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1, Report #2780
Jul 29 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit city sucks!
I bought a NEC harddrive from circuit city. Since i didn't buy the whole system, they tried to give me a hard time. Anyway, i bought it and i didn't buy the 3 year warrenty. I figured , if it breaks down within that time, i'll fix it or get a new one. about 12 days later, i bought speakers for my computer only to realize that they didn't work. I then returned them and bought new ones....they didn't work either. I then tried the speakers out on another system and they worked. This led me to believe that the speaker setup in my computer was bad. I went to return it since it was before the 14 days they give you to exchange an item. Well they did'nt have another one in stock....of they said that they would return it and have it fixed. I went to pck it up a couple of days later, and they would'nt let me have it until i paid the $55 repair fee. I was pissed!! They sold me a broken product but wanted me to pay for fixing it! I asked to talk to the manager and he was some low life that didn't even care about my problem. he just told me that i had to return in a couple of days because he had to call NEC directly for authorization to remove the charge!! Yeah right!! i ended up getting it fixed for free but i continue to have problems with it! they refuse to fix some of the minor problems and just give me the brush off when i complain. I 've even called the corporate office and left several messages with the supervisor of that store...he's never called me back!! If this is n't lack of professionallism, i dont know what is!! Bottom line: never buy from circuit city!!
Entity: culver city, California
2, Report #134131
Mar 08 2005
12:06 AM
Circuit City Circuit City ripoff warranty Sterling Virginia
In December of 2003 I purchased an open box HP lap top. I purchased the extended warranty. Within the first 2 weeks of use the computer started to randomly shutting down. I took it back the store. They told me they had to send it in. I received a call 1 month later stating that the issue was fixed and to pick up my lap top. It started having the same issue shortly after so I sent it back in. After a month I received my lap top back. Once again claiming it was fixed. A week later it started malfunctioning again by the random shutdowns. I sent it in the third time. This time I did not get my lap top back for 9 weeks. They told me this time since it was covered under manufactures warranty they could not repair it anymore. My laptop would not even turn on. I sent it to HP. They sent it back to me and said since parts were replaced that my manufacture warranty was null and void, and to contact Circuit City warranty department. I contacted them and they stated I had to wait till the manufacture warranty ran out. So I waited. The year went by and I sent it back to circuit city to get it repaired. I got it back saying it was a Prue-existing condition and was not their issue. After days of arguing they said they would finally fix it. I sent it back in and a month later I get a call saying We determined it is from misuse. They refused to do anything. They would not even refund the time I had left on my warranty. I contacted the corporate office of circuit city. They stated the warranty was not part of circuit city. They stated it was a product so they do not take any responsibility for the issue. So after 2 years I through away the laptop since it was useless and never have worked. I gave Circuit City over a $1000 for free. John Sterling, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sterling, Virginia
3, Report #18415
Apr 08 2002
04:30 PM
I recently purchased a HP computer from Circuit City in Odessa, Texas. I purchased it there because it gave me somewhere to take it in case I needed it repaired. I also purchased the extended warranty. I had to take it in for repairs and was told they would not take it. I told them their advertising indicated I could take it back to the store for repairs. Thats what I did. The manager refused to take it and told me to send it to HP. I told him I didnt want to send it to HP and if I had wanted to do that I would have purchased it from Sears. I ALSO showed him a copy of their warranty procedure that was still on line and told him that was false and deceptive advertising. He said he could not help me and for me to send it to HP myself. E. V. Odessa, Texas
Entity: CIRCUIT CITY, Texas
4, Report #100380
Jul 24 2004
02:47 PM
Circuit City ripoff Morrow Georgia
I too have fallen for the great rebate ripoff. I purchased an e-machine system from Circuit City on 5-30-2004 which included 3 rebates. I sent all three rebate info in the following day by certified mail. The alloted 8-week period went by. I checked their website for rebate info and was told that a check was cut on 7-6-2004, they were mailed on 7-12-2004, and I should receive the checks by 7-22-2004. I was discoraged by the 10 day mailing period but I was patient. The 22nd came and went and I called the toll free number on the web site and was told not to call them back until 30 days after the 12th (the day the checks were supposedly mailed). Then they will do an inquiry and possibly reissue the checks. Sounded like a bunch of bull to me so today (7-24-2004), I decided to go to the store where I purchased the computer to see if they could be of assistance. I took all of my paperwork to include signed receipts of the certified mail and the Circuit printoff of the rebate info. The Computer Sales Manager told me to give the mail a couple more days and then check back with them. I will keep you posted on this situation. Note when I purchased the computer I had reservations about the rebate, but the sales lady assured me that they were pretty decent about refunding their rebates. We'll see. Lewis 30274, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Morrow, Georgia
