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26, Report #177990
Feb 24 2006
08:10 PM
Charter Communications damaged property ripoff policies Montgomery Alabama
I had charter cable and internet for 16 years. had lots of trouble with my service going off. called several times to get a technician that knew what to do. Finally a young guy came to check my television,which when he came in I was watching(it was a snowy picture)he checked it out then with his walkie talkie cell phone said watch this and keyed up the phone locking up the proccessor on the tv. He said sorry that has never happened before. got the run around for a while sent a l;etter to the corporate offices. Another guy calls and says it is charters policy to have the customer pay for repairs and they will reimburse me if its there fault. Called the one shop in Montgomery that works on panasonic said it would be impossible to say definately it was there fault. So without a written statement I wont get my money back.... So guess I cant get reimbursed...Needless to say I disconnected my charter services. Beware of them. Robert Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Montgomery, Alabama
27, Report #210270
Sep 10 2006
04:37 AM
Charter Cable Communications ripoff Stockbridge Georgia
Avoid Charter cable television and high speed internet in Stockbridge, Georgia. What was I thinking when I signed up for Charter high speed internet??!! After years of mediocre cable television service, repair appointments for which Charter never showed up and rude indifferent call center employees, I should have known better! I was given a window of 1:00PM to 5:00pm for their tech to arrive to perform the installation. At 7:05PM two contractors, not even employees of Charter, who could be better characterized as thugs showed up at my door to install the service. After I advised them that they were two hours late and no one had the courtesy to advise me that they were running late, the two gentlemen became surly and left, refusing to do the install. Called their service number and got a call center in Mexico City, Mexico which was a another story of nightmare customer service proportions which I will save for another time. Bottom line: avoid Charter in Georgia. It's no wonder that they are having major financial problems. Look to alternative sources for the services that Charter provides. Robert Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
28, Report #305034
Jan 31 2008
06:24 PM
Charter Communications Will not credit account after paying Internet
I pay my bill to Charter when I receive the notice to pay. I pay online and have never missed a payment. The last bill I received was for $173.00. I checked my bank statements and Charter was paid every month on time! They took the Dec, Payment from my Bank account, but never applied the 86.99 to my charter account. Have been on the phone several times concerning this problem with no satisfaction. I faxed them a copy of my Bank statement with account number and asked them to please credit my account. Nothing! I called back and the rep said I would have to file a report with them to find where the payment went to. I guess they have the right to steal your money huh? When and if I get this account settled, guess what? Good bye Charter! I think a class action suit needs to be filed against this so called Company. Maybe then they will see the light, but I doubt it. Paul Allen owns or has ties to this Company also. John from oregon Waldport, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #183502
Mar 27 2006
01:27 PM
Charter Communications ripoff Saint Louis Missouri
For the public's information - please take note of your Charter billing - in Missouri they are adding charges to your bill described as government authorized billings that they are authorized to pass on to you, the customer. If in Missouri call the Public Service Commission and report this, and send them a copy of your bill showing these charges. This is known as cramming. The telephone number for PSC is: 573-751-3234, and ask for the telecommunications department. Then, describe what you are being charged. For example - your monthly billing for telephone service is supposed to be $39.95 as advertised. You sign up, and then your billing is around $80.00 instead of the $39.95. You call Charter and are told this is government authorized taxes that they can charge to your billing - this is NOT true. Ask for a complaint form from the Public Service Commission, file it out and send them a copy of your bill so they can see for themselves what is going on with Charter - there is a new rule in Missouri governing what can be charged to your bill in the way of taxation. CHECK it Out!! This can save you literally hundreds of dollars. If you live in Illinois - contact your Illinois Commerce Commission - they do the same thing for Illinois residence. Charter depends on the public to not be knowledgable about these things, and unfortunately, the public is NOT knowledgable so the company gets by with ripping people off - big time. Then, when you find this is happening to YOU, file a complaint! This is the only way these kinds of practices can be stopped!!! You have to defend yourself, if you don't then these kinds of companies continue to exist. I just did what I'm telling you that you can do - take control of your financies. It IS worth it. M. A. Alton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
30, Report #220065
Nov 10 2006
09:14 PM
Charter Communications ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Clarksville Tennessee
