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76, Report #295841
Dec 31 2007
09:28 AM
Chase Bank CHASE VISA Is The Worst VISA CARD --- They Rip You Off !!! Internet internet
I ordered 2 New Cell phone batteries on the internet. The merchant sent me to very used batteries. The ole BAIT AND SWITCH Routine. I returned them USPS with Confirmation Received Receipt and the merchant won't refund or send new ones. I sent all the proof to CHASE. They sent a letter back stating Regretfully, it does not qualify as a billing error or quality dispute against the merchant, which limits our ability to assist you.... Well if sending used merchandise as new is not a quality dispute - then I take it that CHASE has an excuse FOR NEVER DISPUTING ANY CHARGES!.... I've since gotton rid of all my Chase cards and advise everyone to do the same - unless you don't mind of GETTING RIPPED-OFF BY CHASE VISA....... Bob d Revere, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #1224695
Apr 24 2015
06:37 PM
On March 19th, 2015 I went to a Chase ATM machine on their 360 E 149th St Bronx, NY 10455 branch. ATM Machine number 9. The amount deposited was all Cash totalling $1600. After the ATM counted the money it gave me an error indicating there was a problem with my transaction. Gave me a receipt for a phone number and transaction number to call. I panicked, it was all cash, I had no way to claim my funds back!! I called the number and also went to a customer service representative. The rep told me they have no access to the machines and that all they could do is call that number for me and open a case. I had already called the number and opened a case. Over the phone Chase assumed me, there was nothing to worry about. Once I gave them the transaction number, the AMT code and AMT ID my money was safe. They even gave me a credit for my funds, just a few short hours after the deposit. I went on as if everything was resolved. 32 days later I logged into my account only to find that Chase had reversed the deposit they credited me. I called Chase and they told me that I didn't deposit the funds. They weren't able to get the funds from the ATM and therefore, I must have not made any deposit because there was no money to be found.  They claim a 3rd party audits the ATM machines and that since they didn't find the money there, I didn't deposit the money. I did deposit the money, I even told them they can look back at the footage, they have security cameras at each ATM, can't they check that I was there, I made a deposit and left empty handed? They said, once their independent 3rd party reports no cash was there, they take away your money. That's where I'm left today Chase and/or their independent (UN-NAMED) contractor stole my hard earned cash! I will never use an ATM to deposit cash, ever again in my life. I only wish that didn't cost me $1630! I'm trying to find my options but since this was cash I don't know if my options are many. Chase told me they wash their hands and won't honor the amount. To them, I lied, to them I simply wanted the funds but didn't deposit any money. Where is my money today?? They claim I have it. I say someone stole it.  As soon as it is possible for me to take my business elsewhere I will close my Chase account so they can never again steal my hard earned money. This is the second ATM that does this to me. The last time it returned the money, this time it only gave me a worthless piece of paper.   
Entity: BRONX, New York
78, Report #1357820
Feb 23 2017
07:48 AM
Chase Bank Chase - We're Listening for Credit Card Nationwide
They say they are listening, but in reality the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I ordered educational materials online and after loooing at what was included for the $58, I notified the vendor to canel my subscription and to process a refund as he advertised he would do. I called Chase customer service to cancel the charge since the phone number for the vendor went directly to voice mail and I had no response from my email. Chase then proceeds to turn me over to their dispute department who cancels my card and issues a new one and I am told not to worry about the $58 it is off my account. Then I get a an email from the vendor stating that he never got an email because hsi system bounces al of them into the trash and I need to fill out a service ticket first and also remove my hold with Chase and then he would gladly issue a credit. I called Chase Customer Service and was told they wopuld handle it with the vendor andsince I had a new credit card not to worry. 4 weeks later I get a call from Chase Disputes in India telling me the vendor submitted the email to me about filling out a support ticket as proof he tried to settle and I was not in compliance. Then the person proceeded to ry and lecture me on Chase proceedures and my obligations to pay, etc. I asked to speak to her supervisor and after awhile on hold was told that no supervisor was available and one woudl call back in 24 - 48 hours, when it was convenient to THEM. I then asked to be connected to the U.S. team supervisor. All he could say, Sorry for the inconvenience, we will definitly work on this for you. Here is the not so REASSURING response: We received your dispute for a transaction on your credit  card account. We?re working on it now, and we'll respond  to you with a phone call or a letter through standard  mail.     WE MAY NEED MORE INFORMATION FROM YOU ?  If we request additional documentation, please provide it  at your earliest convenience. This will help us resolve  the issue.     IF THERE ARE ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR ACCOUNT ?  If we make any adjustments to your account, you'll receive a letter explaining them. You'll also see the adjustments  on your billing statement.   Sincerely,   Customer Service Specialist 1-888-489-8452   Like the rest of Chase, they are cowards to not have someone sign and take responsibility and the Senior managers at Chase hide behind policy and hundreds of underlings to never get in the trenches to speak to a real cusotmer.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #926886
Aug 13 2012
11:02 PM
Chase Jpmorgan Chase Chase bank modification is a joke, wheres justice for homeowners being foreclosed on unfairly! Internet
I was laid off my job back in 2010, after falling 3 pmts short I called Chase to see if I could add my late pmts to the end of my note, now employed again with a better job.Chase said no an told me best option was to modify my loan, sounded great, hoping to modify my mortgage under HAMP, We were told by Geoff at chase bank to stop making any pmts until we are approved for modification. Only to be approved, make all my trial pmts then told they never received our final agreement signed. Absolutely absurd!!! We told them to send us the paper if they lost it an we would resign it an fax it over but no they said we have to reapply once again for modification an Geoff was taken off our case bc he never kept record of our calls, now we keep getting denied over an over again bc of #1. A final agreement chase says we opt out of LIE!! #2. Our income didn't change. An other gibberish lies, we have been fighting Chase for two years. Plus while we thought we were in a modification Chase had us in foreclosure!! We've been served papers, we've fought sheriff's sale dates all while in modification! Jp Morgan's Chase unit drove us deeper into debt by prolonging the modification process through gross ineptitude, adding fees to my loan already in default and starting foreclosure while my modification was being negotiated. This whole thing has been a futile modification process that Chase had no real intention of honoring!!! Papers being lost or according to chase never received It's foreclosure abuse, lender abuse!! An I will not lose my home when I can make monthly pmts an I never wanted a foreclosure. How did 3 months behind get me to 2 years behind bc of Chase banks modification its not fair an I want justice, plus my Oklahoma officials won't help us nor any Oklahoma lawyers.
