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1, Report #102917
Aug 10 2004
06:33 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Internet
still no comment from them or there workers. no one seems to be able to correct my problem, that is why cingular is the worst for costumer service. time to go to the laywer and our state repesentive. it is time to go past writting a complaint, time to have someone with cingular get these problems Ann ottawa, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #109700
Sep 22 2004
09:18 PM
Cingular Wireless, RIPOFF deceptive Nationwide
I also am having problems with Cingular. I had problems with the combined billing through Bellsouth and ultimately had to cancel it (after my phone was abruplty disconnected) beacause it never really started. I have the 600 minute plan, and don't use my phone often enough to use all of the anytime minutes every month. I got my last bill for over $500 dollars. I called because I knew there was some kind of mistake; I have unlimited nights and weekends, not to mention alot of rollover minutes. The CSR told me that I had no rollover. That's it, that's all she said. When I persisted that there had to be some mistake, she checked and sure enough mucho rollover minutes were applied to my bill. It was adjusted to a little over $300 dollars. I checked over my bill, call by call, and I noticed that I was being charged for calls made after 7PM. Cingular's nights begin at 7PM, at least, that is what they advertise and that's what the Rep TOLD me. I called Cingular to question what I felt was another mistake, and I was told for the first time ever Oh, You have to pay for that. If you want your nights to begin at 7PM, you have to pay an extra fee-per month. What a ripoff. If I'm paying an extra fee, then the extra two hours, technically, are not free. I am a lover of words and information, so I DO read the fine print and that little bit of information was not in the pretty little personalized contract that was mailed to me and was never disclosed to me at anytime by Cingular or it's representatives. I would never have known about the discrepancy if I had not gone through the bill, call by call. And even worse, I would never have been told about it if I hadn't complained. If I had known that the nights started at 9PM, I would call my mom and relatives at 9 not 7PM and cingular would have let me do that for the next ten years. Even though I do genuinely feel ripped off, I do not want to go through the trouble of switching companies, again, and getting ripped off by substandard service, high prices and rude people, again. I really think all these companies develop, implement and practice the same deceptive techniques. Cingular (and just about every other cell, cable and phoen company) has earned a thumbs down from me, and if anyone knows about any lawsuit, either small claims or class action, please contact me. I considered contacting the FTC and FCC, but to what avail? Even their website says that they do not handle contract issues, or deal directly with any party in the matter. They are flooded with every other complaint, from every other citizen in the US about getting ripped off. And this is in every industry- communications, utilities, education, insurance and healthcare. Is there anyone out there who is actually happy with their cable, cellular or phone company? Please, let me know who those companies are! Monica Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #109752
Sep 23 2004
08:47 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Orlando Internet
September 23, 2004 Summary I am in receipt of a letter from Lisa Brown. She refuses to give me a credit for the two disconnect fees charged due to their mistake of sending the bill to the wrong address and for the three weeks we had no service due to their putting restrictions on our service. I would like the BBB to retain my complaint for 3 years. I intend to file multiple complaints in every city to notify every BBB and consequently as many people as I can about this reprehensible company and their illegal tactics. I intend to take Cingular to small claims court in the middle of October when I return to Florida. Thank you. Details My service was disconnected because we didn't receive a bill. When my wife called Cingular they stated the bill had been returned to them. So she mailed a payment without a bill. In the three years she has done business with cingular, she has never been late. The payment arrived on July 5th but was due on June 29th as the bill had been sent by Cingular to the wrong address. This was verified by a Cingular representative. On July 4th, the phones were disconnected. The phones remained disconnected for a period of two weeks (wife) and three (mine) weeks. During all this time, there was no service to either phone. I called Cingular and they made every type of excuse and lie such as the phone is broken, it needs a new simm card, your not in our calling area etc. I requested a credit and they denied it. Now they say they want two reconnect fees, which is ridiculous. My wife's phone was disconnected for 2 weeks after they received payment (we share the account. However, the phone worked fine until they shut it off. Finally, I spoke with a fellow who identified himself as Christopher Ingram on July 7th. He admitted the phone 'has restrictions barring all outside calls' which is what I truly believed from the get go. He said he took it off. Then I requested a credit for the 3 weeks since I have had no service and he said sorry, you have to pay. Why should I have to pay when I have received nothing - no service? They are just thieves and bullies. Furthermore, now when I tried, it's back to no service so obviously he got pissed off and put it back to restriction mode barring all service when I complained and threatened to file a complaint. I am so fed up with this rip off company; please help me with our account (phone number (407) 443-9976 and (407) 765-7561). I received the new bill and they are charging us $78.88 for two reconnect fees plus taxes. My wife called for several days and spoke with someone named Cesar Davila who jerked her around. I called on 8-4-04 and requested a credit for the reconnect fees. I spoke with Marsha Patrick and explained to her that the bill was sent to the wrong address, that they admitted this, that my wife sent another payment in, that it was received 5 days after the bill due date, and that there were two reconnect fees (for one account) and that I wanted a credit. She said she couldn't do it. I said you mean you wouldn't do it not couldn't do it. I said you have the opportunity to fix this problem or escalate it' and she chose to escalate it. I spoke to someone identifying herself as Sharon Lason (a supervisor). I again