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26, Report #106036
Aug 29 2004
10:49 PM
Cingular Wireless false advertising rip off Nationwide Internet
I purchased Cingular service while I lived in Washington state. My wife and I looked at many wireless companies before chossing Cingular. The most important factor in choosing Cingular was that fact that they covered Wyoming. Cingular only depicts coverage, no coverage, or future coverage on thier maps. So when we got this service we assumed all would be fine. The service worked great in Washington state. For the most part the service worked in Wyoming. We lose coverage on the highway all the time. We have been in Wyoming for two months now and our daytime minutes have been disappearing. First the minutes just plain didn't add up. Contact a Cingular rep who agreed. She said just to wait and see if the system fixes itself. I call back because we were being charged minutes from our plan for calls that do not go through. Network busy is the main message. As I looked through my bill we were being charged 1 minute for each call placed in the same minute of the day. e.g. I call 555-5555 at 2:39 pm on july 25th. Call does not go through so I try again. Well I tried four times and we are charge four minutes for calls that we received a network busy message and call failed. Cingular said that is not possible. They pulled up the same calls and found them and told me that Cingulars roaming partners charge differently. Now we are over 100 minutes over our monthly DT minutes and there is nothing they can do. I tried calling my wife for 4 hours on night 4 to 5 times and our and never got through. Not one single connected call all network busy or fast busy tones and I was charge minutes for each call even though I never was connected. I want out of my contract and would like to find out if there is someway of getting out without paying fees. I have 18 months left of my 2 year agreement. I am paying for a service. I am not getting that service. I agreed to pay for a service and Cingular agreed to provide it. From my viewpoint they are in breech of contract. This is crap and I want out from Cingular without paying the termination fee. Can anyone help? Adam Wheatland, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #103583
Aug 14 2004
12:04 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Excessive Rollover minutes Owensboro Kentucky
I being a customet of cingular wireless over the past 6 years have accumilated approximatel 40,000 rolover minutes as of April 2003. I called customer service to discuss my bill and after seeing my rollover amounts the sales person I spoke with told me I was wasting money paying for the plan I was currently on. So I decided to got to my local Retail store here in town and lower my plan to the $39.99 a month plan. In doing so though I specifically told the sales person that If the new plan in any way would cause me to loose all the rollover minutes I had accumilated over the past years (which I had paid for) I wasn't going to switch to this new plan, In which they told me ONLY the minutes I accumilate over the following 12 months would expire and all my currently built up rollover minutes I would still have in April 2004. Yet on my april 2004 bill they took 17,931 munites from my 40,000. It seemed a little much but I thought maybe thats what I gained ofer 1 Year, don't see how but at the time I just let it slide and didn't pay much attention until the past 2 bill I've recieved where they just keep taking even though I'm not using my regular minutes of my plan up and it show a gain of unused minutes. In july they took over 700 minutes, August over 800. Now I'm down to around 20,000 . What it basically boils down to is I was lied to at the store when the salesman changed my plan from what I had to what I have now & their stealing money from me because ( I can't give an exact amount) I should have somewhere around 22,000 if not more rollover minutes that I have already paid for and they just keep taking. If I went over my normal minutes on my plan and had no rollovers at what they charge (I think about .35 a minute) what they have already taken from me I'm estimating around 22,000 minutes, Thats about $7700 in rollover minutes. And I'm willing to bet if everyone who in the past has been on a rollover plan over the years and kept the plans like I have your getting robbed too. My Final words My Anger is only getting worse as they steal more from me over the next months Any Advice or help would be appreceiated. Todd Owensboro, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Owensboro, Kentucky
28, Report #100170
Jul 22 2004
11:24 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Miami Florida
Cingular wireless service is crap. I have purchases several phones with cingular wireless and all the service has been crap. First they give me a free phone ( I have 2 lines) and those phones turn off, bad reception or cant make a call. then they give me another one (x2) and those dont work. then they come out with the LG phones so i decide to get those (x2) and they are crap also. I am on my 5th phone on one line and my third phone on the other line. and everytime they keep giving me the same piece of crap phone. they tell me that i have to buy a new phone if i dont want the LG phone. I have a computer full of complaints with cingular and they refuse to give me a better phone. and every time i am in the store returning or repairing my phone there is someone in there returing the same phone. Common sense, the LG phones are crap. Yvette Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
29, Report #100256
Jul 23 2004
01:16 PM
Entity: FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina
30, Report #102176
Aug 04 2004
04:39 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Alton Illinois
