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76, Report #52248
Apr 09 2003
02:17 PM
CONSUMER FIRST ripoff Tampa Florida
Recieved a credit card application from Consumer first promissing 5000.00 credit limit. sent check for 45.00. check was cashed, never recieved card or anything back. Typed in the company name on my computer and got you rip off report. I did call my bank and let them know. I do not know where to go from here. Guess I just lost 45.00 dollars. Didn't think rip offs by U.S mail was so easy and frequent. Kelly 79424, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
77, Report #52264
Apr 09 2003
03:42 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I recieved a certificate saying I have been approved for a $5,000.00 credit limit Platinum credit card. In order to recieve the card, I had to send in a $45.00 processing fee. Two weeks today, I get a catolag and a card with a $5,000.00 limit toward the catalog only to order just a bunch of junk. Then I go to their website to find out it does not exist and that it is a rip-off company. Danna Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
78, Report #53400
Apr 17 2003
07:54 PM
Consumer First Platinum ripoff Tampa Florida
Dear Sir: My name is patel bhadresh and i just messed up here i dont know what to do next , i just got this way to get my money back. when they send me agreement peper and it said that this credit card will give u 5,000 dollar credit even if i dotn have credit so i filled the form and send them start up fees now its like 21 days to go and i have recive any card or not any letter from so i want my money back as soon as posible, apprisiate if u an do for me, i dont know what i m going to do next, but please sir help me here. Bhadresh union, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
79, Report #53639
Apr 19 2003
07:46 PM
Consumer First ripoff business from hell Tampa Florida
I got a letter in the mail stating I was already approved for a $5000 gold card. I sent them a money order for $49, for processing and never recieved my card. It has been 2-weeks and no card. I'm pissed and want to get my money back!!! William colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
80, Report #23561
Jun 27 2002
10:59 AM
First Capital Consumer ripoff fraudulent ripoff business
In May of 2002 I was contacted by a person stating they were a representitve of Master Card and that they were offering a credit repair program to individuals and that there would be a one time fee of $199.00 and would be electronically removed from my checking account on June 14, 2002 the withdraw was made by telephone there is not a contact number on this withdraw. Anyway this gentleman said I would recieve my credit cards with in 5-7 working days. It has been 2 weeks and every time I try to call the number that was given to me I recieve a machine saying all reps. are busy now... please call back or leave my name and number and they would return my call. Vivian Hope, North Dakota
Entity: North Dakota
81, Report #23504
Jun 26 2002
05:41 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Toronto Ontario
Was ripped off $199.00 from the Co. They offered me a Visa Mastercard with a limit of $2000.00. I not recieved anything, just a bunch of lies. Paul Longmont, Colorado
Entity: Toronta, Ontario
82, Report #24557
Jul 13 2002
01:22 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Ontario Canada
In early June, 2002 I received a phone call from a company with a credit card offer. I mistakenly heard them to say Capital One which is a company I have had credit with before so I was not all that suspicious. The terms were my payment of $199 in exchange for two cards a Visa of $2500 and a MasterCard of $2000. Of course it sounded too good to be true and I should have known right then that it was. I waited the two weeks and there was no sign of the cards even though the money had been taken from my account. I tried calling the number they had given me but received only access to voicemail. I left several messages but got no response. Finally I got up the nerve to tell my boyfriend what I had done and he was able to find this site with other similiar tales. I have contacted my bank and they are going to try to get my money back but unlike an honest company there is no number for the bank to contact. Dawn Live Oak, Florida
Entity: Ontario
83, Report #24341
Jul 10 2002
12:32 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff
I was called up on the phone and told that if I sent $199.00 I would recieve a Mastercard with a $2000.00 limit. I tried calling the number back after waiting for tthe two weeks and I was only able to leave a message with no return call as of yet. Renee Garfield Heights, Ohio
84, Report #21578
May 26 2002
10:15 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Toronto Ontario