in august we changed our service to a cheaper plan. we had already sent out our payment after we decided to change it my husband told the lady that and she said our new plan was 30 cheaper than our old she said she would credit us and sept's bill would be like $30 and then in oct it would go to our new price. we also moved in sept and then we got our bill for sept and it was $30 so we payed it. then come oct and the bill was 60 dolars which was supposed to be our normal bill we pay it then we get another bill saying we owe $90 for oct my husband called and talkes to the lady and she says ok its $30 and its due the end of the month then i called back had to argue with the guy because he kept interupting me and getting and attitude with and then when i basically told him to shut up and listen to me and i explained everything he told me that nov payment would be $60 and we didnt have another payment due. now its nov and i just got a bill online saying we owe $80 and now we are getting the story that when we moved that we had a bill leftover from the bill from the old address. we also had a problem with them not sending bills for 2 and 3 months at a time then would send a bill for 2 and 300 dollars. Marcy Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
31, Report #222273
Nov 26 2006
10:28 AM
Charter Communications dishonest withdrawals. Ripoff Wisconsin Internet
On October 16 2006 charter was to stop taking out of my Auto pay acc't. They said they did and no further payments would come out. I was to own them around $76.00. They drafted on my account after that for a total of $216.76. I called them on 10/26/06 to get it c orrected. They said it would take two weeks and I would have a check. I have since called them and they said checks in the mail. Wrong. They are playing with my money and not giving me any funds back as of today, 11/226/06. I called again on 11/09/06... 11/12/06 and 11/20/ 06.. They said check was sent out 11/09/06 and they have no way to trace it... Judy Madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
32, Report #224528
Dec 09 2006
04:19 PM
Charter Communications ripoff Nondisclosure of pricing schedule Duluth Georgia
I felt my cable bill was becoming excessive for the channels and services I receive so I decided to call Charter and subcribe to a smaller less expensive package. I called customer no-service and told them I wanted a channel line up, description of available packages, and pricing. They informed me that all this information is availble on the internet. When you go to their website and register as an online user and begin to search for pricing you will eventually get to a screen telling you that they have your inforamtion and a customer service representative will contact you in the future. After not hearing back from them for about two or three weeks I decided to call customer no-service again. After going through two to three levels of managers I found out that Charter will not supply you with a pricing schedule for cable television in writing. This allows them to shift channel packages and pricing wihtout recourse. If your cable bill goes up you'll find out that that promotion is over of we have discontinued that package when in reality there was never any firm pricing to begin with so they can charge you what they want. UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE, IF YOU ARE A CHARTER CUSTOMER TRY IT! Ken Roswell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia
33, Report #270227
Aug 25 2007
12:50 PM
Charter Communications Customer Service, puleeeze!! Ripoff Smyrna Georgia
Charter Communications has planted a bug on two computers at my residence that redirects any and all web sites that we actually TYPE IN OUR BROWSER and replaces what we type with install charter... We have discontinued Charter Service but still cannot access the web. Sam Smyrna, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
34, Report #89023
Apr 26 2004
01:15 PM
Charter Communications run around and rip off Montgomery Alabama
Recently we have an ever growing problem with our internet access. We are currently on a 2 week drought from connectivity. Although this problem has occurred more than just this incident. I have called multiple times always with the answer we are aware of the problem but have no answer as to when it will be fixed. Finally I got the local tech on the phone who said that we just needed to check out our modem and there was no problem with the local system. So what I have learned thus far is the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and that someone has been lying to us to get us off the phone. I am obviously upset about this because as we all know if we were 2 weeks late with our bill the cable would be shut off. We on the other hand are just supposed to accept that our service is going to be down for weeks at a time. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Michael Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Montgomery, Alabama
35, Report #982537
Dec 15 2012
12:44 PM
Charter Communications Pricing Ripoff Madison, Wisconsin
Charter Communications is crap. We have put up with their sub-par service for too many years so its time for a change. They have deceived me on pricing and this is the last bill I will be paying them. If you have Charter just look at your bill. There are dozens of charges, fees and adjustments. COME ON Charter what does all this crap mean. As far as pricing goes: it is too high for the service they are providing. Now I am talking about the service when it works. If you are satisfied with their service then you are in the minority. If you are still paying the introductory price then your time will end. Its time for all of you dissatisfied Charter customers to start making complaints. Just call their customer don't care number and start there. Believe me I have been on the phone with them for hours. You name it, we have had all the problems; intermittent internet, no phone service, the TV reception that might as well come from a satellite dish in a hurricane. Oh ya, we feel your pain they say every damn time I call them. Well Charter, its time to say goodbye. I've had enough of your garbage service and lame pricing practices. Not to mention that you hold a MONOPOLY on cable services wherever your located. I thought our government didn't allow monopolies. Time to call the Attorney General. 
