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1, Report #59952
Jun 07 2003
08:28 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff deceptive company ripoff artists fraud Cross Cross Country Bank Delaware
I am a former cross counrty bank card holder. When I lost my job I told these idiots right away. Fine they said, we'll work with you, because you have been a good customer. The reason I was such a good customer was because I always paid above and beyond the minimum. First let me start by saying I applied for the card online. I put a check mark on the little box that says if you lose your job or can't pay the insurance will pay. I think that was there for decoration, because they told me they have no such record of this insurance. Lucky for me i copied the online application before i sent it in. The harrassing calls stopped for about month. Then day and night they called from 8:01 am to 9:00 pm. They said the bank wants there money. I told they should have gotten paid from the insurance. They wanted a formal letter from my former employer, there was no way to get that we all lost our jobs, and a letter from the Virginia Employment Commssion was not good enough. In the mean time I'm being charged over the limit and late fees. So it dawned on me stop the card and close the account, they out right refused. So now my credit report says closed by grantor instead of closed by consumer. Needless to say after a year a supervisior told me I should have put my insurance claim in within the first 3 months of losing my job. WHAT?! This company is full of clueless idiots. I now owe $1700 on a $700 credit card. I have other very small debts that I'm paying,but because of CCB I'm considering bankruptcy on all debts at the tender age of 30. Like my dad says credit cards are the devil. ha ha ha Derrice Lynchburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cross Country Bank, Delaware
2, Report #15739
Mar 04 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank ..shake down artist
My experiences with CCB have awful. Whenever I had a question I had to hold forever it seemed like to get a wrong answer. Then they started to hold my checks for weeks stating that the mail was running behind. The mail is slow but come on now. I have had reps hang up on me, cussed at me, refusing me to speak with a supervisor then telling me that they don't have supervisors. Since I have dealt with this company I have to really start all over with my credit.....I have to file bankruptcy. Thanks for a lot of empty promises and fees. LL Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #8638
Dec 04 2001
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank
During the week of November 5, 2001 customer service reps from Cross Country Bank called me on numerous occasions harassing me for my monthly payment. Each time they called I told the C.S.R. that I would do a pay by phone when I get paid which was in the middle of the November. On November 16, 2001 I called by bank to check the status of my account and I found out that Cross Country Bank had taken $148.00 out of my checking account without my authorization. Just because Cross Country Bank had my checking account information that does not give them the right to take money out of my checking account without my authorization. Now because I cannot trust Cross Country Bank again I have to close my checking account and reopen a new account with another bank. Thank you very much Cross Country Bank. Hopefully you will be out of business soon.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
4, Report #11900
Jan 18 2002
12:00 AM
cross country creditor harassment
My husband and I have a cross country credit card. A few months ago my husband had a heart attack. He was unable to go back to work for almost 3 months. He was received 60% of his salary through his disability insurance. Long story short we got behind on our bills. Not having the money to pay the arrearage on the credit cards we entered into credit counseling. Cross country is the ONLY creditor that still calls our home. And call they do every day all day long. I spoke to one collector (she identified herself as a manager) a few weeks ago; I explained that our account history until a few months ago was great. That we entered into cccs because we couldn't satisfy the arrearage on the cardswe were simply trying to live up to our obligations the best way we could at the time. She proceeded to tell me our plan was rejected; it was $10 short of their requirement. I asked why the cccs has not made us aware of this rejection. She told me they mailed the cccs a letter and they have never responsed. She went on to say all the cccs are rip offs. The7 (cross country) rarely deals with them because of this. (Although they are non-profit?) Ironically, the next week, we received a letter in the mail from cross county stating our plan with the cccs had been accepted. Three cheers for us to living up to our obligations One would think this would stop themstory over. NO WAY! The phone calls are 1000 times worse now. I have told the collectors we have a letter stating the acceptance of our plan from your own company. They state it's a forgery, doesn't exist (I'm lying) or they just rejected the plan that day (for no reason). I live in Georgia and want to bring a class action suit again them for creditor harassment.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #34728
Nov 10 2002
10:22 AM
Cross Country Bank Visa Cross country Bank/Cross countryRipoff Baca Reten Florida
