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76, Report #25250
Jul 23 2002
08:10 PM
Charter Communications is a fraudulent ripoff company from hell. Greenville, South Carolina
I signed up to receive Charter Communications cable tv. I signed up because one of their sales reps came knocking with what I thought was a great deal. Hookup fees and my first month's bill for only $25.00. They came and hooked the cable up. Of course it was a week or 2 past their promised hook up date. Guess what, I still had no cable! Come to find out, I had received a used box, and it was no good. They finally brought out a new box 5 days later, and I was told that my first month's bill of $25.00, wouldn't start until this day. I thought everything was fine. A month goes by, I have received no bill. A few more weeks go by and I still have not received a bill. My husband calls them to question this and is told that we still have a credit balance instead of a balance due. Another month, still no bill. When I finally received a bill, it was showing me past due. Not only that, but I had been charged 2 times for my initial hook up fee. I had also been charged with a Playboy movie that was never ordered. I called and spoke with many people because I got the run around. I thought I had things straightened out. But then my next bill showed that only the Playboy charge had been credited. When I went into the Anderson office to discuss my bill and pay it, I was met with the rudest responses I have ever gotten as the customer, and this lady was supposed to be the first shift supervisor. We argued over my bill for 45 minutes. I kept showing her how my bill was wrong, and she said it wasn't. She even tried to turn 2 month's charges into 3 to justify the overcharge. Before I left from there, she was telling me that she didn't like it when people disrespected her, and that I was doing so. I said that I didn't like to be disrespected either, to which she replied that I should be respecting her because she was old enough to be my mother. (She looked fortyish, I'm almost 30) When I moved, I was paid up to the end of the month. The bill came out at a few days later here than there. Instead of just charging for the first few days difference, they tried to charge me for about 2 weeks difference, going back to the last week in the month that I had paid up. I bet they are making a killing off of seniors and people who don't pay any attention. Gloria Anderson, South Carolina
Entity: Anderson--Greenville, South Carolina
77, Report #216402
Oct 18 2006
09:41 AM
Charter Communications ripoff Dishonest fraudulent billing Town & Country Missouri
I had service for 1 year and during the year I have had several Technicians out to try and repair the cable.The picture would constantly scramble.After I know of 5 attempts they were not successful. I sent them a letter and continued to call with no resolution. I switched to another company at the end of August. Charter sent a free movie rental for $3.99 for my troubles which was funny because I do not have charter anymore. Charter is continuing to try and bill me for services I do not have anymore. Service was discontinued at the end of August and they sent a statement for a $18.09 Credit. Then charged me $26.98 for the month of September. I recieved another bill in the mail on 10/3/06 stating they were charging me for the month of October for $46.85. I called again an was assured they have it under control and this was common.On 10/18/06 there was another withdraw from my account for $46.85. Charters customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with. Everything is your fault and they take no responsiblity.I just spoke with them today and they said that after all my conversations that my account is still active. What will it take to get a resolution. William Pacific, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Town & Country, Missouri
78, Report #419259
Feb 02 2009
04:13 PM
Charter Communications Rude Technical Department, Rude Supervisors, Uneducated Electricians, Account Frauds Hohenwald Tennessee
Living in a small town does not offer many service providers for phone, internet, and cable. So, I was happy to think that I could go through Charter Communications and bundle 3 bills together for just $62.00 a month. I called to get my service connected in September of 2008. I was first told by the costumer service rep. that I was speaking to that I needed $70.00 on hand to pay the tech. worker after he completed my service. So, the appointment day came around, I had the money ready, I even went as far to have a friend pick my kids' up from school for me so I wouldn't miss my appointment with Charter. The tech guy comes out and surveys my line and says that he can't hook it up because the tree limbs are growing over the wires and he's not in his work truck. So, he calls his local office to reschedule the appointment. I call my husband home from work early to trim the tree. Charter calls me back to confirm my next scheduled appointment and says to have my fee of $30.00 ready. I told them that I was told by the first representative that it was $70.00, they said that it was incorrect, but they would put it down in the computer and I wouldn't have a first month's bill. Well, my next appointment day came around and again, I had to make arrangements so I could make sure all four of my kids' would be picked up from school. The tech hooked up everything, but it wasn't working correctly. So, I call the costumer service line and they asked if it was the same guy that came out the first time. I said, No. So, they arranged yet another appointment and it was the guy that was first there. He said he had to call another tech with the Charter work truck because the last guy had ran the cable wrong and cross-wired. They had to proceed to call my electric company to come out to my house and fix the problem. The tech. said that he would have to call his supervisor to schedule another appointment for me so I could get my phone service hooked up next. Well, here we go for another appointment. I call the costumer service hotline to confirm that I wanted to keep the same telephone number. I make arrangements for the next appointment. And it's the same tech that came the first and third time. He's at my house for 3 hours trying to figure out why my phone service isn't working. He calls his supervisor and they check their records and Charter said that I had called and canceled my phone service. Which I DID NOT. So, they did a new work order over the phone and I had to call the costumer service line to verify that it's me and ended up having to get another number. So, after all that, everything was working and things went smoothly. For a while. I go online to register an online account and I noticed that I have my first bill in on the time that they said I would. Since I already had paid over the amount, my bill was only $14.00 for maintenance fees of the equipment. But, around November of 2008, I started noticing problems with my internet. I called to schedule for yet another tech to come out and check out the problem. The tech comes and everything was working fine until a week later, Charter trucks are coming around my neighborhood asking everybody questions and checking their lines. Come to find out, somebody in my neighborhood was stealing service, but when the techs came around to check my line, that wasn't the only problem, the last guy that came out to my house to