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76, Report #778611
Sep 19 2011
02:12 PM
cash advance usa trying to ripe off again new york, New York
 i received a phone call with a message left to call this law office.   When the call was returned i was told i had a cash advance loan and was going to jail because i stole money intentionally.  their was nothing they could do a sheriff was coming to arrest me and charge me with 3 counts of stolen money.  I never heard of this company and they had all my info plus employer.  They called me at least 6 times today the last time he called he said his name was Mr.steve george at this time  i told him i called my attorrney and a police officer was on the way and i know its a scam because i looked it up.  I told him he will be the one prosecuted and and locked up for 4-5 months like he told me.  His phone number he called from was 347-753-8207 and is still picking up as i'm typing. 
Entity: new york, New York
77, Report #825314
Jan 19 2012
02:08 PM
I was contacted several times by a person who claims to be calling from a law office which I could not understand the name. The person calling always has a heavey Indian accent. He said I waw being sued by the State of California because I did not pay back a payday loan by CashAdvanceUSA. I never took out a loan with this company. He could not give me there phone number when I asked. He said the the Sheriff's Dept. would come to arrest me at my job. I have had numerous call but nothing ever sent by mail, no phone calls ever from CashAdvanceUSA, and legal authority showing up at either work or home. I believe this is a fraud to collect money from me. I am disturbed that this happens and would do anything to help put these people behind bars. It is a threathening manner that they approach you, not only are they trying to take money from you but they disturb your life by making threats of arrest. Please anyone who has had this type of call, please report it so we can get them.
Entity: Internet, Internet
78, Report #828960
Jan 26 2012
10:02 AM
Advance Cash USA Dan Rosen A Ghost Loan Los Angeles, California
I received a call today from a Dan Rosen. I didn't recognize the number calling so I let it go to voice mail. The recording was so bad I could only make out some of what he was saying. He had an accent (sounded more like Punjab than Jake from State Farm) and his voice was muffled. He said there was a law suit filed against my name and social security number and he wanted either me or my lawyer to call him back. I called him back (818-337-3054) and he had me verify the last four digits of my SSN. He told me I was being sued for non payment of a loan with Advanced Cash USA. I told him I never heard of that organization. I asked him several times for the loan amount and when the loan was initiated but he kept telling me I don't have that information. So I got firm with him and said you want me to respond to something you can't even tell me what the details are? He got a little hot under the collar and said something then hung up on me. The internet saved the day again. I googled Advanced Cash USA and found a web site exposing this scam and citing testimonies from numerous individuals about this scam. If I continue to get these calls I will pursue it further. NOTE: I don't know if there is a connection but several weeks ago my checking account was low and for the first time in my life I took out one of those high interest two week loans for a couple of hundred dollars to avoid any overdrafts on the account. The loan company's name was United Cash Loans and now I'm wondering if that's where they obtained my personal information.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
79, Report #785173
Oct 05 2011
02:54 PM
Cash Advance USA SCAM Troy North Carolina
I have just now had to deal with these people calling me all day and harrassing me about paying back a loan that i never recieved. They say it was from Cash Advance USA and that i was being taken to court if i did not pay this money back.  I mentioned it to my wife and she did a search on line for Cash Advance USA because these people that were calling would not give us any contact information,  upon her internet search she found this page about the scam  and all the details match exactly what these people have been saying to me.  The number that they called from is 312-473-2924  it is a chicago illinois number, so beware,   this is definatly a SCAM  do not give them any information that they do not already have, the scary thing is that they already had my social security number  home address and e-mail address. They knew EVERYTHING.
