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76, Report #168584
Dec 19 2005
07:22 PM
Circuit City ripoff Thanksgiving bait & switch ads Chattanooga Tennessee
I responded to a after Thanksgiving Sale paper add for Circuit City which Advertised TOSHIBA notebook for $199.99. The fine print read After $350 Instant Savings & $250 Instant Saving with AOL 12-month subscription,Minimum 15 per store. The Sale paper add also read Doors open Friday 5am. Seeing that this was an excellent deal I took off work and awoke at 3:00am and drove across town to be apart of the great savings! I arrived at 4:00 and lined up at the door. There was aprox.10 people infront of me. One of the storage managers began handing out vouchers for many of their sale items. One set of vouchers were the $199.99 TOSHIBA notebooks. They randomly handed out these vouchers and did not take the first people in line. At 5:09 the doors opens and the crowd of people pushed their way into the store. I was the 5th or 6th person in line at the Computer Department. The Computer Dept. Manager told me to get out of line if I did not have a voucher because I would not be able to purchase one of the NoteBooks. I told him that they did not hand the 15 vouchers out to the people in the line as they were in order. He said that the store did not recieve 15 of these computer and that several people had been given vouchers at 7pm before the morning. Folks! What a ham & bait!! We will shop @ BEST BUY RAM their BS deal anyone that has had this happen to them Please file a complaint with the FTC Frederal Trade Commission Rev barker ooltewah, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
77, Report #171245
Jan 10 2006
05:47 PM
Circuit City ripoff not a real guarantee Internet
I feel frustrated that Circuit City had a fake Christmas delivery guarantee. I ordered $172 worth of merchandise well within the guarantee time frame. I then waited, waited, waited. I started calling the 1-800 number after on the 22nd. The help desk is in India. That does me nothing. Someone in India is not able to track down merchandise here in the states. I write email. I receive form letters back. On the 23rd the lady in India on the phone tells me it will arrive the next day. She is sure of it. How can she be sure of it I ask as the US Postal service has no tracking mechanism. She tells me she has to go but it will arrive. At 7pm on Chrismtas Eve I call the number. I am told it will arrive that day. I explain that it is 7 pm, Christmas Eve, and the mail has come. She tells me it will come. Yeah. At this point I cut out pictures of the items I ordered and I wrap them. I call again on the 26th, 27th, 28th. Each day I am told that I can now cancel my order and get my money back. That is not a guarantee. Any consumer can cancel an item-- especially one that does not arrive. I email daily as well. I get nothing back. I tried tracking down someone in the states and was not successful. I call local stores and the managers say, sorry, its corporate not us. I finally cancel my stuff. I order it from Amazon (and recieved it three days later.) Finally, yesterday, 26 days after I placed my order I recieve an email stating that I should receive my refund in 7 to 10 days. How obnoxious is that? They take my money, don't send the gifts, and then give my money back a mere 33 to 36 days later. I am so frustrated. I refuse to shop there any longer-- and we were VERY good customers. I am telling anyone that will listen. While I am not going to go nuts wasting my time over their poor business decisions I do want to share my problem with others so they too can shop other, better, stores. Kris goldsboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #185485
Apr 07 2006
01:27 PM
Circuit City fraud rebate ripoff Richmond Virginia
On February 10, 2006, I purchased an Acer Aspire notebook, ACA AS5004WLMI from Circuit City's Web site. When I was shopping on that date, February 10, there was a Circuit City rebate (not a manufacturer rebate) listed, which Circuit City incorporated into the price, which they listed with the rebate as $899.99. I was charged $1199.99 and told to submit the requisite rebate documents, which I did in a timely fashion. Since I have been advised in the past on previous rebates by Circuit City that my rebate forms got lost in the mail, I spent $20 or so to send the materials to Circuit City in expedient fashion as well as to procure a receipt of redemption from the Postal Service. After weeks of checking online to see if my rebate was received, there was no information found on the Rebate section of Circuit City's Web site. When I contacted 1-877-224-8966, I was dismissively told that the rebate might be lost in the mail. However, on March 25, 2006, I received a letter from Circuit City informing me that my $300 rebate was denied due to invalid purchase date. After numerous phone calls to the 877-224-8966 number, after numerous disconnects, after numerous hostile, wholly disinterested call center agents, I was told that the $300 rebate was only valid on the product from January 20 through January 28. One call center representative told me that I could be trying to scam the rebate. At this point, this matter became not only criminal; it took on a personal nature for me. I do not know whether Circuit City deliberately defrauds customers with imaginary rebate offers or whether the January rebate was erroneously left up on the Web site when I purchased the product in February. Either way I am legally due the $300. When I asked a Rebate call center representative to investigate the Web site rebate history (if the $300 rebate offer was left up erroneously), he simply dismissed the matter and advised me to take it up with Customer Service and hung up on me. When I did contact Customer Service at 1-800-843-2480, an agent named Carrie was very helpful and did attempt to apply rebate(s) to the product. However, after contacting the Rebate department, she only could provide a $150 rebate, meaning that I am still due $150. This matter is so blatantly incendiary and I feel that Circuit City may be engaged in premeditated fraud if they are deliberately listing their products with nonexistent rebate offers. At best, they are obviously incompetent for leaving up expired rebate offers and being flippant and dismissive when a customer inquires about such matters. This is tantamount to being charged $900 for an advertised product, and then weeks later, being charged an additional $300 and being told that the $900 price was simply not valid. I am beyond disgust at Circuit City. Over several years, I have estimated that I have spent between $5000-10000 on products from Circuit City. Conversely, I have been given a similar red herring when it has come to prior rebates. However, on this occasion, this is wholly a Circuit City rebate and there is no discrepancy this time as to whether materials were lost in the mail. I will pursue this matter vigorously from hereon in. As a matter of principle, I am steadfast and unwavering in pursuit of the remaining $150. In addition to filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Division of Virginia (Circuit City's headquarters), I also plan on pressing this matter with Iris Taylor of the Richmond Times Dispatch and the Better Business Bureau. I also will go on every message board relative to electronics and relay this experience. Ken easton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for! Click here to read The *EDitorial: The Marketing Rebate Rip Off ...Manufactures invent reasons why not to pay the consumer
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
79, Report #266826
Aug 11 2007
01:52 PM
Circuit City survey rip off Jacksonville Florida
Went shopping at Circuit City and got a receipt that says I could get a chance to win one of five $1000 gift cards. I just had to do a simple survey. Well, after 3 weeks of trying, I could never access the survey. The website can't be found. I tried at different times of the day but it never came up. What a scam!! Goofygirl1970 Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
80, Report #277512
Oct 06 2007
08:38 PM
Circuit City Computer warranty ripoff Reno Nevada
