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26, Report #23429
Jun 25 2002
04:03 PM
Capital First fraudulent ripoff business Miami Florida
Obviously I am not the only person deceived by this company - and I won't be the last. Unfortunately, I didn't find this page prior to my experience with these people. I lost $159.90 that I really COULDN'T afford to lose. Hopefully, I will recover part of that money after filing unauthorized debits from my account. I did not authorize these charges, as a matter of fact - I got the package of information 2 days after the debits were made to my account. According to the package of benefits I would be given a 7 day trial period. Yeah, WHEN? Was I supposed to camp out at the post office to experience this trial period? Anyway, I know I have LEARNED from this experience. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good learning experience. READ THE POSTS - AND DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR SSN OR BANK INFORMATION FOR ANY REASON. No good can come from such practices. Linda Corpus Christi, Texas
Entity: Miami, Florida
27, Report #23504
Jun 26 2002
05:41 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Toronto Ontario
Was ripped off $199.00 from the Co. They offered me a Visa Mastercard with a limit of $2000.00. I not recieved anything, just a bunch of lies. Paul Longmont, Colorado
Entity: Toronta, Ontario
28, Report #24557
Jul 13 2002
01:22 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Ontario Canada
In early June, 2002 I received a phone call from a company with a credit card offer. I mistakenly heard them to say Capital One which is a company I have had credit with before so I was not all that suspicious. The terms were my payment of $199 in exchange for two cards a Visa of $2500 and a MasterCard of $2000. Of course it sounded too good to be true and I should have known right then that it was. I waited the two weeks and there was no sign of the cards even though the money had been taken from my account. I tried calling the number they had given me but received only access to voicemail. I left several messages but got no response. Finally I got up the nerve to tell my boyfriend what I had done and he was able to find this site with other similiar tales. I have contacted my bank and they are going to try to get my money back but unlike an honest company there is no number for the bank to contact. Dawn Live Oak, Florida
Entity: Ontario
29, Report #24333
Jul 10 2002
11:10 AM
First Capital - CFB SCAM Florida
I also fell victim to the First Capital credit card scam. Thank god I came across this website when I did. They only got $29.95 from me, hopefully I can stop them from getting any more! Dawn Delaware City, Delaware
Entity: Florida
30, Report #24341
Jul 10 2002
12:32 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff
I was called up on the phone and told that if I sent $199.00 I would recieve a Mastercard with a $2000.00 limit. I tried calling the number back after waiting for tthe two weeks and I was only able to leave a message with no return call as of yet. Renee Garfield Heights, Ohio
31, Report #24363
Jul 10 2002
03:45 PM
i recieved a call yesterday evening, and i spoke to a lady that had a very strong accent. She stated that she was from capital first and I have been approved for a mastercard. The limit was up to 2500. She stated that she needed my bank account number and everything else. The lady's name was Kamina Edwards, I.D.#1217ke.Then she trasnferred me to another lady named. lachelle salinas, i.d# 1629ls. These ladies made the offer sound so good, so I gave them all my info. They gave me that stupid 866#. Something told me to call today! I called and I spk to a overflow operator name Cedric, he did not give me his last name. He stated that all custermer service rep. are busy and he can take my name and number and they will call me back before 8pm. I called to find out what kind of company exactly I was calling. Then he said, I cannot tell you the name of this company because it is in our policy. I was so pissed off! I stayed on the phone and told him that I wanted tp speak to his manager. He stated again, There is no manager around, but I can take your name and number and have someone call you back. What company do you know, will not tell you what the name and /or type of company they are? Because he did not tell me his company name, I went on line nad checked for an address or a website for them, bou could not find one. I ran upon this site and read all entries. I took the advice! Well, I say that I was alomost ripped off, because once I got off the phone, I headed straight for my bank and closed my bank account, and thAT ripoff company CAPITAL FIRST will never get a penny from me. Effie Waukegan, Illinois
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
32, Report #24432
Jul 11 2002
03:47 PM
First Capital Credit ripoff Ontario Internet
I was called by a representative from First Capital Credit offering me a master card with a credit limit of $2500. I authorized them to withdraw the funds from my checking account and I have not heard from them since. I try calling the customer service department but all I get is an answering machine telling me that they are busy and to leave a message. They never return my calls I have filed a dispute with my bank and have had no response as of yet gilbert salt lake city, Utah
