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1, Report #102177
Aug 04 2004
04:39 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff Nevada
i sent them $23.90 for america's secret cash give away book and they never sent it out to me but they did cash my money oredr on 7/25/04 and every time i call there all i get is a stupid recording. where you can't leave a message because the mailbox is always full. They try to blaim the slowfullness in getting your package on the us postal system. Something needs to be done about companies like this and the dont respond to any emails either. Charlie evanston, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nevada
2, Report #157258
Sep 15 2005
09:07 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
Received information in the mail from Stephen Young advertising book America's Secret Cash Giveways Sent money order of $24.00 on August 16, 2005 Have not received book. The company is listed as Communications Publishing It is located at 996 Wall Street, New York, New York 10268 Eugene Monticello, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
3, Report #153745
Aug 15 2005
04:29 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York
I am writing because more than a year ago, I was interested in the book, The Guide to Secret Free Money and I spent $23.90 to order the book. Needless to say, a year, I do not have a book nor do I have my refund which I have requested several times. I have called the company repeatly and everytime I have gotten a message that has stated, Please be patience. Your book should be arriving within 4-8 weeks or longer. I guess with my book, it has taken longer. I have written to the president of the company, Mr. Stephan Young, and everytime I do, I make sure that I send a copy of the money order I sent him (which he had no problem cashing), but until this day I have nothing. I am very frustrated. All I asked for was either a refund or the book. I can't get anything. Please help!! S Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #79834
Feb 10 2004
05:20 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
On January 22nd I sent a check for $ 30 dollars to the alledged Communications Publishing and was promised the book Billion Sources of people who want to send Free Cash; along with 30 booklets on bonus reports in various related topics. My check is gone and so are my hopes of ever any promises. Whoever is on the other end is certainly DISHONEST. The State Attorney General NEEDS to take action on this issue immediately!!! Sincerely, Daniel phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
5, Report #71057
Nov 05 2003
11:01 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
Ordered a book by mail and still have yet to receive it on goverment grants. (Check cleared 3 weeks ago) Hilary Fenton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #73064
Nov 25 2003
11:17 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
I would like to let everone know that I was ripped-off by these people and want my money back. They sent that bogus ad in the mail and I am willing to do something about it. Barbara Vinton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
7, Report #82109
Feb 27 2004
12:28 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
Dear Sirs, To tell you the truth I did not know that I had been ripped off. I was just looking for the address for Communications Publishing,so that I could contact them to find out how much longer I would have to wait for my books! I guess I found out,Never! I only wish I had known about your website before I sent forAmerica's Secrect Cash Giveaways&18 bonus reports.Lucky for me that I only lost $23.00,as I see they have gotten more from others. Thank You for your Great website!, James Elkhart, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Elkhart, Indiana
8, Report #82655
Mar 03 2004
11:34 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
On JAN. 26th of 2004, i mailed a check for $23.90 for the book BILLION SOURCES OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SEND FREE MONEY my bank check had cleared and posted on feb. 19th and have not rec'd any book! I have tried to call only not get any live operator only a recording w/ no call backs! I have also wrote letters asking for a follow-up to my order!!! NO LUCK. I will not give up nor should you!!! We need to put the owner of this so called bussiness in jail and all rec'v a full refund!!! M crestwood, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
9, Report #85223
Mar 24 2004
03:51 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York
Sent hard earned money, expecting information on grants. Never received it. It's been over two months and still no information. I pray they will be caught and punished. Setting up everyday normal hard working people trying to get out of the hole, and taking our money for for it like we did. I would like some recourse, either my money back or the information. Brenda Hillsboro, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: New York, Other
10, Report #22050
Jun 03 2002
05:34 PM
Communications Publishing is a ripoff. NY, New York