OMG were to start my english is poor at best so please forgive the grammatical errors prolly spelled that wrong to but ow well todays date 6 october 2007 its important because i dont know exact dates i know when stuff happend Anyways it was 2004 i was about to join the army and for the various travels my familiy forseen they decieded for my 18th birthday to get me a laptop well i got myself a brandnew 1200.00 toshiba with a 200.00 and some odd dollar warranty anyways i was enjoying the thing for almost a month and the little chargeing prong in the back were the cord plugs in broke took it back sure no problem get that fixed right way just wait for the box to get sent to you i pointed out that i was under the beliefe that they took care of it instore my first lesson in buyer beware with these guys It took almost 9 weeks for us to get the box and to then get it back again so i opened it up and low and behold the keyboard is bowing in the middle took it back again got it back again this time i had the mananger send it from the store i pick it up off the counter and the disk drives FALLS OUT it frickkin didnt make it two feet from the BOX manager says omg iam sorry we will over night and get this taken care of well by the time it got back again i was headed for FT. Benning georgia basic training and AIT for infantry my mother proceded to take care of the problem for me so when i graduated i would have a computer well my mom sent the thing back and forth for 13 weeks never once turning it on for almost the year since the chargeing prong broke They finnaly agreed to give a store credit iam like out sweet deal the ditched the warranty completly saying well i didnt have that i would never get anything anyways so 200 down the drain then since the computer was almost a year old they depreciated the value saying that they only owed me a comparative price i was pissed 300 and some almost 400 down the drain plus the 200 so iam up to 600 so i get 800 instore credit iam fresh outta basic wanna spend time with my girl since i only got 48 say frick it take the 800 and buy a brand new sony vaio 1400 and and new warranty the better one that lets pretty much anything happen and get it replaced figurin they try this shit again ill throw it out my car window and watch um try to fix that so it ups the price antoher 350 so iam out 950 dollars just to put the original investment back to work its fine though i got a better comp better warranty its kewl i had the tough rock of a computer for almost a year sony really make um pretty good finally the wear and tear is to much time to put that warranty to work so i go in to circuit city someitime in jan or feb 2007 sayin hay need to get it fixed heres my info for my warranty send it in for me OW says they we dont show you have a warranty for this computer yes says i let me talk to your manager he finds the warranty send it in i get a call 2 weeks later its back wow that was quick i go to pick it up it never freaking left circuit city and the people who do the repairs are differnt people those people say i willing cancelled my 350 dollar warranty the day i bought it said they even sent a check to my dad(yea my dad no god damn idea why they did that when i used my debtit card and paid cash pretty much) which he never got but they did send him the rebate i was suppsed to get for 100 off so that is was only 1400 instead of 1500 I said that was bull and that id have had to sign something somewere to have the done and i know i hadnt(its their damn rule anyways) so i said prove it you must have the records for the last 9 months they have been trying to deny i bought it in georgia like i could forget that hell that i even bought it my father must have fat chance with my debt card and then just flat refulsal to do a gosh damn thing about it once ive shoved it in thier faces i even had one guy some coporate retard(i quit takieng names becuase if you can get someone on the phone good chance ive talked to them) just flat out tell me i was out the warranty money and i was out the money to fix the thing and its some damn lighting thing thats worth 800 on its own to fix but ive kepted at it and finally found out that the store manager were i bought the toshiba didnt want to lose the commision on it show he tried to rig it so that new computer i bought hed get the credit for so thats why it looks like my dad bought it and thats why it looks lke the warranty was cancelled because he did have to sign the warranty for the old one on the toshiba to get cancelled which actully ran out all on its own and never got cancelled but even knowing this they wont fix give a store credit or just my dam money back cuss iam never doin business with them again that rat of a manager isnt even afraid something might happen to him cuss hes cheatin the system screwing you and me cuss his boss and him are buds prolly split the extra money they make off of us but its allright i intend to go career military and i will get commisioned and become an officer or even just a sargeant but everybody i know that evers trys to buy something from these dicks ill prevent and if i can screw them outta enough money that way by being a decent person i doubt they will make it much longer as a company PS: if you really wanna hurt them do like iam doing and try to find out their major stock holders and let the know what a crapy business theve invested in iam sure they will appreceate the advice and then circuit city will feel the way i feel Rieder alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A. 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Entity: Reno, Nevada
81, Report #274596
Sep 14 2007
07:19 PM
Circuit City Sells used computers as new Conyers Georgia
In August of '06 I bought a Toshiba laptop from Circuit City. In June of '06, when performing routine maintenance to try to speed it up as it had been running slow and froze up a few times, I discovered that the system specifications did not match up at all to the box the computer came in or the stickers that came on my computer when I bought it; and further discovered that it is registered to a person I have never heard of. Because I don't know much about computers except what I need to know in order to do my work and check e-mail, I took it in to the systems administrator at the court reporting firm I work for. He looked at it and said that nothing on my computer matched up to the computer that I paid for except for the CD-rom, and that it is only worth three to four hundred dollars. I paid $850 for it. After much time spent at the store trying to get this remedied, as well as numerous hours on the phone being transferred from one person to the next and being placed on hold for ridiculous amounts of time, I am pursuing other options to get them to do the right thing. This is blatant fraud and I cannot believe that they did not, right off the bat, give me the NEW computer I paid for in an effort to fix this. I was stunned when I spoke with Cheryl Hunt at corporate and she basically said that because she did not see me take the computer out of the box, how does she know that the computer in the box is the one I have and am saying came out of that box. As if I would spend the kind of time I have spent trying to get what is rightfully mine, all for an $850 computer! This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had to deal with, and I will do whatever I have to based on principle alone. I will never buy another item from Circuit City and tell everyone I know exactly what's happened so the same thing will not happen to them. This company has no integrity or ethics, and what they have done is a crime - it's fraud!! Robin Jackson, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
82, Report #287281
Nov 27 2007
10:52 PM
CIRCUIT CITY Mail-in rebate fraud STOCKTON California
They promise $150 mail-in rebate when I bougt a laptop in 11/2006,but it is 11/2007 and I haven't recived my rebate. I contacted them many times, and they only say that the check they sent me is missing,and they will send me a new one. Whatch out nex time you buy something in some bad stores like this. Alfred Stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: STOCKTON, California
83, Report #294870
Dec 27 2007
01:14 PM
Circuit City hang up on a customer Atlanta Georgia
Dear Sir, I am writing you to inform you that I have just been hung up on 5 times by 3 different stores in the metro Atlanta area. (Gwinnett Mall, Mall of Georgia and Snellville) I was informed by staff at each of the stores that the Toshiba Laptop I wished to purchase was sold out but would be in this afternoon. I offered to pre pay but was told I could not. My only option was to call back around 5:00 to see if it came in or hang out at the store. Thus the reason for my calls. This is beyond all reason for a business to hang up on a customer that wants to make a $400.00 purchase a total of 15 times. I called back to each store asking for the manager and was immediately disconnected. I assume this must be your policy as it happened at all three stores. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your complete disregard for customer service. I only wish I could find the receipts for the many thousands of dollars of merchandise I have purchased from you and return it all! Regretfully, Bob Suwanee, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
