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26, Report #606209
May 22 2010
04:19 PM
Comcast - Comcast Cable hidden fees, deceptive customer service Seattle, Washington
All cable service subscribers need a digital box to continue service when Comcast converted signals from analogue to digital last year. During my call to request such a box, customer representative told me, the box is free, you can pick it up from our stores, or we can ship it to you.  how much would it be to have it shipped to me?' Let's see, there is a $9.95 shipping fee.So I opted for having it shipped.   Upon receiving the bill, the total charge for the box is $30.17.  In addition to the $9.95 shipping, there is an addition charge of $14.95 for the Video self install Kit + tax, franchise fees..etc.I called to ask what the $14.95 is, given that I was told the box is free.  CS says, it's for shipping the kit to you.  isn't that what the shipping fee is?  $9.95?  I was told the kit is free.yes, the box is free, but when we send it to you, there is an addition charge for having to send it to you, and that's $14.95.there's nothing in the kit except for the box, which you said is free.  Had I gone to pick this kit up myself from your local store, it'd no charge at all?yesSo, basically, the previous CS deceived me for saying the cost difference is $9.95.  He should have said $30.  More importantly,  I think Comcast is trying to use deceptive tactics when saying there is a shipping charge for us go through the process of physically shipping the box ($14.95), and then there is another shipping fee which is for shipping ($9.95)   The customer service person was even having trouble explaining how ridiculous this all sounds... Upon arguing further, they agree to waive the $14.95, but I feel I need to report this deceptive action.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
27, Report #606756
May 24 2010
03:26 PM
Comcast - Comcast Cable Unsavory Hidden Charges Gahanna, Ohio
Dear Comcast,I was told that I was going to have Showtime free for the first three damn months. I was charged for the second god damned f**king month in a row! B***ards! And what the bull f**king hell is a Franchise Fee of $4.62 a month! I AM PISSED! If I don't get a full refund I'm going to take you to small claims court and take my business to COMCAST! and once you see my d**k you won't want it!!!
Entity: Gahanna, Ohio
28, Report #584091
Mar 22 2010
02:21 PM
Comcast - Comcast Cable rip off company towson, Maryland
FIRST OFF I AM VERY UPSET WITH COMCAST AS THEY ARE DISHONEST AND RUDE PEOPLE THAT WORK AT THIS COMPOANY. I had got the triple play supposed to be for 99 dollars mthly before tax. My bill has been at least 200 dollars plus a month since then. now they claim i have been having adult movies ordered which the representative stated she can block the boxes, now that another movie were ordered, and mind you noone could have ordered it at 12:30 am when my kids were sleep in my bed. I asked if a technician can check to see if someone's stealing my cable, the answer was no, I ordered these or someone and I have to pay for them. The other issue is the falsified advertisement for gift checks which I have not seen yet after I sent the redemption form back in jan. 2010, when you call they have no information on it. I am so tired of this company getting over on me I have had ther service since end of december,2009, this is march,2010, and I have paid close to 800 dollars in cable bills or more. It's funny how the contractors that even work for their company would offer you the opportunity to steal cable like evryone else, and pay them under the table, since their employees are dishonest as well, and when you try to be honest and do things the right way this is what you get
Entity: towson, Maryland
29, Report #618424
Jun 28 2010
01:01 PM
Comcast - Comcast Cable Brian L. Roberts, Disconnected service for NO REASON. Incompetant Technicians , Internet
I had a Comcast technician (tech #9187) come to my front door and ask if my address was 701 Ogden. I told him my address was 711 Ogden and pointed to the 5 inch numbers engraved in concrete on the front of my home. I also gave him instructions on how to get to the address he was looking for. Ten minutes later my cable TV goes out. I called comcast and I informed them about the tech who came to my door. Comcast stated he was there to disconnect 701 Ogden but had accidently disconnected my home. I asked if my service would be immediately restored since it was there stupid mistake. You would think they would contact the technician and immediately send him back to restore service. Not comcast! The operator stated she had no way of contacting the technician. She could only submit a service ticket regardless if it was their mistake or not. Unbelievable! I spoke to supervisor (Nakita #NJ4) who was less helpful than the person she supervised. I guess their Customer Guarantee really means nothing to comcast. I had previously switched my internet service to AT&T because although comcast was faster it was very unreliable. Comcast techs could never fix it. And I work from home so internet service to me is crucial. I have had only 1 service interruption since I switched to AT&T but they fixed it the same day. Within a couple of hours of my call. I am very satisfied with AT&T internet service. I think its time to swith to AT&T u-verse tv.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #832962
Feb 02 2012
03:07 PM
Comcast Comcast Cable, Comcast Internet Comcast Blackmailing me into new 3-Year Contract Naples, Florida
Comcast is attempting to force me into a new 3-year contract for pay a $1,400 termination for a contract that expires in Nov. for $60 per month. I am moving locations and in order to cancel at one location they want a new 3-year contract or $1,400. The Supervisor just told me, that's just how it is, we want your loyalty. Translation, screw you, you will do a new contract or we will rip you a new one. This is outlandish behavior by a monopoly that has no morals. The execs at Comcast should be jailed and locked up for decades. What can I do to fight back from this abuse?
