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76, Report #331870
May 10 2008
12:48 PM
CarMax The warrenty they sell is useless if your repair is high dollar. Charlotte North Carolina
Bought a Mercury Sable in Nov. 07 with the extended warrenty, After driving it for 4000 miles it developed a motor knock. Brought it to CarMax and they confirmed it and told me to bring it to Ford. I along with CarMax and Ford notified the warrenty co, and invited them to come and hear the knock before Ford tore down the engine, they declined to come but approved the tear down. Scoring was discovered on crank shaft, rod bearings and cylinder walls, but because we dont know which part was making the sound I was held responsable for the tear down and repairs. This included a new motor totaling $5300.00 I want to know what I did wrong?? Why am I stuck with this mess? I have been a loyal customer for 11 years and my wife and I have purchased 5 cars with CarMax. No more I am very disapointed and hurt by thier customer service. Spoke with Jeff at thier corporate offices, he was very nice but the local store seems to be concerned about short term profits and not long term growth of the company. Jeff monroe, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
77, Report #169122
Dec 23 2005
04:21 PM
CarMax SHAME ON YOU!!! WIll Not Honor Warranty, ripoff Duarte California
My CD player skipped from the start but I thought maybe it was my CDs were bad. I finally took it to a place for repair and gave them all my warrantee papers. After a 3 ring circus of phone calls, the repair was done and I had to pay for it myself. They sell used cars, and sell you a very costly extended warranty. I ASSUMED that would cover a simple repair on the CD player. I got a whole lot of double talk about this particular repair having to be covered by the orig warranty when the car was sold to the orig buyer. They never said I had access to that warranty. The repair that was done did not correct the problem. I again contacted Carmax about it and after speaking to too many people with too many accents, I was told that AT THE TIME I first made the complaint, it COULD have been covered the that orig warranty (which I knew nothing about). They are so cheap they won't even find a used working stereo from another auto to put in my car. Kiss another bogus $1500 bumper to bumper useless warranty goodbye. I see there are several Carmax complaints here. When does the legal help you talk about kick in? How would you like to buy a fresh car and not have a stereo to listen to? Deborah Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Duarte, California
78, Report #241634
Mar 30 2007
09:05 PM
Carmax Bad Customer Service, Refused to fix my car Laurel Maryland
I took my car to carmax for repair 3 times in one year. On the 3rd occasion they told me they had no obligation to fix my vehicle and told me to get off their property. I was within the 6 month repair warranty that they guarantee as well as the useless extended warranty and they did absolutely nothing to help or repair the vehicle. In my opinion they are no better than any other used car dealership - worse because they claim to be so much better. Harry columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Laurel, Maryland
79, Report #243406
Apr 11 2007
01:46 AM
AON Warranty Group, Carmax AON wextended auto warranty fraud Internet Nationwide
I bought a 2001 Passat from Carmax in Richmond VA in 2003. 7 months later the engine light went on and the car died so I took it to a mechanic, one that was recommended by Carmax. Since I had purchased an extended warranty (sold by Carmax) I called them right away to file a claim. After they sent an adjuster out to look at the car they said that I did not properly maintain the car thereby causing damage to the engine. They said I did not change the oil or maintain the oil so there was sludge built up on the cylinders causing 1-2 to crack. I needed to replace the engine. The mechanic that originally looked at it was positive that this kind of damage could not have been done in 7 months and that it was a pre-existing condition. We contacted Carmax but they said too bad, you're out of luck, not our problem. We filed reports with BBB and States Attorneys Office but have had no resolution. We ended up buying a new engine for $4000.00 and replacing the defective one. The mechanic that replaced the old engine (upon opening it up and inspecting it) said there was no way this could have been caused by my apparent lack of maintainance. I did, BTW change the oil and check oil levels several times during that 7 months. Craig Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #251004
May 29 2007
02:22 PM
Carmax What they were and what they are now Kansas City Kansas
I sent these comments to CARMAX in the hopes that they will re-evaluate there policies and procedures and return to the practices that once made dealing with CARMAX a quality experience. My first experience with CARMAX (in 2002) was the purchase of our Nissan Quest Van in Roseville, CA. We walked around the lot with only an occasional May I help you and when we said were only looking the response was, If you do need help just grab anyone in a blue shirt. When we did ask for assistance they were very helpful and informative. We left the lot and came back a few days later. We purchased the Van (with a clean carfax) at a fair price and it has been a great car. It was a great experience. Forward to 2006 and the purchase of my daughters Honda Civic. With our previous experience in mind we went back to CARMAX for our daughters car (Kansas City, KS). We purchased the car with a supposedly clean carfax. Within a few weeks we noticed the drivers door having problems, sounded hollow (echo), missing seals, not aligning properly. We went back to CARMAX to have it fixed (twice). Finally, we went to Honda they told us the car had been in an accident. They fixed the door (foam inserts, seals, realignment, and locking mechanism). We've since had to replace the alternator, and will need to soon replace the front rotors as they are at minimum and can't be turned (although the car only has 50,000 miles on it). The only good part of this experience was that CARMAX had a better rating on financing than our bank or credit union. The salesperson (no longer worthy of the 