84, Report #55328
May 01 2003
06:10 PM
Circuit City Extendended Warranty Fine Print Richmond Virginia
The next time you are approached by the Ciruit City salesperson with the Glossy extended warranty in hand when you just made that big purchase, THINK TWICE. Take the following actions: 1) Note that in fine wiritng that the Glossy extended warranty in there hand is only a pamphlet of the real contract. Look for the small text at the bottom of that form that refers you to the actual warranty. 2) Ask them for a copy of that extended warranty. In my case NO salesperson, asst. manager, or even store manager knew what that form was or even had one in the store. 3) Leave the store. You have 30-days to make up your decision. Don't be a sucker for there commission. 4) GO home, get on the web and go to to read the real warranty. 5) Note that all the warranted items in the glossy are not covered by the extended warranty plan. In fact, very few things are covered. Those acts of god the salesperson might have spoke about are not covered. 6) Call the company of the product you just bought to ask them about extended warrnties. All major companies will be more than happy to sell you one at a CHEAPER PRICE. Haggle the price. 7) If you want the Circuit City Warranty, do as I did. Ask the Store Manager, and only the store manager, to draw a line through the fine print at the bottom of the Glossy warranty and have hime sign and date it. Also, ask for a card and staple it to your Glossy warranty. Go home and call the Customer Service phone number to Circuit City and explain what you just had done. Ask them to record it in there computers for your records. (They were a little shocked when I did.) Might seem like a lot of hassle, but you know have a glossy warranty signed by a Reprsenative/Agent of Circuit City saying that if anything, I mean anything, happens to your item during the warranty period, Circuit City will have to replace it, FREE OF CHARGE. B.R. Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
85, Report #25011
Jul 20 2002
06:37 PM
circuit city is a ripoff. tampa, Florida
i would like to tell you people that circuit city rips you off. i was an employee for them until recently,some techs in our service center were fired for fixing potential problems in customer units in to be fixed. the tech would discover a problem about to happen and fix it to help the customer so he would not have to send it in again, and the managers would fire the tech because they wanted the tech to fix only the mian problem, they would say, let it go so the customer would have to send it back to get more money out of them, no preventive maintanace. also managers would set up techs on units by putting it in to be fixed when it was checked by a tech already, but this time the unit would be sabataged, taken apart and broken on purpose then put back together, sent to a certain tech, he would fix it, and managers would say there was nothing wrong with it and fire the tech......i know because i know one manager who was behind it and he still does it. not only do they screw the customer but they do thier employees to..... no name valrico, Florida
Entity: tampa, Florida
86, Report #24780
Jul 17 2002
09:52 AM
Circuit City ripoff Cary North Carolina
I purchased a 61 RCA HDTV with extented warrenty on 22 Aug 01. The Tuner went out in Mar 02 I call Circuit and told to call CEI ( Bill the manager) 919-821-5152 to have it repaired they never showed up,or called. So I call up to get my money back from my extended warrenty since I could get reliabe service. I call RCA up and was told to call CES (im the manager) 919-469-9247 he told me it would be a month. So 6 may 02 he showed up and confirmed that the tuner was bad. He said it would take 8 weeks to get a tuner. 8 weeks went by I called no tuner, 3 more weeks I went to the store in person no tuner was order. Time called me at 6:30 pm and told me RCA would not send the tuner. I called RCA again Wendell said he would check and send it to Reshearch 5 days later nothing. I just got through talking with Richard district manager from circuit city to try to solve this problem he will call me back later on to day..... to be continued William Clayton, North Carolina
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
87, Report #99480
Jul 18 2004
06:28 PM
Circuit City employee ripoff Barboursville West Virginia
Circuit City has recently addressed computer work in there stores competing with Best Buy they decide to start there own program. First they want all employee's in the computer department to do this while waiting on customers. Second they dont want to give us more money. Third they say they will write us up and eventually fire those who do not do the work. I've been working on computers for many years and don't have a problem working on them now but I was hired as a salesman and took a lot less money then a tech would be paid. I've been there now for 10 months and have helped a few customers with small issues nothing major but now I'm being forced into doing this extra work for way less then a tech would be paid. I've read everything within my state wich has no or very few laws for its workers and have no other option but to find other employment or do the work at a drastically reduced pay scale then what I use to get doing tech work. When hired in I explained to the manager I couldn't do computer work for that pay and he said no problem they didn't do in store work anyhow. Maybe I'm wrong but throwing that kind of work on a employee is dirty and underhanded and its not just our store it is happening nation wide. Alex Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Barboursville, West Virginia
88, Report #124912
Dec 29 2004
01:40 PM
Circuit City ripoff on finance charges Probably nationwide
This is the message that I sent to Circuit City on its website: MESSAGE: I purchased a TV set on promotion with no finance charge for 12 months. I did not realize that I had to make minimum payments. The payments were $20 minimum to avoid the finance charge. I made $40 per month payments so that it would be paid off at the end of the 12 months. Half way through the 12 month period I charged about $25 worth of merchandise on the credit card. I THOUGHT that I would have to pay the regular minimum charge and the total amount of the $25 purchase to avoid the finance charge. But, I was charged a finance charge on the $25 starting on the day of purchase (no grace period). I called the credit card company and was told that I cannot make any additional purchases on the credit card while I am paying off a promotional. To avoid further finance charges I paid the entire balance off (on time). Now I received a bill for an additional finance charge and they say that it accrues daily even if I make a payment. In other words, unless I make a guess as to how much the finance charge will be and pay the additional amount I will keep on paying a finance charge on a finance charge. This is the first response that I received: RESPONSE: (Oluwatobi) - 12/27/2004 09:10 AM Thank you for contacting us regarding your Circuit City Credit Card account issued by Bankone, Delaware, N.A. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced as a result of this issue. We appreciate your business and your continued patronage is important to our company. We hope to have the occasion to serve your future consumer electronics, home, office and entertainment needs. Customer service is our number one priority. If we can be of further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-477-6761, or visit our web site at Our Customer Service hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., ET. This was my answer to the first response: ANSWER TO FIRST RESPONSE: Resolved? Give me a break! Please read my complaint and your canned response. Your canned response is not even close to answering my complaint. Can't you find another canned response closer to answering my complaint? This was their response to my answer to their first response: RESPONSE TO ANSWER TO RESPONSE: Your reply did not process correctly. Please REPLY to this message and enter the text between the specified lines. Your message has been included below. You may update your question by replying to this message. Because your reply will be automatically processed, you MUST enter your reply in the space below. Text entered into any other part of this message will be discarded. [===> Please enter your reply below this line Please enter your reply above this line
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
89, Report #243859
Apr 13 2007
01:27 PM