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
36, Report #1041986
Apr 09 2013
07:19 PM
Charter Communications not honoring pricing again various, Wisconsin
This company is ripping me off again.  I have had to fight 2 years in a row now to get the pricing that was originally setup for my Cable TV and Internet services.  I am now bald after pulling out all my hair with them.  I have every email from last year from Ashley Wilkens knowing that I would be doing this again for months 13-24.  I am so tired of this battle and I don't feel the special pricing that I am to receive for months 13-24 is even enough to keep me as a customer of Charter.  Someone must know the frustrations for working with these people more than just myself???  I am serious when I say they need to do more than make my pricing right...they need to offer me something that will keep me from disconnecting their services and giving someone else a chance.  I am attaching the last email I received from Ashley Wilkens.  She evidentally is tired of me or is no longer with the Charter company.  Listed below is a portion of the email I received from her last year with the agreed upon pricing for me. Good morning Ms. Wagner, I have updated your account to reflect a 12 month promotion totaling $66.98 before taxes and applicable fees which is $2.00 less than the previous offer that I quoted you.  Once this promotional rate ends I will apply another promotion to your account to reflect $71.98 before taxes and applicable fees for months 13-24.  If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to email or contact me at the number provided below.   Sincerely,  Ashley Wilkins | Executive Escalation Lead My pricing on my statements are now at $110.xx so as you can see I am not being billed from this company as it was to be as stated above with the $71.98 for months 13-24.  I am going further with this, this time around.  I am not backing down. Terri - Chetek, WI
Entity: various, Wisconsin
37, Report #1179035
Sep 24 2014
02:24 PM
Charter Communications Incredibly Shady Internet and Cable Provider Nationwide
The shadiest, most pathetic service provider there is. They constantly change my bill, constantly have outages, have ZERO customer service and do not care at all about customer retention. I finally have enough of these assclowns and am in the process of canceling everything I have with, internet, and cable TV...not worth the hassle dealing with them every few months to rectify problems they can't seem to solve. I wanted to a refund on my DVR use that was never clearly stated when the 12 month contract was over for that particular service and they refused.  They would rather lose a customer instead of offer good customer service and retention.     I have had to deal with these people at least 3-4 times a year over billing and service's a constant issue.  They purposefully separate their services and assign different starting dates and overlaps so they can nickel and dime everyone to day...multiple $20 here and there over a few million customers and you quickly see where they make most of their money.   If anyone is considering Charter, please do not....they are the worst of the worst and I will try my best to make that clear all over the net.   Charter Communications is truly one of, if not the shadiest internet and cable provider around.  Do not patronize with them.  
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #1035729
Mar 18 2013
11:34 AM
Charter Communications Dishonest, Incompetent, and Rude Internet
I have been a Charter customer for some time and up until lately I have not had very many issues with them.  However, you will soon read how all of this has changed. Up until February of this year, I had been paying in the area of 165.00 per month for cable, phone, and 15 mb internet.  I decided that I wanted to increase my internet speed to 30mb and called customer service to arrange this. The customer service rep told me that the fee would be an additional 10.00 per month.  That was all the fees that were mentioned.  Later that afternoon, a tech showed up and said that he was there to install my new router and that it would be a one time charge of 20.00 and that would be added to my next bill.  I knew this tech and he had always done right by me.  Based on this I agreed to the one time 20.00 router charge. That very day, my Encore channel went off the tv.  I called customer service the next day and was told that there was no reason why Encore went off and she would have it put back one.  She did. When my February bill arrived, it was for over 300.00.  I called my area Charter representative to see if he could help figure this out.  I left a message with him.  Later that day, a customer service representative called me.  She said that my promotion was over wth and these were the new prices.  I asked how this could be when I have renewed a new 2-year contract in August.  She said that I had not done this because the promotion had stopped in June.????????????????????  Also, there were service charges of 30.00.  I explained that all I wanted was what I originally had plus the 30 mb internet speed.  If I cannot have this for what I was paying plus 10.00, then I want you to take everything out and cancel my service.  She said that she would put together a package of what I originally had and that it would be within approximately 8.00 of what I was paying.  