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1, Report #1150366
May 28 2014
05:03 PM
Entity: Illinois
2, Report #1006032
Jan 30 2013
10:09 AM
Cash Advance USA SCAM Internet
Yesterday afternoon I get a call from an Indian guy saying he's a lawyer and that the matter is time sensitive. He called me four times in a row before I called back. He said that I was being sued for not paying my loan back and the police were going to come pick me up from my house and if I wasn't there they would come get me from my job the next day. They also threated to call my job and tell them I was being sued. He said that if I could come up with $399.97 within the hour, write an apology letter, and pay them with a bill payment voucher or bill payment card they would forgive the missed payment and send me some kind of certificate! The crazy part is I did take out 3 loans and missed the payments but NOT from Cash Advance USA but during the call I couldn't remember! They really scared the sh*t out of me!!!! My husband was pissed!! They were really rude when my husband got on the phone. They also got mad at me for not being able to make the payment in the alloted time they gave me. They even went as far as to have an EMERGENCY number call my cell phone and pretend to be the police!!!! They asked me my location so they could come pick me up!!! Ummmmmmm....if your the police you should have my address!!!  My husband went on the internet and saw this page and assured me it was a scam!! He played on their phone for a while!!! I also checked my bank records and told my bank what happened and most payday loan companies have a phone number on your bank records where the deposit was made. These ppl should burn in hell for what they are doing!!! The number they called from was 760-666-2511 and 760-483-3768! I almost made the payment.......PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THIS!!!!
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1181922
Oct 09 2014
11:15 AM
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #933896
Aug 28 2012
03:30 PM
On 8/28/2012, i received a threatening voice mail from some Indian speaking b*stard. The message stated that I immediately contact him regarding a lawsuit. I actually called the number back and the same guy that left the message answered the phone. He stated that his name was Robert Foster and he was calling regarding a lawsuit. He then asked me my SS#. When I refused he then read me the last 4 #'s of my soc. he went on to tell me that I had applied for a payday loan for Cash Advance USA and that the money had been deposited to my account and not paid back. I knew this was a damn lie because I just had to borrow money from my son to buy lunch. Where is the money that was deposited? I did apply for a payday loan but I was turned down. each time I applied I was directed to more and more windows and I kept applying like a fool- never to be accepted. This Indian speaking idiot went on to tell me that I would be served with an arrest warrant on my job tomorrow at 11. I told him to please come earlier than that because I would be at lunch at 11. I am pissed that someone would try such a scam knowing that I am indeed in need of cash. What a B*TCH!
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #813140
Dec 23 2011
06:42 AM
Cash Advance USA SCAM Internet
Ok, so this morning I received a voicemail on my cellphone from a man with a STRONG accent (Eric Sheraton and he was calling from Jackson Law Firm) saying that i was a primary suspect and there's a lawsuit being filed against me. So I immediately think, they have the wrong person. I call back the number he left in the message (786-533-3031).. Someone answered asking my name and who I was calling for.. then Eric Sheraton came on the line explaining to me that I was being charged 3 criminal charges, and that I was given a cash loan from this company and never paid back so i stole from them. I was so confused and I know I NEVER received any cash advance from this company. He said I had an outstanding balance of $927.. WHAT??? he then said i'd have the option to settle in court or out of court.... and i said in court because I never received a dime from them and this is complete BULL. He then scared me into thinking i'd have to pay $8000+ if i do it in court, and he's trying to help me by setting up a payment arrangement. He had me going for a while, because I was so scared. UNTIL... He stopped me mid sentence to tell me his manager would like to further speak with me and finish setting up the payment arrangements. I said ok. He then pressed