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1, Report #205420
Aug 10 2006
07:59 AM
Cash Call ripoff Internet
$10,000 is what i borrowed. i've been making monthly payments of $400 on time for 2 yrs & my current balance is still $9,800. the balance has only been reduced by $200 in 2 yrs. but i have paid over $9,500 since. they are a terrible company to borrow money from. please get the money from family or friends if needed & not by cash call!! tapanga Palmdale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1078333
Aug 23 2013
04:58 AM
Cash Call Fees TX
 When I first started a loan with Cash Call, I informed them that I would be switching bank accounts BEFORE my first payment. I called when my first payment was due, paid over the phone and was told to send new banking information and it would take three business days to stop the old ACH withdrawal from my old account. Instead, like all of my other bills, I paid my bill online, religiously, every month (sometimes early and never late). Now, since they were still trying to withdraw money from the old account AFTER I paid each month, they are charging me $29 every month they did so. So, instead of my August payment being used for the loan, it went to the ridiculous returned payment fees (which I had no payments returned online but from the old account). Now, they're saying I'm delinquent for August, even though I made the payment ON TIME. They are trying to milk me for every dime they can. But those return fees are to penalize those that had a payment returned, which I haven't. I've never been late nor missed a single payment. I told them that I refuse to pay those fees and want my August payment to go toward the loan, not those fees, but they are refusing to do so. Stay away from this company if you can! They will club you over the head with ridiculous fees, then blame their computer for it.
Entity: Select State/Province
3, Report #1053903
May 25 2013
07:44 PM
Cash Call Cash Call - Dishonest Company Anaheim California
I initially received a loan through Western Sky and it was sold to Cash Call.  I borrowed $2600 and was told I could pay the $2600 back but that is not true.  The annual percentage rate is 139.12% which will make what I owe $14,122.37.  I am divorced with 5 kids and I thought this loan would help but it has been a nightmare.  I am constantly harrassed whether the payments are on time or not.  Also the company lies.  Don't try to make payment arrangements because they will lie and tell you that they can be made and they will come back and say that you never tried to make arrangements and will try to take the money from your bank account. If anyone can give me some advice regarding this disaster of a loan please do!
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #500804
Sep 26 2009
11:32 AM
Cash Call ,Cash Call - Loan Sharks Internet
Stay away from Cash Call all together. Don't even think about borrowing from them for any reason. They jacked up the interest rate on me when I ran into financial troubles and could not make the payments even after being a good client for two years. I have received continuous phone calls on both my cell and home phone. Sometimes as many as 4 to 5 calls within 5 minutes at a time. I get calls hourly. They try to use tactics of unlisted numbers, private numbers, local numbers, etc., to get you to answer the phone. 98% of the calls to my home number is from them and 94% to my cell phone is from them. And because of the constant phone calls to my cell phone, my phone bill averages $180 per month. I have talked with their bill collectors who will flat out lie to you to get you to make a payment or try to tie up in a payment plan that you could possibly not continue making payments after a few months just to squeeze as much money out of you. They know my situation and yet they still continue to call daily. I have phone records to back up my claim. Their collection tactics are uncalled for and they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices several times. Yet they continue down the path of harassment. Which politicians, judges, and lawyers do they have in their back pocket that allow them to continue these business and collection tactics. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #926581
May 01 2013
08:44 AM
Cash call Rip off Anaheim, California
I received a loan of about 2000.00 from cash call years ago and I was paying it until i became unempolyed. I have been moving around trying to keep a roof over my head and now they have received my new phone number and i received a message from them today. I called back and was informed that they are sueing me and have a judgement against me this is coming from there processing legal department that are working for them my loan has now risen to over 6000.00 dollars because of the interest rate. they said if I don't commit to paying at least 2500.00 today that they will garnish my checks  once I start working and put liens on anything in my name. They also said they are in the process of sending out a sheriff to serve me court papers.  I was told I will be responsible for all court charges. I have no money for a lawyer can they put a lien on my paid for car should i get the car out of my name . I know I owe them but this is so overwhelming what can i do to protect my personel assets all I have is my car and bank account which has no money and my unemployment check is so low I am roommating and can barely pay my share. Please give me some advice I live in the state of California.