Entity: Troy, North Carolina
80, Report #784175
Oct 03 2011
11:12 AM
Cash Advance USA Harrassment, Phone Calls, Fraud, Identity Theft Unknown, Nationwide
DO NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE>>>>My initial introduction with this company began about 2 months ago. I received a call from California on my cell phone from a man with a very heavy accent that appeared to be reading a script. The accent sounded to be of Middle Eastern/ Asian origin. He was speaking very fast and I had to stop him to understand what he was saying because as soon as I answered the phone it was like flood gates open! Anyway, he proceeded to tell me I was being sued for an unpaid loan, and that I needed to pay back the loan immediately or else I would have negative demerits posted to credit bureaus under my name. They were adament about me receiving a loan- which I never did- and I know I didn't. (Earlier this summer, I was in a serious bond and naiively applied for a cash advance online, which in retrospect I now realize that's how they got my information.) Needless to say I never received a loan of any sort- I just wound up borrowing the money from someone.So now this man is calling my phone about a loan I don't owe. I told him he had the wrong person, that I never received the loan, and not to call again...I received another similar call about a week or two later. Then nothing....Now out of the blue today, I received a voicemail from a women in New York, talking about this loan that I owe...SHOCKER. She, too, had a very thick accent- with hers sounding more like carribean (Jamaican, Trinidadian, etc...) I called her back, confused about the voicemail, and of course she started in as soon as I told her who I was. I mean, this woman never took a breath. I had to cut her off and tell her that she was a scam, and that I didn't owe CASH ADVANCE USA money. She then tried to threaten me, obviously peeved that I had exposed her by calling her a scam, and said that I am more than welcome to get my lawyer involved. She said if I don't pay the money, they were going to call my job and get me fired, then they were gonna put negative comments on my credit report and prevent me from ever getting a mortgage, or any other line of credit. I wanted to go off, but then decided to beat her at her own game. I told her, very calmly, that I never received a loan, and I never received anything stating that I borrowed/owed money. I told her that if she could provide me with copies of receipts, I would be happy to look over them and see if they were legit. She just responded saying that I owed the money and had to pay.One very important detail about his situation is her lack of info- while she did have my SSN and routing number, she couldn't- for the life of her- give me a date of the transaction, nor the amount that I owed. Multiple times during the call I asked her when the money was put into my account, and how much the transaction was, and she got real sly, saying that I was playing games with her about the money and that I was going to have to pay or else. Well after she failed to tell me the amount OR the date, I told her she was a scam and that I'm not paying anything. I told her not to call my phone again or else I would call my lawyer, and hung up. She then called at least 4-5 times back to back from 2 different numbers. Finally I guess she gave up.I'm telling everyone that has received these phone calls to IGNORE THEM. Protect yourself by checking your credit report, securing your indentity, and use your discretion as far as preventing your information from being compromised. Furthermore, don't let them intimidate you with empty threats. They use the scare tactic of disclosing your personal info and create a sense of urgency to bait you into thinking that they have clout. If you really had an outstanding debt and the cops/government officials were looking for you to serve you or take you into custody, they would show up to your door, not play on your phone- TRUST ME! Please tell everyone you know- we've got to shut these people down!
Entity: Unknown, Nationwide
81, Report #654327
Oct 23 2010
07:12 AM
ACS Legal - Cash Advance USA Fraud, Lawsuit Internet
Back in August (2010), I rec'd a telephone call from a John Smith (813-756-4724 or 646-786-4401 (fax) (very Indian accent) explaining that I  owed Cash Advance money on a internet loan and I was beening sued against my SSN. As he verify my info, I believed him since I did take out a online payday loan last year for the amount he verified (300). After making arrangements and money was collected, I then started getting these constant voicemail expressing that I have a serious legal issue.  The phone number was 916-226-9823.  I thought I had actually done something until I called the number back. The caller was Kevin Thompson, Legal dept for Cash Advance. I had to ask  him to repeat himself several times b/c I couldn't understand him (heavy Indian). When he stated that Cash Advance had forward my information due to bank crimes (17 count) I was shocked. I stopped him in the middle of his speech and explained to him I was paying off Cash Advance and that my last installment was being taking out this morning and I had paperwork from ACS. He then started getting confused and hostile and yelling.  So of course I got angry and yelled back telling him that there was no way. So of course he started saying that I need to get a lawyer and hung up. I then tried to call ACS (john smith) to ask him about it only to rec'd a voicemail. I left a voicemail and now believe I have been played.  Can anyone give me advice or has been through  this???
