restore and would crash at various times. He correctly concluded there was a hardware problem (probably the motherboard) with the computer, and directed me to the Best Buy store to send it for service. The PC tech at Best Buy named Clay looked at the computer and wanted to try a restore from the recovery CD that came with the computer and was unsuccessful. I tried to get him to call up the case# that I had opened with the Best Buy help desk but he insisted it was a CD or hard drive problem. I also pointed out that the touch pad button was not working correctly. He opened case #734168643 but did not put the complete information I provided him in the paperwork going to the service center. He assured me they always run complete PC diagnostic checks and repair those kinds of things without writing it down. After 3-1/2 weeks I finally got my computer back. The service center had replaced the CD drive (this takes about 3 minutes) and done NOTHING else. The touch pad button was still not working. They informed me that they had not done a restore since I did not provide the recovery CD. (The recovery CD was for the Windows ME OS and would not have worked anyway since I had upgraded to XP long ago). They could have tried to do a recovery from the hard drive but for reasons unknown to me, they never did. Upon receiving my computer back, I attempted a restore from the hard drive. It still was unsuccessful. I formatted the hard drive and attempted to reload Windows XP numerous times from the disk and continued to receive the same Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your hardware, the original problem I had been having. I once again called Best Buy help desk on 7/30/2003 and spoke to Alfred Sheppard (case #C1786058). After a few minutes, he incorrectly concluded that the problem I am having is due to software. I informed his that could not be the case, as the errors are occurring while trying to load Windows XP. I became skeptical of his subject knowledge I asked to speak to a supervisor. He refused and said it was against policy! I asked to speak to another helpdesk person and got the same answer! He quite cheerfully gave me the number to customer relations and said that I could speak to them if I was unhappy. (I have never heard of such a thing, wouldn't it be better to solve the problem at the lowest level? I felt he was daring me to complain to customer relations). I called the customer relations and spoke to Omar @ X6311 (case 4796596). I explained the problem I was having and even though he admitted to not being a PC expert, it did indeed sound like a hardware problem to him, probably the motherboard. Omar advised me to return to the store and ask for a manager or MOD duty, and that he would send an email to let them know that I was coming in. When I arrived at the store on 7/30/03 and asked to see the manager, the people at the door pointed to the customer service line and said I would have to wait in line. When I got up to the front of the line, I spoke with the MOD, Jeremy Austin and explained the whole story yet again. He said he had no knowledge of any email from customer relations. I would describe his behavior as cocky and combative, certainly not what I would have expected from a store manager. After explaining the problem, he directed me to the computer repair counter, where again a waited in line. After getting to the front of the line, and managing to get his attention (he rarely looked up from other things he was doing while I spoke) I spoke to Glen. Instead of the manager coming over to explain the situation, I had to do it myself yet AGAIN. I am not sure what the point of speaking to the Manager was, unless it was just to elevate my blood pressure. I believe I was able to successfully convey the problem to Glen, and eventually he seemed to listen / understand what I was trying to explain and agreed that it probably is a hardware problem. He did a better job of writing up the service ticket (I hope). The computer was sent in again for repair. This time they replaced the modem. I picked the computer back up and found the original problem was still there. I again brought the computer back and the tech at the store wrote up another service order. When I received it back weeks later, they had replaced the hard drive, but not fixed the problem. After 3 attempted repairs, I am supposed to get a no lemon replacement of the computer. I called Best Buy and they told me to go into the store for a determination. In the store, the service manager told me he has no power to do a no lemon authorization and that it needed to be sent in again. The computer was shipped on 4 September. On 20 September, after talking to numerous employees, I was told that a no lemon was not requested in the paperwork sent to the service center. This in spite of me specifically requesting it at the store and every time I called the help desk. This service night mare has been going on for nearly 3 months. Calling the Best Buy service center does no good as I get different answers depending on who takes the call. The people in the store are of no help, and claim to have no authority to do anything. I am at wits end with these people. I truly believe Best Buy wears people down with these tactics. I am considering small claims court, but that will not help the hundreds of people that will have the same problem in the next month or so. Best Buy should be punished if they can't or won't honor the extended warranties they push down people's throats. Thanks for listening, Scott Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