'assistant' description) was pushy although we were eager buyers based on our past experiences. And finally, we later found out that we overpaid for the car by 2-3k. We will share the blame here as we should have been more thorough in our inspection and value of the car since CARMAX did not. We gave CARMAX the benefit of the doubt as we returned in 2006 while looking for our sons first vehicle. Unfortunately what we found was the following during several trips to the Independence, MO and Kansas City, KS lots: - Several vehicles we were interested in had either carfax histories with accidents (some with multiple) - Vehicles with obvious problems (body or mechanical due to accidents) with clean car fax reports - Unreasonable pricing (during one trip the salesperson allowed us to use an in-house computer to look up pricing via KBB). Even when we showed them the pricing they still wondered why we were not interested in buying the car. - Extremely pushy salespeople (gathered in groups by the front door, followed us all over the lot, and during consultation salesperson went to get help from manager) - Forced to enter and exit the lot through the front door (Probably for security reasons, but in 2002 we could walk straight on to the Roseville, CA lot. In summary, CARFAX has lost what could have been a life long customer. In addition every conversation that we have with family or friends gets a stay clear of CARMAX' recommendation and our story. I'm sorry that your practices have turned to those of the used car dealership stereotype. You had a wonderful idea and it will be sad to see these types of issues be the demise of your success. Bill smithville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
81, Report #291356
Dec 13 2007
03:20 PM
Carmax Town Center Nothing but junk cars!! Kennesaw Georgia
I went to the carmax town center location because several people I work with had purchased vehicles there and said it was an awesome experience...WRONG! I went to carmax and bought my car on June 23rd 2007, I had to jump through a million hoops and didn't get to choose from a big variety of vehicles. I ended up chosing a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser 60,000 miles appeared to be very nice, boy was I wrong. The day after I bought my car I was going to Canton with a friend didn't even make it out of the county I live in when the check engine light came on the first time. I took it to auto zone to have them do the free check engine light testing and it came back with one of the senors bad, so I made an appointment and took my vehicle back down to the service station the next week it was a cam sensor. Not only did they replace that but they called to tell me that they had to redo my whole brake system because there was a problem with those also. Keep in mind this was only like the first week I had the car. It seemed like every time I turned around something was going wrong with my car, this last time my girlfriend was taking my son christmas shopping and the car just quit. The check engine light came on the day before and my car had started trying to stall out on my way to work that morning but I thought I had gotten bad gas, before I could even make an appointment my car broke down with my gf and my son in it. I had to have it towed down to carmax because it wouldn't start, come to find out they tried to tell me oh your waterpump started leaking on your timing belt causing it to break. Im not a fool, I know that doesnt just happen overnight, I just had my oil changed! Well that took about a week, they WOULD NOT provide me with a rental car just so happens I have a very nice boss that let me borrow a vehicle. I go down to get my car after about a week and a half, I pick it up on a saturday I get two redlights down put gas in it, stop at the third redlight and it starts reving itself up and not catching drive ITS AN AUTOMATIC! So I pull over at a shopping mall, get out there is smoke boiling out from under the hood, I turn it around take it back down to carmax and park it. The service manager calls me a few days later and says it was your transmission we have to replace it, Im sorry you came to pick it up and had trouble but we saw the check engine light come on for that and we checked it while we were working on your waterpump and it showed a code for something being wrong with the transmission but we didnt look into it because we thought it had to do with us working on the timing belt!!!! I couldn't believe she left me a voicemail and basically told me they didnt take the car for a test drive and only half assed it. I send a request from their website to corporate, the first customer service rep called me back within a few hours got all my information and complaints and said Ill have someone call you back....A week later nothing! So I sent another request today and again a different rep called me and said I'll make some phone calls and call you back...Only he had the service manager that had already irrated me before call me back and basically tell me there is nothing she can do, or as she put it their hands are tied'. All I thought was fair for them to do is give me another car for the same amount as mine and take my car back that was clearly not dependable to take my son anywhere in. ONCE again I had to hang up on her because she was treating me like I was 5 years old. I don't know who I need to call or who I need to get on my soapbox with but I DONT want the car. I only had it 6 months and Im supposed to pay for it for 6 years???? UMMMM NO! This was my next best option, I would never refer anyone to buy a car from those people! Amber Fairmount, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
82, Report #296564
Jan 03 2008
06:36 AM
Carmax 18 thousand dollar piece of garbage, that cant be fixed Greenville South Carolina
