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26, Report #156822
Sep 12 2005
03:33 PM
Carmax RIPOFF Continues unskilled shotty work Houston Texas
I sent my first letter to the CEO and it was received on 7/18/05 based on return receipt. I have not received a response from anyone regarding the poor service at Carmax.I will pickup where I left off on the first letter. 7-25-05 Pressurized Hose severely cracked on both ends. Both ends of hose had been covered with electrical tape in attempt to hide damage. Yet another thing Carmax missed in their inspection of the vehicle. Brought vehicle to dodge dealership and bought new hose. Went to Carmax to inform general manager. General manager reimbursed cost of hose. 7-25-05 Brought vehicle in again. Vehicle was brought to A+ transmission. 7-26-05 A+ transmission told us that there was a problem but that they had to sent it back to Carmax because the transmission's computer showed a history of repair and Carmax would have to make sure further work would not void warranty. 7-27-05 Carmax sends vehicle to Dodge dealership stating that they did not get around to it the previous day. 8-01-05 Called Darryl to get information about the vehicle. He informed us that the Dodge dealership was working on it. Joseph informed him that as of Friday they had not gotten to it. Darryl responded, Well you know how they do warranty work. Darryl said he would try to put some pressure on them but not to much because he didn't want them to get mad at us and not get the job done right. 8-09-05 Darryl called and left a message stating the Dodge dealership told him they were just dropping the transmission. Not two hours later he called back and told us the vehicle was back at Carmax and for me to call the Dodge Dealership. The Dodge dealership said there was nothing wrong with the transmission. It was a bit strange because Darryl had just called us to tell us that the dodge dealership had just dropped the transmission, A+ transmission said there was something wrong with the transmission, and the dealership had previously stated they wanted to do a rebuilt transmission and Carmax only authorized a new clutch seal. After speaking with the dodge dealership we went to Carmax to get our car back. I left our four dogs outside because the weather was nice and we thought we would only be gone for a short period of time. While looking over our vehicle we noticed that there is a large amount of what appears to be dried soda on our hood. It was very hard and would not come off the hood. We brought it to Darryl's attention and he immediately went to clean the hood. The chemical he used did not take off the residue. While Darryl was doing his best to clean the hood another Carmax Service Staff member George approached stating he knew for a fact what was on the hood. He told us that it was pine tree sap and we should not park under a pine tree. We informed him that 1.) there are no pine trees within 200 ft of our driveway, 2.) Before we brought it in we had spent nearly 6 hrs detailing it inside and out and it was not there before we brought it in. George was adamant about it being caused by us. He told us that pine needles would float very far, land on a vehicle, and cause that. We informed him that 1.) We have three other vehicles and that has never happened, 2.) That the pine needles from the tree have never come within 50 ft of of driveway and 3.)That we detailed it and it was not there when we brought it in. We noticed while we were again being blamed for Carmax's damage that behind George where they park the vehicles was a pine tree. Darryl continued to clean the area but it was doing no good. Someone else came out and started using paint thinner to get the residue off. This person did about half the area and walked inside and said it was done. We looked over the area and it was not complete and the paint thinner had caused tiny bubbles to appear. We informed Darryl of this and he brought the vehicle to the detailers. It was during this time period that it started pouring down rain and my four dogs were outside. We were at Carmax for 3 hrs. On the way to return our vehicle another Carmax employee almost backed into Darryl while he was driving our vehicle. I know it is the standard operating procedure to honk before backing up and the employee that almost slammed a large SUV into my car did not honk before backing up. The employee that almost backed into our car is just another example of the Staff's carelessness. With our vehicle back, we looked over the work and noticed little bubbles where the staff had used paint thinner on our paint. We mentioned this to Darryl and he informed us that the bubbles were all over the hood At this point we went to speak to Steve (management) because we had been there far too long and needed this to be resolved. Carmax may accept that their employees do poor work but I will not. CW determined that the paint was damaged and they would have to paint the hood. While we were waiting for a loaner car George demanded we move our vehicle. We did not put our vehicle where it was and did not have the keys. We went inside to inform George of this and he completely ignored us. My wife said, Sir, Excuse me, several times and he acted as if we were not talking. George had no reason to demand we move the vehicle because there was no one else trying to get in and it was only a few feet from being out of the bay. Immediately after he pulled up in a vehicle and demanded that we move the loaner car. Joseph did although he had plenty of room to enter the bay and George drove about two feet in so he could allow another service staff member to enter the car without getting wet. 8/10/05 My vacation started yesterday although Carmax could care less about their customer's time. We informed CW that we were going out of town yesterday, an event that was planned months ahead. 8:00 Darryl called and left a message stating that our vehicle was ready. Darryl was not at his desk so we walked around the store for a few moments and CW approached us and said that the car was not ready. He said they painted the hood the wrong color. 8/11/05 Darryl called and stated the car was not ready and would not be ready until Friday (8/12/05) afternoon. 8/12/05 Darryl called and left message saying the car was not ready and would not be ready until Monday possibly Tuesday. I finally was able to reach him to find out what the delay was. He said the paint color was a very hard color to match. It is not difficult to match paint if you know what you're doing. I know this because I have a very good friend that has done body work/paint for over 30 yrs. 8/19/05 Received call today stating hood had been painted. Arrived at Carmax and examined vehicle. Scratches over vehicle, hood, roof, doors. Dirt under paint on hood. The bumps that were supposed to be repaired were not-more were on hood. Instead of just being on the driver side-it is all over hood. Informed CW and Darryl. Detailer claims it can all be buffed out and that they did not touch the roof. Both driver and passenger seats have been moved to where they are almost laying down. I do not appreciate anyone changing the position of my seats and it is very dangerous to drive laying down. 8/22/05 Receive message from Darryl stating that vehicle was ready and that he and his two managers looked over the car. 8/23/05 Picked up vehicle due to my schedule I was gone by the time Carmax called previous day. The car was covered in white dust. I'm assuming from when they buffed the hood. It's pitiful that although the managers saw this they did nothing about it. A few min to wipe the dust off would be all that it would take. It is very difficult to remove all the dust the left on my vehicle and I have yet to remove it all. I will mention again that the radio in the car was on a station not on the presets. They had again changed it to rap music. The vehicle is still not running right. As I mentioned when we brought it in last time the vehicle has a slight shake at 55 and