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76, Report #34778
Nov 10 2002
09:30 PM
Capital First fraudulent ripoff business Miami Florida
Like many others I was called to say that I was approved for this credit card, they told me that they needed my bank account number to start the application fee. I did that. Then I got my bank statement and there were numerous charges that I didn't approve of. I have called them and called them about receive the card and they told me that It should have been in the mail. They told me that I would get the card by the 1st of the month, I didn't get it. Then I seen that they were a rip-off and now the need to be stopped before they get anyone elses money!!!! Melissa Allenhurst, Georgia
Entity: Miami, Florida
77, Report #34565
Nov 08 2002
08:19 AM
CAPITAL FIRST ripoff False promises MIAMI Florida
Starting in May of 2002 I recieved a call from CapitalFirst that I was approved for a credit card. I accepted the one time fee of $59.95 processing fee and 99.95 Membership fee only to be drafted from my account after the 7 day trial basis. About 2-3 weeks later I recieved a debit from my account for both of the amounts. What was strange was I never received a package of anything. I went on-line to my account to get the number from the debit. That is when I was shocked to find out it was for CapitalFirst. When I called the company to ask where was my package I got a confused representive that claimed my package was sent out. She promised to send another package out to me if I would not cancel my membership. I told this female that was fine. I actually gave it more time that usuall, about a month. In June I called again, same story. Only this time I got a representive that said they were busy and leave my number and name and someone would call me back. I did this 20 times(I counted), even with my work number and nobody called back. In july I called the company again. This time I got a male who told me I could write there coporate office and they would refund me my money. However, He first wanted to send another package with my permanet credit card in it. I agreed to that package, needless to say, I did not receive that one either. In August I did the same thing. Only this time the female gave me a date on when I would receive a package. Aug. 22nd. Being the nice person I am I gave it more time. On Sept. 1st, I call the company once more. I got a male (this time I made him give me his name). ERIC told me that due to the Sept. 11th episode of last year my package was pushed off to Sept. 23rd and this package had my permanet card in it. That seemed like a resonable answer so I let it go on for somemore time. On Oct. 3rd I talked to TOMMY who said there was no way in the world I could get my money back, all they could do was send a permanet card out to me. I once again told this company to do this. Today is Nov. 8th, 2002. I still have not received a package nor a card. I have tried all morning to call the company and I get is a busy signal. So you can imagine the surprise I got when I logged on trying to get to the company through e-mail, and see these reports. I hope this can help others as well as myself to get my money back. DOMENIC norfolk, Virginia
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
78, Report #31407
Sep 29 2002
10:08 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
In July of this year, Capital First called and offered me a mastercard with a limited of $2500 with o% interest, it would only cost me $29.95. I was stupid and gave them my information, on August 21 they took $159.90 out of my account, which caused me to have $187.00 in overdraft charges. I called their 800 number and got Jamie in Consumer Affairs, I was to send back the information they sent me (which had not arrived yet) and fax them proof that I had sent the information back, I was to get my money back within 48 hours. To this date, I have not received my money. I can not get any information on the corporate office, I can not speak to any one high than a floor superviser. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the District Attorney in Miami Florida. Monday morning I am going to my bank and see if I can get their help in getting my money back. I to am looking for an attorney to file a law suite against this rippoff company called Capital First. If any one can help further please post a response. Thank you, Katrina Opp, Alabama
Entity: Miami, Florida
79, Report #34201
Nov 04 2002
03:53 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
they call acting like they were capital one then when i got the package it say capital first. they took $99.95 then $54.00 then another $99.00 the last week took another $59.90. iam a mother of two and when they too this money from my without me knowing it made lots of my checks bounce, and put me behind in most of my bills. i have now been call these people for about a week now and all i get is a busy tone. ka'shika stamford, Connecticut
