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26, Report #902724
Jun 25 2012
05:28 PM
Chase J.P.Morgan Chase Bank Loan Modification Joke! Glendale, Colorado
This is a report regarding Chase and their loan modification for which they promised to give me if I made their trial loan payments for 3 months.  I made those payments for 18 months. I have faxed over documents every month for 2.5 years now. Total number of pages is over 700.   I am widowed and stay at home.  Have 2 rentals on the property and I have my husbands retirement. I have lived at this home for 32 years. June of 2011 Chase sent my payments back to me!  Told me that when I was in the loan modification process I did not make my payment. I paniced and sent another payment to them in November and they sent that one back as well. I have hired three different attorneys which has done me no good but cost a fortune. Every month they want paperwork pages of it.  I have proof I have complied with all their requessts in a very timely matter. Ms. Kristina Perez at their Home Fullfillment Center in Chula Vista is the person that I am suppose to contact.  My attorney now has tried and he has been given the same run around. I am sure they plan to foreclose but that will leave me and everyone here homeless.  I just want to make my monthly payments and get on with life. This is so very unfair! Graceex Lakeside, CA
Entity: Glendale, Colorado
27, Report #593763
Apr 16 2010
06:41 AM
Bank One, Chase Bank, JP Morgan Chase Ripping off Wamu customers Internet
Chase bank scam is using old Wamu customers as a new revenue source.  They are rapidly changing and adding a number of unpublished constraints on old Wamu accounts to empty them by fining and penalizing them for various activities.  After rolling my son's Internet CD account into a .2% CD, they then fined him over $100 to put it in the correct account.  They claim they snail-mailed new conditions to him on his Internet account, but of course there is no evidence that any mail was ever sent.  There was no e-mail to support their claim, just a wild claim of snail mail.  If you are a Wamu (Washington Mutual) client that was absorbed by these parasites, move your money before they raid your account.  Anyone who would feed on the money of kids will resort to anything.  
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #552864
Jan 12 2010
12:14 AM
Bank One, Chase Bank, JP Morgan Chase STEALING MONEY Mesa, Arizona
I bank with chase bank for 3 years and i really like theme until recently. Someone stole my debit card and cause my account to be overdrawn by 300 dollars. I call chase and they tell me i will get the money back. They refund all the money. Then take 97 % of it and cover fees and pay other things that arent showing in my account. Very upset. They gave me a creadit of 45 dollars flat. RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
29, Report #76542
Jan 08 2004
12:29 AM
Chase Bank Phony Charges to keep account open Phoenix Nationwide
Chase basically doesn't like you to close your charge account when paid off. My visa limit is $3800. Well they made an error an wrongfully charged me a $29 fee in 11/2003. Then they refused to remove it. Well I paid off the account online like I told the rep I would and then I was going to close the account. Well I get my new bill and see there is a $15 balance and it it is charged from a misc financial institution. I disputed it and they told me that cannot close the account do to the dispuit. I asked them who is the company making the charge and I'm told by Chase, they can't figure it out, and that is an unusual type of billing and they can't trace the company. I offered to pay it direct and close the account at the same time and I'm told it takes 6-8 weeks for the process and the account can't be closed. THis bites especially since I'm trying to refinance the house now and the credit union wants this account closed to refinance my house. Thanks Chase, Maybe I'll tell a few friends or so and everyone on about four bitch and moan sites like this. You'll hopefully lose at lot more than me. You Suck. Owe and I wiped my ass with the invoice and the $15 check payment I just mailed in. Enjoy. Continue the crap and I'll continue the crap also. Poop On You, You Bastards. Joey Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
30, Report #129184
Jan 27 2005
08:22 PM
Chase Bank payment protection fraud ripoff Phoenix Arizona
A little over a year ago I broke my leg in an accident. I am a self employed contractor, my income depends on my production. Chase bank was the only credit card account I had a payment protection plan. When I recieved my first bill after the accident I called to activate the protection. I was told that they did not pay for self employed people. When ask why they had charged me a percentage of balance every month on this account for this protection when they never intended to pay, I never got a straight answer. My balance at the time was a little below $1000, it is now over $2500, due to interest, penalties, and fees. I have been on the phone for so many hours with them, just to be tranferred and re-transfered that if I never have to say my account number, name, address, and last 4 digits of my social security number again I will be thrilled. After all this time I finally reached a reasonable person, he could not understand how this was happening either so he took my phone number a promised to