Entity: Naples, Florida
31, Report #389089
Nov 07 2008
07:41 PM
Comcast Technically challenged idiots who work for comcast Fresno Texas
These people who work for Comcast here in the Houston area are stupid. Comcast took over timewarner about a year ago and ever since then the service has sucked. The cable never works and the internet is always out of service. We switched to direct tv and even during hurricane Ike our satelite worked but it took the idiots at comcast over 3 weeks to get cable and internet back up. Comcast needs to get the heck out of Houston. These people at comcast must think I am some stupid idiot but me and my husband grew up in the high tech up in Portland and Seattle and we have been using computers all the way back since the early 80's when there was still big floppy disk and punch cards. These people at comcast need to call Bill Gates and Paul Allen at Microsoft and get some proper training or call Steve Jobs with Apple. But luckily me and my husband know other ways to get internet without comcast. If you live in Houston area avoid COMCAST and save your money cause they are out to screw you. Andrea Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fresno, Texas
32, Report #403633
Dec 21 2008
08:15 AM
Comcast Rebate Theft by COMCAST Vallejo California
Who is going to stop this Comcast monster from stealing from the public? Is there no oversight into the rip-off scam Comcast continues with in offering rebates for switching to comcast then..never making good on the rebate. Rebate Theft from Comcast. No accountability. No integrity. They must be based out of an office on Wall Street. After you sign up non-payment of the rebate is bad enough but the customer service is appalling. Comcast need to be shut down for consumer fraud. Okaren vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vallejo, California
33, Report #462520
Jun 18 2009
07:52 AM
Comcast stay away far away from Comcast Richmond Virginia
My husband and we have been having problems for the past 2 to 3 years with Comcast with the services and prices. I had all three of the services and the signals kept getting lost and slow connection on the net. The phone service is bad. I wouldn't get half of the calls. On April 16, 2009 my husband went and turned in everything and told them to cancel our service since we are going to get service from another company. We had all three services switched to Verizon. When my husband turned in everything he was told that the bill is cleared we didn't owe anything. Well here it is mid June and we get a bill saying we owe a $670. I called them this morning told them my husband turned in everything and the receipt was marked closed account. It had the date o n there when it was closed. When I told her that she stated that since a tech didn't come out to the house it was still active. I did tell her when someone hands in the equipment and says to close the account close it. She also claimed that you dont need equipment. I did tell her that her company is out to get money from people that don't have it. Ladyvajedi Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
34, Report #832778
Feb 02 2012
10:18 AM
COMCAST Comcast Corporation, Worse Customer Treatment and Service CONSISTENTLY Miami, Florida
COMCAST?  Shame on YOU!  Where are the bosses of the bosses in this company?!  Do they not know what type of crappy service the reps and supervisors are giving the customers? Lies, cheats, scamming, deception, misinformation, poor follow-ups, no sense of courtesy, attitudes, rudeness.  Those are the words we would describe Comcast by. If I had only one bad experience- I would've let it go.  But this was a consistent battle with these people for over 4 weeks.  To this date, after only a month of service, they are still being the most incompetent set of 10-I0Ts I have ever encountered. All we wanted was to connect the Internet for our little girl so she can study when we moved in to our new home.  They promised to be there on a certain date and we made an appointment.  My wife had to call off of work that day just to be able to be present and have the internet service connected.  They said the account name had a 50.00 dollar balance and that we can pay it directly to the technician when he goes to install the internet.  Here are ALL of the mistake they made in bullet points. - They canceled the appointment because of the balance they said could be paid to the tech.  Apparently it could NOT be paid this way, ALTHOUGH the Rep told us is can.  Misinformation/Poor Education.  Of course we paid it online and tried again to begin the appointment setting process. - Canceled the appointment and did not call us, so my wife missed work waiting all day. - Put her on hold for 30-45 min increments that entire day, and stating that they will send somebody out and that the appointment was still active.  Needless to say- we were waiting until 8pm until we figured out nobody was coming and the department was closed. - They made another appointment, and failed to miss that one and call for a heads-up that they WERE NOT coming- AGAIN. -  Every time in between calling to confirm the appointment, they placed us on hold over 25 minutes, sometimes 35-45 minutes. - They offered a credit after multiple times asking for one for the huge inconvenience of my wife missing work.  They said it was commented in the order and that they would waive the installation.  -  Upon making another appointment (which by now we should have not wanted this company's service), they WERE ABLE to confirm that they saw the waiving of the installation... - They finally came- LATE by an hour and 13 minutes.  Now, there's a message, that we were fortunate to hear over 30 times while on hold all those times, that states:  If comcast is late to an appointment, they will credit you an additional 20 dollars. - Finally get the bill and guess what?  There is NO CREDIT, NO INSTALLATION WAIVED, TAxes for TV service which we do NOT have. -  Got charged an In-Home installation charge of 40 bucks, which as far as we know, is an installation charge, although they are claiming that it is not, that it is another type of charge: Semantics! - Called back;  the reps were rude.  The comments for the waiving of the installation were conveniently not able to be seen, although confirmed word-by-word by a rep on a previous call, and they WERE ACTUALLY PISSED that we were calling to say that we wanted to Guaranteed Credit of 20 dollars that they offer if they're late. -  On hold for 30 minutes, WITH SILENCE, no hold music, and then they would just hang up. -  Called back- more attitudes, more rudeness, and of course on hold to speak to a manager/sup, and held for 45 minutes, IN SILENCE, and then hung up. My wife has cried because it's almost like they're playing games to see how far they can push a person's buttons.  