Entity: Ontario
33, Report #24227
Jul 09 2002
06:58 AM
Capital First ripoff ripoff Miami Florida
I was told that I could get a master card for a one time fee.After recieving my package in the mail I've been trying to callthe customer service line and each time I get the line a young lady comes on and states that the call are at a high volume and she would have someone to call me. After trying and trying I got on the computer and look up Captial first only to find out that this is a rip off. I think that this company has miss lead me and I would like to see about getting my money back. I'm just glad that they only got $29.95 of my money. I've call my bank and stop all transactions. I'm going to talk to who ever to try and put a stop to this. Marc Savannah, Maryland
Entity: Miami, Florida
34, Report #22621
Jun 13 2002
07:53 AM
First Capital RIPOFF Ontario Canada
Yes, this is the same kind of story everyone else on this site has written. Same amount of $ deducted from my account,same liar's on the other end of the phone(when I got through), same answering machine, etc., etc.,etc. I thought it would help if I called them and got an internet address to do somemore research. My desire to pay off some of my debt had over taken me. Well, the answer I received was,Our Web page is under construction. I asked for it anyway and when I went there it was a Domain entering site. WHAT????!!!! This is truely a rip off. I mean come on, a reputable credit card company at least has an appropriate phone # where they can be reached, and not an answering machine. I don't know how they've gotten away with this for so long except that others have fallen for this scam.... Think of the money they are making off of people just like me and all the others. Unbelievable don't you think? Wendy St. Louis, Missouri
Entity: Ontario, Nationwide
35, Report #21578
May 26 2002
10:15 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Toronto Ontario
I was offered a $2000 mastercard Visa. I spoke With Phil Reed on 3/21/02 with First capital Consumer and he stated it would arrive in 10-14 days. It is now 5/26/02 and I have not yet received anything. I tried calling this company for a refund and they stated it was out of our hands and they Cant refund. AFter complaining a bit, He stated he will have to pull the tape and listen to the recording of our conversation. Well of course I agreed, I was expecting to get a $2000 mastercard. They never called me back like they said they were to listen to tahe tape. Just because they have me on tape doesnt mean I can change my mind. Reason I did change my mind was because I found some complaints about this company with the same situation that im in. I just want my $199 back into my acccount and forget the MAstercard. They deducted $199 from my checking account on 4/02/01. I need for justice to be served. I just want my hard earned money back. Paul Longmont, Colorado
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
36, Report #21078
May 18 2002
12:53 AM
capital first ripoff miami Florida
Capital First, I found this amusing. I called called and called more hasseling them, badgering them. Well I left my name and number once and asked this person to repeat the information. Well he got my first name right. Area code wrong, first three numbers right and had no idea, just guessing my last name and last four digits. I said to him that he needed to be more convicing when ripping me off and at lest write down my name. No intention on calling me back. I called SEVERAL times and you know it was pretty fun, you could say anything you wanted, as mean and vulguar as possible, just remember to hit *67 before you call p prov, Rhode Island CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: miami, Florida
37, Report #21677
May 28 2002
04:17 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was solicited by Capital First on a Sunday. Not having any type of credit card I thought it would be a good way to replace some tools I had stolen which are my livlihood. I build new homes and work very hard at it. I make an honest living and am nieve in thinking that I was protected by the many laws our govt. has. I got off work early one day and decided to ask some questions but upon calling got no answer so I called the Miami b.b.b and found I was ripped off. People scamming my hard earned grocery dollar when all I was trying to do was replace what thieves had already taken. So the honest man got ripped off again. I recieve no govt. help and pay my taxes.If I was to do something like this a law would be passed in my behalf to put the workingman away.Why not this Ben Lee? Gary edmond, Oklahoma
Entity: Miami, Florida
38, Report #21678
May 28 2002
04:42 PM
Capital First ripoff Malden Florida
they gave me a number and when I called i got no answer. I went online to check them out then I found out that they are a fraud. Please send me any information you might have on them. Daphne malden, Massachusetts
Entity: Malden, Florida
39, Report #23025