Entity: Miami, Florida
80, Report #34174
Nov 04 2002
12:56 PM
First Capital Consumers ripoffs Ontario Internet
Reply to offer to receive a credit card with a credit limit of $2000. When I did not receive the credit card I made numerous phone calls to inquire when I would be receiving it. Was told on that I should receive within thirty days. When I did not receive it after sixty days I called back and an apology was made them told I would receive and 30 days. After sixty days I called again and was told that there was a problem with sending the card and that I would be receiving a letter stating what that problem was and that I should receive the card shortly thereafter. On November 1st I called again and was told by operators that phone number had been disconnected. As this company received $199 on April 5th 2002 from my checking account. Since then I have close that account so that no other inquiries could be made. Would appreciate any help in resolving this matter. Thank you John Valparaiso, Indiana
Entity: Internet
81, Report #34508
Nov 07 2002
01:34 PM
Capital First rip-off Miami Florida
I responded to a credit card and they promise to get me free trips and other. What upset me the most is that I paid my money in good faith and I have never recieved the card. They got me for 99.50 and 39.50. They called me and told me that they needed 25.00 more to activate the card. I told them that I never recieved the card. I have called them several time and every time that I call; they give me a new lie. All I want is my money back from them. I tried to tell them that I wanted my money back because I never got the card, one rep told me that I couldn't get it back. I wrote them a letter and I have not heard from them. Please help me in this matter. They need to be stopped. Thank for taking the time to help people out in this matter Linnie Garland, Texas
Entity: Miami, Florida
82, Report #34509
Nov 07 2002
01:41 PM
Capital First ripoff artists fraud Miami Florida
Capital first is a rip-off. They call me over the phone telling me that gotten approve over the phone for a mastercard which was a lie. I talk to a lady who was very convincing. Telling me it would help me to rebuild my credit up. she took down my name and transfer me over to the manager who took my information down. I gave him my bank account number and a check number. For that it cost me 169.00 dollars for them to start the paper work. They sent me paper work for employment two months after that phone call that was four months ago. I'll still waiting for the mastercard i call them and the phone is disconnnected. william collerville, Tennessee
Entity: miami, Florida
83, Report #34388
Nov 06 2002
10:06 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted by capital first about a credit card. I payed the $29.95 fee for the package back in august. I just got the package and money was taken out of my account. Without my knowledge which bounced some checks for my bills. I have asked for a refund as of today I still haven't received my refund. The $99.95 and the $59.95 shouldn't have been taken out of my account until i got the package. I try and call capital first but the line is always busy. I would like my money back for all the problems this has caused me and my family darrell columbus, Ohio
Entity: Miami, Florida
84, Report #34389
Nov 06 2002
10:15 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted in July to apply for a fee of 19.99 and was told I would receive a packet within 2 to 3 weeks, I never received the packet and my bank account was drafted for 159.00, and I have tried to contact these people several times and could not get anyone. Called phone company with the Florida address and they told me there was no such listing. Marie McCalla, Alabama
Entity: Miami, Florida
85, Report #34398
Nov 06 2002
11:30 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I recieved a call from this company stating that I was able to get a Master Card with a $2,500.00 limit and a 0% APR. All I had to do was pay a one time $29.95 aplication fee billed to my checking account to get the packet. After that I have seven days to decide if I want to keep it or not. After the seven days I will be billed $59.95 processing fee and a $99.95 membership fee to the account that they have on file for me. I asked if that ment my checking account and she said no, to the account that we have on file. Which I asumed ment the master card. Two weeks passed and I still have not recieved anything. I called the number that the women left with me and got someone that would not give me her name. I told her that I have yet to recieve anything and she said that it must have been lost in the mail and would send another. The next day I recieved a notice in the mail that a check had bounced. When I checked my account I found two transactions that did not match my records, one for $59.95 and one for $99.95. After some investagating I found that it was paid to Capital First. A week passes and I got the packet, and there is a form that I need to fill out to get the card. So I fill it out and drop it in the mail. A few more weeks pass and still no card. I call the number and am told that they did not recieve it and that it must have been lost in the mail. I asked if she would fax me one and she said that her office fax was down and she would put in the mail that day. Well 10 weeks has passed now. Still no form. The phone number that is in the packet is busy all the time. Infomation in Miami has no listing for that company. And the phone number traces back to Waco Texas. Harry West Chester, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