I was offered a $2000 mastercard Visa. I spoke With Phil Reed on 3/21/02 with First capital Consumer and he stated it would arrive in 10-14 days. It is now 5/26/02 and I have not yet received anything. I tried calling this company for a refund and they stated it was out of our hands and they Cant refund. AFter complaining a bit, He stated he will have to pull the tape and listen to the recording of our conversation. Well of course I agreed, I was expecting to get a $2000 mastercard. They never called me back like they said they were to listen to tahe tape. Just because they have me on tape doesnt mean I can change my mind. Reason I did change my mind was because I found some complaints about this company with the same situation that im in. I just want my $199 back into my acccount and forget the MAstercard. They deducted $199 from my checking account on 4/02/01. I need for justice to be served. I just want my hard earned money back. Paul Longmont, Colorado
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
85, Report #36960
Dec 03 2002
11:14 AM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
Consumer First sent me an acceptance cerificate for approved credit amount $5,000.00 with 0% interest for a year. There was No phone number to contact this company or an email address. I got on the computer to see what I could find and there is nothing about this company. Robin West Liberty, Ohio
Entity: Tampa, Florida
86, Report #37044
Dec 03 2002
06:41 PM
Consumer First deceptive ripoff company Tampa Florida
I feel that the company [Consumer First] miss lead me to belive it was a credit card ,not once did it say it was a Catslog ordering company . which there is nothing in it thatI want . Don Rice, Washington
Entity: Tampa, Florida
87, Report #36699
Dec 01 2002
12:38 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
hi my name is travis brazell and i sent $49 into consumer first and they said that they will mail me a credit card with a 5000 credit limit, if you can you please get back to me to let me know if i been ripped off. it has been quite a while now. well i look forward to hearing from you TRAVIS BRAZELL Travis Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entity: Tampa, Florida
88, Report #36701
Dec 01 2002
12:59 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
i too got a letter that said i was guaranteed a consumer first platinum card with a credit limit of $5,000.00, but i did not send any money i decided to do research and found that this is a scam.the person that signed this letter is Robert Stevens . I sure hope that they chatch these guy's . Lois Martinsburg, West Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
89, Report #37318
Dec 05 2002
04:34 PM
Consumer First Rip-off Tampa Florida
I received a letter in the mail from a Mr. Robert Stevens from Consumer First in Tampa Florida in the beginning of November. It stated that I had been approved for a Consumer First Platinum credit card with a $5000 credit limit with 0% APR for the first year if I just sent them $45 for standard processing or $49 for rush processing. I sent them a check for $49 so I would be able to have it for Christmas. I was enjoying the fact that this would be the first year I would be able to buy my loved ones nice gifts. After the check had cleared, I still had not received my card. That was three weeks after the check cleared. I found this website and decided that I had been taken for a sucker. I ended up having to close my checking account and start a new one all over again. I want to thank this website for helping myself and the other people these scam artists have screwed over. I know this story isn't as bad as some of the other stories I've read, but I do feel sorry for the people that have been taken advantage of in the same way I have been. Randall McCook, Nebraska
Entity: Tampa, Florida
90, Report #36774
Dec 02 2002
10:50 AM
CONSUMER FIRST ripoff dirty SOB's TAMPA Florida
I sent in the 49.00 rush to get the credit card in so i could buy my four kids stuff for christmas and to put a roof on our house.I am very upset that they ript me off I HOPE THEY PAY THANK YOU SHERRY KITTANNING, Pennsylvania
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
91, Report #36777
Dec 02 2002
11:02 AM
I Was sent acceptance certificate letter stating that have already been approved for a $5000 credit line platinum card. All that you send this acceptance certificate and a check or money order of $45.00 for standard delivery and $49.00 for rush delivery. I sent a money order for $50.00 written out to consumer first to receive my card. it's been a week but i had rush delivery expecting it to less time than that. i get on the interenet to obtain a phone number for this company but i got a fraud report. JEANINE COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
