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26, Report #849819
Mar 06 2012
09:46 PM
 These guys called me and left a message claiming that i owed them money.  I called the company , the first time they hung up on me and i called back three times before someone answered. This woman transfered me to this man who was rude and told me that i could stop repeating the same thing because either way i would be going to jail and that i needed a lawyer. I told him i never accepted any money. He asked me if i would prove this in court and i confirmed and he said well the sherrif would arrest me on friday.  He hung up on me which was the first clue that it was no a legitmit bussiness that and the fact that they spoke an entirely different language and sub poor english. So it gave me much relief when i googled this companys name that all that came up where people telling me how it was a scam to get money from me.  This is something i will not stand for , i called the authorites and will make a formal complaint and i look forward for the moment that decide to call me back.  My dad is a federal cop and i will see the end of this the only way that these people can be stopped is if all the victims stand up and united in making formal charges and statements to the law enforcement in your area. I wish you all the best and dont give those INDIAN BASTARDS A DIME!  
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #887243
May 23 2012
06:02 PM
For the last couple of days I was getting these voice mail messeges from some lady named Hazel saying she either needed to talk to me or my lawyer and that it was extremely important.    At first i ignored the calls, but when i walked into work this morning there was a messege on my work answering machine from her, so thats when i thought it was actually for real. I called and this guy is telling me that i had a payday loan that i didn't pay and that they were suing me with a class action law suit for 2 counts of fraud, misrepresention, and illegal use of my checking account, he went on to say that they had fowarded this information to my corperate office of my job and local police dept. and that they would be there in a couple of hours to arrest me. at first i was kinda freaked out and paniced, because he went on to say that my checking account and debt card were going to be shut down for six months and said something about me being black balled for six months from trying to get any further payday loans.      when i asked how much the loan was for he wouldn't tell me.  I hung up, and when i called back 30 mins later I asked him to fax or email the information to me, he got mad and hung up.  I do know that if they call again and i ask for it and they actually do send it, i was advised to take the information to my nearest local state police dept and have them get ahold of the state police in L.A, which is where they have been calling me from.
Entity: L.A, California
28, Report #946062
Sep 24 2012
05:46 PM
Cash Advance USA Scandulous Arrest Warrant, Internet
I received a phone call today Sept 24, 2012 from a woman stating that there was a warrant for my arrest.  She then gave me the following phone number to call 904-436-9000 and speak with a Tim O'Brian and stated I should call immediately.  I called the number she gave me,because the words arrest warrant had me startled. I dialed the number and was placed on hold,then a Mr. O'Brian got on the line. When he got on the line he began talking so fast and asked me not to interrupt him.  He told me that I was going to be prosecuted for not repaying a loan in the amount of 584.25 to cash advance america.  He proceeded to give me the following case number: 2060BM, then he told me I could settle it out of court by paying 184.00 today and the balance on Friday, Sept 28th.  He told me that if I did not call him back with the money by 8p.m. eastern time that on tomorrow morning an officer would be at my home with an arrest warrant. He also told me that if I did not pay the 584.25,that I would have to appear in court and could possibly be responsible for paying up to $3,000.00 in fines and fees.  At this point he repeated that I had until 8p.m. eastern time to call him back with the money.  He then said good luck ma'am and he hung up the phone.  I was really afraid because he had all of my personal information,and the fact that he sounded like he was of Indian or Middle Eastern descent was even more frightening.  I hope my report helps someone else because I was and am very frighten.  I searched the phone number where he called and it registered as St.Augustine FL,so if you see this city or the number above on your phone do not answer.  Again I hope my experience helps someone
Entity: Internet, Internet
29, Report #946503
Sep 25 2012
03:04 PM
Cash advance usa Harrassment threatening arrest Internet
About a month ago I started receiving calls from a supposed attorney for cash advance usa, he started saying that I had taken out 3 loans & never payed them I told him I never, took out any loans with that company, he went on to say I was going to be sued,& the bad part was he had all my information, my bank acct.ainformation, my social security#, we argued then he hung up.he has continued to call daily threatening me that I was going to jail.I asked at one point to speak with a supervisor. Another guy with the same indian ascent got on the phone & continued to threaten me.they have called from 25 different#'s because I started to put the number on my call rejection & they still find a way to call. I have reached the 25# limit on my call rejection.I am on disability & am very ill.this man is causing me to have more anxiety.yesterday they said I had one loan of 200$ and if I paid that right then I would not be arrested.I told him I didn't have the $, and as in each call he always says well I wish you luck because the cops are going to arrest you tomorrow. I have told them that I was going to report them and they just say ok & hang up.they call at least 5-8 times a day.they will not give me dates on when this supposedly happened only that I'm going to go to jail and I will have to go to court in washington dc. I don't know what to do anymore I'm very ill and can not deal with this harassment.please help