fix my problem had actually created a problem. So, I spoke with the workers and they said that since I've had 4 different workers come out to my house and they created so many problems since my service had been connected that they will waiver any fees towards an upcoming bill. So, imagine my surprise when I get a bill in December of 2008 stating that I owe $265.00 and that my service is getting disconnected. Well, my husband is a landscaper and he wasn't working at the time. We were living off of our savings. So, I called the costumer service line to ask them what's going on. They said that I did owe and that I could make a payment to at least keep my phone service. So, I made a payment of $63.00 online. Then, I made another payment of $65.00 online. I called them and asked them if they had waivered my bill like I was told that they would, the rep that I was talking to at the time said that he will talk to my local office. So, I called back and they said that I would have to make another payment of $40.00 and then pay $29.99 to have my service cut back on. So, I payed $89.00 over the phone and the rep. said that the rest was waivered for my troubles and that there are no more over due fees. Which there shouldn't have been in the first place. Well, two weeks ago, I get a bill in the mail for $191.00. I call and can't get an answer out of anybody, so I talk to a supervisor, they say that there isn't a payment of $63.00 on the date that I said. And I proceed to tell them that I'm looking at my bank statement right now and it shows Charter Communications. Well, I try to explain that even if there is a missing payment, there still should not be a problem with overdue fees because my bill has been waived. Apparently, they don't understand what I was talking about because they never addressed the issue. So, they give me their fax number and tell me to fax my bank statements with the payments highlighted and we'll go from there and that my service will stay connected until proven otherwise. Friday, I get another bill in from them saying that I am $365.00 behind. I called last night and the rep. that I spoke to still would not address the fact that even though there is a missing payment, my future bills should be waivered because Charter Communications techs had messed up my lines. As I was told, I would not have to pay a bill until THIS month, because of all the technical problems. I did not cause them, the techs did and I was told that since my payment is missing, I'm going to have to pay more to keep my service on. And this is not the first time that Charter Communications has done this to us. But, like I said, I live in a very small town, we don't have much to choose from. And I am all for pushing Charter out of business! Davbra Hohenwald, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: Hohenwald, Tennessee
79, Report #383992
Oct 22 2008
11:22 PM
Charter Communications Unstable Service Long Beach California
Where do I start? I lived in Long Beach, California which is a Charter serviced community. After constantly having issues with HD dropping out and intermittent internet I decided to cancel the service. I had a technician tell me that the company is not interested in investing in the very infrastructure that carries their signal and a customer support representative who by miracle and chance answered from a center in Canada told me it was his last day and that he could no longer work for the company due to their lack of values toward the customer. Well, at that point the good thing was that I was moving to a new house. The bad thing was it too was in a Charter service area. I called and asked to cancel my service and requested a final bill amount so I would no longer have to deal with the incompetents and they gladly took my money on the spot. They also terminated my internet and HD cable immediately that very night. To my disgust, I received a collection letter several months later stating that I owe Charter more money. When I called their so called customer service they indicated that they show a zero balance on the account. What??? The representative wanted me to fax them my bank statement to prove that I had made the payment when they themselves processed the final payment over the phone at the time I cancelled the service. Now why in H-E-double hockey sticks would I just turn over a full copy of my bank statement? I know they outsource but do they understand that Americans have a right to privacy? My only prayer is that they crash and burn along with all the other corrupt and incompetent companies that have taken this country right down the drain. God bless America and may we purge these companies from our nation. We need to band together and stop purchasing goods and services from companies that truly only want our money and not our business. Remember... they are nothing without us! We are the customer and maintain the greatest power...we have the right to chose where we spend our money. Anthony Still in Southern, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
80, Report #374770
Sep 21 2008
06:56 AM
Charter Communications Lost order, installed incorrectly, horrible customer service!!! Lawrenceville Georgia
I live in a complex that only allows charter. I had them up until 6 months ago and then recently signed up with them again. I scheduled installation through the online chat while I was at work. I saved the information and printed it off. Unfotunately I left that information at work. That Saturday I waited around the house and eventually called Charter. They had no record of anything. I told them the lady i spoke with ran a credit check and all. They still denied it. Then they told me I should go to work and get that email. Then said there is nothing they can do because I scheduled on line and they were the customer service center. I told them they were rediculous and cancelled. I could not believe they lost everything and had run my credit (I know they did because it was on my credit alert). I was so mad I cancelled and figured I would try Dish. Dish did not work because I can not get a signal anywhere that the HOA allows me to put it. So I had to call back charter. I scheduled them to come out yesterday. He did and here comes the best part! He only had part of my order. Also he said they coudl no longer run the cable as they did before. (which was a clean run and well hidden cable) So GET THIS he ran two bright orange wires from the 5th unit down across their patio on the grass behing all the units to mine to the cable box, back out of mine back through the grass behind the last unit in the grass around to the front, strown through the bushes like frieking christmas lights under walk ways and layed back in the bushes in my front yard. Seriously!! What in the world? So he left and I called charter to see why he only had half my order they said they did not know they showed the whole order. They told me I had to call the local office at 888-438-2427 which told me automated to call (you wont beleive this) 10 15 15 800 which is 10 local directory which told me to call 888-771-5220 which automated told me to call the first number. I called 888-771-5220 again and selected new order instead and it connected me to Wisconsin at 888-482-2875 they told me lawrenceville was shut down and all they could do was connect me. So they did. I explained to the girl all that I had been through from the initial lost order to the guy that just left from incorrectly