Circuit City Bait &switch Fraudulent advertising ripoff Nationwide
On Feb 8th 2007, I was shopping on the internet looking for a new desktop computer, I came across an advertisement on Circuit City web site listing a eMachines T5224 PC,eMachines 17Monitor EVIEW17F3 and a Lexmark All-in-one printer with PictBridge X2480 this was a bundle or package deal for the price of $819.97 with factory and Circuit City rebates $340.00 my cost in the end was to be $479.97. I thought this was a real good deal, called them and ordered it! ($860.97 with tax charged to credit card) The PC & printer came to my house in about a week, the monitor followed a week later, the monitor when hooked up to pc didn't work ,2/20/07 I called CCTY ,they said return it & gave me a return number & told to send it to Oklahoma & that they would credit me shipping cost & send me a new monitor. (shipping cost $32.99 2/21/07) After about a week I called to see when I was to look for the new monitor, they said they did not recive the broken one & nothing could be done until they got it. I called UPS tracking to find out where the package was, only to find that CCty indeed recived it on 2/27/07. I called CCty again to pass this info on, emailed them a copy of the tracking papers, the next thing in line they called me 3/12/07)to say that they did not have said monitor in stock & that they were refunding me the value of it.($157.49) Here is the big problem lays, in order to get the rebates as advertised you have to have all three pcs. of the package, which I no longer had, (I would have sent the whole works back, but I was afraid they would lose it like they did the monitor & I'd be out big time ,not to mention the shipping) the factory rebates are to be post marked to them in 30 days of purchase, with all the fooling around with CCty I was well past that for any possible rebates that I could have salvaged. Here is the bottom line. I never got the $32.99 back for shipping add that to the $819.97 I payed = $852.96 subtract $157.49 for monitor refund = 699.47 ,the differance from $479.97 advertised price and what I have out of pocket= $219.50 That is what they basicly cheated me out of,to my way of thinking (it's bait & switch) advertise one thing & give you another. In conclusion I feel $699.47 is a price way out of line for a Printer & Pc with no monitor , I have since bought a monitor & my final cost of the whole works comes to $803.47, I got the shaft & they got the gold mine. I know I could have done better on prices else where ( could have got a dell for around $700.00)I will never again set foot into a Circuit City store or go online with them again. Timothy Rock Hall, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #330491
May 04 2008
06:35 PM
Circuit City Lies Bad service Palmdale California
Over 3 years ago I purchased a 36 Polaroid flat screen television and the 5-year warranty. I was told at the time that if the TV breaks down it will either be repaired or we will get a gift card in the amount of the TV in order to purchase a new one. I was guaranteed that is was hassle free. Two months ago my television went kaboom. There was an issue with the volume wouldn't do anything but stay at the loud setting. I called the service center: the earliest they could come out was 4 days post phone call. Ok...annoying, but hey, I want the TV fixed. The guy comes out, says he has to order the part to fix it. I ask how long...he states it will take 5-10 days to get the part in. Ummmm....we have 1 TV in the house....and will be paying for cable in the absence of a TV. I ask him...what do I do in the meantime about a TV. He says I can go rent one or buy one then return it. Hassle free? Anyways, at 10 days, I hadn't heard from anyone so I call up (it's a Saturday). This person claims that they don't have the capability to track the item. WTF? Ok. Then I ask to talk to someone who can track it. No one here can track the item. WTF? Ok. I ask to speak with a manager. Response: managers don't work on the weekend. Are you kiddin' me????? I ask to file a complaint. I get transferred around for awhile then back to the same number I originally called. I ask for their managers name. They won't give it to me...they say that they are not allowed to release names over the phone. I state, You asked for mine. They said, It was for verification purposes. They tell me my complaint has been taken. So, I go into the circuit city store locally....they claim to be able to do nothing because the service center and them are separate entities. My husband calls a few days later. Gets the same bullshit story I get. They keep elevating the situation....whatever that's supposed to mean. After a handful of frustrating phone calls, we finally find out that our part in somewhere in California. My husband is told, if it takes more than a month, they will simply give us the gift card so that we may get a new TV. It takes someone over a month to bring the part to our house ONLY to find out the part doesn't fit. Solution: order another part. The service man says he will call us in three days to tell us whether or not he can find the other part. I wait five days get no I call him. He says he just ordered the part that day. I asked where my phone call was and he says he was busy. I explain that it takes a matter of a few minutes to look up a part. I demand for his bosses name. C C Burnes, he replies. I asked for her number. He only gave me the 333.2333 number. I call the number asked to be transfered to CC Burnes and am told they don't know who she is. I then continue to get the runaround by these people. I ask to speak to a manager and am told I can't. It wasn't until I threatened with the better business bureau that I was transferred to somewhere...but I had a meeting to go to and had to get off the line. Go figure. I had to go to MY JOB and couldn't do THEIRS at the same time. Finally, almost 2 months after the fact, the service guy calls us and states that the new part is in but it won't work. So he will contact his boss so that we can simply get a new TV. My husband takes our TV BACK...hassle free (really?!?!?!!?!?!)...and they merely do an exchange for another 36. They did NOT give us a gift card as we were originally told would happen and told us that they don't give gift cards for the warranty. Basically, we were lied to the entire time we were waiting to get our TV fixed...which never ended up getting fixed. Circuit City is full of liars who merely will transfer your call around. I still have not heard from a SINGLE person about the complaint I filed. They are possibly some of the WORST customer service people I have ever dealt with and I will NEVER buy another product from them. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I don't appreciate having mine time wasted. Thank you Circuit City for being an hassle and a bunch of lying jerks. Becky Lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City
Entity: Palmdale, California
91, Report #338303
Jun 08 2008
07:30 PM
Circuit City unwarranted Avondale Arizona
Beware of Circuit City and their warranties. I have been a customer of this store for several years, spending over $15,000 in the past 3-4 years. I purchased two Sirius I-Pods here. The most recent one, purchased in February carries a standard 12month warranty and was not operating properly.. The warranty statees to return to the retail outlet where purchased. I did that today. However, the customer service clerk could only advise me to deal directly with Sirius. When I showed her the written warranty the store had included with my purchase, she refused to honor it. I asked for the store manager who also refused. I asked her how she could justify a policy contrary to a written promise provided at point of purchase. I did not raise my voice or use bad language. I asked for someone higher up the chain, but she insisted there was noone. I then asked for a contact person at their corporate office. She provide me a phone number, but that number is not working today and simply rorates one thriugh a serious of never-ending menus. The kicker was when I insisted on speaking to someone, she gave me the number and demanded I leave her store! I asked if she was serious and she said she was. I told her I haqd additional shopping I wished to do, but she said not here, leave my store now... I remarked that one can only hope they are so financially troubled someone more responsive to customers would buy them out. I left immediately and went to Best Buy and Fry Electronics, spending about $2700 I would have spent at Circuit City. I have contacted Sirius directly and hope they will be more helful. ( I did not want my money back, only an exchange or repair. They said since I did not purchase the extended warranty, they could not help me, despite the fact the standard warranty was still in effect!) Dean Avondale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Avondale, Arizona