I was fine with that. Still my bill did not change.  I called customer service again, and I spoke with a gentleman in the billing department who said that he had fixed my bill to reflect that I would only be paying 187.00 this month and that the next months bill would be approximately 170.00.  I then paid my bill of 187.00 to the billing department with my debit card.  The funds were debited from my checking account on March 4, 2013.  When my Charter bill came on March 17, 2013, it said that I had an overdue balance of 240.00 and the total bill was like 360.00.  I called customer service and they told me that they had no record of my making a 187.00 payment on March 4, 2013.  I would have to take a copy of my bank statement to my local Charter offce and they would credit my account. On March 18, 2013, I took a day off my work and weathered a storm to go to my local Charter Office with my bank statement.  When it was my turn the lady said she had no idea where the money went and that she would have to turn all of this into her supervisor.  NOT VERY COMPETENT!!!! I'm tell all of you to WATCH THESE PEOPLE!!! They charge what they want to and say what they want to.  I am only going to give them today to resolve this matter before I file a complaint with the BBB and an executive complaint at the State Level.  BEWARE OF CHARTER
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #987362
Dec 26 2012
07:25 PM
Charter Communications Greed scams and Scoundrels , Internet
Charter communications is nothing more than a company filled with greed, they use fraudulent business practices to get to the results to their benefit, they breach contracts, in which they contend, they have no contracts. They are a company that is out of control, with all aspects of their billing, there overcharging there breaching of contracts, they just do not care. I have a signed TWO YEAR agreement with charter, initiated by charter in July 2011, stating on this agreement a monthly charge both sides agreed too. This agreement to me is A signed contract, I could not breach it, or I would be held monetarily responsible. Since July 2011 my cable, phone, internet bill has never ever been the agreed upon monthly charge. it has always been very much more. Well enough is enough, after being overcharged by 30-60 dollars each month for the last 17 months I have finally had enough, I have the signed agreement CONTRACT in my posession. I am tired of listening their excuses that have no merit, I am tired of listening to the lies from their reps especially their liason who handles their BBB complaints Miss Bryson.[ who is employed by Charter] I believe that Charter Communications is in breach of my contract, I believe Charter communications is guilty of both wire fraud and mail fraud. I believe Charter communications should be made to cease and decist future billing on all consumer bills, we don't pay any other bill for future use why this out of control cable company[ it certainly can't be because it is the same amount each month] it never is]. Charter need to be held accountable for their very customer unfriendly business practices. They need to make the wrong they are doing to me Right or they need to tell a Judge why they won't
Entity: Internet, Internet
40, Report #1056677
Jun 05 2013
03:23 PM
Charter Communications False OnDemand Charges Riverside California
I noticed an extra $172 on this month's Charter bill in private title charges. I went to the local Charter office to dispute the charges. The lady I spoke to said there was nothing they could do because someone had to have ordered them. I'm the only one in the household that knows the security pin, and I sure as heck didn't order anything. The times on the supposed orders are all wonky, and often when no one was even at home, or when I know for sure something else was being watched at that time. The lady said a lot of people come in and complain about the same thing all the time, and I've found multiple cases online of people reporting the same thing, but somehow all of these people are just mistaken or lying? I had them block On Demand and PPV purchases from being made in the future, but it's too late, the damage has been done. If you read the small print on the bill in the On Demand/PPV section it states Charter will not issue a credit for the following. 1) Unauthorized use, 2) ordering a PPV event or movie which you are not present to view, 3) Failure to report a reception problem that occurs during the ordered movie or event, or 4) Failure to report non-delivery of an ordered movie or event. Section 1 practically gives Charter free rein to fraudulently bill whoever they want, whenever they want, and this suspicious behavior needs to be investigated. In 2009 it was said that Charter Communications had an estimated 5.1 million subscribers (the most recent figure I could find). If they pulled this fraudulent billing scam on a mere negligible .01% of their subscribers over time, throughout the country, at $100 a pop, they would make an extra $5.1 million. The patterns from other people's reports are far too similar to be isolated incidents, or cases of lying, and I wish more people would come forward. It's this sort of complacency from customers that feel they can't do anything about it, and have to pay up without a fight, that lets this sort of behavior continue. I've had enough.