check in on the problem and call me back. After three days of calls we are now on a first name basis. He was told a different story that still does not make sense to either of us. He was told that my payment protection plan had never been activated. Being that he was also looking at my charge records, he asked why they had been charging me every month if the account had not been activated. The smoke and mirror reply was confusing enough that he could not even explain it to me. So he gave me the number to call so I could ask them to send him a letter or call him to verify that I had payment protection but was denied the benefits for whatever reason so that he could take it to his supervisor to try and eliminate the fees and penalties (over $1000's worth). At this point I am more than willing to pay the principle and the ridiculous interest that never should have accrued (being that I was paying for the insurance)just to get my credit straight and this account closed. But I have to stand on principle and will not pay the extortion money. To me this is downright fraud or at the very least deceptive trade. I have requested copies of the original contract on multiple occasions to take to an attorney but Chase tells me they cannot send it to me because of a privacy issue??, or because I cancelled the payment protection, which I did after I found that they were still charging me knowing full well they would never pay a claim on my part. These two answers alternate depending upon whom you are speaking with at the time. The oddest fact of this whole deal is that Chase was the only one I thought I was covered with, Capitol One has worked through this whole situation just great and those cards are now paid off. I did not need a protection plan with them, I just had to explain my situation and let them know that I would pay when I could, and I did. Please do not trust the Chase Bank plan, especially if you are self employed. Bryan Seguin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
31, Report #128566
Jan 22 2005
09:39 PM
Chase Bank ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I was given a $13,500 limit on my credit card, therefore, I combined all bills for 0% interest. I was late once and they increased my 0% to 27.24. I then transferred my balance to another card and they still charged $400 interest on the balance after transfer. Also, after I have 0 balance just received another bill for $46.10 interest. Tasharra Fairfield, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
32, Report #108937
Sep 17 2004
05:21 PM
Chase Bank - Mwi Homeworks Plus ripoff Wilmington Delaware
In March of 04 I recieved a charge for homeworks plus (139.95) and protector plus (9.95) on my chase bill. The balance on my card was 0 before this. Apparently Chase Bank needed to strum up a little business as both these companies are affiliated with Chase. I called Chase at once and disputed the charges. They said that they would be removed. Next month another bill with late charges of $20. I called again and again told them I had not authorized these charges now I was told to call the merchants which they convenietly transferred me to. I cancelled both items. Basically this same scenario has gone on for 6 months with my balance now being $209. Protector plus was removed but not mwi homeworks plus. Tonight I finally got through to mwi after several hours on hold and many calls. This was after talking to a very rude Chase supervisor. Chase would not budge, did not at any time offer any solutions and lost me as a customer forever. The mwi person gene 25184 could not find me in his computer he got a suprv asked my address and said oh yea you cashed a check in your chase bill for $4 and were signed up lies lies lies. He asked where I got the ph # I told him you guys are well known he cancelled we will see. Rick lancaster, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
33, Report #388524
Nov 06 2008
09:42 AM
Chase Bank RIP OFF Wilmington Delaware
Okay so like others on here I was to have 0% apr...even when I would pay on time my apr would increase not to mention a $39 late fee every time no matter how early I would try to pay it..But what really put me over the edge is the fact that in June 08' I ordered a bikini from a clothing company and never received the merchandise...I called back the company and they said they would send me a form to send it back and I would be credited. I did so and confirmed with 2 chase bank reps that the charge was taken off my account. Then in Sept 08 chase called to tell me they were recharging the amount to the card because they never got confirmation from me about the dispute which is a lie I talked with 2 reps. I demanded a callback about the dispute and they left a message on my machine saying the clothing company never received my form and thats why the credit was rebilled. Which is funny because I called the clothing company and they confirmed no such thing...They said they issued the credit and that they never received a call from chase. Go figure....So I had enough with chase...due to the rebilling I am now over my credit limit and owe them $150 with the overage and fees. I called to cancel my credit card and they refused not until I pay the $150 I told them I would not since it was result of a dispute which should have already been handled. The rep refused to listen to me and just kept asking if I wanted to make a payment....I hung up on him after the 6th time he asked me if I would make a payment....CHASE IS AN ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF and I have no idea what Im going to do....I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and pay for merchandise I never received and order to cancel that damn card. How can they sleep at night??? Erin johnstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