two keys on the phone and the SAME EXACT person came back on the phone stating a different name. I knew something was up. While on the phone I asked for the company's number and then googled them and saw that this has happened to ppl before. IT WAS INDEED A SCAM. I then asked him how much was the balance i supposedly owed and he told me $987. BEFORE it was $927 and now it increased another $60. BULLSH*T!! I was so upset and tried to again explain that I NEVER RECEIVED A DIME from them, he then got loud with his tone.. telling me that I can face up to 90 days in jail, and I'll be arrested at work, and sorts of bullshit. By then, I was up on game and hung the phone up. After all that, I called the number he gave me to contact cash advance usa.. and it was NOT IN SERVICE!! These people are absolutely ridiculous and need to STOPPED! 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #897988
Jun 15 2012
09:03 AM
Cash advance USA Complete scam, Internet
I was contacted today by an attorney stating that i am being charged with violation of federal banking laws check fraud and theft by deception and they stated that i will be having a warrent for my arrest if i do not pay 575$ which was put into my account i do not recall this transaction nor do i have the funds and the paralegal could not tell me anything and began to yell when i asked him valid questions regarding the matter and told me that by 630 if the money is not received i will be going to court 1 they cannot issue a warrent for a debt unless it is federal government related but he had my social my email and my name an bank info so how is this possible i need some advice because they are threatening to call my job and my reserve unit of the army so what can i do to resolve this matter any information will be greatly appreciated thank you
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #910460
Jul 11 2012
03:58 PM
Cash Advance USA Jason Carter BIG BULLY! Internet
This person started calling me last year by threatening to send constables and judges to my house because I wasn't paying off on a loan that I never applied for. He had my account information and said the amount that had been deposited into it. I checked my account and I NEVER received a deposit from any loan company. He is now sending me threatening emails stating that they're sending me to court and I'm gonna have to pay court fees. He seems to think that I'll be found guilty for receiving a loan I never received or applied for. Scam. BIG scam! If this person or persons contact you, call the DAs office - Consumer Fraud Divison, the BBB and the Attorney General's Office. 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #938329
Sep 08 2012
07:32 AM
Cash Advance USA SCAM, RIPOFF, FRAUD Internet
I recently begin to receive phone calls from an attorneys office who are claiming to be representing Cash Advance USA. The guy on the phone asked me if I knew that I had a lawsuit pending against me from this company, I told him no, he then verified my name, address and last four of my social with me then proceeded to tell me that I was being taken to court because I took out a loan and never repaid them back! I told the guy that I had no idea what this was about and I dont even know who or what this company is. He then transferred me to his supervisor and said that he would explain further to me what was going on. Both of these guys had a thick accent sounded indian to me and was not very helpful and giving me details.  I told the supervisor the same thing. That I did not know where this was coming from and that I have NEVER EVER taken out a loan with this company nor have I ever taken out any PAYDAY loan. They guy was rude saying are you sure you never took out a loan?! I said yes I'm positive! And he said well they will be taking you to court soon. So I told him well I'll wait to go to court then because I'm sure that I can print out bank statements that will prove that I never received any deposits from this company! He hung up the phone. They just keep on calling! They even called my mother's phone telling her that it was important that I call them back because I'm being taken to court! There must be some way that WE can take THEM to court! This is harassment and it is FRAUD how did they even get all of my information in the first place! I plan on working on this to see if I can throw a lawsuit on them! So please be aware if you get a call from these people do not be scared of a lawsuit that is never going to happen they are hoping to get someone scared enough to pay them money that they are not owed! 