Entity: Riverside, California
41, Report #374220
Sep 18 2008
05:17 PM
Charter Communications Charter Communications Incompetant Business Practices St.louis Missouri
My husband and I just bought our home in Fort Worth, Tx June 2008, our service provider that we had in our previous town did not have service at our new city so I called Charter to order service. I had a few minor issues with my service so I had called tech support and recieved help fairly quickly without too much problems, then one day in July one of the techs asked why I did not have my other services (i.e. internet and telephone) with Charter, I explained that they were with ATT. He then stated that if I were to let Charter take over these services he could give me a combined bill of $120.00 for all three for exactly what I had then (high speed wireless internet, unlimited phone calls to U.S. and Canada, and my cable with all the imenities that I currently had DVR, all premium movie channels and Karaoke.) I basically was to get the full boat for a low rate guaranteed for 1 full year with no contract. I told him that I would need to discuss the matter with my husband but it sounded good (in fact too good to be true) at that point he let me know that I would have to let him know then because the sales dept did not have the same deal. So I relented and agreed to transfer all services to Charter. I then was transferred to another person to verify my order, before that call was over I was told that my wireless would cost $10.00 more and my DVR service would also be another $10.00, I explained that was not what was we had agreed upon and asked to be transferred back so as to clear up the matter, that could not be done, so once again I relented and continued to sign up. I waited two weeks for sevice to get connected. The tech came out and hooked phone up first, he did it pretty fast then gathered his things and left. My phone did not ring all day or night which I was relieved by until the next morning when cable stopped working correctly and I went to phone the 1-888-get-charter and low and behold I could not get my phone to work. So I had to pull out my cell phone and use it to call instead. I reached the first customer service rep (she hung up on me) I called back was transferred 3 times (then suddenly I was talking to myself) Disconnected once again. So I waited a couple days as I knew if I called back immediately someone would've been cussed out. So when I called back again I went through everything with the new rep and she patiently walked me through with all things that could be the problem. It turned out that the filter that was needed when I had ATT was not removed and henceforth causing my phone line not to work. With that done the phone would work most of the time but would periodically have no dial tone for me to be able to use it. I called and reported my issues several times. Finally the day came for my internet to be installed and when the tech arrived my computer was at the shop being repaired and tech said that to call when it was sent back to me and they would get a new tech out within 24 hours to install. So I called and they came back out. As soon as that was done my phone did not work again. So once again I called tech support for phone. Then cable started tiling in and out so badly it sounded as if my shows were full of stuttering people. You could not understand a word, nor did my internet have the speed that I was promised. It was running super slow (dial up would have been faster). So I called internet support they made an appointment the tech came out and said he did not handle that issue and left. The next day another tech still having problems said a new line had to be put from pole to house. That was supposed to clear problem, NOT! The next day another tech, This time a nice man (manager of the contracted company.) Problem stopped for a few hours so he could not locate exact problem. A few hours later I called him again because it started to tile out again. The next day two more techs came out dropped a new line in my kitchen for phone and internet stating that that would clear up all issues, in one week alone I had a tech at my home 6 days out of the seven and on the one day I did not have a tech there I had to call with issues on my phone and so Sunday they were there again. In total I have had a tech to my home at least 16 times in 3 short months I don't know about the rest of the world but to me this is ridiculous. I continually call almost every single day with some issue. This last week I recieved a bill that was horrendous for one month of service my bill was $487.00!!!! Very angry I tried to chat live with a rep and I was one in que for 2 hours come on that was very ridiculous that no one in 2 hours could manage to help me, the next morning I spoke to customer service and was told there was not an error that my services were that price when I told them that was not what I agreed to I was disconnected. I called back once again I was disconnected by the 6th time of being transferred back and forth and then eventually getting disconnected. I called back one more time and demanded to speak to a supervisor because I was going to yell. The supervisor got on and lowered my bill $50.00 for a fee that was supposed to be waived in the first place. When I asked why I was charged for the bundled services, then individually for each service he said that was how my bill was and I would have to pay the full amount there was nothing I could do to lower my bill unless I chose to remove services. At that point I was very angry and called the corporate office the moment that it opened and spoke to Kim, she said that she would research the situation and get back to me. Later that afternoon I still had not heard anything so I called back again. My bill was lowered to $199. and change. And she informed me that in the future my bill would not be higher than $150.00 with taxes and fees. Two days later my services stopped working again. So I called back and I kept getting this message telling me that I needed to call information for tech support for CHARTER. So I called back to corporate and spoke to Kevin. He got a tech support person on the line who made an appointment to come out but told me if my box started working again to call and let her know, which it eventually powered on again, so I called back and let a rep know, without asking if I wanted