86, Report #35016
Nov 13 2002
07:52 AM
Capital First ripoff business from hell Miami Florida
They called me to see I wanted discounts on vacations and other stuff. I would have 7 days to cancel. If not it would cost me 59.99 99.99. They never waited the 7 days and took the money out of my account. When I called them repeatedly they kept telling me my credit card was in the mail. I even spoke to supervisors. I even got a I.D.# becaus I called so much. They still said it was in the mail. Know when I call there is no answer at all. HELP P.S. I had to borrow the money to replace what they stole from my mother because my rent check would have bounced. Now my mother is involved and very very mad. HELP michele Oakville, Connecticut
Entity: Miami, Florida
87, Report #35206
Nov 14 2002
06:38 PM
Capital First fake ripoff San Diego California
At first I thought this was just the worst service provider there was so I was about to cancel my membership before it even started. Anytime I talked to anyone from that company there was never a systematic way of things. They always asked for different verification info and things just didn't seem right. I then tryed to call for three days in a row to cancel my services and got nothing but a busy signal. I then called long distance information and gave them the info I had to see if maybe they had another contact number and no info could be found. That's when I came online and found out that it's a scam! Hopefully They All Rot In HELL! Noah San Diego, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
88, Report #23532
Jun 26 2002
11:05 PM
First Capital dishonest ripoffs Unk New York
I was called at my home and was told that I could get 2 credit cards 1 with a 2000.00 credit limit and 1 with a 1500.00 credit limit. i was told that if I would let them take 199.00 out of my checking account that they would send me the credit cards. they took the money out on 05/02/02 and i waited for 2 weeks and no cards. I called them back and ask about the cards they told me that they would be there in 2 weeks. I waited for those 2 weeks and nothin.I called back and talked to them and told them that i wanted my credit cards and they hungup on me. what i dont understand is WHY they are still in business. tony homestead, Florida
Entity: Unk, New York
89, Report #23553
Jun 27 2002
08:48 AM
Capital First ripoff ripoff dade florida
I was solicited in March I have never received the package nor can I get a refund. I have made seven calls to this company and spoke with numerous individuals including supivers who promised to send the information package. I called before my 30 days were up and was promised that my refund would be credited to my account, however, it was never refunded and when I called back was later told it was to late to get a refund. I have personally called this company every two weeks since March 2002, and have gotten no satisfaction. Melody Melody Landover, Maryland
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #23978
Jul 03 2002
10:09 PM
First Capital deceptive ripoff company Miami Florida
July 3, 2002. Approximately 11:00 am. I receive a phone call from a woman who I could hardly understand. She said that I had been looking for a credit card (which I was) so I thought maybe this was a reply from one of the companies or its affiliates. I was promised a credit line of $1,500 no interest rates and a yearly fee of $19.95, so I thought it sounded reasonable enough, considering I don't have a card. She promised I would get $500.00 worth of coupons, and $1,000 worth of coupons for airline tickets. I was also offered a 7 day trial in which I could cancel the card and keep the coupons, and not get billed. After I gave them all my information and ran through their barrage of questions I finally was finished talking to them, and was verified to get my card. After reviewing the notes I had taken it seemed king of fishy that the woman's name (who sounded like a chinese woman with 6 months of english class) was June Rogers and her ID# was 789456 (you see what I'm getting at here?)I immediately did a web search for Capital First and came up with nothing, seemed kind of odd that a company offering credit cards doesn't have a website..until I