Entity: Anaheim, California
6, Report #200644
Jul 12 2006
10:06 AM
Cash Call ripoff Fontana California
I just want to warn others to not make the same mistake I did in doing business with this company. I requested a $10,000 loan from this in January 2005 and have been faithful in making payments every month starting in February 2005. Unfortunately, last month I was short on money and was unable to make this one payment. Cash Call called me every day, as many as 30 times on one day. The called my job, my home; everyday from Monday through Sunday. I explained or tried to explain the circumstances to them and they just kept on calling. This company, I don't know how they are managing to stay in business legally with the exorbitant interest rates that they are charging. Even though I have made the payments of over $300 per month for over a year and a half, my balance is still over $10,300. We need to band together and get this company put out of business so that they can stop ripping people off. I have never heard of a company that can charge 75% interest on their loans. Tanya richmond, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fontana, California
7, Report #306707
Feb 06 2008
12:51 PM
Cash Call Highway Robbery Internet
About 2.5 years ago I was in a financial crunch & about to be evicted from my home. I had no way out except to call Cash Call. As desperate as I was, I truly didn't read all the fine print. After I received the cash payment, I realized I was charged 96% interest & would have to pay back 2.5 times more then I borrowed. I looked into paying off this debt early & called them to find out what my payoff amount would be after already paying for over 2 years. I was told I had to pay the full amount of the loan. Non of my payments have ever been applied to the principle. All my efforts & payments are only being applied to the interest. How can this company get away this? It's like a legal booky. No consolidation company will work with them so I have no way out! Mary Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #308371
Feb 12 2008
04:09 PM
Cash Call Sneaky Charges Fountain Valley California
Wow.... Its amazing how sneaky cc really is. I got a loan from cc 3 years ago well I have paid them what I borrowed but for some reason my account shows that I still owe what I borrowed. Is that sad or what. Anyhow my report is for the fact that a little over a year ago my husband lost work and we ended up living in a tent. We went for 2 months without making a payment (we didn't have the money) when my husband started working and we got a home again we started making payments again. Off course they asked for our new bank account since we closed the one they had on file due to a state move, I explained that I would be paying them thru moneygram. They said no problem. Well I have been unable to make the payment on the 1st of the month but send it out on the 15th. Now I have spoke to a rep every month about this payment (you know they start making those calls on the day after you miss your payment date) I was informed of the late fee, that I do include but for some reason they did not inform me until this last month that I was incuring a 3-5 dollar charge every day past the due date. Now I don't believe that was ever made in writting and I am a little upset that it took them over a year to tell me this. This is almost a hundred dollars added to my contract along with a 15 - 10 dollar late charge that seems to be different every month. What in the world is this all about and is this legal. Leopold spokane valley, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
9, Report #305975
Feb 04 2008
12:08 PM
CASH CALL I am thinking about it... ANAHEIM California
I was thinking about doing the same thing myself. Two and a half years ago I received a check and used the funds come to find the check was a counterfeit so to prevent losing my bank acct. I resulted to taking a loan with CASH CALL. I was in school and didn't have money like that coming in. Now two + years later. I am out of school still paying on the $2500. Now you know I already paid that back and then some but they still take money out of my acct. every month faithfully. I thought about asking for a settlement but haven't done so yet. I thought about potential legal action but don't know how to get started. If you decide to file suit I am right along with you. I will call today and see what happens if anything. P.S. There customer service can really bother you at times. ~~ Beautifulone02 HAWTHORNE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: ANAHEIM, California
10, Report #324594
Apr 08 2008
01:51 PM
Cash Call Constantly harassed Las Vegas Nevada
I have recently been laid off from work, I notified Cash Call of this via a faxed document and an email. However the company continues to call me daily mon thru sunday, sometimes late at night well after 8pm. I have told them that as soon as I resume full time employment I will start repaying the loan. However as of today 04/08/2008 I have received about 5-6 calls on my cell phone and about 6-8 calls on my home phone. I am so depressed right now, my spirit is completely broken and I have on the edge of a breakdown. This company is relentless, I cannot take the harassment anymore. Is there anything that I can do? I filed a complait with the fair debt collections today. Tracey Smyrna, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #229984