up. Carmax Service Date Brought Vehicle In Date Picked Up 6-20-05 6-27-05 8 days 6-29-05 7-04-05 6 days 7-05-05 7-05-05 1 day 7-07-05 7-18-05 12 days 7-25-05 8-23-05 30 days. 9/02/05 I'm going to have to bring the car in yet again for something Carmax can't seem to fix. I just got off the phone with CW from carmax and he of course is making me work on his schedule and not mine. Carmax makes it clear that once you buy the vehicle they could care less about customer service. They certainly make a joke out of their warranty. I'm in college Monday-Friday and I work Friday-Wednesday so I don't have a lot of time to deal with Carmax. I was supposed to have a vacation but of course, Carmax ruined that for me. I bought a vehicle for good gas mileage which this car is still getting about 22 on the highway and so I wouldn't have to keep going to the shop. I decided to take it too a Dodge Dealership because I really didn't want anyone touching the vehicle and they could see my vehicle on Friday and not Monday. The dealership I went to was very impressive and makes Carmax look HORRIBLE. They did not gun the engine while driving, put the seat back, put the radio on rap, put the A/C on full blast, use up almost an entire tank of gas, have an attitude, deny there was anything wrong, fix it wrong, almost wreck my car, takes days or weeks or a month to attempt to fix it or damage the paint. Their entire staff was professional and polite. They repaired in 4 hrs what Carmax could not in 57 days. The service manager is so familiar with Carmax cars that she knows the extended warranty claim number by heart. She didn't need to contact Carmax because the repair was covered under a warranty Carmax failed to inform me of. The car has an 8-yr/80,000 Emissions warranty. They did all the work under warranty and did it right and fast. Carmax did not catch the problem once and it has been a problem the entire time. Not only that it was something that was present while it was on the lot so it is something else that Carmax missed on their inspection. The service department of a dealership is supposed to be the best place to take your vehicle. Most service departments take pride in their work. Carmax's staff has no pride whatsoever is their work and management is too lazy or ignorant to make certain the work is done right. It is clear that Carmax places junkers on their lots and overpriced junkers at that. Walmart takes better care of a person's vehicle then Carmax does. A Houston, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax
Entity: Houston, Texas
27, Report #61758
Jun 25 2003
06:08 AM
CARMAX ripoff the business that doesnt give a dam Stockbridge Georgia
I purchase a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT from CARMAX in Stockbridge, GA and my sister co-signed for me to get the loan. All the paperwork had to be forwarded to my sister for signature. After that paperwork came back and was file in the system I then was able to do my paperwork for my extended warranty and it was forwarded to my sister again for signature. A week after I signed my paperwork I deployed to Kuwait. I was told by my sales representative that once my sister returns the paperwork back I would get my account number so I could make my monthly payment. After 2 weeks passed by I called Carmax and I was informed that somekind of way my paperwork got lost in the mail and they had to call the corporate company to see if there was a waiver that could be done because it was beyond the 30 days to purchase the extended warranty. I feel that this is a bunch of crap because I did what I needed to do in the time allowed to purchase the extended warranty. Now I have been penalized because it never made it back to Carmax and they did not keep a copy of the paperwork that I signed before I deployed to Kuwait. I have been calling back and forth from Kuwait trying to get my extended warranty and no one at Carmax seems to give a damn about taking care of me as a customer. I was told that my sister did not send the paperwork back by fedex and it got lost. I find it very strange that this paperwork got lost in the mail if it send back to Carmax in the envelope that they provided with their return address. This company has showed very poor customer relation. Once they get what they want out of you they don't give a damn about what is right. I had no control of me being deployed and not they have just dropped my case because it is my lose and not theirs. I would recommend that people be very careful when dealing with CARMAX because they DO NOT own up to their name. Lori Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
28, Report #39549
Dec 30 2002
04:09 PM
CARMAX rip-off consumer fraud false promises LAUREL Maryland
my grandson a car at carmax 8/17/01 along with the extended warrenty. on 8/17/02 the timing belt and the car stopped. carmax told us that he must od had the radio up to loud and didn't heae the belt brake and continued to drive the car, not true. when th car was taken in for repair they kept it almost 3 months [we got the car back on 10/17/02] after many calls and trips they always had excuses. the repairs lasted until 10/30/02 and the car was down again. we refused to take the car back there because he couldn't be without the car for a long period of time. this time the car was repaired by my own mechanic which told us that alot of the parts carmax was to have replaced were not new like the plugs that they replaced and had to be replaced again, if they were new they should have lasted more then 2 months also the water pump was not new. no one calls you back corporate doesn't call back and go out there and everyone yoy need to take to is not there. this place has got to be the worst place i ever delt with. joseph glen burnie, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: LAUREL, Maryland
29, Report #20890
May 15 2002
08:55 AM
I bought a new 2002 Altima from Carmax. This happened on a weekend so I knew finance company's were not open and that they rely on the net to determine if they can finance you or not. Two months went buy and i got a call from Carmax, saying I had to repurchase my car because the financing did not go through. I went to Carmax after work to do the paperwork. When i got there the sales manager had me sign papers to return the car before i could repurchase the car. when i signed the papers stating that carmax was buying the car back and was giving me a check for the downpayment in full back, i told the sales guy i did not want the car. He then went to talk to his manager and came back and said that was not possible. There was a signed paper in front of me stating all this, he told me i could leave the car there but it would go against my credit as a repo. I got scared and repurchased the car so my credit would not be messed up. I called a lawyer and he said that they lied to me and used unethical sales tactics to get me to repurchase that car. After that the transmission is going bad --- but they cant find anything wrong. the engine is sputtering---- they cant find anything wrong. Carmax is the wost dealership i have ever dealt with. Heather travelers rest, South Carolina
Entity: GREENVILLE, South Carolina
30, Report #387955
Nov 04 2008
02:04 PM
Carmax Sold us a Used Car major Lemon Houston Texas