Entity: , Internet
80, Report #1123549
Feb 14 2014
01:23 PM
JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase Bank CHASE FRAUD DEPT. RUN AROUND Georgia
On July 5, 2013 in Atlanta, GA I made my last transaction debiting gas. I've been a chase customer for over a year now. I had never kept money in account. I get a letter from chase saying my account had fraudulent activity. I called them the minute I seen the letter. I spoke with a representative and she told me that I wouldn't have to worry about a thing, a lot of people has had this happen before. She told me she was going to handle the situation by closing my account and letting the fraud department know someone got ahold of it. I never received any document saying my account was closed. Nobody called to ask any questions. When she told me everything was handled, I threw my card away. A few months later, I tried to open a new account and I was told I had to pay a balance of over $2400. Mind you the lady told me my account was closed. So, how did I get to the balance of -$2400? The representative at the branch printed out all the transactions that was done. It lasted from the middle of July to the end of August. Then in October and November someone tried to purchase Secure ID Lock. My account was never closed. There was a check for $1500 and $400 deposited at two different chase ATM'S. My account was at $1,903.22. Immediately after they were deposited, they started to withdraw the money back out piece by piece. There was $91.45 left. 3 weeks later, 13 checks were deposited. The amounts were random. They all had weird numbers such as $215.79, $267.49, $299.73 and plenty more. 2 days later they deposited two more checks and one was for $10.00 and $213.96. My account was at $3,103.40. Those transactions were taken out by ATM Input Error.  A few days later they went to Wal-Mart and purchased an item for .70 cents and cash back for $100 seven times and 100.99 three times. In which at this time my account was at the balance $29.68. How can you withdraw $100 from $29.68 nine times and the bank allowed it to happen with no problem. My account was at $3,103.40. When the bank finally went in and did ATM Input ERROR for all the transaction done, I was negative $2,351.15. *(So, where did the other almost $1000 go?) Chase charged my account with overdraft fee and a returned item fee for a purchase with Secure ID Lock that happened in November. I was then left -$2400.15. NOTE: Chase told me that didn't see any of these transactions as being fraudulent activity. They had no images of the checks that was deposited. An average person would not go to Wal-Mart and purchase something and take out $100.70 nine times back to back. They claimed someone called to talk to a disputer to verify the funds. They will not listen to recorded phone call. The representative at chase told me I needed to file a police report. So that I did. I went to three different counties and filed a police report. The county that I live in told me that I needed to go to each county that the transactions were done in because it's not in their jurisdiction. When I finally reached the last one, the officer asked me why I was running around doing the detective work. Chase and my home county should be trying to solve the issue. I spoke a senior specialist who told me they do not work with the police departments. They handle the situation on their own. Their idea of handling the situation is by closing the account and not investigation. I'm stuck with bill of -$2400.15 and the criminal walked away with money that I never had. I’ve been waiting almost 3 weeks for police reports. Nobody wants to help. Chase is trying to stress to me that I gave my pin away and they can’t do nothing to help me. I have even asked them to look at my transactions that I made from when I first opened my account till now. They won't do it. Like I said, I never had money in my account. The only checks that was being deposited were checks from my job.