Jan 11 2007
01:59 PM
Cash Call ripoff misrepresenting loan amount and payback Internet
In Jan 2005 my husband was not working and we were in desperate need to pay our rent and bills. During this time I was contacted by a representative from CashCall telling me about their loan program. I did not want to get into another payment but the time was neccessary. I talked in lenght with the representative and went over the loan amount and payments several times to assure myself that this was not a ripoff. I was told by the representative that the loan amount was approved for 1900.00 and that my payments would be 219.00 for twelve months. Making the total amount of the loan for 2628.00 I was told that I would get my paperwork in the mail. When I did not receive the loan doc I called several times but received nothing in the mail. I only received a confirmation that the money was wired into my account. I called today and found that I still have 30 payment due which would make this loan for 9000.00 This is a complete misreprensentation of the phone call I got and this explaines why I did not get any documentation. I was told that the documents were sent via email although that email address was not valid and they would not have known that. If I send an email to an address and it is not valid I get a confirmation saying undeliverable, why do they not get the same response. Thea Huntington Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #263887
Jul 28 2007
04:51 PM
Cash Call Loan Sharking Agency Anaheim California
Company pries on people in their time of need; they charge excessive intrest; I have paid on a $5000 loan for the last six months; the balance on the account has not changed any. I had to stop my automatic debit due to a change in my work hours. Payment was due on the 1st of the month; they have call me in the excess of 30 times daily; they have even called me on Sundays; I know that this violates the Fair Trade Acts; I made a mistake; something needs to be done about this company; they have called my job, my home and have even harassed my children. This company needs to be stopped. Susie Charleston, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
13, Report #261358
Jul 17 2007
08:48 AM
Cash Call ripoff Heartless Money Grubbers Anaheim California
In the aftermath of living with a violent alcoholic, I needed funds to get away from the abusive situation. I got a loan with CashCall, Inc. The abusive alcoholic found me by calling CashCall and getting my address. That lead to me being assaulted by my ex. I was stabbed with a knife in the arm, requiring 11 stitches, 2 internal, 9 on top, to sew up the deepest of the three cuts. Following this occurance I was hospitalized for trauma and depression. I lost everything: home, car, job, furniture, cats, EVERYTHING! All because CashCall gave someone my personal information. I'm now homeless, jobless, penniless. But CashCall does not care that they had a BIG hand in causing this. They want their pound of flesh, and they want it now. I just tried to speak with Victor at CashCall. He doesn't care about the situation they have caused for me. He told me since I'm already on the street, I should just hook it and make some money to pay them. Until then, he advised that he will keep calling my parent's phone number because that's the only number they have for me. They were able to get me a message through them, but only because my father knows what park I am sleeping in. These people are leaches on society. Their carelessness and inhumanity almost lead to my DEATH!! In case you are wondering, I'm at the closest library trying to find a job and put my life back together. But I felt it was important to let someone know what these vultures have done to someone's life. Drea mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
14, Report #241883
Apr 01 2007
11:12 PM
Cash Call Harassment, RIPOFF Fountain Valley California
Well where do I start. We saw a commerical for Cash Call on the television, and some stuff was going wrong with his mom medical wise, so we called. We spoke to a representative, and he informed us that our interest would be 22% on a $5,000 loan. Well my husband and I decided at the time we could afford it. Well, some other things started going wrong and we could NOT make our first payment. We called in and told them, they told us there was nothing they could do. husband is active duty army, and is currently deployed to Iraq. I'm pregnant with our first child, and have had some SERIOUS complications, and have been in and out of the hospital. I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 days, and I had 24 missed calls from this company. He left a message and told me that I was lying about the whole situation, and that he needed to speak with our attorney, and if we didnt have one, then he suggest us get one IMMEDIATELY!! This loan is in my HUSBANDS NAME ONLY!!! He then left me another voicemail threatening my husbands career. I do have these saved, but I need to know if they are allowed to advise you to get an attorney QUICK and if htey can threaten your career. I also know that a company can NOT litigate against you while you are deployed thanks the the Sailor and Soldiers Relief Act. I NEED HELP QUICK!! Kimberly Killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