Me and my wife purchased a 2001 chevy impala from the wonderful carmax in febuary of 07. In less than a month we already had problems. in fact we have had more than twelve issues in the last eleven months. Three times the car has refused to start, only to sit for thirty minutes to an hour and crank. they have fixed the problem or so they say each of the three times, only to have the same problem in a month or two. Now it is happening for the fourth time. My wife is now thirteen weeks pregnant, and has found herself stuck in freezing temperatures for a half to a full hour twice. Now she is sick with the flu. Hopefully the baby will be ok. We have had the transmission rebuilt as well as the coolant system rupture a couple of times within the 11 months we have had the car. I feel they should give us another car for all the time and trouble we have spent worrying about the car. Do not i repeat do not buy a car from carmax they will rip you off. I am paying 18,000 dollars for a car they have had more than i have. Tony mcabee Fountain inn,, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenville, South Carolina
83, Report #31800
Oct 04 2002
08:42 AM
Carmax Service Center ripoff Tinley Park Illinois
Carmaxx sold me a '98 Blazer in june of 2001. Already the car has been to the shop 8 times. Recently the waranty department is trying to get out of paying the cost of a $1500 repair job. First the repair shop at Carmaxx has a 2 week waiting period so my wife took the car to a Chevy dealership. After finding out the drive shaft was bad, the dealership called carmax warranty dept. and told them about the problem but they could not put a new part on the car because they don't make new parts for that model. carmax said they would not pay for a used part to be put on because they wanted it garraunteed for 6 months, the dealership then found a rebuilt part which they could garranty for 6 months, carmax then said they would not warranty the work unless I paid for a tear down, so there adjuster can come out to inspect the vehicle, this was $234. I said O.K. The adjuster said there was only a drop of differiential fluid in the compartment and they will not warranty the work because of owner neglect. They said the owners manuel states you should have your differential fluid checked every 3000-6000miles. I have sent them reciepts showing work done on the car where the differential fluid was checked at least 3 times in the last six months during routine oil changes and brake jobs, prior to to that the car was serviced at carmax for noises caoming from the front of the car, they didn't find anything wrong with the differential fluid. Something doesn't seem right. After reading my service contract Carmax has it worded so they can get out of paying anything they choose. Will Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Tinley Park, Illinois
84, Report #984546
Dec 19 2012
03:20 PM
I am having a terrible time with Carmax-Torrance, Calif. After four weeks of hell being told there is nothing wrong with the car. Even after stalling, Scott Robinson Dodge and Carmax in Torrance, CA both insist there is nothing wrong with my 2010 Dodge Caliber. I have all the paperwork and information. It sputters and sometimes stalls and sometimes it just sputters like its going to stall in traffic. This is very dangerous in Los Angeles driving conditions. My car spent 2 days (Nov 28-29) at Carmax, they could not fix it so they told me to go to Dodge, so I go on Saturday, Dec 1st, only be told that the Fuel & Throttle Flush Maint. had never been done on the car. (So much for Carmaxs so called inspection! I can for certain tell you that absolutely no maintenance was done on this vehicle ever before it was sold to me, PERIOD! (according to Victor at Carmax Torrance, they only give it an oil change and sell it. My car needed brakes and front end alignment the first 2 weeks of ownership! So I pay out of pocket to do this Flush. Low and behold, then Tuesday night (Dec 4) my car stalls at a ramp off the 405 south, it did start back up, but I had it towed to SR Dodge Wednesday (Dec 5). Still they can not figure out why it stalled!! It does not code on any of the computers. I then take it back to Carmax on Thursday, Dec 6th and they only offer to test drive it. Of course they could not duplicate my concern. I had to rent a car on Monday, Dec 10th (this is because of Carmaxs wonderful repair policy of leaving the customer out in cold with no way to get around). I did a test drive with a Carmax mechanic present on Monday Dec 10th and still the vehicle does not act up. Then I return the rental on Wednesday, Dec 12th, pick up my car at Carmax Torrance and drive off. Of course the vehicle started to sputter a bit but not too badly. So here I am Dec 13th and the vehicle almost stalls at an intersection in Manhattan Beach, CA on my way to work. So now, and for the 2nd weekend in a row being left without a car, off we go to a Dodge Dealer in Long Beach, CA. Why?? Who the hells knows! Dec 14th,back to Carmax, then they take it to Glenn Thomas Dodge and again, I do not get my car back until Dec 17th. They upgraded the software(???) lololol and charged me for it. Dec 18th-guess what???? I am sure you guessed it---Surprise!!! The car stutters in an attempt to stall-again! Bottom line is this, I need a reliable vehicle and this is not it! I need help! I did not buy a car at Carmax to get swindled and left out in the cold with a piece of crap, just waiting for a catastrophe! How is that for a nightmare story and the saga continueshave contacted Carmax Corp, Dodge-Chrysler Corp and listening to them all stutter like idiots when I told them I will not just go away!
Entity: TORRANCE, California
85, Report #1107056
Dec 14 2013
03:29 PM
Carmax Jacksonville Mike Lavecka, Mike Evans, Tom Oneill Appraiser destroyed my convertible roof Jacksonville Florida
Brought car to carmax for appraisal.  Gave me an appraisal.  I denied the offer.  Walked out and got back to my car and noticed my convertible roof was tampered with by the appraiser and left in bad condition.  It was not closed up like how I had left it.  It was open and looked man handled and parts were dangling with screws hanging.  I tried to run the roof and it was completely broken it would not open or close at all.  Company denied any liability.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
86, Report #1147244
May 16 2014
10:03 AM
Carmax ( houston) Warranty work was not done correctly , and they refuse to fix .. Houston Nationwide
Had some warranty work done at carmax , they claim they used new parts but did not .. the car had a list of about 50 problems after I bought it and drove off the lot .. So it was never inspected by them either .. Keep your money buy from an individual and save the headaches ..because they will just refuse to fix .
