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76, Report #822256
Jan 13 2012
11:56 AM
Best Buy Another Order Canceled!!! Online, Internet
On December 13th 2011 we had ordered several items from for a combined birthday-Christmas gift.  A week, or soafter placing the order we received an email from Best Buy explaining that some of the items we had ordered  are on back order and will be shipped in about two weeks. Please keep in mind that when we ordered this there were many, many out of stock items on the website. and, that every item that was selected for our order was available and ready for shipping according to the website.This was very upsetting news, but we understood that things happen and that we would just have to wait. Yesterday - Thursday, January 12, 2012- we received another email from Best Buy. Informing us that one of the items we ordered is no longer available and that our order has been canceled by Best Buy. After getting this email we immediately contacted customer service, they informed us that there is nothing they can do since the item is no longer available, so we contacted the manufacturer of the product and was informed that the items are still being made and being sold worldwide. We checked again with Best Buy and they could not answer why if they still were dealing with the manufacturer, why they could not make the item available. We had to spend a gift less Christmas and a gift less birthday thanks to Best Buy.
Entity: , Internet
77, Report #822765
Jan 14 2012
11:57 AM
Best buy Directv Lake forest, California
JESSIE H. Remember this name, dont listen to his bullcrap! Called himself trainer i call him a big fat liar! Went in to get new DIRECTV, he told me there is no charge on moving my directv to new location within couple months (not true call directv cost $99) have to get the preferred choice in order to get international channels (I can get basic channels at a cheaper price), and if my new condo doesn't allowed directv I can cancel anytim without cancellation fee(not true). Thank goodness I called directv otherwise I'll be stuck with it 24 months!!
Entity: Lake forest, California
78, Report #829436
Jan 27 2012
12:10 AM
Best Buy Geek Squad Scam Richfield, Minnesota
The events happened on 9/12/2011. My claim is based on the following facts: We purchased a Nikon DSLR camera on 1/28/11 and a 3 year warranty for a total of $1,850.87. The camera is covered under Nikon Manufacturer's warranty for 1 year from the time of purchase, and the Best Buy Warranty was never utilized. On 9/12/2011 we took the camera in for some electrical malfunction problems. The Geek Squad employees casually stated that they would probably not be able to fix it and I would probably come in a new camera. The camera was sent back to Best Buy and returned on 10/3/2011 stating for us to charge the battery. I went into Best Buy on 10/4/2011 to ask if there was any way I could just exchange the camera because it was obviously not fixed. The Geek Squad employee talked to his manager and came back and said it had to go out one more time before they could do anything for me in store and asked for me to bring it back in with a battery so that he could confirm the problem.It went back to Best Buy on 10/5/2011 and we were then asked to include a lens and a battery because they could not diagnose the problem there at the repair facility, refusing to send a lens we sent a battery and it returned 10/26/201. In the mean time we called Nikon about their manufacturer's warranty after being told by a Best Buy representative that if the camera was to be junked out it would ultimately be up to Nikon to authorize that. Nikon stated that Precision Camera (the place the camera was sent to 3 times to be repaired) was not authorized to work on DSLR's and were their authorized place for simpler camera's such as point and shoots. Nikon also stated that since the camera was still under their manufacturer's warranty it should be sent there and would be repaired and returned at no cost since the camera was not neglected in any way. My previous experience with Nikon validates that response.On 11/10/11 the camera returned to Best Buy yet again for the same issue but was never returned to us and was junked out upon our request because they obviously could not repair the camera and I needed it to be reliable as any professional photographer and client would expect. We were finally eligible for a replacement and were notified on the Best Buy forums. We went into Best Buy on 11/22/11 a few days after being notified to order a new camera of the same model. We spent an hour and a half there and were told that the camera would arrive in about a week. On 11/26/11 I received an email stating that the order did not go through and to reorder the item. However after a few hours on the phone with different people we finally tried to see if we could even order the camera. It was now out of stock. However no one from Best Buy would tell us, we fi gured it out on , we called Nikon to confirm and they stated that the camera was available from Adorama and was not out of stock. We still have not reached a resolution after several months and many attempts of different communication efforts and several people within Best Buy including talking to several employees, managers, 1800BESTBUY, a few people who could not say who they were or how to contact them again, Precision Camera, and Best Buy online forums.On 1/13/2012 we received a check for $1,501.14 which is not even the total for the camera itself. Since none of this would have happened without the purchase of Best Buy's warranty and the complete run around that we were given since September we are asking for our purchase price back in full. Which leaves a remaining balance of $348.73.We have exhausted all possible option other than court. This has caused lost wages and the cost of rentals, not to mention all the months of trying to resolve this issue.   