and unsightly installing everything. I told her I could not beleive how they act and if they could PLEASE show some sort of customer service here because I can not wait around another Saturday for them to get things right. She connected me to a supervisor name LUKE who sounding very disinterested said he put a call through to dispatch to come back out and I woudl receive a call shortly. I asked him for a number considering non of the ones I was givern worked and he said he has no access to local numbers. REDICULOUS. So of course no one had called yesterday. Funny enough Dish called back asking of they could come back at no charge and please find a way to provide us with a signal. He was so nice and kind. They were voluntarily asking to help me!!! I was amazed it was actual customer service. They are coming back Saturday and if it works I will hug them and cancel Charter as fast as I can dial the number. Dish is cheaper with more channels, no charge for DVR (Charter is 15 a month), no charge for maintenance coverage, free move service and exceptional customer service. I pray to god they cna get Dish to work. Charter is a NIghtmare which has left me with unnecceptable installation and embarrasing bright orange wiring through the yards and bushes. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST and IF anything return their equipment IN PERSON or they will deny you mailed it and send you to collections. Stacy Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
81, Report #373845
Sep 17 2008
12:38 PM
Charter Communications do not hold themselves accountable Saint Louis Missouri
I had my cableline replaced from my house to the Pole and the tap on the pole was rusted away in June. I was told by the drop line tech that the pre-existing cable was unable to support speeds in excess of 3mgs. I called charter and starting looking for credit for over charging me. Finally in July, I spoke to the 1-800 customer svs and came to a verbal agreement that for my inconvenience I would be charged around 120+tax for the next 2 yrs for all my services. In September, I went to pay my bill and was shocked to fine that I had a balance of over $400.00 I spoke to the supervisor at charter and was told that since the representive did not note the account of agreed price that they did not have to honor the agreement and refused to negociate the bill and I refuse to pay that bill for that amount. Supervisor promptly transfered me without notification. I guess she was done reading the script. And then the next rep promptly canceled the call completely. I had to call back to lower my svs. I'm presently researching viable companies to handle phone - internet - tv. You would figuret that for over 10yrs of loyality they would want to keep me as a customer. Ann Newtown, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
82, Report #335532
May 29 2008
01:58 PM
Charter Communications Hidden charges and poor service at to high a cost Richland Washington
I have become fed up with charter's hiddin cost high prices and terrible service. I called and had service turned on i just wanted internet at first. Then the ladie on the phone say's well if you add cable tv it will be cheaper. So I ask my roomate's and they agree on basic cable and the 10 meg internet. The service guy comes out hooks it up come to find out its like 15 channels. so i ask service tech about it he says sorry if i change you to regular i have to charge you full price. So i call customer service and change it to extended basic with a digital box my bill has doubled now from 35.00 to 77.00 but I figure ok i will deal with it. service works ok but the internet lags frequently. but it better than dsl or dial up. I get my first bill its 54 dallors I pay its still more than they quoted me but ok. Well a month goes by and i have my digiatal box now tv servoce is pretty good. I get an email say's my bill can be viewed online so i look at it, 143.00 way more then they quoted me, but its online bills does not show credits or discounts. I figure well i will wait untill i get hard copy another months goes by no hard copy now my bill is over 230.00 so i get on the chat thing with these guys. service rep says they charged me 23.00 for change of service fee. and that becuase i viewed my bill online they stopped sending my paper bill, but he will send one right out to me. Now Charter is pretty much the only high speed internet service in my area so they get away with it there back handed deals and there price gougeing. something needs to be done about comanys like this they should not be alloud to be the only provider. Tiredofcharter Richland, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Richland, Washington
83, Report #354434
Jul 22 2008
07:33 PM
Charter Communications Automated Payments result in disconnected service, fees, and reconnection charges Lebanon Tennessee
My husband and I have subscribed to Cable and Broadband Internet services through Charter Communications for the better part of 10 years. Roughly 3 years ago we began paying the majority of our household bills through automatic bill payments, to save us both time and gas money. Each week I sit down and go through my online bank information to ensure all transactions are recorded and correct. Just last week, while at work, my daughter phoned me about problems we were having with both our internet connection and our cable tv. I spoke with my husband and we agreed there must be an outage. So, he phoned Charter they informed him that our cable and internet were disrupted because of nonpayment. He explained that our payments are made through the monthly auto- payment method, and that it had cleared our bank account as usual. The Customer Service Representative became very rude and informed my husband that the payment was not showing in their system, so it had not been made and we would need to go to the local office to make a cash payment in person, or authorize a debit/ credit card payment over the phone for the bill of $176.45 + a late fee of $5.00 + a reconnect charge of $30.00 for a total of $211.45 if we wanted our services reestabulished that day. My husband refused and again attempted to explain that they had already recieved payment and would not be gettting extra money from us. After getting off the phone with the CSR from Charter my husband called me and had me check our online bank information to confirm that the payments have been clearing our account. Which, of course, they had. He then went to the local office the next day, with our monthly statements from March, April, May, June and July in hand. The local Charter office again told my husband that no payments showed in their system since May, and that they'd not recieved any communications from us after sending out a disconnect notice. They offered to accept a cash payment, or a debit/ credit card payment for the bill of $211.45, which they informed him was less the monthly charges for July, if we wanted our services reestabulished that day. He then showed them our banking statments that have the automatic payments on them. The CSR's at the office then became just as rude as the one on the phone. He asked them to call our bank and confirm the cleared payment, they refused. After nearly thirty minutes of arguing with them in person they agreed to reconnect our services and investigate this matter further. I'll keep you all posted on this mis-adventure. Jennifer Lebanon, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