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #977438
Dec 03 2012
02:49 PM
MaxCare/CarMax CNA National Warranty Corpration Extended Warranty Covers Nothing Scottsdale, Arizona
We bought a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan from CarMax in Henderson, Nevada in January 2012.  Since this was a used car, with almost 30k miles on it we opted for the extended warranty since this would be the only family vehicle we had.  In talking with the sales person, we felt the best warranty, that would cover the most, would be for 72 months, or 100k miles.  The total cost of the warranty was $2,049. Each repair would have a $200 deductible that we would have to pay.  Having had an extended warranty on our last car - which we did end up using to correct an oil leak problem, we knew that we needed to maintain the car.  We take the van in religiously for it's oil changes & check-ups.  On our way back in to Las Vegas from Thanksgiving with family, our Van showed signs of overheating so we immediately pulled off the road & a cloud of smoke came billowing from the front of the van.  We pulled our kids out of the Van & immediately called Triple A for a tow truck to take the van to our long time mechanic.  This was on Saturday night.   On Monday, our Mechanic tells us that he believes there is a blown head gasket, & that this is something the warranty should cover.  He tells us that the warranty company needs us to authorize a tear down of the engine before they can even send out an adjuster to verify the damage.  Our mechanic tells us that in talking with MaxCare they tell him that there should be no problem, that this is a covered piece, but that we, as the car's owner, need to authorize the tear down of the engine so they can look at it.  Our mechanic tells us the tear down is almost $1,200, but that he has been assured the warranty will cover it.  We ok the tear down.  On Saturday the MaxCare adjuster comes out to the mechanics shop, agrees with his assessment & tells the mechanic there will be no problems, that on Monday he should have the approval.  In the meantime, I had no choice but to rent a car, at my own expense - the warranty covers $40/day, BUT that is only AFTER they have approved the repairs.   On Monday our Mechanic calls us to tell us that MaxCare has denied the claim, stating that the blown head gasket was related to us driving too long with an overheating car.  My husband calls MaxCare, speaks with a representative, then Dale, a supervisor.  They tell him that the claim was denied because there is a plastic piece connector that broke & this is not a covered item in the warranty.  The plastic piece.   I call MaxCare because I am flabbergasted that they are not approving this.  I talk to a representative who tells me that the denial was because we failed to properly maintain the car & that with regular maintenance that a broke hose or connector would have been caught & corrected, thus preventing the overheating & subsequent blown head gasket.  I tell him that I take the car in religiously.  He tells me that, as a former mechanic himself, that this piece is a small Y connector that is black & is not easily seen.  He said that it really depends on how deep a mechanic looks & that most are probably not even looking at this piece on a regular basis.   I asked the former mechanic that how would I know, a mother of 5, who takes her car in for regular maintenance to even ask that this hard to see, small black connector needs to be checked?  He said that again, I really need a good mechanic. I must mention that to this point I had not had any problems with the van.  I then ask him to send me a copy of the warranty so I can see exactly where it said that this was not a covered benefit.  He tells me that they do not have a copy of it.  I ask him how can he tell me that this is not a covered benefit when he cannot even see the contract?  He said they have a computer, with codes that tell him this.  I ask him what good is the warranty, what does it cover then?  He said major engine problems - I ask, isn't this major damage? He said that it was related to a non-covered piece, so not covered.  Anything that is a result of hoses or connectors is not covered.  I ask, isn't most things in an engine connected by hoses & connectors.  He again tells me that with regular maintenance they would not break.  So here I am  - $1,200+ into a tear down of a car, that MaxCare will not cover.  They have told the shop one reason - we drove too long with it overheating.  They told my husband that it was due to a non-covered piece.  They went further with me & told me that my neglect of having this checked, caused the piece to break, consequently causing the engine damage.  I am now trying to figure out how to pay not only the $1,200 to break the car down (which had to be done before they would even send an adjustor out) & coming up with an additional $1,200+ to complete the repair.  Knowing I did not have this kind of money, this time of the year, had I known it was going to be denied, I would have had the car towed back to my house until I could afford to fix it.  And to cancel the extended warranty - that may be another complaint.  I have already been told that there is a $30 administrative fee.  That I must write in to cancel & that the refund is prorated. 
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
88, Report #1194402
Dec 10 2014
10:12 AM
carmax Dont believe the hype their the worst Avoid Avoid Avoid King of Prussia Pennsylvania
I purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey from carmax in September of 2014. Initially when I called them I spoke to a lovely sales man who quoted me a finance interest rate of 5.8%. Unfortunately I was unable to make it in that day. Finally I arrived at the dealership three days later. The car I chose was sold. The salesman explained to me these things happen. I accepted it, and chose a different car. However, when he ran my credit the second time my intrerest rate went to 21% I know thats high but I was coming in with no credit history at all. So I took on the payments thought I was getting a lovely reliable car. Well about one week after recieving the car I was driving and the car wouldn't stop. Contacted Carmax King of Prussia they sent a tow man out . Explained to me that It was the master cyclender and that they would fix it no cost to me. Well two week later I recieve my car back the water pump goes and the car won't stop squilling. I contact car max they send the same tow man out this time the machanic tell me the rotors need to be fixed and everything will be replaced at no cost to me. Well the dealership claim to have fixed the problem. Two weeks later I am on the highway and the annoying squilling started up again. I contact Carmax at which time I speak to a lovely representative Name Denise she explains to me that I need to bring the car in to the dealership to see what else is wrong with the car. I drop it off to the dealership one week later I recieve the car back only to have the car stutter start. After the second time the car catches on I precede to my home. Now we are in October I am on the highway and my wheel starts to shake a little bit and I pay it no attention.I contact the dealership they explain to me that sometime with new rotors that cars need to readjust. About a week later I am sitting in my jobs parking lot and the car doesn't turn on. I call my husband he told me to wait a minute at which time he informed me to put the car in neutral and to turn the key. H e explained to me that the car on its website has been experiencing many starting problem due to the WIN box not reading the electrical system. The next day I contact Denise with the situation she informs me if car does it again to bring the car in well no the problem occurred doesn't occur again within the month. So now it's the middle of Novemeber oil change and the squilling of the brakes come back, the wheel is shaking at excellerated speed when on the highway. I bring the car in to them at which time my oil is changed and I am informed that something was bent between the brake and the pad. Master Mechnaic stated to Denise east fix. I pick up the car heading back home pick up excelleration the wheel is still shimming and the brakes ar squiling. I contact Kyle a repair representative. He kindly informs me to bring the car in. I bring it to Car Max King of Prussia complaining of the safety of the vehicle at which ime I am informed that I will not be able to get a loaner due to how many times I have brought the car back for repairs. I got a little heated and demanded to speak to a master mechanic at which time he and I went on the highway and the wheel shimming started again. We returned to the dealership at which time he reported to the manager that what I was reporting was a safety issue. Carmax provided me with a loaner However after having my car for 6 days I was informed that my rotors had to be replace again the dealer claims due to harsh driving. How about I know my rotor never were replaced the first time, and howabout that 30day fix policy is a scam they sent it through the claims department the first time they claim to have fixed my brakes THIS SERVICE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON THE HOUSE THE FIRST 30 DAYS. PLEASE DONOT BUY A CAR THROUGH CARMAX THEY DONOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT. I haven't had my car for 90 days and had to take the car back to them more than 6xs. Oh the head bangers is now they want me to pay for the rotors and brakes that they claim to have fixed in September, and October.