I have lost sleep.  My wife a day of work, and NOBODY will step up and say, the customer is right.  It was Comcast's error, multiple times, and we will waive any installation charges as promised after we missed your second appointment, and also the 20 dollar credit which is rightfully yours for us being late more than 1 hour. Nobody will do anything.  We call and they just place us on hold.  It's not about complaining, it's about the principle.  Never once did we lose our temper, as more flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.  But this does not help.  HERE's WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN An investigation should be done in that call center.  Our phone numbers should be used to pull up every recorded call coming from our telephones and reviewed CAREFULLY to PROVE that we are saying the truth, and EVERYBODY involved, from the bottom to the top of the ladder, should be FIRED! It is inconceivable that we should have to beg so many times, just to get service, be promised things that were not given to us, and on top of it all, get attitude and rude service. I've worked at a call center.  All those calls are recorded.  Somebody has to answer for this, or we are going straight to the top.  Mr. Roberts, prepare for a wonderful conversation, sir.  I hope you are ready to answer and take responsibilty for this.  Are you aware of what's going on in the company you are leading, sir?  I don't think a corporation that big should be unaware of the poor, incompetent service their reps are providing to loyal long-time customers with families.  How are you letting this happen when there are so many people willing to work and be proud of their workmanship, that don't have jobs? This is BEYOND ridiculous- it's pathetic.  How is your company still alive?
Entity: Miami, Florida
35, Report #727140
May 09 2011
03:30 AM
Comcast Comcast billing rip off Philadelpha, Pennsylvania
I live in Miami, FL. I had Comcast triple play for 3 years. The last year that I had Comcast they switched over to infinity. My cable bill was suppose to be $125.00 a month. Everytime I called them I was told that my monthly bill was $125.00 a month. Then I started to get a bill in the mail every month for $200+ dollars a month. When I called they would say well just pay it this month and you will be caught up with fees. Then the next month the same thing. I would get so upset arguing with them on the phone every month. Then I finally cancelled my cable service. They sent me a box to return the equipment. I packed up the eqipment in their box and took it to UPS for shipping. I went on-line with the tracking number and they had recieved it. Two weeks later they sent a guy to my home to tell me that I had not returned the equipment. I was moving to another place the same day that he showed up and everything was packed away. But I told him that I sent it. Then I get a bill for $300.00 for what I do not know.. Equipment? breaking the contract? I have no idea, but I will not pay them another dime since they riped me off.  They owe me money. I do not owe them.
Entity: Philadelpha, Pennsylvania
36, Report #853574
Mar 14 2012
06:47 AM
Comcast cable Comcast gives it self a rase Internet
All Comcast Cable SubscribersIn this month bill please notices that we AGAIN have given Comcast a big pay rase. On my bill my cable went up another $5.60 so total  cost is now $1,302.84 a year  from $1,235.76 a year a increase of $67.08 dollars a year. Now just think of all of us that have cable...just in Michigan alone they must be at least let say one hundred thousand People, and I know there's more but to use that figure That means 100000 times the increase of the $67.08 they get a rase ofSIX Hundred Seventy Million Eight Hundred Thousand Eight Hundred DollarsEVERY YEARNow That's One Hell Of A RaseAnd  if you think of ALL the customers It's even Meany More MILLIONSEVEN  BILLIONS Of DOLLARSSo I have to say They Stuck It To Us Real Good One More Time. Maybe we should change over to a Dish or go back to a Antenna because To tell the truth The shits not worth it.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #917959
Jul 26 2012
01:57 PM
Comcast Comcast is not customer support , Internet
We signed up for comcast internet about 2 years ago, then I needed to upgrade my internet, upon calling they stated a price, I took their Support ID, and discussed with my wife, upon calling back in less than 10 minutes, I was told there was no such deal and I would have to sign up for tv in order to get a discount that was good for a year.  I took their information as well.  Upon going to get my receiver, I attempted to confirm the price to be told that it was going to be $30 more.  I discussed the pricing error with the lady and provided the support representatives information.  She stated she would get this fixed and provide the pricing I was promised for a year.  Six months later, my bill went up $30.  I called and they told me that no, that I was not on a discounted rate for a year, but they would fix it so that it just went up $5/6 months until it reach the normal price.  after a year, my bill went up $20 dollars, at that time I asked what if I cancelled my cable, they said it would actually stay the same price.  I confirmed, I am not in any contract, they stated, no you are not.  I recently signed up for home security through them and no have to move.  They do not offer services where I am going to move, so I discussed with family to see if they could assume the alarm, my family was ok, with it, however, every time I call to find out cost and process for transferring, I get told to call someone else.  I told them of this about the 4th call.  Then I get told by their representative, that they are getting the same response I am so they will call me back in about 30 minutes, after about 24 hours, I called again speaking to another individual, they stated that they would call me back in about an hour.  She also stated that somehow I am now in a contract that started back in May 2011, I explained that we never signed a contract and I wasn't in a contract in April 2012, so how am I in one now that started almost a year before that.  It has now been over 5 hours and no call yet.