38, Report #103518
Aug 13 2004
12:56 PM
Best Buy refuses to honor advertised rebates Richfield Minnesota
On March 31st I purchased a computer for my son from Best Buy. It was advertised as having rebates totalling $350. To date, Best Buy refuses to send me $300 and keeps calling me when I send them info saying that I have not sent them the correct info. I then received a letter from Tony Mason, of their Corporate Executive Resolutions Team, who inferred that I had indeed received this money, and that if I have a problem, I should call three different phone numbers rather than have him help me! His letter inferred that I am a cheat and a liar, and he tells me to do exactly what I have been doing for the past several months- send the info to the rebate centers. I have done this 3 times with no result except his insulting letter. They are advertising these rebates and then not giving them to the customers. SA Ex-Best Buy Customer, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richfield, Minnesota
39, Report #110233
Sep 26 2004
01:36 PM
Best Buy ripoff Wichita Kansas
I purchased a motorola v400 cell phone for my daughter on 06/08/2004 with Cingular serviceplan. I bought a 2 year service plan at the time of purchase and I was told the plan covered any problem with In store on the spot replacement or instant credit for the full price. Today I returned the phone and they said the Best Buy corporate office changed the warranty agreement and it is no longer handeled in store. I called the best buy 1-66-bestbuy phone number and after being put on hold for over 15 minutes they said even though I had a bestbuy warranty I had to contact cingular because the phone still had a manufacturers warranty? Best Buy lied about in store replacement. Best buy is not honoring their service warranty. Dave Wichita, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
40, Report #107070
Sep 05 2004
04:11 PM
Best Buy - UPS ripoff Independence Missouri
After my most recent experience I will no longer shop at Best Buy. I have shared my story with numerous other people and will continue to do so. Best Buy sent my laptop off to have the operating system repaired and then had it shipped to my house. When it arrived the keys were smashed in and the speaker raised up, you couldn't open the cd player and there was no sound. I took it to the best buy store in Independence (the one's who sent it off under warranty) My daughter witnessed, and then pointed it out to me, that they were prying the cd player open with a screwdriver. They then brought it out to me and said see it works. I told them that if I got home and it didn't work I would be bringing it back and it would count as a service visit. My daughter at that point pointed out the keyboard being caved in and the speaker being raised. I didn't notice it prior to that but wasn't understanding what she was saying to me because I was so upset. She then pointed it out to me in the car again. I then understood what she said. I called the best buy 1-800 number to get this resolved and they only told me to take it back up there for repair. I went home and got all the stuff for it (books, software, etc...) and took it up there. I no longer wanted the computer because of the damage done to it. This was explained more than once to their mangers at the Independence store to which, Jeff, just laughed in the background with the techs and Tom was of no help. Tom initially gave me a phone number for UPS and Huelett Packard putting the blame on them. I went home and tried to get this resolved via the phone. UPS denied any responsibility, as did HP. I called TOM back and he was very rude and told me that it wasn't his problem, I did not take kindly to his attitude and responded with a rude comment right back. he then hung up on me. I have since filed with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney Generals office and At your service with the Kansas City Star. Best Buy's comment to the BBB about my claim was that I told them at the store I was going to take my laptop and wreck it and then bring it back. I am appalled at their lying behavior and the fact that they went so far to rip a customer off. Why on earth would I tell them I'm going to wreck my computer and then go do so and bring it back. That never happened, and to coax your employees into lying is such a bad business practice. I initially wanted a replacement for the one they broke but now I just want my money back. I no longer wish to do service with Best Buy. I also am taking a business class at a local college and my presentation/report is going to be my experience with Best Buy and the condition of my laptop. I will be taking the laptop, the packaging it came in, copies of other complaints, and my daughter and boyfriend who were both witnesses. I will share my experience with a class full of 26 students so that they can think twice before making a purchase at Best Buy ever again. Koreen blue springs, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Independence, Missouri