84, Report #355818
Jul 26 2008
01:08 AM
Charter Communications Internet Service VPN connection drops regularly Northborough Nationwide
Recently, Charter Communications has begun dropping the connection I make to my company's VPN. I've sent several e-mails: all the replies offer no help. I cannot get to a technician who has any clue as to the problem, or even seems to understand what it is I need. I travel for business, and have yet to run across an Internet Service Provider that drops that connection: I just came back from a week-long business trip, and the ISP (t-mobile) kept the connection up all the time I was logged on from the hotel. If you have an alternative ISP, don't sign up with this company. Jim Northborough, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #362127
Aug 12 2008
02:20 PM
Charter Communications Dishonest technicians, took cable boxes but we're charged for them St. Louis Missouri
Back in May we disconnected our service in Whitewater, WI because our lease was up. A Charter Communications technician came out to do a service and we asked him if we could just turn the cable boxes in to him and he agreed, and gave us a work order for it. Since May I have been recieving bills for missing equiptment. I thought perhaps the tech. had forgotten to log them in or someone had made a mistake. So a call was made to the Customer Support line, where we were told not to worry about it, that they had the boxes and to disregard the bill. The next month I recieved yet another bill for the unreturned equiptment. We called Charter once again and again were told not to worry about it. It was taken care of. This went on until the end of July. I had finally recieved a collection letter on behalf of Charter Communications for the amount of the missing equiptment. So now not only was this a nuisance but it was damaging my credit. Another call was made to Charter. My roomate and I both called a total of about 6 times in one day. Every time he called, he was told that it was taken care of. Every time I called they said they didn't have the boxes and that we owed the money. That is where it stands. A customer representative put in an order for research to be done, to search through their inventory for the missing boxes. They found ONE out of four boxes and one modem. So at this point. They are still saying that we owe them the money for the boxes even though we physically handed them to the technician. Now, I don't know if the technician is a dishonest person, saw this as an opportunity and sold them, or if someone made a serious mistake when logging our boxes as returned. All I know is that this is a great injustice. I can't believe that we did the right thing, exactly what we were supposed to do. We turned in our equiptment and everything, and yet we're being charged. It's not a little charge either, it comes to almost $700 for that equiptment. And now that its gone on to collections its damaging my credit. I just got a new car two weeks ago, and i couldn't get a car loan in my name because of something with my credit, which I thought was perfect. A week later I got the collections letter so i guess now I know why. I also can't believe that up until now, every time we called Charter, they said that everything was fine and to disregard the letters. The customer service people have no answers for me. I am completely disgusted with Charter at this point and want nothing to do with their services ever again. I have family members and friends who have revoked their services from Charter because of what's happened to me in this situation. Sara Burlington, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
86, Report #380486
Oct 11 2008
08:54 PM
Charter Communications Want to change you billing date?? Maryville Tennessee
Do you want to change you billing date? Good luck. I recieved the bill and it said that my due date was the 15th. When I set up my service my original due date was the 25th of the month. So I called charter to say what the hey. On 9/20 I spoke with a Chante after explaining to her that my mother is on disablity and she only gets paid once a month, will be in on 9/22 to pay her bill. Well as we all know good ol'charter, I got disconnected. I immediatly called back and got a lady named Sophia, who by the way was hard to understand. I had to explain the whole situation all over again. I was told that my mothers due date was the 21st of the month and 10 days after that it was past due. No problem I made a payment arrangement to come in on 9/22 to pay. I also asked if there was any way to change the due date to when she got paid on the 1st of the month. She told me NO. I asked her So it is ok for charter to change my due date without any notice. Well she gave me the good old charter response Sir that is up to billing and you would have to call and talk to them on Monday. Go figure. Now it is the 11th of October and I checked her mail. What do I find in the mail? You got it, a disconnect notice. So back to the old phone to call charter once again. I was connected to a lady by the name of Jewel who, after I tried to explain to her for over 45 minutes, explained to me that my mothers due date is the 1st of the month. 20 days from the 1st it is past due. Ok lets see if they can keep that mess straight. But we are talking about charter here. There reps think they are rocket scientist. You know the saying Don't make your job harder than it is. That is not charters motto, that is charters customers motto. We expect to much from a bunch of incompatant people who read manuals that have the answers for them. Anthony Louisville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Maryville, Tennessee
87, Report #398477
Dec 06 2008
02:09 AM
Charter Communications GET WHAT YOU WANT FROM THIS DECEITFULL COMPANY! St. Louis Missouri
I am a customer of Charter Communications. I was in a promotion apparantly when I started my service, unbeknownst to me. Well I got a bill 5 months later for my internet service and it went up from 19.99 to 44.99. I called and reached the Phillipines. (Now to me 44.99 for service that goes out on a daily basis is not worth it, but every time you call it is an outage in your area, lol.) This lady told me if you add additional services we can get you speacil pricing again. I told her no thanks. I didn't even know I was in special pricing to begin with. I asked her why I couldn't just pay 19.99, and she stated that she was very sorry, but they should have told you when you called. I told her they didn't and to please pull up my original conversation with the rep i set the service up with. she said that records were unatainable and only can be brought up if my lawyer wanted them in a federal court. By this time I was irrate, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She transfered me to the Retention Dept. Here a lady asked what she could do, and I explained everything, and of course I got the same oh I am sorry the best I can do is give you your 5mg for 29.99. But we can bundle you for 129.97 and for 144.97 I could get a As I am on the phone I see on the internet 19.99 5mg internet, and I ask her for this wonderfull promotion. She says I would have to cancel my services and sign up on the website, and it's not run by them. But if I do that I wouldn't be elidgable for 3 months for any new promotions. WHAT? HUH? Okay, so now after 45 minutes getting the run around I ask to speak to her supervisor...well low and behold...miss