Entity: Internet, Internet
38, Report #930118
Aug 20 2012
07:33 PM
Comcast Comcast billing rips its customer off Internet
I have been using Comcast for more than ten years. I think something has gone wrong with Comcast billing system, because I have received conflicting bills and I have been over charged. Sometime in June 2012 I called Comcast and told them I would be moving from PA to MN. The person who answered the phone told me I must disconnect my service in PA and then schedule a new service in MN. I told her to disconnect my service in PA on JULY 20, 2012. Unfortunately, my Comcast service was disconnected on JUNE 20, 2012. It took me a couple of days to clear that problem. Then, Comcast billed me on June 23 for $128.49, despite the fact that I already paid the bill in full ($68.55) on June 5th. After I paid another bill in full ($68.55) on July 6th, Comcast billed me again on July 13 and then on July 19 with a huge amount. When I talked to a Comcast agent (Sherry) to discontinue my service on July 20, she told me not to submit any payment after I paid the July bill. But Comcast charged me twice in July. When I talked to a supervisor Leah, she said the information from Sherry was not correct. Without  realizing that my bank had already paid $68.55 on July 5th, I made another payment ($59.49) on July 23, 2012. When I received my bank report and found I paid twice in July, I called Comcast about the payment. It took me almost an hour to reach an alive person, because I was transferred from one agent to another and then got disconnected. Supervisor Leah refused to refund the second payment ($59.49) I made in July.  After moving to St. Paul, MN, I had my Comcast service installed on July 23, 2012. A few days later, I received a bill from Comcast, asking me to pay $91.83, which included one month Cable TV/ Internet fee and an installation fee. The bill indicates the due day of payment is August 18, 2012. On August 13, 2012, Comcast issued another bill asking me to pay one month service in the amount of $48.97 plus the $91.83 from the previous bill. In other words, between July 23 and August 13, 2012, I was asked to pay two month Cable TV/ Internet fees, which does not make any sense at all. Again, Comcast rips its customers off. What can I do to get justice? 
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #949851
Oct 02 2012
02:38 PM
comcast COMCAST :THIEVES AND IGNORANT PEOPLE!!!!! hollywoodI, Florida
comcast is a big of crap company.all they do is lies to customers about their bills. they use uneducated people that are trained to lie in your face and all they do is give you bs. i was forced to pay for an pay per view event that i ordered by mistake.i corrected the mistake the same day and three months later they are still charging me for it.i spent four hours on the phone with them and i spoke to so many people in different countries and not one of them could fix my issue.all they did was asked for info not pertaining to my account like ss and dob. i was forced to pay the amount because they disconnected my service. an fcc compalint will be filed because of this fraudulent activity. people stay away from them you are better served by going to direct tv or another company.
Entity: hollywoodI, Florida
40, Report #876309
Apr 30 2012
06:08 PM
COMCAST Comcast fraudulent charges or technician Internet, Internet
COMCAST charged me 28.50 for a technician visit to my house when there was a problem with their signal. I requested to take the charges off because I never agreed to pay, they are thieves because they said that the charges are valid.  They think that because they provide the services they have the right to ccharge whatever they want.   DONT USE COMCAST, better off without cable.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #329760
Apr 30 2008
07:36 PM
Comcast HSIComcast Comcast and their False Advertisements. Hayward California
First of all when I signed up with Comcast, they had that $33 per service such as home phone, internet and cable with no contract. When I signed up that day the lady asked me which city I lived in and she told me that in my area the home phone service was not available which I didn't care I only wanted the internet and cable. I ended up finding out that its not $33 for the internet they had slapped on an extra 3 dollars without me knowing and charged me for service that they said they charge when and if a customer had damaged the comcast property such as modem etc. I was having problems with my internet, my cable would be okay but my internet was interrupted so when I called Comcast they told me they were sorry for the inconvenience and they were trying to fix the outage. This outage happened atleast 3 times a week. I was so frustrated because I couldn't start up my home business like I could which was dependent on internet, so I demanded them to either discount my bill because they charge way too much for services. When the problem kept occuring with the internet I kept calling Comcast and besides their rude reps they asked me if I wanted someone to come and see whats up with the connection? I had said yes. The rep told me that this is something they have to tell everyone for service that If they found out the modem has been damaged on my behalf or abandoment if it fell in water or etc I'd be charged $49.95 I told them my Modem has been sitting up high where there is no way anything could have happened to it. When the techs came out to check out the connection they asked me who came to connect the modem and etc. I said someone that came in their own truck (not comcast truck) I seen those two guys looking startled at the way the cable was set up they even said out of their own mouth look like he was doing a half fast job. Anyway they ended up changing the modem and giving me better cables for better connection. The interruption problem don't really occur like before. A few months later Comcast keeps calling and telling me about my bill being late so I looked online to see what I owe and I seen it was more than what its suppose to be. I looked at it and not only did they raise the internet up $3 more but they had charged me $49.95. I called them up and asked why is the internet $36 instead of $33 he said the modem cost $3 dollars more. I argued with him and said why did it not state that in the advertising? And I asked about the $49.95 and he said oh thats because of the techs going out to fix your connection. I was pissed and said I was to IF the Damage was done on my part you all were going to charge me not because the techs came out to check out the connection because youre guys service sucks! After arguing with him for a moment he did say he was going to remove it as a complimentary for now, but we usually charge $1 a month for the service protection. I declined that because I felt that was bologna. Funny though When I went back on to pay my bill that $49.95 wasn't removed they still had it on my bill. Im about through with Comcast not only do they have inexperienced Techs they also have snotty rude customer service reps. that needs to be trained right!!! Im ready to Sue this Crappy cable company Didi San Leandro, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hayward, California