92, Report #75518
Dec 21 2003
03:01 PM
Circuit City no-hassle sham cityadvantage protection plan only protects circuit city Littleton Colorado
I purchased a Palm Pilot M130 from Circuit City with the protection plan from Circuit City over a year ago for my wife's birthday. After several months, we started having problems with the device. The battery dies very quickly, it won't charge for weeks on end, it automatically resets even between charges and more. When this happened with Best Buy several years ago, I walked into the store with the Visor that was causing me problems and I walked out with a new one. I expected the same from the hassle-free warranty from Circuit City...was I ever wrong. The first sign of problems was when I walked in and they said they'd changed our guarantee and I now had to call a toll-free number. The person on the line wanted to walk me through the problem, unfortunately, since its an intermittent problem and an obviously faulty battery, I can't reproduce the problem by snapping my fingers. At this point, they said that I wouldn't be able to get a replacement until I could reproduce the back when it is definately not working and then they would troubleshoot it. At this point, things got worse. We got the manager on the line and we did the same dance. I decided to file an email today instead to avoid having to deal with the personalities head to head. Obviously, the problem is not solved yet, so hopefully this will work out in the long run. ONE curious thing that they said, they said that we were filing an INSURANCE claim. Is CityAdvantage essentially a third-party insurance company to which we file claims and get our claims filled (as opposed to a company that is looking out for the wellfare and the happiness of the consumer, the insurance company would look out for the financial well being of the company and their own insurance company). At any rate, I love the circuit city store environment, it is clean and organized. Unfortunately, I think this is the last straw. I had a WORSE problem with my Tivo I purchased from Circuit City a few years ago. I ended up fixing it myself after they sent it away only to tell me Oops, we don't have the parts and don't carry them anymore so you're on your own. I'll drive the extra few miles to Best Buy, it is way worth it at this point. One doesn't have to look far to figure out why Circuit City is on the ropes... Paul highlands ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
93, Report #76296
Dec 31 2003
03:54 PM
Circuit City The Simple truth about Circuit City Extended Warranties Nationwide Illinois
Circuit City extended warranties (for computers and preipherals) is outsourced to a company known as GE-Assurant. It used to be GE-Zurich but for various reasons Zurich sold its interest to Assurant. This matters very little to you (the consumer) because the warranty is being serviced by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE as before, with the EXACT SAME POLICIES. I worked for GEZWM for over a year as a technician. This is what I learned. 1. Circuit City salespeople lie through their teeth to sell the contract. Everything is not covered, only electronic failure. Physical breakage of any device is not covered. To be fair, if you drop your Palm Pilot and it breaks, why should that be covered? Unfortunately, it also means that if the crummy little piece of plastic tab that holds the battery cover on your camera breaks, it isn't covered either even though you did nothing wrong. READ THE CONTRACT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!!! 2. Even if a the failure is covered you will be made to jump through every possible hoop before it is fixed. While it is good to do some troubleshooting (if a tech is sent out to fix the wrong thing, nothing is fixed now, is it) this is carried to a ridiculous extreme. Despite the efforts of more than a few of us, this never changed. There is a group in charge who believes that the only way to make money is to dispatch as few techs as possible no matter what. 3. If you have a printer problem, you are 95% certain to have to replace the ink cartridges. There are some exceptions but not many. 4. Most parts sent out are refurbished. This includes hard drives, motherboards, monitors, printers, scanners, cameras, PDA's and more. Again, a few exceptions but that's because nobody refurbishes modems. Also you WILL NOT get the same make/model you had originally unless you are lucky. And what you get may look beat up. There are certain specifications that are considered and that's it. Don't like it? Too bad, so sad. 5. The no lemon policy is a joke. Some systems do get replaced but not many. And then only after the customer is put through the ringer. It usually happens only because the part can't be sourced. 6. You can get a refund on your contract, pro-rated based on how much time is left. Just call and ask for the address, it has to be done in writing and will take 6-8 weeks but what did you expect, that they'd make it easy? 7. If you really want results, go to Circuit City and start raising a ruckus to the manager. 8. Laptops are serviced only at a depot. I'm sure many repairs go fine but I heard too many bad stories to EVER trust my laptop to the 3 fingered monkies that must have been hired to fix them. Cracked screens, stuff NOT fixed, laptops getting damaged at the depot (not in shipping, AT THE DEPOT) and getting sent back damaged, the wrong laptop being sent back, etc and so on. Of course if the screen on your laptop dies it will cost $$$$ to fix so make your choice. 9. Don't trust the tech to call you back. They didn't reward us for call backs, only for inbound calls. As a result, I used to try and call when I knew the people wouldn't be home. There was no way I wanted to deal with all the calls in my queue if didn't have to. And I was one of the nicer guys. 10. Be prepared to lose all your data. An HDR (Hard Drive Restore) is standard procedure for lots of troubleshooting and that means erasing the hard drive. If all goes well, it will take about 90 minutes. Have fun. They will not help you save the data, that's your problem. (you should be backing it up anyway though) 11. The only thing that matters is the hardware failure guidelines. And it is almost impossible for anything failing intermittantly to meet them. Several times a week I had to deny service to stuff I KNEW was bad because it didn't meet the guidelines. Sorry but I needed the job. 12. The company doesn't pay squat, so they don't get many good techs. There are exceptions of course but they bail ASAP. Yes, I was considered a good tech. Unfortunatly I got caught up in the idea that things could be changed and wasted a good 6 months tryng. To everyone left at the company I say this, they closed Hoffman Estates, Assurant outsources more IT work to India than anbody but Dell, how much longer do you think the Dallas center will be there? A year? Maybe? The only reason Assurant bought in was for the national service provider contracts, those are first-rate (from Assurant's stand point). Your jobs are going oversees Scott Hoffman Estates, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City
Entity: Nationwide, Illinois
94, Report #92037
May 18 2004
08:24 PM
Circuit City ripoff extended warranty - Circuit City Jackson Tennessee
I bought a $2,000 Sony laptop from Circuit City just a year and a half ago. I have sent it off to be repaired twice. They have replaced the hard drive and the mother board. The sound has always been bad and after sending it off the last time, the sound is even worse. I am a court reporter, so this is very important to my job because I record through the laptop. I bought the extended warranty, and, of course, the salesperson told me it was covered even if you drop it. Well, he lied. After sending the computer off once and the sound still did not work, a manager at the store told us to send it off one more time, and if it was not fixed, they would replace it. Well, we came back, and another manager told us we would have to send it off one more time, and then they would replace it. Well, in the interim a little plastic piece broke off at the hinge where the screen attaches to the computer. Everything still works; it's just this little piece that broke off because of normal wear and tear of opening and closing the screen. Because of this, they told me it was damaged and they would not touch it. I would have to get this fixed first. Well, in order to fix it, I have to get a new screen, which will cost about $800. My husband went up to the store and basically chewed them out, and they said that my warranty was bad and that there was abuse to the computer because of this little plastic piece which has nothing to do with the operation of the computer. The manager also told my husband a little story about a guy who came in and just had a key that popped off and that voided his warranty. This is totally ridiculous. So now I have to buy a new laptop because the sound is not good enough to work with. They pretty much didn't care. They kept saying that was Circuit City's policy. It's funny, but it didn't say anything about it being void because of damage in the warranty disclosure they gave me. I'm wondering where this policy is. Christina Jackson, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Tennessee