Yes, I was ripped off by cingular, I had a Ericsson T61, with a payment plan of 49.99 a month with 3000 minutes from 9pm to 7am.. well my first months bill was a 100 dollars and I thought it was a little high, I was never out of my area, but yet I received roaming charges, there were calls on my bill to different states. I don't no anyone in any other state than my own, so I would of liked to know why they were on there. Yet, I went ahead and paid the bill, to keep my phone. Well the second bill came around and I had said no way. There were calls again to different states, cities I have never heard of and plenty of roaming charges. My bill is now up to about 2,000 dollars and I don't plan to pay it. I have asked many times for the billing statement with all the calls, where they were and the amount of them, I have yet to receive that. If Cingular would help me out it would move alot faster, I want the bill and I am willing to pay for only my calls, and not the rest, or the roaming charges because I was never out of my range. So if Cingular would work this out with me, I would continue their service. And if Cingular does not work this out with my, I can always take my business elsewhere, like U.S. Cellular... They care about their customers and their bill is always right and if they arent', they either fix it or write the bill off because it was there mistakes. That's all I have to say, Cingular needs worry about the customers before U.S. Cellular gets all their business Janelle Jerseyville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Alton, Illinois
31, Report #102860
Aug 09 2004
06:58 PM
Cingular Wireless ROBBED MY BANK ACCOUNT! Milwaukee Wisconsin
Short and sweet: Got a phone to try out cell service. Took it back after two weeks instead of one month. Got an erroneous bill. Called them. They told me to pay a certain amount that was far more reasonable for two weeks of service. I thought my account was closed/settled. NOT. I received a notice they'd sent my account to collections! AFTER I CLOSED THE ACCOUNT AND PAID THE BILL! Called again. They claimed there was an error with the bill. THREE DAYS AGO THEY WITHDREW MONEY FROM MY PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT! I am IN IN IN on ANY class action lawsuit involving this scumbag company. B Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
32, Report #110182
Sep 25 2004
09:52 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Multiple Cities Nationwide
Have you had problems at anytime getting Cingular Wireless to honor your rollover minutes. Did you move only to discover that despite the fact it was not advertised anywhere those minutes did not rollover? In our experience with Cingular Wireless, we relocated and lost minutes because Cingular Wireless said those were regional minutes. We checked our contract. We looked at their brochures. We checked their web site. Cingular Wireless does not disclose this fact anywhere. That was not our only problem with Cingular Wireless. Not only did they take away the regional minutes, the next months rollover minutes were also not properly credited to our account. We called their customer service and were assured those 393 minutes would be added back. We never received those minutes. All we ended up with was with a work order number and a customer service rep's name. We decided to terminate our service with Cingular Wireless. We waited one month after our contract ended to end our service. So what does Cingular Wireless do? They shut off our service a day early. We try to use our phone, but we had no service. We paid for our service automatically with a credit card so the service was prepaid. We contacted our credit card company about the problem with Cingular Wireless and received a months credit. Last March 2004, 4 months after the termination of the contract, Cingular Wireless bills us for the credited amount with our credit card. We didn't have a business relationship with the company. How can they bill us with a credit card they were no longer authorized to debit? We have filed complaints with the BBB, Attorney Generals of Texas and Kansas and the FCC. The FCC is absolutely worthless thus far. The Attorney General of Kansas recommended we sue Cingular Wireless and even provided the names of some lawyers. Oh, you know what Cingular Wireless response to the complaints has been? The service was adequate. Well, it is not adequate when you don't get what you paid for. We are not happy about these events and plan on taking Cingular Wireless to court. We signed our contract in Kansas. That contract allows us to sue Cingular Wireless in a court of law. We don't have to arbritrate or sue Cingular Wireless in a small claims court. The goal of the lawsuit is to let to make everyone in the United States is made aware that Cingular Wireless rollover minute promise isn't worth the paper the contracts are written on. Cingular Wireless breached our contract. We also believe they are guilty of consumer fraud and we're asking for your help to prove this is a pattern of behavior with Cingular Wireless. We've heard others have had this problem too. Who did we heard it from - Cingular Wireless customer service representatives. We want the courts to put a stop to this outrageous behavior. George Lubbock, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Multiple Cities, Nationwide
33, Report #110432
Sep 27 2004
06:34 PM
Cingular Wireless Family Plan RipOff Slidell Louisiana