Helped my daughter by her 1st car in Feb., 2008 from carmax. We bought a 2001 Saturn, a very nice clean car and red like my daughter wanted. Thinking that with Carmax and their 125 point inspection, we were getting a car that was dependable and trust worthy. Boy were we soon to find out that was a big joke. Had car for a few months and started having minor problems. Cigerette lighter dead, water leak and transmission starting to slip and engine smoking and using oil badly. Took car into shop at carmax on the southwest freeway here in houston. It took over a month to get the car repaired half a$$ed. They replaced only half the parts needed for a major overhaul, Like replaced the exhaust valve stem seals but not the intake seals. Replaced only the piston rings, but no where does the repair list show any gaskets, main seals, cam bearings , etc... With me being a former mechanic, when you have that much damage you rebuild motor or replace with a rebuilt motor. They replaced waterpump not once but twice, cause 1st one was wrong they said. Then the transmission was rebuilt with only a few parts replaced, not a full rebuild as needed. When trannie slips its a complete overhaul. Had car back one week, and back to shop again, Smoking again, loosing water and trannie acting up again. Again car is in shop for about a month. And this time they say its only a sensor or 2 is the problem. We get car back again, this time full tank of gas gone, brakes making noise. Which I replaced front and rear brake pads and rear wheel cylanders and rotors. Test drive car and low and behold its smoking again, blue smoke and water leaking again. Back to shop at carmax again, Still havent fixed problem, and I get told take it to Saturn Dealer and we will reimburse you the 75 dollar for the warrenty. I havent even got their stupid warrenty company still to reimburse me for the rental car I got the first time around. Car now smokes, gas mileage has gone from upper 20's to low 30's to maybe low 10's. Water still leaks and a car that is not dependable for my daughter to drive and not worth making car payments on. All carmax says basically oh well, we can buy back but be less than you owe and still have to pay off balance. Carmax is a rip off in my book Shafted customer south houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
31, Report #362047
Aug 12 2008
11:09 AM
Carmax Buying A Truck With Bad Transmission Orlando Florida
In a nut shell he is the story. April 4th I purchased a truck from carmax. The Truck had 24000 mile on it. I bought the Truck on the fact it was in perfect condition. I also purchased an extended warranty with truck for 60000 additional miles. Truck now has 42000 miles on it. Middle of July I start to experience problems the truck is starting to shake while driving. I take it to several companies said it was tires going bad. So I purchased new wheels and tires. Still haveing problems take it to another auto repair shop. They tell me the transmission is going out. Take it to a transmission shop, tells me yep the Trans is gone. Contact the insurance company that carmax sold me and set up repairs and rental car. (July 23rd) Now almost a week goes by and the insurance company missed the scheduled appointment for an investigator. I call to see why, I am told sorry we cancelled the appointment and don't know why. They send someone out the next day. (July 29th) Now I am driving a rental car they are suppose to pay for during this time. When the inspector comes out says yes your transmission is bad and you have water in it. Now when we called them to come out they where told of the water. After he looks at it says they need permission to pull the trany out to find out why I have water in it. So I say yes thinking the entire time I was going to get it fixed. Now another week goes by and still know call back from the insurance company. On August 6th I call and after arguing with them for 30 min. was told the claim was denied because I had water in the trany. They knew about it from day one. Now at this time I am scrambling to find out what is going on. I call carmax tell them the problem. They send someone out to look at the truck tells me it was obvious I did nothing wrong and we will take care of it. Today is august 11th andthe only thing carmax is saying is I need to prove the radiator is leaking into transmission. So far that is the extent of there help. Now I find out I have to pay for the rental car and the mechanics bills for the work so far. I am going to be out $2500.00 which I don't have and now have no truck. What can I do? James groveland fl, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
32, Report #450135
May 08 2009
09:37 PM
Carmax 125+ Point Inspection Doesn't Mean Squat! Merriam Kansas
We purchased a 2006 Jeep Liberty in Feb 2009. After 30 days the heater fan would not work. After driving the vehicle for less than 3 months, the car wouldn't start. All electrical worked, but car wouldn't turn over. In fairness to Carmax they did have the vehicle towed to their lot on Friday evening. Service dept is closed on Sat and Sun so car sat until Monday. Unable to even look at car on Monday, but got to it on Tuesday. Service Dept said they didn't know what was wrong but put vehicle through all diagnostic tests. Still couldn't find problem so Carmax had vehicle towed to Jeep dealership for inspection. Jeep dealership reported to us that diagnostic tests revealed hardware and software errors. After having the vehicle in Carmax's possession for 7 days, it was determined that a fuse was missing. That fuse cost us $424.12 out of pocket due to their inability to diagnosis the problem. We were charged for all labor to do the diagnostic testing for a 20 amp fuse that probably cost Carmax 20 cents. I would think that most mechanics would look for the obvious first! Cheri Tonganoxie, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Merriam, Kansas
33, Report #472601
Jul 23 2009
11:00 AM
Carmax Deceptive sales tactics and questionable service practices Sterling Virginia
the following is the report I've made with the bbb: I Purchased a used car from carmax in April 2009. When purchasing the car I was sold the extended warranty, and I made sure to ask whether or not items such as the clutch and transmission were covered. The sales person then pulled out a sheet of paper with the terms of the warranty and highlighted where the clutch would be covered. I will later come to realize that the warranty I was shown was the 30 day warranty and not the extended warranty as I was lead to believe. On july 18th 2009, after having had the car less than 3 months and driving it approximately 2600 miles, my clutch suddenly goes out. So I call up carmax to bring it in for service expecting it to be covered, I even double check the sheet that was given to me and highlighted when I purchased the extended warranty. I was told that for warranty service I needed to bring the car back to the Sterling, VA carmax dealership. This is about 50 minutes away from where I live and work and is difficult to get to without a car, but I arranged a ride home so I could drop it off. I drop the car off on the evening on July 19th. On the morning of the 20th I get a call saying that repaing the clutch would not be covered, and the cost would be $2500. I mentioned that in my paperwork it said clutches were covered, and Steve immediately dropped the price to $1855 ($800 OEM parts, rest labor), and said he would be willing to try to submit the claim even though it would be rejected. I tell him to do this, and it was rejected by the extended warranty company. At that point I tell him I want to hold off doing the rapairs, but I will contact him later. At this point a once again check the paper work, and call up the company which handles the carmax extended warranty, where they confirm that the clutch is not covered, and point me the website with the terms of the extended policy. I thoroughly read the policy i was given and confirm that it is indeed only their 30 day coverage. I now resign myself to having to pay for the repair to the car and find a mechanic who is local to me and that I trust to do the repairs. I also arrange a ride for someone to take me out to the carmax after work to pick up the car. I arrange to have the car at my mechanic the morning of 07/22/09, where he will do the repair for $1300 (approx 900 for the OEM parts, and 4-5 hours labor), and the repair should take 1-2 days. He also mentioned that in his opinion unless I had the clutch fully engaged for the 2600 miles I've driven the car there should have been noticeable wear and tear on the clutch that should have shown up durring carmax's 125 point inspection and i was probably sold a car with a bad clutch. I call carmax