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #945842
Sep 24 2012
11:15 AM
Cash Advance USA Threating calls San Francisco, California
I started receiving calls from this 415 area code and leaving me threating messages.  I could not understand what the messages were stating due to he was foreign.  I answered today again and an attorney Christina stated that I was going to be arrested at 11 am on 9/25/2012 if I did not make a 500.00 payment in cash and they do not accept any other forms.  I asked what this was in reference too and she said a loan from years ago. I informed her that this was the first to hear of it and I thought it was real and I said can you provide me the company and phone number and I will be glad to call them and make arrangements.  She said that the company is mad with you and that they do not talk to anyone.  She stated does not have the information only that it was  I thought about it and I do not recall doing anything like that and she said to call back in 30 minutes or the claim will be filed and I will be arrested.  Of course, I am a single mother and it scared me to death.  I try my best to pay my bills and I was willing to make arrangements. I contacted my sister and she stated did you ask for the company and everything and I said yes, she looked it up and sure enough it was a scam.  I called the lady back and she would not answer.  After the 7th time, she answered, I asked for the address and she provided 1160 11th Avenue in 95451 zip code.  I stated I was informed this was a scam and she said you can believe them if you want, you will be arrested tomorrow so it does not matter.  She was so rude and would not let me talk nor ask questions.  She told me to let her talk and informed me that I need to be quite and listen. She stated if I think this is a scam then do not worry about paying and you are going to jail.  She said would you believe something about my kids and then she wouldn't answer and hung in my face.  I tried to call back and no answer after several attempts.
Entity: San Francisco, California
31, Report #883057
May 15 2012
11:26 AM
cash advance usa rip off Internet
Cash advance had a law office contact me at work to tell me I owe the thousands of dollars i. Which I didnt and wants me to send them money to resol e it out of court I told them I didnt owe them any money so I wasnt sending them any money the people from the law office was rude and hung up the phone on me after I told them I have bank statements its crazy cuz they know all of my information bank accounts birthdays addressee every thing. Something needs to be done to stop these people
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #939223
Sep 10 2012
04:22 PM
cash advance usa Scam, Internet
Well I have these people calling me every day well today the called and left a message. The guy who called name was Mark Rictor (lord knows this wasn't his name!) I freaked out because he said I had a warrent out for my arrest and I foul settle my loan payment of 598.32 today. I told him I didn't have this loan. He then procided to say I did an that I took it out in July. He read off my last 4 of my social and where I worked and my number and everything. I really began to freak out so I called my parents gave them the number to this mark guy 415-329-6021. So they called are family lawyer who then called this number. She told them that she was my lawyer and representing me they then hung up. I had to call the police because they said it was going on my credit report. I had to put a hold on my credit report and get my report now too see what's on it says. So beware if u get this call.
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #1007339
Feb 01 2013
12:14 PM
Cash Advance USA such a scam centro, California
I had gone online and was looking into getting a cash advance or payday loan. Filled out many applications but none suited what I needed so just started ignoring all the calls and emails.After a couple of weeks there was on particular call I kept getting that would leave the same exact message everytime. I could hardly understand what he was saying due to the very strong accent.So I decided to call the number back (760)483-3768 out of centro,CA and spoke to guy who told me that there was a lawsuit against me for fraud and bad checks and something else.He verified the last 4 of my ssn and my employer, told me I needed to get an attorney and call him back. I asked what this was all about and he told me a little bit about the case and then hung up on me. As soon as I got off the line I checked my bank Acct to be sure there was nothing there and there was not.I contacted my employer to confirm that Noone had contacted them. I tried calling the number back again got a different guy, this one was a little easier to understand, I asked what this was about and that's when I found out the name of the place Cash Advance USA which I have never dealt with ever! And then he hung up on me.I have not been able to get anyone to answer the phone again, it just beeps. So I went online and googled cash advance USA and that's when I saw all the scam notices about this place. Eased my mind a little, but still pretty pissed this is going on. So if anyone else has this same problem I hope you read this before giving them any money. I'm glad I did!
