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1, Report #1288420
Feb 18 2016
09:56 AM
2, Report #1116347
Jan 18 2014
12:10 PM
Something told me not to open an account with Capital One and I should have listened to that nagging thought. However as i stood inside of Bank of America for 20 minutes unserviced I decided to research other options. I came upon capitalone and visited their website ( to open an account. They offer me 360 checking and savings...if you are familiar with shopping for banking service then you may be aware many organizations come up with nifty names for the accounts (e.g. Chase Total Checking ) Anyway unbeknownst to me this account with NO FEES, etc i was signing up for on the capitalone for another BANK. Apparently Capital One 360 which bears the same name and logo as Capital One is a seperate entity to which Capital One has no access to do anything. You cant transfer money without it taking 2-3 days, they cant print a card for you to access your money, Noone at the branch including management is knowledgeable about the companies. Only saying well thats not us you have to call them Uhhh you are them...I went to your website and clicked sign up for checking account. That's like going to and them offering you an account with Wells Fargo instead WTF! So I call 360 and they are no more help. The rep told me my card would arrive in 3-5 business days 8 days later I have no card, no branch of Capital One can or will do anything and they have $3000 of my money which I got direct deposited into their stupid account. They offer to overnight a 2nd card and charge me $25 ummm WTF i think not. I spoke to 3 Managers at 360 to get this fee waived. In addition they tell me they can only Overnight it via FedEx which doesnt deliver on weekend. but they use USPS to send out normal delivery? I suggest Overnight via USPS as they deliver on Wknds and I could have my card by saturday, as opposed to waiting til Tuesday since it's a Holiday Weekend. Their management team doesn't seem to have a grasp on customer service and what it means to service the customer, the managers at Capital One don't seem to understand that referring ppl to their website is a dumb F'n idea. This company has stolen $3000 and is paying no interest on the money. I'd like to hit them with some fees of my own. I have contacted my credit union and will have all funds moved to there as SOON as I CAN MAKE A WITHDRAWAL. CAPITAL ONE PREYS on TEENAGERS, LOW-INCOME Individuals & Their Families to bolster their portfolio as being the largerst credit card lender in the US. they steal from unsuspecting clients to bolster their deposit portfolio. They do this because they are scum and have no sense of obligation to the people whom allow their business to be possible. BANKS operate because people give them money to lend to other people and thus interest is earned and profits are made. This model is supposed to include all stakeholders benefiting from the process of assest management. CAPITAL ONE has no respect for it's own industry. It truly needs to be broken up and absorbed by Wells Fargo or one of the other giants. THEY ARE NOT FIT TO OPERATE IN THESE UNITED STATES!
Entity: jersey city, New Jersey
3, Report #941316
Sep 14 2012
02:35 PM
Capital One Bank, Capital One Spiteful Manager, Bank Lock out. Internet
The local branch manager decided to do some payback after I decided not to pay them a 30.00 required fee because of a stolen check of mine.  They also closed my bank card down on labor day because of suspicious activity  even though nothing happened.  I went into the local branch office in Stafford Virginia and was told that I needed to see the manager.  Well I decided to wait on the check issue which made him furious with me but he also gave me a temporary card until my new card came in the mail.  I signed the paperwork and he activated the card and said as soon as I leave I can use the card.  Well come to be known I left the store and tried to use the card and it was blocked.  I wrote a check and that was blocked.  This is odd, I know I have plenty of money in the account.  I decided to wait a day or two and call the corporate office.  I did so, and came to find out that the manager LOCKED my acct.  I have absolutely NO access to my account and haven't for 2 weeks now, and I still have not received my new card either.  This is all over because I refused to pay a 30.00 fee because someone stole a check of mine, lucky that issue ended up working out and over a month after it was sent out, the correct party received their money.  All of my things have since come back as rejected, and yet I have no way to pay my bills or do anything else because a MANAGER decided he wanted to take revenge because someone didn't wait to give the bank a free 30.00.  I have also emailed the bank personally about the situation also, and yet they have done NOTHING to resolve the issue.  The bank manager needs to be fired for his actions, and I think the bank should have to reimburse me all the fees charged to my account and for pain and suffering because I have not been able to access my own money for well over 2 weeks!  I have since had to prove to ALL companies that I have had the money in my account to have some of them waive their fees, but I still upset that I have to send my bank statement to companies to prove I actually had the money in my account in the 1st place.  Capital One, You  need to check the people you hire before you hire them, and also work on your policies more.  Customers should always come 1st and the fast you allow your employees to bully people at all, let alone in such a harsh way is unthinkable.  I am so glad I do not have any children right now or they would be starving because I can't buy them any food to eat because Capital One Locked my account so I can't access it because they wanted to extort me out of 30.00.