Entity: , Internet
82, Report #801667
Nov 25 2011
02:30 PM
USA Cash Advance Law and Investigations Scammers and Bullies New York, New York
I was online a week ago filling out some online applications for a loan in order to help a family member out. The loans were not sufficient enough to cover their circumstance, so I never took out any of the loans.   I am work today and I received a call from someone stating that they were calling from law and investigations and wanted to speak to me. Once I told him it was me on the phone he wanted to verify the last four of my social security number, which he had.   He caught me off guard with it and so I told him to repeat where he was calling from and what this phone call was in reference to. He then said to hold on that he was going to transfer me. He transferred me and the person on the phone started telling me that I took out a cash advance of $300 and I owed $461 and I did not pay and so now the company is suing me.   I then asked him what the name of the company was, and he would not tell me. I then began to ask him questions about this so-called loan and it was hard for me to understand him (as the like the original man who was on the phone, he sounded like he was from India)  and so he transferred me. Once he transferred me I was given to a man named Mike Wilson.   Now Mike began to tell me that the company tried to get its money from my checking account and could not get it so they are suing me. I began to ask Mike questions about the loan as I pulled up my checking account to verify what loan he was talking about and the information that he was given me about this loan did not add up.   Mike informed me that USA Cash Advance is not the company that gave me the loan but the company that matched me with a lender. So I requested the lenders number to call them myself about this so-called loan. Mike would not disclose the lenders information to me as he said the lender does not want to be contacted by past customers. Mike was also very rude on the phone, and once my questioning started again he asked if I had a lawyer to handle my legal matters. I informed him as of the end of the phone call I will find one. He told me to have my lawyer call him.   An hour or so passed and I called Mike back at the number he gave me and told him my lawyer to me to request a copy of the file you have on me. Mike said I will send it to the address we have on file and to your employer. I asked Mike why my employer he stated because I used their information to get the loan and he said are you trying to pay this or what. I told him I need to see documentation for all this legal action that was being taken against me. He said it would come in the mail.   After I hung up with Mike, I realized that I put an outstate address that I have on the applications that I filled out and so I called Mike back and stated that I did not verify the address that you have on file for me before we hung up and I would like to do that now so that I can make sure I get the documents, he stated very rudely that it will be sent to the address they have on file and also my employer so that I can lose my job.   I then asked Mike why would I lose my job, and he said because I used the information stating that I worked there to get the loan. He then stated if you call me again I will file harassment charges against you and I told him to please do that so then the police will then get involved and he hung up on me. Mike tried to bully me into paying something I know for a fact I did not get. My account was not even opened when they said I took out this so called loan. The account is actually a fresh account and if you are a law firm handling a law suit then why would you file harrassment charges on me if I am trying to resolve the issue. Doesn't add up!
Entity: New York, New York
83, Report #796292
Nov 08 2011
05:26 PM
11/08 2011Cash Advance Usa just tried to scam for $350.00! I received a call this morning from a foreign man, saying he was with the Department of Financial Investigation. He had ALL my personal info, my ssn, my bank information, place of employment, everything!!! Saying my ssn has been put on hold for non-payment of a loan, three weeks ago. This is how i KNOW it was a scam:1. when i told him i never took out a $300 loan and that i never received any such funds, he said indeed i had and i have to hire a lawyer and appear in court! I said, if i asked YOU for a loan, what makes u think i can pay an attorney?! He said i had two choices, either i can settle outside of court and pay them $350, or i can go to jail! WHEN has ANYONE ever went to jail for a collection???!!!2. Then when i refused to pay a dime, he got INSTANTLY irate, and threatened to call my manager and that they will come and get me on my job. Then, HUNG UP ON ME!3. When i called the number on my ID back ( 347-827-3814 by the way) a completely different person answered, but already KNEW who i was, then i asked him what financial institution did they have down for me, and he asked, What do u mean, financial institution? Like....REALLY??!!! How can you possibly be a financial investigator, and NOT KNOW what that is!!!4. Lastly, i asked where would i need to appear in court, he said Federal Court Of Illinois. I asked where that is, he laughed and said he would send me the info in the mail with the date and time as well as which courthouse.......But I thought it was the Federal Courthouse of Illinois!!!!!SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!!!But now i have to keep an eye on my account until i close it next month, because they have ALL my information!!! I'll keep you all posted!