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #903014
Jun 26 2012
09:31 AM
Cash Advance USA SCAM!!!! Fraud Internet
I recieved phone calls for several days from somebody name Kevin Brown, telling me to return a phone call or have my attorney call him. He was from India and could barely understand what he was saying. So today i decided to call and see what was going on. I got a man saying he was an attorney for the company Cash Advance USA and that they tried to take payment for a loan and it rejected by my bank, and due to this I had an awarrent for my arrest and was going to be taken to jail if I didnt pay him within 30 mins. He stated that if I it to court and fought it that I would then owe them $3,000 in court costs and fees. He insisted that if I didnt pay him they would come to my job and arrest me!! I then told him I didnt have any money until payday and said that all of sudden they could take half of the money and i could pay the rest in 14 days!!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #904860
Jun 29 2012
07:40 PM
Cash Advance USA Severely LIVID Internet
hi people I have too been taken by this Cash Advance Scam. Mine started when I filed with another online company and got denied totally, so I never thought of it again UNTIL my bank account got hacked into and the three idiots took out money and over drafted my bank account and took my rent money. I Know for a fact now my info was sold to these idiots (three party selling) because nothing makes sense.  I do not understand why these people are not caught yet? They threaten you and think they are scaring you when they are not  I read one comment and it sounds like they turned the tables on them, good for you guys. These people are bullies and need to be stopped. I am supposed to be arrested by monday for not even receiving any money for this stupid that they said i took out.  How can I received anything when I was denied from the get go. And they told me to get a Lawyer. Please they need the Lawyer for doing this to people. I know times are tough but Please this is not the way to get money especially from innocent people. People just gather up all the info you have and the info they give you and turn it on them, report them to the FBI, the BBB (the better business bureau) and anyone you can think of to help. The more info and evidence you get, the more proof you have to help catch these guy and turn it into the FBI. I can't wait for Monday I am so shaking in my boots. You can't get blood out of a turnip. thank you everyone especially David  who started this bog it has helped alot.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #847578
Mar 02 2012
08:57 AM
Cash Advance USA Threat of legal action Internet
I received a call yesterday from a pralegal for an attorney, Mr. Narshall, 415+259-5029, regarding a loan I had supposedly applied for and received funds from Cash Advance USA.  He told me there was a payment due on February 29, 2012; and my bank had rejected the debit.  I was told that the company considered this to be fraud and  was sending sheriffs to my place of employment to arrest me.   I did not receive any funds from this company.  Beware!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1179790
Sep 28 2014
02:55 PM
Cash Advance USA  Chicago Illinois
They had me green dot them a transaction of 100.00 then 225.00 then 375.00 to get a loan transferred to my account and when I told them I didn't have anymore money to transfer to them to cover the loan they told me if i couldn't get anymore money to them they would cancel my loan and keep my money as a cancelation fee so I was forced to get money from family members a friends I good faith I would get the loan and get them they're money right back and so in two days they ripped me off for 1900.00 on green dot transactions and i still haven't received a loan my money is now gone which left me and my four kids and wife without food or money and in a bigger debt than I went in to try and get the loan.I'm john and I tried to get a 5,000 loan from cash advance USA and they ripped me and my family off for 1900 in a matter of days. They started off by getting me to send them 100.00 then 225.00 and then 375.00 and then they said they would need me to send them more money because it was such a large loan amount and they guaranteed that they would refund the money back to me along with my loan so I was basically forced into giving them more money until all of my resources were expended because they tricked by say if you don't give us more money that they would keep all the other money that I had previously given them and use it as a cancelation fee. I haven't received any loan now my four kids are out of food and money because I was trying to get a loan to help us. I used a green dot card for all transactions made to them. The person I was dealing with was named victor Anderson they're full address is 200 west jackson Chicago, Il 60606.
Entity: Chicago , Illinois
13, Report #1182380
Oct 11 2014
12:30 PM
Cash Advance USA pure and simple RIPOFF Illinois
I was contacted by a John from Cash Advance about a loan. I first wanted to know if i going to have to put up money and he said no. After some talking he put me on hold. He then back and said I had to put 150 on a card as faith money. I went and got a green dot money card and gave him the numbers. He then put me on hold for about 15 minuets. A anderson came on and said for me to get the loan he would need anadditional 199. I went and got the 199 on another card,but this time I put 200 on the card. About 30 minuets later he clled and said that I put the wrong amount on the card and that I needed to go back and put 199 on card. I question him about the 200 and he said I would get a credit for two months. I still havengotten the loan. Now my wife is calling me a dumb a**. end of story.
