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76, Report #16426
Mar 10 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
They took my $45 for A credit card that they never sent. Tricia Fort Dodge, Iowa
Entity: Miami, Florida
77, Report #16322
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit CAUTION consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
The company seems they are quite smart but they aren't. When I received their BOGUS approval for a credit of $5000, I immediately felt that it is some kind of trick. No bank gives a credit of $5000 without any kind of secuirty. These guys made the approval looked so interesting and good that it feels to take their credit card immediately. They don't even mention what kind of credit card are they offering you VISA or MASTERCARD! They DO NOT even have a corporate website, phone, fax or e-mail!!! To confirm about their FRAUD ACTIVITIES, I just searched the Yahoo website with their institution name Capital Choice Consumer Credit, and a whole lot of news popped up informing that its a FRAUD INSTITUTION. I am very surprised that these companies are operating in USA, and no one has tracked or caught them yet! They are collecting money by MONEY ORDER and other trackable links, they should have been caught and brought to justice!!! Anyways guys just be CAREFULL. Kaushik Clarksburg, New Jersey
Entity: Miami, Florida
78, Report #20570
May 09 2002
06:46 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit is a consumer fraud ripoff. Florida, Florida
CCCC is a rip-off. I was online looking for an appt for credit cards I applied and was refused, pretty soon I get mail from these people who took my money with nothing in return. Well, Like I was stated This company Capital Choice Consumer Credit mailed me a letter saying I was Approved for a credit card and that it was to more or less repair my credit by buying a couple of items thru there catalog inturn for cash withdraw credit based on payment of good standing. Well this was middle of last month (April) when my money was sent by money order. Can't get a hold of anyone No email to save long distance charges, very very hard to every do anything about it because of their in Florida. What really bug me is the fact that I applied with Chase, First National Bank of Marin,& whom I believe released iinformation to every Tom D___ & Harry in the world and this is what the result of such online searching does for the consumer, Because these companies do not or don't to check out their affilated company very good! I'am sure that if these people were in my town Alb., New Mexico that we would give them an good old time ASS Beated. You Know Cowboy, Rocker,Joe Public,Grampa Justise!! The way it should be! Instead of the FTC, FBI, Microsoft, State BBB, & just an list of goverment services and consumer laws they don't every up hold.Not to mention Internet guidelines & by Laws!! Willaim Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entity: Internet
79, Report #20587
May 10 2002
04:46 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Miami Florida
I recieved a letter indicating that I was already approved for a $5000 dollar credit limit Platinum Card. That all I had to do to get my card was send a $43.00 proccessing fee. After sending the money I recieved no card. While looking them up on the net I found numerous reports of them being a rip off, and now I have been riped off to. In my opinion they never intended to send me a credit card, but are just running a scam. I will be reporting them to the FBI, and hope that the many others who have been riped off can colaborate to form a lawsuit, and get our money back. Perhaps jail time or a huge fine could be retribution for the credit card I never recieved, and money I paid them. Matthew Brighton, Michigan
Entity: Miami, Florida
80, Report #21768
May 29 2002
04:07 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer fraud Miami Florida
I suspiciously signed up for this credit card from Capital Choice Consumer Credit because of the $39.95 membership fee. Well, my suspicions were correct! The credit card came with a catalog of products to buy and looked professional. However, this is not what I had planned on, so I tried to cancel the card and get a refund. Just cancelling the card would have been nice, but there is no way of getting through the sophisticated run-a-round of the companies telephone anserwing service. I am pretty sure now that I will never see that $39.95 again and it worries me that these people have obtained all my official numbers & personal information. If it is not possible to get the refund of the $39.95, at least it would be nice to see these kind of companies caught & punished for their deceptions. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS OFFER! IT IS A SCAM ALL THE WAY! The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that I was not the only one. IS THERE ANYWAY THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO RECEIVE ANY REFUND FROM THIS SCAM? Craig Spring Lake, Michigan
Entity: Miami, Florida
81, Report #21976
Jun 02 2002
12:18 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Miami Florida
I sent my $43.00 to get the card because I had been off work with back surgery and I needed some way to keep up with my bills and thought this would be the best way because I could pay them back when I went back to work. Loriann Saratoga, Arkansas
Entity: Miami, Florida
82, Report #22787
Jun 15 2002
02:34 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit consumer rip-off fraud Miami Florida
sent them money via mail and did not receive cards. these people are a bunch of criminals now i am stuck shane spokane, Washington
Entity: Miami, Florida
83, Report #20522
May 09 2002
10:46 AM
capital choice consumer credit consumer rip-off fraud miami Florida
this company guaranteed me a credit card with a credit limit of $5000. alls i had to do was send a $43 fee and as soon as they recieved my money they would send me my platinim card. well after a month of waiting and hearing nothing,i got on the internet and found out this company was a fraud and i was ripped off. don't let it happen to you. bobbie ransom jacksonville, Illinois
Entity: st miami, Florida
84, Report #20512
May 09 2002
08:38 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Henderson Nevada