Entity: Richfield, Minnesota
79, Report #786182
Oct 07 2011
06:23 PM
Best Buy Anti Virus Scam Internet, Internet
In 2009 I bought a laptop for $756.98. Apparently I will now be charged for anti-virus software for the rest of my life. They are charging $43.49 for Kapersky Anti-Virus software to my credit card. When I purchased the laptop I guess they fit in endless fine print and so I authorized them to charge me forever. By purchasing a computer at Best Buy I am now obligated to be charged for Kapersky anti-virus whether I use it or not. I will have to change my credit card in order to get away from these scammers. Don't let it happen to you. Buy your computer somewhere else.
Entity: Internet, Internet
80, Report #785255
Oct 05 2011
05:49 PM
BEST BUY / HSBC credit protection lawsuit Internet
I bought two tv's from Best buy and my latest one was a 36 months same as cash/ signed the paperwork, then setup autopay of the balance divided by 33 months. Then after 30 months decided i wanted to buy laptop and put on same as cashs, but found i have been charged over 500 in credit protection that i never signed up for,Spent hours trying to get thru and was transfered to several departments and was discounted everytime when i was getting thru to the credit proptection department. how can you be charged for something that you don't need or want and try to cancel but are denied. NEVER BUY BEST BUY
Entity: , Internet
81, Report #708336
Mar 20 2011
08:23 AM
Best Buy Geek Squad rip-off Internet
I bought a laptop a couple years ago from Best Buy and they convinced me to purchase the Geek Squad warranty for $240. The laptop died within the warranty period and I had to cry to get them to work on it (they said they didn't handle software issues. Turns out the hard drive had died). They finally replaced the hard drive with nothing on it (I had to configure and load everything myself). They also gave me a new battery although I had no problem with the previous battery and did not request a new battery. The new battery they gave me holds no power what-so-ever! Thank you, Geek Squad of Best Buy, for taking my perfectly good battery and giving me a dead one instead. May you be repaid in kind.
Entity: , Internet
82, Report #813241
Dec 23 2011
08:51 PM
Best Buy Hidden charges pittsburg, Pennsylvania
I choose a laptop at Bestbuy on 12 /20/2011, when I checked out the price was $100.00 more than the listed price in the store, I questioned the sales person the amount was wrong and he stated that BestBuy Geek Squad removes certain software from the computer and this is the reason for the charge.  I explained I just wanted the listed price computer and wasn't willing to pay for a service that wasn't needed. They called the manager and the price was changed to the correct listed amount. I want to know is every computer that comes in the store team opened up.  How many people fell for this scam and handed over the extra money? BestBuy is making people feel that the computer in the box will not work if they don't set it up which is a misleading ploy to sell their services. 