Entity: King of Prussia, internet
89, Report #1157404
Jun 25 2014
11:20 AM
CarMax Disappointed Repair Customer –Mechanics failure and irresponsibility cost me $1007 – Gastonia, North Carolina Nationwide
  I purchased a 2005 Silverado Z71 in June 2012. First, during the transport from Chattanooga, TN to Gastonia, NC (Charlotte area) they scratched the roof of the truck and took 3 days to repair it. However, after the repair the truck was beautiful. The vehicle was well maintained from the previous owner and is still babied to this day. We and our family purchased over 6 vehicles over the past 10 years. I have always recommended CarMax to my friends and family. During the first week in August that year, the check engine light came on. Less than a week after the 30 day warranty the shop stated it was a “Knock Sensor”.  Knock Sensors are not an easy fix as the intake manifold must be removed to replace the two sensors and the wiring harness. The job was completed, only after negotiating the fees for the job. The job was quoted as $690. CarMax repeated that the truck was out of warranty, one week out of warranty. We negotiated to pay 50/50 for the bill. I was out $345. About 10 months later, the check engine light came on again. I took it to a local auto parts chain store where they offer free diagnostics. It was the Knock Sensors again. I immediately went to my CarMax receipt and, of course they only warranty parts and labor for 6 months/6000 miles. Through the next few months the light came on and off, almost routinely every other tank of gas. I considered it could be bad fuel, being new to NC; I kept searching for new gas stations. Seeing that the knock sensors were recently placed, I began researching via Silverado/Sierra web forums the causes of knock sensor codes. I also located an extremely reliable local mechanic to maintain and repair all my family’s vehicles and they were perplexed over the sensors coding again. During late spring of this year, the check engine light came back on and refused to go off. I replaced the Mass Air Flow but to no avail. I cleaned the intake, but to no avail. My last choice was to go through the cost of having the sensors replaced, once again. Once my mechanic took on the task, the cause was very visible. The wiring harness from the knock sensors that CarMax replaced was crushed between the intake gasket and the cylinder heads. An obvious and well known issue, as described on the Silverado Forum for people who have multiple issues with Knock Sensors. The job was completed correctly for $1007. I secured the old knock sensor parts, including the crushed wiring harness, which began to fray and short out against the cylinder head and the gasket showing the wear. Needless to say, I went back to CarMax in Gastonia, NC where I was greeted with smiles and firm handshake from one of the ladies working as a “Customer Advisor”. She heard my issue and told me she’d check with her manager and call me by the end of the day. And as guessed, I received the call an a very fake polite and condescending denial was given. Her poor excuse was hidden behind, Geesh, we would have like to of had an opportunity to correct our issue, but since you didn’t come back to us, we will not honor my request to get reimbursed for their mechanics failure to correctly install the sensors. It was an obvious good choice not to return to CarMax, with hindsight in mind, they would have covered up for their mechanic irresponsibility, I’m certain.   Taking it up the ranks to Customer Relations, I received my second denial from a lady who described herself as a temporary helper from their Richmond, VA location. She was to have spoken with other ‘more experienced’ relations expert and get back to me by Monday. Here it is Wednesday and no call back. So I called back and received a firmer denial with no one further to speak with other than a simple manager… In getting their bad news, I have no other choice but to take it up to Social Media. Copy and paste, here we go…
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #1093813
Oct 22 2013
02:02 PM
CARMAX - Burbank Extended Warranty is Fools Bargain Burbank California
So I buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from CARMAX with super low miles - - a sweet deal?  Maybe not.   I don’t have money to burn, but I get convinced that the extra insurance  coverage is truly essential, especially on an older car - - and not to worry, CARMAX service centers are open 7 days a week and they also work with a multitude of local repair shops.  That’s a HUGE plus for me since the nearest CARMAX store is a solid 30 minutes away (without traffic).Fast forward 4 months….I’ve put barely 3,000 miles on the car and a very unpleasant sound has taken over my engine block.  So, I call Carmax to make an appointment to have it checked out.  Their soonest appointment is 8 days away.  Are you kidding???  When I ask about an affiliate that will honor the insurance I was sold at the time of purchase, I’m given the name and number of ONE mechanics shop which is “conveniently right down the street from CARMAX”.  There is NO other recommended repair shop located between me and dealership.  This is a bad sign…..….so I call the shop they recommend, and the person tells me that I’m welcome to “drop off” my car whenever I like.  They’ll take a look at the car, a claim will be submitted , then an insurance adjuster  will come out and assess the issue (a 2-3 day process), and IF approved, I will be notified….and if the car needs work requiring more than a day in the shop they’ll get me a rental….Is this a joke? Time, money, convenience and sanity are all things that are important to me - - - and so is feeling safe on the road….so, in the interest of all those things I took my car up to my local mechanic - - a wonderful and ethical business owner.  He identified the problem (a fairly costly and major one as it turns out) and offered to call the extended warranty division of CARMAX to see if he couldn’t work with them directly to get my car fixed and save us all some time.Long story short - - he got the “runaround” for almost an hour and eventually concluded that even if I were to use the insurance, there is little to no chance they would use quality parts, and that their ethical compass is in desperate need of a magnet.  I will be paying for the repairs out of pocket.  It does not please me…but I simply do not have a way to live without a car while I’m being “approved”, nor do I feel comfortable driving around this big city with repairs and parts that may be substandard.Bottom line?  There are several - - take your pick.  I’m disgusted and furious, and promise myself I will not use CARMAX again - - OR refer them to anyone - - ever.  If I wanted to be treated like garbage, I could have gone to ANY used car dealership.   