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #870612
Apr 18 2012
07:50 PM
Capital One Capital One, ripoff artists Internet
Capital One credit cards are a ripoff. Apparently I didn't read the small print, but who ever heard of a credit card that ups your APR to 24% after six months at the introductory rate of 12% just because you don't pay your balance in full. I am talking paying off every cent, not just paying the minimum on time. I didn't realize it until I borrowed 14,000 for my business. Luckily I will be able to pay it off quickly, but most people are not in that position.Also the mileage program is misleading. I had 15,000 miles so I thought I could easily get my daughter to Florida and back. It turns out that it was worth only $150.00, enough to get to Los Angeles and back.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #168250
Dec 17 2005
12:44 AM
Capital One capital one ripoff Salt Lake Utah
My best friend had this incident: When you call Capital One's automated phone, they have a message saying If you have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, press 1 now. Press 1 and they ask for account number, then someone in India answers, Welcome to Capital One can I help you with terrible accent you can hardly understand. My friend's business was severely damaged by Katrina and Wilma, so she explained all and if she could have a line of credit increase. Without even checking her account on the computer, they said unfortunately we cannot give any increases at this time. When she asked why, and why then they had that message If affected by hurricane... replied, Mom, sorry don't have answer or something stupid to that effect. She asked to be put with a supervisor and they refused. After much pleading and three other Panjavis, they did put a supervisor who authorized $250.00. This $250.00 had to be retrieved from the account before midnight of same day. Ok no problem, she paid an online supplier for more merchandise that was lost in hurricane. A week later, she receives a phone call from Capital One collection dept demanding payment of $250 plus overlimit fees and past due fees. Then next day a letter threatening to persue matter further if she did not pay immediately. She talks to a rude person who reluctantly puts her with a supervisor. This supervisor tells her they never give credit line increases and that if they did, they automatically charge it as an overlimit and access fees, and this overlimit balance as they call it must be paid immediately. She asked this supervisor where he was, and he replied Phillipines. 1. Why the **** do they have a recording to help hurricane victims when they don't? 2. All their jobs outsourced to India, Phillipines and who knows where else. Using incompetent cheap labor and taking jobs from deserving Americans. Jobs which are very much needed here by thousands of hurricane victims from New Orleans and other parts affected. This company has to be seriously investigated by federal authorities for numerous violations to consumers. But till we continue to have a corrupt administration in white house, we will continue to have corrupt companies like this. Capital One No Hassle Card is NO NO NO and a lot of hassle. Arlene miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake, Utah
6, Report #126809
Jan 10 2005
10:13 PM
CAPITAL ONE ripoff Nationwide
I received the capital one credit card years ago. The fees were killing me. The more I paid, the more my balance increased constantly. As a result, I called and told capital one to shut the card down. They said the card would be shut down with no problem and I also had to write a letter stating that I wanted the card discontinued. I wrote the letter as i instructed to do. As a result, I received a balance that had a numerous amount of late charges and finances charges that should have not posted at all. I know owe capital one for these unnecessary charges and it is posted on my credit. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me and tell me how i can get this situation resolved and get captil one off my credit report. Thank you Luwanda CHICAGO, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #164686
Nov 15 2005
03:01 PM
Capital One ripoff Alaska
i'm not sure if this was a credit card scam. but i had a phone call on sat nov. 12,2005. i did give them my address and my social insurance #. i want to file a report if something does come of this. i asked if she was with capital 1, she had anwsered yes. so i assume this was correct. i was reseaching credit cards and came across your web site. i had read some of the rip offs on this site, it sounded so simular to my phone call on sat. the phone # that the credit card company was phoning from is 1-800-544-9052. thank you Michelle Saskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Alaska