34, Report #456421
May 29 2009
05:20 AM
Chase Bank False balance information Wilmington Delaware
Here I am trying to rearrange my finances, so looking over my bills I decided to payoff one of my credit cards. I chose to payoff my Chase Bank credit card.Looking at my monthly statement, my balance was shown with a as of date.Most consumers would look at their statements and write a check for the monthly balance due and payoff the balance. Well my balance was over $1000 and decided it was time to pay it off. I went on line to their website and paid off the balance.Well you know what happens next, you anticipate receiving your next statement in the mail with a zero balance. Right? My statement arrived and I opened it and to my surprise there was a balance of $100 still due. I called the bank and was informed that the statement did not cover interest for a 30 day period. So interest was still accruing prior to me paying off the bill. We went round and round but their was no compromise. I still owed the bank the interest. My first reaction was normally when you receive a bill, statement or whatever, to look at what you owe, pay it off and you're done. The bank is claiming that your interest is not shown on the bill. Whatever happened to the 25-30 day grace period? I realize the credit card companies are restructuring, but come on. If you are going to send me a statement in the mail a least have the courtesy to show me the true balance of what I owe. who can i turn to for assistance? Hawaiikine virginia beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
35, Report #456056
May 28 2009
06:19 AM
Chase Bank overdraft fees rip-off Columbus Ohio
I have noticed that chase bank uses one overdraft and create 4 or 5 overdrafts so that they can charge 4 or 5 overdraft fees to your account. I called the bank about this and was told that if the overdraft is say 166.00 they back that overdraft back to make it seem like it was not an overdraft and forward 4 or 5 debits to make it look like you have 4 or 5 overdrafts which would cost you 140.00 to 210.00 in overdrafts. When in reality the one overdraft that you actually had would be a 35.00 overdraft fee. Chase is getting rich off of poor people who are trying to make it. Its a rip-off and something should be done about this. Annette canal winchester, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
36, Report #471181
Jul 18 2009
09:32 PM
Chase Bank Cancelled my card Baton Rouge Louisiana
I checked my balances this morning, statement says 983.00 available credit, limit 2000.00. I go to store this evening and try to charge 14.31, I am declined. I come home and call, and am told my card has been canceled. apparently it was canceled 4 days ago. When I asked why, they say call experian, your credit changed. When I applied for my card I had a score of 640. I got card in November 2008. First 2 months payments 200.00, the next 400.00, the next 730.00, the next 580.00, the next 30.00. My minimum payments max at 28.00. I signed for a home 3 days ago. a 70,000 mortgage. my credit score 5/28/2009 was 704. I paid all cards off except chase(paid down to 1/2) and discover(paid to 1/3), during the mortgage process which took 30 days, I made no purchases on my cards, paid everything on time(as I have for 6 years). I went though only one lender, 1 credit check for pre approval, and one for loan, within 15 days of each other. What could have possibly caused this? I only needed half what I had been told I needed as down payment, so it WAS my intention to make an additional payment prior to my due date, to have paid more off. In summary, I have had card for less than 9 months(my oldest card is over 8 years old on record), my credit score went UP, I paid on time, always more than asked, just as I buy my house and have to move, my card gets canceled, and I haven't even been notified. Oh yeah, I have been employed by same employer for 9 YEARS and 8 months. Psychomamma painesville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
37, Report #368560
Aug 31 2008
09:42 AM
Chase Bank An egregious abuse of consumers Phoenix Arizona
Before I begin , I want to be clear 1) I am not saying that businesses cannot choose who they want to do business with 2) I agree I could have handled things better on my end ========================================================= I own an insurance agency. I have for close to 7 months now I have a business account at what we will call Bank A and a personal account at Chase Bank. My wife has banked at Chase Bank for 20 years and we have a high schools checking account there as well for my daughter. I get a call from my daughter that she could not use the debit card on her high school checking so I go online to see if there is a problem. I find a balance of negative 9 million in my checking. Thinking this is an error , I go into my local branch to find out what is happening. I am told my account has been flagged and Chase has chosen to end their relationship with me. I inquire further and I am told that I was depositing checks from another account ( business at Bank A) that had no money and then covering it by writing an equal check from Chase to cover it. Also many of the checks I deposited had been returned It is about 430 so I say , let me go home and look at this . ====================================================== Some facts 1) While it is correct that I was depositing check from my business account and then returning the money via a Chase check to my business account ,the only point of doing this was to show income for myself from my agency Each check had either salary or bonus listed in the memo section. 