Entity: Internet, Internet
84, Report #748023
Jul 01 2011
11:05 AM
Cash Advance USA Trying to collect a debt that was never owed huntington, California
They are changing their game upping the year and mt to more recent...using local numbers...but stupid enough to keep the same company name ...don't fall into their trape you cannot get a legal notice over the phone. They cannot CANNOT!!! harrass you report them to the local authorites and the FTC and unlist your number and
Entity: huntington, California
85, Report #866403
Apr 10 2012
10:38 AM
Cash Advance USA daniel johnson or michelle brown Take me to JAIL!!! F OFF! Alabama
Well the calls began this morning and for some reason I had trouble hearing Mr. Daniel Johnson with Cash Advance USA.... With is rough accent it was even more difficult. The idiot told me to call the same number that he had called from to talk with Michelle Brown about the unpaid cash advance I had recieved. I HAVE NOT RECIEVED ANY. So I called and was very rude to the lady and she said dont get rude with me contact your local p.d. because I susposedly am about to be arrested. OK so I did and they said they have heard of the similar instance last week. It really ticks me off they have my Social Security Number... Dont like that. So I think Ill play this game with them and see if I can get any more info...
Entity: , Alabama
86, Report #856818
Mar 20 2012
02:03 PM
Cash Advance USA Dan Morgan Law Office Threatening Arrest Texas, Texas
Individual by the name of Kevin Lloyds called saying he was an attorney from the Dan Morgan Law Office and that I didn't make a payment on a payday loan.  He explained that criminal charges were being filed and I would be taken to court.  The number he called from was 281-203-8131.  Individual had a heavy foreign accent, was rude, couldn't give me information, no documentation and asked me not to interrupt him while he was speaking.  He put me on hold for he said 4 minutes claiming to talk to his client to determine if they would allow me to pay the money.  He came back on the line and said I needed a green dot money pack and that I needed to give him the numbers on the card in order to call off the court proceedings. Obviously, I was quite panicked and upset and decided to look online and try to figure this out and found sites like this stating it was a scam.  I also made several phone calls confirming it was a scam. If you were called, do not talk to them.  I was instructed to do the following: file a report at; call Homeland Security at 989-497-0580 Call the credit bureaus and get a fraud alert on your credit reports Contact your bank and continually monitor your account to make sure they are not taking money.