Entity: Illinois
14, Report #1139096
Apr 15 2014
03:22 PM
USA Cash Advance SCAM Internet
I tried to apply for a loan a few days ago to consolidate a lot of my debt. The next morning I started getting alot of calls and voicemails from a man at a USA Cash Advance. He said that I was approved for a $5000 loan up to $20000 and my monthly payments would be less than $200 a month for three years. This sounded great, but it seemed a little too good to be true. So I started asking him questions about whether the APR is a fixed rate, how they pre-approved me, and what my monthly payments would be exactly. The guy started getting really snippy and aggrivated with me. At that point I figured something had to be wrong with this company or he was just terrible at his job. I asked the man if I could think about it and call them back later tonight, and at that point he told me I had to make a decision right then and he would give me a few minutes. This just made me mad, so I hung up on him and he's been calling me about every 10 minutes since. I had to block the number just to get away from the unwanted calls. 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1161047
Jul 10 2014
12:51 PM
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
16, Report #1269246
Nov 20 2015
10:23 AM
17, Report #1057863
Jun 10 2013
08:56 AM
USA Cash Advance Cash Advance, Financial Investigation, Repay Cash Advance Utica New York
 Recieved an email that stated that I was under investigation for some kind of payday loan and that I would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if I don not contact them and pay them out of my pocket.The phone numbers are scattered originally, NY, FL and Seattle, and then they are saying that I need her help to stay out of jail. Be careful and aware.   Chimere Ashburn, VA
Entity: Utica, New York
18, Report #1139451
Apr 16 2014
05:22 PM
cash advance usa Cash advance this is paul from cash advance unknown California
 I was contacted last month by a sales representative going by cash advance. I was informed i was approved for a personal loan of $5000 and to verify my personal information to receive my funds. At which time i did so. I was then told i would have to purchase a vanilla reload voucher at walgreens. I purchased the card and loaded $100 onto the card and gave them the confirmation code on the back of the card. I was then told my funds would be deposited into my bank account in minutes. I checked several times with no funds. I also checked the reload card and those funds had been taken. I tried to call the again and the number was disconnected. My money that i truly didn't have were gone.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #940642
Sep 13 2012
10:46 AM
Cash advance usa Alan Bishop, Kevin Peterson Cash advance usa scam san francisco, California
I just received a call stating that this person is with the state attorneys office in san francisco, ca. I ask him for his name and he told me kevin peterson in a deep indian accent, he also left a message on my phone last night stating that his name was alan bishop also deep indian accent. He told me that they were going to the courthouse today and file the charges, he then proceeded to tell me that I would be arrested at my place of employment!!! I asked him what I owe this money for and he said an online loan with usa cash advance. he told me that the loan amount is 300.00 and loan repayment plus legal fees would be 699.99. I ask him what to do and he told me that the company was going to make an example of me by pressing charges. I told him that I would get the money to pay this and he told me I have 1 hour to call back. I of course did not get the money but i did call back and tell him that I have the money and how do I get it to him and he asked if there was a 7-11 or Cvs pharmacy close to me. He call him when I get there and he would give me further instructions. I then proceeded to tell him that I know that this is a scam, He said I knew you did ass hole and I called him a few choice words and told him never to call my house again and he hung up on me.
Entity: san francisco, California
20, Report #1150694
May 29 2014
05:18 PM
cash advance usa Cash Advance USA... STRAIGHT SCAM ARTIST!! Chicago, Illinois Illinois
Cash Advance USA are just total thieves!!.. they conned me out of 300 dollars for a thousand dollars loan and I didn't receive itCuz they try to get me to pay a third payment of 177 dollars to release the authorization number in order for me to pick up the money via Western Union. .Now I'm out of three hundred dollars and I can't take care of my household or my pending bills!!.. can someone help me wit a way to take legal actions on this shambles of company, hard working ppl shouldn't have to be robbed of their hard earned money...   