2) I absolutely wrote a check back into my business account as the only point of what I was doing is to show checks being paid to me. I absolutely can see how my intent was construed as something different. The next day I went back to the branch with the following 1) Copies of every single deposited check (8) showing that not ONE was returned as stated and every single one had cleared 2) A copy of a statement from my business accoount showing an average balance of close to 4,000 for the prior months. I did this to show that the checks were NOT wriiten on accounts without any money but a business account that had never had a balance below 1800 and frequently above 6k during the time period in question I spoke to a personal banker and explained this to him. I admitted that , yes I could have handled it better possibly to accomplish what I wanted but , clearly , I had no intent to defraud and I never wrote any check that did not have a balance to cover it. He calls loss prevention and advocates my position quite well and puts me on with Christina. Christina tells me that my account has been uncollected for 28 days and is now frozen. I have the personal banker pull it up and I put him back on. My account shows an AVAILABLE balance of 9,595 and zero uncollected funds ( more on this below). In fact , the PB tells loss prevention from everything we see the account has had cleared funds and NEVER had any returns on deposited checks. He has quite an animated conversation with Christina and asks that her manager call back. He (PB) tells me that Chase has flagged the account for account abuse and is going to close my account. I now ask him , by the way , I thought my balance was 5040 , how can it be 9595. Well he tells me that ther were 5 deposits totalling 4,555 made the day before . I had no idea what these were but we notice that they are exact figues for the last 5 checks that had already cleared. He calls loss prevention back , puts me on , and Christina tells me that she has returned all these checks ( all of which appear as cleared) . So now in addition to the money that is frozen , my business account now has an overdraft of 4555 ( actually less as money is in the account) that I need to make good. I ask again how she can return checks on funds that show available and she says and I quote . I don't care what Paul ( the PB) and you see on your screens the money is uncollected. ========================================================= So at this point Chase is causing a massive overdraft in my business account( Causing many fees )I now am trying to cover the overdraft before my business account is frozen a freeze of available funds ( making it impossible for me to pay bills) a $35 charge for every check being returned even though WITHOUT QUESTION the funds are available a bouncing of other checks I've written ( $31 and $285) causing another $70 in fees a rejection of a phone pay ment I made thru this account on my Home Equity line that is WITH CHASE causing fees on both ends ========================================================= So while we wait for Christina's manager to call back , the PB and I figure the deposits ahe claimed are uncollected are 2299 from 08/26 ( local bank) 2304 on 0827(local bank) 5000 on 0827 ( Fla Bank ..this was a wedding gift from my sister in law) 1)What I am discussing aboce is happening in the branch on 0829 I have copies of both checks (2,299 and 2,304) having already cleared my biz account. I also , again , have my biz statement showing this as well 2) When I deposited the 5K I asked the teller how long does it take to clear and she told me it will be clear the following day , which I thought was odd given it was a Fla check. I have since spoken to my sister in law and she has sent a copy of the check showing it had cleared ( I got this the next day) 3)As I mentiond above I thought my balance was $5040 as I had not touched the 5k deposit. All the checks that Cynthia chose to return were covered when originally posted as cleared by the two other deposits that without question had cleared. ========================================================= Cynthia's manager calls back and he will not speak with me. The PB , however states my case as clearly as I would have. He asks how can you return checks when everything the consumer sees , everything he ( PB) sees and everything the teller sees shows available funds How could they not ( Cynthias would not) at the very LEAST release the funds on the 2 deposits that without question cleared my local bank. I myself told the PB , if they want to hold the FLA check longer go ahead but for gosh sakes release the money that I am showing has cleared so I can at least cover the checks they chose to return. He also asked as did I , why is that during all the time I was making deposits NOT