cust service rep, gets very nice...and again offers me 24.99 because she can put a $5.00 saves code on for 6 months in addition to my 29.99, making it a whopping 24.99. I was disgusted and said cancel my service then. At this time I was placed on hold for about 9 minutes, when she came back, and said, You know you are a valued Charter Customer so I decided I don't want to loose you, I will back date the promotion and put it on for another year, but remember this is actually only 11 months, because we bill ahead, and that campain will fall off at the begining of that 11 month billing cycle. So morale of the story, just say you want to cancel and you will always get the price you want, oh and to reach Retention hit option 5, it will save you 45 minutes trying to get justice with the Phillipines! I had several of my friends and family call and they all got what they wanted as well. The company is like 20 billion in debt they can't afford to loose us. And remember those reps are trained to be super sweet and oh so nice, so whatever you say to them....they have to take it and kiss your a**. The informant St. Louis, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
88, Report #450338
May 09 2009
11:12 PM
Charter Communications will rip you off and then lie to you!! Alliance Nebraska
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS IS A RIPOFF. I signed up for a Charter bundle in Dec 2008. BIG MISTAKE, do not sign up for Charter. What I got was damage to the siding on my house and a really bad picture and sound. The internet connection was down more than it worked. I had technicians up here 4 times with no improvement. I canceled the service within the 45 day charter policy. I returned to Dish network and the picture and sound are great now. My house was already wired for cable TV before I signed up for the new bundle. During installation the tech screwed the new cable to the siding instead of the eve and left the old cable hanging from the eve of the house and left pieces of cable all over the place ( I have pictures). The new cable and the old cable are very unsightly and the damage to the NEW siding (screw holes) is permanent. According to charter policy the $170.00 installation fee they charged me will be returned if you cancel within 45 days. The first time I called to cancel, I was promised a credit in the amount of $34.96, I never got the credit at all. Also, I was told by three charter representatives, including a local supervisor that the installation fee would be returned to me. After several emails and phone calls I still haven't seen a dime of the installation fee returned to me. Charter reps are liars!!! Apparently the reps are trained to tell you what you want to hear but it's all lies. My next course of action is to file a lawsuit in small claims court and include the damage to my house, estimated at $750.00. Don't sign up for charter they will rip you off and damage your property. Privatemessenger Alliance, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Alliance, Nebraska
89, Report #455390
May 26 2009
12:47 PM
They lied to you and stole your money? welcome to the club! Congratulations, latest victim!!! They lied to the BBB to make your BBB complaint go away? To make it look as if your BBB complaint had been resolved? And your complaint was never resolved? Welcome to the club again! Please join with me and contact the BBB to ask that charter's accredited membership status be revoked. There is no reason why the worst communications company in the United States of America should be allowed to display the BBB accredited member logo on their website! You, and me, and thousands of others have experienced charter's evasive, dishonest and fraudulent customer service and accounting practices. Now it is time to BITE BACK! DO NOT DELAY!!! Contact: Kristy Kelley BBB, St. Louis Mo. 314 645 0606 OR WRITE: Kristy Kelley, BBB 15 Sunnen Drive St. Louis MO. 63143 DEMAND that charter's BBB accredited status be revoked NOW! SEND a clear message to corporate thieves. Be a part of the movement to have charter THROWN OUT of your community. The sooner, the better. filo Grover Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: ST. LOUIS, Missouri
90, Report #397909
Dec 04 2008
02:59 PM
Charter Communications Texas Bad Customer Service Fort Worth Texas
I have contacted Charter several times over the years concerning the information contained in the Guide, the on screen program schedule. The information provided includes a notation of whether a show is NEW or RERUN. Every show is listed as NEW. When I am selecting what to view, knowing if it is a rerun helps me decide which show to watch. The synopsis is not always descriptive enough to refresh my memory as to whether I've seen the show or not. Every time I call, I get a different reason for the misinformation. Last night I called and after being placed on hold several minutes was informed a show may appear on one network, then be repeated on another. It would be considered NEW on the second network. Almost sounds reasonable. The problem is when The Tonight Show is listed as new on NBC, how can a rerun on the same network be NEW? I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told it would take 20-30 minutes for a supervisor to get on the line. I suggested they could discontinue my service if a supervisor wasn't on the phone immediately. By now, I'm feeling paranoid and looking for that conspiracy. Could the 20-30 minute delay be an attempt to get me to give up on my complaint? Surprisingly after about 30 seconds a supervisor was on the line (There go those paranoid feelings again). After explaining the situation to him, he stated that the line up feeds come directly from the networks without any auditing by Charter. If I had a complaint, I should take it up with NBC, CBS, ABC, Discovery, History Channel, etc. What a great Customer Service scam. Charter provides the unaudited information to its subscribers, but if there is a problem, the subscriber should take it up with Charter's vendors - the networks. I explained I did not think it was my responsibility to attempt to have Charter's vendors correct the information sent to Charter. By now of course, I am becoming somewhat irate. The supervisor's solution was to schedule an appointment for a technician to visit my home (and me to take the day off from work) to determine if all the cable boxes in my home, my neighbors homes, and even distant relative's homes were mysteriously changing RERUN to NEW (paranoia creeping in again - was this a tactic to get me to drop my complaint?). I told him not to schedule the technician at my home, but rather HE file a complaint with the customer services of the 100+ networks. Now, today, I get a phone call wanting to confirm my appointment. I called back and spoke with another customer service agent. She informed me they needed to send the technician because Charter's procedures are to attempt to reset the box while I was on the phone. If that didn't clear up whatever possible problem might exist, then a technician would be sent. I asked if the CSR's had anyone they could contact for a problem their scripted procedure would not solve and was told - NO. I asked if she had the ability to meet with her supervisor, possibly a team meeting to discuss problems. I was told they had no time for team meetings or training because they had so many complaints. Hmmmm. She advised it had been months since the last team meeting of any kind and it was not for discussing job functions. I again had become somewhat irate. I left my cell phone number, a number i have had for 10 years and still do not receive sales calls, porn text messages, or any other nuisance phone calls. Within the hour of talking to the last CSR, I start receiving phone calls from a cruise line with 2 free airline tickets to text messages advising me to call this number to talk to women. Again the paranoia creeps in. Ken north richland hills, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