42, Report #333427
May 19 2008
09:46 AM
Comcast Comcast Internet never connects (extremely limited service)! Memphis Tennessee
I went through almost one year of torture with comcast internet service. The first few months worked great, and the high speed was truly high speed (instant). However, after about 3-4 months, I was able to connect less and less frequently. It started out at being able to connect 3 or 4 days a week to 4-5 days a month. It seemed like I was calling them constantly to get my service back up or to complain about not being able to connect. I would ask them, why am I paying over $60 a month but only able to connect 4 or 5 days a month? Of course they had no reasonable answer as to why. The first time they assisted me over the phone, I thought we got the problem worked out. However,this was temporary and worked for a day or so. The next time I called I told them to send someone out, which they never showed. The next day I called and again, got the runaround. I rescheduled an appointment for someone to come out the following week (after being on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes each time I called) because that was the soonest someone was available. I said, fine, just make sure they actually show up, and call me first because I take my kids to school in the morning first thing, which is right around the corner from my house. When I get home, you guessed it, someone had been there. No phone calls before coming or anything. THey obviously came and left very quickly. I called again (on hold for over 30 minutes again) and demanded to speak to someone in charge. After getting to play musical phones for over half an hour, I finally got someone in the service department. As he (who could barely speak English) tried to start telling me how to fix the problem, I stopped him, realizing this all sounded familiar to what I was told last time I called and talked to someone in the service department (who could barely speak English either). I said, no, I just want someone out here to fix the problem. After getting disconnected, I called again. (I am very persistent). I demanded this time that someone come out the following day or they could cancel my internet. I was beyond fed up at this point, so they agreed to send someone out the next day. When this guy shows up, he goes over to my tv and starts looking around it, asking where my cable box is. I said, are you not here to fix my internet service? He said, no I only work on cable tv, I don't know anything about how to fix the internet service. I told him I had not ever had comcast cable at this address, so I don't know how they got so mixed up. Again, I call and say just cancel my service please. When asked why I wanted to cancel, I gladly told them the whole story. THey apologized and said they would send someone out by the end of the week. Wanting this to work out and get back online as soon as possible (because switching is always a huge hassle) I agreed but said this was their last chance to make things right. I believe they gave me a break on one month's charge at this point. So, they sent someone else out, who fixed the problem, and again it worked great for a few days (they totally reconfigured everything and assured me this was most likely the problem), and then after a few days the same thing happened. I couldnt connect. Again, I called (on hold forever again) and asked them what I had to do to discontinue service. They said I had to go across town and turn in my equipment to the Kroger where they had an office set up. After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, I finally unloaded the junk they called internet equipment and never looked back. It felt like I unloaded a huge weight off my shoulders. I told them this equipment was a piece of junk and never worked from the beginning, so I had better not be charged for it being damaged. I switched to satellite internet at that point, because I found out Comcast has the monopoly in all of Memphis and you cannot get high speed wireless internet with anyone else (unless you live in a few select areas). Don't EVER take a chance with comcast unless you want to pay through the nose and never get service. All I wanted was dependable service. And of course they knew I couldn't just go to their competition b/c nobody else would connect internet in my area. They all said that only Comcast was available in my area. I have been very happy with satellite internet and it is $5 cheaper a month. You have to buy the dish, but hey, it is very reliable and I can connect 24/7. Anonymous Cordova, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: Cordova, Tennessee
43, Report #237978
Mar 03 2007
01:02 PM
Comcast Cable Comcast Service and repair Ripoff Augusta Georgia
Location: Augusta, GA This is a copy of the fax sent to corporate. All Reference to names etc, X'ed out .It is now 3 March still no contact from Augusta or Corporate and Guess what Packet loss still, speed slower than dial-up Line crews seen on the main thru way after the storm came thru Thursday, the 1st But no line crew seen in the this area by the neighborhood watch homes or retired families in the area. Since this letter was faxed Comcast has been contacted on a numerous occasions after 18 January date. But to no avail! Canceling service wouldn't solve the problem some other sucker would supply them income. I have talked with individuals with Richmond county about Comcast service. And basically Comcast pumps far more revenue into the area then any one individual home or households Damn if you do! damn if you don't! Does the word Monopoly ring a bell? From: The XXXXX 18 January 2007 Account no. XXXXX Augusta. Georgia 308XX To: Comcast corporate 1500 Market St. Phil. PA 19102 FAX 215-981-7790 To whom it may concern: My high speed internet and cable TV service was ordered on 3oct.2006 and installed by a contractor for Comcast on 5 Oct 06 at that time the tech. informed me it couldn't be