5, Report #119089
Nov 20 2004
08:31 PM
Circuit City ripoff Amarillo Texas
I purchased an MSN2 media player from circuit city it was defective & I returned it before the 14 day provision. I asked for a refund & they stated there would be a $30.00 restock fee because it is a computer. This is ridiculious it's a little box about 8by 10 & hooks to your tv set. You can get on the internet & send e-mail but by no stretch of the imagination is it a computer. MSN even states in their advertisement NOT A PC. They charged me the $30.00 & I know it's not much but it's just wrong. By the way Circuit City is selling the MSN2 on Ebay as is no warranty. Darrell amarillo, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Amarillo, Texas
6, Report #16351
Mar 09 2002
12:00 AM
Circuit City ripoff Savannah Georgia
In September 2000 I purchased a Compaq computer for Circuit City along with an extended warranty. At this time the salesman stated that if anything was wrong with this warranty a repairperson would come to my residence to repair said computer so i purchased the warrenty at a cost of $319. When i connected the computer i discovered a static in the speaker. I contacted Circuit city and spoke with the CSM Alethia, she stated that she had a cpu on loan due in shortly when the cpu arrived she would me so that i would not be without a computer while mine was repaired. The cpu for the model requested was out-of-stock so i was sold the floor model at a discounted price I questioned both the salesman and manager whether there was anything wrong with the cpu if so i would choose another model they assure me nothing was wrong. As of this date nothing has been done to replace nor send out a repair the speaker even after repeated contacts with both the local store and headquarter. The problem is the plate on the back of the cpu is not secure resulting in a poor connection. Resolution of this problem would be greatly appreciated and would restore my faith and confidence in Circuit City I nolonger purchase anything from them, also when asked about their service I advise do not purchase computer from them. Emma Savannah, Georgia
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
7, Report #21504
May 25 2002
10:38 AM
Circuit City ripoff Littleton Colorado
I bought a computer from Cirquit City,and I was told it had a full 1 year warranty. It was an open box, and I was told it was sent from HP as a replacement for a comsumer, and the consumer refuesed it. I lost the refresher cd (stolen by someone) and called to get a re-placement from HP, 3.5 months from the time I bought it. HP claims there was a 90 day warranty, and the cd was no longer available since they had limited licenses (this was after being on hold one hour). Circuit city was apologetic but obviously could not help me with the CD, since only HP could do that. I willnever buy from HP or CC again. B Littleton, Colorado Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
8, Report #2641
Jul 12 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City strikes AGAIN
My father purchased a Diamond Rio MP3 player for me, as a Christmas present at a Circuit City in Maine. But I live in Maryland, and I decided to return the MP3 player so I could order a better model elsewhere. I went to the Circuit City location in Christiana, DE. The service desk was rude and totally unwilling to help me out. See, they have a specific return policy on electronics, that they have to be returned within 7 days. However, the gift had been bought a few weeks ago. That circumstance was totally beyond my control, and I figured it would not be a problem. Even though I had the receipt with me, the manager would NOT let me return the player. They wouldn't even let me exchange it for another (more expensive) model in their store, for which I would gladly pay the difference! The manager went on to say that if I had a problem with it, I had to take it up with the Circuit City in Maine where it was purchased. I was LIVID. I mean really - have you ever heard of a major national chain that won't let you return OR exchange at different locations? It was as if the manager had NO concept of gifts, and that people who receive gifts may not necessarily live near the original point of purchase, and that someone could buy a gift months before it is given to you. EVERY national store I have ever dealt with gladly lets you make returns to ANY of their locations provided you have a receipt. So I have since boycotted Circuit Sh*tty with a passion, and STRONGLY urge people out there to do the same. This is not the first bad experience I have had with them, just the first one bad enough to report. Just look at this forum! A casual glance over its topics yields 3 or 4 Circuit City reports - more than any other business I've seen. In short, Circuit City SUCKS and makes me SICK. Go to Hell Circuit City.