92, Report #36813
Dec 02 2002
02:25 PM
Consumer First ripped off and scammed Tampa Florida
I received a letter also saying I was guaranteed approval for a consumer platinum card with credit of 5,000.00. The more I thought about it, it seemed too good to be true so I decided to go to the internet before I sent money good thing I did because I found this website about all the rip-offs. I really hope whom ever is behind this scam is caught before they get more money. Leasa St. Louis, Missouri
Entity: Tampa, Florida
93, Report #37377
Dec 06 2002
09:47 AM
Consumer First ripoff business fraud Tampa Florida
I recieved this to good to be true approved credit card certificate for 5,000.00 limit and 0% apr for 12 months. All I had to do was send $49.00 for rush delivery. Well it's been 1 month and I check the mail every day and guess what no credit card. Christmas is 3 weeks away and I was really counting on this card. I decided to look the company up on the internet to see if I could get a Number to call and check the status. When I did this I found out that I was ripped off, and I do not know what to do, but this is so sad. What is this world coming to. I hope this person gets caught and has to give everyone their money back, And then goes to jail. Ann Ballwin, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
94, Report #36593
Nov 29 2002
05:34 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I received an offer of a Platinum card with credit limit of $5000.00 an 0% APR first 12 months. I was to send in $44.00 to be sent my card. Something told me to look on the internet for the company and I was led to your site. The person who signature is on my Consumer First offeris Robert Stevens. I guess these people aren't legitimate and our world has enough woes without more. Mary Harrisonburg, Virginia
Entity: Tampa, Florida
95, Report #38791
Dec 19 2002
09:21 PM
Consumer First ripoff fraud scam Tampa Florida
Like all these other reports they sent me a letter stating I was preapproved for $5000 limit no credit check dirty ripoff dogs ..... I hope there is something somebody can do about this. I sent them $49.00 for the rush proccessing and sent in my form at the beginning of December and still haven't received the stupid card. So I decided to look them up on the web site and found this. Amy Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
96, Report #38826
Dec 20 2002
10:36 AM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
I received an offer letter from Consumer First stating that I would receive a credit card with a $5000.00 limit with 0% interest for the first year if I sent in a $49.00 membership fee. They cashed my check on 12/04/02 and as of today I have not heard from the company or received the credit card by mail. Please be warned that Consumer First is scamming customers and ripping them off for a membership fee of $45-$49. Qiuana Concord, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
97, Report #38899
Dec 21 2002
08:02 AM
CONSUMER FIRST ripoff business from hell TAMPA Florida
I recieved a letter stating that I was approved for a mastercard. It was for a fee of 49.00 that I wrote and check for and mailed it back to them. My check was cashed but I did not recieve a credit card. When I did not recieve the card in the 2 weeks that was stated. I went online and researched the company consumerfirst. I was glad to see that I was not the only one that was ripped off. I am sure happy that the company have been reported. tracy houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
98, Report #38904
Dec 21 2002
09:56 AM
Consumer First ripoff still waiting Tampa Florida
I was sent a letter said that I was approved for an Platinum Card with purcahse amount of $5000.I sent the check of $49 to receive my card . I am still waiting for my credit card. Andre Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: tampa, Florida
99, Report #38769
Dec 19 2002
05:49 PM
Consumer First deceptive company Tampa Florida
I made the mistake to go ahead and order a few items from catalog Worst mistake I've made this month. Any way it was about 300.00 and put down payment of 125.00 which would leave my balanc of 175.00 well they sent me a bill of 609.00 That is ridiculos. I am not going to pay it and going to report it to someone. What should I do? Desperate Delia Odessa, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
100, Report #38931
Dec 21 2002
04:56 PM
Consumer First ripoff too hard to believe Tampa Florida
I received this letter so I checked the internet for their website and there was not one. Looks that this is a scam since people are not receiving their cards. Robert Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida

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