done because there was a pc problem. I informed the tech that I am a certified. IT security specialist there was nothing wrong with my PC. The tech then went outside for a while then came back and informed me that he would have to cancel the job and that I would have to call Comcast to come back to install the internet service because he didn't have very much cable on his truck and that he also couldn't access the crawl space under the house. I then walked to the side of the house and slid open the skirting then walked over to his truck pointed out to him that he had at least 10 ft of cable to do the job. He completed the job after approx.3 hours. My internet connection speed has never been consistent but packet loss has been .Packet loss was 80-100% So I called support at 706-733-7712 and the 1800-comcast number on 8 Jan 07 numerous times and could not get thru so I called 9 Jan 07 and after a 45-50 min wait talked to CSR she verified 68% packet loss of 50 sent and 90% at a hundred sent she then placed an order for three days later (11 Jan 07) On 10 Jan07 Comcast Augusta, GA. polled the modem with a 80% and polled 4hr.-24hr.and 7 day history and verified a good few drops On 11 Jan 07 I left from North Carolina early to be at the house and meet with the Comcast tech. At approx. 10:00 or 10:15 am. I received a call from a person stating he was a Comcast tech. and he could not find my address and that he might have to cancel the job? (Famous words) I then told him to stay where he was I would come and get him This was approx. at 10:30 I found him at a gas station and noticed that he was a contractor for Comcast. .I then had him follow me to the house. When he came in he was preparing to swap out the modem with out checking any thing out side or any thing on the PC. I asked him if he had a signal meter So he went out side to get his meter. In doing so I noticed he didn't have any kind of latter or shovel just basic tools and supplies just thrown in to a storage container in the bed of his truck. When he came back in he didn't seem to know what to do So I showed him how to access the CMD prompt to check for packet loss and verify ip address and how to check the modem stats using ( snr:33.6db at 513.250 mhz, fwr:-6.2dbmv,return at 26.5dbmv at 31.0 mhz.I then gave him a tour and showed him the rg-59 outside at the house box also the compression fittings inside and out where the center conductor was protruding inch past the fittings I also pointed out the dielectric was !/4 inch inside the fitting and not flush (suck-out) The contractor then stated you seem to no a lot about the internet .I then informed him of my back ground . He then went out to his truck and called his supervisor after 10 min approx .He returned to me and handed me the phone. The supervisor ask me what the problem was not is. And then came the BS.I shared with him (fore- mentioned.) and my back ground .His attitude changed toward me and stated he was sorry and that my internet would be working before the tech .left He then asked to speak to the tech. I went back in and the tech. was outside for a good while he came back in and said he would have to re-sch .the job because he couldn't access under the house (more famous words) I showed him how to access the crawlspace and where the house box is. {which I had to open).I left him alone again He replaced the rg-59 with a new rg-6 and also replaced the connectors inside and out he came back in to have me sign the work order he then got into his truck and started to leave when I asked him if he balanced the modem he didn't know what I meant .And if he closed the house box (he forgot to).after he closed the box. He soon departed faster then he came. After he left I looked over the work order again and noticed he wired 2 outlets he did not. In the associated check list column he had checked customer Education handout which he didn't and that he had performed a drop certification??? No ladder to access the Tap at the pole. And the time on the work order was wrong displaying 55 mins of work time instead of close to 2 hrs. On 11 Jan 07 same days Ms.XXXX came home and pointed out to me the skirting on the entire side of the house was thrown on the ground and the cable that was replaced was not buried aprox 6ft and was exposed thru the fence. I then reset the skirting. While I was doing this Ms.XXXX came out and told me the internet was out. (Go figure send out an install contractor with No tools and No PC knowledge to do a service order). Who routes Comcast work? And is there any training required other than a driver's license? On 11 Jan 07 same day I called Comcast Augusta 706-733-7712 after another long wait A CSR answered she was rude first off I then explained to her the problem She stated your problem is not my job I'll have to transfer you she did she hung up I then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor . A CSR supervisor came on the line I informed her of the problem .She was very nice but again she had to transfer me. I was sent to a voice mail. Which I left a message I then called again this time I wanted the number to Comcast corp. to make a complaint I was informed By the CSR that know one there has the address or the phone number to corporate and that she would transfer me to a different supervisor again voicemail I left a message called it a day after 3 plus hrs run around. On 12 Jan 07 (am) no word from any supervisor I called Again this time I was told it was a contractor issue and they transferred me to the voice mail of a Mr. Kenneth XXXXXXX I left him a brief message of the problem and the address, home phone number and cell number On 15 Jan 07-17 Jan 07 again packet loss every day 60% to !00% On 17 Jan 07 (pm) called to set up a service call again. Can't contact a supervisor, and no return calls from any supervisor. I set up a time for a service call for 18 Jan 07 and told the CSR please note on the work order do not send a contractor or I will have to cancel my service and go to DSL and a Sat system (speeds are slower but consistent and better customer support thus far) On 18 Jan 07 no show no call from 0730-11:30 am from anyone from Comcast (time frame has been missed!). At approx.12:25pm same day received a call from D A Tech.706-4XX-XXXX confirming my am service call? (Just a little bit late wouldn't you think?) I asked if they were being sent for the service call she stated yes I then informed her I requested a Comcast tech. I thanked her for calling and that I was going to call and cancel my service she asked me not to cancel the service she would call Comcast. At