8, Report #16591
Mar 12 2002
12:00 AM
Capital OneCapital One ripoff chicago Illinois
My wife and I have a $200.00 credit card with these guys.We were denied for a k-mart card(even though we are the main reason k-mart doesnt go completely out of business) and we pay our credit card every month.Now they just send us a card for a 7500 dollar card...why?So they can deny us again? Why do they purposefully do this?So they can make you feel bad? We are trying to establish credit and these billionaire ass-holes make a carnival out of it! Its like Rat Race! Fred chicago, Illinois
Entity: chicago, Illinois
9, Report #39388
Dec 28 2002
12:58 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
Capital ONe issued my card in April,2002. The only reason I received this card; is due to the fact they bought alot of contracts from other business. My Social Security is one number off of the real person that owed the money. They believed that I owed them $750.00. After I proved that this account was not mine. They terminated the credit card. Make sure the bill they are trying to stick to you, is yours; not someone elses. They will give 98% cards to the people they believe owe money. So you can pay off someone elses bill. Do your own investigation. I did, and tried to get my credit cleaned up. This will never happen. I have fought this for over 20 years. I keep getting things on my credit report that are not mine. So I can not get a towel to dry off. Due to the fact my credit is ruin by all of this. So what will I ever have to show for my credit------nothing. Thunderhawk Montalba, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
10, Report #51355
Apr 02 2003
10:12 AM
Capital One ripoff Nationwide
In Jan of 2002 I changed my auto ins AND my homeowners/fire ins, but my mortgage co would not make the change! I knew I had the legal right to make this change. In talking w/the mortgage co, they just sat there refusing to talk, so I said (stupidly), fine, then I won't send any payments til you make the change. Unfortunately, in the USA there is NEVER a reason to stop payment on a house no matter what they do to you! Anyway, when Capital One saw that my mortgage company started foreclosure against me, they lowered my limits to enable them to charge me OverLimit fees (and yes, as others on this site have said, they then charge you interest on their bogus fees!). THEN they began to order magazines and put the bill on my card! No kidding! (Only a moron would order magazines at the rate of $20 a year and put it on a credit card and pay interest on it!) Anyway, I called & told them I did not order nor want these magazines. FOR MANY MONTHS THEY PRETENDED TO NOT COMPREHEND! They pretended they thought I was ordering the magazines! We argued many times. They offered to discount my balance if I would pay a double payment, etc., anyway, no matter what they promised, they did not follow through! So finally I have now told them that I will not send any more payments unless they make me a decent offer in writing! IT HAS BEEN WELL OVER A YEAR SINCE I USED THESE TWO CARDS FOR THE PURCHASE OF ANYTHING! In fact, I have only rarely used credit cards in my entire life! If I can't afford it, I dont buy it. I did manage to rescue my house from foreclosure and have been paying a month in advance since September 2002, but of course none of the good info goes to your credit rating! So, when Capital One threatened to ruin my credit rating I laughed out loud. I saw that Sear's has about 40 billion in Receivables, and they are anxious to sell it off to someone at a super bargain price! What does that tell you? Those in the know are sure that the trillions that are owed by people holding credit cards will never be collected because we are headed for a super-depression. You'd think these stupid credit card companies would want to be nice to a little old lady like me who owes very little, but they have been very, very bad and I will never do business with them again! Do not keep quiet about your credit problems! Tell everyone you know what is happening to you, and maybe you will save someone else. All my friends, relatives, neighbors, and every govt agency I could e-mail heard every single detail about my mortgage company and that is why I was able to keep my house! Now it's on to expose the rip off from Capital One. DD Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1956
Apr 04 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One or loan shark?