Entity: Georgia
81, Report #181679
Mar 17 2006
01:24 AM
Chase Bank - Bank One ripoff Columbus Ohio
Same complaint as: Steve Richardson, Texas I made a 25 cent error in addition. They did the same to me took the biggest one and over 25 cents charged me about $380. I have been off of work for a month for major surgery that I had. So i had to deal with this also. I asked to close my account and they would not. I said what if I could not stop all of the automatic payments I don't want to be charged more fees. They said that there would not be anymore fees not to worry about it. They are now up past $320 in additional fees. I have told them that I changed my phone number 4 times. I keep giving them my new number they keep calling and harrassing the poor people with my old number. I talked to people at Bank One and make arrangements with them and they still have a recording calling my old number 2-3 times a day to call Bank One for an urgent matter, to me that is harrassment. The people on the other end you talk to make arrangements are snotty, cold and uncaring. I got a letter saying that I have not responded. I keep calling and talking to people and they don't communicate. I have not gotten one call or message on my new phone number. I have 10 days of the date of the letter to respond. The date of the letter is 2/10 and it was mailed on 2/14 the postmark on the envelope. I received it on 2/17. They were hoping I would get it after the 10 days? They are incompetent liars and cold money hungry jerks. Sylvia Western, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
82, Report #100569
Jul 26 2004
10:40 AM
Chase Bank, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., Chase Mortgage Group, JP Morgan & Chase Co. Rip-off! Preditory Lending. Nationwide
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. purchased our mortgage and the servicing of our mortgage on September 2,2002. In October 2002 I received a letter stating that they didn't have a record of Hazard Insurance. Our loan included Hazard Insurance,estimated county tax, and PMI. On February 12,2003 I had made a large payment of $2052 as advised by a Chase Customer Service Rep. to bring my account current. But on my statement it shows a late fee charge on 2/15/03. In April 2003 I received an Estimated Escrow Statement in which showed an increase of $200+ on my monthly mortgage payment. Immeadiately I called Chase and she told me when they purchased the loan there was a deficit in the escrow account. And also stating it was not my fault but she also told me my home was going into foreclosure as a result and yet didnt give me a reason! I went through all the motions of trying to fix what was not my fault including having to file Bankruptcy which was dismissed before it went to the confirmation hearing. The result was receiving a 5-day Unlawful Detainer saying I have to move! My lawyer didnt return my calls, Chase never did and my family and I suffered severely due to their incompitance. Please, if anyone has had the same problem with Chase, we need to file a class action lawsuit against them before anyone else has to go through this nightmare. Rita LAS VEGAS, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
83, Report #459603
Jun 08 2009
10:27 AM
Chase - JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Rip off $700.00 from my EBT Account through the ATM Los Angeles California
On June 2th, 2009 I visited a Chase ATM machine to withdraw $700.00 in cash for rent. As i was entering the appropriate information, the ATM malfunctioned and did not dispurse cash, instead the cash door kept opening and closing but did not disperse the cash. It gave me an error message and gave me back my card but withdrew the money from my account. And i've been having holy hell trying to get the money back onto my EBT card to pay rent for the month, which is now late. Syreeta Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
84, Report #433112
Mar 11 2009
01:17 PM
Chase Bank USA ,JP Morgan Chase Bad Business Practices, Unsympathetic & uncooperative to business account holders, but will take your bail out! Wilmington Delaware
I have had a Chase Business Credit card for several years. I never even applied for it, they just sent it to me, that's how good my credit once was. Six months ago business really started to slow down and I made my credit card payment to Chase 2 days late. Not 30 days, not 2 months, 2 days. They immediately raised my interest rate from 9.99% to 29.99% causing my payment for a $12,000 debt to increase to almost $600 a month. I was proactive and contacted them to tell them what I was going through, do you think they care? Hell no! For months they have been telephoning me relentlessly, both at home and my business demanding the money at 30% interest. They upset me so much demanding the money, I end up in tears. Every person I have spoken to there has a different story of how they can help me, and transfers me to a different department. Then I speak to the person in that department and they refuse to put me on a payment plan or lower my interest rate, because they don't think I will be able to keep up the payments, despite the fact that I was current on my account UNTIL they raised my interest rate. Tell me how it makes any sense to expect a person to pay the higher payment with the higher interest rate yet in the same breath tell them, if they lower the rate, you won't be able to keep up the payments, and my, we can't have that. I was told by one person the only way she would work with me was if I contacted their Consumer Credit Agency and got on one of their plans. Well I contacted them and they said I didn't qualify for one of their plans either! The amount of money they said I would need a month to make my reduced payments was $200 higher than if I paid everything I am paying now with no reductions and 30% interest. What's wrong with this picture? Now my business is closed and I have no income, and now with every missed payment almost an additional $80.00 worth of late fees and now, overlimit fees accrue. I am so furious with the backwards logic of this bank and out and out lies I have been told, I am praying this bank goes under and gets no more help from the government. I have actually been told by a representative that with all this bail out money they received, the government won't let them put people on payment plans, because that would reduce their revenue, and they have to pay back the government! I have also been told that the same rules don't apply to business accounts as to personal accounts. It seems that, despite the fact that one of this countries greatest assests are its entrepreneurs, business to business practices are ruthless and uncompromising, and no one cares if you just lost your business, as long as they get their money. I don't believe they really want their money, their actions totally contradict that goal. They are into punishing people and harassment and my only hope in writting this is that 2 years, 5 years, 10 years down the road, however long it takes, people like me will remember who treated them fairly during the worst economic crisis since the Depression, and they will once again be responsible for their own failure, but this time people will be applauding to see them go out of business. Christie Cathedral City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
85, Report #426018
Feb 19 2009
09:27 AM
JPMorgan Chase - Washington Mutual - Providian - Chase Card Services - Chase Bank USA - Cha se/WaMu: Increased card to 31.99%-APR, and Chase Agrees In Writing that I Never Paid Late or Defaulted. Seattle Washington