approx 12:35 pm I called Comcast after a 30min. Wait A CSR answered and I told her I wanted to cancel my service( finely I'm speaking to nice person I wish I could have taken down her name) she showed concern and asked me not to drop Comcast service .She asked me to hold and she was back with me very fast! She talked to dispatch and informed me that there would be a tech from Comcast sent in the pm. and that she gave me service credit and credit for the contractor missing the appt. At 1600 hrs a Comcast tech. # XXX called to say he was on the way at 1639hrs he pulled in to the drive way as he said he would (he met his time frame) He informed me on everything he was doing He checked the PC all the levels from the tap ground block and the modem .During the check he found leakage from the tap to the house he went under the house and at grn block and found the leakage one of the connectors (very bad suck-out) and 5 inches from the same connector crimp in the cable to the point of just breaking the center connector. All from one of the contract company's ether CTIF tech # 464 from the first install fore mentioned or DA technologies tech # 318 from the service call on 11 Jan 07.Tech.# XXX also called his Supervisor XXXX and informed him of what he found and that a line tech will be needed to check for the second problem on the main line. The tech a Mr. XXXX # and his supervisor should be commended they were polite, professional, and Knew there jobs. And I will keep my services awaiting the line tech hopefully Comcast tech! As far as the rest of the crew I think this letter sums it up. (Slack) I had planned to switch over to your other digital and mostly your phone service but even with battery back up I fear that any 911 needs would place this home in peril. Thank you, Contact information on file Dean augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
44, Report #293450
Dec 20 2007
08:32 PM
Comcast Cable Experience as a Comcast Customer Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I'm reporting only facts. I signed up for service and the installation wasn't for two weeks. I specifically asked when the billing would start, and was told it wouldn't be until installation. I'm anal about that stuff and asked multiple times. But when I got the first bill for the partial month's service, I was billed from the day I placed the order. UH OH, A COMCAST ERROR!!! I told them about it and they refunded me for the period when there was no service. On the same initial phone call, I stressed that I only wanted the $99/month triple play, i.e. i only wanted the service that would cost $99/month. The first bill mailed for a full month's service was $129, and when I called to find out why, I was told I was signed up for the premium package with more channels. UH OH, A COMCAST ERROR!!! They refunded me for the extra charge for that month and the partial month prior to that. Eventually I decided I didn't need the triple play, so I canceled the phone. Comcast originally provided a device that was the cable modem and phone hookup, but since I didn't need the phone and already had the cable modem, I returned the equipment. I went to the local Comcast (and humorously, it had more security that any bank or govt office I've seen) and dropped off the equipment. They gave me a receipt that I fortunately saved. I thought all was well, but two weeks later my service was suddenly terminated. I called up to find out why and was told they never received the equipment. UH OH, A COMCAST ERROR!!! I was really ticked at this point and said I won't provide the receipt. Their response was that they'd have to file an internal investigation to see if the equipment arrived at their warehouse, and if it didn't, they would hold me responsible. I threatened to cancel service, and they gave me one month free service and I just took the receipt to the local office to avoid a further headache. The point is, honest mistakes shouldn't be in anyone's favor on average. However, all the mistakes with Comcast were in their favor, and if I was stupid and didn't question them, I would've ended up paying extra. I'm planning to go with Verizon once my special ends this month. Spicywafer111 Johnstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
45, Report #292542
Dec 18 2007
11:41 AM
Comcast It's COMPLEX because it's COMCAST!!! Dearborn Michigan
Thank you Ripp-off report for giving us a place to vent our frustrations! For months upon months; I've had the same problem with Comcast. It has taken up so much of my time sitting an listening to their damn commericals over their telephone line while waiting for support. I'm on the phone with them at least 1/2 hour to an hour each time I call. If I hear It's not complex it's comcast one more time; I'm gonna choke!!!!! I continuously have intermident problems with my service going down. Normally I reset my modem once or twice a week on my own because I can't waste my time sitting on the phone waiting for tech support. Sometimes it comes back up; sometimes it doesn't. They've blamed it on my router (not true), they've blamed it on Explorer (not true) it just goes on and off.... Terrible service, rude customer support. It's like they try to break you down so you do not continue calling and have to go through steps that you've already gone through over and over and over again. I shouldn't have to re-set my modem over and over again. I've spent at least 5 to 6 hours on the phone trying to get a resolution in the last few weeks... I've been hung up on, tried to change an appointment and the rep forgot to input the change, each time I call for the SAME issue the techs make me go through the EXACT steps that have been gone through time and time again. They need to cut their advertising and commerical budget and train their support properly and have enough support so the wait period is not 20 minutes just to talk to a tech. I even had one rep argue with me to tell me that it's never that long... I wonder who's doing their auditing on these numbers... I'm sure it's being fudged. They should be ashamed when their support does not even know what FTP is... I WOULD EXPECT them to have MORE knowlege than myself!!! Every time I see one of their commericals saying:: It's not complex... It's comcast... I want to puke... it's wasted advertisement when they could be supplying better support. I also have not been able to access my web pages properly for months while they've been doing a transition and now have been told that I may have to change each link that I have... anyone technical will know how much work that can be. ... They're EXCUSE... well we offer it for FREE... Not a good EXCUSE!!!... It's offered with the service to real in new customers and then it doesn't work!!! Anyway the new server direction still doesn't work.. I was told that I would be contacted back by advanced support within 72 hours... a WEEK ago... Haven't heard a darn thing. Well I'm doing a re-direct alright... but NOT TO THEIR HOSTING... THEN BYE BYE COMCAST... They will never have my business again!!!! Once everything is moved... their GONE!! In TRUTH... COMCAST'S SUPPORT STINKS! IT'S COMPLEX AND IT'S COMCAST! Atticonline Dearborn, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dearborn, Michigan