In December of last year I paid off Capial One, cut my card in half and sent it to them along with a letter of resignation. Finished with them? Nope. In January I got a bill for finance charges. Shoot! I sent it. Then I got a bill in February for a late fee plus a small interest fee. OK, gritting my teeth, I paid it. The first of this month I got another bill for a late fee for the one I paid last month, plus another finance charge. After I kicked the cat and punched a hole in the wall (not really) I got on the net and filed charges against them with the Federal Trade Commission, the Virginia Consumer Protection Bureau, and the national Better Business Bureau. Did I tell capital One I was going to do tha? He-- no! This organization deserves no such curtesty. Since then I have paid the latest late fee and interest, not because I am afraid of them but because I know them and the charges will keep compounding. I did mail them a letter with a blow by blow description of what they had done to me and a demand for a complete audit account of my business with them since day one. I then iformed them it was over! Will they take me at my word, I don't think so. I urge anyone who has had trouble with them to get in touch with the agencys I noted above and anyone else they can think of. The trouble with such agencys they wont do anything until they get enough complaints. Come on, let them know you don't intend to take this lying down!
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
12, Report #4724
Mar 20 2001
12:00 AM
Capital One ripoff, they got me too
They do a great job not answering emails.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #6963
Oct 04 2001
12:00 AM
another capital one rip off
I just read a report on this site about capital one ripoff on some one else. they did the same thing to me. i applied for the card and they only wanted to give me a 200 limit. i canceled it imediately because i do not need a card with only 200 limit. they never closed it. i received several bills with monthly services fees and late charges on those fees because i refused to pay. I canceled the card before those months so why should i pay fees for months it was not even supposed to be active. i sent them several letters and made several phone calls telling them this account is closed and to stop charging me maintence fees. I never even used the card. not even once!! After i sent them a very nasty letter they finally closed the account and i never paid them the fees i know i am not responsible for, however upon recently checking my credit report the put negative marks on my credit for not paying these fees that they attached to my account after i closed it. This is the second time i had a problem with capital one not closing an account after i told them to. last time was a few years ago and they never touched my credit though. i will never get a capital one card again. what can i do to fix my credit?
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #3354
Sep 16 2000
12:00 AM
Note to fellow cardholders of Capital One Visa. While surfing the net for information regarding the unauthorized use, overlimit and late fees, I found the website of the law offices which is currently investigating Cap1 for a class action suit. I have been complaining to Cap1 customer service since 1997 regarding unjustified overlimit and late fees and yet to get an explaination. I only have an $800 limit on my card. One month I had an available for cash balance of ~$413 and was still charged an over the limit fee!!! How often have you noticed that when Cap1 wants to market a service over the telephone, some consumers get up to 5 calls per day, But when cardholders try to dispute a billing, the calls never get through or complaints go unnoticed? The website address to make an online comment/complaint to the investigator is: It's about time someone has finally decided to take action on the unfair business practices of Capital One Bank!!!