Jun 19 2002
10:30 AM
First Capital ripoff phone scam for credit cards
Was told that for 199.00 i would get two credit cards. One for 2000 and one for 2500 dollars. They said the card would come in ten days. The took 199 out of my account and never send the cards. Nicole Florham Park, New Jersey
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #19791
Apr 29 2002
10:13 AM
First Capital Consumers Group ripoff
I also received a call from first capital consumers group. Offering me a visa card with a 2500 limit. The packaage was to inclde a credit card and a free cell phone. There were two packages platinum and sliver. Silver 199 and platinum was 219. I chose silver and on april third there was 199 deducted from my account. My package was to arrive in 7-14 business days. It has been approximately 30 days and I have received nothing. I have called the number I was given several times only to get a voicemail box each and everytime. (416)488-4664 Tedra Lansing, Michigan
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #37189
Dec 04 2002
05:26 PM
Capital First ripoff where is our refuund! Miami Florida
We ordered a credit card from Capital First and resubmitted our application twice. eventually they called and told us we were getting a refund and we have not received it. We were told to allow 7 to 10 business days and it has been a month. We were supposed to get $150 even. Jonathon Coushatta, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #36776
Dec 02 2002
11:00 AM
Capital First ripoff dirty dogs Miami Florida
I was contacted by a representative for a company by the name of Capital First. I was told by the representative that I was preapproved to receive an unsecured Visa, Master card, Discover and/or American express. I had told the representative to send me out a package with all of the information on what kind of credit I would be receiving. The same day that I received the information I notice that there were several unauthorized transactions in my account. I saw the amount of 29.95, 59.95 and 99.95. I called my bank immediately to find out who authorized these transactions. My bank gave me all the information they had on the company. I had called Capital First and they said I needed to call and cancel with in two day of receiving the package. I was never told that information until I called that day. It had only been hours since I received their package. This company is also known by several different names Capital First, Capital Choice and PMS. DO NOT I WILL REPEAT DO NOT LET THESE COMPANIES RIP YOU OFF. All three companies have taken money out of my account. I am now in debt because of these companies. They have taken over $300.00 from my account and I have yet to a credit card. Crystal Lakewood, Colorado
Entity: Miami, Florida
43, Report #36782
Dec 02 2002
12:05 PM
Capital First ripoff Corrupt Companie thieves Miami Florida
Capital first called me and wanted to know if I would be interested in recieving a credit card , and for a one time low application fee of $29.95 that would be withdrawn from my checking account , I would recieve my mastercard. Along with that I was supposed to recieve a free trial of their membership benefits. I notice that there were several unauthorized transactions in my account. I saw the amount of 29.95, 59.95 and 99.95. I called my bank immediately to find out who authorized these transactions. My bank gave me all the information they had on the company. I had called Capital First and they said I needed to call and cancel with in two day of receiving the package. I was never told that information until I called that day. I told them I never received the package. After numerous calls and promises I have not to receive my refund. I sent a complaint and they responded with an apology stating they didn't mean to mislead me and a check would go into the mail on September 3. It is now December 1 and I have no check. I have not recieved any calls back, now when I try to contact them. the number is busy and I have tried just today (12/1/2002)for over an hour using redial unable to get through. With a difficult resection, I think CapitalFirst is an terrorist corporation, because they are scaring people to believe in our economic. Saul San Francisco, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
44, Report #38466
Dec 17 2002
09:51 AM
Capital First unable to live up to contractual obligations Internet
Capital First contacted me at work and conned me into applying for a credit card this was back in late June. They kept promising me my package was on its way, but i had to wait the full 2-4 weeks before reporting it as not received. My last package was supposed to arrive on Nov. 30. Surprise, surprise I have not received anything, except the 3 charges to my debit card! All attempts to contact them at their phone number ring busy. Dorie Parker, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #30789
Sep 22 2002
10:47 PM
Capital First ripoff deceptive company Miami Florida