Entity: Burbank, California
91, Report #1253594
Sep 08 2015
02:20 PM
Carmax, Alameda N.M. Extended Warranty Fraud Albuquerque New Mexico
I bought a 2005 PT Cruiser from this Carmax location in November 2012. In the entire time I have had the car, I have had to put alot of money into repairs as well as preventive maintenance. 2 weeks ago, I paid $3200 to repair the engine of which should have been covered under the extended warranty. A week after I get the car out of the shop, it goes back in because it was overheating. The radiator seems to be the problem and although radiator replacement is not part of the not covered clause, the Maxcare /CNA extended warranty people are telling me that they refuse to cover the cost because unless it is dripping antifreeze, then it is not a mechanical problem. When I tried to argue the case that the radiator is the only thing left that the diagnosis has yet to eliminate as the problem, they said that the shop said it was not a mechanical problem but a restricted flow problem. Among the other repairs that should have been covered are the busted gasket seals that were leaking oil into the spark plugs, corroded battery cable, all of which should have been covered otherwise why get the extended warranty at all.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
92, Report #1234635
Jun 09 2015
05:55 PM
Carmax 5 day return policy and 125 point inspection a joke greensboro North Carolina
We purchased a ~$51,000 GMC Denali HD Truck from the Greensboro, NC location and put a trade value of ~$7K and a $10,100.00 down payment in the form of a business check. The check was ACH transferred in 24 hours on a weekend. The second day of driving the truck to and from job sites the check engine light came on. Took it to my trusted mechanic and it is most likely an O2 sensor. No problem, we also purchased the MaxCare plan and it's under warranty. Later the same day the cruise control stopped functioning, leading me to believe the 125 point inspection is a joke.  So we decided it was time to take advantage of the 5 day no questions asked return policy. The staff at the location made this a quick and painless process, however, they informed us that the refund check for the down payment would be mailed to us within 7 - 10 business days. I didn't mail them the down payment in 7 - 10 business days. They drew the money from my account almost immediately. I full expected to have the money back in the same fashion. You have 14 days to have credit checks on your account if you are searching for a new car, mortgage, loan, etc before you get dinged again, so I don't have the luxury of waiting 7-10 business days to get the down payment back that I need to put down on a truck at an actual car dealership. We have bought 3 cars from Carmax in the past with absolutely no issue. Needless to say they have lost a customer for life in us. I will also make sure my friends, family, and business contacts know of this unacceptable business practice so they don't get burned as well.  
Entity: greensboro, North Carolina
93, Report #1314755
Jul 02 2016
09:47 AM
Carmax Oxnard CA Be aware of the scams Oxnard California Nationwide
Went to carmax Sept 2015 and purchased a car. (2011 Nissan Altima) at the time everything seemed fine, a month later we noticed there were problems with the car. Breaks were at 30%, When we had only put 700 miles on the car. Couple weeks later we heard an awful sound coming out of the car, took it to Nissan and were told it was 2.5 quarts low of tranny fluid. They checked the car further for any leaks with negative results. Then had problems with keeping the car running, etc. Well 9 months later we were so fed up,with the car and the so called warranty and owing twice what the car was worth, we traded it in and purchased a brand new Chevy from a reputable dealership. Be aware of carmax, and their so called max care warranty they claim to do a 125? Point inspection on their cars they take in, they claim they have a no hassle pricing. Yea no hassle cause they rip you off...
Entity: Phoenix, California
94, Report #1322752
Aug 16 2016
07:36 AM
Carmax Sold me a lemon car and won't repair it Modesto California
 Bought a lexus is250 had a 30 day warranty as well as a extended warranty before my 30 days were up told them about a noise coming from engine they denied the fact the i told them yet they repaired my window cause they thought the noise was coming from there which means so i told them about a noise and now there trying to tell me any repairs must come out of my extended warranty so i would have to pay a deductible don't buy from here there liers and thiefs my car has been having issues since the day i bought it its always one thing after another and there 30 day warranty crap is fake like them DONT BUY CARS FROM CARMAX AT ALL!!!!!!