came to a report on this page from a woman who described everything that happened exactly to me. She would call customer service only to get we will call you back, our lines are busy and if I asked Is this Capital First? someone would reply I can't give you that information SO, at this point I'm really p'd off and feel like I had been taken advantage of (which I was) so I decided to get tough. These guys aren't taking my damn money without a fight. I immediatley called my bank to put a hold on my funds until I could go there and close the account and make a new one. I realise my story may be different than others possibly reading this, because they haven't taken my money, I just want to further inform you and others that this company is a SCAM! Review your notes and look for things that are odd such as the persons name or id# which is so obviously fake it would only be coincidence if it were real. If you have been taken advantage of this company call your bank immediately! And always if it wasn't for this website I'd be out at least 200$!!! THANK YOU! David Saint Louis, Missouri
Entity: Miami, Florida
91, Report #24013
Jul 05 2002
10:56 AM
First Capital ripoff business from hell Ontario
I also received the call...i fell into the plot.. I figured how fake could it be if they had my banking info... I am so happy i found this web site.... Now I am Paying it Forward... for some one else to see it Jasmine Long Island, New York
Entity: Ontario
92, Report #39203
Dec 26 2002
03:21 PM
Capital First ripoff fraudulent business Miami Florida
I recieved the call in June or July of 2002. I was approved for a credit card, and since I personally knew I was already on the up swing of repairing my credit, I assumed that my hard efforts had been noticed and the call was legit. It wasn't, as many have found out by reading these reports. I found this site a little to late and started to do a bit of research on my own today. I found that the address listed is to a Mailboxes Etc. I called them, and spoke at length about what they knew, which was quite alot. Apparently the State of Florida started an investigation into this company, and when they realized how large it was the US Governement took it over. I also found that this company is Canadian Based. The following advice is what I can offer to the others that have been victims of this company like myself. 1.) File a Dispute with your Bank on the charges and debits. Let them know that this company was fraudulent, and they are being investigated by the US Goverment. (The Department of Trade - if I remember correctly) 2.) Call information (Area Code)555-1212, and ask for the phone number to the address given of : 18495 Dixie Hwy #228, Miami, FL. Tell them you are looking for a Mailboxes Etc. The very nice lady there will give you the number for the government agency that is investigating this company. 3.) Close your bank account! OR contact your bank about putting a block on the ability for companies to debit the account, name specifically the charges and the amounts of the original debts. The bank can use routing numbers and merchant verifications in order to block specific companies. On a side note... to those that think they are so great and grand because they have great credit. I hope that you never have to experience the harsh realities that EVERYONE is just a tragedy and foot fall away from Financial Ruin. Sometimes, life just isn't kind, and sometimes we aren't spoon fed money by Mommy and Daddy. Some of us actually work really hard for the things we have, I personally am rebuilding my life for the 3rd time after losing EVERYTHING I owned. I am a single mother of two kids, I had a husband that ran up bills and never paid them, I got extremely ill with various medical problems... all contributing to my deteriorated credit and leading to Bankruptcy 6 years ago. But, in the last 2 years I have rebuilt all I lost including my credit. I have been able to finance a car, get a LEGIT Credit Card through Capital One (Who I would advise ANYONE to go through they are GREAT!), and a cellphone. Just a bit of work, and anyone can accomplish this. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does and can. The unexpected isn't always kind, and sometimes our family and friends can't do anything but sit back and watch. Divorce, illness, death... it happens to us all. Sometimes the dice roll in our favor, and other times our luck is so bad that we should never even bet in a Company Football Pool. We just have to make the best of it all and live life for all it's worth. Maria Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
93, Report #39669
Dec 31 2002
02:11 PM
capital first rip-off miami Florida
I am not a rich man and now I have less money capital first took me for a ride. Money from my checking account in the amount of 180 dollars. I thought I was smart, not to I guess. I hope some one reads this and does the same to this company. I can't even call them it's always busy. Never again. THAY RIPPED ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steve cedar rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: miami, Florida
