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1, Report #21692
May 28 2002
08:06 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I recived a cll from capital first offering me a master card with a 2500 hundred limit they wanted me to give them my bank account number I told them that I had to check with my bank first but I went on line first to try when I didn't got worried so I am glad I found this site and go the truth about capital first before I lost my money walter lakewood, Washington
Entity: Miami, Florida
2, Report #24310
Jul 10 2002
01:54 AM
Capital First ripoff Florida
I received a call from this company a few weeks ago (5:00 a.m. Hawaii time). Not really fully awake I went so far as telling the person on the phone the name of my bank. I then realized that this seemed too good to be true. When asked for my bank account # I was hesitant and told the person on the phone I had to go outside to get my checkbook which I had forgotten in the car. He said no problem, he got paid by the hour and could wait as long as I needed. Actually, I went on the internet to check to see if there was any website for this company which I could not find. He hung up within a few minutes. Then, a couple of hours later they called again saying the same thing. They called four more times that day and I tell them someone had already called me about this and I hang up on them. The next day, and continuing until today (a few weeks later) they are calling and now all they do is hang up when I answer the phone. They call at all hours of the day or night, starting at 4:00 in the morning and continue approximately every 2 hours. It is very frustrating and this is driving me crazy! Only one time during all those phone calls did someone come on the phone and did their routine (this was two days ago), asking if I was 18. Then they asked me if I had a checking or a savings account and this time I say, no. Still they continue to call and hang up the phone when answered. Treva Aiea, Hawaii
Entity: Florida
3, Report #24439
Jul 11 2002
04:55 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
Beware! If something sounds to good to be true, chances are its a ripoff. Capital First approved me for a Master Card, and guess who never recieved it. I have called them more than a hundred time and will call them hundred more. You get some person answering the phone, that will only take your name and number with the promise of someone to call you back shortly. Of course it due to the high volume of calls that they recieve. Now we know why they get the high volume of calls. I got through twice with in the last three weeks. The first time was to let me know that I would recieve my Master Card after complaining that they had debited my savings account with $99.95 membership fee and a $59.95 processing fee. Never allow anyone to debit without receiving the product first, hard lesson learned. The second call was to inform them that the Card had not arrived at the time the specified. All I got was that they never recieved the New Customer Pre-Approved Activation Form, and Compu-Free Application Form. I have copies of every form I filled and sent off, but they now tell me they never recieved it. I will be visting my Bank tomorrow to see what I can do about the debites. I hope that no one else who works their butts off to make a living gets scamned by these folks. And you can bet that I will report them to any agencies that I can to help other who may be on the the ripoff list. Lorie Monahans, Texas
Entity: Miami, Florida
4, Report #24642
Jul 15 2002
11:40 AM
Capital First Thieves ripoff Miami Florida
Capital First went into my account and took 99.95 and 59.95 with out my authorization. Someone used my sons name on the account and a false social security number. My name wasn't on the account, yet my account number was used. When I tried to call the company to tell them they made a mistake, they refused to listen to me. I had my son call, yet they refused to speak with him. They have made a hugh mistake. Marla Toledo, Ohio
5, Report #21637
May 28 2002
09:52 AM
capital first ripoff Foley Alabama
I called to cancel. They said they would refund the processing fee if I canceled. I did choose to cancel and they refused to refund my fee. They miss represent the credit card offer, saying that you are pre-quaified for a non-secured mastercard. After you recieve the packet they tell you it's a pay as you go mastercard. melody foley, Alabama
Entity: Foley, Alabama
6, Report #22988
Jun 18 2002
07:44 PM
First Capital RIPOFF
First Capital called and stated that with a $199 deposit, they would issue a Mastercard with a credit limit of $2000. Took checking information and said that it would be Federal Expressed to me with a few days. They gave me a call-back number of 416-488-4664 and 416-282-5119 is the number that showed on my caller ID. When prompted, they gave an web-site address of I am stopping payment on the draft. Michael North Little Rock, Arkansas