15, Report #258076
Jul 01 2007
01:20 PM
Cash Call Dishonest, Fraudulent Billing, Ripoff Anaheim California
I too have been put under pressure by Cash Call. i needed funds to help me move from a house that was unfit. My daughter was killed and I am taking care of her daughter, (my granddaughter) who has asthema. When i heard about this company I was not sure about them and tried to research their business practices before i went through with borrowing the money. Well I got caught up as all of you did and borrowed the money. My first payment was made, and when it came time for me to make my second payment I received a phone call from Ms. Moore telling me that my payment had went up from $135.22 to $216.97. I explained that I could not afford this high payment could we work something out. She was rude and her tone pissed me off. I then start receiving about 50 to 100 phone calls a day telling me I had made this arrangement, ot that I lied and I would be sorry. The would call me with different people on the phone and everytime a new number came up I woul log it i9n my phone as Do Not Answer. As it stands now I have about 17 different numbers for them. I was contacted 6/29/07 by a supervisor who thought he could scare me. But to his surprise he got the phone hung up in his face as the others. I am now going to turn Cash Call over to the news in the city that I live in, the Attorney General, the City District Attorney, The Senate, Congress, and even the President if he will listen. I bet that if we all write to these people with power Cash Call will either run and hide, or do business right. I am not scared are you! Stay Tuned For More On This Subject! MML Marjorie Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
16, Report #246781
May 03 2007
09:20 PM
Cash Call Harrassing, Annoying and Rude ripoff Anaheim California
My husband took out a loan from this company in January of 2007. In March when I made the payment I advised them that my husbands company was switching his pay to once a month so April's payment would not be made until May 7th , along with May's payment. Mind you they drafted our account early every single month cause overdraft fees and still call after the payment has been made to collect. We have received 40 calls just this week and 13 calls today alone (7 were within a half an hour). I finally told them that I kicked my husband out! They told me they had the right to keep calling until they got a hold of my husband. I then advised them they were wrong because I run a business out of the house and the line they are calling is paid for by the business, which then makes it illegal for them to call. I have also printed out a copy of the Fair Debt Collection act #806 says Harassment or Abuse (5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse or harass any person at the called number. If there are any lawyers out there we need to file a class action lawsuit and shut down this company. Bill collectors are the down side of society they are down there with Meth users!! Heather Beaverton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
17, Report #288950
Dec 04 2007
04:33 PM
Cash Call 2007 Organized Crime Internet
I had the unpleasantries of using this company in desperate need. My intentions were good and I would love to repay them. What they do not tell you is that they will debit your account on a week by week basis not month to month if you fall behind. In do so I may never catch up. My account is overdrawn to the tune of over $1,000 dollar in fees alone just from this one company. How do they expect to be repaid if I am unable to catch up on the fees they keep causing my account to incur. I am worse shape than I was before I desperately sought their help. It is unethical to think that people don't need to survive. Most people use their checking account to pay bills and so forth but with these leeches gnawing at it week by week there is nothing left to pay anyone except the fees. Mrs. h Providence, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #291566
Dec 14 2007
10:46 AM
Cash Call Harrmesment Fountain Valley California
I had been making my regular payments and on time but I ran into a problem and good not pay on time the payment was rejected by the bank .I tried to work things out but the gentlemen kept calling me 10 to twenty times a day both at home and work.He also stated that he had talked to my HR department and gave me the name of the person who according to him would help garnish my wages,not true. Since then I have seeked help from a debt management program and have them listed,if they want to get paid they should accept the arragements,But because of all this brow beating threating phone calls I have closed my bank account and stopped answering my phone when I see that number. I have also filed a report to the FTC and the state attorney's office.I feel that they should be closed down,if they want to work out something with people be nicer not threating and stop harrasing people it just doesn't help No name auburn, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
19, Report #279131
Oct 16 2007
04:10 PM
Cash Call big rip off Anaheim anaheim ca.