41, Report #87123
Apr 08 2004
04:38 PM
Best Buy ripoff Chula Vista California
Me and my husband purchased an Emachine computer for our son's birthday. The total rebates were & 300.00 total out of three. I came home and sent the information. A few weeks later I recieved two out the three rebates form asking for more information. But the emachine rebate form did not return. I called to inform them and I stayed on the line for 15 min. Then I was told I could not be connected and was cut off. I have never seen such scam in my life. Just taking people for granted. I want our rebate. It is bad enough curcuit city had done the same to me with software. I hope someone hear our plea for help! Mary National City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chula Vista, California
42, Report #89929
May 03 2004
08:13 AM
Best Buy Bad customer service Pasadena California
On April 14, 2004 my husband and I went into Best Buy store #125 on and purchased a 50 inch Sony Grand Wega Hi-Def television. We were also informed that we should also order the hi-definition tuner and dish for the best possible reception and bought those items as well. Our salesperson Isaac (I don't have a last name, but he is of Asian decent) said that he would take care of contacting DirecTV to set up the installation of the tuner and dish. Isaac said to expect a call from DirecTV by Friday of that week (Apr. 16) to set up the installation appointment. Friday came and went and no call from DirecTV. That day, I tried calling the number that was printed on my receipt to see if I could talk to Isaac to find out when I might be receiving a call from DirecTV. I was given a number by the customer svc rep. for Install Inc. to call myself to set up the installation. I called Install Inc. and they told me they did not have my information and therefore could not come out for the installation - they said they needed someone from Best Buy to contact them with my information before they could even set up the installation. I went back to the Pasadena store (1st time) on Tues (Apr. 20) to ask Isaac why we hadn't heard from DirecTV for the installation of our equipment. Isaac assured me that he called them and they should have called me to set up a time for the installation. I assured him they had not. Isaac said he would call them again and give them the information they needed to get the installation complete. Isaac also informed me that he would contact me personally to keep me informed of what was going on. Thursday April 22 still no call from Isaac or DirecTV and I went back to the store again (2nd time) and asked to speak with a manager in the home theatre department. After waiting approximately 10 minutes or so, a manager came to try to assist me with this problem. I explained to him the situation then noticed Isaac standing there looking befuddled. The manager asked if Isaac still had my information and Isaac told the manager he still had my contact information in his pocket and that we was waiting for a call from the installer's office. The manager assured me that this would get resolved and our tuner and dish would be installed and asked Isaac to contact me to let me know when to expect a call from the installer. That evening, Isaac phoned to ask for my receipt number (I had given this number at least three different times to him) and assured me once again that he would set up the installation for the next day (Friday, April 23). I let him know that we would be out of town until Monday, April 26 and to go ahead and set up the installation date for Tuesday, April 27 he assured me he would. Tuesday afternoon, April 27, still NO CALL from Isaac or the installers for DirecTV. I went back to the store (for a 3rd time) highly irritated at how the customer service had just broken down and left me with the most dreadful feeling of ineffectiveness I have ever dealt with at any store. I asked to speak with a store manager and was asked to repeat my story (again) just in order to get a manager to speak with me. Isaac was paged and came over to me explaining he had just contacted the install company that day and was trying to set up the appointment for someone to come out and do our installation. I told him to continue talking to them and that I would wait. I waited for approximately 15 minutes and Isaac comes back and tells me that the reason they (the install company) has not come out was because we were already existing DirecTV customers (this was known from the day we bought the television, receiver and dish it is printed on the receipt) and that the store had failed to charge us for an installation fee of $200+ dollars as well as another fee of $129.99. Isaac said the store would waive the $200+ fee but I still had to pay the $129.99 fee. Feeling like this was the ONLY way I was ever going to get my tuner and dish installed I went ahead and paid this outrageous fee. Isaac then told me