7, Report #30506
Sep 19 2002
12:42 PM
capital first ripoff miami Florida
this company called capital first called me about a credit card that would help me build my credit back up.after i recieved my package in the mail,i discovered that it wasn't a credit card at was a account to pull money from my bank account. i called the company back and they told me that i was going to be reimursed my $185.00 back in 10 business day.after 15 business day went passed,i called them back and they told me to leave my name and number and someone would call me back,but never did.i called back and finally talked to someone when they told me to fax my information to corporate office.corporate office called and told us that our money would be refunded to us. it has be almost 4 months now and they keep telling me that they are going to send my money back to us but they don't.someone needs to stop these people from taking advantage of other people. chris shreveport, Louisiana
Entity: miami, Florida
8, Report #26991
Aug 15 2002
10:58 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted by Capital 1st on July 18, 2002. However, they did not identify themselves as Capital 1st. They identified themselves as being Capital One. I had just recently paid-off and closed a credit card account with Capital One. They said they had another credit card for me with a 2500.00 credit limit. I was told there was an annual fee of 59.95. This did not surprise me, as my wife has a Capital One card with a 59.95 annual fee. The also told me there would be an additional 29.95 processing fee, but that I would need to pay that out of my checking account. I was very wary of this, and asked how could I be sure that they were Capital One? At that point, they repeated back to me my old Capital One credit card account number. They also assured me that a supervisor would come on the line to verify information and details of the offer.I was told I would have my credit card in 2-4 weeks. Based on the information they already had, and the supposed supervisor confirming, I gave them my bank account/routing numbers. I deposited my paycheck on Friday August, 9 2002. I did not spend during the weekend, as I was saving back for my daughter's 5th birthday party coming up on the next weekend. Monday August 12, 2002 I tried to use my debit card to get some lunch while at work. My card was declined. At first, I thought perhaps there was a delay in posting the funds to my account. On Tuesday August 13, 2002 I receive a paper card in the mail for a Premium MegaSaver phone card long distance plan for which I would be charged 54.90 a month for. I immediately call the number, and am told they will not speak to me without my social security number and a PIN # for the account. I tell them I never authorized a long distance phone plan, and that I am NOT going to activate the PIN#. They won't help me at all. I get off the phone and immediately call my bank, and find out that that on Monday a company called Capital 1st had made debits in the follwing amounts: 29.95, 99.95, 59.95, 54.90...and an additional 85.00 was pending, because at that point, they had wiped out my account. My bank had me fill out fraud paperwork, and put a Stop Debit on the account, and froze my account until all outstanding checks clear, and the account can be closed. The bank states that the stopped all the monies from being transferred, as it actually takes 3-4 days for debit transfers to actually happen. We have since found out that my wife's ex-husband who lives in TX was recently taken by Capital 1st. Additionally, two of her co-workers have been contacted in the last two weeks, and a friend who lives in town was contacted last night!!! My wife has since filed complaints with the appropriate state and federal agencies on my behalf, because she is a terrific advocate, and is great at using resources available. I figured out that they had obtained my old Capital One credit card number from a couple of years ago when the same outfit contacted me about magazine subscriptions and going under the name PCH...also listing a S. Dixie Hwy address in Miami. When they attempted to charge my card with roughly 800.00 worth of magazine subscriptions, I contacted Capital One and had the transaction voided. This may very well be the reason they identified themselves as Capital One, instead of Capital 1st. It is imperative that complaints against this company be filed with governmental agencies, as it is the only way they can be stopped at this point. Brett ClearLake, Washington Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital First CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Miami, Florida