Cross country bank visa, Take advantage of people with credit problems or low income family. They suck people with lessthen prefect into their $300 initial line credit, which they apply $150 of that asdvance maoney for the card and plus $50 application, and that is just a beggining they charge you for everything under the sky, not to mention outragoues interstate rates. Cros Country Bank is defenetly a total Ripoff organization, and they surly flessing Amderica. Faramarz Scottsdale, Arizona
Entity: Baca Reten, Florida
6, Report #106003
Aug 29 2004
04:04 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Wilmington Delaware
I have reported Cross country Bank to the IN Attorney General only to be told that I have to get a lawyer even though I have the president's name, his phone number, and I have talked to him, all to no avail. Why? CCB knows the Attorney General can/won't do anything for a small profile case. While they say they will talk to me and give me phone numbers & names of people to talk to about my $3,000.00 security deposit that they have. When I call & have to put in my credit card #, all of a sudden, that credit card # isn't working, and I cannot be connected to the president. That number works every time they want to charge me a monthly fee or a yearly annual membership!! But it doesn't work when I call them. Amazing and my Attorney General can/won't do anything. What a democracy for the little guy! Kathleen Logansport, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #72006
Nov 15 2003
09:40 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Balmorhea Texas
I was over my limit, they were charging $29, and hae now raised it to $35. My limit is $1250.00. I sent in a payment of $500.00. I wanted to use my card, and it is denied, my balance is $900.00. I am not sending them anything now!! Shirley Balmorhea, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Balmorhea, Texas
8, Report #70439
Oct 29 2003
09:41 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Wilmington Delaware
Representatives are leaving prerecorded messages on my answering machine.Representatives are calling my house numerous times per day. They call early in the morning and late at night,seven days a week including holidays. We have requested that Cross Country Bank cease calling us at our place of employment and our home. Cross Country Bank representatives continue to call us even though we requested them to cease and have also filed complaints with the FDIC,F.T.C,W.D.F.I, and lastly the B.B.B they pretend like they have never heard anything from these agencys. I attempted to close my account,along with my wife but there representatives refused our request. We were mislead into believing that a late charge would not be assesed if we made a payment. Tim WI, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
9, Report #60019
Jun 08 2003
11:16 PM
Cross Country Bank deceptive lying bastards Nationwide
This place is horrible. I started out with a $250 credit limit Between fraudulent charges on my account (which I disputed at the time and was told that I would have to pay them anyway because they could find no reason to believe that I didn't make those charges) and returned check fees for checks I never wrote and they refuse to show me the checks as well as late and over limit fees, my account balance has mushroomed into almost $1500. As I am a full-time student my balance continues to grow with no end in sight. also, I tried to close the account to stop the fees from accruing and making payment after that and they will not close the account. actually, according to them, it is already closed but the fees continue to accrue. avoid these people at all costs. C Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #55155
Apr 30 2003
04:00 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Nationwide
I thought i wanted a credit card. I was living in Shreveport, Louisiana, abnd wanted to go home to Los Angeles, California. I also thought I would need a credit card. Cross Country Bank sent me a Visa. Happily I went to a nearby ATM to check it out. I asked for, and received $35.00. The dates, I THINK are now mid June 2000. I received no bill from CCB until July 15. The bill stated that the payment was due on July 5. I had only just received it ten days late. The reason why was the address was very wrong. My address was 3131 Knight Street, Shreveport, Louisiana. This bill had as an address: 313 Ight Street, Shreveport, Louisiana. A bright mail person had figured out this address andgot it to me some 10 days later. I'm not sure, but seems there was a $45 late fee charge. I ignored this and sent them a money order for $35. I had no bank account. I was recovering from a serious accident, and only was permitted by friends, family and doctors, to handle my money again. August first came and went. Around the 15th, I received my Cross Country Bank bill. They wanted $90! That was the previous $45 late fee plus this new month's late fee. The address was still wrong, also. i returned the bill, I THINK (but shan't claim it) with a $45 money order. i wrote all over the bill, too, about the correct address. I even filled in a place for new address with my current address. September 15 came with their bill, that I truly was laerning to not expect until late. Again, they ignored my address correction. They wanted $90 again. This was for a late charge I'd made when I paid the previous late charge, plus an additional late charge for not paying this additional late charge fee. I threw out the letter. In evenings, I was receiving many late telephone calls from all sorts of people who wanted me to buy things. To stop being interrupted, I unplugged the phone! I was left alone during the day because all day my phone was tied up with my computer in Internet. One of those late calls i received before unplugging my phone was from Cross Country Bank! A