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1020298
Feb 25 2013
11:24 PM
Cash Advance USA Chris Jackson or Atourney Victor Hann Cash Advance USA Internet
I Received a call at work and on my personal cell cell phone from a man with an Indian accent stating that I took a loan from Cash Advance USA and they attempted to collect payment and there was insufficient funds. I advised him that I never request a loan he then asked for my account number so that there company could get paid. Another call came thru at it was an Indian man leaving a voice mail stating for me to call Attourney Victor Hann, so I call the phone number left for me, it was an Attorneys office located in Los Angeles but there was no attorneys by the name of Victor Hann! I continue to receive calls from an Indian man stating that they are coming to my home to arrest me! I went to my bank to discuss this matter to make sure my funds in my bank are protected. Who ever these people are they continue to call and harasse me.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1011349
Feb 09 2013
11:34 AM
cash advance usa cash advance usa 760-651-2851 unknown, California
2/8/13 I just got contacted by a phone number 760-651-2851 who claimed to be from the CA States Attorneys office charging me with check fraud, and a host of other things.  They claim that the lawsuit being filed was from cash advance usa and said that they had given me a advance in the past and tried 6 times to get funds from bank account number I gave them (which was fraudulant) and they demanded me to pay them within a hour $975.45 ON A PREPAID OR OTHERWISE UNTRACEABLE EFT METHOD.  In general when I would ask questions or ask them to send me a validation of debt, they would raise thier voices and start cursing at me and hang up. I would call them back to try to figure out if this was real and they would answer the same number multiple times.  They threatened me with embaressment for me from my family and my job finding out about this.  They also tried to threaten me with if you don't pay me now then tomorrow am we will have some people at your house to arrest you. They also said that if they had to file lawsuit, it would cost me $3000+ and  6 months in jail.  I DID NOT pay them because I was making another call to my lawyers office and they said that they have never heard of this and they do bankruptcies.  I would have hung up with them at that point in time but they were threatening my job and I had to file a report with my company's security officer.  I had to do some things because my companies security officer said I needed to.  1. I contacted the FBI in springfield and filed a report,  2. The FBI asked me to call the Federal Trade Commission who said that this operation IS being investigated.  3.  I called and left message with IL states attorneys office to tell them of this scam.  4.  I also filed a fraud alert with my credit.  The FTC said that they did all this wrong on several points...  1. They misrepresented themselves as who they are  2. They ARE NOT supposed to use profanity in collecting a debt  3. They CAN NOT ask for money and payment in a rediculous time fram such as 1 hour.  4. They are legally supposed to send a validation of debt in writting (they said that they would send it to my company) I also understand from my experiences that ...  1. If they were filling a lawsuit, then I know that they would have to send me notification FIRST before they did anything and I have a right to get my own lawyer.  I am sending this story to you because if they called me then they have hit other people around too. See the following website ... advance-usa-complete-s-aad47.htm  If others could benefit from this warning getting out on public airwaves that this scam is apparently in the area then my experiences could help others. .
Entity: unknown, California
23, Report #831747
Jan 31 2012
11:01 AM
Cash Advance USA Ken Collins scammers Internet
On Friday 1/24/2012 I had a message left on my voicemail from a Ken Collins.  He explained that it was very important that I called him back.  I immediately called him back and as he spoke it was with a strong accent and he mumbled off the name of the law firm that he was representing and then told me not to interrupt.  He then proceeded to tell me that I was being charged with 3 counts.  Count 1 violation of bank regulations, Count 2 Check Fraud, and Count 3 Theft By Deception.  He then said that I had taken out a loan from them and never paid it back.  When I asked when the loan was taken out he could only tell me sometime before December 2011.  I told him he was wrong that I don't deal with internet loans.  He then proceeded to tell me that anymore information I needed I could go down to my local police station on Tuesday 1/31/2012 after 2 pm eastern standard time and get the info.  He then asked why would I take out a loan and not pay it back and I told him that I was financially stable to not have to do those kinds of things.  He then got more angrier with me as I talked and wouldn't tell me no more.  I hung up.  I then called back and asked them for my personal information if I so called did this loan and he hung up on me.  I called back again and he asked me if I wanted to take care of this and I said sure.  How much?  He said the loan was for $300 and I would have to pay a total of $699.99 and I could make payment at the Courthouse of Los Angeles.  I laughed and told him that I didn't live in LA and he said that if I wanted to make the payment that is where I needed to go.  I hung up and called my local police who then in turn told me that these people are scammers and not to pay NOTHING.  I also gave the Investigators the phone number and the name of the person who called me.  Apparently this is not illegal to call someone and tell them that they owe you money.  If you are dumb enough to pay them then that is your fault.  But checking into this I also found out that they also deal with US Fast Cash as well. 