Entity: centro, California
34, Report #1040401
Apr 03 2013
02:46 PM
Cash Advance USA Attorney General, warrant Internet
A Indian man called me on 4/3/2013 and stated that he was going to issue a warrant for me on behalf of cash loans USA. I do not have an account or received a loan from this company. He did not say his name but said he would settle the account for $ 369.00. He was phishing a database for my information. He gave me no date for the loan and said he guessed it was $400.00 and would settle for $369.00. I cussed him out and hung up on him.
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #963087
Nov 01 2012
08:43 AM
Cash Advance USA Scam/Fraud Accusations Internet
I have been receiving a lot of voicemails that are like 1-2 minutes long from a 9168500941 phone number which i already did not recognize.  I called them back finally and noticed instantly no one spoke any English and they instantly started making false accusations. They kept telling me they were charging me with 3 counts all different counts for a amount of $1245.75.  Yet i have never taken an online loan and when i began to ask questions about the company because i looked them up they wouldnt answer.  He then began to tell me i was going to be blacklisted from everything i own and have for 6 months so then i instantly knew this was a scam. I am obviously not the first person to report this company, seems like they are getting everyone with the same accusations.  What can we do to ensure this does not continue to happen to innocent Americans.  Thank you
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #1007576
Feb 01 2013
07:23 PM
Cash Advance USA such a scam centro, California
I had gone online and was looking into getting a cash advance or payday loan. Filled out many applications but none suited what I needed so just started ignoring all the calls and emails.After a couple of weeks there was on particular call I kept getting that would leave the same exact message everytime. I could hardly understand what he was saying due to the very strong accent.So I decided to call the number back (760)483-3768 out of centro,CA and spoke to guy who told me that there was a lawsuit against me for fraud and bad checks and something else.He verified the last 4 of my ssn and my employer, told me I needed to get an attorney and call him back. I asked what this was all about and he told me a little bit about the case and then hung up on me. As soon as I got off the line I checked my bank Acct to be sure there was nothing there and there was not.I contacted my employer to confirm that Noone had contacted them. I tried calling the number back again got a different guy, this one was a little easier to understand, I asked what this was about and that's when I found out the name of the place Cash Advance USA which I have never dealt with ever! And then he hung up on me.I have not been able to get anyone to answer the phone again, it just beeps. So I went online and googled cash advance USA and that's when I saw all the scam notices about this place. Eased my mind a little, but still pretty pissed this is going on. So if anyone else has this same problem I hope you read this before giving them any money. I'm glad I did!