95, Report #423175
Feb 11 2009
08:42 PM
Circuit City, Vienna, VA Circuit City sold me a broken & previously returned camera as new Vienna Virginia
Circuit City sold me a broken and previously returned Canon PowerShot SX110IS camera as new for $206.85 in their going out of business sale. I did not realize it when I bought it. When I got it home and tried to use it, I got a lens error, restart camera. At that time I noticed that there were MANY fingerprints on my camera, including the lens, and the box had the bar code covered by black magic marker. When I called Circuit City and told them the camera was broken, they told me that the sale was final, even if they had sold me broken merchandise as new. They referred me to Canon Warranty Service. They had replaced the returned (opened) batteries with brand new (in the wrapper) batteries in the box - this represents their attempt to commit fraud. After much research on the internet, I realize that this error is fatal, and that Canon Service will fix this problem for about $175. I am now just waiting to hear back from Canon. I have not been able to take a single picture with this camera. Ripped-off in vienna Potomac, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Vienna, Virginia
96, Report #353007
Jul 18 2008
08:45 PM
Circuit City Incorporated Orlando Rip Off-Circuit City Does Stand By Their Products Orlando Florida
I purchased a 73' Mitsubishi DLP Widescreen Television (WD-73735 SN:100196) from Circuit City (400 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando Fl, 32828 407-2739621) at 6:57PM on June 19th in good faith and with intention of years of reliability and enjoyment. (We also purchased a television stand, power/surge protector, HDMA chord, and Advantage Protection Planan additional $700-800 in accessories). The young lady who sold the television to us asked us if we had a truck to take it home. I thought it would fit in my SUV. She said it was much too large and went and had it measured for us. She recommended that we go to Home Depot and rent a truck. We decided to go with a friend and his truck. PXXX drove over to the friend's house (she did not have her telephone with their number). This took about 35 minutes. We completed the purchase process and the box was loaded onto a friends pickup truck by store employees and a few of our friends in the store's customer pickup drive-up area. The television was delivered to my residence at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Orlando FL, 32822. My 14 year old daughter and I opened the television box by removing the packing straps. We lifted the box clear of the television and started to clear away the packing wrap on the television. I noticed that the right side of the television screen (facing the TV from front) was bowed out, protruding past the edge of the television. There was a good size gap that one could see what appeared to be mirrors laying loose on the bottom of the set. I took two pictures of the gap in the television screen and I later learned (at the store during return) that my daughter had taken a video of the damage and television during the unpacking with her cel phone). It can be seen from the pictures and video that the base of the television was still wrapped on all sides and that the screen is protruding. I tried to call Circuit City to tell them the television was damaged but the store was closed (this can be seen on the video). It was decided that we would return the television first thing next morning. Pxxxx, our daughter, and I packed up the television. We had the cable people coming between 4-6PM and we wanted to get a good television in place. I rented a pickup truck because our friend was working and we loaded and delivered the television back to the Circuit City Store. Since we live in a mobile home all was necessary was to move away the outside stairs and slide the television carton out the door and right into the truck. I went into the store and told a Circuit City employee that I needed to return a television because it was broken. He said OK and came out with a small cart. The television was unloaded by the store employee. I told him to be careful because the straps were not secure. He said no problem. I offered to help and he implied no need and pulled the carton off of the pickup truck to a push cart that was too short for the size of the box. It would tilt up and down and needed to be balanced. He walked the television to the front of the store and accidentally banged it into the door (he was expecting the door to open automatically). He asked me to go in and stand near the door so that it would open, which I did. I asked him if it was alright to leave the truck in the pick-up zone while we went through the exchange and he said it would be alright. I went to the Customer Service desk and told them I wanted to return a television because it was broken. Both the person behind the counter and I walked over to the corner of the store where the television was left. I told him how I discovered the damage to the television during the unpacking. Two of the store attendants started to open the television box by opening from the top instead of just lifting the box off of the television. The person from behind the counter told them to stop and just lift the top of the carton off of the television. When the box is removed another store employee pulls away the packing and pushes in the protruding screen back into the frame. (I thought to that itall fixed?) No one has spoken to menot even the person who was at the counter. I ask what the delay is and they say that they have to wait for that man. (They in this case is the counter man, the man that took the television off of the truck and I believe two other employees.) The Man (later learned to be the Store Manager) comes to the box and says nothing to me or Pxxx. He looks at the box and then starts to examine in minute detail the television. I show him where the screen was protruded and one of the other store employees points out where it appears that there is something pressing against the screen from the inside. The Man moves the packing material from around the lower corner of the television and then walks away. I do not believe the man saw the protrusion of the screen because he arrived after one of the store employees pushed it back into its frame. He is talking on the telephone in the distance. The Man eventually returns and apologizes and introduces himself as the the store manager and that he had spoken with the district manager. He said since there is no apparent damage to the carton and that there is damage to the set itself in the two locations (protrusion area and corner (surprisingly the corner that the store employee hit against the door)) that Circuit City would not exchange or refund the cost of the television. At this point he has not asked me anything about the damagejust made an inspection, a telephone call and a decision. I was very upset. Pxxx is wondering what is going on and I tell her that they are not going to return or refund the television. She asks why and I tell her they believe that we have damaged the television. She says that this is not true and all we did was open the box. All of this fell on deaf ears. The television costs $3000.00. I reiterated to the store manager that the only thing that we did was cut away the straps, lift off the box, clear away the packing and stopped when we saw that the television screen was protruding. He stated that the mirrors were broken and the corner of the television was broken as well. Since there was no damage to the box and that they would not have given us broken televisions that Circuit City would not pay refund or do exchange. He said that the employee who delivered the carton to our car on purchase would not have given us the television because they would have heard the broken glass inside. (There was no sound of broken glass