explained the entire story and she said also she couldn't waive the two disconnect fees. So I told her I would file complaints with the public service commission. I spoke with the office of the president of Cingular with a lady named Lisa Brown. I explained to her that my service had been disconnected due to a mistake on the part of Cingular. That the representative from Cingular had admitted that the bill had been returned and that is why we hadn't paid. Furthermore, they stated that the money took them 2 weeks to receive, which is ridiculous. More likely, they received it and misplaced it or did nothing with it. I told her I wanted the two outrageous reconnect fees waived and credit for the 3 weeks without service. She said she'd review the account. Later on she called back and claimed that we had been late in April. This is untrue as my wife has been consistently on time with her payments (remember we're talking about my wife's account, not mine). I told her I would continue to file complaints until the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Apparently, both she and Cingular don't care. The next time they disconnect the phone when I don't pay this rip off bill, as far as I'm concerned the contract is terminated. Please help us resolve this nightmare, from this horrible rip off company. Thank you. Henry orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Internet
4, Report #71580
Nov 11 2003
08:58 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Schaumburg ILLINOIS
well i live in IL, I been a coustomer of Cingular wireless scense April of 02 well two months later after i purchased my phones model 6340 i been having all kinds of problems. like people will call me and i won't be able to pick up the calls because my phone dosen't ring at all. So i keep calling the place were i gat the phones,and they kept telling me to call coustomer service.and they have back and forth with the store and coustermer service for a while. well i got really frustated,and then only then they said we can send the phones back to Nokia shop to get fixed. they kept the phone for a period of 6 weeks.Just yesturday nov-11-03,so i went to pick up my phone at the store so they say your phone is a good as new one,so i came back home with out thinking the anything else could go wrong. so the first thing that i did was called my husband and ask him to called me becaused my phone is good now so i told him called ok. so he called me and yeahp you guess it. the stupid phone never ring. so i been paying my bill all this time and the phone still not working right. s o now i'm taking this phones back to them and won't pay one more cent,anymore. Martha Carpentersville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #96158
Jun 23 2004
07:09 PM
Entity: Internet
6, Report #16425
Mar 10 2002
12:00 AM
Cingular wireless ripoff Internet Internet
I lived in Massachusetts for 4 years, the last 2 of which I had cell phone service through Cingular Wireless. I had only signed a one year agreement but was fairly happy with their service. In August of 2001 I moved to Washinton State. I called Cingular to let them know I had moved and needed a new phone number. They told me that my east coast phone was not compatable with west coast service and they would need to send me a new phone. I few days later I got my new phone but realized it was only a single band phone. My old one was certainly better but I thought I would just wait and see how well the coverage was around my home area. Everytime I went to work in a different part of town, my phone would get no service. Also, when I took a trip out to my brothers house, my phone would be dead. I went to a Cingular wireless store and talked to the representative there and he told me that another phone would work much better for me. He said the phone I was using now didnt have as good of reception as this other phone. Also this other phone was a tri-band phone which made it capable of working almost anywhere. The phone was only $90 with a two year contract. I decided to go ahead and do it. When he called to activate, they told him I would be elegable until August of 2002. I asked why and they said I could only do one upgrade per year. UPGRADE??? I said what upgrade? My old phone was way better than this thing. Not only that, I didnt sign a contract and no one told me it was considered an upgrade or I would have paid for a better phone. They offered me a second line on the phone and another free phone with no activation charge. I asked them what I needed another phone for and the lady just says, I'm dont know sir, that is all we can do for you. I argued on the phone for 20 minutes with a manager and she would not budge. I cant believe they would rather loose a customer than give in and get me for another 2 years and I pay $90 for a phone. I ended up telling the lady I will just be canceling my service in August and finding another carrier. She just said, I'm sorry you feel that way, and hung up. AT&T, Verizon, or anyone else for that matter, here I come! Jason Everett, Washington
Entity: Internet
7, Report #191452
May 14 2006
10:35 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Nationwide Internet
For the second time, Cingular Wireless has charged my credit card fraudulently. The first time, someone had called in, ordered a wireless, and Cingular charged it to my account without any authorization. It turned out it was my daughter who had done it, but it took two years of fighting with what was then ATT to even get the information with which to determine how it had happened since I did not have the wireless number. Now they have done it again. I had filed complaints with the FCC, the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and nothing came of it. M.d. butch Eagle, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #168418
Dec 18 2005
05:34 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Dallas Texas