Entity: pittsburg, Pennsylvania
83, Report #941761
Feb 20 2013
12:21 PM
best buy scam ajax, Ontario Canada
Hi on july 25 2012 i brough my home receiver  Onkyo Tx Nr807 for a manufacture  recall for no sound. It was a typical common repair problem with my model. Took till aug 21 2012 till i got a call from them telling me to pick it up at store repair was done. As i opened the box my unit was badly scratched  all over , top,bottom,sides. Store manager  tried to offer me a lower grade model and asked me to pay $ 200 dollars and i could take that  for replacement mistake, and  Of course i denied it.  I asked them to replace and of course they did not want  anyhow  i will not get my receiver back till mid oct.  great company as head office will do nothing to help  i mean NOTHING  
Entity: ajax, Ontario
84, Report #187653
Apr 20 2006
08:56 AM
Best Buy ripoff Port Richey Florida
I got a computer from my grandma as a present with the psp plan on it. I live in Florida and there is a alot of storms down here and my computer got power surged. I took it in to best buy were you could smell that it had been fried. They had to send it to miami to confirm the fact that the insides were melted together. Well the people in miami couldnt figure it out so they had to send it somewere else that ended up sending it to miami. So now that my computer has done more traviling then i have in 2 months, they finaly say i can exchange it for a new one. So its been 2 months and 18 days and im in college so thats a long time to go without a computer. Then they tell me they wount give me a computer that has all the same things the one i had did do to the fact i mailed in my rebates and they will be subtracting that from the total i have to spend on my new laptop. This is when i started crying. It had been all this time and i had lost alot of work on that computer and i ended up having to with draw from a class due to the fact that i had no way of doing my work at home and i work full time. A manger walked up to me and asked what was wrong and i explained the whole 2 mont and 18 days i have had to go through and they gave me a computer that was almost as good as the one i had. I wouldnt be so upset if i got straight answers and it didnt take so long. Cindy springhill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Richey, Florida
85, Report #178502
Feb 28 2006
06:20 AM
Best Buy rebate ripoff Jackson Michigan
Best Buy is really the worst buy When I bought two items from Best Buy they gave me a handful of reciepts and told me to mail them all in to the addresses that were listed on the reciepts and that is what I did. I only got half my rebate back because Best Buy said I mailed some of my recepts to the wrong address. I followed the instructions perfectly and made copies from which I have backchecked and there is not an instruction to mail half of the recipts back to Best Buy John jackson, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Michigan
86, Report #177898
Feb 24 2006
02:53 PM
Best Buy Rebate Ripoff HATTIESBURG Mississippi
Entity: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
87, Report #194933
Jun 05 2006
07:40 PM
Best Buy ripoff Folsom California
On August of 2005 I went in search of a 24 TV, and at Best Buy I decided I wanted the Sony, because it is a very good brand, and Ive always had Sony so I am very pleased with their products quality. I go at 12pm to buy the Tv, 350 dollars I ended up paying, afterwards My parents and I went to my school, for an appointment, and the headed back home. i didnt take the tv out of the car until we got home and we did nor crashed or anything, everything was perfect, got home, took the big box by myself, and when i am about to open it, I take the wrapper out, and I realize the TV is completly shattered, the screen is pushed in, the plastic frame is complety broken. I was so disspaointed but since we had boughht it that day, we went back to best buy, to change it because it was horrible. when we got there we first talked to the guy that helped us buy it, and he agreed they needed to replace it, bu then the manager starts talking to me, and asks me questions if i had dropped it, and I said no, I even told him, I even took the tv out of the box, but then after 30 mins he decides that because the box did not presented any damage he was implying it was our fault, and that we had taken it out and dropped it, but the he started saying that they knew they werent guilty of the damage but he wasnt saying it was our fault either, and still he wouldnt cahge it. My stepdad got really mad, of seeing this scenario, so i started talking to my mom in spanish commenting about the situation and how stupid it was, so they wouldnt change it, and we left the tv there at the store, and WHIle i was there waiting for my stepdad cuz he was bringing a Camera, the started making fun of I dont know what and they treated me very bad. Next day we called sony, and they said it was Best buy resposibility so we call best buy and after 45 min waiting a representative tells us he cant do anything, because he called the store and the manager told him we were saying in spanish that we had broke it. Apart from being ROBBED, we were MISTREATED, and My advice for anyone, dont buy at BEST BUY, the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE... that same day we went to Circuit City and bought it from them, you could clearly see the difference in Customer Service and Store representation. Juan Folsom, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Folsom, California