back to tell them not to do the repair because i want to use another shop and I will pick the car up in the evening after I get off work. Since their service department closes at 6, Steve said he would leave the key with the business office. This is at approximately 3pm. I also ask about canceling the extended warranty and getting my money for it refunded since I was blatantly lied to about that. and was met with a you're welcome to cancel at any time, but we can't refund your money At 6pm I receive a voice mail message from steve saying that the technician who was working on my car locked the keys in his tool box. I get this voice mail as I am leaving work and am beginning to make the hour-plus long trip in traffic. I immediately try to call him back but get his voice mail, asking around I find he has already left and there is no one in the service department to help me. I wind up speaking to one of the sales managers who does some research for me. Finally around 6:45 he calls me back and tells me they'll fed-ex the keys to me but I can come out and pick the car up if I have my spare set of keys. This would have been fine, but with how long it took to figure all this out I would no longer be able to make it to them before they close. I explain that I can't make it to where my keys are and back to the dealership before they close. I also mention that because of work meetings scheduled between 6pm and 9pm on the 22nd, I would either need to take the morning off to pick up the car, or else I wouldn't be able to pick it up until Thursday evening(july 23rd at the earliest) and ask if they'd be willing to match the price of my mechanic or tow it to them on the morning of the 22nd. The sales manager says that it will be the service department's call. The morning of the 22nd I recieve a call from the service manager, saying they have the keys and they are with the business office I'll be able to pick them up at any time. I ask about getting it towed to my mechanic and he says that won't be possible. He can only tow it within a 5 mile radius. The 5 miles limits my options, and would require a lot of effort to find a mechanic within that range that I trust and can find good reviews for. He also refused to explain what a technician was doing working when i specifically didn't authorize any work. As it stands on the 22nd, I do not yet have possession of my car, and will not be able to take posession until thursday evening. Taking a taxi out to pick up my car since I have already asked around and have been unable to get a friend to help until saturday will cost me approximately $60 ( This then means my mechanic will not be able to work on the car until Friday, and assuming the 2 days that it will take to fix, I will now be without a car for the weekend meaning I will need to cancel my plans, or rent a car(approximately $48/day x 3days = $144). By the time I start factoring in these costs they're making it cheaper for me to use them than to use my mechanic, but between the shady sales practices, the fact they locked my keys somewhere inaccessible after I told them I was using another shop, and the difficulty i have speaking to anyone over there who actually seems to be in charge, I do not feel comfortable using carmax for anything again. Dan Arlington, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
34, Report #395391
Nov 26 2008
02:49 PM
Auto dealer car repair screw ups: 2002 chevy convertible camaro mileage 52,000. 1. top leaking. car taken in 2 times. finally on 2nd attempt received new sealant. which after 1 month continued to leak 2. loud noise under neath car. sounded like something was dragging. took car in 2 times, first time no noise heard by auto repair. 2nd time noise finally heard. determined it was catalytic converter which chevy had re-called. so luckily would be repaired for free. however, carmax deleted the codes on the codes on the car, therefore chevy dealership could not determine the problem. continued to drive the car, only to take back again, to carmax, was told that chevy could find the problem. contacted chevy was told carmax was messing me around. they deleted the codes they need to find them. another attempt made, and several calls to chevy, and carmax resolution carmax finally found the codes, car was fixed by chevy dealership. no problems since. 3. breaks rubbing badly. took car in, carmax could not hear noise, obviously was same mechanic who could not see the top leaking. continued to drive car, took car back, they could not hear the noise. took car for oil change elsewhere, given back overall report on car, showed bad rotors and breaks/pads. was shown the parts very very thin. mechanic stated metal was scraping metal. contacted carmax, took car in. manager, terri, looked at car as so i was told, she found no metal rubbing, however stated, it could possibly be time to change, but was in no danger. took my car elsewhere, had breaks, rotors pads etc replaced. parts were given to me to show carmax. spoke with an assistant manager, a male who sounded very young, was very rude, spoke over me, and stated how do they know the parts came off my car. was told later, this manager no longer worked there, but no one knew of course of who i was speaking about. 4. carmax changed my oil, and fixed a tire repair. 5 days later i left town on a 3 hour trip. before leaving had tires checked by midas. found out my tires had been overfilled by 7 points, i was shown instrument and was shown panel on my car door that shows how much air should be in tires. before heading back home from trip, my change oil light came on, stopped at full service station, only to find out, my oil cap was not put back on properly causing oil to leak everywhere underneath car. contacted carmax spoke with manager terri, i was reimbursed all monies paid for those services. 5. while taking daughter to school, car shut off while driving. while on my way to work, car continued to shut off. pulled off side of road and looked inside the car manual it stated low engine power, and to take to dealership, which would be chevy. since i had warranty with carmax, i took it there. had to have it towed. they stated it was a faulty battery wire. i took car home, car shut off again, the next 2 days. took car back, they kept the car, gave me loaner. carmax called me later that day, stated they could find no problem. they were advised that when i tried to start the car it would not start. they advised me their mechanic would take my car home to determine problem. i advised ross, tell them dont' joy ride in my car. was contacted the next day told no problems found. i advised them to keep the car to find the problem. their mechanic took car home again, this time i was asked if it was okay. this was tuesday, finally friday came, they still could not find problem. the mechanic, tony stated he drove the car 280 miles, started it hot and cold to determine problem. i advised them it was in the starting not the driving. had i known they were taking my car for a joy ride, or out of town or that the mechanic lived over 45miles away from carmax i would have never agreed to them taking it home. when i picked my car up miraculously the car started much better. i'm sure they fixed what they possibly messed up. now my dream car was a definitely a night mare. their mechanics have no earthly idea on how to fix cars. Cherelle lavergne, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax
Entity: NASHVILLE, Tennessee
35, Report #828573
Jan 25 2012
04:25 PM
Carmax burbank location Horrible service department burbank, California