Below is a direct quote, (with my account number excluded,) of an e-mailed conversation between Chase / WaMu and myself. Please note, that in the body of the email, Chase/WaMu acknowledges that I have never defaulted or paid late on my account! (In fact, I doubt that I have ever defaulted on Any financial account in my entire life. My FICO score is approx. 694, which is very average in America.) It is also interesting to note, that None of my other credit-cards have such outrageous rates. I am not accusing Chase/WaMu of doing anything illegal. My point is this: Many Americans are losing jobs and enduring pay-cuts due to economic climate. Chase/WaMu knows this fact. Yet, they are creating outrageous APR's, even for those credit-card accounts that are in good standing! How should blue-collar and middle-class America respond? I intend to close every Chase account that I have ever had, and I have already emptied my WaMu checking account. Now, as proof of my opinions and beliefs, here is the communication between Chase/WaMu and I: Dear JOHN E BREWER, Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding your account. The information below details the inquiries you have included in your email. Account Open Date: 07/04/2005 APR (as of 07/04/2005): 12.24% variable rate for Standard Purchases APR (as of 07/04/2005): 24.24% variable rate for Standard Cash Our records do not indicate you have defaulted on your credit card account agreement directly with our company since the accounts inception date. APR (as of 02/03/2009): 31.99% variable rate for both Standard Purchases and Cash Typically, account changes, such as an interest rate (APR) increase, result from a perceived increase in risk based on factors such as credit bureau and internal credit scores. We perform regular credit risk assessments on all accounts and make decisions based on our credit guidelines. This decision is based upon specific credit criteria that has been established for our company and cannot be changed at this time. The guidelines we follow are consistent for all of our customers. If you have further questions or would like additional information, please e-mail us through our secure Contact Center or you may also call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-800-280-0561. Representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you. We look forward to more opportunities to meet your financial needs. Sincerely, WaMu Customer Service P.S. We hope you enjoy the convenience of online account access. Keep in mind, at our website you can check your balance, pay your bill, and more - 24 hours a day! Original Message Excluded: ------------------------- Date: 02/02/2009 Subject: Account facts - ending in XXXX. I am seeking facts, so that I may make informed decisions: When was this account opened, and at what APR? How many times have I defaulted, or paid late, since this account was opened? On what date(s) did I default? What is the current APR for this account? Regards, John Brewer John Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
86, Report #1041466
Apr 07 2013
01:48 PM
Chase Bank Chase Bank Business Card Services Chase Bank Business Card Services Repeatedly Lied to me and will not follow through on anything they promise Wilmington, Delaware
Chase Bank Business Card Services is a horrible company that seems to encourage it's employees to misrepresent and purposely lie about their services and actions. I received a phone call while on my cell that said CHASE (302) 758-1000 I picked it up and was told that I had to speak with someone regarding my account and it was very important. I did explain that I was on my cell in traffic but the person ignored that. I was then interrogated by Business Card Services about my personal credit card balance with another bank. I was told that I had hit a limit, and was asked just what I intended to do about it. I explained that I didn't think this was a question I felt comfortable being asked. At that point the person told me she was Suspending my Chase Bank Business Credit Card. I asked what she was talking about having though I had closed that account years ago. Apparently I had a CHASE Bank Business Credit Card open with a zero balance. I said, rather than her suspending the account, I requested the account to be closed at my own request. When I arrived at my destination I decided to call back, as i wanted to find out if this request was carried out. I had not been given a call back number, and the line she called from did not accept incoming calls. I had to call Chase 800 number and took some time before I was connected. it was explained to me that the account had  indeed been closed that morning but not at my request but rather that the determination of the person I spoke with. I explained that I wanted the record to show that I had requested the account be closed, not suspended so as not to affect my credit adversely. I requested the mailing address, and a copy of my last statement be faxed to me, so I could reference the account number.  I was told it would be faxed in the hour. Bouncing around to a few different people in order to get the mailing address, I gave a second fax number as i was able to use the fax at my location. I was told again, within the hour. This was March 29, 2013. I am still waiting for either fax. I called back several days later and was told that faxes are never sent in the hour and it would go out 48-72 hours later. I then requested a copy be mailed to  me as well. I was told this would be done, and there would be no problem processing my request to cancel the account. Several days late, the only paperwork I received from Chase Bank is a letter dated march 29, 2013 explaining that my account had been closed at their determination. To date I still have not received Either fax, nor the mailed copy of the last statement. To sum up. I was harassed by Chase. I was Lied to four times. Chase Bank is a disreputable company. I will be cancelling my personal account with them shortly and making a complaint to my state department of financial services. I recommend that if you bank at Chase or have a Chase Bank Business Credit Card such as Ink, end that relationship before it goes bad on you. There are many local community banks that would rather have your business. There is no reason to be mistreated or lied to as Chase Bank does.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
87, Report #1258041
Sep 29 2015
07:51 PM
Chase Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank lost my car payment Indianapolis Indiana
Friday Sept. 11, 2015 - I went to pay $300 towards my car loan.  I placed 15 twenty dollar bills (a total of $300) in the tube with my picture id, sent it through the vacuum at the drive-up teller window.  I waited for about 10 minutes then the teller asked what I wanted to do with the $20.  I corrected the teller a said there was $300 in the tube.  She laughed at me and said if I have a problem to come inside.  I said I have a huge problem you just like lost my money.  I went inside and reported the incident.  The Vice President rolled her eyes at me and didn't even offer to take me back to her office.  I offered to stay until the mess was resolved.  I was told cameras were off site and requests for views had to be approved through corporate.  I was told to leave and wait for a phone call.  The footage was reviewed and the bank can't find my missing $280.  I have left messages and sent numerous emails. I still haven't had a resolution to this matter.