he (again) he would set up the installation for me and I said I would wait right there until it was done. About 5 minutes later, he comes back and tells me the installers will be at my house within four hours and gave me the installing company's phone number in case I had any questions. Well, just as I finally think this is going to happen, I decide to call the number for the installers that Isaac gave me to verify they would actually be out that afternoon and found the number to be WRONG!! I gave Isaac the benefit of the doubt and tried to call the Pasadena store to verify the number but again could not get anyone to answer the phone. Four hours comes and goes and I AM LIVID!! I try to use a different number to call the installing company and am successful the toll free area code was incorrect. He had written 888 and the actual area code was 800. I am told by the installing company that the time Isaac gave me was ONLY AN ESTIMATION and was not the actual time anyone would be able to come out. The earliest available time they could come out would be Friday, April, 30. We were NOT pleased with this!! On Friday morning, my husband decides to swap out our existing satellite reciever with the one we bought from the store and it worked!! I really feel I was let down by Isaac, the managers and the store for the WORST customer service I have EVER had to deal with. Apparently it does not matter that we spent our hard earned $4800.00 at their store. I feel a customer service leaves much to be desired and needs a MAJOR overhaul. Jessica Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Pasadena, California
43, Report #70847
Nov 03 2003
11:17 AM
Best Buy Ripoff on Policy Mesa Arizona
When purchasing our cell phones at Best Buy, we were talked into purchasing a warranty protection plan through Best Buy. Our salesperson ensured us that if ANYTHING at all happened to our phones, whether they be cracked, broken, damaged, or lost, that our warranty would cover the loss. When my fiancee cracked his phone and went into redeem this warranty, he was told that it did not apply to his cracked faceplate at all. My fiancee took it up with higher management, and they were very evasive, unhelpful, and honestly quite rude. They were not even willing to explain why it was not going to be utilized, but basically said that we were screwed. I am extremely dissatisfied with the sales force at Best Buy, not only for their attitudes, but for lying to us, just in order to get us to buy this supposed protection plan. Hilary Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
44, Report #71166
Nov 06 2003
11:21 AM
BEST BUY ripoff BOWIE Maryland
I turned my lap into Best Buy for service on 9/22/2003 and have not rece'd it back. Best Buy is unable to tell me where the computer is. Jeff CROFTON, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: BOWIE, Maryland
45, Report #70287
Oct 27 2003
10:45 PM
Best Buy ripoff won't honor warranty Austin Texas
I bought an extended warranty from Best Buy with a Compaq presario 1200 laptop computer. The computer locks up or reboots it the case is touched on the bottom. I took the computer back to Best Buy who in turn sent it to a repair center in Round Rock Tx. 3 weeks later I get the computer back with a replaced hard drive, no software, no operating system and still broken. I returned the computer again. 4 weeks later best buy declined to repair or replace the computer, saying it had moisture damage. I never spilled, or had any liquid on or around the computer. Best Buy makes a fortune selling extended warranties and not honoring them. Don't ever buy a warranty from Best Buy get one from the manufacturer or don't get one at all. Pat Leander, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
46, Report #113254
Oct 16 2004
01:12 PM
Best Buy ripoff Union City California
best buy rips-off comsumers by selling them inferior productsrecommended by their inferior staff, then giving store credit for more inferior products. assistant manager joanne then tells you that you should go to direct to the manufacturers store to get the correct product, and have a nice day! since i have wasted $30 there and must now go to the sprint store, how can i have a nice day? consumers beware this store! i should have been told when i bought my sprint/samsung phones that the samsung products were generic per the assistant manager, and if i want brand i need to go around the corner to the sprint store. I bought the samsung chargers on the advise of the best buy employee, who should have informed me that the product he was selling was generic and inferior. best buy does not stand behind what they sell, but are quick to give you credit to buy more of their generic equipment. Elizabeth Hayward, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Union City, California
47, Report #114739
Oct 26 2004
03:31 PM
Best Buy Ripoff Terrible Customer Service Altamonte Springs Florida