Before finding this site, I searched and searched for a phone number for Communications Publishing. As with everyone else who sent a check for America's Secret Cash Giveaways, three months later I still have not received a book and have received additional mailing peddling this book. Is there anyway to get our money back? How about a class action lawsuit or something like that? Susan Bloomfield, Indiana
Entity: NY, New York
11, Report #21204
May 20 2002
03:06 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff consumer fraud Rochester New York
This is a different address than some gave.However it's the same name,the same amount of money for a book that I didn't recieve.So I'd be willing to bet that it's the same company. 2/26/02 I sent a check in the amount of 23.90 to Communications Publishing for a book titled America's Secret Cash Givaway.It was certainly secret,evidently they hadn't even heard of it. 4/30/02 I sent them a letter requesting my book or my money back.Haven't heard a word from them.They cashed my check,shortly after they recieved it. Shirley Gilbert, Arizona
Entity: Rochester, New York
12, Report #30228
Sep 17 2002
07:42 AM
Communications publishing ripoff mistreated and ripped off Manhattan New York
sent for book about free giveaways. Ceck cashed, no product received. Called twice - 1-212-591-0289 Julie murray, Iowa
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #44692
Feb 08 2003
08:07 PM
COMMUNICATIONS PUBLISHING PROMISED TO SEND,BUT DIDN'T SEND PRODUCT OR MONEY BACK. NEW YORK New York .... i got a cool looking letter that looked like it was a real deal.i sent about $40. to them.i haven't heard from them has only been 2 wks..i decided to check them out on the internet to see if they offered any information that was not in the popped up that it was a ripoff. whoever is reading this,i want you to know that i sent them my last $40... i am trying desperately to find a way to support my family,and get ahead in life.nothing hurts worse than for someone to take that away from you. Chris DEQUEEN, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
14, Report #44182
Feb 04 2003
09:23 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff NYC New York
In December I recieved a mailing regarding a book titled America's Secret Cash Giveaways. I gave my credit card number and ordered the book. Here it is Feb 4ht and still no book. I called the ubmer only to get a recording. What a rip off how can I fight back? Terri mililani, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Ny, New York
15, Report #49969
Mar 20 2003
01:24 PM
Communications Publishing Rip-off
Like everyone else victimized by these crooks of Satan I received their mail offer,thought it was exactly the answer I was looking for to end my money problems and help my family,sent them a moneyorder for $23.90,the end.It was a month March 19th,yesterday.I have not seen one piece of anything they promised that I paid for. You know what? This is one of the worst things that can happen to anybody.Especially someone like me without a dime to my name as I sit here,and for someone like me trying to find a way to get out of debt,and and get a grasp on a better financial situation for my family. These people,and others like them are the sole blame for so many people in the world who, throw away any mail that look like theirs because from experience they're terribly afraid to be ripped off again for money they actually scraped up to send them in the first place. Then to wait and wait for a response,all excited about getting the promised material,I just knew soon I would have my hands on information that was finally going to turn out to be something rewarding. I was so excited I even went as far as to tell my mom I had found a way that would provide tons of resources to contact for all kinds of free family programs,government money, grants,and much more.I had planned to share this with everyone close to me in the same financial stress as me and my family. Finally I thought I was really getting a break because for a long time I have been wanting to purchase the Lesko book that cost at least four times as much the last mailing I received from him.Thought I was doing real good for the same materials at a much,much lower cost.See,that's exactly what I mean.Maybe Lesko is legit,and what it says,the way I should have went,but guess what I'm too afraid to get scammed for four times as much money for the same kind of promises. Oh,before I forget I was even happier to think that I would be able to get money towards inventions because I sent in an invention,it was accepted,and I've made it as far as a patent search,and I've sent in a hundred dollars towards my $795 lawyer fees.I was planning on applying for the rest of the money,and if I got it,pay off PTI so they would proceed full speed on my invention. So now, I'm back at square one with what I'm going to do for money on a lot of matters.I am hurt by this.My spirits are broken and I am so stressed out right now.I want these crooks procecuted and ordered to pay me my money for $23.90,cost of the stamp to mail it, cost of the moneyorder, and any other monies I may be intitled to for pain and suffering. Linda Covington, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #47960
Mar 04 2003
06:47 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff false promises Rochester New York