i took out a loan with cash call 03/07 i decieded to pay it off early.. i couldn't believe that the loan was for $ 5075.00 on 03/07 i just got the phone with them after paying 250 a month for the last 6 months and to pay off the loan i owe more now then when the loan was taken out in march. it will take almost 5200.00 now to pay it off .. im sorry i beleive they evey company deserves to make a profit but this is a outrage.. boy i guest i should have reed the small print.. i feel that companys like thos pray on good people that have got in a money fix and really take advantage of them.. please beware before you sign no matter how desprate you are for money fixes... Frankie Grove city, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1091751
Oct 14 2013
04:44 AM
Cash call Rip off artist Orange County California
Hello, I got a loan from cash call about a week ago , I heard a commercial on the radio , and I was in a bind , I only needed 500.00 to pay some bills , then I was going to pay back the loan in 10 days , well when I called I told them I only needed 500 well they said they only had 2 options for me one was 2600.00 and the other was 5000.00 , the 5000.00 had a lower interest rate 118% like I'm going to go the full term and pay back 40,000 .. Really!!!! , so I was talking with the person on the phone he said I can make a principle reduction payment as soon as I receive the loan then pay interest on the remaining balance , I was going to pay back 4500 imidiately , so interst earned in 10 days would be worth it to me to take the loan.. Well long story short , the 4500.00 was never taken from my bank account and I've called day after day and been givin the run around saying oh it takes 3 to 5 business days and this and that , well Friday I called and low and behold the customer service rep slipped up and told me the truth and said no attempt has been made , then came back and said oh there was a typo when imputing my account number to the bank , I really need some advice dealing with this I want to pay this back ASAP!!! Id rather pay late fees on my bills then to take a loan out from these people.. Please help..thanks 
Entity: Select State/Province
21, Report #273003
Sep 07 2007
08:08 AM
CASH CALL Cash Call rude money hungry loan sharks!! Irvine California
I also am a victim to this company and hope they go under soon. I have had my loan and been paying for 2 years with no late payments and had to have surgery. I called them and just wanted a deferment for 1 month because I had no income coming in for the month and they were the most rude customer service agents I have ever dealt with. They were not understanding to my situation and demanded payment so I had them remove the checking acct. info so they could not collect the payment for the month. What's so funny is I requested the deferment at the end of the month of August well in advance of the due date which, according to my bank records the payment was always pulled out on the 15th of every month for the past 2 years but was told it's actually due on the 1st and if not paid by the 1st of the month your charged a late fee. Hmmm that sounds to me like not only are they charging 99.25% interest every month but they are also charging late fees every month. Has anyone ever requested for a detailed list of payment made? If so they probably didn't comply because they think what they're doing to people is ok! Hopefully we can all come together file a class action lawsuit and get these loan sharks for good!!! Linda Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
22, Report #145161
Jun 05 2005
09:05 PM
Cash Call Interest rate ripoff Irvine California
I applied for a loan thru Cash Call, Michael called me today @ 2:40 stating I was approved for $2600 loan at 85% interest and they were asking for monthly payments of $199.00. I told him it appears to be too high and ask if I could call him back went I get home to crunch the $$. I thought about it and tried to call him back but the phone did not connect me to him. I left a message in the general mailbox informing them this is too high of an interest rate for me and I need to decline my application. Later I received an email stating they decline me due to my credit. This seems very odd for any company to ask for a high interest rate then pawn you off as application decline. This company does not appear to be a credit friendly company as they claim on TV good or bad credit you will be approved and I have exceptional credit standings. I have reported this matter to the for review. Tammy Fullerton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #390332
Nov 11 2008
09:11 PM
Cash Call rip off Van Nuys California
Please let me know if anyone is filing a class action lawsuit I have paid on this loan for over a year and I see no way out of it. I think if the government can bailout AIG they should be able to help us out with these loans. Evelyn68 Westover, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #348196
Jul 07 2008
09:38 AM
CASH CALL Usery Orange County California
I just want to say, when you hear and see the commercials on TV The small print is so small you would never be able to read it. I also think if a company feels they need to charge people interest rates as high as 99% who are already in horrible situations?? should most likley not handing these loans out. Sure they dont force us to call , i get that, but these days people get so desperate, they dont always think. Also when the coment was made by someone on here saying they were told they should try and pay it off?? well DUH !!! But life happenes and we can't always do that now can we?? I am sure there are loop wholes all over the place, as to how they can get away with these rates?? Its all interest. Should be outlawed. Is anyone looking into this?? Rose Westlake Village, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orange County, California
25, Report #352010
Jul 16 2008
02:17 PM
Cash Call Is A Joke!!! Detroit Michigan
i to fell for the scam of cash call. i took out a loan over a year ago, and went and looked at my balance of what i owe, and what do you know, it is still higher than my loan amount was. So i stopped paying them, im not sending them another cent. they did call me about 20 times a day, but when i see there number come up,, you know the one from every state in the west, ill answer the phone, not say anything and hang up. they now only call me at least once a day, and i still do the same thing. don't get scared of this company, they can't come and kill you, if anything it will just go on your credit report for having late payments, or if you don't pay them back, it will be a charge off. the people there that call you are losers, they have no degrees, and remember if it wasnt for people paying there loans late, hell none of them would have a job!! so at least the late payers are keeping them losers working. i have no problem paying them back for the loan, but i decided ill wait and see what kind of settlement they offer me in writing, hell what have i got to lose. THEY SURE DON'T SCARE ME!!! if anything i laugh at them all the time... good luck to all you people with a cash call loan. Tommy t melvindale, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan

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