Entity: Christiana, Delaware
9, Report #2688
Jul 18 2000
12:00 AM
Fraud,decient,liers... I could write a book here but got to keep it short. I bought a laptop computer from Circuit City and bought the 'extended service plan'.When it developed problems I submitted it for service.I got it back the same day.The service report consisted of lies.(besided it never went anywhere to be serviced to begin with !!!).In follow-up complaints I have till now recieved 5 different excuses.NO--THESE ARE NOT PROBLEMS WITH REPAIR BUT EXCUSES WHY MY WARRANTY IS VOID. When Circuit City started getting legal inquiries they notices 4 excuses were not in the legal contract. NEXT? I get a call from somebody I could hardly make out phone number on answering machine.I return call.I meet a nasty person drilling me questions that I honestly could not understand.WHY.The person was speaking very bad english if any.I ended up hanging up.SORRY==BUT NASTY PERSON AND I LITERALLY COULD NOT UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE. O--this person has a nice english user-name of Bill Cunningham. THIS PERSON WRITES OUT A REPORT OF FICTION WHERE I'M ADMITTING 'WARRANTY VOIDERS'.NOW WHEN EVER THERES ANOTHER INQUIRY TO THEM FROM A GOVERNMENT AGENCY IS JUST CC: CC: SO--PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF AS TO THIS COMPANY !!!!!!! The internet is filled with stories of getting ripped off by Circuit City for microwaves and toasters,etc. but a laptop computer? You feel sorry for me? .
Entity: richmond, Virginia
10, Report #2635
Jul 11 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City ESP is a FRAUD
I paid for an Extended Service Plan when I purchased a camcorder from Circuit City because the salesman said it was no hassles, no fine print, bring it back and we'll fix it guarantee. When I took the camera in to repair a small plastic cover that fell off I was told the warranty didn't cover it because it was due to an accident (i've seen the same excuse in other reports!). They offered to give me my money back on the ESP, but it only covers half the cost of the repair!! This is even though their warranty specifically covers normal wear and tear. The store manager was rude and surly, not only to me but also to the four people at the store service counter. The volume of complaints I find on the internet convince me that Circuit City, and their ESP warranties, are a sham! You'd be better off buying the appliance off the back of a truck in a dark alley somewhere!
Entity: Michigan
11, Report #7578
Nov 06 2001
12:00 AM
Circuit City salespeople are morons
A couple of years ago, I was looking for an inkjet printer for my Windows NT4 based home PC. At the local Circuit City store in Troy, Michigan, I saw a particular Lexmark printer going for a pretty decent price. The box said Windows compatible but I wanted to make sure it would work with NT4. I asked a lurking salesman if it would. He replied, very confidently I might add, that it would work with all versions of Windows, including NT4. Guess what ? I took the printer home and found it did not work with NT4. And when I went to return it, the manager at that location said that that particular salesman was very experienced and could not have said what I claimed he had said ! He further wanted to deduct a 15% re-stocking fee from the price of the returned printer ! I later sorted the whole matter out with their customer service department and got the 15% back. However, since that experience, I have not entered a Circuit City store. In fact, when I go through the ads/flyers in the Sunday paper now, I don't even look at the Circuit City one.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
12, Report #838
Nov 14 1999
12:00 AM
Circuit City and damaged merchandise
We ordered a refrigerator, Frigidaire, from the store. The refrigerator was boxed upon delivery. Upon removal of the refrigertor, a dent of noticable size was discovered. The understanding was we could have it returned or, contact the store and discuss a discount for the damaged item. We then noticed the strip the handle is on, was loose, due to breakage in the connecting piece. The store stated we could have $25.00 off the price of the appliance. The next day, we found water that had dripped from the freezer into the refrigerator area. At this time, it appears the store is going to supply us with another refrigerator. Also, we did not receive our rebate with the duplicate sales slip which was needed to get the delivery cost back, which was advertised as free.