I have Cingular (previously BellSouth Mobility) for many years. I have not been totally satisfied over the years with various aspects but the issue I have today has really blew my mind. Last year, I added an additional line for my elderly mother and was put on the Family plan. I had a Nation plan that, with all the bells & whistles added in, including the $9.99 family plan charge for her phone, came to $107. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the local Cingular store and ended up upgrading to a Motorola V400 and changing my service to a plan that was going to be a little cheaper b/c I was not using all my minutes on my other plan. Imagine my surprise when I received my bill for over $200! I just called the 800 customer service number and explained the whole nine yards to the CSR and was told that b/c my phone and my mother's phone operating on different technologies, we could not be on the family plan. I advised Ms. CSR that at no time did my salesperson explain this to me. She asked if I had told him that we had the family plan and my response to her was that since it was all on one account, and I could only assume that he could read, that he would have seen the information on the screen when he was looking over my account initially. Basically, the CSR at the 800 number said she couldn't help me that I was going to have to contact my salesperson, to which I advised her that I was definitely going to do the first thing tomorrow morning. I completely understand if there is a reason that the two different phones cannot be on the family plan, but somewhere during the 45 minutes that I was in the store making these changes, I feel I should have been advised that I was either going to have to upgrade my mother's phone or we were not going to be able to be on the family plan. I am going to contact the salesperson in the morning and give him three options. One, place me back on the family plan with the phones that we currently have; two, provide a compatible phone, free of charge, that will enable us to use the family plan; or three, give me the names and contact info for everyone above him, including their legal services department, and I will turn it over to my attorney, which incidentally, is my boss. Sandra Slidell, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Slidell, Louisiana
34, Report #105718
Aug 27 2004
10:58 AM
Cingular Wireless rip-off! Ocala Florida
Established a one year contract with Cingular Wireless on 20 June 2004 in Seattle, WA. Notifed Cingular Wireless in Columbia, SC of address change on 3 July 2004. Sim card FedX to me at my new address. Received lst bill on 19 July 2004 and phone service terminated the same day. Bill was mailed to the Seattle address and rerouted by the postal service on 14 July and received by me on 19 July. Unware that service had been terminated, I phoned the toll free number on the back of the bill (upon receipt)and was informed that the account did not exist. On 21 July I discovered I had no service and phoned cingular and was told I had a zero balance and was given a second toll number to call. The person responding to my call reduced the amount on the bill, but stated she could do nothing about the termination of service because east coast cingjular had terminated the service. I again contacted east coast cingular. I was again informed that I had a zero balance. I explained the situation regarding the relocation and this person did some checking and informed me that they could not do anyhthig until I paid the bill and that I would have to pay a re-connect charge. One rep even stated that she could not talk to me until I paid the bill. (strange) This is fraud, arm twisting, extortion. Cingular had my new address and failed to use it and now expect me to pay for reconnecting? Just as they expect payment for service rendered, I expect service for my payment. I made them an offer of which they did not respond and that's that. Are they that greedy, are just incompetent? I think they are simply incompetent. Example: When I went to the local cingular location to do the relocation/change of address, despite the fact the customer service rep provided my phone number, it took the person on the other end of the phone approximately 20 minutes to locate information on my account. At first she could not find any information. After receiving the sim card, I returned to the same cinglar location and once again the rep had a very difficult time getting the cingular rep on the other end of the phone to process the information. One person simply hung up on him in the middle of the process. He then had to phone back and start all over with a new person. One removed the phone number given the previous week and when she went back to retrieve it, it was taken and she had to provide another number. She informed the rep in the store that she had to take the number out of the system to perform a certain transaction regarding my account. Incompetent workers is the word. One rep I talked to over the phone informed me very rudely that she could not talk to me until I paid the west coast bill. I then asked her for the toll free number. She gave me a number that started with the number four and not eight. I asked if this was a toll free number,she said yes. Now how dumb can you get. But incompetent workers simply represent the people at the top. Those at the top create the climate. Whether it is a climate of excellence or hostility, your top people set the climate. Irregardless of the internal problems, No service, no payment. I operated in good faith and I expected them to do the same. Again, incompetence is the word that best describe this bunch. M. E. Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
35, Report #108622
Sep 15 2004
07:13 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Lubbock Texas
Hello to all of those Cingular customers that are pissed off with the kind of customer service that you have been receiving. I am ex-employee of this company and I too am a victim. You would think that working for the company that they would understand your billing issue. WRONG! Let me tell you a little something about Cingular. They promise you the world and then send you to hell. I had an issue with roaming like many of you had and the amount was not that much (
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
36, Report #109550
Sep 22 2004