I being a cingular wireless customers for years, I had been charged large billing fees for months. I was given a free upgrade with no contract and used it. To my surprise my contract was extened for another 2 years contrary of what the promotion offered. When I questioned it, they made up some reason about me adding another phone line therefor my no contract offer was void and I had to accept the contract. They also questioned me about the promotion and said it did not exist. I had to try to find it to verify. They still would not honor the no contract upgrade and still kept charging those outrageous bills. I was on a 1200 minute plan along with my son and for some reason they billed me for a 800 min plan and I acquired overages. I went into the store and they allowed my son to be taken off the contract since he had his own phone when he joined and told me they would adjust the bill each month with credits. I had to repeately call in to have the credits applied. I got rude service and attitudes. Even when speaking to the supervisor, she let me talks on and on and in a very condicending way showed no concern for what I said and made no changes to accomodate my issues. I decided to do a in depth analyzes of my bill. To my surprise after paying $500, $400, $375 a month I realize I was being ripted off big time. I had free mobile to mobile, free nights and weekends, and 1200 minutes. I saw they were adding minutes when I checked the time the call was made and ended. For every call a minute was added. I was charged for the mobile to mobile calls and the free weekend calls. I got really angry when I saw the same call, the same date and time was charged twice. I wanted to get out of the contract but was told I would have to pay $150. I told them they did not honor their side of the contract and I was not paying them a dime. I asked for credit for the false charges and was put off twice and told they already credited me enough. I kept calling and finally they credited me $247.00. Money I would have given away if I had not forced them to refund it. I changed companies and Im still getting bills as if I was still with them. My attorney told them that I was well within my rights to be released from the contract and to send me past bills so that they can be reviewed for discrepences. They took forever to send them and still want to say I owe them over $600 when the bill was under $150 when I switched. They charged me for bill collectors fee, contract release fee, and calls they said I made on my phone when the phone was with another company at the time. I made a call to customer service months later and had my bill reviewed. They noticed that I was being charged for something I did not do. I was credited the money and with the contract fee still included. I get another bill and the bill went back up to the same amount as if I had done nothing. It was all in vein. I would hope everyone takes the time to review their bills to the minute because they dont think you have the time. I would never use their service again. Im not giving them any more money since all the hundreds of dollars I paid and the mistakes they made makes me well within my rights to be released from this contract. They very well owe me for past bills I didn't check for mistakes for over a year. Viola Beaumont, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
9, Report #225087
Dec 12 2006
11:39 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Nationwide
I signed up with cingular with a plan starting at $48 a month but the first and second month I was billed $78 never received a bill but made payments by phone and now I have a $200 bill. For what I have unused mintues big deal they dont go towards anything. I'm being ripped off by cingular dont sign up with them unless you have tons of money to pay for their made up billing. I wish I would have read all the complaints before I signed. Amy Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #99154
Jul 16 2004
12:01 AM
Cingular Wireless cingular customers now collectors concerns Southwest Nationwide
As one of many collectors who handle Cingular Wireless, I too have become aware of the everyday complaints. I hear constantly how many ways that his company has ripped off the consumers. Roaming fees are one reason of many , reception problems, poor customer service, agents who say they will handle the issue only to find out months later they waited until customer quits paying, hey early terminate contract, and even if they said you can pay on a payment arraingment well that is when you hear from me. All though I agree a high percentage of you have been forced into a debt with cingular wireless, it's those of you who caressly sign into this not knowing what is in that contract. Those of you who co-sign a minor or even a person who may not qualify for the service. These are the true money scams . STOP dont take the little gimmicks they sell to get your service. who cares about the little phone for free. STOP you are about to head twords the same debt. I'll hear you soon gripe to me . Patricia phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #225832
Dec 16 2006
08:59 PM
Cingular WIreless - Cingular - GSM Text Message Rate Hike, Lest Dropped Calls ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Cingular's terms of service clearly state they can change their rates - which they have, then upon the notification of their rate change, the customer may terminate their account without paying the early termination fee. Yet Cingular is not allowing theri customers to cancel - they are telling their customers that the contract is not correct. This is lieing, and cheating people out of their consumer rights. ________________________________ Cancel your contract while you still can without paying an ETF, due to Cingular violating their side of your contract. Did you notice the insert in your bill notifying you that your text messaging rates are going up from .10 to .15 both sent and recieved. Well I sure did. I also realized this is a violation of the terms of service in the contract (which Cingular makes you sign/agree to when you begin your service with Cingular). Therefore I called customer service, and explained this to them. After they did not understand what I was talking about I was escalated to a manager who cancelled my contract/account. The contract states: IF WE INCREASE THE PRICE OF ANY OF THE SERVICES TO WHICH YOU SUBSCRIBE, BEYOND THE LIMITS SET FORTH IN YOUR RATE PLAN BROCHURE, OR IF WE MATERIALLY DECREASE THE GEOGRAPHICAL AREA IN WHICH YOUR WARTIME RATE APPLIES (OTHER THAN A TEMPORARY DECREASE FOR REPAIRS OR MAINTENANCE), WE WILL DISCLOSE THE CHANGE AT LEAST ONE BILLING CYCLE IN ADVANCE (EITHER THROUGH A NOTICE WITH YOUR BILL, A TEXT MESSAGE TO YOUR EQUIPMENT, OR OTHERWISE) AND YOU MAY TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT PAYING AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE OR RETURNING OR PAYING FOR ANY PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, PROVIDED YOUR NOTICE OF TERMINATION IS DELIVERED TO US WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER THE FIRST BILL REFLECTING THE CHANGE. _________________________ To anyone who may be confused, and think that Cingulars contract is contradictory, it is not. It simply states the following. 