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #829641
Jan 27 2012
11:06 AM
Cash Advance USA A Huge Ripoff!!!!! Internet
I received a phone call first thing this morning from a Mr.Daniel Scott who had a heavy middle eastern accent who said he was a lawyer with some law firm. I beleive the name Williams was in the title he,  rattled off.  He immediately started off the conversation by telling me not to interrupt him.  He then read off 3 legal charges I was being charged with, theft of property, check fraud, and I'm not sure what the other was since the phone kept being interrupted by noise, all stemming from a payday loan I supposedly took out and never paid back. He would not give me any information other than the company name and said that they had tried to debit my account and was unable to get the money I supposedly owed and he also said I had ignored repeated e-mails.  He kept telling me that I was going to be arrested at my work place and that paperwork had been sent to my employer and that they now knew what I had done.  He kept telling me I was going to have to get an attorney and pay as much as $18,000.00 in court to resolve this matter.  He asked if I wanted him to put me on hold while he spoke with the client to see if they would settle for a resolution. I said yes and waited while he supposedly did this. He came back on the line and said the only resolution they would accept was for me to pay $645.59 within 45 mins. using a green dot card otherwise he was going to send some one to my workplace and arrest me.  Things have not been easy financely for me or my family lately.  In addition to this I've been off work for the last month dealing with medical issues.  Stupidly I have resorted to using payday loans to make ends meet. . I am in the process of paying them all back.  I don't remember getting one from Cash Advance USA or any emails from them.  Sadly though I was terrified and stressed enough from this that I payed the $645.59.  I wish I had looked at this website first and then I wouldn't have done it. After I paid the money I called Mr. Scott back for a confirmation number, which he gave me.  I told him that I had seen these reports on the internet and believed that I had just been scamed big time and again asked for the date that I supposedly received this loan.  He became very angry and started yelling at me that if I wanted he would refund me the money, but that he would see me in court after I was arrested.  I hung up on him. Normally I don't fall for things like this, but as I said things have been so difficult lately and I wasn't thinking clearly.  He terrified me with the things he was saying.  I'm embarrassed to even report this, but I hope that this and the other ripoff reports on this company will keep any one else from making the same mistake that I did.    
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #640745
Sep 15 2010
08:06 AM
Advance Cash USA Ricky Williams ACS fake loan, Internet
A friend called me, very upset.  She had received a call at work, indicating I had committed internet fraud relative to a loan.  I called the number she had been given, was transferred to someone named Ricky Williams (heavy middle east accent), who began giving me information regarding a past address, email address and bank (all not current for 20 months).  He advised I had accepted a loan from Advance Cash USAand had not paid it back.  As this was not true, I began asking for proof and was advised he did not have to provide proof, but that I would need to hire an attorney and sue.  As this would cost me money, wouldn't it be easier to pay them back?  I again repeated his information was false, but he just kept telling me to hire an attorney. AND, that he was going to proceed with legal action against me.  I told him to go ahead, as I did not owe the money and could prove it with bank paperwork.  I further advised him that the actions of his company were illegal. This seems to be a scam, with the goal of paying someone money in order to avoid hiring an attorney. 
Entity: , Internet

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