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #421366
Feb 07 2009
10:07 AM
Chase Bank, Bank One Chase Bank recharging Bank one Charge-off that I already paid causing NSF's Tucson Arizona
When Bank One was still themselves I paid a charge-off account, this was in 2003. I had to, in order to open an account at another bank due to check-rite. That old account was a joint account with my wife. After paying the past due amount I was then able to open a new account elsewhere, as my S.S. # now cleared Check-rite. Last year my wife made the mistake of opening an account at Chase Bank. Soon money was being withdrawn from her account. We questioned the withdrawals and disputed the charges. Which caused NSF charges monthly. After almost $1000 has disapeared from her account we finally found out that Chase Bank was charging the $512 I had paid Bank One in 2003. Since I of course did not save that receipt for 5 years I have no recourse. Chase never once admitted to being the ones withdrawing funds, caused $100's in NSF charges and now say they had the right to take those funds without advising my wife despite our repeated questioning? My only proof now is the fact that Check-rite cleared my ability to open a new account, back in 2003. Chase bank has stolen $1000's recovering Bank one funds paid years ago. Conveniently They have no record of my payment. Does anybody have any ideas on any recourse I may have? Eddie Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
89, Report #597260
Apr 27 2010
08:50 AM
JPM Chase Bank Aka Chase Home Finance LLC Chase Home Mortgage, Chase Mortgage, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Indemnity Claim for fraud and misrepresentation in Loan Origination Internet
In mid 2005 I was approached by a Wholesale Acct Representative from Chase Home Finance/Mortgage and signed their onesided Broker Agency Agreement and began marketing and originating loans offering their much dreaded STATED INCOME/STATED ASSETS (SISA) and 100% (or No Downpayment) Loan Programs.    Their representative didn't even discuss the Agency Agreement and just proceeded in discussing their great niche products. That their loan programs/products are no brainer programs as it DOES NOT need INCOME nor ASSETS VERIFICATION as long as clients has Fico scores 700 and up, stable employment and reasonable work description. This is what they call investment quality loans. This particular client is a Nursing Manager at Kaiser Permanente and has been employed their for at least 25 years.  Last March 18, 2010 I got a call and letter from their attorney that Chase wants me to Indemnify  them because my client had foreclosed on her property in 2009. They claimed that I committed fraud and misrepresentation on the loan of my client (Ms. Evelyn Flores) for not submitting investment quality loans as I've used their SISA program . Their Lawyer was asking me to settle this at a substantial discount. They claimed Chase loss more than $195,000 which is untrue. The loan was originated in June 2007 for $135,000, how could they incur a loss of $60K in a span of 1 1/2 years. For your information and reference, I wish to discuss more about this ridiculous claim in a more detailed manner hoping that we can put a stop to this monsters who preys on small people/mortgage broker like me, inspite of their bailout money. I'm pretty sure that there are more brokers like me in the same situation as Chase has been very agressive in marketing their products here in Southern California since 2005.  I'm more than willing to look for these mortgage brokers to join me in a Class Action lawsuit if there's any law firm willing to take this action to the next level.
Entity: , Internet
90, Report #1334769
Oct 24 2016
09:51 AM
Chase Chase BankJP Morgan BankJP Morgan Chase Bank Chase Bank Freezes My Account For No Reason (because they can) Dallas Texas
Chase put a hold on my account (and sent me a letter saying they are ending their relationship with me).   This is after they told me they could do better rates and deals if I move everything over...   So I have $400,000 in SEP, IRA's.. I have two car loans... I have a biz account... a personal account... AND two Chase credit cards...   NEVER LATE! NEVER A PROBLEM! BALANCE PAID EVERY MONTH!   After 12 years, they sent me this letter - froze my account - and said I'm out of money for ten days.  We will mail you a check within ten days!  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #467108
Jul 02 2009
01:21 PM
Chase Auto Finance - Subaru Motors Finance Fraud Billing Charges Ft Worth Texas
I leased a car that went through Chase and my husband did the same. His lease was only in his name and not a joint lease. My auto lease was set up the same without him being any part of it. Due to business, he had to give up his car which Chase picked up. After his car was returned. Chase added a bill to my lease showing it as a REPO CHARGE. First they claimed they had to come to our home to collect a payment from me. After they were informed I could prove ALL PAYMENTS were made on time and through my bank I was told they would research it. They now claim I still owe these funds and I have advised them Not a Chance. It is only a $39.00 amount but can you image if they are doing this to thousands? Advised them it is fraud and will never pay it. Now I have to contact an attorney and pay for him to get this fixed. Chase is a sleaze company with a lot of thieves working there. Please tell all your friends and family to NEVER NEVER deal with these crooks. They have no idea how to operate an honest company. Who knows Beech Mountain, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Worth, Texas
92, Report #577168
Mar 03 2010
05:17 AM
CHASE Buyer be aware fees not disclosed by this bank! Miramar, Florida
Before you sit down and sign up for an account at Chase make sure you ask for a list of the fees. If, they pull out a laminated card and begin discussing about each of the accounts ask for a total fees list. Unfortunately I didn't ask for the total fees list which  was my mistake and I signed up for two accounts of which I received bad service within 24 hours of inception. I then tried to cancel these accounts and because I didn't have them for 30 days they were going to charge me $25.00 each. Who has ever heard such a thing; that you would receive bad service and then have to pay for it. Further to this the service received by K.N....., Assistant Financial Center Manger was less than stellar. After the fact I found out that the individual set up my accounts in a way in which was not instructed to do so.  The worst part about the performance is that I brought my Social Security Card and Drivers License as the two forms of I.D. needed to open the account,  I was then asked to produce a major credit card too. If, asked to do this, do not do it; they run your credit without your consent and moreover they can see every account that you have set up within the banking industry. The final incident with this bank was  after the checking account was set up they then tell you that the checks will cost you $18.00 for a box of 200 checks. Of course, by then you have wasted an hour of your time. In closing, I feel as though, I had been to a used car sales lot to set up a bank account. It's incredible that banks have hit the all time low with consumers!