TERRIBLE SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!!!! I bought a 2007 dodge caravan with only 25000 mi back in Jan 2011 and I have had to take the car in 4 times to fix the sliding doors since they couldn't fix it right the first time. Then when I took my car into the dealership to get a regular service since I live in ventura county, Burbank is like an hour away and I have a 1 yr old (that's why we bought a mini van). The dealership found that my breaks need to be replaced and at that time it was June 2011 so I was surprised that I had to replace them so soon (I had about 31000 mi) IS THAT NORMAL?? Well my service rep Olivia helped me out  and was able to replace the rear break pads and did a service too in Jun 2011. BUT this month Jan 2012 my tire sensor went off and I had low tire pressure so I took it into a local tire place (mountain view tire) and they took a look at my tires and told me my front tires were basically bald, my husband took a look and agreed (he doesn't drive the mini van so he didn't know they were that bad till then and I usually find out about things needing to be replaced when I take my car in for service which is pretty consistently at 5000 mi like when I took the car into the dealership but when I got my rear breaks and service done back in Jun they didn't mention anything to me). So we had the front replaced and Louie at Mt view also recommended the rears need to be replaced soon as well and when they were replacing my front tires they found that my front breaks were very low like at 10%. I was very upset that I took my car in like 6-7 months ago and it was not brought to my attention that I would need to be replacing the breaks soooo soon. IS THAT NORMAL? I have only 38000 mi right now. Oh and by the way we have had problems with the battery a couple of times where we have had to jump start the car. So I called carmax and asked why I was having to replace soo many things so soon, I've never had to do this for any of my cars till like at least around 50000 mi. I was told to talk to JOSEPH the service MANAGER who basically told me that it was normal wear and tear and that he couldn't do anything but a price adjustment which would only be around 40-50.00 off. I told him that would only cover my gas to go to and from. He kept his ground and said that was all he can do. So I called corporate and talked with Esha and she basically could only talk via messages with JOSEPH and ask him to do a review and which he did but called me back and basically said the same thing he said before. I asked if he could at least change my front breaks and I would go ahead and do the tires and the battery but he flat out said no. I will never take my car back to Carmax for service and I dont recommend buying a car there either. The service or inspection they do doesn't seem fair. I think if I had bought an older car with more miles they would have replaced certain items like the tires and breaks so they are up to state standards but if you are lookingto buy a car with less miles they tires and breaks are pretty much the ones that the dealer put on and if they are at the min standards they leave it and oh well I guess. I find that to be very unfair you would think the servicedepartment would be able to do something about that. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I did not complain when I had to bring my car in and pay a deductible with maxcare to fix my doors and have to bring it in several times but this is unacceptable. DONT BUY AN CAR FROM HERE AND DON'T BRING IT IN FOR SERVICE EITHER!!!!!! This is the first time I have bought a used car and well NEVER again. All because of this one bad experience.
Entity: burbank, California
36, Report #850629
Mar 08 2012
11:07 AM
CarMax Sold a Defective/Lemon Vehicle Richmond, Nationwide
Sold a Defective/Lemon Vehicle I bought a 2006 Pacifica in 2009; I also bought their Maxcare Extended Warranty. The car has shut off without warning >20 times. It has been taken into CarMax and the Chrysler Dealers; numerous times, repairs have been made. Yet the car continues to shut off without warning. Furthermore, CarMax has stated they cannot recreate the problem so the car is fine. I'm afraid for my safety, the safety of my family and the safety of others driving around me. CarMax's response is there is nothing they can do but they will buy my car back for less than 1/2 of what I paid for it and less than what is still owed on the car, and for me to buy another car from them. I mean they've got to be kidding me!! The Maxcare Extended Warranty is still in effect but it seems like CarMax is trying to ignore me as long as they can until the warranty expires and they no longer have to do anything. If I had the luxury of taking the car to a junk yard and buying a new one I would do it tomorrow! But here I am a hazard on the road driving this death vehicle, because it's my only means of transportation. I have contacted a lawyer; I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General.
Entity: Richmond, VA 23238, Nationwide
37, Report #284459
Nov 12 2007
06:55 PM
For a month prior I went to CARMAX.COM to look at some vehicles, seeing I have not had a car payment in over 7 years. Which I still have that vehicle and am stil driving it. I looked at several BMW convertibles. One had caught my eyes. I had read the specs of the car and decided I wanted it. A really cute little 98' BMW Z3. Well this was my gift to myself. On 8-5-07 I placed a deposit for the transfer of stock #4037279. The salesman had told me when I paid for the transfer it would take 7-10 days (but probably not that long seeing it is only a 7 hr. drive). I gave it a week and no Z3. I kept calling, seeing the saleman does not know how to respond to phone calls. Three weeks later I have had enough with this saleman and spoke with the manager. Bill Berti had told me that the Z3 had arrived. But they have to go through it and do their inspection. I gave them a few more days to go through it. I was told first, that they had to put a window switch in it, out of state inspection (which is true) and get a radio code from BMW. Being a service manager I know about vehicle repairs. So the next day I had called the salesman again to find out how the car is coming along. Well, I got another story that the car needed a seat belt and also the airbag light was on (which it wasn't when I drove it around the lot). I had told them whatever, get it done cause I want the car! On 8-28-07 , I recieved a phone call stating that I could now come down and check the vehicle out. At this point I already knew I wanted the car! Bill Berti, sales manager, had already known this. So when I went down to the dealership (which is over an hour away). The saleman Chris Berg, had told me I could look at it now, obviously not knowing i had already went down to look at it. I stated to him that I did not come down here to look at it I came down to BUY it. They quickly did a cleaning on it (they tried). About two hours later I drove away in my new little silver Z3. I drove the car around and I LOVE the car, I named her CANDY(cause she's sweet). TWO WEEKS LATER, 9-13-07 the check engine light came on and candy started to overheat. I towed it from Southbury to East Haven, after I had called and informed them of the overheat condition. The company (CARMAX) had attempted to fix it, but to no avail. They brought the car over to North Haven BMW, who had fixed the vehicle, temporarily. On, 9-21-07, at 4:00 pm Friday, CARMAX called me to inform me that the car was ready. I found a ride down to East Haven, a half hour into the ride CARMAX had called again at 4:30pm and stated to me, matter of factly, the car was just involved in an accident. I was not even offered a rental until the following week. I was on my way to an engagement in NYC the very next morning so I wasn't able to go down there to look at the damage right away. On the Sunday that I returned I drove down to East Haven to look at the damage. On the following Monday, I had to take time off of work to talk to the general manager, Bill Boccio, and also sign a form to give the approval to repair the damage. After over $6300.00 worth of damage and another couple of weeks I was able to pick my vehicle up 10-08-07. Furiated at this point, I looked up my rights through the state of CT on diminished value. I had done it through DVAssess. I Sent the company all the information regarding the complete cost of repairs. I was