Here's a story for you to add' I was struggling with credit problems from since I was young.I had just recently moved to Houston to start a new life with my new wife.My wife had no previous credit problems.One day,I received a call from Capital First. The Rep asked me a few questions and told me that for the price of 19.95,I would receive a Master Card and have a chance to rebuild all my previous credit problems.I heard her,but could not believe what I was hearing.She said I could try it for the trial period, and if I kept the card, I would be charged an annual fee but it would be charged to my Master Card later after I agreed to keep it past the trial period. That call was in May of 2002.It took so long that I did not receive the card,that I honestly forgot about the card.In June of that following month,I was visiting my mom in Memphis.Upon checking my account,I realized that I was missing 160.00 from my account.I checked with my bank and they gave me the number to the place that took the funds.I called and the person that answered the phone said she was busy and she needed to call me back.I told her I was out of town and I did not have a number to give her. So she said I have to call her back later.Upon going back to Houston,I called again,and this time a woman answered the phone. I told her what happened,that I was charged an annual fee of 100.00 and a processing fee of 60.00 for a card I never received.She told me I should get it in a few days.I told her I no longer wanted the card,and asked why it took so long in the first place.She said it probably got lost in the mail and tried to make another offer. I told her again,I dont want the card,I want my refund.She still tried to find another way around just giving me my refund.I told her nothing she could do or say would make me change my mind.Finally,she gave me an RA#and said when it comes,to simply send it back to get my refund.July came around,and still no refund or card.I called again and I was told to send a print out of the statement showing how much they took out,I did so and mailed it to the address they gave me. I called back in August,and they have no record of my letter coming to them.At the end of august,I called back and was given a fax number to fax it to them again,to this day,sept 20th,still no response or refund!!I am calling back tomorrow since they are closed on the weekends to see what happens next.Rip off?? Thats a dirty shame!! Zavier Houston, Texas
Entity: Miami, Florida
46, Report #31022
Sep 25 2002
07:51 AM
CAPITAL FIRST ripoff false promises MIAMI Florida
I applied for one of their credit cards and they told me I would get 30 days to review the information and see if I want it or not before they charged me. Well I decieded that I didn't want it so I called to cancelled, the next day the money was taken out of my account. When I called back to ask why the CSR gave when a return authorization number and told me to mail the package back to them and they would give me my money back well they didn't. They received my package on July 16, 2002 and told me to wait 14 days before I would receive my money. It is now September 25,2002 and I have not received my money back. Everytime I call they tell me well we have to email corporate so you need to wait 14 more days and you should see your money. They have promised me on many occasion I should receive my money and I don't have nothing and it's going on three months now. LEANDREA COLUMBUS, Ohio
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
47, Report #31030
Sep 25 2002
08:47 AM
Capital First ripoff deceptive company Miami Florida
i had already gave this company 29.99 processing fee capitalfirst sent me a free trial bu if it is free why do i have to pay 29.99 in the first place now my free trial expired capitalfirst wants another 29.99. I want my money back. randy Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entity: Miami, Florida
48, Report #31047
Sep 25 2002
10:20 AM
First Capital Consumers ripoff Ontario
took 199.00 from bank account and have not forwarded a credit card as of yet. whenever you call they say in another week or so. this has been going on since June 2002. shirley temple hills, Maryland
Entity: Ontario
49, Report #30975
Sep 24 2002
03:21 PM
Capital First ripoff consumer fraud Miami florida
Capital First are real con artists. * Charged 19.99 for processing fee of credit card ( this was supposed to be a one time fee) * Charged 59.00/ month for the credit card. * Annual fee of 99.00 * And they take it out of my account . When I confronted them about this, they did not respond. Crooks! Get them!! Minerva Taylor macon, Georgia
Entity: Miami, Georgia
50, Report #35855
Nov 20 2002
09:41 PM
Capital First ripoff Defrauds consumers Miami Florida
some man calls telling me about a credit card offer ask for info on my bank account. i told them i dont allow anyone to chage my account he said it was to only verify myself and that i didnt have to give him a route # well guess what 199.00 has been taken from our account and i have'nt recieved a thing from that company at all . What a friggin scam i want our money back but the # i have is always busy. I was lied to about everything in that phone conversation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janis macon, Georgia CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Miami, Florida

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