Entity: Miramar, Florida
93, Report #380995
Oct 14 2008
06:40 AM
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Wrong Bank Account Link Columbus Ohio
I access all of my Chase accounts online at I recently borrowed money against a new credit card. I went online to pay two accounts, the new credit card and an equity line, and immediately noticed that someone else's banking account information appeared in my drop down box for payment selection. My information was gone. I spoke to several employees at Chase, all whom insisted that this was MY bank account; that I had a three year history with the credit card account , and that I always paid from this bank account. They argued that my credit card was NOT new! Finally, in exasperation, I asked for their security department. I was switched to an overseas operator who listened to my story (for the fourth time) and said, We will remove the incorrect bank and send you a letter confirming the action. Now I'm worried. I could have paid all my mortgages, credit card and equity line using another person's banking information. Does this mean that someone has MINE and can empty MY account out at will? I will now check my bank account DAILY!!! Maureen Daytona Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
94, Report #201382
Jul 16 2006
06:16 PM
Steve from Richardson, TX is right on the money (no pun intended) about the ridiculous fees that one will incur with Chase Bank. I had a checking account with no interest. Of course I expected that with a checking account. But I never imagined to LOSE a great deal of money. I accidentally overdrew my account by $1.28 on March 14, 2006. Don't expect these malcontent women at Chase to have the courtesy to notify a person when they are overdrawn. Heck, they would even *sigh* when I asked for a printout of my account balance! The problems really started when Chase bought Bank One in early 2005. The service really went downhill quickly. Not knowing that my account was overdrawn at all, I proceeded to make a small deposit of $50.00 in my checking account on Thursday March 16. It did not go through until Friday March 17. I would have made a much larger deposit, obviously, had I known I was overdrawn! I thought I had $65.00 in my account; try -129.28. That's right folks: a penalty of $32.00 per DAY from these good people at Chase! I asked to speak to the bank manager. Well, he had taken the day off on Friday March 17, which was St. Patrick's Day. And he had the day off work on Saturday as well. I told Judy (customer service) to have him call me on Monday March 20. He never did call me. I did call some Chase bankers on their 800 number on Saturday March 18. I was able to get $64.00 refunded/credited to me. I waited until Monday March 20, and withdrew $60.00 from the Chase ATM that evening. It says on my bank statement that I withdrew $64.00 before my account was closed, but this is impossible. So actually they owe me $4.00, but I'll probably never see it. As is customary today in big business, Chase will deny everything, close rank, and try to discredit the customer. I have seen some posts comparing Chase with Enron and MCI World Com in regard to raising their APR's on their credit cards substantially. Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order. Contact the Attorney General in your state. Christopher Peoria, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Peoria, Illinois
95, Report #292309
Dec 17 2007
04:48 PM
Chase Bank Bank Rep. made error that cost me $4,700.00 Waterford Michigan
Went to do a wire transfer of money from USA to Thailand. The Bank rep. screwed up from the begining by deducting the funds from my mothers account in error , dispite having my account numbers right in front of him. After that error he then proceeded to do the wire transfer and converted the money into Thai Bhat ( thier currency) rather than keep it in USD. This small mistake amounted to a charge of $4,700.00 for the 'pre-conversion' which I DID NOT NOR WOULD I WANT TO HAVE OCCURED. THEY REFUSE TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM!!! now I must proceed with a lawsuit to resolve this .... NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM CLOSING MY BUSINESS ACCOUNT WITH THEM , MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT, MY PARENTS ACCOUNT AND PARTNERS ACCOUNT AFTER 20 YEARS OF BANKING WITH THEM. THE ACCRUED AMOUNT OF INTREST CHASE PROFITED ON ALL THESE ACCOUNTS AMOUNT TO A MUCH LARGER SUM THAN THE MONEY THEY 'STOLE' FORM ME ! GOD FORBID TEHY SCREW UP WITH YOU ...THEY WILL NOT MAKE GOOD ON IT !! Bk white lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Waterford, Michigan
96, Report #1364544
May 04 2017
11:46 AM
Chase bank Bank credit cards I didn't open I stay in cleveland,Ohio. Wilmington Delaware
 Terra I checked my credit report, it was some unusual things on there and when it said Bank credit cards it was a flag. I never had an bank account in my life and especially not with chase in Delaware. Cleveland,Ohio
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #1016014
Feb 18 2013
04:24 AM
Chase Auto Finance JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A, Chase, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chase National Bank and Chase Chase Auto Finance defrauds disabled veteran and refuses to honor settlement contract it agreed to. Garden City, New York