9, Report #25387
Jul 26 2002
12:10 AM
Capital First is nothing but a group of Thieves. I have not even gotten through my 7 day trial and they have already billed me 59.95 processing fee and 99.95 annual fee. It is nothing but a packet of crap that is setting out to drain the rest of my account. I can't get through on their so called phone lines. I now have the great pleasure of closing a bank account and trying to find some way of filing on these criminals...which won't have my money to give back to me because it is probably in some account with no records. Someone Get These SOB's SHELLIE Levelland, Texas
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
10, Report #39287
Dec 27 2002
01:19 PM
Accepted offer of 7-day FREE trial. Received membership materials 7 days AFTER funds were deducted from account. Contacted them 6/10/02 to cancel and get refund. Was required to return membership package. Contacted them again 7/19/02 to inquire about refund. Was required to submit PROOF OF DEBIT. Contacted them again 9/4/02 to find out where refund was. Was told that it has been processed (but only the annual fee) and would receive by 9/8/02. Contacted them again 10/8/02. Was told that refund GOT LOST IN SYSTEM and would be made on 10/22/02. I am still waiting for my refund! Customer service number is always BUSY. This company STOLE $180.00 from me by FRAUD! STEVE BURLINGTON, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
11, Report #19443
Apr 24 2002
05:44 AM
FIRST CAPITAL ripoff Ontario Canada
Entity: Ontario
12, Report #30577
Sep 20 2002
07:26 AM
Capital first ripoff Miami Florida
I was called and told that I could get a CreditCard to help fix my Credit Problems at no charge except 19.95 something like that and It would only be charge after I look over the Program and decide if I like it. I then received a couple days ago a package from them. Tell me that i need to fill out paperwork then I would be entered ect. Two days later I called my bank to check my account because I was check my balance. I was needing to pay my car payment and want to make sure of my balance. Well it was 159.90 short. I call and get someone they claim to cancel everything and that i would get my money back. I'll let you know if I do Regina Douglasvill, Georgia
Entity: Miami, Florida
13, Report #41227
Jan 13 2003
11:32 AM
Capital First Capital Choice Consumer ripoff Miami Florida
I have received several phone calls from this phone number and they are all hang ups. I have called back to see what the person/company wants and there is a standard message that says to call another international phone number. I have alerted Verizon Wireless (my cell phone provider) to the above calls. Jason Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
14, Report #396677
Dec 01 2008
05:53 PM
Sterling Hills Capital - First Deposit Capital stole Nationwide
Do NOT trust this company. They have now disconected their phone number and you cannot get on their website. We are in the process of looking for the shady crooked President Neil Camenker and his associates, Ana Turner and Justin Huser. They will be served with court papers as soon as we can get the documentation together for all of our clients they ripped off for thousands of dollars. First off all they charged x amount of dollars they said would go directly to an appraiser, come to find out that they pocket some of the money. Also, they never have the intention of funding your project, just to collect fees. Well, karma is cathing up becuase our clients have money and they will not let them get away with this. Broker orinda, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #25036
Jul 21 2002
10:36 AM
Capital First, Capital Choice, Advantage Capital, & First Capital are fraudulent ripoffs. *Rip-off Report suggestion. Nationwide, Worldwide
Please, Please take a minute to send an email to the media regarding your complaint. There are many of us crusading the media for help. Here are some of the email address's:, (This is 60 minutes),,,, It would be VERY helpful if you would also complain to WWW.FTC.GOV and WWW.PhoneBusters.COM (you can call PhoneBusters at 1-888-495-8501) Donna N. Richland Hills, Texas :::::Rip-Off Report Suggestion::::: We agree that contacting the media and law enforcement is important, and we suggest that you do so. This is because it will help put a stop to the fraudulent companies. However, contacting law enforcement and the media is usually not enough to get you your money back. Therefore, we suggest that you file a Rip-off report on this site if you were taken advantage of by a scam company. Many times, once enough victims file their reports on this site, we are able to arrange for mass refunds just as we did with First Capital Consumers Group. While a fraudulent company is still operating, a Rip-off Report can be one of your most valuable assets in obtaining a refund. SEE FIRST CAPITAL REFUND LINK BELOW. M. Steven Papi, Associate Editor