Entity: Texas, Texas
87, Report #891782
Jun 01 2012
04:29 PM
cash advance USA Scamming me for almost 400$ Internet, Internet
There has been a guy calling me for a week. I finally answered the phone because they never left a message, but called about 4 times in a row back to back. When I finally answered the phone there was a foriegn guy on the other end that asked me if I had a lawyer and when I replied no and asked him what the call was about he stated that there was a lawsuit against me for a loan that I had taken out through cash advance usa in Decemeber. And that I had only had that day to send them the money for the company to drop the lawsuit. The funy thing is that I had a payday loan but through check n go and not cash advance. He proceeded to call me back on friday and when I didnt answer the phone he called from an emergency number claiming himself to be a police officer. I knew he wasnt an officer because I recognized his voice from the other day. So when I told him that he was not a police officer and that I was reporting him he proceeded to hang up on me. I know that if he was a lawyer of any kind then he wouldve left a message instead of calling back to back countless times in a row. I am not sending any money to them and I told him that and he said that there wi\ll be court papers delivered to me. Deliver the court papers and Ill print out my bank statement stating that I never had a laon through cash advance usa and i will now never use this company nor will i ever refer them to anyone that I know. I will be calling the local police department and reporting them for falsafying as a local offier. Amber New Braunfels, TX
Entity: Internet, Internet
88, Report #951299
Oct 05 2012
12:49 PM
Today while I was at work a person by the name of John Smith called said his client Cash Advance USA was taking legal action against me and filing criminal charges! I told him, don't know what you are talking about. Then his boss Adam Garcia got on the phone claiming to be an attorney and repeated the same information.  Adam then stated the sheriff would come to my job and make a public display of me. He then put John his paralegal on the phone, who asked if I had legal representation. I just let him talk. He read me some bogus charges gave me a case # CA8259K and his phone # (347)829-5632. I took the information and hung up. He called me 4 more times! And asked to speak with my manager! When I refused he claimed he was trying to help and stated I was being abusive with him. He was actually being abusive, hostile, talking over me, not answering my questions. All signs of a rip off! After I calmed down, I started realizing if this was a real call, they have violated a few laws regarding debt collection. I am PISSED OFF!!!! How did these people get all of my information? How can we stop them? Something has got to be done about this!
Entity: Internet, Internet
89, Report #953786
Oct 11 2012
10:21 AM
Cash Advance USA Warrant for Arrest on Payday Loan Internet
I received a call today stating there is a warrant for my arrest tomorrow at my home and/or job for financial fraud - not paying on a payday loan to Cash Advance USA. I don't even recall having a loan with them. A gentleman with an Indian accent called from 415-952-3898 saying to return the call today otherwise tomorrow he cannot help me. I returned the call and Michelle Brown (attorney) also with an Indian accent (direct line: 415-952-5967) said that I owed $698.33 (my case #PS542K) and that once the legal paperwork is processed there is nothing she can do --and the fine will be around $4000. She asked if I had any past criminal charges of this nature, she checked my background, and spoke with her higher ups to see if I could receive a payoff. I received an okay from the higher ups and was told to pay $998.33. Michelle Brown said that if I'm unable to pay $998.33 then I can pay $898.33. She said go to WalMart ask for a Bill Payment Voucher then call her so she can connect me with the accounting department to receive instructions. They do not accept checks, credit cards, or debit cards. Once the payment is made to call Michelle Brown with the confirmation number and a receipt will be emailed to me within a couple of hours and mailed to my house with two days, then all charges will be dropped.
Entity: , Internet
90, Report #940609
Sep 13 2012
10:15 AM
I received a call at work today from Law Group of McKinney from a Senior Attorney by the name of Ramon Francis stating that his client Cash Advance USA was sueing me for $465.00 and that they were trying to settle this out of court . He wanted to give him $265.00  by 09/21/2012 to do an electronic transffer thru my checking account and to email him an apology letter stating that i was authorizing this transaction in good faith that I was going to pay this money back, which I never received in the first place. He gave me his email address of : and also was given a case #95278CA and to call him at (909)666-8066 as soon as the money was transffered , so I decided to file for fraud thru the social security office due to they have all my personal information as soon as I saw this was a scam.
Entity: Internet, Internet
91, Report #873209
Apr 24 2012
03:37 PM
cash advance usa is a HUGE RIP OFF! Internet, Internet
Well I've been receiving phone threats of a owing money on a cash advance that I never received! So today I received a very hostile phone call about a lawsuit against me from Cash Advance USA never felt with these people never heard of them until a few weeks ago. So I supposedly had received 200 from them in an account that I have never used, so as the conversation got heated I told him to do wat he have to because I have statements showing that not one transaction had taken place and u know wat he told me that it will not hold up in court and I will lose my job and wont be able to work for two years and I will be placed under a fraud investigation. Well I told him as long as that bank say that I have never used that account then there's nothing u can do so find u another duck!!! So I have read that others were contacted under the same false pretence and want to let others know don't give them one wooden nickel, stand ur ground if u never stand for anything else!!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
92, Report #885850
May 21 2012
02:06 PM
Usa Cash Advance do not let them get away with it colorodo, Ohio
I have been receiving call  from a representative from a company called Usa Cash Advance  claiming  that I owe them money.. They lady name is Mechelle Williams, Claiming  that If i did not wire them 289.00 they would have the police come to by door and arrest me within 20 minutes.. when do they do that? i filed a report with local police department. I do not even  owe them money be aware.