respectful and let CARMAX have their appraisers look at it trying to keep some sort of faith in the company. To my surprise I was appalled at what the response was,they wouldn't give me anything! But I already recieved the assessment from diminshed value assessment. It came to over $700.00 and that is not including the loss of use for 18 days. The body work came out nice. I drove the vehicle a little longer when the check engine light came on again. I looked down at the gauges to find the vehicle was overheating again 10-25-07. Terry at CARMAX, quickly got a tow company out to where I work and had the car towed directly to BMW of North Haven. During this repair Carmax actually kept me posted this time of how the car was coming along, as well as Jim at BMW did. On 11-09-07 I was called by Jim at BMW and also by Doug at CARMAX and was informed that car was complete. It was agreed that I would pick the vehicle up from BMW due to the last time it was brought. I had spoke with Jim and we agreed that I would pick it up the next day, in case any gliches were to arise. At 9 am in the morning I recieved a call from Doug and He had asked if I had picked the vehicle up yet.I stated to him that I had to take a 1/2 day off to get over there. I had planned to pick the vehicle up in early afternoon. I arrived in North Haven and attempted to pick up the vehicle. The bill had not been paid. So now I could not pick the vehicle up and I was stuck in North Haven, seeing my ride had left almost an hour prior. I had tried numerous times to call CARMAX and everytime I would get the answering machine. So I kept trying and finally went through the sales department. Doug did not even have the courage to get on the phone with me. They said that A car would be sent to give me a ride home. Monday 11-12-07. I still don't have my car that has been complete since 11-08-07. Tracy waterbury, ConnecticutU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax
Entity: EAST HAVEN, Connecticut
38, Report #331561
May 09 2008
07:14 AM
CarMax Doesn't Stand Behind their Cars Fredericksburg Virginia
We too recently had an experience w/ Carmax. In November 2007, we bought a 2004 Ford Explorer from the fredericksburg location. Well when driving to Florida for a family vacation with myself, my husband and 3 children in March 2008, doing 65 mph down 95 all 5 of our passenger rear lug nuts broke and our tire went flying. Luckily no one was hurt, but, CarMax is saying its not their fault, even though 3 weeks prior we had taken it in to be serviced with the complaints of it pulling to the right when braking. They said they checked the brakes and rotors and everything was ok. Well after we called them with the info about what happened, they are saying that they never took the tires off to inspect the brakes & rotors. They said they used a tempature gauge and looked through the rims! WTF?! So now we are at the point of trying to take them to court to 1. get them to pay for the reapairs we already paid for, plus the remaining damage, and 2. make this known to the public on what a crappy company carmax actually is. So we are trying to get anyone & everyone who also have had issues to come together!. Please email me so together we can make it known what kind of company they actually are!!!! Tonya Spotsylvania, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fredericksburg, Virginia
39, Report #230437
Jan 13 2007
09:39 PM
Carmax Unskilled staff damages my new truck, ripoff. Sterling Virginia
I purchased a new truck from Carmax in Sterling two months ago. After taking a month and a dozen phone calls to get my new license plates I thought the nightmare was over. However, when I went to change the oil on my new truck I found that their service staff had used an impact wrench to put the drain screw back in the oil pan. The result of this action is that the threads on the screw are hopelessly stripped. I called their service department and got nothing but a bunch of excuses. Meanwhile, I have spoken with two different mechanics both of whom confirm what I believe occurred to be true. My truck will need a new oil pan to replace the one that they damaged. I expect to be resolving this issue in court. The staff of the Carmax in Sterling, Virginia are incompetent at best. It took me a month and over a dozen phone calls to their corporate headquarter's in Richmond, Virginia just to get my license plates for my new vehicle. I would strongly suggest that anyone considering buying a new or used vehicle steer clear of this organization. Jerry Frederick, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
40, Report #279793
Oct 19 2007
11:46 AM
CarMax provides certified pre-owned P.O.S.s Austin Texas
After purchasing a car from the company on 5/25/2005, I have had nothing but a customer experience nightmare. The power steering pump has been replaced 3 times in less than three years, twice under warranty. The second time the part was replaced, Carmax attempted to charge me a deductable on the warranty. Seeing as the part lasted 6 months, I did not pay the deductible. Now, less than one year later, the part is in need of replacement again, and now the car is no longer under warranty. Both the local Carmax service center, as well as their corporate customer relations department have refused any help in the replacement of the part. Customer Relations has yet to issue me a call back, despite numerous contact attempts, which all result in my being directed to a different persons voicemail each time. I have even requested contact information for a legal department so that my lawyer could contact the company, but to no avail. The power steering is not the only problem that I have had with the vehicle, but is the most notable as it has occured 3 times so far. I shudder to think how long it will last this time since it is currently being repaired by the same location as the previous two repairs. Seeing as the work or the part was faulty the first two times, I can only surmise that I will be experiencing more difficulty in the very neer future. My suggestion: AVOID carmax at all costs like the plague. YES, the sales setup is wonderful, noninvasive, and no-pressure. but after the 5 day return policy, it seems that the vehicles are ticking timebombs. Tallon DeHart Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
41, Report #350743
Jul 13 2008
01:19 PM
Carmax stay away from this auto dealer Nationwide Internet
Carmax is a ripoff and if you have been a victom as I an others have the best thing to do is tell everyone who is thinking of purchasing a car to not go to carmax. This is what I am doing in Raleigh NC. I see hundreds of people a day and if I hear the word car I tell of my bad car experience at carmax in raleigh nc. They only want to sell you a car and after that the hell with you. Timothy raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Internet
42, Report #1087339
Sep 25 2013
03:38 PM
 I went into the Carmax on September 23, 2013 to sell my vehicle. I was given an offer and we both agreed on the offer then I was told to check the vehicle for any personal belongings. I was told by the salesrep to drive the car to the back service center and then the service guy removed my tags from the car and gave them to me. Once i went back into Carmax business office I was getting ready to sign my papers and then mysteriously the telephne rang and then A business manager came to me and said that Corporate called them and they were not able to purchase my vehicle. The manager just gave me my keys and did not give a explanation of why they decided to cancel the deal. I was at the dealership for 3 !/2 hours. Once I called corp. i was told Carmax would not call and tell them not to buy a vehicle from a customer, They waisted myy time and they are so inconsiderate of there customers. I called the customer service department and the lady name Debbie said that Carmax can refuse to do business with anybody and they dont have to disclose any information. I have never been so ashamed and angry. 