ONE person at Chase gave me any indication of a problem. In fact 2 days earlier they cleared a 5k Fla check over nite The answers were ....too bad , we don't have to tell the customer anythingand what is seen on or IN THE BRANCH is not necessarily the case as far as available funds ========================================================= So where we are is this coming Thursday my account is being closed. The funds will be held ANOTHER 10 days to be sure all deposits clear .At this point a check will be mailed to me. This puts me in a position of needing to a) cover the 4,555 returned checks to my biz account b) Find a way to pay my mortgage , my car, my insurance etc as I have ZERO access to close to 10k until Chase decides to release it What I find most egregious is that at the end of this process Chase will find that NO DEPOSITS wre returned , that all of the money was good and that I was absolutely telling the truth. Despite this I suffer severe financial hardship due to an arbitrary decison by loss prevention and I haven't any recourse whatsoever. Televin Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Chase Bank
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
38, Report #439570
Mar 31 2009
02:56 PM
Chase Bank Creating a Debt Cycle Los Angeles California
Well I want to put a warning out to people who are interested in Chase Bank. Just don't bank with them. I have been a Washington Mutual Costumer for a long period of time. I have never had any problems I could not remedy with them. Since Washington Mutual has become Chase Bank, I have had a number of problems with them. It started with my fault. I was over drawn on one of my accounts. That same day I went over drawn I transfered money. I had asked a while ago and was told as long as I made a transfer to cover the amount overdrawn before midnight that day it was covered. Well, needless to say it was not transfered. So I received an over draft fee, which was fine but the account was still negative. The amount I had owed was eleven something dollars. So now I was thirty-three dollars negative. I called the bank and said I should have this reversed because I made the transaction before the next day. They told me it had to be before 11pm that day not 12am. They said there was a notice next to the transaction time that was posted. Frustrated I transfered the money via online banking at nine forty-five pm from my laptop. That next day, I am not joking, the transaction did not go through again that morning and it pulled the money from account. So the account that had been negative was positive. But they had pulled the money from my bills account and the check that was pending out of that account bounced, because of a measly thirty-three dollars. So now I incurred a debt from the bounced check and from the Bank - go figure. When I talked to the bank on the phone they said they had just changed their policy to be at 9pm the cut off time and there was nothing they could help me with. When I went into a bank they said that that should not have happened and that midnight is the cut off time. When I asked for assistance they said I would have to go to the branch I opened the account with or call them. I live 100 miles away from the branch I originally opened with- on the phone, well you know that story already. When I asked for a conference call between the bank I was at and the branch where it opened. I was refused. Oh- and the lady assisting was completely rude and curt. I will remove all my funds and shut my accounts in the next week. It is not a lot but I hopes it hurts a little. This is not the first time screwy banking has happened since Washington Mutual has turned into Chase. Jerry Ventura, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
39, Report #788365
Oct 13 2011
01:15 PM
Chase Bank Depleted my account Cedar Park, Texas
About six months ago I opened a commercial account at CHASE WITH $100.00. i WROTE NO CHECKS ON THE ACCOUNT BECAUSE IT IS A START-UP BUSINESS, AND PREPARATIONS TOOK A LONG TIME. Later onI TOOK THE TIME TO READ MY BANK STATEMENT.  To my surprise the account had shrunk to $35.00! I talked to the bank account ex. and she told me that there was a $15.00 per month charge to keep my account open, then she offered to open an account (for free) with my $35.00 sinc I was a regular customer. Actually, this was supposed to be the  ORIGINAL AGREEMENT. Since she was not going to give me my money back,I closed my account and left.BEWARE YOUR BANK!
Entity: Cedar Park, Texas
40, Report #697888
Feb 20 2011
08:54 PM
Chase Bank Hard to believe Peachtree City, Georgia
Went to this location to make a deposit for a friend. This is the most unprofessional bank I have ever been in. While waiting to make my deposit could hear conversation amongst employees about other employees. When I was close enough to see name tags, I was shocked to see Branch Manager on it. Maybe Chase needs to start training or hiring respectable employees in order to deal with the public. Not to mention her clothes were wrinkled and dirty. Thankful not to bank here, sympathy for those who do.
Entity: Peachtree City, Georgia
41, Report #692707
Feb 08 2011
07:46 PM
CHASE Bank Big fees, bad sewvice Lake Mary, Florida
CHASE Bank Sucks, big fees, lousy service. I highly recommend you do business with a local community bank that actually wants and appreciates your service. CHASE is a little too big for the average person.