inside on delivery or returnthe store manager did not hear and broken glass as well.) I asked to speak with someone higher and he said that he has already conferred with the Regional Director. I spoke with the Regional Director. The regional director just parrots the Store Manager's decision that no refund or replacement since it cannot be proven that the damage to the television occurred in Circuit City. I again told him that all we did was open the box and discovered the damage. We put the box back on the television and delivered it to Circuit City. I told him I was expecting him to stand behind their guarantee and their product. I did not do anything here but open a box and that I was being stuck for $3000. He said that he was sticking by the guarantee and that the guarantee says in its original condition. I told him that you sold it to me broken and I am returning it to you as I received it. He was unconcerned and that his decision was final. Note: I do not understand the issue of the condition of the box. If the box is not damaged then Circuit City does not cover the television. If the box is damageddoes that mean they would cover the damage or would they infer that the damage on the box was after the Television left the store and therefore would not cover the damage to the television---damage to box=no coverage; no damage to box=no coverage. I am at a loss. I told store manager that I was going to stop the credit card because I was not going to be taken advantage of and stuck for a television that is broken that I did not break. He said if I believed it was a manufacturer's defect I should go through the Manufacturer-Mitsubishi. I told him how can it be a defectit is not a burned out bulb or something that was not made rightit is broken. The store manager told me that there is apparent evidence of physical damage to the set. I said that the only way the set could get physical damage would be if I (we) lifted the television out of the packing and dropped it in some way. He looked at me affirmatively and stated that he has a lot of experience in this area. I told him again that all we did was to open the box, pull away the packing, see the damage, take pictures, and close the box. I told him I was not going to be stuck for $3000 for something I had nothing to do with. I told him I was going to stop the credit card. Pxxx wants to know if we can go to small claims court. He said that is my right stop credit card if I chose to and he gave me a telephone number for Corporate. I told store manager that it was not right that we were being stuck for the $3000 and that there was not going to be a refund. He said that if they took the television back that they would have to write off the $3000 and it was not in their budget. The store manage and everyone now left. We stayed by the television and I continued to make calls. I called Circuit City corporate and spoke with a young lady. I relayed the entire story. She then sent me to an Escalator or Escalation Department. I spoke to a gentlemenI told him the entire story. He said he would talk to the store management and would be right back. After being on hold an inordinate amount of time he came back and said that there was going to be no resolution and basically repeated what the Store Manager and Regional Manager said about no refund, no exchange. I again stated my disbelief and restated what we had donejust opened a box and found damage, closed, returned, the box. While I was explaining this again I noted that the individual had Hung up. Now what you have is Pxxxx, our daughter and mealonenear an unpacked and broken television within Circuit City while all the employees went about doing their business. Circuit City was done with us. The implication is that we unpacked the television, broke the television, put the television back in the box, and then attempted to return a broken television. The reality is that we purchased a television in good faith, brought it home, discovered the damage, documented the damage, repacked the television, brought the television back for a refund/exchange and were denied and left felt as if we were crooks or felons. At this time my daughter relates to me that she has the previous evenings unpacking and damage discovery on her cel phone video. I watch with her and the protruding screen is evident as well as the television still in a partial unpack condition sitting in its box. Pxxxx is on the couch (upset) and I can be seen looking at the receipt with cel phone in hand calling Circuit City. I call the store manager over and have him look at the video and pointed out that the television never left the box, was never removed from the box, is only partially unwrapped and there the damage (protruding screen) is evident. He says nothing and walks away unmoved by visual evidence that we only opened the box and discovered the damage. I called the Bank of America Credit Card Company. I related the story of the television, our treatment, the refusal of Circuit City to refund/replace, and implication that we were at fault. The BOA rep advised me to take the television back to the house, document everything that happened in a letter to BOA, and send letter to BOA in Wilmington Delaware. She was incredulous on how poorly the Circuit City staff and employees were handling this situation. She asked me if we had purchased any warranty with the television. I told her we had paid an additional $289 for an Advantage Warranty. She said to go home and call the warranty people and document what they said about the television. I called the warranty people for the Circuit City Advantage warranty. I spoke with a gentleman. I related the entire story of the television and my efforts at getting a replacement. He said that the warranty that I had was for service and repair and not for the type damages that I had discovered. He could not believe that they inspected the boxes and did not give my money/replacement. He wanted to know what the inspection of the box was all about that they should have just replaced the television because it was broken. He offered to work through Circuit City Corporate to see if he could get a resolution. After a long time on hold, I was turned over to a woman who said the resolution to my issue was that she could not overturn the decision of the Store Manager or Regional Manager. I told her my story and she said that she understood but if I felt the television was defective that I should work it through the manufacturer June 23. Contacted Circuit City to get proof of refusal of return. Escalation department stated that the register receipt would be proof of purchase and she could/would not be able to provide corporate documentation on conversations for this refusal. She stated that the complaint # would suffice for the rejection of return. June 24. Received telephone message from the Executive Assistant to the President/CEO of Circuit City that they were in receipt of my complaint and concerns but their decision was not to allow return or replacement of the television. Recommended that I contact Mitsubishi if I felt it was a defect. July 7 (5:00PM). Advised by Pxxxxx that they had received a letter from Circuit City CEO dated July 1, 2008 I have rewritten the letter leaving out the particular names and addresses. It was signed by the CEO: Thank you for contactin my offic regarding the Mitsubishi television you purchased on June 19, 2008. Executive Assistant XXXXXX discussed your concerns with District Manager XXXXXX and relayed his findings. i wish to send this brief note as follow up to the situation. It was discouraging to hear that upon opening your television you discovered that it was damaged. We hope to ensure great customer experiences in our stores and beyond every sales. Your situation is unfortunate, and we are certainly sorry. As I understand it, XXXX (District Manager) had a chance to speak with regarding your concerns. Unfortunately, he unable to offer you a refund or a replacement telvision however he would like to extend to you the offer of a discount towards the purchase of another unit. We support XXXX's offer as a gesture of goodwill and apology for your poor experience. Should you choose to accept the discount please contact him at It is important to note that this offer will expire 10 days following receipt of this letter. We value your patronage, MR. xxxxxx, and look forward to future opportunities ot serve you in our store nationwide or on the Web at Again, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Sincerely CEO Signature. NOTE: The television is currently being repaired by the manufacturer under their warranty. This is an excellent thing for the manufacturer to do. It does not negate the rip-off instituted by Circuit City. I have filed complaints with several State, County, and Federal consumer protection agencies as well as telling everyone I date the list of people that are aware of this Circuit City experience is considerable. ************************ ************************ Ripped off in orlando Wichita, KansasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City