Entity: centro, California
37, Report #966696
Nov 08 2012
09:18 PM
cash advance usa scam Internet
I have been contacted by a India type guy by the name of Ben Williams who says he is an attorney. he has told me I have charges pressed Gaines me for a loan that can not be collected. he told me very rudely to not speak while he told me my charges. As I listened things didn't seem right to me. He told me that they like to keep this out of court if I settle on paying 452 dollars before noon. He also told me if I didn't pay then I would be brought to court and have to pay over four thousand dollars for court and lawyer fees.The man was very rude to me and very stupid acting. yes I have loans out and the are well paid for. He also stated that two days after my loan was deposited into my account that they could take the money out. Funny thing is that there was well over enough money in my account for them to take it out. He then called me 45 minutes later asking if I came up with money. I told him that I didn't and I have until noon to pay like he demanded me to. Once I got off phone I called all my loan places and went through all my emails to figure this out. come to find out I had no email like he said and I had no loan through that company. He then called me back and I told him I have no loan with them and all my loan places said I was good. I also told him I read reports about them scamming people and if they want the can bring me to court. the guy got really mean and hung up. I called back to tell him I wasn't finish talking and then he threaten mea and hung up again, so I called back which he never picked up. I called a number he calledcfrom earlier and a woman picked up and said hello Jeremy. I told her about what I found out and that they are scamming people. I also told her that Ben threatened me also and that I was getting cops involved. At this time the woman told me that they will not call anymore and that it is a scam. hahaha I wish these people be punished for what they are trying to do. Please file Gaines them and lets quit this service. CASH ADVANCE USA IS A SCAM.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #1120209
Feb 01 2014
10:29 PM
Cash Advance Usa ripoff Chicago Illinois
I was trying to get a loan for a down payment for a house. they told me to send themc150. I did that.      Then they told me to send them another 150 do to my credit being bad. Then I had to send them another 150 for tax reason.    For them to western union to me I had to pay another 175. Then I waited at the western union store. The money never  came. They called back and said I need another 175. When I told him I didn't have it he told me to get from someone and go to the store. I told them I'm not sebding him another dime. They email hiis name is  Maruce Howard.                       LaShel Latchison       Austin, Texas 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
39, Report #1249315
Aug 18 2015
10:54 AM
cash advance USA annually, demanding, suspicious Internet
 I will start with the two emails I received to better illustrate my case: Dear Debtor, As you are aware, you have a small pay day loan bill of $986.45 that remains unpaid. We feel we have done everything possible within reason to collect the money you owe us. We have decided that unless you make immediate plans to repay us this money, we will write this debt off our books and claim it as “bad debt loss” to the IRS. Did you know that any money you owe us and don’t pay should legally be declared as “additional income” for you or your business during the year in which you incurred the debt? If we decide to write off this debt, we will use IRS form 1099-A which will show the IRS that the $986.45 became income for you and bad debt for Advance Cash America. You can avoid the unnecessary actions by immediately replying us back. For any queries feel free to e-mail us back. We will be handling this matter over with you and will be providing you some pay off or Settlement options if available. Thank You Here is a simple question: Do you really want the IRS poking around your tax returns to see if you claimed that money as income? Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay your bill? After responding to this email, I received an email at least 30 seconds later with this rebuPlease We are talking about the loan amount of $300.00 that you took with the company Cash  Advance USA  which has now gone up to $986.45. The company have more than 14 technical evidences in order to prove that the money was successfully deposited into your bank account. Kindly get back with us and let us know whether you want to take care of this legal case outside of the court house or not so that we can proceed further and update your case file accordingly. Best Wishes Something tells me this is not real, especially after I realized services was spelled wrong. Please do not believe this scam. I have my ways of getting out of them, but do yourself a favor and trust your gut over your eyes. I have only had the wool pulled over mine once and that was a grant scam. If I could remember the information for that one, I would put it down believe me. It was around the same amount of money.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #799160
Nov 17 2011
02:17 PM
Cash Advance USA Cash Advance USA is a complete and TOTAL SCAM AND FRAUD!!!! Internet
What ever you DO NOT APPLY for a loan at Cash Advance USA, a person with Indian accent called Neil Johnson has called me twice now warning me that I needed to pay back a loan for $452 with interest; a payment which, oh by the way I NEVER RECEIVED (there was no way they could have given me the loan because I had closed down the bank account information I gave them) so they call back today and say I'm going to court because I have lawsuit charges against me! well my mom asks the the manger what country are you from three times (because she knew this was a scam) and he wouldnt answer finally on the fourth time he said f**k you b**ch and told her to shut up! well I called him back to give him a piece of my mind and he started trying to say he's just trying help me from going to court and how rude my mom was, well I tore him apart for that and making a long story and told him I'm not paying one damm cent. well he ended the conversation saying f**k you to me and hanging up on me!bottom-line is do not go to them for a loan!!!!