Entity: Vestal, New York
13, Report #1449
Mar 01 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City Bad Service
Last year in January, I took my laptop to this Circuit City for repair. They said it would take 2-3 weeks so I asked for a loaner. It took about 8 weeks and then came back without an operating system and none of my programs or data. They took out the harddrive and didn't restore anything. I was crushed. I lost so much! So we sent it back to get an operating system and that took another 8 weeks. In the meantime, I tried to get some resolve and satisfaction from their Cool Line which is supposed to resolve all complaints. But they said they couldn't do anything and only offered $100.00. Today, a year later, I got a certified letter saying that they are going to take legal action if I don't return the loaner laptop, so I called them to see how I can get my laptop back and they said they have DISPOSED of it back in September because they couldn't get ahold of me. Well, they got a hold of me when they wanted their laptop back, but they didn't try very hard to get a hold of me before they threw mine away! I need help FAST. I don't want to go to court or collections. All I want is $300.00 and an apology and this nightmare will be over for me. They refuse. Can you help me? Do I have any rights? Can they do that to me? Please let me know ASAP. E-Mail me or call 602-918-3799. Thank you. Joy
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
14, Report #1728
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City
My husband and I purchased a computer for over $1,700 in 1998. We paid off the entire balance on time, yet they reported us to several credit agencies claiming we owed a late fee. It's rather hard to accrue a late fee if the balance has already been paid. We challenged that ludicrous claim and they took it off one report. Yet to this day we're still receiving credit reports with negative information pertaining to this account. Please help clear our report. This was the Circuit City in Tacoma, WA. At least report on your site what a scam this outfit is. Sincerely, Shawna Plevyak
Entity: Tacoma, WA.
15, Report #3070
Aug 27 2000
12:00 AM
Circuit City
Failed to have advised item in stock. Sundays flyer item 2755 Toshba lap top computer. Two stores, Smihtown and Sayville NY Smith town offered anther Lap top, It was the last one and had been repackaged.
Entity: New York
16, Report #166310
Nov 30 2005
12:15 AM
Circuit City ripoff Chattanooga Tennessee
I responded to a after Thanksgiving Sale paper add for Circuit City which Advertised TOSHIBA notebook for $199.99. The fine print read After $350 Instant Savings & $250 Instant Saving with AOL 12-month subscription,Minimum 15 per store. The Sale paper add also read Doors open Friday 5am. Seeing that this was an excellent deal I took off work and awoke at 3:00am and drove across town to be apart of the great savings! I arrived at 4:00 and lined up at the door. There was aprox.10 people infront of me. One of the storage managers began handing out vouchers for many of their sale items. One set of vouchers were the $199.99 TOSHIBA notebooks. They randomly handed out these vouchers and did not take the first people in line. At 5:09 the doors opens and the crowd of people pushed their way into the store. I was the 5th or 6th person in line at the Computer Department. The Computer Dept. Manager told me to get out of line if I did not have a voucher because I would not be able to purchase one of the NoteBooks. I told him that they did not hand the 15 vouchers out to the people in the line as they were in order. He said that the store did not recieve 15 of these computer and that several people had been given vouchers at 7pm before the morning. Folks! What a ham & bait!! We will shop @ BEST BUY RAM their BS deal anyone that has had this happen to them Please file a complaint with the FTC Frederal Trade Commission barker ooltewah, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
17, Report #254365
Jun 13 2007
10:06 PM
Circuit City, Advantage Protection Plan, Trading Circuit CIRCUIT CITY DESTROYED MY LAPTOP Richmond Virginia
I am going to list the message I sent to them laptop in question zd8110us, serial CNF5120HBL, pn PX292UA#AbA, I am making a formal complaint in regards to an issue that was an ongoing problem and now is again. When I originally purchased the laptop, I had issues originally with the first one, because their was power problems, it was replaced with the same model. Several months ago I was running into battery problems, it was getting to hot to the touch, and the power cord tip that plugged into the back was getting to hot and was melting to the usb plug next to it. I was asked to ship my laptop to Nexicore, by a support tech of circuit city and was provided the shipping package for it. It was shipped back with and still having same problems. The only thing was said to me was the battery was dead. You then preceded to now after speaking with your support tech to have a battery replaced by Vance Baldwin, I received one and used it and the same problems occurred and the battery turned up dead. I was shipped out another one and it seem to work fine, until today. I had not really ran off the battery or used it since I received it. Now my laptop battery is dead and my video is screwed up and the laptop is overheating again and plug is melting to the usb plug next to it. I truly feel that this issue could of been prevented if it was looked into more thoroughly. I have been working with computers most of my life and ran into situations like this before. I tried telling your support team and the tech at Nexicore, but no one seemed to really listen. Also HP did a recall on some of their batteries. So after speaking with your support tech earlier today and I have obtained legal aid in this matter. ~Richard **** Richard Ashland City, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