1st they say. We may change any terms, conditions, rates, fees, expenses, or charges regarding your service at any time. - which they successfully did pay-per-use texting went from .10 to .15 per message We will provide you with notice of such changes either in your monthly bill or separately. - which they also successfully did in the bill. then next they say this.. IF WE INCREASE THE PRICE OF ANY OF THE SERVICES TO WHICH YOU SUBSCRIBE - which they did (and via the statement above they are allowed to do, and they will even be nice and provide you a notice about the rate change. Then as a customer (who signed the contract) is eligable to do this due to the fact that they changed their fees and provided you a notice. YOU MAY TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT PAYING AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE OR RETURNING OR PAYING FOR ANY PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - since Cingular has changed their rates which they contract clearly states they can do it at any time, and they did provide a notice; this part of the contract states that when they change the rates, and provide a notice we are allowed to cancel without penalisation (as a customer). (My argument to let me out) Because, if you can cancel PPU text messaging, you can obviously re-activate, or subscribe to it. Thus, PPU texting is indeed a subscription service, since it's a service that can be cancelled. I know that might seem confusing, but it all hinges on the English language. Subscribe and cancel are antonyms. For one to apply to a noun, such as service, the other must also be able to apply. Cingular can't say that PPU texting can be cancelled without aknowledging that it can be activated. If it's activated and you are enjoying the state of being able to use PPU texting, you are in essence subscribing to this. Finally, if they refuse to bend to this logic, ask them to explicitly show you in print Cingular's definition of a subscription. Chances are they won't, and if they can't, don't take It's Cingulars perspective not to consider texting a subscription... as gospel, since they have no legal or material proof to back this up.Because, if you can cancel PPU text messaging, you can obviously re-activate, or subscribe to it. Thus, PPU texting is indeed a subscription service, since it's a service that can be cancelled. I know that might seem confusing, but it all hinges on the English language. Subscribe and cancel are antonyms. For one to apply to a noun, such as service, the other must also be able to apply. Cingular can't say that PPU texting can be cancelled without aknowledging that it can be activated. If it's activated and you are enjoying the state of being able to use PPU texting, you are in essence subscribing to this. Finally, if they refuse to bend to this logic, ask them to explicitly show you in print Cingular's definition of a subscription. Chances are they won't, and if they can't, don't take It's Cingulars perspective not to consider texting a subscription. as gospel, since they have no legal or material proof to back this up. Messaging, Downloads & MEdia Net: Text /Instant Messaging and MEdia Net are automatically included at no monthly charge. Just pay as you use. You may remove these services at any time by contacting customer service. There is a charge per message sent or received, whether read or unread, solicited or unsolicited. If you cancel the Text /Instant Messaging service, you will not be able to send and receive messages, but Cingular does not guarantee all incoming messages will be blocked. MEdia Net usage is billed in full-kilobyte increments, and actual transport usage is rounded up to the next full kilobyte at the end of each session. Your account balance must be at least $5 to use Media Net, Instant Messaging, and Multimedia Messaging Services or to download ringtones, games and graphics. MEdia Net usage is required to download ringtones, games and graphics and to send and receive multimedia messages. In some cases our network will resend data packets to ensure complete delivery. You will be billed for these resent packets. Certain advanced features are not available. All screen images are simulated. See the MEdia brochure or for details. Your use of text/instant messaging, multimedia messaging, MEdia Net, and downloads acknowledges your agreement to these terms. proves it is a subscription. Call Rochelle Cohen if you do not succeed in canceling your contract. Public policy initiatives, regulatory and legislative issues Rochelle Cohen Senior Director Media Relations 202-419-3007 (office) 202-341-5967 (wireless) Email: S Anyplace, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
12, Report #135678
Mar 19 2005
05:42 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff, false billing, Sulphur Louisiana
My contract was up on Feb 24, 2004. On March 4th of 2004 I personally went to the store and ask to pay my entire amount due and cancel my services. The lady at the Cingular desk gave me a figure to clear my account. I wrote a check for that amount. My service had already been turned off and I did not want it renewed. That was communicated quite plainly to the lady. Later I started getting a bill from Cingular. I sent a letter explaining that my account had been closed and paid in full. They responded that there was not any way the local office could have known my entire balance and the Cingular Representative at the desk gave me the wrong information. With all the technology that exists today that does not seem like a valid statement or reason to keep on billing me. Then they reported me to the three Credit Report Companies. I corresponded with and reported Cingular to the FCC and the Attorney General. Then the President of Cingular called. He was rude and belligerant. My advise is to use any wireless company except Cingular. Clarence DeQuincy, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sulphur, Louisiana
13, Report #138934
Apr 15 2005
09:20 AM
Cingular Wireless is a ripoff Atlanta Georgia
And i thought i was the only one that hated cingular with a passion. Well check this out, i bought me a new phone on my own, not thru cingular... i called them to put the new phone on file with them as far as serial numbers and so forth for insurance purposes. they charged me $18 for that and extended my contract 2 more yrs from the date i called them... every month since i been with them i've had a issue, i had a $400 bill 2 months ago on a $60 plan with 20 pages of calls and 3000 mins used in 30 days... i was heated... the next month, a $270 bill on a $60 plan. i was in tears at these bills. they sent me detailed billing and there was no way i could say they made a huge mistake, i had calls that was unfamiliar, i just paid them. just yesterday a rep quoted me a wrong medianet plan which was about to cost me a fortune if i hadn't called back. my moto t720 internet pay per use charges was $5 or less but when i get my moto v400 the same kb usage costs me $43... WHY?? one rep said its the more powerful phone and another rep says she dont know why someone told me that..... they cant tell me... i swear if i can come up with the cancellation fee, cingular is history, til then i have to deal with them for another 2 yrs and i will never return... i tell you what though, i will never call them again to put a new phone on file with them... cingular is a rip off. i regret signing up with them... my contract now ends 2/07 but i wont be eligible to upgrade thru them until 11/07... go figure... this is the most horrible cell phone service i have ever had... i will be going back to sprint. Johnnie Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