Entity: Modesto, California
95, Report #1264581
Oct 29 2015
08:35 PM
CarMax They wanted to see my personal Bank account. Fort Worth Texas
I have bought several cars from Carmax over several years. I was buying a new truck and turning in my old one. I had to write a $2318.92 check to cover the gap in the payoff. I was told they needed to verify the funds. Then I was asked to pull up my personal bank account so someone could come in and look at it to make sure the funds were in the account. I have written many checks for downpayments and monthly payments and have never written a bad one. It is absolutely none or Carmax business what my personal bank account looks like. If I wanted them to see it, I would open a joint account so they could have freedom to poke around in my account anytime they wanted. I did not get my truck because I would not comply with their demands, Very frustrated and no longer a customer. 
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
96, Report #1204407
Jan 26 2015
10:06 AM
Carmax Autofinance Completely Ignorant with NO Concern for Customers Kennesaw, GA Internet
I have had more issues with Carmax Autofinance than I can even describe.  The issues started a few months ago when they reported a late payment to the credit bureaus that wasn't late at all.  On my credit report, it says over 30 days late, when my payment was absolutely on time.  I am jumping through hoops trying to get that removed.  They aren't being helpful at all.  They keep trying to brush me off when I call to talk to them about it.  I even had one rep hang up on me. Also, I just moved from Texas to New York state, and I have to get my car registered in NY.  I called them to have them send me a certified copy of my title, and a certified permission letter (which is required in the state of NY to register your vehicle).  I called two days later to make sure that they sent exactly what I needed in the mail.  They absolutely assured me that they did.  A week later, I get a piece of paper in the mail that has our loan agreement on it.  I call them back to let them know that they sent me the wrong paperwork and repeated to them what I needed.  They assured me that they would overnight the paperwork.  (I am getting dangerously close to the deadline to register my vehicle according to the date my insurance flipped to NY.)  Three business days later, I call them back to see why I haven't received my paperwork.  They say that they have no record of me calling and asking for any paperwork.  Now I have 3 business days left to register my vehicle.  They assure me again that they will overnight the paperwork out that day...I will recieve it the next day.  Two more days go by.  I call them again, because it is the last day to register my vehicle.  AGAIN they tell me they have no record of me calling in.  Now I have to call my insurance company to change the effective date on my insurance because the state of NY won't register my vehicle.  That will take another week to update and get that paperwork in the mail.  Honestly, I don't think Carmax Autofinance will ever actually send me the paperwork that I need, so my car is illegal and I may never be able to drive it again.  My inspection is out of date in TX, so my car has been off the road for a month and I can't do anything about it because I can't register it. 
Entity: Internet
97, Report #1414777
Dec 03 2017
10:59 AM
Carmax Orlando Sold me and my wife a faulty car! Orlando Florida
Was sold a faulty car!! Found major problems with the car after a week. Called and called and called for two and a half weeks to try make an appointment with their service center to get the multiple problems fixed. Could never get in contact with them at all! Left multiple voice messages! Never got a call back! Now I'm stuck with a $23,000 usless car that has now completely died! Has a huge electrical problem (all lights flicker inside and out and all cut out WHEN DRIVING) im %98 sure my transmission is shot! And not to forget my alignment is way off! Thank you carmax for selling me the worst car I have ever owned!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
98, Report #145824
Jun 11 2005
05:24 PM
CarMax - Buena Park - Troy - General Manager CarMax Buena Park Sold Me a Lemon; General Manager Lies & Won't Exchange Buena Park CAlifornia
Bought a 2001 Toyota Celica on Feb 18, 2001 from CarMax Buena Park. The very next day after I brought it home I had to call concerning the brakes. I have returned it 3 times for the brakes and they are still not fixed. Each time it has been returned to me, a new issue develops. The car pulls to one side if you have to brake suddenly. I wanted to exchange the car and the General Manager -- Troy -- kept insisting that I give them the opportunity to repair it. So I have -- three times--and I have not had it for 30 consecutive days without problems. I wanted to exchange it from the beginning -- At the third repair, Troy told me that if this didn't fix the problem that we would explore other options. I got the car back and now the brakes are making a clunking noise and it's still not right. So what does Troy tell me -- my options are: 1. Give them the opportunity to repair AGAIN (while I continue to go without a car AGAIN and make payments on this piece of junk) OR 2. Sell the car back to them at wholesale value and buy another car -- I would lose $5000 from 3.5 months ago! Right! Thanks Troy. And I don't think the finance company would go for that. I also had asked the Salesman JT where the car came from before I bought it and he said that it was a returned lease vehicle bought from a dealership. After having problems with the car I insisted that I be provided with the history on the car and I was sent the AutoFax that revealed it was A FLEET VEHICLE bought AT A WHOLESALE AUTO AUCTION! I am appalled. Why wasn't this revealed to me???? I would not have bought it. This is where they advertise that they send cars that are not up to the high-standards required to be put on their lot. I put down $4000 cash for this car and financed the rest. Does he realize how long it takes to save up $4000 for some people? He does not care. I HAVE CALLED AND COMPLAINED FROM THE VERY FIRST WEEK! HE INSISTED I GET THE REPAIRS. The first time I called (two days after I bought it) my repair was scheduled for TWO weeks later -- past the 5-day exchange with no questions asked. I feel so manipulated. I asked Troy why I was given a certificate stating that there was a 125-point check performed on my car and yet clearly there was not -- Troy told me I don't know--I don't think we had the car very long before we sold it. The car shouldn't have even been put on the lot then! Not if that's what they are advertising; not if they give me a certificate stating that this was performed! I want to exchange the car! Why is he sticking me with this junk that's falling apart! The hood won't pop up now. This car is a 2001 and bought with 32,000 miles -- why is it falling apart? I went to CarMax to get a reliable car at a fair price. This has been so horrible for me. I feel so cheated and ripped off --EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO AVOID. THE CAR SITS -- I DON'T DRIVE IT. I don't feel safe and it's engine and transmission is erratic. Yet, I continue to make payments. Susan Rancho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #534779