18, Report #87542
Apr 13 2004
06:51 PM
Circuit City ripoff Calumet City Illinois
In October of 2000 I bought 1996 Cheverolet Blazer from Carmax(I will have to do a seperate rippoff report for them). Through my purchase I was also able to include the purchase of an auto alarm. I was told that it would come from and be installed at Circuit City. The closest store to my job at the time was in Tinley Park. I dropped my truck off on a wednesday and wasn't able to get it back until friday evening of that week after I was told it would only take a day. I was glad when I finally got my truck back and it worked great.... for a while. After about 2 months I would always hear this clicking sound in while driving. I had the extended warranty so I took it back to Carmax(or as I like to lovingly reffer to them CrappyCar Max). They were never able to findout what the problem was. Then when it rained or when I went through a car wash, the alarm would work and the clicking was louder. My check engine light seem to stay on. I went back countless times until the warrant ran out. Still the clicking and alarm malfuntions. Then gradually my electrical seemed to be deteriorating. 1st my taillights went out, turn signals, brake lights, my headlights would go out on one side or the other. Now I have no interior lights. I had to give up a very much needed PT job of delivering newspapers because of of my getting pulled over and not being able to finish my route Eddie Hammond, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Calumet City, Illinois
19, Report #103986
Aug 16 2004
08:22 PM
Circuit City City Advantage Scam Columbus Ohio
I have encountered the same troubles as many other people while trying to use the Circuit City CityAdvantage Plan. I bought a Toshiba laptop computer that started developing problems within just months of the time I took it home. After personally visiting the store where I bought it they told me to wait one and a half months untill the factory toshiba warenty expired that way the CityAdvantage plan could repair it with no questions asked. They assured me it was just a simple phone call and then the plan company (Which by the way is GE) would send me a box to mail it in and would have it back in 5 days. After attempting to contact the 1-800 numer several times I finally got a hold of somebody that wanted to walk me through the problem they felt that I could repair it myself with phone instructions. If I wanted to work on computers I would not have gotten the warrenty. I gave the trouble shooting a try but the largest trouble I had was understanding the guy from INDIA who could barly speak english. After giving up with that I contacted customer services at Circuit City after one year of trying to continue to contact them I have gotten no where. I asked for my money back for the warrenty, (no chance) and even asked for a pro-rated refund which I have yet to see. In the end $600.00 later at a repair shop I finally got my PC repaired I also have not given up on getting my money back. I have plenty of time to keep calling and e-mailing them. Ron Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
20, Report #35409
Nov 17 2002
08:18 AM
Circuit City ripoff Fort Wayne Indiana
I bought a new computer from Circuit City 8/30/02 within 3 weeks it was in the shop. I called them to ask if I could exchange it and they told me their return policy was 14 days. I spent over $1000.00 on just the tower, keyboard and mouse. No moniter or printer. It has already been in the repair shop 2 times, and is heading back again. Parts keep going out on it. I beleive I have bought a lemon and would like to exchange it but they wont. Now I am in the market for a digital camera and a new monitor. Guess who wont get my business back.....CIRCUIT CITY Lori Fort Wayne, Indiana
Entity: Fort Wayne, Nationwide
21, Report #287360
Nov 28 2007
10:32 AM
Circuit City Missing Items in Shipment Internet
I placed an order online with Circuit City for an iPod shuffle, and iPod shuffle charger and an SanDisk SD card. The box arrived containing only the SanDisk SD card with the packing slip saying that all items were included. I spoke with 3 different representatives, after VERY long waits, with 3 different stories. One said it might arrive another day. One said someone would call me in 3-5 business days, and another said to call back in 14 days. I used the automated tracking tool and this said my order would be shipped December 7. Wonder what order that is??? I called a local store to see if they could give me a name of someone to talk to...gave me a corporate number which sent me right back to the 800 number. I have emailed numerous addresses with no response. This was a Christmas gift for my grand-daughter. I also tried to use one of the discount coupons and was told it did not exist. Interesting, as I was holding it in my hand with an expiration date of December 8. Had I read all the complaints about Circuit City, I would have never tried to purchase from them. Any advice from anyone? Burned Stephens City, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #56978