On the last week of December 2012 James Smith of Chase Auto Finance breached an oral contract terms stated in the affirmation oral contract attachment. He said I need to bring a cashiers check or money order for $5000.00 to settle the account before New Year's Day of 2013. I was to bring the cashier check or money order to any Chase bank branch and tell the branch or assistant branch manager that James Smith instructed me to ask them to send the check to Dallas TX via FEDEX at the expense of Chase bank. Also I was to fax a copy of the check and air bill to (602) 914-7421. The Nation City branch FAX conformation log is attached. When I showed the assistant branch manager Rosemary Verjan the branch manager in National City, CA the $5000.00 check and passed James Smith's instructions she told me we don't send anything by FEDEX for customers. I presented to her the affirmation of the oral contract and she told me I will not sign it. I told her I am not asking her to sign it. I said I wanted a duly authorized Chase bank employee to sign it at the direction of James Smith. She told me she will FAX the copy of the check and affirmation of the agreement. She told me that she will help me on January 2nd, 2013 since at the time I brought the check was 4:00PM to the lobby. I was not seen until 4:45 PM on Monday. All the documents except the air bill were sent via FAX except the air bill since her branch does not send anything by FEDEX for customers. I was told by Rosemary that she will help me on Wednesday January 2, 2013 to clear things up with James Smith. She advised me to send my check to Dallas with the affirmation of oral contract with my signature absent a signature of a duly authorized Chase bank employee. On Wednesday January 2, 2013 I call Rosemary Verjan to see if James Smith and she discussed the settlement agreement. She told me she that she only helps customers and since my auto loan with Chase bank is closed she will not help me and then she hanged the phone up. I called at once James Smith, Trisha LaFrentz and Sonja Peralta and left voice mail on their phones telling them about the situation. I called over 2 weeks and would not get return calls. Then I get a phone call from Britney of Del Mar Recovery Solutions on January 30th that they have a legal letter saying that Chase bank offered me a $5000.00 settlement. That is false because I am the one who offered the settlement not the bank. Britney read out an alleged letter from their legal department. The letter does not match the terms of the oral contract that James Smith agreed to. Michelle and Britney have never identified who they work for. I only know because James Smith told me as part of agreement. Britney told me the same instructions as James Smith and told me to get a new $5000.00 check and told me to send me the check right away. As of today I have not received and notice in mail or email confirming the agreement. I am told just to send the check with no paperwork with 2 party signatures. To follow the laws about interstate financial transactions I read about in newspapers I requested that a duly authorized Chase bank employee sign the oral contract affirmation when receiving my $5,000.00 cashiers check. If Chase bank signed the affirmation of the oral agreement I would have sent the check to Dallas Texas as requested. On July 3, 2012 I became aware that I had injury insurance while on active duty when I was in the U.S. Navy. I filed a claim for an injury I had and was awarded my claim on December 26, 2012. It took over 5 months for the claim to be completed. I informed Chase bank of my insurance claim as soon as I became aware of being eligible for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of the benefit. I have always kept my promise to this bank. As soon I was awarded the insurance money I called James Smith to offer him MY INSURANCE MONEY AT A GREAT SACRIFICE TO MYSELF. I am on a fixed income with my VETERANS BENEFITS and became a homeless veteran living in shelters and eating at food banks. After my unemployment benefits I became financially unstable. When I give Chase bank MY insurance money I will be surrendering my financial security and surrendering my chance not to be indigent. I could have spent the $5000.00 on anything I wanted. I chose instead to offer my injury insurance claim to settle the car loan. I have followed the values I have learned from my 17 years and 8 months of service in the military. James Smith accepted the oral contract with a witness to the conversation and my witness was also at the National City, CA Chase bank branch at 1130 E Plaza Blvd. during the conversation with Rosemary Verjan. I feel that MY SETTLEMENT OFFER was reasonable considering the vicious and unprofessional behavior of Chase bank employees and their contract employees. Britney and Michelle have not identified themselves as Del Mar Recovery debt collectors. They dont give their last names. They said they work for a law firm and tow Truck Company. It appears that Chase bank did not inform them I have had a cashiers check for $5000.00 since December 31, 2012 because Britney told me on January 30, 2013 I should go get a NEW $5000.00 check and go to a local Chase branch and have a branch manager FEDEX the check to Dallas TX. She said that Chase bank sent a settlement letter to my P.O. Box on January 4, 2013 and I have not received it or any kind of notice. I asked if she can send me a copy via email and she said we cannot email you because of security purposes. Both Chase bank and Del Mar Recovery want me to send my cashier check without a signature to the agreement we made. The ALLEGED SETTLEMENT LETTER FROM CHASE LEGAL that was read to me over the phone said nothing about stopping the collection action or stopping the repossession of the 2007 Nissan Sentra. Also National Recovery is trying to collect the debt. I have 3 organizations telling me I need to send them the money. Who owns the account? I am not refusing to pay them MY SETTLEMENT OFFER of $5000.00. If a DULY AUTHORIZED CHASE BANK EMPLOYEE will sign the affirmation of the oral contract and if they want to type the same terms that James Smith AGREED to on Chase Bank letter head to make it acceptable for them with 2 PARTY SIGNATURES I will send them the $5000.00. I am not refusing to pay Chase bank but I am willing to pay when they comply with the terms they agreed to with a witness. Both Chase Bank and Del Mar Recovery are asking to send money without them signing a 2 party agreement like the Nigerian scams I read about in the news. They ask in order to receive papers money has to be sent first. Britney told me that Chase sent papers on January 4, 2013. It is now February 7, 2013 and checked my mail today and no contract from them. I have no documentation from them that they will not try to collect more than the than the agreed amount of $5,000.00 and stop the repossession/collection processes. I read in the newspapers even if a customer of Chase bank pays a settlement agreement or pays the loan off in full they still foreclose on the home or repossess the automobile! They usually add a fee or charge the account and give no notice to the debtor. Then they start/restart the debt collection actions.