88, Report #194719
Jun 04 2006
11:55 AM
Best Buy ripoff Rebate Pensacola Florida
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
89, Report #212561
Sep 24 2006
07:18 PM
Best Buy ripoff West Hartford Connecticut
Composition date September 4 2006. On August 17th, 2006 I called Best Buy to get my computer fixed. My USB ports on my computer stopped working, tech on phone asked me all the proper questions and told me the only way they would fix my computer is if I formatted and totally wiped all my data off my hard drive, to rule out a software problem, no problem. I backed all my data up and did this. I did a factory install with the built in partition on my hard drive that held my virtual recovery disk,( was told at the time of purchase I did not need recovery disks due to the fact that it was on my hd, anyway). After I did this the problem was still there, no USB ports. So I installed a 4 port pci USB card that I had and I had ports working. So this tells me that it is a hardware problem. I call back Best Buy tech and was told that this is not good enough, I have to restore with disks. Fought for about 15 minutes I had no disks and did a factory restore via the built in recovery system on my SHUTTLE machine, and on top of that, I installed the card and the ports in the card work,finally the tech agreed to give me a new mother board and they would be out on the 25th to repair. Well the 25th came and went no phone call from Best Buy, so I called them and spoke to a Ferrel Fredericks, he told me my motherboard was on back order form the Shuttle,and they would be out on the 1st of September. I was mad but ok what can I do. I hung up with him, then proceded to call Shuttle myself Case Number 128271, and spoke to a tech named Chen. He informed me that there was no back order on my motherboard, hmmmm, interesting. I thanked him and called back Ferrell. Well Ferrell kept insisting it was on back order. I insisted to speak to a supervisor. I got Giovanni on the phone, he too kept telling me it was on back order from Shuttle. I told him I spoke to the person at Shuttle who told me it was not and that they could overnight me one if they wanted too, Giovanni told me that shuttle would not overnight just one motherboard,(ok maybe this is so) so I didnt want to argue with him anymore. So I asked for Giovannis last name and, what a surprise. He hung up on me LOL. So I called back Shuttle and asked if Best Buy called and asked for just one motherboard to be shipped would they do it, and they told me absolutely, now I am mad!! I called Best Buy back with this information and went around for about 15 more minutes telling the tech Shuttle told me Best Buy never put in an order for my motherboard, but finally after all this time she informs me that the part is coming from a 3rd party supplier. So with my blood boiling I had to accept the date of September 1st and filed a complaint with there consumer relations, then hung up. Well september first came and went, so on the 2nd I called and asked what was going on with my repair, part was still back ordered, but this time they had no date for a repair! No, this was not going to fly this time,I asked them if the customer was #1 priority and I was told yes. Well then why am I being made to wait for my repair. She told me because your part is on backorder. I told her it isnt on backorder from the Shuttle. They could get a refurbished one from Shuttle. She told me because your machine is out of factory warranty we dont buy from them. I asked her why couldnt they make an exception and take care of there #1 priority paying customer, and instead of waiting for a motherboard,and telling me they dont know when they will get it. Go to Shuttle and get me one now. She said I have to wait. I said so you are telling me that if it takes 2 months to get a board I have to wait 2 months. She basically said yes! This Lady let me record the conversation so this is all on tape. It amazes me that I paid $250.00 for a sevice plan and this is how I am treated. Well no updates as of yet. And I am going on a month with no repairs yet. It states in the agreement in the service plan that repairs will be made as quick as possible. This is a breach of the agreement, because my problem is not being taken care of as quickly as possible, because it is possible for Best Buy to get me a motherboard from Shuttle today. But Best Buy refuses to help me in this situation, my next recourse will be to contact the attorney general and the consumer protection agency. September 5th still no contact from Best Buy September 6th still no contact from Best Buy Well tonight, September 7th at 7:30 pm got a call from some person leaving a message on my machine saying he is from microcomputer repair, so I called the number back and some guy answers the phone and says hello? I said hello, (pause) I said is this computer repair person? He said oh yes, so I said my name and he said he wanted to set up a time to come fix my machine, now I thought that Best Buy Geek Squad or someone professional would come out, anyway, he proceeds to tell me he has no openings until Thursday the 14th! Oh well whats one more week, lets make it a month. I told him Best Buy made me wait a month for this repair and he stated that was actually good. Oh well I guess this is what