to cancel my appointment, she cancelled it and said if I had problems again to to call back. Well of course I did, it was beginning to become the norm that I spend more time on the phone with Charter then I do with my own husband or any other person. I called back and again I was being disconnected. So I called back to corporate and told them if my problems are not fixed today 9/18/08 I was going to ditch my cable equip, phone and internet. I have cell phones, wireless internet card and plenty of DVDs to watch. The tech came out today but could not fix the problem, but told me what the problem was and it is not in my house, my box, phone or internet modems. It is a problem with an outside line having too much power. Now I am being told it could be 5-7 days for problem to be fixed, the techs that came today told me that my internet connection, speed problems, phone not working and cable VOD and the tiling was all being caused by this same issue. What kind of incompetence does a company have when they continually have calls from a customer complaining that the services he/she pays for hardly ever work correctly, and they cannot fix them. I called to check out other service providers for internet, phone and cable with Time Warner and was notified that Charter has the monopoly in Fort Worth (at least in my zipcode) That my only other option is satelite which really is not an option since I have a backyard full of trees. So I either have Charter or no TV, what a choice. I have requested to speak to the CEO regarding my problem but I highly doubt that Veronica will pass the message on to Lydia who is supposed to be handling my situation. Nor will it probally ever get to the CEO, but in case they have not noticed I call everyday anyway so lets see how many times I have to call until they finally let me speak to the man who is running one of the worst companies that I have ever done business with. I expect nothing less than have at least 1 full months credit to my bill. Or they can get their crap out of my home. Because frankly I have been paying far too much for services that I do not get to use when I want to. And that is something I will not do any longer. Ruby Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: St.louis, Missouri
42, Report #324650
Apr 08 2008
05:15 PM
Charter Communications BEWARE! Charter Communications Damages property and won't pay to repair them! Milwaukee Wisconsin
Minnesota technicians for the cable/digital telephone/Internet provider Charter Communications based out of Milwaukee,WI are not properly trained in customer service, manners, or technical work. I have had 5 different technicians out to my home in the past 5 days, no one has finished the job properly. My DVR box still freezes during programing and resets itself. Besides the technical issues, a charter tech did more than $100 damage to a fence I had just put up in my yard. Instead of walking around the front of the fence he decided to step it down and crush it, severely damaging it beyond repair. They filed a damage claim for me and said I would hear back in 24-48 hours. Its been 6 days. I will terminate the end of my service the end of this billing cycle. As long as you do not need a tech to come out to your home this is a good company, good deals, good product. Mn_storm_chaser Mankato, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
43, Report #1175053
Sep 07 2014
11:20 AM
Charter Communications Charter Communications billed me for movies I did not watch Taylors, South Carolina
 I received my Charter bill and realized it was way higher than what we normally pay. We check online and realized that have about 20 movies charged to our account. Charges were made at times when we are not even home or while we are sleeping. I call the customer service and spoke with 2 different people. Both ladies were rude and suggested that we were lying, if those charges are there is because you watch the movies. It is impossible for me to believe that their system is so perfect that there is no chance that our box was hacked or there is some sort of mistake. We do not have children or visitors staying home so that is out of the picture. We log into our account online and realized that we also have charges from movies ordered yesterday (while we were not even home!). We are going to change to another cable company and file a claim. It is outrageous!
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
44, Report #1288438
Feb 18 2016
11:16 AM
Charter Communications Charter Communications in Duncanville Texas Total Ripoff, bad service, bad installation, bad equipment Duncanville Texas
When I signed up for Charter Communications I left AT&T Universal, I switched to save money, and boy did I not save any money.  The problem started when they sent a 3rd party vendor to do the installation.  I had wires all over the place, they did not follow any of my instructions.  They drilled holes in my wall after I told them not to do it where it would be visible, I wanted it behind the TV.  I have photos that would blow your mind, after the installation I had cables all over the place, about 8 ft extra stretching all over the floor.  The equipment they gave me was so outdated that it would not even hold 20 programs, the quality of the viewing was like the 1980's. They promised me speeds that I never even came close to receiving, remined me of dial up speeds. When I brought this to their attention it was like the fight was on from the moment.  I first of all go no response from the Duncanville office, then calling the customer service was a joke.  They actually argued with me and treated me with disrespect, and would not even let me send them the photos of the installation.  It was a battle I could see I would not win, after so much time on the phone, I just paid the cancellatioin fees, removed all the wires from the wall, put all the shitty equipment in a box and returned to the office in Duncanville TX, the guy there could care less. Now I have holes in my wall, and holes around my bedroom closet door where they ran the cable around the door, right after I had spent lots of money for a new paint job in my house.  To get them to help fix what they did was impossible and I just quit because it was taking too much time and was making me angry.  I would recommend that no one call them for service, don't belive anything they say about connection speeds or quality of viewing.