07:23 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Been a Cingular customer since 2000 . In 2002 upgraded plan and added 2nd phone . At end of contract wanted to drop 2nd phone and just keep origional phone number for only phone . I had a Family Talk plan and just wanted to go back to a single plan with only free roaming and free long distance . Cingular stated , I could not get the plan with the phone I already had and that if I wanted the plan I wanted would have to get a new pnone for it . That is ripoff # 1 , you must by new phone , wheather you want to or not . If your new customer , they might give you a phone , or at least a deal on one . If you are exisiting customer , forget it , buy it or else . Nedless to say , I informed them that since my contract ad been fulfilled and was expired I would just go elsewhere and become a new customer with someone else and then at least they would not gouge me for a new phone . Received bill shortly later for $ 73 + and called Customer Service to see what final amount was because bill I received was for service peroid from 7-25 to 8-24 and I had cancelled the account on 7-27 . They said the amount on bill was right because their policy is whether you use 2 days or 30 days you still pay for whole month . $ 73 for 2 days use of cell service ?? I don't think so . This is the biggest fraud I have ever seen commited . Cingular claims they only prorate bills at start of service , not on end . Received letter the other day explaining it to make me feel better .... On the first month of your service , we prorated your days but you were allowed to access all your monthly minutes during that time so it all averages out anyway . The expect you to feel good about getting ripped off , don't they ? I sent them what I feel was a reasonable payment for the two days service and guess they are not willing to accept that . Don't care , am not going to accept paying what looks like a form of extortion for a lousy two days service . Charles Franklin, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
37, Report #108416
Sep 14 2004
06:34 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Phone Upgrades Service Contracts Nationwide
I have been a customer since day 1 in 1997. It was Pacific Bell Wireless then and I had great service and great customer service. The problems began when Cingular took over. The first problems were minor and are not worth talking about. In December of 2000 I added a second line for my wife. This did not cause any problems at first, but then when I tried to upgrade my service I was told I could not. I upgraded my old phone to a new Ericsson T28z and had nothing but problems with it. I was told I would have to keep it for 2 years due to the 2 year contract I signed. I did however upgrade my phone when my wife's contract was up and had no problems with it (A Nokia) until I dropped it and it broke. This is where the real fun began. I purchased a new phone at full price. Since I was a customer for 4 years at that time I was penalized for my 4 years of faithful service and a always paying my bill on time by being charged full price. I know it was my fault I dropped the phone, but you would think a good customer would be offered a break. When I purchaswed the new phone I went to all three of the Cingular stores in my area and I was told that the Motorola C313 was the best phone for me. I was assured it had excellent reception, battery life, and durability by all three stores. All three were wrong on all accounts. I did not move or change jobs during this time, but I had way more dropped calls and poorer reception after I purchased the phone (for full price) and the battery would die on stand-by with no calls made or received every day by 4:00 PM. That is totally dead, no life, won't stay on. I would charge it over night and then the same thing again, daily. I did get the phone exchanged for one that was the same, but it too developed the same problems in a short amount of time. When I contacted Cingular I was told it must be the coverage in my area. Again I had not moved nor changed jobs so that was not the cause. In the meantime I purchased a phone for my daughter who is away at college and was told that the bill could be sent to her as she was not sharing minutes with me and does not live in the same city (250 miles away and a different area code). When My next bill came it had her phone on it. When my next bill came it had her billing on it as well as mine so I called Cingular and was told that they could not send the bill to my daughters address since the phone was in my name. Again, not what I was told in the store. I then asked to cancel the contract and was told that I could not without paying a $250 fee for breaking the contract. As it was past the 15 days after purchase when I received the bill could not stop the process. I explained that I did not know there was a problem until I received the bill (after the 15 days)but again tough luck for me (now a 6 year customer) Back to my Motorola C313. I finally got to get rid of that piece of s@#! last July (2003). I purchased for full price (The penalty for being a good paying customer)Motorola T720 and it is a great phone!!! I was told at the time that they had discovered many problems with the C313 and in fact were not selling it any more after only 9 months. My wife's contract was up in July of this year so I called in June to tell Cingular I would not be renewing it due to the way they treat good paying customers. I called again two weeks before and one week before the contract ended to be sure that they would not screw it up. I am happy to report they did not screw it up. In fact one month after the contract ended I received an email and a letter from Cingular inviting me to upgrade my wife's phone! (Even though she no longer has Cingular service) My contract and my daughter's contract are both up in the end of December and we will both be cancelling service (Me after eight years of being a good paying customer)How often do people stay with one cell phone company that long? It is mind numbing to me to think that retaing good customers is so un-important to a company. Anybody that knows anything about business knows that word-of-mouth is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising there is. I will tell anybody that will listen how bad the customer service and customer treatment is from Cingular. If just one of those people decides not to use Cingular, than I have done my job! Bill Monterey, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless
Entity: Nationwide
38, Report #109865
Sep 23 2004
05:10 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff, Money Scheming Company San Antonio Texas
I contacted Cingular during the first week of August to cancel my overcharged plan and was told by a CSR that I could not cancel my plan because of the billing cycle. So, I waited another week to try and cancel again, but this time I had made contact with AT&T to have my services ported. On August 12, 2004, AT&T got busy taking care of business for me. Well, wouldn't you know by August 16, 2004, AT&T had me as an active customer, but had not received any information from Cingular. When I called Cingular to see what the hold-up was, I was told that they had no control over the porting process and that I would be responsible for the unused services, and might I add, an entire month of unused services. This was unheard of. When I received a bill I contacted Cingular because according to my records, I did my part and AT&T did their part. I ask to speak to a manager to explain their mistake, but I was told by a CSR that I was not going to get the charges pro-rated because Cingular does not pro-rate their charges. I asked to let me speak to a manager anyway. She transfered me, only to have the call disconnected within seconds. I wondered if this was done intentionally. Once again, I called back. The 2nd CRS, who seemed to be more polite, was a wolf in sheep's clothing, for she had me holding on for over 30 minutes. I hung up and called again. This time, the 3rd CRS seemed ever so helpful. He apologized and assured me that I would not be on hold for 30 minutes, but maybe 5 to 7 minutes. It was more like 10-12 minutes. Finally, I reached a manager, only to be told that even if I had cancelled my services before the end of the cycling period I would have been charged because I had to give Cingular a 30 day notice. She even went on to say that it was stated in the contract. Honestly, I don't look at the contract on a daily basis. After a few choice words, I hung up feeling like I had gotten ripped-off in the worst way. I will discourage anyone and everyone from even considering doing business with Cingular. As for the unused service charges, I plan to contact the FCC, my state Attorney General, my Congressman, and the Public Services Commission. Companies like Cingular give the United States a bad image. Gloria Monroe, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #86434
Apr 02 2004
08:49 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest unbelievable Atlanta Georgia
Have the same problem as a previous post this week. Signed one contract... got 2 phones, now they want a ridiculous abmount of money for 2 contract terminations. when we only signed one and only get one bill! They owed us our deposit back for over a month and told us not to worry about the bill until it was dealt with but as soon as they so called adjusted it they turned off the service within 48 hrs. Now they want over $600 to terminate the service. Just a dishonest, greedy way to keep you obligated and to stop you from changing services. They need stopped! S.Thomas Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
40, Report #93988
Jun 07 2004
05:08 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Madisonville Kentucky
I'm a cingular user for over 4.5 yrs., I always paid my bill, the months that I'm disputing about is Oct, Nov, Dec of 2003. It's now Jun 2004, for 8 month I tried calling cingular about a bill that was not true, and everytime I'd call cingular they told me to deal with it. When I go to there Main office the manager tells me to deal with it. When I call them they hang the phone up. Now it's 8 months pass I find out that they put it on a charge off, that is not what I wanted them to do. All I wanted them to do was to bill me for what I used. No matter if it was at to Main store or customer service on the phone, cingular wireless told me to deal with it and pay all of my bill. I don't dispute that I have a bill, but that the bill is too excessive, and now my phone is turned off and my credit is bad. I can't get another service now. Teresa Madisonville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Madisonville, Kentucky
41, Report #68330
Oct 06 2003
10:55 AM
Entity: California
42, Report #81686
Feb 24 2004
03:24 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Clarksville Tennessee