you get when you buy a $250.00 performance service plan with Best Buy, Next entery will be the progress of the actual repair. On September 8th I called regarding my complaint I made on the corporate level, some one was supposed to call Wednesday September 6th to follow up my complaint, but surprise! No one did. Well today Lateef was the lucky victim, as with all other people from this company I got absolutely nowhere, I did get an admission from this person that what Best buy did was UNETHICAL. I thanked him for this comment and he assured me that this would be sent back up to corporate again. And wow I got another complaint number out of the deal. So I will sit back again and wait for a phone call from the caring people at Best Buy who care so much about the customer, Oh by the way , Lateef did offer me a $50.00 gift card from Best Buy, I kindly laughed and declined the offer. Funny too I requested my money back for my pc and the service plan in my original complaint to corporate, Lateef told me none of that was in the complaint, but I asked Lateef if recorded phone calls were kept, he told me they were and they are not erased so I have all the proof I need of all these stories I am being told. Well here we are Thursday the 14th @4:30 pm, Appointment was for 4:00pm, aint this something. Wait a month for sevice, then service day comes and tech is a no show. Called Best buy back,Guess what they told me, we will escalate this to corporate, how did I guess, she also is contacting the tech who was supposed to show up. Well according to their system, my appointment was for between 3 and 5, not what I was told, oh well it is 4:39 so I guess I will sit back and wait till 5 to satisfy them. 5 came and went, no tech, no phone call ,got back on phone at 5:30, was informed that they are going to contact the tech to find out where he is, was told I would get a phone call to inform me of what is going on ,it is now 5:40 pm. Called back at 6:00pm because surprise I didnt get any calls back, tech is trying once again to contact service tech. Well at 6:10 the tech showed up, he proceeded to make the repair on my machine, come to find out a month later, the motherboard he brought came from Shuttle, now I am totally baffled as to what this whole thing was all about, well it is 8:pm and machine is good to go. But I cannot and will not let this go, it is totally unprofessional of a big corporation like Best Buy, dont know where I will get but I am going to fight the fight for the little peon customer. Dave bristol, ConnecticutU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: West Hartford, Connecticut
90, Report #320082
Mar 21 2008
07:31 PM
Best Buy computer repair Harrisburg Pennsylvania
they did not rip me off but the geek squad is very frustrating to deal with. They have had my computer for 8 days and have only done data back up. They are so slow and get interrupted so many times to do other's frustrating. You never get to talk with the same guy twice and when u can corner someone it's the same answer we're working on it. I have seen how they get pulled away from working on your computer to do other things and may not get back to your computer for hours!!! Very, very frustrating for the consumer. By the way, you have to pay for repairs upfront. Maybe that's why they take they're good ole time!!! Scpac1 Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
91, Report #168448
Dec 18 2005
11:53 PM
Best Buy Still Snowing in Columbus Columbus Ohio
I purchased my 52inch LCD TV in June along with the 4yr ($400) service plan. In early Oct the picture started to become snowy and fuzzy. Best Buy had told us to call the manufacturer for the 1st year. When we called Zenith, they forgot to contact the first company. The second company Electrisound (never call these people)came out and called in a replacement part for a digital box. They then gave our part to another cusomter and never called back to tell us if they had ordered another part. I just received a voicemail a month later to schedule another appointment. After the part was given to another customer I called Best Buy, who promptly sent a tech to look at the problem. He order the same part along with another piece for the TV. When they finally arrived one was smashed. The tech put a rush order on the peice and replaced both, however the same problem still exsisted. The tech, on his notes which I have a printout, states that the set is unfixable and request a no lemon replacement. Basicly a new TV. 3-5days passed and on the 9th of Dec I called when I heard nothing from them. After being told the system was down and they could not access my notes I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was then told that they had trouble finding the tech, and that no notes were in the system from the tech. I called around 1:30am on the 10th and was told that the tech had somehow been reached at 11:49pm on Friday night the 9th. I guess they found him at his favorite watering hole. (humor). What tech is around at midnight. Dedication is his middle name. (again humor). The report somehow now states that a replacement is again on order, (remember the TV is not able to be fixed), and that if I do not get the part by the 16th I will receive the all ellusive no lemon RA number. Well Friday has come and gone and now I am being told that it will take another 3-5 business days to receive the number. I have worked for and have never treated a customer this way. My advice and what I will practice is to use a smaller local dealer for big ticket items. It may cost a little more in the long run, but it will be easier for them to hear the noise of an unhappy customer. As a footnote, my expireince has been much worse than indicted in this letter, there are about 10 more calls to the store and corporate that I can't include because of the length. I wanted to spare you of the boring details. Thanks for reading. Derrick Obetz, OhioU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