94, Report #49525
Mar 17 2003
12:46 PM
Capital First rip-off Miami Florida
I found this site looking for the crooks. I'm glad I did. It's been over 8 months since I found a charge on my bill. A $59.95 charge and a $99.95 charge. I called and mailed back the package they sent. I have talked to so many people. They like to switch you around so you feel they are doing something. I finally spoke with Scott in the Escalation Dept. He said the refund was on its way but that was in OCt of 2002 and I still have not received anything. The number is now non-working and I have no other recourse but to complain. I am a widow and now on only unemployment, since the company I was working for for years was sold. I cannot afford any charges like this. I had many checks bounce and it has stilled messed up everything. All I want is a refund of all my monies from them, like they promised. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help????? Kathy Savannah, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
95, Report #6512
Sep 04 2001
12:00 AM
First Capital Card
What a scam! Sounded real good to me but smelled too fishy. LOOK this is what it reads on the letter... CALL NOW - By calling before your approval expires, we'll offset our standard membership fee of $200 by giving you $200 IN CREDIT with your first purchase over $300 giving you EASY SHOPPING AT NO EXTRA COST! We'll also give you another $100 IN CREDIT with any other purchase over $200 to offset our standard $99 annual fee..... sSo ,from what i understand, you either have to pay $299.00 in fees or spend $500.00 to wave the fees? What kind of deal is that?? SMELLS LIKE A SCAM!! Everyone dont do it!!
Entity: Nationwide
96, Report #6513
Sep 04 2001
12:00 AM
First Capital Card
What a scam! Sounded real good to me but smelled too fishy. LOOK this is what it reads on the letter... CALL NOW - By calling before your approval expires, we'll offset our standard membership fee of $200 by giving you $200 IN CREDIT with your first purchase over $300 giving you EASY SHOPPING AT NO EXTRA COST! We'll also give you another $100 IN CREDIT with any other purchase over $200 to offset our standard $99 annual fee..... sSo ,from what i understand, you either have to pay $299.00 in fees or spend $500.00 to wave the fees? What kind of deal is that?? SMELLS LIKE A SCAM!! Everyone dont do it!!
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #26978
Aug 15 2002
09:27 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted by an account rep named Will Smith Rep#789456, he told me that I have applied for a credit card for Capital First. He told me that it was going to have a limit of $2500 and that I had to give them my checking account routing# and account# I had to give them my social security# also. Now I told this rep that this sounds too good to be true and he assured me that this is not a scam. He did record this call. He said that it would take about 2-4 weeks to receive the card. I did not know this was a hoax until I read this om the internet. Now I called 2 times and both times they told me that my info was not in the system yet and that they could not give me any information, they could not even give me the name of the company. the # is 1-866-892-6018. Dean McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
98, Report #27015
Aug 15 2002
02:11 PM
Capital First ripoff liars victimized us Miami Florida
I went on the computer and looked uo capital first and rip off reports poped up, not trying to GET-GOT!!!!!!!!!! SO I STOPED THE MEMERSHIP Lindi portsmouth, Virginia
Entity: Miami, Florida
99, Report #28650
Aug 31 2002
06:23 PM
Capital First is a ripoff fraud business. Miami, Florida
I paid Capital First over 200$ to get a unsecured credit card. We'll it's been four months and I still haven't received a card. Kimberly Gulfport, Mississippi
Entity: Miami, Florida
100, Report #28988
Sep 04 2002
12:28 PM
I fell victim to FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS GROUP. They contacted me by phone telling me that i was approved for a mastercard with a limit of $2000.00. I WOULD ONLY BE A PROCESSING FEE OF $199.00. They debited my checking account on may 8th, 2002 for the $199.00. I have repeatedly contacted them wanting to know why in four months i haven't got my mastercard yet,( just today they said to call back tommorow and they would find out why)for the fifth time, they continue to give excuses and play dumb over what is going on. I just today found the ripoff reports and so i am telling everyone BEWARE of FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS GROUP aka FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMERS they will rip you off. Merle Jackson, Michigan
Entity: Internet

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