May 14 2003
07:59 PM
Circuit City warranty ripoff Colorado USA
Circuit City with an extended warr. I have been given nothing but the run around Fort Collins Colorado ..... I have been having troule with my C.P. -HP 8560 C- SINCE DAY ONE.Thinking it was something I was doing I was reluctant to ,call for advice. Over a period of time my C.P. continued to give me problems.After calling several times ,Idecided to make the 190 mile drive to see if a personnel appearance would help. THEY (at circuit city) was quick to give me phone numbers for help lines. I tried all these to no avail.They all wanted to help but for a fee! One fellow at C.C. SAID THEY SHOULD JUST GIVE ME A NEW C.P.. This was not nessecarily what I was going for.Ihave done a lot of business with C.C., even lately purchacing two digital cameras. this does not keep me from being disappointed in thier word .They said with the extended warr. if I ever had a problem they would stand behind thier product. I did not realize they would stand way behind and do nothing! Thank You, Joe Joe Holyoke, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Collins, Colorado
23, Report #75337
Dec 19 2003
07:19 AM
Circuit City ripoff San Jose California
I went to Circuit City to buy a CD player for my car. When I got home, I found that the box contained a cheap cassette player (not even the same brand). These boxes are not sealed. When I went back to the store for a refund, they accused me of doing the swap. I had to call the police and file a report. After calls to the 800 number help line, they ignored me after a few days. I finally went to small claims court and they paid me in full before the court date. I'll never ever shop there again. Efren Santa Clara, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
24, Report #133824
Mar 04 2005
08:44 PM
Circuit City ripoff Orlando Florida
I purchased a refrigerator, a stereo and a television from Circuit City and purchased a warranty on each item. My complaint is I phoned Circuit City six times for warranty service and met only with a recording stating to leave my name and phone number and a representative would get back to me. Circuit City never returned my calls. I was stuck with three warrantys and absolute non-response. I telephoned a manager @ Circuit City and after a very long conversation with him, he agreed to refund the warranty funds But I'm going to pro-rate the refund. I said, No, Sir, that is exactly why we are having this conversation. CIRCUIT CITY FAILED TO RETURN ANY OF MY PHONE CALLS RE WARRANTY SERVICE. I want a refund, in full. Manager stated: You raise a very good point. All in all, products were okay, but the warranty service is non existent and I would recommend that no one buy it. Jacklynne Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
25, Report #108232
Sep 13 2004
07:17 PM
Circuit City ripoff Chesapeake Virginia
Two years ago we purchased a 38 RCA HDTV with direct tv build in and extended warranty with a total price of about $2500. The TV went out one day and had to go in the shop. Well it was there for about 3 months, before they finally accepted that the TV could not be fixed. The TV was sent back to the Circuit City store in Chesapeake and we were told to come in to pick out another. Well they don't make a 38 RCA model any more like we had. They started out giving us a choice of 2 TV's then the sales manager that we were working with went to talk to the manager and when he can back he told us that we would have to take a 34 Pansonic HDTV for about $1,400. We then asked what about the HD direct TV receiver since this one didn't have one built in. At first he tried to tell us that we could get a direct tv receiver, but our tv didn't have HD receiver and we then stressed that the tv was a HDTV and why would they put a regular receiver in the an HDTV and he then included a HD direct TV receiver. Total came to about $1,700. Then we had to pay about $50 additional after they did pro-rate the warranty. There reason for the cheaper TV was technology had changed. The warranty said we were to get equal or better. We now have a TV that is smaller then the one we had and have to have 2 pieces of equipment instead of 1. Also, now the TV that we have is smaller for the cabinet that was purchased for the larger tv plus we are out about $800. We have contacted Circuit City Corporate office and they never even replied. Buyer beware when dealing with Circuit City and be even more aware of purchasing there extended warranty as it is not as good as they try to make it out to be. Robert or Julia Suffolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia

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