92, Report #186311
Apr 12 2006
03:08 PM
Best Buy horrendous ripoff liars Nationwide
I was first given a laptop by my grandparents upon graduating from high school. The laptop was purchased in April of 2003, and they also bought a PSP, just in case. Well the first laptop they got me lasted for 8 weeks, before the control key accidently broke off. I took it back to the store, hoping that they could give me a new key, so i could be on my merry way. They replaced my computer with a brand new one, same or similiar model. Another 2 or 3 months went by and this time the up arrow key broke off. Once again, new computer. This happened for a third time in december, and once again, I got a new computer. Things started to go really badly after this, as toshiba had released a new line of laptops, and I am convinced the model was just crap. Within 6 weeks of getting the computer the damn thing would not get any power. So i took it back and they replaced it. Same model, and of course within 3 months it had to be replaced again. This happened every few months until January 05, when I went back for yet another power supply issue. I go to Penn State, so i had been going to the best buy up there for the past year or so. For some reason, they decided this time they didnt want to replace the computer. I asked to talk to a manager, and he told me that it was ridiculous how many new laptops they had given me! I said i completely agreed, and after a while he consented and instead of repairing it like i suggested, he replaced it. In May 2005 more fireworks occured, as the new laptop broke again. I went back to the store, and after a few hours of discussion, the manager kevin decided that my warrant was already void (even though i was previously told by Matt Miller, the computer manager who helped me in January that it wasn't). He told me I was not getting a new computer or a repair, and he kicked me out of the store by threatening to call the police on me, cause i asked him if we could talk to Matt Miller and find out what really happened. I called corporate and complained for a long time, and the next day Matt called me and asked me to come to the store. He told me that my warrant should have been expired, but that he had chosen not to based on the closeness of the replacements. He, and pretty much he alone, believed me that the computers I had were just crap. So he told me that he had talked to Kevin, and they were willing to issue me one new computer, but that my warranty would expire, and I would have to buy a new one. So i consented, and then he told me that I had to make the exchange today or else they wouldnt allow me to again, and that there was only one computer left in the whole store that was in the price range i could get. It turned out to be a Medion (whicn almost no one has ever heard of at any of the best buys i have been to, and a company which is supposedly owned by Best Buy themselves). The new computer started out great, but soon turned into the worst of all of them! It first broke in september of 05, when it once again stopped recieving power. So i took it into the store, and they told me that Medions would never devo out, so they had to send it away. No big deal, had to happen sooner or later. It came back 6 weeks later and worked like new. For 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks the computer just stopped booting up and would not work. I took it to the best buy in paramus, as i had found them to be a lot less inept than the best buy at state college. They said that it was a problem with the mother board, and it would have to be sent out (all they decided to do here was reset the bios, but they sent it to the service center). So it got sent out, and came back 3 weeks later. It worked great for 4 days. Then the same problem happened again. Motherboard issue the geek squad said, and they sent it out again. It came back 2 weeks later and worked fine for about 2 months (end of march 06), when it once again stopped recieving power. I took it back to the best buy in paramus on April 1st, where we had a long discussion because I was asking for the no-lemon policy junkout, since it had been sent away for 3 times. I had to argue with them for a while, and then we finally called up the best buy customer service people. We talked for a while, and it was concluded that since the computer had been sent away three times already, and this was the forth, that it was already qualified for the no lemon, and they just needed a tech authorization. I actually have a written document from the geek squad agent i spoke to (her names Alissa and if you ever need help at the paramus best buy go to her, she is amazingly helpful).The document says that according to corporate the three repairs counted as valid repairs because they were all repaired at the service center, and its signed by her and the manager. The service order itself says that the computer had 3 repairs, and that corporate had deemed that it would be junked out, and that we only wanted a tech evaluation of the new problem, which was obvious. Well they never called me, so i had to call them back earlier today, and was told that they had changed their mind, and that my computer did not qualify as having 3 repairs. I stated my case that this was not true, i gave the names of the people i dealt with, and they pretty much told me it didnt matter, and that this was there decision. I still have the document from the manager and geek squad agent, but I am furious. They aren't even fixing my computer, they are sending it back in its current broken state! I can't believe that this company can be so dishonest. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do? I have the CEO's number, though i doubt I'll be able to contact him. STAY AWAY FROM BEST BUY! Brett Mahwah, New JerseyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #182586
Mar 22 2006
07:24 AM
Best Buy ripoff Columbia Missouri
they offered a $100 rebate if you bought equipment and signed up for direct tv through them. while they provided all the info and it was followed, the rebate was subsequently denied because of the poor quality of the receipt which obviously was provided by them. so i called their 800 line, and was provided with a duplicate receipt, however, i received it past the deadline and my rebate was refused for a second time. i complained at the store and was told it was my responsibility to ensure that my original was readable enough for the rebate center Timothy san antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
94, Report #220707
Nov 15 2006
09:05 AM
Best Buy Warranties are a joke Ripoff Sprinfield Illinois
I purchased an I-Pod for my son for a previous Christmas. I purchased a 2-year REPLACEMENT warranty. The store was selling Over-the-courter replacement warranties as hassle-free, no need to send anything off or wait for something to be returned. Just bring it to the store and they will REPLACE it. The I-Pod has stopped working properly and although it has been almost 2 years, it is still under the original purchased warranty. I took it to the store for the REPLACEMENT and I was informed that the store no longer does those as of this past June 1. They told me that the over-the-counter warranties were just something that their individual store was offering but they have now reverted back to the general Best Buy warranty and that I will need to send it in and wait for a voucher. Since I was in their individual store I saw no reason for them not to honor the warranty I purchased from their individual store. I informed the counter help and 2 additional managers that I purchased my warranty before their change in policy and it should be honored under the terms at the time of sale. Of course, they would not. I will have to resort to sending it in and hope the company will do the right thing even if the store will not. But, from the looks of all the complaints, I have my doubts. Statistically, only 1% of all dissatisfied customers actually file a complaint. With all the complaints on this site being only 1% of the complaints, I wonder how they stay in business. I know I will never step foot in their store again. I have also downloaded a complaint form from the Illinois Attorney General and am filing a complaint with them and I will refer them to this site, also. Sandy Springfield, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Sprinfield, Illinois
95, Report #274793
Sep 16 2007
09:14 AM
Best Buy Gong the Geek Houston Texas
Upon one of my recent visits at the Best Buy located at 5133 Richmond Avenue in Houston, TX the store manager was agitated that a customer service representative was holding on the phone for an extended amount of time to see if I could purchase a notebook computer on credit. Even though, there were no other customers in line he instructed the representative to give me the phone and let me hold on instead of her taking the time to assist me. Naturally, as a black woman I questioned his motives. Would he have treated me differently if I were not black? Would he have treated me differently if I were not using credit to purchase my merchandise? My credit had already been approved I just had not received the card in the mail. Upon approval, the clerk had stated that I could use the credit without the card if I just went into a Best Buy store. I left the store and went home to contact HSBC, who extends the credit for the Best Buy card, on a different line. I learned that they received several complaints that the phone lines were not working properly but was assured the phone lines were now working. I returned to the store, told the clerk to try calling again and I purchased a computer. Within fourteen days (which is Best Buys policy), I tried to return the computer. The card slot on the computer where I insert the wireless card would no longer lock in my internet card. As soon as I walked up to the counter; before removing my computer; and after I told one of the geek squad representatives that the slot would no longer lock in my card; he immediately stated that I would have to pay the charge because the slot was not covered by the manufacturer warranty. I was appalled as were the people standing in line behind me. He never examined my computer or looked at my receipt. After insisting that he at