Entity: Select State/Province
43, Report #1159325
Jul 03 2014
10:44 AM
Carmax Sold bad car, totaled it when they serviced it Nationwide
I bought a Honda Accord. There was IMMEDIATELY a noise on cold start that was never mentioned to me. I brought in in for service under the 30 day warranty. They fixed it for free (good deal right?). I drove the car to Florida a week later. In southern TN at 2 AM, the car makes a horrendous noise and is no longer operable. After a completely awful night, Carmax refused to help me out or give me a rental to complete my trip (apparently against their policy, so they have managers that violate their own policies). I had the car towed to a Honda dealership; they told me that whoever had worked on it last (Carmax) had left bolts out of the engine head and only hand tightened the rest. The engine was totaled. They did provide a rental and cover my hotel and rental car costs, but only after I presented them with the report from Honda. After a lot of back and forth (and a ruined vacation), Carmax offered me $2000 less than what I paid for the car. I had to wait for the car to be shipped back to Indianapolis and demand that I get my money back, $400 of which I never got back ($400, really?). I finally decided it was worth $400 to never have to deal with Carmax again. I took my money elsewhere and bought the exact same make and model car from a better dealership.  Carmax employees (even the many different sales and service managers I spoke with) did not seem to care when I told them I was going to take my business elsewhere.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1007439
Feb 01 2013
03:01 PM
Carmax Sells cars bought out of state without disclosure Duarte, California
Carmax is selling cars in California that have been purchased from out of state without disclosure (even when asked directly). This means that if a manufacturer has something that would normally be covered under warranty or a recall for California like Nissan does on my vehicle, because according to Nissans records it is listed as out of state, the warranty/recall does not apply.
Entity: Duarte, California
45, Report #1070519
Jul 27 2013
06:51 AM
CarMax Spot Delivery - Incompetent, greedy, law violators Rockville Maryland
Well I recently financed a vehicle through CarMax. Everything was going well, for the first 8 days of driving my new to me luxury car. That was until I received a call from my sales rep stating that my trade-in amount was wrong and I needed to either come up with almost $3k or unwind the loan to have the actual figures included. Violation #1: The payoff should have been verified by the incognizant idiots in the business office. Of course the second time, the deal went through, but the finance company was asking for a $5k down-payment....NOT from me, NOT in this century!!! So I walked away from the deal, gave them the keys to the car that I had been showing off. What they neglected to tell me, and denied when I asked, was that they had already received funding of the loan and that my trade-in was already shipped off!!! What?!?! This is Violation #2 for them! What those blood sucking vampires should have done to keep their consumer happy was to incur the cost! CarMax is mega million dollar bustling business...they have the money. This is their fault for not verifying the payoff amount, not mine...I gave them the figures as I knew it...even presented them with the amount I retrieved from my current finance company's website. Now I'm forced to drive around in their less-than luxury loaner car which I'm not returning until I have proof that I am no longer obligated to pay for the funded deal. I refuse to pay two lenders because of their error. I'll be voicing my unhappy complaint wherever possible! Sincerely, Pissed!
Entity: Rockville, Maryland
46, Report #1211203
Feb 23 2015
08:33 PM
Carmax Gap insurance cost $600, Coverage $0 Lithia Springs Georgia
After just having our 2006 Acura TL for one week my wife totaled it. Thankfully we had purchased gap insurance through Carmax for $600. The insurance company worked with Carmax and handled the payoff. Carmax called a week later saying we owed the difference amount of $2,500. My wife told them we had gap insurance and the lady apologized stating their records we're not updated. She stated they were just waiting on the police report. The insurance company had provided this when they handled the payoff. We filed paper work with carmax for the gap insurance claim and they stated the remander would be paid off. However, 3 months  later Carmax contacted us stating that we still owed them the remander $2500 and  they were voiding the gap insurance without a explanation or a refund. We tried to dispute the claim but by then carmax already sold the debt off to a collector and gave us nothing but a run around on the phone an in person. Carmax is just another big bullying corporation who gets a kick out of scamming and ripping off hard working honest people.
Entity: Lithia Springs, Georgia
47, Report #1360383
Mar 07 2017
05:19 PM
Carmax Tampa Tom Service Manager Tampa, Florida
From day one when I first bought the car which was used with low mileage only 50000 for a 2008 mercedes I had problems. I bought the car in 03/09/2016. Within the very first week I had a problem with one of the headlights. It would come on and then it would go off. I took the car back to carmax with the understanding or belief that they wanted to make sure that I was getting a good car, and good service which if anything occured within the first six months or 6 thousand miles I was covered. I brought the car in after about ten days because the headlight were malfunctioning and also the suspension light was on. They took a look at the car and said they couldn't find anything. I took the car home and the same thing happen for two more weeks finally I had enough and returned againg after another two weeks with the lights and suspension malfunction light but they told me nothing was wrong again, but it was on again. The third time which was about a week later now were into the second month of the car, I called corporate and told them about what was going on with the car, they said that they would look into the problem, I was called and an appointment was set up for me to bring the car in and they decided to replace the headlight when they saw that it wasn't working and then they decided to replace it. Tom the service manager was not trying to accomodate us, it felt as if he was trying to stall us until the warranty was up and treated us as if the problems did not exist. The only reason why I feel that he covered it was because I had began to document the light. I brought the car back in after 4 months because the malfunction light would keep coming on and off. Finally, in the fiffth month I took it in and demanded the suspension be looked at by mercedez, since it was still under their warranty, Tom was upsed because I had driven past the six thousand miles, and he said that they should not have to pay for it, and I said this was a problem before the warranty was up. After fighting with Tom, he sent the care to Mercedez in Tampa, they said they couldn't find anything, I got the car back, no work was done on it. About a month later, the car began to squeak very loudly, everytime I turned the wheel on the car there was a loud creaky type noise. I called Tom again and said hey, now I have a loud squeaking noise, and it's every time I go over a bump or make a turn, he said that there is nothing he can do because I was past the warranty. I called his manager and told him what was happening, the manager said bring the car in, they looked at all of the times I had complained and brought the car in, and and set up another appointment they took alook at the suspension and realized that the front left suspension needed repair. However, before the repaired it Tom's manager told me, hey I am doing you a favor, and this is the last time, I thought to myself WTF, I have been bringing this car in for months trying to get you to fix the problems and when they did, they tried to make it seem like they were doing me a favor. But, it get better seven months later the front suspension where they did the repair is squeaking again so my Fiance calls in to let them know on 3/6/2017 that their was a problem she spoke with a woman name Christy who got quiet and paused after she recieved her call, silently reading the notes and proceeded to tell my fiance that she could not set an appointment to bring a car in and refused to set an appointment. My fiance said that she didn't have time to talk with the manager she wanted to set an appointment, and she said again she couldn't, she flat out refused. Later on that evening Tom called my fiance, she then proceeded to tell him what she had done, and that my fiance knew that she was reading the notes (as if we were a problem customer). Tom then shared with my fiance that he had put in the note that he was only to deal with us, which made her feel like an unvalued customer, as if we were the problem.    Then she told me that I would call him, when I called Tom I told him what the problem was, he said that the repair work that they did was only valid for six months or six thousand miles, the local mechanic, gives you at least a year warranty, how is it they don't reapect the manufactures warranty on the part?? Tom then came up with an excuse to not help me by first enquiring about my extended warranty to see if it was applicable to the problem, and then stating that they don't have the tools to properly work on the car, that I needed to take it to Mercedez. It sounds like I got the run around, stall treatment, incompetence and then a cheap job where they saved money by doing it themselves, instead of sending me to Mercedez where they don't use remanufactured parts with little warranty.. This was poor service, professionalism, other shenanigans. I put a thousand mile on my car just to get it serviced, not counting the gas mileage driving an hour to and from the mechanic each time!!! Frustrated!!