I had filled out the approval slip for a credit card with rush priority. We received the info and relaized we we ripped off but took it as a loss of $43.00. On 4-30-02 though we were charged an additional $99.00 for a hartford Auto Club that we did not authourize. I am now scared what other charges we are going to find because of this company. On the paperwork we recieved we have no way of contacting the company. Amy Henderson, Nevada
Entity: Miami, Florida
85, Report #41029
Jan 11 2003
09:08 AM
capital choice consumer credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud miami Florida
back in 2001, i recieved a certificate satying i was approved for a $10,000 credit line trhough either visa or mastercard with the company capital choice consumer credit. Little did i know i sent out the processing fee, and a few weeks laster i got a packet in the mail with a lame plastic card, a brochure and some catalog saying this is a merchandise card.... i dont want anything to do with this company!!!! all i want is my money back, the account closed and end of subject! this company has screwed with my credit report and i cant recieve anything anymore...also all my information should be through the address of :38749 almaden place fremont, ca 94536 i have recently moved but my account info through this joke of a company is not in my current info... i hope this company gets what they deserve! Kelly san ramon, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: miami, Florida
86, Report #16939
Mar 16 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
I got a letter from this pukes about this too good to be true, outrageous credit line of $5,000.00 dollars for a stupid credit card. Guaranteed approval and all that junk mumbo jumbo, if you send $39.00 dollars for processing fee and if you read the small print, it says that the request cannot be processed without your fee. What really struck me is that in the whole letter it never included a phone number, toll-free or otherwise. Don't believe this pukes, a good legitimate company will include a toll-free number in case you have any questions. My credit was ruined after my lovely ex-wife left me for somebody else and left me with all credit cards maxxed-out, but slowly I have repaid all of my debts, most LEGITIMATE companies will work with you and you don't have to pay all of the amount you can settle for half if not a third of what you owe them. My ex-wife is now a drug addict and now I have a good credit, new house, new wife and I'm learing to fly in a Cessna 172 and I'm hoping to get my pilot's license sometime this year, after all life is beautiful you stumble and fall but get up again, don't let nothing or no one ruin your life. Thanks to this wonderful technology of computers and internet and to this GREAT WEBSITE of the ripoff report it verified my suspicions. Take care all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J Del Rio, Texas Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital Choice Consumer Credit aka E-Credit Solutions
Entity: Miami, Florida
87, Report #8838
Dec 07 2001
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit- Credit card consumer rip-off
I too was sent a promise in the mail of a platinum credit card with a 5000.00 limit with 0% interest for the first year. I started getting suspicious when almost a month had passed and no card yet received. I have online banking,the check for 43.00 cleared my bank account 11/27, I have ordered a copy of the check. I plan on contacting the Florida better business bureau. Today is the first day I started the reseach on the web about this business, and I must say this is absolutley unacceptable, I noticed someone had included a phone# on their report, which I have tryed to get through information to no avil, of course this # has been disconnected. This is an illegal action and should be punished with legal action. Lesson learned, I will do my research before being taken advantage of again.
Entity: Miami, Florida
88, Report #17686
Mar 27 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer fraud ripoff deceptive company Miami Florida
I was approved for a credit card, I payed the processing fee of 43 dollars, I got called back by them within a week, they told me I had fee of 149.95 to pay, I payed that, but my account was charged 315.00 instead, I never approved of that, now I haven't even gotten my card & there's no way to contact them, the numbers are deceptive(no answer or a busy signal) I would like to know if there's something I can do to get my money back. Betsy Collierville, Tennessee
Entity: Miami, Florida
89, Report #17027
Mar 18 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
Three weeks ago, I sent $39.00 for rush processing to CCCC, for a $5000 credit card. When I didn't get my card, I tried to call, but guess what, there's no listing for that name. Barbi Utica, New York
Entity: Miami, Florida
90, Report #19304
Apr 22 2002
10:32 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Miami Florida
On March the 6, I received verification from capital Choice Consumer Credit stating that I had been approved for a credit card with a $5000.00 line of credit.The card was already reserved for me. The membership fee was $39.00. I mailed in my $39.00 .Someone called me and told me my card was on it's way and also introduced me to a free membership with an auto club located in North Miami Fl. Yes I'm very upset about this and I'm going to close my checking account because I sent a check for my membership payment.They didn't cash my check,but debit the money from my account instead. There should be something consumers can do about being ripped off by low lifed people llke them. Thanks, A very concerned consumer Geraldine Ahoskie, North Carolina
Entity: Miami, Florida
91, Report #19315
Apr 22 2002
12:14 PM
capital choice consumer credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud miami Florida
This report is to the scam of Capital choice consumer credit. I had sent money to this company hoping to get and use the credit card they would have sent me. I had sent 43.00 dollars to the company and have not seen the card in about a month. I have tried to call the company but the numbers that have been disconnected. So I had a friend look it up is when I found that I had gotten ripped. Timothy chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Entity: miami, Florida
92, Report #19138
Apr 18 2002
07:26 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer rip-off fraud screwed others too Miami Florida