stephen young sent me a letter and told me if i sent him 23.80 he would send me a book with names of people that can help me get money to up pay my bills and help me get a home, but i check this company out frist and found out it is a rip off, the book is call good people of america. i think it is so wrong for people like mr. young to try to rip people off. Holly arab, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
17, Report #20853
May 14 2002
05:43 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
Ordered America's Secret Cash Giveaways on 8/3/01. Promised a full year money back guarantee. Returned books on 1/5/02 and requested refund of 19.95. As of 5/14/02, I have heard nothing. D M, Tennessee Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: New York, New York
18, Report #14327
Feb 17 2002
12:00 AM
Communications Publishing NY is a scam
I received a letter from a representitive saying that I can receive FREE MONEY FROM UNCLE SAM. It sounded real interesting and my wife is out of work right now and she would try anything to help me with our bills and stay home with our three children. I just mailed off my reply letter from them that states that I can receive an Ironclad No-Risk Guarantee to keep the book for 1 full year and receive 18 bonus reports free for only $23.90. I just mailed out my reply form along with a personal check. I was looking online just now and something told me to to look and see if their company had a website I typed in their company and the Rip-Off Report came up with the same exact address and everything. My heart stopped. I don't know if I should put a stop payment on the check or what? Please help me! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: New York, New York
19, Report #15990
Mar 06 2002
12:00 AM
communications publishing ripped me off too!!!!!!!
I ordered an uncle sam book also. I sent the check in October of 2001. The cost was 23.90, and they had no problem cashing my check. But they have had a problem sending me the book. As of March 2002, I still have not recieved my book. Buyer beware! Sandra Clearwater Florida Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: new york, New York
20, Report #16006
Mar 06 2002
12:00 AM
Communications Publishing false advertising ripoff
I received something in the mail from this company in January of this year. It stated information about getting government loans free. All you had to do was mail in $23.90 or give your credit card information and they would send you a book that told you the steps to take to qualify for government funds. I sent a $24.00 money order on 2-6-02 and I haven't received anything yet. This comany needs to be shut down for false advertisement. Now I will never send off for anything else. COMMUNICATIONS PUBLISHING I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Thanks, Kim Morganton NC Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Communications Publishing
Entity: NEW YORK, Nationwide
21, Report #17020
Mar 18 2002
12:00 AM
communications publishing ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Rochester New York
The company Communications Publishing do not deliver the products. I placed my order for a book on 01/30/02 and I never received the product till now. Ami Austin, Texas
Entity: Rochester, New York
22, Report #89609
Apr 30 2004
04:53 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
I received a offer for $billion sources want to send you free cash and sent in the money and never got a book. Eric Plantation, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
23, Report #33206
Oct 23 2002
07:33 AM
I received in the mail an offer to purchase my copy of America's Secret Cash Giveaway with 18 Bonus Reports. I ordered the publication to take advantage of financial resources to help to better my financial situation. I sent in the $23.90 in the form of a money order on 10-07-02 and have not received any response. I wanted to check on my order but had no phone number to contact the company. A friend went on line to try to help me to find out information and to our surprise Communications Publishing is nothing more than a scam. I feel that the individuals responsible should be made to refund all money and spend time in jail for mail fraud (which I thought was a federal offense) and deception of hard working American citizens. Katrina Macon, Georgia
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
24, Report #31250
Sep 27 2002
03:48 AM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York New York
I ordered Secret Cash Givaways on 8-26-02, my check was cashed on 9-5-02 and I received nothing. I am not able to find a phone number to call, when I write to them I get no answer! WHERES THE MONEY? Carol Pueblo, Colorado
Entity: New York, New York
25, Report #96971
Jun 29 2004
01:50 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff New York
To whom it may concern, I order a booklet for grants fropm the government about a month ago and I never recieved anything from this company. I sent a check to them for $12.00 for the information on government assistance that i never recieved. I would appreciate it if you could help me get my money back, or the reports i paid for. Concerned person, Heather miramar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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