Entity: Virginia
15, Report #454381
May 22 2009
09:26 AM
Capital One Fees Nationwide
I have started to notice late fees on my statements every month. I looked at my agreement with Capital One, and they say there is a 25 day grace period for payments. I pay my bills every two weeks. Well, what I found out is that Capital One is sending their bills out late every month, so that I only receive them about two weeks before they are due. This means that unless I pay them right away, by the time the mail gets to them, I have a late charge. Watch out!! Tom Cypress, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #396314
Nov 30 2008
08:48 PM
Capital One Unreasonable Account Restrictions . Internet
In August, 2008 I applied for a credit card with Capital One. I received correspondence from them requesting me to mail them a copy of my Social Security Card and Drivers license, since they could not verify my information. Since I still had a limited credit history, I accepted the request as reasonable and mailed the documents. About a week later, I received another letter confirming the receipt of the previous documents, but indicating they also need to verify my address, and I need to send a copy of my utility bill as well. A bit annoyed for not being asked to send this with the first mail, I obliged and sent them a copy of a recent utility bill. About another week later, my new capital one credit card arrived in the mail. After using my card for +- 3 weeks, while making a purchase at a coffee shop, I had to face the embarrassment that my card was declined for a $5 purchase. I phoned Capital One, only to find out that a restriction was placed on my account due to suspected fraud'. I was requested to send a copy of my SSN card and driver's license before the restriction would be lifted, since they needed to verify my identity. I was incredibly upset by this, since I supplied ALL this information when I opened the account less than 3 weeks ago. But I was faced with Capital One's fraud department who just refused to help (they said they had to assume they were not speaking to me until I sent them the documents). So after battling with one of their agents and his manager for about 45 minutes, I gave up, and faxed the documents. I was promised that the restriction would be lifted within 24 48 hours. Needless to say, 48 hours later, account still restricted, I had to get back on the phone with Capital One. I was now told that they again needed to verify my address! I was even more upset with this but the result was the same as with the previous call, so I ended up faxing them the documents. The restriction was lifted the next day. About a month later (October 2008), Capital One sent me a new card with a higher credit limit. Once again, after using the card for about a month I, by chance, saw on my online banking that my new card was restricted!! I nearly exploded again not even a phone call from Capital One to warn me. So, on Thursday, November 20th, I had to face up to the Capital One Customer Service again. Same story I had to fax a copy of my SSN card and drivers license and wait for 24 48 hours for them to process it. I was again helped' by an agent who refused to expedite the process in anyway, and because the documents I sent earlier were for my other card, they did apparently not count. After explaining my unhappiness during a 45 minutes call, I just ended up faxing them a copy of my SSN and Drivers license. This time just with the additional problem that my payment was due on the 29th, and I was unable to even pay my account online. I was told by the representative to mail a check, in order to avoid late payments. I did however not have my checks with me and felt that this was a rather unreasonable request, seeing that I did nothing wrong to have my account restricted in the first place. But augmenting with Capital One seems a waste of time. So on November 20th, I faxed the documents, as required to Capital One. Monday, 48 business hours later, I received a call from Capital One saying they received my documents, but needed to again verify my address. I refused to accept this, and asked that the account be closed, since I did not accept their way of treating me as a customer. I was told that they refuse to do that, until I send them my latest utility bill. Again wasting another 45 minutes of my time. I ended up faxing my utility bill to them. On Tuesday I phoned them AGAIN, hoping that they would've perhaps processed my documents, but was told that an agent will phone ME within 48 hours to tell me that the account restriction has been lifted. But, on Wednesday afternoon I have not heard back from them, so I phoned AGAIN. I was then told that it was still not processed and can take up to 72 hours!!! This was the first mention of this and completely different to that what I've been told up until now. Again a complete refusal to expedite the process whatsoever. Now it is November 30th. No word from Capital One. My account is still restricted. I had to pay $10 to do a balance transfer to my Bank of America credit card to avoid late feeds and negative credit reporting (although one lady told me they would take it into account, another told that I was responsible to get it sorted before the due date). I am extremely frustrated and really disappointed that Capital One is allowed to treat a customer like this. I will definitely not recommend anyone to ever do business with them. James Walnut Creek, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #435539