Entity: Worldwide, Nationwide
16, Report #23305
Jun 23 2002
10:59 PM
First Capital Credit Card (First Capital Consumers Group) ripoff fraud business Buffalo New York
My name is Stephanie. On June 12, 2002 around 8:30pm, I recieved a phone call from a man named Craig Dickson rep# 203 from First Capital Credit Card. He sounded like a very nice man, but I was leery of him. He said that he was returning a request for a credit card and said that he had a Master Card with a 2000 dollar credit limit for me. I asked him how much I would have to pay, because there is always a catch. He said 199 dollars, I told him that I did not have that money and was about to hang up, but then he said that I should have my card that Friday and then he said that I could just take the money off the card and pay the membership fee of 199.00. He asked me for my checking account number (not routing number) to verify my bank, he then told me that I banked with Bank of America which was correct.He then attempted to verify my address, he gave me my old address and I corrected him and told him my new address. He gave me a pin number and said that a person from their security department would be calling in 3 minutes to verify the same info. Minutes later a guy named Paul with an mid-eastern accent called from the security dept called. The only thing he asked for was my name, pin number that Craig gave me and my routing number. I asked him why he needed my routing number and was reluctant to give it, but I did. After the phone call, I went and look on the caller ID, the number on the phone was 416-363-2786 was located in Toronto, Canada. Hopefully this info will help someone from getting scamed. Stephanie Key West, Florida
Entity: Buffalo, New York
17, Report #28972
Sep 04 2002
10:47 AM
Capital First Beneficial aka Capital First Benefits ripoff fraud business Miami Florida
$59.95 Processing/$99.95 Annual Fee MasterCard $2500.00 limit Paid $29.95 App Fee on 6/25/02 (which was suppose to be on 06/05/02) Company supposidly sent packet out on 06/12/02 (so I was told) Debited my acct. for $99.95 ON 07/15/02 (WITHOUT APPROVAL) Resent packet on 07/16/02 Request for refund 07/16/02 Contacted 08/02/02 (run around) Contacted 08/13/02 (run around) Faxed info requesting refund 08/14/02 Contacted 08/16/02 (spoke with operator #104) Faxed Bank Statement 08/16/02 (proof of debit) Contacted 08/22/02 (spoke with Josh) Faxed info again 08/22/02 to new fax # 800-254-0185 (since old fax didn't work) Contacted 08/30/02 due to high call volume was not assisted 09/04/02 still no refund or response from company Fax line stays busy and customer service reps are always too busy to assist you. Amy Columbia, Tennessee
Entity: Miami, Florida
18, Report #29463
Sep 09 2002
10:00 AM
First Capital Capital First ripped off and scammed Miami Florida
Unfortunately, I didn't realize this company was a fraud until they had made five withdrawals form my checking account. I too recieved a welcome package with an expired coupon book and supposingly other offers such as, insurance, and other applications for credit cards. I am a single mom and trying to re-establish my credit since my divorce. This has really peeved me off and I hope there is someway they (whomever they are) can be found and prosecuted for the way they have taken advantage of people. Christine Canton, Ohio
Entity: Miami, Florida
19, Report #30528
Sep 19 2002
03:30 PM
First Capital Benefits & First Gaurdian National Benefits 1st Capital ripoff Marlboro New Jersey
I was contacted by a very nice man by the name of Frank Thomas from First Capital benefits a couple of months ago. He said I can have a credit card with the limit of 3000.00 to repair my credit. They took the money out of my account on aug. 29th and to this day I do not have any package. When I call it just says they are updating the computers. They took 299.00 from my account witch I could not asfford but they said once I get the card, I could take the funds from that and put back in my account. I was so afraid to do this because I said yes to another card from First Gaurdian National benefits that I was a little hessitant about and he told me dont worry about them or us we are here to help. Well it looks like both screwed mw. What an idiot I am. First Gaurdian too 199.00 So all together I was taken for about 500.00 dollars. Nicole Sunland, California
Entity: Marlboro, New Jersey
20, Report #399143
Dec 08 2008
12:20 PM
First Capital First Capital Securities Inc First Capital First Capital Securities Inc 1957 King Street Chatham Ontario Canada