Dec 06 2009
01:28 PM
CARMAX Carmax sold me a car that was unsafe, needed extensive repairs even and priced the car three times what they say it is worth. buenapark, California
carmax sold me a 1999 Honda, I was told by family and friend to have them change the tires with in a day after purchase. I asked them to check tires they said tires were fine. Then the tires go low, they said tires were fine, brought back to there service with in the first month and first three months, they said tires were fine, each time filling up with air.  Took tires to have them repaired at reputible tire place, was told tires were so bad they could not be repaired because they would be a liability to fix.   Car within the first month would just die at a stop, engine would just go out.  Had Carmax check, they said the diagnostic showed nothing, if it happens again bring back.  I did, it still did not show anything, They said if it does it again, bring it back, I did, but again the diagnostic they said showed nothing, and when they drove it, they said it did not do this.  ( I could not afford any other mechanic at this time....I was still a student using student loans to survive). The car payment was high....which is why i went for a used try to keep payment down and insurance rate down. Also had them check brakes....seem to go low at time....felt scared.  They said they were fine....they had to meet a certain they were fine.  My brother helped me with checking what i could with the fluid or line, because i could not afford a mechanic and they kept telling me all was okay. It was past the month, and i had not purchased an extended warranty. So they said it was on me. 2/1/2 month into the car my car started to overheat, after finally getting the car to buena park....since they would not pay for a tow.   i had to slowly drive, stop for an hour fill with water and drive...side streets to make it there. The repair of radiator was extensive with labor....carmax charged me more then other mechanic would.  after proving the cost of parts and labor was extensive...they lowered the price down a few hundred....but still charged me more then then other places and part was more then if i purchased it myself from an automotive store.  They said dealership charge more.  They at that time could not tell me if my heads were blown...since they could not check the pressure till the radiator was in place....i would have had to pay for that also.  I did not buy the extended warranty.  The the drive shaft went out.....payed for that with another mechanic i used with my previous vehichle, since car max charged so much. The boot for the tire was completely broken, so i replace that. The air emmision valve (costly) had to be replaced. Oh, forgot to mention, i replaced all the tires on the car. (not expensive, stylish but new good ones) Brake light has been on but i can't afford this right now, since the transmission is now going out. So it will cost between $1800 for a rebuilt part (not labor) and  carmax offer, and $3300. with labor and new part from Honda, to fix. My advice do not buy a car from this company! they have sales people that just put you off, the top people will not talk to you.  And they will not make good on their sales, They do not check cars, many people have told me after,They will not buy back their car like they say they will when they are selling it. Yes i have had my car over a year, but it was a bad car, extremely, over priced, but i need a car that was not expensive for a reason, but i did not expect them to sell me a car that was unsafe and needed so many repairs. Now i have to pay over 10,000 for a shell of a car that i am building from the inside out. That they say is only worth 2000. Thats how much they over price the car.....and remember i have been making payments for the last year on this car, so i have lost out on this and the repair cost.  Tell your friends this story, and please do not buy from is a terrible place.
Entity: buenapark, California
100, Report #619934
Jul 03 2010
08:23 PM
Carmax, vehicle was under warrenty and part was under warrenty guidlines, carmax refused to fix it Buena Park, California
in 2007 i bought a camero SS. and i bought a warrenty through carmax on it, a few months later there was a problem with the clutch system( not the clutch plate)! there was contamination in the clutch fluid, carmax never inspected it before they sold it and the contamination blew out the master cylinder. after i would hold the clutch down all the way to the floor in a few seconds it would start engaging even with the clutch all the way down to the floor. i spoke with a lady in buena park about this and she said they dont fix problems with clutches under warrenty, so i took it to duarte, ca  and told them about buena park and they said they do fix certain problems with the clutches but that what was happening to my clutch was perfectly normal.( i found out that they would have to put out 2500 bucks for special corvett/ camero ss clutch parts) and send it to a specialist place to fix the problem, after this i said fine if you think there is nothing wronge with the car why don't you appraise it for a buy back, and in this eight yr old car with massive problems duarte ca carmax gave me a wow factor offered 18 k for it knowing i owed 22 and would cost 2500 to fix the problem( so obviously i wouldn't take the buy back since it would cost me more) so i was so pissed i was not going to pay for a warrenty that would not fix something that was covered i asked bueana park to cancel my warrenty and refund that money to me.... carmax gladley did cancel it. when i called back a day later to complain agian carmax in buena park said that they would have covered it but since i canceled the warrenty i could no longer get it fixed regardless, so.... i went down to carmax in irvine ca and traded my car in on a very expensive vehicle, and ejoyed it for a week... i wanted to see if thoughs super duties held up like they do in commercals, i never found out the longer term effects of racing them baja with low coolent and oil that had heavy contaminates in them but they seem to like the off road a bit. anyway i took the truck back with in my 10 day exchange time frame and paid the difference between what carmax ridiculously overly offered for my camero,( so i wouldn't have any documentation for court on the bad condiftion of my car, because their apprasal said great condition), and what i owed unfortunatly now carmax ended up with more than one lemon, and paid about 5 grand to much for my car in an attempt to get out of a repair they should have taken care of.. i wounder if they screw with alot of young people like this?
Entity: Buena Park, California

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