14, Report #141539
May 04 2005
01:08 PM
Cingular Wireless Warranty Replacement SCAM Policy ripoff Nationwide
Cingular Wireless My Case: In December 2004, I placed an insurance claim for a LGC1300 phone, payed my $50.00 deductible. Then on February 28th, 2005 the replacement phone died. The LED display had vertical and horizontal lines, would go dead. I had to turn the phone off and on to get the LED back and only for a short time. So I took the phone to my local (Company owned Cingular Store) and was told to make a warranty claim, since I had only had the phone for two months. So I called the Cingular Warranty Department (1-800-801-1101), they agreed to sent a replacement. I received the replacement phone in March 2005, sent back the broken phone. Should be the end of it, but it's not. On my 02/21 03/20/05 bill I was charge $75.00. Reason for charge: Beyond Economic Repair and they charged me $7.50 for shipping. So I called Cingular Customer Service (1-866-241-6567) and spoke with Carl. I explained my problem. My position: A replacement phone that I had in my possession for two months die's. There is no local service center that can complete an evaluation. I have no idea why the phone died. Cark agreed that it wasn't right. That I needed to call and dispute the charges with the Warranty Department, he stated it's a gimmick. On to the Warranty Department. Where I spoke with Ron. After explaining the issues again. I asked what exactly is Beyond Economic Repair mean. He stated that they determined that I did something to the phone. I said I didn't, it just stopped working. No he said the technicians said you did it, so that's it. I said, No! I only had the phone for two months, there was no physical damage to the phone. I told Ron that I had taken the phone to the Cingular store I they could see anything wrong with it before I returned it. But because of Cingular policies they were unable to give me any documentation in writing. Ron agreed that it didn't seem right but was unable to assist. So he asked me to hold and spoke with his supervisor Mr. Ryan Jones. Ron relayed Mr. Jones statement No one in the office (Warranty) can help you. Once the technicians make there determination, you have no recourse. In addition, the Warranty Department is unable to remove any charges by the Independent Technicians (will get to this in a moment). You need to call Customer Service. Ok Lesson1: From what I learned Cingular uses a 3rd party company to evaluation all warranty returns. But, NO one in the Warranty Department could tell me who (company name, address, etc). But, I did learn that this Company only gets paid if they find the Cingular Customer at fault and not the phone. (Sound a bit like a reverse HMO). I asked for a copy of the warranty report evaluation, NO, can't have it. Asked for the qualification of the technicians, No, can't give you that either. Asked if the technicians were trained and authorized my the manufacturer, No, can't give you that.. Lesson 2: Replacement phones thur Insurance are Reconditioned. Replacement phones thru Warranty: Could be Reconditioned (they call it Like New) or New. They won't tell you. So. I Call Customer Service, this time I spoke with Joan. After explaining the issues again. Joan stated Customer Service is not authorized to remove Warranty charges from my bill. You need to call Warranty Department. I explain to Joan I had spoke with warranty already and they sent me back to Customer Service. Joan, No you need to speak with Warranty. So I was transferred. Ok. Call back to the Warranty Department Spoke with Josh. After explaining the issues again. Josh agreed, but was unable to help me. I asked to speak with a supervisor. (hopefully it not Ryan). So I was transferred to Sherisse ID# 2222 (spelling ??, wouldn't give last name). Sherisse was understanding but the best she could do, was a $25.oo credit. So at this point I'm out $57.50. Expensive lesson - Yes. Conclusion: Cingular Wireless use their Insurance/Warrenty policies to RIP-Off, and scam the consumer. They do not offer there customers any avenue to dispute charges, they offer no reports or written documentation on their technicians findings. So, if this 3rd party company only gets paid when they find the customer at fault. My guess - it is a high percentage of at customer fault findings. But, there is no way to find out. So what is a consumer to do, individually nothing. The Wireless company's will continue to great unscrupulous practices. Until consumers as a whole fight back. Be on notice. Be prepared to pay. Victoria Yorba Linda, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #158235
Sep 24 2005
11:39 PM
Cingular Wireless dishonest Forth Worth Texas
I am a cingular customer for almost 2 years. I have upgrade my phone after 1 year of service on January 2005 and I purchased Sony Ericcson Z500a, for $79. When I received the phone was working fine but after 1 week the speaker phone I couldnt hear the callers voice. So I called Cingular to fix the problem or perhaps refund, but all I got was transfer from customer service to the sales dept for over 3 hours with no result. So I did it the same thing on the next day and still being transfered for over 2 hours without result, and they finally told me that i can exhange it with the refurb phone or purchase a new phone with the original price which was $199+ tax. So I decided to purchased a new phone Z500a which arrived a week after, the phone is working well but its not worth the price though. The refund policy is so confusing. I would get refund if I had a phone for 30 days and wont be refund if its less than 30 days? So after a month I call the cingular to ask where can I return my new broken phone, and they told me that I can send it to return dept which I did send it with certified mail, and it would take 90 days for the phone to get fixed or refunded. Somehow I lost the receipt from the post office, and I've been wait and wait till now approx 8 months, I never get my phone back, and I cant claim the phone because I lost a receipt. My question is where IS my phone now? I think that they received my phone because I sent it with certified mail and someone had signed it, but probably they fixed it and resale it again as (refurb) phone as I saw at the, but I may wrong, who knows. I really hope that Cingular staff read my complain and realize that I am a good customer and voluntarily return my phone so I can fix it and give it to my brother otherwise Cingular can keep it and resale them again. Thank you Cingular for BEING dishonest I just wish that I could cancel my contract right away. CINGULAR I'll wait for your answer.. Rizal elmhurst, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