Entity: Orlando, Florida
97, Report #360300
Aug 07 2008
09:40 AM
Circuit City To Whom It May Concern Circuit City or Future Consumers of CC Dallas Texas
I purchased an HP printer HP OJPROL7580 for $299.99 via ticket # 050903936127, on 5/31/07, and purchased a protection plan on the same ticket for $59.99 (1/5 of the cost of the printer). At that time I was sold the warranty, I was told that problems were as SIMPLE as returning to the store where purchased and an equivalent replacement would be made. I never expected to experience problems with this printer, but I did. It pulled the legal size scans back into the feeder and I had to retrieve those sheets by tugging very firmly on the paper, since there was no release scan head release on the machine. Then a few weeks ago, I experienced jamming, the power off signals came on and the only way to reboot the machine was to unplug it. After unplugging, the machine reset and with each attempt, the same jamming and power off message came on - only I could not power off and would have to unplug. I unplugged this machine, hauled it back to the Circuit City where it was purchased, along with the receipt. After waiting for quite a while, the manager told me that they could not replace the machine on the spot, and that might have been the policy when I purchased the machine, but that was not the policy for the machine now. The warranty was now serviced by a different entity. I would have to file a claim and send it to the replacement people. I had their people call the replacement center 800-555-4615 and I was given an incident number, 11790772, and told that a replacement (possibly refurbed) would be shipped via UPS and that I could put the old one in the ups box and ship this back. This is a large printer, it took a great effort to get this 3 flights of stairs, take this machine to the retail store, haul it back and forth through the parking lot and bring it back to the original position. This was about July 12th or 13th. I called this morning and the 800-555-4615 # did not work. After calling the store again with no resolution, I dialed several other repair #'s for different services and found someone who transferred me to Don who looked up the order. He said the order was not filed through the correct routing. Don diligently worked on helping get this repair taken care of - he told me that no later than 10 business days from today (7/29/2008) I would have a replacement (comparable but not the same model number - which I totally understand). I will be most happy when this printer is actually replaced - but I felt compelled to record and report the past month's transactions related to this printer. Again, I gave 1/5 the cost of the printer and was told the policy was a great buy at the time of purchase, because I could bring the problem into the store and a like model would be available for replacement. I didn't anticipate the printer's failure - however, I gambled on the policy - what I didn't anticipate was the stores failure to honor the policy the clerk presented. I sincerely hope that I receive a replacement model - I have lost a month's productivity in waiting, additionally I've spent about 2 hours on the phone this morning trying to discover what was happening with the incident. Please help me track this incident #11790772, Model HP OJPROL7580, Serial No. MY73M33038, purchased 5/25/2007, on ticket number 050903926127. Please have your sales clerk's represent your service plans accurately upon purchase. And, please review the repair/replacement procedures - they cost your customers more money than that initial purchase price by lost work productivity when a product is down!!!! With the economy down, customer services is more important than ever - it represents return sales! UPDATE: I phone in today (8/7/2008) to your small appliance repair people to get transferred to the 800-555-4615 service people, because I couldn't get through to the 800-555-4615 service people, although I had entered all the pertinent information - the phone line went BLANK/DEAD. When I finally got transferred to a rep, I was told that yesterday it was authorized that a GIFT CARD was to be sent in the amount of $299.00 - within the next 10 days!!!!! I have lost untold productivity due to the malfunction and subsequent apathy of Circuit City regarding the Protection Plan I purchased. Your Advantage plan is a hoax, a scam and a total waste of anyone's hard earned cash to purchase, given that you do not HONOR the terms. I understand why this corporation is struggling financially no honesty, flagrant apathy of service, and a phone/contact system that equates to a string and a tin can. THE ABOVE IS MY JOURNAL OF TRANSACTIONS WITH THE CIRCUIT CITY WARRANTY PROGRAM. Anonymous online Dallas, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Circuit City
Entity: Dallas, Texas
98, Report #427257
Feb 22 2009
06:39 PM
Circuit City Cheat Consumer for 2008 Black Friday Purchase Rebate Circuit City Online Purchase Nationwide
I purchased a HP laptop and web cam on Nov. 28 (black Friday) from Circuit City web site. Both items are eligible for rebate as their advertisement. Five and six weeks after I submitted my rebate online (, I received emails said both rebates are valid and had been processed, checks (have 2 checks number) are issued on Jan. 21. I should received them within 5-10 business days. But I never received them,and I called and emailed Circuit City rebate center (1-888-244-6594), I was told I should wait till Feb 21 2009(30days) to call for re-issuing checks if not received by then. I called the rebate center today (Feb. 22nd, 2009), I was told both rebate are valid and processed and rebate checked printed, but not mailed out, so they can not re-issue checks and said they only processed the rebate, have no time frame when Circuit City will mail checks. Now I realized that Circuit City is cheating all the consumers by offering rebates during the holiday shopping season, and announced liquidation on Jan. 16, 2009, and lied to consumer all the rebates money. Anyone knows how to deal with it? Georgia Boyds, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #310638
Feb 20 2008
07:01 PM
Circuit City Forget about Rebates, Circuit City Does Braintree Massachusetts
I wished I had known about Circuit City's Fraudulant rebate offers. I purchased a laptop and was offered a printer & a Anti-virus program. The printer was $80.00 with a mail in rebate, the antivirus was $60.00 with a mail in rebate and there was an additional $30.00 off the laptop. It's now 8 weeks later and I've heard nothing. I contacted Circuit City and was told the printer rebate was on the way, that is after they processed a check. The website on the antivirus software and the rebate off the laptop do NOT exist. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, this charge is on my credit card and I resent paying them money for something that should have been free. No one should have to go through all the hassles of chasing a rebate. I truly believe that they completly ignore all rebates. Buyers beware! Linda Braintree, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Braintree, Massachusetts
100, Report #310231
Feb 19 2008
05:15 PM
Circuit City Circuit City is running a Bad Buisness Sanford Florida
I purchased a 52 inch Hitachi High Definition Flat Screen television from Circuit City. Although I did not actually see the television come out of the box, it looked new to me. Five months later it failed to turn on. On December 4, 2007 the TV was taken away for repairs, and I was told that it was going to take two weeks to get it back. More than two and a haft month went by and the Television was still waiting for parts from the Manufacture to come in. finally after filling a complaints with the Department of the Attorney General, on January 29, 2008 Circuit City arranged a Manufacture exchange for the replacement of my television and on January 31st 2007. The broken television was brought back to me from the repair shop, and as of today, February 19th 2008 Circuit have not replaced my Television. Dissatisfied with the quality of service, I still make my monthly payment on a broken television. Guillermo Deltona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sanford, Florida

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