Entity: Duncanville, Texas
45, Report #372562
Sep 13 2008
09:43 AM
Charter Communications Charter Needs to Be Fined or Shut DOWN Roxboro Nationwide
The cable account was past due and service was interrupted the morning of 9/7/08. I called Charter Communications, paid the past due amount using my VISA debit card and was given a confirmation number. Our service was restored before I ended my call. In subsequent days, we have been contacted by Charter about the acount being delinquent. On each occasion we told them of the transaction on 9/7 and provided them with the confirmation number. On 9/11, we were contacted again by the local office to provide evidence of our payment. ONCE AGAIN, we gave them the confirmation number along with our assertion that our service could only have been restored by someone who represented the company and restored it upon a successfully completed transaction. Additionally, I visited the local office in person, spoke with persons named Candace and Christy, who informed me that while the system documentation shows that I called on 9/7 and reported a service interruption, there is no record of payment being received. I requested that they enter my confirmation number to verify the transaction; they stated that they had no way of doing it. (What, then, is the purpose of a confirmation number if it is not to CONFIRM payment?) They did state that codes rather than names are assigned to company reps who enter notes into the account. I inquired as to why the code associated with the man with whom I spoke on 9/7 had not been tracked and why he had not been questioned as to how he produced a confirmation number without a financial transaction having been conducted. Christy had no explanation, but assured me that she had contacted her supervisor, Gloria Surles and the matter is being examined. As of today, 9/13, there has been no activity on my checking account related to this transaction. I am closely monitoring it. I fully expect this matter to be investigated. Our service is scheduled to be interrupted again on 9/16, but I am not comfortable making additional payments until this matter is resolved and action is taken against the responsible--or more fittingly, IRRESPONSIBLE party(ies) who mishandled this transaction, failed to make accurate documentation, and issued a confirmation number of which validity cannot be confirmed or denied by the other persons to whom I've spoken within the company. Furious in nc Roxboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #383029
Oct 20 2008
03:23 PM
Charter Communications charter accepts payment one month and not another??? Baraboo Wisconsin
10/20/2008 , went to the local office today to pay my cable bill,and after writing checks for 6 months there they tell me they cant accept my check i have to pay with cash or money order. i asked why and the lady tells me because you bounced a check in may of 2008. i told her that was from a different checking account and i paid for the check and the bounced fees.and that i have been paying them for 6 months with this checking account and she tells me that she cant take my check because she got into trouble last month even though my checks have all cleared. so i then called the 800 number and spoke with someone who didnt understand any english and kept saying the same thing overe and over im sorry this happen to can pay by debit and i said that my debit card is through my checking account.are you gonna accept my payment online. she said yes. i keep asking how come after 6 months cant i pay with a check? she wouldnt answer me or put me on mute or something. so i told them i am going with dish network and i am and my bill is going down $40.00 a month also. they really need to have better people working for them and ones that can understand english and speak english. Minue978 wisconsin dells, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Baraboo, Wisconsin
47, Report #355192
Jul 24 2008
11:58 AM
Charter Communications Report Charter Problems to FCC and State Attorney General Simpsonville North Carolina
Charter Communication is the only bundle communication provider in my area and they have taken full advantage of the situation. It took several months for our service to be set up properly and that took place after contacting the FCC and the State Attorney General. Now our phone and internet service is not dependable. It has worked on and off over the last month. Numerous calls, time, promises to have supervisors call back, send a tehnician, etc., have not resolved the problem. Therefore, I have again started the complaint process with the FCC and the Attorney General. I'm searching for another provider to meet my communication needs, but in the mean time I will depend on our government agencies to police Charter. I have spent far to much time and energy trying to get the services I pay for and require for my personal and business needs. My hope is soon competition will come to our area and force Charter to be a responsible communication provider. Glor Catawba, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Simpsonville, North Carolina
48, Report #309350
Feb 15 2008
10:25 PM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS My charter phone bill this month was over $900. SAINT LOUIS Missouri