This is getting really unbelievable. I wrote an email to your customer service department on Friday describing a problem I was having at one of your locations. I purchased a top-of-the-line Dyson Vaccum Cleaner from you and fortunately purchased the extended warrantee. Over two weeks ago it broke and I brought it in for repair. I was told it would be ready in 8-10 days. So last Friday I called to check on the status. After letting the phone ring for 15 minutes someone picked up and simultaneously hung up. I called again. This time to the Customer Service line where an associate told me that the person in repair was with another customer and that's why he didn't pick up the phone. Why couldn't someone else pick up, explain this and put me on hold? This time she transfers me to repair where a gentleman tells me that it looks like my vacuum is still at the repair shop and he has no information beyond that. I asked him for the number of the repair facility to which he tells me he is not allowed to give that number to customers. So I ask him if he could call and then call me at home with any information, to which he agrees. Saturday afternoon I still have not received a call so I call the store again. Once again it rings for 21 minutes before I get an answer. When the associate answers this time, he asks me if I made the call after 3p the day before. I replied that yes it was around 4pm Friday afternoon. He then tells me that this is the reason why I did not get a call back because the shop is closed after three and won't reopen until Monday. Once again somebody could have said this before. At this point I emailed your customer service department and received a generic reply that was both patronizing and an insult to my intelligence from a girl named Charline or Charmaine. She tells me that she followed up with the repair shop and that my vacuum is being processed normally. How did she get in touch with the closed repair facility? So I called the store again today where once again I had to call twice because someone picked up and hung up after ringing for over 15 minutes. This time the associate checks the status and comes back on the line to inform that there has been nothing done with my vacuum cleaner and that I should call on Wednesday when the repair department manager a gentleman named Milton will be there. Why was I told that my vacuum is being processed normally when it hasn't been touched? You guys should be ashamed. By the way the store is your Altamonte Springs Florida location Richard Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
48, Report #62204
Jun 29 2003
10:05 AM
BEST BUY ONLINE ripoff Internet
Entity: Internet
49, Report #119340
Nov 22 2004
04:08 PM
Best Buy Rebate RIPOFF Calais Maine
Here is the skinny.. I purchased a laptop from Best Buy in Grapevine, TX in February. I only bought it because the rebate was 400. When you buy things with rebates make sure they go to the same place! These did not. I followed the instructions as per the rebate forms. I then called to follow up and inquire as to how long the process would actually be. I was told 8 weeks. When I never received anything from them I called a second time. I was asked to resend the receipts to them at a different expedited address. It's now November guys and nothing. I called today to inquire about the rebates. I asked to speak with a supervisor immediately and Troy answered. He then began to tell me that he was very sorry but the offer had expired. I mentioned that I had now on two seperate occasions sent in the correct paperwork and he told me that was too bad, they are not responsible for lost items and directed to the portionof the receipt that states that. ( cause I am unable to read I suppose) then I asked to speak with his manager and he told me No.. He told me his manager does not speak to customers. Guess what guys, I have a list of the CEO, COO, CFO and all the SVP's that work in their coporate office in Richfield, MN. I also put in a call to one of them. I'll let you know how far I got. Troy if you get the opportunity to read this I apologize in advance that you were unwilling to help me resolve this simple issue. I recognize you are probably just doing your job however, you NEVER say NO to a customer. More importantly you dont speak down to them either. Best of luck to you sir!! Bdavid Grapevine, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Calais, Maine
50, Report #117588
Nov 12 2004
09:34 PM
Best Buy ripoff deceptive service plans Watertown Massachusetts
Warning! Best Buys extended service plans a rip off. The plans are touted by all sales staff as parts and labor plans. The pamphlet states they are parts and labor as well. In fact, as I discovered the major appliances plans DO NOT cover labor on the very items that people buy the plans to cover. Get this! on fridges the compressor is parts only. On washers the drive moter and transmission is parts only. In short, the sales staff are lying through their teeth when they sell you these plans. If you have to pay labor on a compressor or drive motor or transmision you just about might as well buy a new appliance. Except you will need an extra $100.00 because of the money Best buy bilked you out of when they deliberately misrepresented their service plan. Michael watertown, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Watertown, Massachusetts

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