16, Report #156133
Sep 06 2005
12:58 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Mankato Minnesota
I started my services with Cingular wireless in Feb. of this year. From the beginning I have had trouble with them. Poor signal everywhere, dropped calls, not able to connect with service numbers, voicemail not working and so on. The most recent thing is that they are trying to charge me for going over my minutes, not accumulating rollover, charging me for calling my voicemail, counting nights and weekends and mobile to mobile as regular minutes and trying to charge me an arm and a leg. Erica Mankato, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Mankto, Minnesota
17, Report #130752
Feb 09 2005
02:18 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Dishonesty in rebates Hollywood California
I bought my cell phone in late September and sent in all my papers for the rebate (the saleslady had me do everything with her and said I was ready to go). It is now February and I still haven't received my $75 rebate. I also had to change my rate plan due to them charging me around $250. I saw my summary sheet, as I disagreed (I rarely talk on my cell) and I saw that they'd been charging me for the minutes I'd used before my minutes were up since I went over my minutes on calls that weren't supposed to be charged, as they were with other Cingular customers (to illustrate: I had 450 minutes and I used them on the calls that weren't with Cingular customers, as I knew those were the ones that would cost me. Then, after my minutes were up, I'd only call my friends who had Cingular, so they wouldn't charge but I got my bill and they billed me for the minutes I'd used before my 450 minutes were up since those were the ones that would cost me more money, which is a total rip-off!) Saina Glendale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
18, Report #123376
Dec 17 2004
03:13 PM
Cingular Wireless lies deciet demeaning ripoff Nationwide
December 5, 2004 Called to find out if they offered the service we needed. Unlimited internet access with USB cable to my laptop and family time. Phone service for about $100 a month and Unlimited Internet Service for $19.95. We were so excited, we would have it all for a fraction of the cost. December 15, 2004 I recieved my phone (had to be mailed from Cingular to my daughter's and then forwarded at her expense on to me). Searched all over Phoenix Arizona for the internet cable (USB port) that the customer representative(one of many) guaranteed me existed. After an exhaustive search of 6 long hours and countless wireless, electronic and computer stores. I found out that the LG 1300 does not have a USB port cable. Called the company, I was on the phone for the next two hours with a Mr. Patterson (apparently the only person at Cingular with an ounce of brain matter). There is indeed no such animal for the LG 1300. I could not exchange my phone in a store, because we bought them over the telephone. December 15 1700-or so. Ordered another phone and cable from the company for a total of $221.88. Charged to my credit card. December 16, 2004 Decided there had to be a quicker and easier way. Went to the local Cingular store in Goodyear AZ and purchased the phone needed for Blue Tooth connectivity to my phone. Called the company for assistance setting up my internet service. I was informed that the Unlimited Internet service that I could access over the laptop was $79.95 a month. The only access available for $19.95 is on the window of the cellphone and you can only go to websites they have selected for you. Dropped Cingular in favor of returning to T-mobile where I have both a cell phone and Unlimited Internet Service really for about $88.00 a month total. (Now you would think it was just about over) Not so, sock breath! December 17, 2004 Cingular charges my account for the phone that I ordered on the 15. Again, for an additional $221.88. I have to go through Barry Stanton in Customer Services to Financial Services, and on hold for 10 minutes, to Diana Derose in Financial Services for a 20 minute wait to talk with Kristy MacAfee in another department for another wait to talk to the floor supervisor Ken Swift to have to print up my Visa bill where I was charged again, and fax it to them. And by the way, we were criticised that we used the US postal service to Same Day the phone from my daughter's house to me. When we should have gone to UPS, it would have been cheaper. I went to UPS to send the phone back, and found out that next day service at UPS is $40.17. Is this the end. I doubt it. I have cautioned my daughter, that the packing sheet that came with my phone said that we only have 15 days from the time the phones are sent to us to cancel the contract (Buyer's Remorse). One the phone, we were told that this policy has changed to 30 days. But of course with all the lies and deciet, I believe that we will end up paying a long contract with these jokers unless we hussle up and get out of the contract by December 20. Lizabeth Copperas Cove, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
19, Report #148400
Jul 03 2005
06:35 PM
Cingular Wireless Customer NO SERVICE Atwater California
1 July 2005 Kathleen Reference telephone number: The address for this number is: I am writing in regards to the complete lack of response to my inquiry into my account history and answers to questions that have been directed to unavailable supervisors through customer service. When I returned from overseas, I was informed that my account was moved from AT&T to Cingular. Since I was satisfied with my service at AT&T, I shifted my service from AT&T to Cingular. Since that time, I have had nothing but trouble with this account. There was no Cingular plan that mirrored my AT&T plan at sign up. This is not good business when merging two customer bases. Not offering an incoming customer a plan that is the same as the one he uses makes him want to shop around instead of staying with the new company. Having been gone and not remembering how my account was structured at AT&T, the girl at the Cingular booth looked up my account and told me what my services were. She showed me different plans through Cingular. She was not aware of my having a 2-line account and after looking at her print out of my services on the new plan, we added a