least look at my laptop and receipt, he left the counter with the laptop and came back and said the pc card slot was severely damaged. I questioned how a slot can become severely damaged within such a short time period. The laptop I purchased was a sale item and had already had software installed. No where in the store did it indicate the computer was a sale item due to defects. The clerk indicated it was merely an out of date model and new updated models were available. I immediately wrote the Richmond, Texas store manager. When I did not receive a response, I wrote Best Buys CEO, Brad Anderson. No response has been received. I notified the Better Business Bureau and was told via the Better Business Bureau website the warranty did not cover damaged merchandise. I did not damage the card slot and have no idea how the card slot could have been damaged unless I was sold a defective laptop. No one at Best Buy is interested in speaking to me, trying to explain how the pc slot could have possibly been damaged. Even if Best Buy would have had enough concern to even forward me the generic message they sent to the Better Business Bureau at least I would have felt they did have some concern. According to the Better Business Bureau website, in May 2005, the Attorney General of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit against Best Buy Company. The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy engaged in a pattern of unfair and deceptive acts and practices including: Representations related to promised rebates, extended service plans, supplement magazine subscriptions, the return and exchange policies and restocking fees, gift cards and Reward Zone Points. Ohio has also sued Best Buy, Inc. and New Jersey has entered into an out-of-court settlement with the company. Charlotte Houston, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Best Buy STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Houston, Texas
96, Report #291857
Dec 15 2007
01:44 PM
Best Buy Restocking Fee Huntville Alabama
Yesterday (12/14/2007) I purchased a digital camera from Best Buy. Today (12/15/2007) I returned the defective camera and was charged a 15% restocking fee. Cmt-3 Huntsville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntville, Alabama
97, Report #89218
Apr 27 2004
03:31 PM
Best Buy AGAIN ripoff Richfield Minnesota
Here we go AGAIN. I just received one refund from Best Buy, again saying Only one refund per household. I BOUGHT TWO SEPERATE COMPUTER SYSTEMS, I complied with ALL that was required of me and only ONE refund returned????? This is UNFAIR business practice. I want whats due to me. I met my obligation, now they should meet theres!!!! Another 150.00 they're trying not to pay me. If Best Buy hopes to stay in business, they need to treat their customers fairly!!!!! Loretta Silverdale, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Richfield, Minnesota
98, Report #33191
Oct 22 2002
09:24 PM
Best Buy ripoff bowling green Kentucky
the monitor went goes to sleeep mode freezes in that mode it is a 19 monitor emc ta-772 series jerry glasgow, Kentucky
Entity: bowling green, Kentucky
99, Report #46361
Feb 21 2003
11:02 AM
Best Buy Rebate Rip-off Tracy California
I purchased a Satellite Dish system from Best Buy with the promise of a $75 rebate. I filled out and returned the required documentation for the rebate in a timely fashion. When the rebate check did not show after 6 weeks, I called the rebate center to check the status and was told the check had been mailed out and to call back if it didn't show up in the next few days. I called them back in a couple of days when it still hadn't showed up and they told me the check had already been cashed and thus they couldn't send out another one. I asked them who had signed the check since if someone had stolen my mail I feel I have the right to know who it is. The customer rep snottily told me they don't have to provide that information and that as far as they are concerned the matter was closed. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau that was a waste of time because they did nothing. Am I being unreasonable to want my rebate or at least a copy of my stolen rebate check so I can find out who stole it? David Tracy, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tracy, California
100, Report #48460
Mar 08 2003
12:44 PM
Best Buy, Hyundai & Buslink rip-off Roanoke Virginia
i have bought cdr and cdrw's from best buy and they have a 30 day warranty.they try to get you to pau an extra $30.00 for a 3 yr warranty. however best buy has something called (DEVO)that stands for defective eqipmen void of operation. also that means if a product is defective you can return it to best buy for a replacement. this has happened to me. also, all of you know that the attorney general of every state and the attorney of the united states work for you. instead of complianing to the bbb, e-mail the attorney general of the state in which the business is located. they have to reply. if they get enough compliats, they have to pull a full investigation. this really scares a business. the attorney generals work for you not the companies. your taxes are paying their saleries. the bbb is being paid by the same businnesses you are complaining against. fox guarding the henhouse i my opinion. Joe roanoke, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia

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