This letter came to me , saying I have won one of my shopping sweeps,. and added not to cash the check until notifying Said offices of Mr George Stanley and Mrs Brenda Hicks, after Google them I got this message from your site about them and there Scam. I did not attempt to cash the check , but I did make the call,.somewhere in Canada and the line is full ,. So if the FBI gets on it they can get them right ? Tigerdove Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #55361
May 02 2003
12:20 AM
Capital First Bank ripoff Miami Florida
I Received a call on offer for a credit card and initial fee to get the card was $29.95 and I was suppose to have 30 DAYS to review the package and If I did not like it return for full refund. I never received a package and was charged the initial fee plus two additional charges that were never mentioned to me. After the intial fee I was charged $59.95 and then $99.95 on the same day. How I found this out was my bank called and said my account had been overdrawn and I knew that I had not written or authorized any money to be removed from my account. I informed the bank of this and they told me I need to contact Capital First and I was charged several return fees and I refuse to pay. They are now trying to sue me while I am still trying to contact someone at Capital First. I did months ago talk with Teresa from Capital First and she gave me an RMA# for reference when I call to check on status of refund in which I never received. Janice Manassas, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
22, Report #96145
Jun 23 2004
05:18 PM
First Capital Consumers ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I just ran across my packet that i recieved from first capital consumers. i now remember that i never received my credit card even though i gave them a 200.00 deposit over the phone. i tried reaching them over the phone without success. I am wondering if i can still receive a refund. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Laverne atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
23, Report #21717
May 29 2002
07:39 AM
First Capital Consumers ripoff Toronto Ontario
This company contacted me, requested personal information regarding my approval for a VISA card, for a one time fee of $219 that would entitle me to a $2000 credit limit VISA. I was told that the automatic debit would be taken on 5/16/02 and that my card should be received within days of the debit. However, the money has been debited from my account, and I have heard nothing from this company, nor can I reach anyone by phone. I have left several messages and have not received any phone calls back. I have now left word that if I do not hear from them and have my money credited back that I will report them to local authorities. Don't be fooled, these people are a scam. Patricia Orlando, Florida
Entity: Toronto, Other
24, Report #22409
Jun 10 2002
09:50 AM
Capital First Credit ripoff Miami Florida
I got a phone call from Capital First Credit explaining of a wonderful deal for a new credit card, at first they did a $19.95 debit from my account, I called and cancelled the next day then two weeks later they did a debit for $59.95 and when I called they tell me that this was non-refundable and that they had no Manager on duty, they could not give out there last name, there is no other phone number to call, I need to send a letter in order to get my money back, then I may not get it back, I think that was bull, and I intend on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau because this is crazy and then the people who work there are rude & very unprofessional. How could a company exist like this. If you have any information about this company that you deem will be helpful in me getting my money back please contact me through my Rip-off report Thank You. Kym Moody, Alabama
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #23561
Jun 27 2002
10:59 AM
First Capital Consumer ripoff fraudulent ripoff business
In May of 2002 I was contacted by a person stating they were a representitve of Master Card and that they were offering a credit repair program to individuals and that there would be a one time fee of $199.00 and would be electronically removed from my checking account on June 14, 2002 the withdraw was made by telephone there is not a contact number on this withdraw. Anyway this gentleman said I would recieve my credit cards with in 5-7 working days. It has been 2 weeks and every time I try to call the number that was given to me I recieve a machine saying all reps. are busy now... please call back or leave my name and number and they would return my call. Vivian Hope, North Dakota
Entity: North Dakota

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