Entity: Lake Mary, Florida
42, Report #174908
Feb 05 2006
11:50 PM
Chase Bank ripoff rate hike scam Wilmington Delaware
ME TOO! RATE HIKE SCAM!!!!! I was with Wachovia Bank for 10 years when bought by bank one with no problems. Since the merger with CHASE IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE!!! I tried to make a purchase and was told I was over the limit. NO WAY. When I inquired they said they raised my APR with NO NOTICE because they didn't like my credit score. This put my card over limit and they charged all kinds of fees. They liked my credit report 1 month ago and it has not changed. They have me screwed because my balance is high due to legal fees associated with a divorce. It will be hard to payoff balance so I can close account. I was 2 days late 12/05. the only in my 14 year history with this card. 2 days not 30. WHAT A SCAM! HOW IS THIS LEGAL! I WILL BE FILING WITH BETTER BUISSNES BUREAU AND ATTORNEY GENERAL. HOPE EVERYONE ELSE WILL DO THE SAME. Melissa thornville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
43, Report #285803
Nov 20 2007
06:10 PM
Chase Bank Identity Theft Protection...yeah right. Madison Wisconsin
I've had countless problems with Chase but here's the doozy. My purse was stolen, I thought lost and then returned to the campus bursers office 3 days later. Someone brought it in said they found it after a class and simply forget to get it in right away. It was midterms so that sounded logical, and nothing was missing, not even the cash in my wallet (A hit I would have considered more a finders/returners fee). I didn't notice until 2 days later when I went to go pick up some groceries and my card was declined that I realized something was wrong. I checked online and I had over 2,500 dollars taken from my bank account in a shopping spree, not including the numerous overdrafts I had racked up when Chase didn't cut it off right away. I'm a college student I get by on financial aid and part time employment. So I went to the bursers office, got a statement from the women who received the purse about when it was returned, as much as she could remember about who dropped it off (vague description from memory, but key features that would clearly indicate it was not me. Also, she did remember me because I was so happy that nothing was stolen and that my belief in humanity had not failed me...yet). I wasn't even in town when the charges were made, in a location I had no access to (no cars on campus, at least not then and this was on the complete opposite side of town, a 20-30 minute drive.) I brought in my evidence to Chase...they seemed nice but they said they didn't need my evidence as they would conduct their own investigation. I tried to leave my file with them because it would have made everything a LOT easier if they actually wanted to try. Needless to say they decided it wasn't identity theft. I doubt they even looked into it. I ended up falling behind on some bills to make up the difference in my account I had to borrow money just to get in the clear. Now my credits shot and Chase bank didn't blink twice. I didn't even get to know how in the world they could come to the conclusion that it wasn't identity theft. The only people Chase cares about are corporations and the wealthy and they are more than willing to screw the little guy over. Even if it's a crying girl with evidence. Grievence madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
44, Report #221315
Nov 19 2006
10:45 AM
I did an ATM deposit into my chasse bank account on 10/09/06 in the sum of $250.00 cash at the chase 601 East tremont avenue, bronx, New York branch, hoping to transfer the money into my bank of america account during the week for payment that I had earlier scheduled to go out. I checked my chase account online the following day and saw the money in the pending column, but on checking again three days after to see if it had posted so I can transfer it to my bank of america, behold, $250.00 simply vanished. Alarmed, I made several calls to chase disputes department demanding my money back so that I can meet my already planned financial obligation for that week (don't forget I had scheduled a payment which was going out of my bank of america for 10/16/06), and also I demanded a written explanation in timely fashion to know exactly what went wrong. Not only was the agent I spoke with arrogant to me, she took it upon herself to reproach me saying and I quote: instead of asking for your account to be credited back with $250.00, you're asking us to write you a storybook. To shorten a long story, 6 calls and ten days after $250.00 was returned to my account, but by this time I had incurred cost in overdraft in my bank of america checking account and credit card and chase had succeeded in messing up my financial plan and weeks. One Cory Cole wrote me an unsigned letter dated 10/16/06 that an investigation was been conducted to verify my claim. Another agent by name Carla Copeland, also wrote me unsigned letter on 11/07/06 that their invstigation revealed that my money was processed incorrectly and was not authorized (whatever the jargons meant.) In this discrapancy, chase made me loose $90.00 in overdrafts and late payment with my other bank which they had refused vehemently to be responsible for, because if they had not been so negligent and inefficient my moeny wouldn't have vanished in the first place. Further more rather than customer service focusing on the better way to fix the problem they were busy preaching how to plan your money. But most of all, up till this moment, I am still in the dark as to the circumstance surrounding the disappearance of my money. While more debts had been created for me by one of the so called nations No. 1 Bank, I have been insulted for asking to know why my money disappeared. So, if you are reading this, Please note, there are many organistions that call themselves prograssive but are not; Public Relation is one thing, being exactly what they ascribe to themselves is another. If you still trust Chase Bank and want to keep your money with them and be okay doing so, better be prepared; if not better look elsewhere. Olugbenga bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: BRONX, New York