plan for a second phone. This did not impress me either. Now that I am back in the States, I am regularly making calls to the Middle East. I was assured that Middle Eastern calls were included in my plan. I was happy to know that. I am paying outrageous fees through Cingular. It is not possible to fix this on your website. I would take responsibility for this being my mistake, but as a service provider, it is Cingular's job to make your site as user friendly as possible for it's customers. Yours needs work. Your website is designed to download ring tones and other media. The Cingular website is not updated for billing in a timely fashion and only directs you to customer service for updates to service. Spend your website dollars more wisely. Service websites are very useful and enhance the ability for a company to improve their services to their customers while cutting customer service costs while allowing customers to feel better about their choice in service and giving them the confidence to increase their business with such a company, when done properly. Yours does not do this. I called the customer service lines when I could not amend my services on the website. The recording told me to call during normal working hours. Your business has expanded in a huge way. Your website points us to customer service. For you to fit all of your customers into normal working hours is ridiculous. Not even banks have normal business hours anymore. Don't model your expanding business after other companies struggling to stay alive in today's multi-faceted service market. The phone waiting time is too long and your customer service people at least the one that I reached, if you check you records for the change in service to Cingular World - are not educated on how to speak to a valued customer. This customer service person was abrasive and sounded inconvenienced by my questions. I now know I can have much lower rates using a Cingular World plan. I asked the customer service representative to submit a remark for the supervisor to contact me in his request, as I wished to speak to someone that could make this plan retroactive and get the $2,560 bill to something more rational. That did not happen. I received a text message saying that I was approved for the world plan. There are not many companies that offer service by cell to where I am trying to call, but Cingular is not the only one. And if there is not a favorable response to my inquiry here, I will gladly pay the penalty and move on to someone who prefers to make much more money from me over a long and faithful period of time, than to a company who simply desires what it can make quickly before their customers quit. A quick response to this letter will be the first thing Cingular has done to show a desire to hold its customer base. Jack Buena Park, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless
Entity: Atwater, California
20, Report #148932
Jul 08 2005
01:10 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Lubbock Texas
I/we are former A T & T Wireless customers and have been for many years. A couple of weeks ago, I went into the Cingular store in Longview because I was having problems with my cell phone equipment. In addition to having to purchase another cell phone, though I have insurance on the old one, I had to pay 18.00 migration fees because the salesperson said the the A T T equipment does not work on the Cingular network. They should have thought about that when they purchased the company. The second complaint is that Cingular to Cingular calls are supposed to be free, but they are not. I/we have three separate phone numbers. We are charged for some of our Cingular to Cingular calls. Cingular has a nice prosperous rip off going here. At this rate, they will recover all of the money spent to acquire A T & T Wireless. John Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
21, Report #145831
Jun 11 2005
08:03 PM
Cingular Wireless Overcharged Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Our calling habits changed dramaitcaly in the summer of 2004. We kept track of our minutes, and checked our detailed billing very carefully. Cingular Wireless was charging us for calls that we did not make. We disputed our bills, but never recieved a response as promised. The overcharging was so blatant, but they refused to budge, and one of the billing associate's told me flat out, We have more money to spend on attorneys than you do. John Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22, Report #158904
Sep 29 2005
06:07 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Cedar Town Georgia
I opened an account with Cingular in Novemember 04.In April of this year,I lost my job.And the month of May I became disabled to a illness, and was unable to work.Well my cellphone service was disconnected aroundJune 27.I called on July 29 and asked for an arrangement.But I couldnt't, which I understand. I later called back on August 13 to speak to the Manager. I explained my situation to her, and she promised to give me until the end od September.I later was transferred to a representative that notated my account, with the manager approval.I later was informed by a collection agency that my account was turned over. But when i spoke to the Manager today, he apologized for the mixup,but says he can't speak to the collection agency.Now I feel that I was treated unfair, and now have to pay 770.00, instead of the 280.00 that I owed. Not to mentioned that my good credit is now affected. I feel that is negligence on their part, because the representative forgot make the proper notations. And one Manager admiited to them sending my account over to soon,normally they give you 60-90days.Iwas a little over a month behind.Please help me out!!!1 Contrell Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Cedar Town, Georgia
23, Report #163689
Nov 07 2005
08:31 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff unauthorized upgrade & contract Ocala Florida
I signed for my son a one phone one year contract in 2001. My son went back after that year. he got another phone & a new two year contract. Then he went back & got two phones & a two year contract. He had problems & did not live up to the contract. I was billed for a cancellation fee on two phone contracts & unpaid charges. I would have been happy to pay for the unpaid charges on the one phone I signed for, but I did not agree to the other. I had told this to the Cingular rep. when I talked to him a long time ago. I thought everything had been taken care of & forgiven. Now I find myself turned over to a collection agency that is very rude. They say my s.s.# & signiture is there, so I am responsible. I told them it was the same as if I sign for a loan & the person I signed for can go back & get as much money as they want & change the terms without my permission. To me this is the same. They said it has nothing to do with it and they did't want to discuss it. They said I owe the money and that's all there is to it. The contract I signed for was completed as I had promised. I had a contract with them myself & it was completed. Where is the good customer service & why did I not have to sign for another contract? Donald Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