91, Report #414714
Jan 22 2009
12:14 AM
Charter Communications Please kick this company out of your community Saint Louis Missouri
This Sunday I will go to our city council and ask them to replace Charter with another cable company. My community and yours deserves a better cable company than the worst cable company in the USA. The BBB has received 4000 complaints about Charter in the last three years. Of these, approximately 800 of the complaints were never resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Your community deserves a cable company with highly rated customer service, you will never get this type of service from Charter Communications. Please join me now, contact your public utilities commission, county or city council and ask them to replace Charter communications with a professional cable company. When two cable companies compete side by side, the service, pricing and channel choices improve dramatically. If you cannot get Charter replaced completely, you can at least demand that a second company be allowed to compete with them side by side. This would be the next best thing to kicking Charter out. I will no longer attempt to deal with Charter to resolve issues, simply because Charter does not serve it's customers; however I will now channel that effort into bringing a real cable company to my community. I urge you to do the same. Nicola.madscientist.tesla Grover Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
92, Report #433230
Mar 11 2009
06:10 PM
Charter Communications Deceptive sales, rude customer service Saint Louis Missouri, Nationwide
Wow, I thought I was alone with my Charter HSI problem. Let me say first that I have no complaints with my service. My problem is not nearly as drastic as many that I have been reading, but there was definitely deception when I signed up, and very rude customer service when I tried to correct it. When I called the 1-800-get charter number, I was assured by the young sales lady that I would receive 1 year of HSI for $29.99. I asked her specifically if this included the $10.00 penalty for not having cable TV, and was assured it was, and that I needed to have $79.98 available for the tech when he arrived to install the service. I actually gave him a check for $80.00 Installation went smoothly, and I was up and running with no problems, and a very happy camper, I might add. Until the bill showed up. I was billed $39.99 for the upcoming month, plus $9.98 for the first month. When I called to clarify, I was rudely told I had no proof that I was offered the price of $29.99, and even if I did, the sales person had no authority to offer me that price, and there was nothing they could do. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes. I called back, got a different person, asked for a supervisor, and was promptly disconnected. When I called back a third time, I was told they could give me a $10.00 credit for one month, but if I wanted to cancel, I was out the $49.99 I paid for installation. They refused to honor the price I was quoted. I decided to stay with the price they gave me as there are really no other options in this area. Now my one year of service is nearly up, and I'm looking at a price jump to $64.99 month for 5meg service, and now also the new bandwidth cap of 100GB month. (Goodbye Hulu and Netflix) I have the option of canceling for 30 days, and signing up again at the current special rate, (plus the $10 penalty and $49.99 installation), canceling and just staying with dial-up, or . . . no other options! I'm afraid that if I were offered an extension of my current rate by a retention specialist, that I would just be told that he (or she) didn't have the authority to make that offer. I think my biggest gripe is the downright rudeness of the customer service folks. Kasey Crescent City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
93, Report #371595
Sep 10 2008
10:09 AM
Charter Communications PAST DUE 30 days?! Haven't even had service 30 days! Grr! Lawrenceville Georgia
I got service with Charter Communications on August 8, 2008. I gave the technician $60 up front at installation. I received a bill printed on August 12th 2008 for services for August 8th-September 9th and the due date for the bill was September 1, 2008. Today (September 10, 2008) I woke up to services temp. disconnected!?! Yes, I knew my bill was a week past due but I knew I had at least 30 days before it was temp. disconnected. So, I call... speak to one rep. and she explained to me that my account was 30 some days past due. How do you figure?? My very first bill was due September 1st. It is September 10th. What the heck?!? I speak to a supervisor. She says the same thing. Are you telling me the day after I got service with you, is one day past due??? Her answer was no. She just kept contridicting herself over and over. She gave me an extension until September 24th. But, she said I would be 50 some days past due. hahaha Are you kidding me? By the 24th, I should only be 23 days past due. This is utterly rediculas!! I'm switching to dish. God. Longshorefam Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
94, Report #369004
Sep 02 2008
12:29 PM
Charter Communications horrible service, worse customer service, inconsistant billing Plattsburgh New York
Forced to choose between Charter Cable and Direct TV satellite, i stupidly chose cable. What a mistake. i signed up for services online using a web chat after trying 5 times via phone only to be disconnected each time. (that should have been my first clue...) i ordered an HD DVR and wireless high speed internet for 2 laptops and 1 PC. the rep confirmed my choices with me, scheduled the install for the date i requested and provided me with a dollar amount i would need to pay at the time of installation. Since this was all done via web chat, i copied and pasted the log to a word document and saved it in case there were any problems. install day came and the tech (sub-contractor) arrived early. fine by me - 1 point for Charter! unfortunately, he arrived with a regular digital cable box. no HD, no DVR. he claimed it wasn't on the order and he didn't have one in his truck. i was miffed but luckily the local office was still open so he said i could just drive down there and swap the box. just take the box, leave all the wires. he even gave me an HDMI cable in case they didn't give me one at the office. got to the office right before they closed. miserable woman behind the counter scolded us for not bringing the power cord. i explained the tech said to leave it and she got all snotty. said we'd have to drop it off. (like i have time to run all over town...i'm moving in a new place for pete's sake.) we inquired why the work order didn't have the correct equipment and asked if we could be compensated for our time and trouble. she refused and pretty much brushed us off. (come to find out she gave us a whopping $5 credit.) for whatever reason she