Entity: colorodo, Ohio
93, Report #935408
Aug 31 2012
01:04 PM
Cash Advance USA Rip off washington, Washington DC
I received a call from someone from this number stating that I was being sued, because I received a loan from this company, and didnt pay it back. I never received a loan from this company. The date he told me the money was deposited in my account doesnt even exist. These crooks need to be stopped.
Entity: washington, Washington DC
94, Report #1115108
Jan 13 2014
10:27 AM
USA Cash Advance Scamed me out of $180 and tried for another $135 Internet
I filed a clain through a website online, and about 45 minutes later i got a call from USA cash advance. They said i qualified for $7000 but i went for only $1000. They requested i go by a Green Dot prepaid paper card and put $180 on it to prove i can pay for the loan.... I did as asked and then 3 days later they asked for another $135 for loan insurance. I told them i dont have that much money left over to pay for loan insurance.They demanded I get the $135 from someone to get the loan, and i told them i would call around. Well instead of calling around i looked online for what they really are..... found they are a scam, and i just got scamed for $180 dollars i could really use for food. I told them over the phone i want my 180 back and they told me they can not do that. I asked why and they said they can not do that.again i asked why, and this time they said it will be sent to me with the 1000, and the 180 will be with it too. I kept telling them to send me my money and they told me they can not send me the F***** money because the F***** money wont be able to be sent till the loan is. Once i heard them drop the F Bomb 2 times i really knew something was wrong and now i want to get them back and get my money right away.their phone number is (347) 757-5229 I dont know their adress they refused to give it to me, and i cant find an adress online for that number. I want them to leave me alone, and give me my money back.
Entity: Select State/Province
95, Report #1101831
Nov 24 2013
09:49 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
96, Report #1171033
Aug 20 2014
11:42 AM
Cash Advance USA Roy Morgan, John bowe Fraud complaint Internet
 I recieved this message from the Federal Law Department. It said Last Warning Letter Federal Law Department: - (740) 777-1396 Case No.GJ282311 This is a last and final notice from Federal Law Department ofUnited States of America. We received a lawsuit filed against your name as well as your socialsecurity number under section 9 chapter 19. We are going to inform you that we are going to transfer this casefile to three major credit bureaus, department of social security andto your current place of employment.Now the federal law offices are pursuing you under thejurisdiction regarding three serious allegations.Count (1) Collateral cheque fraud(2) Theft by deception(3) Violation of federal banking regulationWhere in the affidavit states that you were monitored online usingyour e-mail address in order to solicit funds from the website, thatis owned and operated by  Cash Advance USA” the company which owns and operates on more than 350 online Cash websites and internet webportals. Where in the funds were successfully online routed utilizingan interstate EFT that stands for an electronic funds transfer. Whenmy client that's your creditor attempted to extract the funds back as a repayment by sending you six e-mail notifications six EFT's werebeing returned constituting worthless electronic checks.As of now rather than chasing you for money, they have simplydecided t o write this money as loss, deemed to be stolen as wellas press charges against you under the jurisdiction . Now the legalcase is filed against your name is under section 9 chapter 19 whichjust means 1 thing for you...Last Warning Letter Federal Law Department: - (740) 777-1396 If you have any prior convictions including but not limited toworthless cheque, grand theft or money laundering, then please beaware that they shall handle your case as that of a habitual offense,as your state is a strictly zero tolerance is also to inform u that my client that's your creditor has allthe rights and legal authorities to inform your current employer,department of social security and three major credit bureaus, byfaxing them the official copy of the court subpoena along with anissued warrant for your name, which would be resulting intotermination from the full-time employment, jeopardizing your creditreport for next upcoming 5years and any social security benefits willbe placed on hold or will be stopped till the outcome of the case.Final thing that you do have a right to hire an attorney. If you don'thave one or you cannot