24, Report #78768
Jan 31 2004
11:33 AM
Cingular Wireless Unfair Billing Practices Atlanga Georgia
I have a complaint regarding Cingular Wireless. I had an account with Cingular Wireless years before I started working for a comapny out of California, Alternative Technologes. I used my phone for work and my company reimbursed me. When I left the company in October 2002 I had a three way call with Cingular Wireless, Alternative Tech and myself giving them permission to take over the phone number and responsibility for billing. The phone number they took over was 508-498-4101. After this account was transferred I opened my own account with Cingular in the Gardner, Massachusetts office,phone number 978-790-7952. I have the contract that shows my correct address on it.I never received a bill from this new account. I went down to the Gardner office at two different occasions once in December 2002 and once in January 2003 to notify them and they said they would take care of it. The third time in February 2003 I canceled my phone out of frustration. I still had not received one bill. In January 2004 I received a call from Collection Companies of America stating I was in collections for my car phone.I asked them what the number was they were referring to and they did not know. I called accounts payable at Cingular and asked them for information and the woman I spoke to told me it was for the number 508-***-****. I told her I was not responsible for this phone anymore and asked her to send me a bill. I never received a bill so I called Cingular back, this time they told me it was for the phone number 978-***-****. I told her I had never received a bill and asked her to send me one. She said I have been receiving bills and refused to send me a bill unless I paid 5.00 per bill. I asked her where they had been sending the bills and she gave me the California address. I told her her I had completed the paper work with my current billing address on it and I had never received a bill. She bascially told me I was lying and refused to send a bill without payment. I then went to the store where I opened the account showed them the paper work with the correct billing on it, they called Cingular and faxed the information to them and they said there was nothing they could do because it was in collections. I called the collections agency and again asked the man for a bill and told him I would not pay until I saw a bill he bascially told me I was lying about giving my correct address and if I did not change it in writing then it was my fault. When I told him I had paperwork proving I had given my correct address he said the field sales people do not know what they are doing. He did send me a bill, which is enclosed, which is not a breakdown of the charges. I called the office in Garnder once again and spoke to a Ramsey and he said the Cingular will not send me a bill and his hands are tied. I do not feel I should have to pay a bill until I see a breakdown of the charges. Cingular had told me someone was using the phone in August, which I want to see a breakdown of the calls. I feel these people are harrassing me calling my home sometime three times a week. When I have been trying to resolve this. Cingular Wireless and Collection Companies of America told me I was not telling the truth about my address where I have a contract signed by their respresentive with my correct billing address. I am a sinlge mother who has worked very hard. I have bought a home and raise my child by myself and I have perfect credit. This issues is threatning to ruin my credit, but I also refuse to pay something until I see what I am paying for. I want this off my credit report. I am prepared to take legal action against them and I feel they should be investigated for unfair cusumer practices. Diane Forte Diane Gardner, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #102812
Aug 09 2004
01:50 PM
CINGULAR WIRELESS ripoff & rude employees Ocala FL
I signed a one year contract in September 2003 for 2 cell phone lines. In May I recieved a bill for $387.22 and just got fed up with Cingular. So I called after I recieved that bill and asked them to cut the phone off completely and they said that I would have to pay for an early termination fee. That was fine I didn't care. So, my bill went from $387.22 to $469.99 by June 2004. During this time I made the following payments as followed: 5/24/04 300.00;6/9/04 30.00;6/14/04 2.00;6/17/04 69.00; 6/18/04 68.99;TOTALING OUT TO $469.99 AND HAVE DOCUMENTED THAT THE BILL WAS FINALLY PAID OFF. WELL, OR SO I THOUGHT, IN JULY, I RECIEVED A BILL FROM CINGULAR FOR $222.21. THIS BEGINS MY MANY FRUSTRATING CALLS WITH CINGULAR. CALL #1..DIDN'T DOCUMENT WHO I TALKED WITH BUT SHE TOLD ME THAT THE PERSON I TALKED TO THE FIRST TIME DIDN'T CUT THE PHONE OFF RIGHT AND She would go ahead and do that for me and there were to many charges for her to refund back to me and she said she would have to submit it to a manager.She says that she'll call me back. long story short..that never happened.Call #2 Talked to a woman and got her name she said that lady #1 never submitted form but that she would and gave me a confimation #. She said that by Wed. Aug 4, 2004 everything should be gone. If not call with the confirmation # and see how long it would be. Call #3 (August 5,2004) Talked to a guy who gave me his first and last name and he said that it was still pending. He promises to e mail me as soon as it goes through. Call #4 (August 9, 2004) I go online to look at account and $140.69 of it is gone. Leaving a balance of $81.52. Talked to lady who was very unsympathetic to the fact that they keep giving me the run around and told me not to be mad at her because she didn't do it. Which I understand. But when I told her I was sick of talking to them and wanted to speak to her manager she said her manager was on vacation. I told her that there was someone there that was in charge and above here and she tald me that if she felt like I needed to talk to a manager she would let me talk one. I told I would talk to one whether she wanted me to or not. She told me to hold and hung up on me! I have had it with them. I want a lawyer. I'm sick of it. Tori ATHENS, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: OCALA, Florida

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