also gave us (another) HDMI cable and one came in the box so we scored. i'm thinking about giving the extras as Christmas gifts this year... about a week after installation, a Charter tech arrived unannounced claiming he needed to check what the subcontractor had installed to make sure he did it right. i found this odd but let him in to check the wires. when he got to the upstairs TV where the modem was hooked to, he nearly flipped his lid. apparently we had purchased the wrong kind of spliter and he insisted on replacing it right then and there for an identical piece. i refused because i work from home and was in the middle of something where i couldn't lose the internet connection. he reluctantly agreed but made me promise to replace it ASAP. said if i didn't, they would receive service reports and automatically send a tech out to repair the connection. about a week later (during the first few nights of the Olympics!) a few HD channels started freezing up. the picture would get all blotchy and the sound would cut in and out. i called tech support and was told they'd send a signal to the box and it should be ok. it worked so i figured all was fine. 3 days later it was happening again. another signal to the box, but this time it didn't fix the problem. unfortunately for me, i was calling on a Saturday and they couldn't get someone to check things out until Monday. (after they warned me numerous times i'd be charged $35 if there was nothing wrong with the box.) i refused the service and marched back to the local office to swap out the box. a very nice rep named Nicole was quite patient as i ranted on and on to her. she asked if my channels were doing the same thing as on their TV...she tuned to one of the problem channels and sure enough, same problem! turns out it was a problem with the network feed, not the box. huh. wonder what would have been so hard to just tell me that when i was talking to tech support??? Nicole sent me on my way with a smile and hope the problem would rectify itself. during all this, over the phone i had requested a credit on my account for all the trouble i was having. Eric agreed to put a $20 credit but made me wait on the line with him while he did that. i asked if that was necessary because on top of all the problems, now they were eating away at my cell minutes. he agreed to complete the transaction after we disconnected. rec'd a bill on Sat 8/23 (dated 8/16 so it took an entire week to arrive in my mailbox). then on Tues 8/26 i received a notice that my account was past due and i better pay or face disconnection. i made a call to the 800 number and spoke to a rep in billing. i was not satisfied with her scripted answer so i asked to speak with a supervisor. conveniently, one was not available at 2pm EST on a Tuesday afternoon. i requested a call back and stated the bill would not be paid until i spoke with a supervisor. i did not receive a call back but i did get 2 more threatening disconnect notices in the mail today (Tues 9/2). One notice claimed my balance was 40 days overdue. funny how the service was only installed 37 days ago... i called again the 800 number again and finally spoke with Mary, a supervisor. She had an accent and was clearly not stateside. I asked if she saw a note on my account that i had requested (and not received) a call back from a manager. of course, there was no such note. I explained all my issues with the billing and service and asked where my $25 in credits were. She said the $20 credit promised by Eric had not been completed because the call had been disconnected. at this point, i nearly lost it. After much back and forth and after asking what should stop me from canceling my service and signing up with a more reliable provider, she warned me to calm down or she would need to disconnect the call. i took a deep breath and confirmed that she would complete the $20 credit, that i could pay my balance due of $137 and my next payment of $121 would be due Oct 26. we shall see. i'm considering canceling and switching to DirectTV but may be moving again in a few months so i'm not sure if it's worth even more hassle. i can tell you for sure i will NEVER use Charter again and i will discourage everyone i know from using them. they are absolutely terrible and should be put out of business. Leah Plattsburgh, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
95, Report #603741
May 16 2010
10:53 AM
Charter Communications Fond Du LAc, WI Improper billing Shawano, Wisconsin
Charter has screwed up our billing good.  Last month we were ready to cancel service as the price was higher than we felt we could afford.  A service rep refigured the package we have and gave us an amount we felt we could handle.  She told us to send in a check for a certain amount which we did. The check was received by Charter and cashed electronically.  It appeared on our bank statement as paid but within a few days we had a message to call regarding a problem.  They had sent our check back to the bank apparently for lack of funds although we had several thousand dollarns in that account and the bank had paid on it.  Neither they nor the bank couild say what the problem was. I subsequently talked with a couple of different people and could not find the problem but they kept insisting the error was ours.  I gave a credit card number to a rep to make payment for the month, but a couple days later received a letter telling us we were going to be cut off for not paying and our account would be sent to a collection agency.  Talking to them did no good.  We were told to fax our bank statement to them if we wanted a $25 returned-check fee removed from our bill.  Since no bill ever came we were unaware of this. The bottom line is they screwed up and don't believe a word we say and also refuse to call our bank to verify we have funds to pay our bills.  We have never kept them waiting for a payment and have never been in arrears in any way.  They tell us we must send a cashier's check for bill payment so as to verify adequate funds.  This is just TOO much.  
Entity: Shawano, Wisconsin
96, Report #601611
May 10 2010
12:21 PM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS Terrible service, non disclosure of fees, terrible customer service Ny, New York
I ordered high speed internet from Charter Communications for 79.99 a month. They provide terrible service which is always going out and the email quits working. After six months they decided to add 9.99 a month for equipment rental without notifing me. Calling customer service never gets anything fixed. They do not speak very good English and are hard to understand. They always think deleating cookies and temp files will fix all problems. It does not fix anything. Then they say I might need new parts or equipment. They are only 6 months old. After waiting on hold while they check my account they hang up on me.When I could not get anywhere with customer service, I ask to speak with the supervisor. She just yelled at me when I ask her why they raised my bill and told me I got free service for 6 months. I don't think 79.99 is free service. When I said this was non-disclosure of fees, she hung up on me.For 79.99 a month I should get unenterrupted service. They moniter my email account and decide which emails I can view. They also will not let me have a home business and send emails. They block my emails if they are business emails. They do not let me forward emails with pictures, only text.      