I had Cingular services in Clarksville Tennessee for almost a year. I had a contract with cingular for one year service but a military clause in the contract. Being a member of the Army I received orders to deploy overseas. I went into the Cingular office to discontinue service in Sept 02. I had showed them a copy of my Military orders. The agent told me the service was canceled. I returned from my overseas deployment in Jan 04 to a clump of mail from Cingular. The mail stated that I had owed close to 1900 in cell phone charges from Oct-Dec 02. When I contacted the company they told me there is nothing I can do but pay the bill. I explained to them that I had military orders and I had canceled my account. The service agent wouldn't even let me talk to the fraud department. I wrote a letter to Cingular describing the rude customer service I received and how I was not help. This letter made it to the office of the president. I got correspondence back from the office of the president telling me that I was still liable for the cell phone charges unless I found who did them. I requested a copy of the bill itemized so I could conduct research on the numbers called. After finding the liable person I contacted Cingular with the name and socail security number of who use the phone (which the contract and phone usage had been terminated). Cingular now wants me to get a signed letter from the individual that made the calls (off my account that I had terminated). They want the letter notarized. In conclusion on an account that a service representive from cingular looked me in the eye and said my account was terminated. I have to go to a person that conducted fraud on me and get him to sign a letter stating his responsibility during this time frame. In addition when I had my account they would never let phone charges accumulate so high without sending a warning or just flat cutting off my service, funny how this time nothing like that was done. Furthermore, I had to conduct my own research, spending money to call random numbers, rather than filing a fraud through there fraud department. Now I have to get the person who initally conducted the fraud on me to sign a statement infront of a notary that he is responsible. Maybe next I can get an elephant to not eat peanuts infront of him and to select a T bone steak. Daniel Killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
43, Report #111973
Oct 07 2004
04:20 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Atlanta Georgia
We have had cellular service since 1994 with Cingular Wireless. Since we have been with that company for so many years I felt safe in allowing them to debit our bank account monthly for the charges. No questions asked. Since my husband uses his phone for business I never even thought to check the charges. I trusted that Cingular Wireless being as large a company as they are would not need to take advantage of their trusting customers trust. I could not have been more wrong. On February 27, 2002 we went in and added a 3rd phone to our service. So said, they called it the Family Plan. The monthly charges for adding this phone were approximately 16.99. It was for our daughter's birthday gift. Then after 16 months we called Cingular Wireless on August 5, 2003 and told them to remove just that one phone from our service. We kept the other two. They agreed and told me to just send in her old phone. Which by the way was just a throw in cheap phone used as a promotion. In fact, when I went in and upgraded a phone on one of the other lines I asked them if they wanted the old one and they told me No, they throw them away anyway. So what is such a large company making such a big deal out of a 20.00 phone? I really do not understand this. It was a NOKIA 5165. Not worth more than about $15.00, if that much. I had that phone shipped back to them. Actually a friend picked it up and shipped it himself so it would get there faster. Not opening the bills every month since the charges were automatically taken from our checking account, we had no idea that Cingular Wireless was still charging us for the phone. So far to date, they have in my opinion illegally been taking out the extra approximately $60.00 a month charges for that phone. I don't understand. The contract we signed we were told was to add that 3rd phone for 16.99 more a month, plus minutes. So where do they come up with approximately 57.00 dollars a month fees? The phone has been turned off since Aug. 5, 2003. How are they coming up with this amount? Thirteen months after having the phone service discontinued I find out that they are still charging my checking account for that phone. With all my health issues and all of my trips in and out of the hospital in the past year especially, I just never bothered with looking at the phone bill details. Trying to figure out how to survive those surgeries seemed to take up most of my time. Wrong call on my part, but that does not excuse a company like Cingular Wireless from robbing the little people that put it where it is today. I have spent hours and hours arguing with Cingular Wireless on the phone to no avail. They agree that yes I did call in and disconnect the service on Aug. 5, 2003. But now they are claiming that they did not receive the telephone back. That is wrong. This is a PLOY of theirs to keep from reimbursing the funds they illegally took from our checking account for a telephone that the service was discontinued on. They can even verify by their records that that telephone has never been used again since Aug. 5, 2003. I even offered for them to just deduct the amount for the phone from the money that they owe us back for charging us for a service that was discontinued in the first place. They refuse. Is this why I was told to MAIL the phone in, instead of bringing it to the Cingular office right down the road? Then I asked them to at least return the funds they continued on charging even after the two year contract were up. Now they have changed that rule too. Now they claim since I did not call back in on the contract ending date that they will not return my money. WHY WOULD I CALL BACK TO DISCONTINUE A PHONE SERVICE THAT WAS ALREADY DISCONTINUED SIX MONTHS PRIOR. I had no idea that Cingular Wireless was so dishonest that they would deliberately charge customers for service they were not even getting. When you move and disconnect your utility service you don't call back a whole year or so later to make sure it was done. We all know that Cingular Wireless knows with out a doubt that the phone service was discontinued on Aug. 5, 2003. We all know that they also know without a doubt that that telephone had not been used since. We all know without a doubt that Cingular