Mar 18 2009
09:42 PM
Capital One Bail Out ?? Nationwide
Capital One gets our Federal Money and They send Jobs over seas to places like india. BOYCOTT CAPITAL 1 >> KEEP THE JOBS HERE OR RETURN THE BAILOUT FEDERAL MONEY. THIS HAS TO STOP!!! Rich Neponsit, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #208109
Aug 27 2006
02:26 AM
Capital One ripoff Internet
During the recontruction of Capital One Co., Somehow they issued a second card number to me (unsolicited). I was unaware of this until I started to receive what seemed to me at the time incorrect billing for late payment of $25.00/mos. after I had made a payment. During this time I had just received a diagnosis of cancer and my husband had just been diagnosed with Alzhiemers, so I just was not as quick to catch the supposed error until I started to get threatening letters from them. When I spoke to customer service rep. I was informed that I had two cards. I had never received another card I explained because I had never requested one. It was further explained that the balance on the second card was already $400.00 and my original card was now $1475.00. Well my limit was $500.00 on my original card and my statements only showed $375.00 balance. I requested of the rep. a copy of my signed request for the second card and a copy of the items recorded to justify the $400.00 I was told that they would process my request and that I would receive that information in 10 to 15 days. I todate have not received a reply,or another monthly invoice (for either account). So I did as I had said I would and never paid another dime on the original account. However 4-6 months later I began receiving threats from collection attorneys etc. I have been to court on two occasions and both times the case has been dismissed but they have allowed the account to be sold to more than ten collection agencies since 2000. Phyllis Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #196831
Jun 16 2006
10:42 PM
Capital One ripoff Nationwide
How about those of us who fall victim to the finance charges. If unable to pay enough to reduce the balance to an amount low enough for the finance charge to not take you over the limit, you are charged an over the limit fee even though you have not borrowed an amount equal to that which you have been given. Unless you are able to make a substantial payment, each month there is an over the limit fee which makes it almost impossible to catch up. I don't deny that the company has no responsibility for the fact that I got divorced and went from two incomes to one but once my limit was reached and the account was frozen, I feel that it is unfair that I continued to be charged over the limit fees each month. I would like to pay my bills but when there isn't enough money to go around and you are being pressured to make committments it gets to a point where you feel that it's not worth the effort. Finance charges are exhorbitant despite the fact that interest returned from investments are minimal. Why is it that there is such a discrepancy between what we pay out in interest versus what we reap as returns for big business using our meager dollars? Arawannah wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1056389
Jun 04 2013
03:26 PM
Capital One Scam Rip Off  Internet
Here is my review for Capital One .... I will post for all to view. After having my card for one year NO LATE PAYMENTS, receiving increases my account is now restricted. I called in and was left on hold for 20 minuted was intrusted as to the documents that were required to reactivate my card. Within 30 minutes Capital One had there documents they were requesting - that was on May 16, 2013. On May 29, 2013 I called Capital One and was on hold for 30 minutes NEVER spoke to anyone that could release my account. When the operator did come back on the line I said I have a job and cannot continue to hold have someone call me. TO THIS DAY NOT ONE PERSON HAS CALLED ME NOR IS MY ACCOUNT UN -RESTRICTED. I will continue to paying off my account but will NEVER use this company again. Capital One is unfairly targeting good people for nothing.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1143491
May 02 2014
12:22 PM
Capital One Fraudulent Accounts Fraudulent Accounts Internet