46, Report #302122
Jan 21 2008
03:44 PM
Comcast Comcast is a rip-off San Jose California
I overpaid my account according to the statement and was notified I would receive a refund in the mail. This was 4 months ago. After several calls to Comcast, I still have not recieved my refund, but I did receive an interruption notice. Each time I call them to ask about it, they tell me it will be 4 weeks. What a bunch of crap. Erikwilson San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
47, Report #1087387
Sep 25 2013
07:29 PM
COMCAST INFINITY aka Comcast Sucks Scrambling cable channels CO
Comcast is NOW scrambling of former in the clear QAM channels it re-transmits from local over the air broadcasters, Those of us with NEWER TV's capable of receiving DIGITAL Cable QAM channels can no longer receive them. We now must rent a converter box from them. Low ens ones are currerntly FREE but that will not be that way for long. Low end ones, do not have A/V connectors. Giher quality converts have monthly charges. This is an OUTRAGIOUS RIP OFF whoe only reason is to extract more $$$ from customers. Converters can not be found at dept stores, since OTA digital channels are not the same as digital cable QAM channels. There are NO dept store options for buying converters that will de-scramble the BROADCAST channels. OTA is out of reach in our area. Thanks comcast, you can kiss our A**. We will no longer deal with you. greedy losers.
Entity: Select State/Province
48, Report #1023754
Mar 05 2013
09:52 AM
Comcast Comcast Business Class Delay in turning off service Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I wanted to cancel my comcast business service for over a year but comcast automatically renewed the service.  I waited the year and called one month ago and they said I still had a month left on the contract.  I called today and they said the contract was up but I had to give them 60 days notice. No one ever told me this when I called previously.  I had to sign a request to stop the service but the date is for two months from today, 5/5/2013. This is a small family business, I don't need the service, and my husband, who operated the business, passed away almost 3 years ago.  I believe I am being treated unfairly.  The business name is Barrington Software Inc.  and the address is  831 S Grove Av, Barrington, IL.  The comcast account number is:  877110101013**** Thank-you,  Roma K
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
49, Report #1099886
Nov 16 2013
11:52 AM
Comcast Cable Comcast Xfinity Two year agreeements Oregon
 In November of 2012 I had my cable, internet and phone moved over to my new home with Comcast.  This past month, October 2013 I cancelled all my services with them and changed over to dishnetwork.  The first time I called to cancel comcast the customer service agent said it was all taken care of and that I would recevie boxes to send my equipment back and would also be receiving a refund since I had paid for the entire month and only used 10 days of service.  Last week I received a bill in the mail stating that I owed Comcast $303.00 in new charges.  This was not equipment charges but cancellation and hookup services.  They cancelled my service and then charged to reinstall the same day. Customer service was able to reverse the charges but told me I would still be responsible for early termination fees on my account.  I didn't sign a two year contract.  The service rep of course told me that they could not locate a copy of the agreement and that I would have to either go online or to the local service center to get a copy of the two year agreement. I no longer have an account with comcast so going online isn't possible you have to have an account to access service agreements, past customers do not have access to that feature.  Every phone number I have gotten for the local service center goes straight to the main comcast number where the service department tells me they cannot help. I am tired of being dragged around by this company.  It is quite crazy that if I did have a two year contract that my service had gone from $113 to $146 dollars per month within the first year of a supposed 2 year contract.  This company owes me roughtly $100.  I have asked to see the service agreement that I signed and they cannot produce it.  This is not how a business should run,  if I refused to return my equipment I would have been turned into the credit agencies but they can withhold my refund and then lie with no consequences, unacceptable...
Entity: Sandy , UT 84070-3302
50, Report #1101853
Nov 24 2013
11:59 AM
Comcast Comcast customer service SUCKS Somerset New Jersey
  I am customer of Comcast for a long time but recently had multiple SUPER BAD experiences with their customer service. I cannot think of any bad service worse than theirs. I changed houses and asked them to move my service to my new house. They took 2 weeks to do so - that too when I spoke to their head of customer service and threatened him that I will cancel my services with them.   Their customer service is PATHETIC. Their agents don't have any courtesy to talk to customers; they have no idea of what’s happening with the account. It took me almost 20 calls and cumulatively over 8 hrs on the call. This SUCKS! Agents keep transferring the calls to other agents as they have no clue on the status or plan.   My services get intermittently get disconnected without any prior notification and when I call COMCAST customer service, I understand it’s happening due to outage in my area. When I called their customer service and told him that I am unhappy with their customer service, he simply asked me to disconnect my services with them – IS THIS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE COMCAST CAN OFFER?   My sincere advice – DO NOT use Comcast services until you don’t have any other option.  
Entity: Somerset, New Jersey

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