Wireless is screwing a little person out of there much needed money! This whole thing has been just totally outrageous. So at the point of near a stroke over this, I have decided to turn it over to the District Attorney's office or small claims court. After all my heart surgeries lately I don't need Cingular Wireless adding anymore stress to me. No telling how much damage all this stress today has caused. At this rate I won't live to see my 46th birthday. The money they owe me won't even pay for half a month supply of my medicines. But I guess without that $800.00, Cingular Wireless may go bankrupt. How ironic, the one thing besides my nitroglycerin I wouldn't even walk out in my yard without in case of a medical emergency, is putting more stress on me than I can handle. So I am advising all of you to pull out your Cingular Wireless bills and go over them with a fine tooth come. Better safe than broke when Cingular Wireless gets done with us. I went back into our records that I only have dating back to Feb. 28, 1997. I don't have the records from 1994 up until then but from 1997 to today's date we have given Cingular Wireless over $16,894.22. I would estimate from 1994 until 1977 probably an additional 7 or $8,000.00 more dollars. Totaling to approximately $25,000.00 for all the years we have giving Cingular Wireless our business. Not to mention all of our family and friends that we had so highly recommended Cingular Wireless too. You would think for us being loyal customers as we were for the past 10 years that they would be more eager to resolve this mistake one of their own employees has made, but they are not willing to admit. Instead, to save a few dollars they will not hold themselves accountable for this. I plan on making everyone aware of what Cingular Wireless has done to us and the DISHONEST way in which they do business. Wish me luck on this. But at least I know that even if they manage to keep the almost $800.00 dollars they have taken from our checking account I will at least know that I made the public aware of how Cingular Wireless does business. As I told them on the phone, I have nothing but time to make the public aware of what they are doing to us and no telling how many other innocent customers. So ya'll please check your bills and do me the favor and pass this on to everyone you know that is dealing with Cingular Wireless. With all of my family members and friends in this city, I know I can get a little back of what Cingular has taken out of me. If nothing else I can get satisfaction knowing that I have sent business to some of Cingular Wireless's competitors. Tannia Lafayette, LouisianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cingular Wireless sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
44, Report #117341
Nov 11 2004
01:43 PM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff on Rebates Chanhassen, Minnesota
I purchased a phone from Cingular Wireless which had a rebate. I sent in all the information I had. I received a letter stating they had not received all the information a month later - no receipt. I called and explained I had not received a reciept since I had ordered my phone from Cingular over the phone. I was told to send a copy of my contract. I resent all the information - AGAIN I received a letter a month later stating they had not received all the required information. The information they were stating they had not received was on the first page of the rebate form. So for the third time I sent the informaion. This time I received my information back UNOPENED stating the offer had expired. I was told to send a letter to the office of the president, Greg Kubal, which I did . To this day I have heard nothing from him. Cingular does not honor their rebates if they can keep from it. Susan calhoun, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chanhassen, Minnesota
45, Report #94441
Jun 10 2004
04:23 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff of minutes Ocala Florida
Don't have much to say except the fact that they steal your minuts, you never can win they say you use it you know you didnt and that is it, you have to pay for the exceeding minuts. what can you do they are a big company, if you don't pay the bill they report to your credit history, they don't have to prove that you use it and you have no way of proving that you didn't all your costumers have already that particular phone number and there is nothing you can do. I am very sorry this happens in this country I was ripped off on my rollover minuts they did not like the fact that i accumulate about 2000 minutes and they stole it what else can I say I had to pay over 400 dollars I got rip off by this disonest company I wish there was anything I could do the only thing I can do is let people know before they make there choice. Marcus orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
46, Report #22592
Jun 12 2002
04:23 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff business from hell Quincy Illinois
oh my where do i begin..... well let me just say this company not just the center in quincy but Cingular in it's self is one big ripp off. I began being billed for calls i did not make on my cell phone. i tried to dispute the problem and even have it fixed at my local ealer- thre times i got 3 answers- all of them different.I then requested to have my service shut off on october!!!! almost 9 months later they have no recored of me ever requestign this!!! I have made so many phone calls and wrote so many e-mails i cant even see straight! I then put all the info into a spread sheet format, put it in a packet, sent copies of info to not only cingular but also to the illinois attorney general!!! well that got hem to respond but they respond to complaints i didnt make!!! to make a long story short i now need to WRITE THEM AGAIN, to try to settle this. My words of advice- NEVER EVER EVER USE CINGULAR- for the first 3 months things were peachy- after that they turned into the rip- off company from hell!! Heather Quincy, Illinois