45, Report #295622
Dec 30 2007
08:25 AM
Chase Bank excessive fee scam Chicago Illinois
Chase has an excess fee scam. Example: I used my debit to pay a utility bill, saw it reflected on my internet account immediately, but it was later removed and reapplied days later an assessed overdraft fees. This has been going on for months. I got paid direct deposit weekly and they were flipping my money out of my account faster than I can make it and not paying the debits or checks just charging the fees. I had the cancel my direct deposit just to get a full paycheck. I went in the Bank in Indiana and the Banker was of not assitance. I had her to cancel my debit card and requested that she close the account. I was told that I had to pay the account out before I closed it. The fees are now $1200.00 plus and counting. None of my bills have been paid and I still owe them. Called and faxed in a complaint the claims department which told me to let them close the account and negoiate the balance. just want everyone to be careful because they are in the business of making money but to just plain old take it is robbery. Pamela Munster, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
46, Report #1092054
Oct 15 2013
09:31 AM
Chase bank Coupon scam, failure to pay Texas
Recently Chase gave $200 coupons for new customers. I was excited as I was looking to change banks. I went online and opened a new account depositing the $25 minimum to open the account planning to deposit the additional funds to meet the $100 requirement once I received the atm card. Everything went smoothly the account opened fine with coupon applied. A week later I received a letter from chase stating that they closed the account due to fraudulent activity. I called them to find out what they were talking about and was informed that I took too long opening the new account online (I spent 3 minutes opening the account online from start to finish) And I would need to go into a branch to verify my identity. I went into the branch provided my ids explained the situation and deposited $100.00. Everything was good called back the phone support to tell them I went to the branch and for them to remove the fraud alert. They removed the alert and I asked the woman I spoke with how this would affect my coupon and was assured it would not affect my coupon so long as my direct deposit was set up. My direct deposit went into my account well before chases deadline in fact 2 direct deposits hit before the deadline. I was supposed to receive my $200 in my account 10 days after my direct deposit hit my account. Waited 10 days and nothing. Called chase again on Sunday and was told that everything looks good and the $200 will be credited on Monday. Monday came and still no $200. Called chase yet again and was told that the account that the coupon was on was closed so the coupon was not applied. Explained to them that chase closed the account not me and I have spoken with several times and was assured the coupon was fine still. I was told I need to go into a branch and speak with a manager as there was nothing they could do for me by phone. Went to the branch spoke with the manager and explained the entire situation. He pulled the accounts up and told me that the coupon never would have worked because chase closed the account right after it was opened. He said had I opened the account in the branch he could credit me the $200 but because it was opened online there was nothing he could do. He instructed me to call back to chase by phone and speak with a manager there because he couldn't do anything.called back to chase and spoke with a senior specialist who said the most they could do was file a complaint on my behalf which she stated is taken very seriously but could not say whether they would resolve this or even if that they would definitely contact me. So long story short I'm left with too bad so sad And no $200
Entity: Texas
47, Report #1021999
Mar 01 2013
09:28 AM
Chase Bank Cheryll Jefferies Crooks and criminals louisville, Kentucky
Beware of Chase Bank . I had my mortgage with them, and this past Oct. we fell behind on our payment for the first time, two months went and i made a payment they sent it back . I was dealing with a lady named Cheryl Jefferies trying to get a mortgage modification. she hd me fill out paperwork 6 times and continued to delay my modification. i told her i would make payments but she said it wouldnt matter. she knew that i was trying to avoid any forclosure, and knew i was going to catch up my payments as soon as i got my tax return. she diliberately delayed my paper work, and lied to me through this whole process. i had to go over her head, then over her bosses head to reach another supervisor named Tammy Black who once i told her the story she did not investigate the matter but told me tough shit. the sent my mortgage to forclosure on jan. 21 knowing he whole time that i was still filling out paperwork with Cheryl Jefferies, she failed to tell me that it went to the forclosure dept. as a result they r trying to get another 1,000 in fees. Tammy Black woulldnt even listen to all the calls that were made between Cheryl and I to see if she had not done her job in dealing with my case. These people are scammers and everyone who has any dealing with Chase Banks better change providers or get screwed. 