I was just about to write the check but I was skeptical about the whole $5000 dollar credit thing. There was no phone number & all - But There's More: I have been turned down for 4 major credit cards in the past month and all of a sudden, I got calls from other credit companies with a credit limit of $2500 asking for all my info and checks for over $150 with my bank info. Of course I dropped the phones on them & searched online. But, found Rip-Off & reports about frauds by this company. BEWARE. Here are other so called credit companies which does not exist!!! Premier One - They Say to Be Affiliates with Capital One but NOT TRUE. NAY Somerville, Massachusetts
Entity: Miami, Florida
93, Report #19184
Apr 19 2002
02:52 PM
Capital choice consumer credit ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
I sent them a money order for $43.00 and never received my credit card. On top of that i got there number and it is always busy. Kelleigh Clovis, New Mexico
Entity: Miami, Florida
94, Report #19587
Apr 25 2002
04:56 PM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff, cheat, decieve consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
Capital Choice Consumer Credit Company sent me a letter in the mail insuring that I would get a credit card with a $5,000.00 limit, if I sent the one time fee of 39.00. Well, I went one better than that, and sent 43.00 for express shipping. This may sound like a good idea, because they promise to report your good credit standing to the credit bureau, to rebuild any bad credit issues you may have had. I never did receive the card. But they sure as hell cashed my check. Not to mention, there is no contact number, or 1-800 number to make inquiries. I want my money back! Melissa Boston, Massachusetts
Entity: Miami, Florida
95, Report #19529
Apr 25 2002
04:56 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Florida
I just needed a little credit to help me through a rough time - what a fool i was. well I have been ripped off and I feel very stupid - read all the small print - if it is too good to be true it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!! I hope these people can't sleep at night and know they are only hurting good people that just needed a little help !! SHAME ON YOU people. Beth Richmond, Virginia
Entity: Miami, Florida
96, Report #19885
Apr 30 2002
10:31 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit consumer fraud ripoff Miami, Florida
Sent $43 for priority processing for a credit card on 4/15/02. Still no reply on 4/30. Went to Capital Choice Consumer Credit on the internet, and found this site. I called them at 800-707-1689 and got a message that their data base was temporarily unavailable, and would be returned to their main menu...which was not done...and to try again later. I tried again later, several times, with the same results.I feel they are not going to reply to my application at all and will keep my $43. I paid with a Travelers Express money order.I don't know if I can get a refund of my $43 through the bank where I purchased my money order or not. Any help you are able to give me in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Don Otto, North Carolina
Entity: Miami, Florida
97, Report #8187
Nov 26 2001
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit... They are under investigation.
I was one of the people who sent in the money too. But here is a link to try to help you get your cash back. It will give you the phone, fax, and addresses for the attorney generals offoce in florida. They are under investigation, and deny all charges. Hope i can help.$defaultView?OpenView&Start=59 Scroll down and you'll find all that you need to take action.
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #7545
Nov 05 2001
12:00 AM
Capital Choice - IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE card fraud company
I have not been victimized because I did my investigation, and had this site as a resource. I too received an unsolicited pre-approved guaranteed credit card with a $ 5,000 credit line. The feature that was included is called the Dream Rewards Program. Also the card was promoted as the Platinum Credit card. The extremely pale blue ,fine print disclosure information on the back of the approval document was barely visible as it focused on the merits of the Program. My reason for posting this message is that the company, Capital Choice Consumer Credit , has the same address as National Credit Shopper. National Credit Shopper has been reported as a credit card fraud company. Both companies have the address listing of 7349 NW 34th Street, Miami,Florida 33122.
Entity: Miami, Florida
99, Report #13513
Feb 07 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit ripoff your already approved credit line $5,000.00 bull
I received in the mail you are already approved, inital credit line $5,000.00. Credit Provider: Capital Choice Consumer Credit 9590 NW 25 Street Miami, Fl 33172. 0% Intro A.P.R. 1st 12 months. I thought this was a great offer and probaby to good to be true. But I filed out the application and sent a check of $43.00 Rush Service. The check was mailed on Dec. 20, 2001and cleared my bank account on Dec. 31, 2001 So I expect 2 to 4 normal business weeks to recieve my new card. As of yet I have not recieved this card. And since there was now phone number for customer service I looked this up on the enternet to see if I could find them and either get a number, my card or my money back.So what do you do now? Eat my loses I guess.
Entity: Miami, Florida
100, Report #16518
Mar 11 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit False Credit Card Approval Miami Florida
I got an application in the mail today for Guaranteed approval for a credit card...with a line of $5000. It seemed suspicious, especially considering my credit rating is not too great, so I decided to research the company on the web. Seems like they are definately scammers, which I'd already assumed. Anyone out there who got scammed, keep this in mind. There is not ONE legal word on that document referring to Terms of Service, etc. Any real credit application will have a ton of info. All the writing on the back pertains to some Dream Rewards Program. Always research anything that seems too good to be true...because it probably is! Matt Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida

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