Entity: quincy, Illinois
47, Report #37327
Dec 05 2002
05:46 PM
Cingular Wireless fradulent billing threatening Atlanta Georgia
Six months ago, my husband and I added an additional wireless phone to the two existing phones we already had on our cellular account with Cingular. We had signed up to receive Group Mobile-to-Mobile, in which we could call any cell phone on our plan and it was free. Every month that we received the bill, it was incorrect and every month we had to call to have the charges credited or reversed. Also, each month we were told that the phone had been coded incorrectly, that the account would be sent to the re-write department to be corrected, and that the next months bill would be correct (which it was not, so again we would have to call them). After having to call once or sometimes two to three times for the next five months, we decided to have the account terminated for breach of contract because Cingular was not providing us the mobile-to mobile service for which we were paying and for the aggravation and headache we had to go through each month. Cingular has now charged us a $300.00 termination fee because two of the phones were disconnected before the contract expired. Why should we have to pay a termination fee for a service that we were paying for and not receiving? Again today, 12/5/02, I had to call Cingular again because they have now sent my account to a collection agency for payment. I also found out that the account still has not been sent to the re-write department. Also, no one at Cingular will call us back to advise us why it has not been corrected. In my opinion, Cingular will have to take us to court to get paid. We have the proof that we were not receiving the service they were supposed to provide. We have copies of all our bills since the new phone was added to the plan. I guess they think that we will pay them just because they threatened us. Won't work! Robin Baltimore, Maryland
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
48, Report #30181
Sep 16 2002
05:42 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Ocala Florida
I am sick and tired of Cingular representing themselves as covering all of Central Florida, when in fact nowhere I go cccan pick up their signal. Their solution for me is to buy out my contract, and start all over again with another company. Their excuses range from oak trees to lack of towers. None of my neighbors or coworkers have these problems with other companies. I am looking to start a class-action suit. Let me know if you are interested or if you know of an attorney who is already doing this. Ellen Apopka, Florida
Entity: Ocala, Florida
49, Report #34358
Nov 05 2002
08:21 PM
Cingular Wireless AA Communications ripoff Quincy ILLINOIS
DEBITED MY BILL SIX TIMES FROM MY ACCOUNT; THEY OWE ME $280 !!! ..... I can not belive this has happened to me. I USED Cingular's automatic bill pay where it was charged to my debit card each month and that is how i paid my bill. this month i got charged SIX times!!!! SIX!!!! I have contacted my bank who said it is Cingular's mistake b/c they requested payment 6 separate times!! I first contacted Terri at AA Communications in Quincy, IL who did not even BOTHER to call me back to help me out. when i called her she told me i was to fax a copy of my bank statement to cingular. well i could see i was getting nowhere already so i called 611 (customer service for cingular) and spoke to maryanne who told me i would have to fax the bank stament in and that it could take up to 7 days to resolve. YES 7 DAYS!! I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY ACCT IS OVER DRAWN B/C OF THIS MISTAKE AND I AM ACCRUING $20 A DAY CHARGES FOR THIS? she said i cingular would reimburse me for this. well i was not satisfied with that and i called billing who transferred me to collections where i spoke to oliver (more helpful than anyone so far) and i explained everything to him and he said my acct was not showing a $280 credit, it was just showing the one time payment. i was to fax in my bank statment and now this would be expidited to be resolved in 24 hours. well they have until 7 am tomorrow morning to resolve this and i have a strong feeling it will not be resolved. i'm documenting EVERYTHING i have done here. I really don't even know what my next move will be. more phone calls i suppose. Jen quincy, Illinois
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
50, Report #12546
Jan 27 2002
12:00 AM
Cingular Wireless: System Busy. Busy ripping us consumers off
I originally signed up for Pac Bell Wireless and the next month it turned into Cingular Wireless. At that point I received information that I no longer had text messaging. I called because a company could not just go back on their contract like that. It doesn't much matter because the text messages only work about 50 percent of the time anyway. There was a special promotion about changing to unlimited minutes. THey neglected to tell me I was obligated for another year. I am in the military and had a 2 month duty. Cingular Wireless denied my request and said that I could cancel and delay, however my phone would be signed up for another year following my 2 month delay. Also, when Cingular offered its Unlimited Minutes all circuits became System Busy making it virtually impossible to make any phone calls OR check your messages because it does not allow you to access voicemail from any other phone. I thought they would take care of the problem in October and it is now January and I still get my system busy glitch. I can't wait for my year contract to end. I have literally lost a job because the phone was busy during a critical situation!
Entity: Nationwide

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