CHARTER offered an unlimmited internatinal long distance package last year. And it was a great service until this happen. They are saying the offer expired three months ago. but they never told me, never sent a letter or call me to notify me. so i kept calling my country as usual thinking i have a good plan. but what was my surprise when i open the bill, $918 RIDICULOUS! I called customer service, but nobody was able to fix anything. 2 hours on the phone, they just kept passing the ball to a higher customer service level, i know i made the calls, but it was THEYRE FAULT for not notifying the customer when they make changes to your account. they have the worst customer service ever! I even spoke to a supervisor, but she was talking like a machine, same speech over and over. Sir. I understand your frustration, but at this point there is nothing we can do about, your offer expired a few months ago. But she could not explain to me why i was able to make those calls for two months without being charged. i guess they just noticed and decided to charge me all that money. I dont know what operating sistem they use, but obviously i does not work, not counting they useless c.s. representatives. jose fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
49, Report #314697
Mar 04 2008
03:38 PM
Charter Communications Charter ripoff--rate hikes, mystery service calls, poor service, worse customer service Clarksville Tennessee
Charter Communications, Clarksville TN. Anyone else have problems with these jokers? I've had their services for nearly 3 years now, and when I deployed to Iraq, they DOUBLED my cable/internet fees, explaining over and over that I was under some sort of promotion. OK, I can deal with that. I've experienced two rate hikes during a 15-month tour to Iraq. I can even deal with that. What I can't handle is the fact that I set the account up for auto-payment from my debit card, and after 13 months, they quit charging my card, then added late-payment fees because THEIR system failed to charge my account. After spending 45 minutes on the phone from IRAQ (their system kept hanging up on me when they attempted to transfer my call), I was finally able to get through to a representative that explained to me that not only was I liable for the $5 late payment fee, but I was also going to have to pay a $30-something fee to have my services turned back on. So a huge storm blows through Tennessee and ALL the cable/internet/phone providers are having issues with their services. My wife was without internet for over a week. After calling and complaining multiple times, they explained that they were doing their best to restore service, and that they were going to adjust my bill for the days we had no communications. Got my bill yesterday, lo and behold, they charged me $70 for service calls to fix their own lines!! They never entered my house except to verify the service was working. So now I waste another hour of my precious phone time calling and getting hung up on before I finally talk to a manager (Robert) who immediately removes the $70 in service calls from the bill, but does nothing for the 'adjustment' we were promised for the lack of service. He also added my wife's name to the account so we wouldn't have any more problems with her trying to access the account. Mysteriously, my wife had no internet service this morning when she woke up, and Charter now swears that it somehow has something to do with my home network, which has been functioning fine since I installed it 14 months ago....hmmmm....makes me wonder. Charter has been steadily ripping people off with mystery rate hikes and unannounced charges in the hopes that the customers will just pay the bill. NOT ME!! I redeploy in 40 days and am immediately shutting Charter off. Way to go, especially when Charter is steadily losing customers to Clarksville Department of Electricity. Moral of the story: WATCH YOUR BILLS!! CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY LITTLE CHARGE THEY TRY TO TACK ON!! Jn fox Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
50, Report #280983
Oct 25 2007
09:22 PM
Charter Communications Charter cut the cables to my satellite dish and refused to fix it!! Turlock California
I came home from work to find that my satellite wasn't working. I went out to the box and noticed that the wires had been severed. My neighbor noticed that I was looking at the satellite box and said that Charter had been out earlier because the neighbor that I share a duplex with was getting Charter cable and high speed internet installed. We then called Charter and asked them to come out and fix their mistake. They told me that it would be a minimum of (5) days!! I was so pissed off, I hung up on them. My husband called back and asked to speak to the manager. Bruce (their manager) then told my husband that it was against the law for them to fix it. When my husband asked him to quote the penal code he was referring to, he just stuttered and said well, it's against company policy. So now they are refusing to even touch the mistake they caused. I then called Dish Network, and they told me it was going to be a charge of $49.99 to come out and fix CHARTER's mistake. I had to cancel a party I was hosting because i don't have satellite to show the football game. So now I am out the money I spent on food for the party. Dish Network told me it would be 4 days before they could come out. Then, I come home from work the next day only to find out that Charter had been out messing around with some wires again, but didn't even bother to touch their mistake they had made. They also left live wires exposed from the cable box. How is this safe???????? Tapley Turlock, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Turlock, California

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