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #788756
Oct 14 2011
11:00 AM
Cash Advance USA Cash Advance USA is a complete SCAM Internet, Internet
I recieved a call at my place of employment Today 10/14/2011 and late at night on my mobile number over this last week . Dwayne Walker stated that I was being taken to court for recieving $300.00 into my checking account which I NEVER RECIEVED . He stated that I was being charged with 3 felony counts and would be drug threw the mud . They were going to call my employer and cops will show up at my work . He stated if I go to curt I will have to pay back $ 5049.00 . I have a print out of my bank account and not once was money put into my bank account from these people . Mr. Walker stated that I was a stupid smart ass when I told him I would be contacting the local police and checking this out before I hand over any money . It is scaring that these people have all my information , bank account , ss# , email address, phone number, and home address . He told me not to interrupt him and I could ask questions when he was done talking . After he was done and it was my turn , I told him that there was no money that was deposited into my account and I didn't take out a payday loan . Mr. Walker stated that was not a question you stupid cock sucker and hung up on me . Something needs to be done about this !
Entity: Internet, Internet
42, Report #1003146
Jan 25 2013
08:32 AM
Cash Advance USA Cash Advance USA is feel of s**t there have Internet
Cash Advance USA is feel of SHIT, don't go on there website because they would sit there and say that you barrow money from them and you dont and they would sit there and say that you barrowed 300 dollars from and then you they would call were you are at and have you think that someone is going to be coming were you are at and that you would be taking to court.
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #1023498
Mar 04 2013
06:08 PM
Cash Advance USA CASH ADVANCE IS A JOKE! Internet
Entity: Internet, Internet
44, Report #990624
Jan 03 2013
11:38 AM
US Cash Advance/Cash Advance USA Micheal Carter Calls at work so far San Fransico, California
This company called my husband  work place asking for him. Our office lady said she would get ahold of him and have him call. At first he called them and got and Indian speaking lady who was rude and insisted on his phone  number. He did not give it to her. He called ,me and wanted me to call and see what i could find out about them. I tried several times and only got a beep like an anwering machine. After trying a several times, I then googled the number and it came up with info on a scam trying to bully you into sending them payments for a load you did not get. I called the police and they told me unless they actually got money from us they couldnt do anything unless they continue to call and then we could sue for harrasement. I am keeping a log in case the calls continue but not sure how we would sue someone when we cant find out exactly who is doing this but we will see. Not going to let them bully us.
Entity: San Fransico, California
45, Report #1325384
Aug 30 2016
08:55 AM
 In the last 6 days I have received approximately 110 calls using numbers from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago, Several other cities in TX, IL, NY/NJ, Maine, Massachusetts. So far every state but Alaska, Hawaii, and SC. All foreign either India, Pakistani, Afghan or Turks, about half are telling me that they I have been approved for $15,000 loans the others threatening me because I haven't repaid non-existent loans. What is scary is they have my personal information; things that if I had applied for a legitimate loan they would have, SSN#, mothers maiden name, income. Several years ago my family were victims of identity theft. They even changed my minor child's D.O.B. He's was issued a Discover Card for $10,000 he had no credit history at the time. But an Equifax file had been established for him apparently by hacking. While I was typing this they called twice from numbers thatI had previously blocked from Chicago & Houston. As they are calling my business cell I have to answer. I don't know if the current round of nonsense is from SC tax data being hacked several years ago, or my wife's credentials being stolen at work. Along with the information from her w-4 forms by aa former supervisor. We had 7 year freezes placed on our credit files 3 years ago and it's become worse phone calls, even credit cards that we did NOT REQUEST appearing in our mail box. Our mailing address being changed so cards and bills get sent to a PO Box and we find out when the legitimate company contacts us or we check FICO score monthly. Thanks to these scammers My and my wife's FICO score has dropped nearly 60 points. It takes 5 minutes for them to ruin your life and 3-5 YEARS to get everything clear from your credit history. That's even with one of the LifeLok companies helping you. And yet a third call before can finish, this from Denver and while they are talking a call waiting claiming Las Vegas. If any are in this country they should be drug into the streets and beaten. A foreign country send in troops our President is sending troops to protect these people so they can destroy our economy as bad as him. The Muslims and Communists that are taking over the US are doing so with complete impunity from the government regulations.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #466376
Jun 30 2009
10:49 AM
CASH ADVANCE USA SCAM- charge an advance fee before you receive loan Nationwide
Another payday advance company that charges you a fee before you even get the payday loan. Just like Jefferson Financial. AND they make you jump through hoops -- print this, fill it out, do this do that- fax back, yada yada. READ YOUR CONTRACTS CAREFULLY! It's at the absolute bottom. They are calling it a bank wire fee... no one else charges this? Because it's not a wire- it's an ACH. In all actuality, you are paying $75 for a $200 loan. Whereas you only see $185 of it! And it's a 14 day loan... not worth it. SCAM in my book! Nikki Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #771914
Sep 01 2011
12:44 PM
Cash Advance USA Payday Advance Scam Corona, California
I received a phone call from this number today claiming I had received funds from an online payday loan service called Cash Advance USA and that they had filed a lawsuit in my name and social security number.  This sounded fishy as I had done no such thing and the demeanor of the person calling sounded nothing like an attorney.   After hanging up, I confirmed with my only bank account that nothing of the sort had happened. I called back on the recorded line at my work, advised him it was a recorded line and that I had seen this operation was a scam online, and he went silent immediately and hung up.   Do NOT get caught into this scam!