Entity: Garden City, New York
98, Report #316420
Mar 10 2008
08:46 AM
Chase Bank Credit Card,Chase Bank USA, N.A. Chase Bank Credit Card Change due date payment amount no notification raise rate to 29.99% ripoff ,ANOTHER in Kentucky Wilmington Delaware
We have had a Chase Bank credit card going on 17 years now. We decided to transfer balance some funds to Chase since their zero percent for a year was very enticing and it was only for a short time of a year or less. Our banking is done automatically with payments usually delivered at least 2-3 days prior to the due date. Our auto payment had already been sent however, to our amazement the required payment had more than doubled after receiving a statement from Chase the following month. (Only a month later!) This naturally was cause for alarm and a call to Chase was initiated. Did we mis-managed the bill or was the account not correctly credited? We called to determine what had occured but, after really looking into things the payment date and required payment had been changed by CHASE, I had changed nothing, we are now being charged 29.99% interest, when calling back they sent me to a supervisor and he apologized but said he could not do anything and that he couldn't reduce it back to the original special balance transfer rate. We explained that we had been loyal customers, and ontime for nearly 17 years, it didn't matter to CHASE, we told the supervisor we would likely take our business elsewhere if CHASE was unwilling to accomodate. CHASE's attitude was indifferent, so what! is the awnser you'll receive. Prior to this incident we have NEVER had a late payment prior to this however, due to the UNETHICAL and BAIT SWITCH tactics Chase was unwilling to remedy the situation. (To date we refuse to pay late charges and finance charges). Chase Banks practices are criminal and something should be done, I will never charge on my Chase card again. Chase knows that overtime people get into a routine and begin to trust what is going to happen month to month, and without any specific notification of changes things like this will happen quite a bit. Of the hunreds of thousands, if not millions of customers that have Chse Bank Credit cards, can you imaginge how much they have made by this practice, even if only a small percentage of their customers failed to realize the change? It is theft plain and simple on a grand scale. On a final note, we believe CHASE should be boycotted as much as possible. As an example we will not charge anything if CHASE is involved. They are a large corporation but, it's easy to check your statements. Shop and charge with a KOHL's card? You guessed it... CHASE. We also have ensure family, friends, and acquaintences are aware of the fine print when applying for a mortgage (1st or 2nd) to ensure CHASE is exempted thus preventing any transfer in the future of their mortgage to such an unethical company. JM LaGrange, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
99, Report #767624
Aug 20 2011
02:59 PM
Chase Bank JP Morgan Chase Do you have a Trust At Chase Look again your accounts are Business Accounts Internet
Went to the bank to establish a Trust. Thought it would be easy. Found out a lot about how Chase handels these accounts. They are labeleld as Commercial Accounts. Check it out first they will say no but they are all coded as commercial accounts and they donot tell you up front. Why, because the Customer Service Computer System they have has not been updated to handel Trust so they fudge it in. Not sure if you want your Trust accounts tied in anyway to Commercial. I donot.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #215841
Oct 14 2006
08:32 PM
Chase Banking, Chase Froze Bank Accounts Hijacked Money New York
Chase has decided that they do not want me as a customer anymore. I learned of this when my debit card was rejected at a store and my card was rejected at the ATM. When I talked to a teller at the bank all they could tell me was that the account was frozen but they had no idea why. I called the Customer Support number and after three hours on the phone the best they could do for me was open a ticket with The Research Group. The following day my wife physically went to our local Chase branch, where after an hour the branch manager informed her that Chase has terminated their relationship with us as customers. What that also meant was that Chase froze our three deposit accounts with them and would not release the funds, we were told we would receive a check of the full balance sometime in the future, I was also told they sent a letter on the day before. I didnt know a bank had the legal right to freeze all of your money and refuse to release it for no reason, because when I asked them why Chase is doing this the standard answer I received was because we can. After hours on the phone with Customer Support, the local branch office, the branch office in some other town that was responsible for the freezing, and the fraud department. I was then able to get the funds in my savings account released at my local branch but they still refused to release the money in my two checking accounts. Chase claimed that there might be a couple of pending transactions (like our paychecks that were being direct deposited that day). When I asked to speak to the district manager that was in charge of the two branch's where all of this originated from I was straight out told that I could not speak to him. On the third day of all of this I again spoke to my local branch manager and he informed me that Chase would release the funds in my two checking accounts. So my wife went there and once again we were told they wouldnt release the funds and that the accounts were frozen and untouchable. Well luckily for us the branch manager was getting as tired of this as us so he worked with the fraud department and some how we were able to close the two accounts and withdraw all of the money, this was after three days of hours on the phone, and hours of sitting in the local branch. Not to mention that Chase also treated me very poorly throughout the whole ordeal. I received the letter from Chase today (three days after this started) informing me that they were going to be closing one of my accounts (they froze three of the accounts I had there), and that I had fourteen days from the date of the letter to complete all transactions from within that account which included withdrawing all money before the account was terminated. According to the letter any money left in the account after the fourteenth day would be sent to me via mail. The letter did not state that all of my accounts with Chase would be frozen and that any money in there would not be accessible. The best part is I also have a HELOC with Chase, and that account was not touched in any way and actually its still open now and fully accessible for me to use. I guess when your paying interest on money that is withdrawn they wont freeze that on you. I dont know if anyone else has ever been through anything like this, but to me it sounded a bit unethical and illegal. Mike Plainfield, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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