afford one than one might be appointed to you, butplease make sure that you don't lose the case in the court, if you dolose this case in the court then the legal charges will be levied uponyou that will $8987 this will be excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the outstanding and principal amount you owe to theclient, this roughly comes around less than $17000 to $18000 .Also this copy of the subpoena will be forwarded to your Humanresources or the legal representative of your firm, where in theyhave to appear in the court while the case is on, that could lead toyour termination from the full time employment and by forwarding thesubpoena to social security any child support, disability,Unemployment or retirement benefits will be either placed on hold orWill be stopped until the outcome of the case. According to state bar association your trial attorney or criminal attorney's cost will be nothing less than $500 to $700 an hour. Alsothe court fee charges, legal affidavit cost, bail charges and theoutstanding amount, which roughly comes around $17000 to $18000 whichyou will have to bare if you will resolve this in the court.So make sure that you don't lose the case. But when you google the  case number it comes up as a fraud report for a Roger Martin. I ahve sent a verification of debt Letter but they just keep sending me threat letters.
Entity: Internet
97, Report #980638
Dec 11 2012
03:04 PM
Cash Advance USA Threatened legal action for not paying a loan I never took, Internet
We've real weeks ago I received a voicemail from a legal investigations company, the message was really threatening and stated I was facing legal action, that I was going to be sued and possibly have my wages garnished if I didn't settle. I called them back and asked who was pressing charges and what it was about.I was told I had gotten a previous loan and hadn't paid. He then went on to tell me I would lose everything if they sued and that I should settle out of court to avoid the hassle of legal fees. I got extremely angry and stated that I knew who I owed money to and that I paid my loan regularly and had statements to prove it.I was then told that I still owed and they would be having lawyers contact me and I hung up. Then today I received three voicemails from the same person saying the same thing, that I was being sued and to contact them to settle, so I called him back. He stated that they had my Internet application, my email address and password, my home address and phone number and my social security number.I asked him who was suing me and he stated it was CashAdvanceUSA, and I promptly told him I had emails and bank statements showing I paid them regularly. He then said that I owed them from a previous loan that I never repaid from several months ago, but I never even applied for anything like that in my life prior to applying with them! He told me I had taken a loan from them before and didnt pay and they were suing me.He then stated he'd be happy to settle it with a payment to avoid court and I then suggested we take it to court. But I don't know what to do, they have all my personal information.
Entity: , Internet
98, Report #1059714
Jun 17 2013
10:37 AM
Cash Advance USA - SCAM - I was receiving calls with messages left at my place of employment all hours of the night, and weekends.  I would call the number back to Percy Jackson and get messages that it was an out of country call and could not be returned or they number would lead to a pickup with nothing but a beep.  A message was left that if I did not call be in 24 hours, I would be very sorry as he wished me luck with the fate that was about to befall me.  By the way Percy Jackson had what appeared to be a very very thick Indian accent.  I could also hear a lot of chatter behind him indicating it was  a call center.  Percy finally connected with me today and gave me a number to call, as he was only a paralegal and could give me not information and he was really only suppose to get the name and contact information for my attorney as I was being sued by Cash Advance USA.  He would tell me nothing more.  I called the first number he gave me 541-295-5685 and it lead to the pickup and the beep, beep - nothing more.  I was suppose to ask for Kenneth Lutzer, Attorney.  He called back when they did not hear from me and asked if I had tried to call and I indicated I did, three times, and the phone did not lead to anyone.  He gave me an alternate number 415-484-2132 and I reached a woman and was told to advise her Percy had called me.  She started in about me be sued, I interrupted her and asked her name.  She told me is was Christina Reed - with a very very thick Indian Accent.  