Entity: Corona, California
48, Report #590930
Apr 08 2010
11:42 AM
ACS - Cash Advance USA Looking for Money - Claiming to be Legal Department Internet
I have received several voicemails from a man indicating that I (or my attorney of record) need to call him immediately.  I finally answered a call from him and he advised that his name was Keith McNalty (which I don't believe as he had a very strong middle eastern accent) he told me that I owed money to a pay day loan company but he couldn't tell me the name of the company.  He proceeded to tell me that he could not send me any documents regarding this matter as he did not have them.  He said that he needed me to agree to pay back this loan or charges would be filed against me.  I told him that I refused to pay for something that he said I owed just because he said it.  I told him that I need documentation and without that, I refused to agree to anything. 
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #797818
Nov 14 2011
10:34 AM
cash advance usa Michael Ray major scam called me today Internet
I was contacted today by a Michael Ray claim to be with the Investigations and loan repayment dept for Cash Advance USA. He stated I was beening sued in the state of Penn for an outsanding loan of $400 in Sept. He knew my bank name and stated it was deposited in Sept 2011. While on the phone I did check to see if it had been, and it had not been. I had been looking into loans, but never signed up. I demanded to speak to his supervisor in which he claim he didn't have one, I stated so you don't answer to anyone? He told me he was going to contact my bank and the lender and call me back after lunch. I stated he will call now and I will stay on the phone. He got very rude, and with his accent, stated he will call me back. I asked for the paperwork showing my signature, he said since it was done on the internet it was not needed. He gave me his # as 717-612-4596 called from 717-724-0000 which when you call back is disconnected. The other # does not go thru. I asked for the phone # to Cash Advance, he stated I would have to get it online. Looking thru there website no number just email. Which I did repeated for about 6 times, also sent regular email too! I actually got a call back from an Annette the company's name is now Cash Advance Now, she is well aware of the scam. She assured me there is no loan and that it is a scam. She gave me her # 888-663-6030 which I called back and is a true #. Not sure if these people that are scamming have my ssn or acct # can only hope they don't. Please be careful do not send any money! Make them give you info (ssn, Acct #, etc) do not give it to them, and Annette said demand it in writing!!!!
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #821059
Jan 11 2012
08:48 AM
Cash Advance USA Michael Scott and Michelle SCAM Internet
on january 10, 2012 i received a call from a michael scott claiming to be an attorney handling a case on me on behalf of cash advance usa. he told me that i am being charged with 3 fraudulent activities and that i am an obitual offender. he claims that i have taken funds from this company and when it came time to repay i defrauded them. he said that i will be getting a visit from the sheriffs office on january 12th at 11:00am. this scared me because i have never been in trouble with the law before. i am a wife and mother of 4 and i do not need to have any problems with the law. after thinking about this i called my boss and explained to her what had just happened and she stated that no one has called there looking for me and that i should call the police or the attorney generals office to get some more information. so i did and they said they had nothing on me and that this is just a scam that has been going on for awhile and that multiple people have been attacked by this company. This story is to help make people aware of what this company is doing. this is a bogus and horrific attack on people. i believe that this company should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Entity: , Internet

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