Entity: Tampa, , Florida
48, Report #59273
Jun 02 2003
09:10 AM
Carmax Major Lemon from Carmax ripoff business from hell Davie Florida
In May 2001, I bought my second car from my neighborhood Carmax.It was a 1996 Ford Windstar with 39,000 miles for $11,900. I financed it with Carmax at the excellent rate of 18%. I drove it for a week before I took it back for seeping water in to the rear seating area and screeching belt noise. I noticed a tough gear changing but didn't mention it due to Carmax's so called impeccable reputation for checking out cars. In July, I drove to Florida to NY and at the begining of September, the cars transmission blew. I had put 2000 miles on it. I took it to a mecanic who inspected it and said it did not have the original transmission in it. It had been rebuilt. I paid $1500 to replace it. The cars transmission continued to give me problems. The rotors went out. I replaced those. The mecanic said the car had more than 40,000 miles. I have since investigated the minivan and its had a history of problems. Eventually, I had it towed from Georgia back to New York ($600) when it broke down on my trip back to Florida. I took it back to my mecanic and he repaired it again at no charge. He insisted that it was the van from hell. In November with only 44,000 miles on the car I took it to Carmax. Once there I explained my situation and was told I could trade it in for $5000 because of 9/11 and the transmission (really!!!) they said the car had devalued $7000!!! I spoke to the manager and he restated the previous offer to buy back the car for $5000. In three months my used car was worth 7 grand less than what I paid. Since then, the car has a had broken ignition swith, tires blew out on the highway, the alternator blew, the battery went, the rear ac blows hot and the transmission had to be replaced again ($2200). The car has 70,000 miles and its value is somewhere between $2000 and $2500 retail. Unfortunately, I still owe $4000 on it. Antonio Coral Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Davie, Florida
49, Report #458881
Jun 05 2009
10:16 AM
Carmax Carmax warranty is useless and their service department is horrid Columbia South Carolina
Bought a van from carmax last summer with a bumper to bumper warranty. AC broke this summer. Took it there to get repaired. Was told that we would owe $75 if covered under warranty and if not, then whatever the total cost would be. They worked on the AC, while doing that they broke another piece and couldnt fix that piece. They tried to get the warranty company to cover the charges. The warranty company said no, it is not covered. Sales manager said that we are responsible for entire cost and overpriced labor costs. What about your piece of crap warranty that is bumper to bumper? Apparently just a joke. When we dropped the van off, they asked if they could wash and vacuum the vehicle and we said yes. I picked the van up today, it was a mess. Nothing was done to it. Do not shop or buy at Carmax unless you completely want to be ripped off and treated like crap. They are awful to work with. heather lexington, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
50, Report #855454
Mar 17 2012
08:52 PM
Carmax-Plano Carmax of Plano, TX Sold me a car that was unsafe to drive! Plano, Texas
I would not recommend Carmax of Plano, TX to anyone. Their website claims that they do a 125 point inspection and spend an average of 12 hours going over each car before they put it on their lot for sale.  Nothing could be further from the truth.I bought a 2008 Pontiac G6 from Carmax Plano and my experience with them turned into a nightmare.  After I purchased the car, I started hearing noises from the front of the car and noticed the car wobbled when I applied the brakes.  I took the car to Christian Brothers Automotive and the mechanic said that the car needed these items repaired.All brake pads replacedBoth tie rods replaced (part of the steering linkage)All four rotors needed to be replaced as they were warped beyond repairTransmission fluid was dirty and needed to be changedBrake fluid was very dirty and needed to be changedI took the car back to Carmax Plano and left the car with them along with the list of the repairs needed.  My service advisor, James, called me later that day and said that the car was unsafe to drive because of the tie rods (which are part of the steering linkage) were bad and needed to be replaced.  He also agreed that the brakes were bad and all four rotors were bad.  James refused to change the transmission fluid and brake fluid and would only resurface the rotors, not replace them as the mechanic said is what needed to be done. So they put a car that was unsafe to drive on their lot for sale.  What about their so-called 125 point inspection that they claim is done on every car?They gave me a loaner car to drive for about five days while my was being repaired.  When I finally got the car back, I noticed a rattling noise coming from under the car.  I took it back to them and they had to take it to a GM dealer to find out that a brake cable had come loose.Got the car back and there was another rattling noise.  Took it back to Carmax and they found that a heat shield by the muffler was loose.  This was repaired. Got the car back and noticed another rattling noise that I could hear when the windows were down. Again, I took the car back to Carmax Plano and they could not find anything wrong with it.  I took it to a GM dealer myself and they found out that Carmax had replaced the brake pads with the wrong ones.  The dealer installed the correct brake pads.James had promised me he would order a replacement remote control as one was broken.  On one of my numerous trips to Carmax Plano, I asked if it had arrived yet, only to find out James had never ordered it.I had enough at this point and asked to speak to the manager, Nate.  I asked Nate him for his assistance to help me get the remote.  Much to my astonishment, he said I have 180 employees and over 3000 customers per month and I dont have time.   He said I would have to deal with the service advisor, James, to which I replied that was the reason I was talking him, because I was not having much luck with James.  I asked Nate that if I could not get this small issue resolved with James, would he step in to help. He flat out said no.   I could not believe a manager had this type of attitude problem and wondered how someone with his personality became a manager.   I called the Carmax corporate office and spoke with a lady in customer service about everything that had happened.  She said she was taking notes and would get back with me. Never heard from her but was not surprised at this point.  So with was my experience with Carmax Plano and if you dont want to possibly go through what I went through, buy your car from somewhere else.
Entity: Plano, Texas

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