Entity: louisville, Kentucky
48, Report #1262373
Oct 23 2015
04:26 PM
Chase Bank Dispute department didn't use evidence Nationwide
Chase issued a dispute on my behalf but didn't use all the documents that they requested. One of these documents was the most important part of my case and sure enough I lost the dispute because it was not used. Everytime I called I got a different story and then found out that it was neglegence on their part that lost the case.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #1390807
Aug 06 2017
08:14 PM
 July 21st I drove through an ATM AND deposited $940.00 cash. The machine started making loud noises and spit $140 back at me with a receipt saying it malfunctioned. It kept $800 of my hard earned money. Pissed, I through my flashers on and called immediately. Customer Service told me not to worry and gave me provisional credit of my missing $800. They said they would investigate, and notify me. Concerned and worried I went in the branch, they told me this has happened twice this week with the same machine. Long story short, I received a letter yesterday stating they found 600 and will be taking 200 back. Bulls*** too. So there going to steal my money??? I called, I was hung up on twice, I demanded a supervisor, and was told that all they could do was send an email to the back office on my behalf. I have to wait 5 business days for a response??? Or appears I maybe s*** out of luck. I emailed today, I said o wouldn't let this go, I would take it to the news, social media and anyone who would listen. I won't have anyone steal from me. I got an email back saying someone should get back to me regarding my issue within 2 business says. I guess I'll see what happens. CROOKS!!
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #560334
Jan 27 2010
10:37 AM
Chase - JPMorgan - Chase Bank Chase Obvious ATM Fraud claim denied! Will not investigate case. New York, New York
On 1/20/2010 at approximately 6:35pm I went to a Chase ATM bank to withdrawal a mere $60.00. Upon receiving my $60 in cash I pushed no receipt and walked away. According to Chase, two minutes later there was a withdrawal of $800 from the same ATM from my checking account. I only had $600 in that account so an overdraft / cash advance for $300 was placed. Then another separate withdrawal for $100 came out of my savings account AND a final separate withdrawal for $40 came out of my savings account. Upon realizing these fraudulent withdrawals and overdrafts on my account I quickly called Chase's fraud department and reported the claim. 10 hours later I was told that an investigation had been completed and that my claim had been denied and closed! I spoke with 3 Chase fraud department supervisors who would give me no details as to why this claim was denied or what was included in their investigation. I have been with Chase for 8+ years and never had any such history of taking out large amounts of cash is 4 separate transactions while over drafting my own checking account! One Chase supervisor told me that it seemed natural to take such withdrawals out based on my spending habits! I had money in my savings... why would I over draft my checking and why take $60 out and THEN $940 out in three separate transactions?? Chase refuses to open the case up again even after two branch managers called in on my behalf. Tapes to the ATM will not be reviewed until a NYPD detective subpoenas the bank. A police report # has been reported to Chase and still no one will re-open the case. As a long time customer with several accounts at Chase I feel that there is ZERO customer support in this case and no retribution from Chase. I am a loyal customer with no past over draft issue and no low-balance record. Chase should have seen the obvious fraud in my case and refunded the funds to my account immediately. Chase branch managers that I have spoken with all agree that someone must have seen me input my pin number at the ATM and after not closing out of the ATM completely stole funds from my accounts. I should not be liable for this as Chase's ATM security is at fault. Never does a Chase customer have to input their card for each transaction. Only a pin is needed once the screen if opened.
Entity: New York, New York

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