I told her I was to speak with Kenneth Lutzer, the attorney and she indicated she did not know Kenneth Lutzer as she was the attorney and why was I getting rude.  I was shocked, I advised her I was just asking who she was.  I was told to quit talking and listen to her and she would tell me.  She proceeded to tell me I was being sued by Cash Advance USA in the sum of $699.00 and I needed to pay it then and there.  I asked for a copy of some documentation and she indicated she could not send it to me, she needed my attorney information.  I told her she had to send me notification so I could give it to my attorney, and she indicated she was not allowed to do that.  Then proceeded to tell me that if I did not pay within 30 minutes, as this is time sensitive, a warrant was going to be issued for my arrest at my place of employment and I would then have to go to court and would be responsible for $7,400.87 in costs.  REALLY! I advised her, then I was getting arrested as I have not got the money at this time.  Again,  I was told I was being rude and need to settle this now.  I told her good-bye as I had to research this company that is suppose to be sueing me.  I then found that there were all these ripp-off reports on the same company and the issues.  I called the FBI, who was aware of this Fraud and they gave me numbers to call to protect my identity.  They knew my work, phone numbers, social security number (but apparently, only the last four digits) - that was real red flag.   I was told to contact the Federal Trade Commission, Trans Union Credit and put in a Fraud Alert - it would go to all the other credit bureaus and the consumer line fo the Attorney General's office in my state. 
Entity: NOT KNOWN, Select State/Province
99, Report #1053078
May 22 2013
05:57 PM
usa cash advance rip off on all loans Internet 
 Was contacted about a payday loan buy USA Cash Advance told them i wasnt interested. I told them i applied for a loan for a motorcycle and dont know how they got my info.The man on the phone said his name was Alex Johnson and that they could help me with the motorcycle loan.  He verified my information and told me i needed to put 230 dollars down on a green dot money pack.Have never using one i didnt really question it and did as requested. Then he calls me back and siad that they tried 5 times to transfer money into my account and it wouldnt go through.Alex then proceeded to tell me that if i paid another 221 in fees accumulated from them trying to put money in my account that they would put the 221 plus the 230 in my account along with the loan amount. So i called my bank and they said there was no such activity on my account that no one had tried to deposit anything and that nothing has been denied and that my account is in good standing. While i am on the phone with the bank Alex calls my cell number and says if i pay the 221 that they will western union the money to me in the amount of the loan plus the 230 and the 221. I told him if you are going to refund the 230 just use it to pay the fees and he replied i cant do that.So i told him i just talked to the bank and told him what the lady at the bank said and he assured me that if i just pay the 221 i would have my money. Once i told him sounds like a scam to me he got all defensive and said no sir absolutly not just pay the 221 and you will have your money.I said why should i pay for yor mistakes and he said its not our companies mistake.I said if its not your mistake and there is no problem at the bank then whos mistake is it.He just kept drilling me for this 221 and i told him you got 230 out of me your not getting anymore out of me. SO ANY ONE THAT REQUIRES A MONEY PACK IS NOT ON THE LEVEL AND IS OUT TO SCAM YOU.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #1049263
May 08 2013
06:50 AM
Cash Advance USA Scam to repay PayDay Loan Mills California
 5/8/13 I received a voicemail yesterday from a David Jackson asking for myself or my attorney to call him back regarding check fraud.  I called back this morning and spoke to an Anthony Jackson.  He asked me my name and case number.  I told him that I received a call from a David Jackson and asked to call him back at 415-952-7351.  He looked me up and told me that I took a payday loan out at CashAdvance USA, and never paid them back.  I told him that I had not taken a loan out.  He told me to not interprut him and he would explain.  He then told me that they gave me a loan, and took the payments out.  I told him that was false. He told me that they refund all my payments back to me.  I told him that all that was false.  He then hung up on me.   I found this article online which calmed me down.
Entity: Mills, California

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