Someone opened a Capital One account in my name a year and a half ago. They maxed out the card in a month. I didn't know anything about it until I ran my credit report 4 months ago. They account was not delinquent, but payments had not been made and it was maxed out.   I reported it to Capital One and did the paperwork they requested. I was told the account was closed and that the charges would be removed from my credit report in 30-60 days. When I ran my credit report again after 3 months, I then had the account listed as delinquent and my credit score had plummeted. When I called Capital One, the Fraud division informed me that I was responsible for the charges. They offered me no alternatives for disputing their results. When I called back the same day I was again told that the account was closed and I was not responsible for the charges.   Another month passed and I received a bill in the mail (the first piece of correspondence I received from Capital One requesting payment) that said I was 5 months delinquent. I called them again with the same results.   Ultimately, I decided to pay them off because I was tired of dealing with it. They refused to remove it from my credit score, but they did remove the late fees they applied while I was disputing the account.   If you receive preapproved offers from Capital One, call them immediately and ask for them to stop sending them. I received offers from them on a daily basis telling me open an account. I shredded all of them I received, but I have not doubt that this is how someone opened the account in my name. Capital One is a predatory credit agency with not ethical dilemmas about ruining people's lives. 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #201585
Jul 17 2006
07:57 PM
CAPITAL CON EXPOSED This is a true story of how Capital One break every rule in the book, lie, cheat and above all, betray. One man has decided to fight back. He challenges that dog of a company to fight him in court or out of it. The outcome? You can read the whole story, every word of which is absolute fact, on (((ROR REDACTED LINK FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))). No, this site is not trying to sell you anything. It is there to inform and if any reader owns or runs Capital One, horrify. Regards (((ROR REDACTED LINK AND EMAIL FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) Laurence DunmowUnited Kingdom CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: NOTTINGHAM, Nationwide
23, Report #211700
Sep 19 2006
05:45 AM
'Excellence' and to 'Do the right thing' are just two quotes from Capital Con's website. Great. They add that they subscribe to British Banking Code but break every rule they can. They are not only liars, they sell by misrepresentation. Paid a Security Deposit' as asked for. Ran account for a few months, no problems. Closed it as per Cap Con's instructions. I within credit limit but their Terms and Conditions contradict themselves. 'We may set off and apply the security deposit towards repayment of any undisputed amount owing by you to us under this agreement'. Security initially accepted as payment of undisputed balance' then changed their minds. Several times I invited them to thrash case out in court but thus far Cap Con have declined. After 8-10 anonymous telephone calls per day I went to head office in UK to discuss and resolve face to face. Nobody would see me. Security guards said they never do and I was not the first Capital Con customer to visit that building. For months after account closed and card returned in pieces Capital One have billed me for money to which they are not entitled. Their psychological technique is 'keep phoning them, bill them, threaten them and we'll break em, after all what we do is always the right thing and part of our very own excellence'. That is what the leaders of Capital Con brainwash their staff into believing. They are always right and too big to touch. Or think are they. Illusions can hamper innocent minds. Over inflated egos blind evil ones. Capital One you are NOT puncture proof. I have compiled a complete true story of this saga and placed it on the web. It invites Capital One to sue me if I am wrong. Capital One are aware of this. So far silence rules! Anyone can have the URL of that site if they ask. Laurence DunmowUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
24, Report #413121
Jan 16 2009
09:47 PM
Capital One Auto & Capital One Credit Card Capital One Auto Blank check is very misleading Richmond Internet
I filled out an application online for an auto loan through the blank check program.My husband is self employed and has been for 17 yrs.They called me and said they can't do the loan after all because they couldn't prove my husbands self employment.I said what do you mean and he said you have to be self employed at least 2yrs. to get a loan.I said my husband has been self emploed for 17yrs. He said well the system we use to prove that says he has only been self employed since last May.I said I can send you his DBA certificate it states right on there how long he's been in business.He said unfortunatly we can't except that document to faxed to us so I said I will send it certified mail he said we can't do that.I have never dealt with such a rude and mislesding company in my life. Angny LeRoy, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #505686
Oct 07 2009
10:06 AM
Capital One Cap One Predatory Lending Practices Internet
Capital One will not work with their customers and stonewalls them at every turn. Even when the issus is of their own doing. Their customer service is slow and rude to say the least. I would recommend not useing their service based on my experience and lack of trust I have in them. They have raised my rates on my loan th 30% with out due cause. That is outrages in my opinion. Consider yourself warned, don't do business with Capital One.
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