Entity: Ny, New York
97, Report #730868
May 18 2011
07:55 PM
Charter Communications screwed customer, incentives not being honored, scam sales techniques Saint Louis, Missouri
I have been a long time charter customer, basically because I have no alternative options. I have always paid my bill but in rough times, you try to cut corners on monthly expenses. Charter had all of a sudden increased my bill because a promotion period expired. So immediately I had to start looking at what my options were. I consulted with a sales person a time or two to check in on what they can do to lower my bill or remove services. The removal of services would cost me more, but they offered me a bundle that would maintain my previous rate, which was better than the extreme increase that I was dealing with.All of these conversations were on the phone and through the instant chat option they have. I explained that I did not need a phone, but if there was an incentive and a rate guarantee for 24 months, I would move forward with purchasing of the bundle in return for a $400 gift card for a promotion they were offering. There was a whole discussion around the gift card and questions around what I needed to do to achieve that gift card. I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for my gift card to come in the mail... so installation of the phone service was done and paid, 4-6 weeks later I start following up with Charter, and thirty conversations  and five (5) months later via online chat and phone, I STILL HAVE NO GIFT CARD!!! Additionally, on my bill I was charged 20-30 dollars extra each month for fees and taxes for the phone alone, which I didnt even want, and I was not disclosed the amount of the taxes when they sold me the service. As a single parent, I actually justified my continuance of service knowing that I couldnt lower my service offerings for any better rate, and I could use the gift card to help offset the purchase, I was counting on this gift card. Like I said, I have contacted Charter probably thirty times asking about the gift card, where was it, what if anything I needed to do, and I was continually told to wait it out....just keep waiting they said. Finally at this point 5 months later, Im livid. I have no resolution -- I have escalated the issue three times with the promise that its in the mail! or the forms are in the process now and call this number to follow up with the claim number xyz. I have done everything they asked, and I wait, follow up, wait some more, follow up again. Five months later, with no call or follow up from Charter, I am now being told that I am not eligible for the incentive card. WHY???? Because I talked to an agent. I DIDNT ORDER ONLINE, I USED AN AGENT! I explained that I had conversations via online chat and telephone to understand completely the service offerings and to understand what my options were. If I didnt know what services to order or what specials they had, how would I have known about the incentive. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES PERSON SOLD ME A BUNDLE, WITH THE FACT THAT I WILL RECEIVE AN INCENTIVE GIFT CARD. They refuse to escalate any further and referred me to call Corporate office. I told them that I had an entire converastion about the incentive and in the five months of continuous calling, I was NEVER told that there was an issue. Ill be paying a visit to corporate office this week. This is unresolved and they say they cant do anything about it. I say its false advertising and poor customer service and management.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
98, Report #196376
Jun 14 2006
10:44 AM
Charter Communications ripoff Lose of computer tv and other electronic equiptment Oscoda Michigan
On April 18th 2004 at 4:50 am their cable line got hit, which then trasmited that bolt into my house. I am very lucky I wasn't in my living room, other wise I wouldn't be here now taking this action. I have all the pics as well as the stuff that I had to toss, my pc server, my apple g4 with tv, my monitors. my fire scanner. as well as replace emtn of wiring to my home. I have also since them replced the ground rod to the home and also the 14 ga wire they had used for the ground wire. The clamp was also wrong on their ground rod. I have that as well for any possible class action suit. They have done the same to others that have had simiular hits. I watch a very bright blinindg light come into my home and it went at least 10 feet from the cable line that get fried. I got treated like shit, even though I have been in the electronics since I was in my early teens. I am also a copmuter reapir person which this also ended my business since I had no way to do any work for anyone who might need software updates off the web. I also lost my cable modem, router, and all the work I had been doing with my photographs. I was how ever lucky that I had not put my metal bed in the living room of my home. I have a very large file about this and charter and who owns it aka Paul Allen of M$ you know good old bill gates buddy. Who btw also owns the Allen sat dish array. I also refuse to pay for a 130.00 bill they pay me for the loss off all my pc and mac equiptment. I do at present have them since where I live there is only one channel to watch but as they up my cost I cut services. Also they buy up defunk cable compaines ready to hit bankruptcy. Now that I can understand they they take and make sure only some of the people get cable at all. There is a law that say they have to also let other companies use their lines to have compatition but where I am at they run the whole show don't answer to the local cities and tell a line of bs so deep that they will still do it till someone say enough is enough. I will be happy to help put this company out of business due to the pleasure it will give me. They are not worht the trouble to be nice to em anymore and can't be good for the customer. Oh as a tech person I know alot and can tell you they just started to put in 12ga wire as a gound. Even though my county wants 4 ga for homes. Sign Oscoda, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Alpena, Michigan
99, Report #201307
Jul 16 2006
01:43 AM
WE PAID OUR BILL IN JUNE for total amount due some reason they call us and said we owed them another 40 dollars than may we never recieved a bill so in july we recieved a bill for 145.99 due on june 20 2006 than they called us stating we owed them $26.09 wanting to make sure it was legit my husband told them to sent the bill so we could see why we owed the this money the woman he talked to said THEY WOULD NOT SHUT OFF OUR SERVCE UNTIL THIS WAS FIXED. I called costomer service and the man was rude I tried explaining to him what had happened and ask to talk to a superviser he said there was none there than he hung up on me I called back got the same guy he than told me i need to pay the whole bill for 145.99 I said but that is not even due for five days so I asked him again to talk to a supviser he told me they were all busy he would put me on hole he came back To the phone every five mins for over an hour and said they are still busy than he said they are going to tell you the same thing anyway than ten mins later I recieved a call from somone else stateing we only need to pay 26.09 but it could take two to three days to turn the servce back on we have had nothing but problems with their servce sence day one I have had to replace my dvd player four times and there service gets stuck on all the movies we purchase. I order a payper view movie and a total different movie started playing my dvd player wasn't working for two weeks they never gave me credit when you call costomer service you have to answer automated questions that don't even pertain to why you are calling than you get people who play sick games just because they can this is really sad when you are paying 150.00 a month for service that really stinks thier phone service is on the same bill and ever sence we changed over I don't get ID caller IT IS A HORRIABLE SERVICE D coventry, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: COVENTRY, Connecticut
100, Report #205511
Aug 10 2006
04:21 PM
Charter Communications ripoff They broke my table St Louis Missouri
Well i know that i will never get charter ever again. When the guy came out to hook up my service in feburary of 2006 he broke m glass coctail table. Now charter wont pay whem i finally did gat the manager to call me back 6 months later she basically said that she did not believe me because the power cord wasnt heavy enough. She then said that she would call me back and i have not heard from her. But i even have the guys confession that i made him write saying that he done the damage. I also think that they should have to take responsibility for damage that they cause!!!!! Monica St Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri

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