woman asked me if I wanted to keep this credit card, or did I want to have very bad credit? How do I answer that? Then she suggested I tell her my bank ccount number, and they would take out monthly charges for me. I have no bank account i told her, but they have my address wrong. i told her the correct address and she hung up. I was left alone for a few days, possibly because my phone was unplugged. But a week or so later, my phone rang in the wee hours of the morning! Well, wee to me, at 5:00 a.m. this was a man at Cross Country Bank who told me if I did not start paying my Cross Country Bank bills, i would get into legal trouble. I again told that bank about the correct address, their incorrect address, and told him, too, that I was not going to pay any growing late fees. I hung up, but I was angry. And sleepy. I took my Visa card and cut it in two. I then placed it in their return envelope I pulled from the paper trash basket, and sent it back to them. I thought that would be it. I also thought about losing tghat Visa card. But remenbering I'd only used it tht once, months ago, I felt I could live without it. I truly did think this was over. On October 15, there was a Cross Country Bank bill in my mailbox! Wanting, now, $180.00! Late fees. This continued every 25th day of each month through June 2002. In May 2002, their bill had an enclosure. They were going to sue me for nonpayment of a debt they said I owe! The balance kept growing and going. In June 2002, i moved to stay with my mother in Texas. I did not let anyone know, especially Cross Country Bank, know my new address. My mother has an acre of ground near Houston. The back half acre I've her permission and hope to put in my home. Icould buy a mobile home, clear the land back there, and one day get another horse. Cross Country Bank came back. Several mobile home countries said my credit was too bad to be allowed to buy from them. I've even got a copy of my financial record. Something very bad wasat the bottom of a page. That page listed seven good listings, including my 1988 Ford I bought in 1988 and paid off in 1992, and American Express (which was cancelled when I was still in a coma in a Burbank hospital). The bad thing was Cross Country Bank wanring, from me, and making me seem very very bad at paying debts, $1,106.00! So I wrote them a letter and made out a check for that amount. I had no address, so went to Internet to look for one. Searching for Cross Country Bamk I've come across thousands of too familiar reports about this company. To myself, I have called Cross Country Bank Cross Country Ripoff for the past 2 years! I now find out the worst, which does make my family feel better about this debt they were afraid I was still to injured to be able to fix. I remember, too, a big fear I had of Cross Country Bank. That they would sue me and take away anything I had and/or was working for. One good thing about discovering all this access is that i am no longer afraid! Sue me, CCB? Okay. I would enjoy seeing you in court. If I win, YOU can pay my lawyer fees, court costs, and give me enough money to buy that mobile home. If you've ruined my credit too much for me to buy one on credit, then you can give me enough money so that I can pay cash for one. I am living in Texas now, but CCB's ripoff and harrassment of me was in Louisiana. So anyone reading this, pleae add me to any complaint. Genna Cleveland, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #12853
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank Charged before I charged.......
I applied for a credit card onling from Cross Country Bank. With in 10 minutes they said I was approved. I recieved a letter in the mail telling me that as soon as I pay the annual fee I would get my card. Well I paid the $35 dollars. Now I got my bill I cannot believe it they charged me $50 for Annual fee, $100 for Origination fee, $30 for over my limit fee. Well first I was never told about the 50 or 100 fee!!!! and I would not be over my limit if they did not charge me these fees without telling me. when I called them they told met to bad I have to pay it or they will make my credit worse than it is. I am trying to bring my credit back after having cancer and this is how I am helped. I cannot believe they can do this to me..... Laurie Pioneer, CA
Entity: boca raton, Florida
12, Report #13422
Feb 06 2002
12:00 AM
cross country bank check redeposit ripoff charges
a payment was sent to make up for a late payment cross country said it was returned and charged $30 to redeposit and added this charge to my credit card after checking with my bank that issues my checks announced i never had a returned check from cross country bank. socoyia tulsa, oklahoma
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #16337
Mar 09 2002
12:00 AM
cross country bank ripoff dead Beat , losers! cicago Illinois
It seems to me that you all had no problems in using the card and maxing it out when you first got it. You charged, and charged and charged!! Now that you've seen the bill, you dont want to pay. How dare you say credit card companies are stealing your money, if you are the one not paying the bank. Most likeley if you have a CCB card its because you are a credit risk.(most likely with credit problems) Preferred card holders with preferred payment histories and credit standings deal with preferred companies and get preferred rates. All credit cards charge a late fee even if you are one day late(being one day late is late is the same as being 10 days late). LATE IS LATE! OVER THE LIMIT IS OVER THE LIMIT! No money to pay the credit card but notice that everyone has paid their phone bills to get the collection calls!!! Think about it people... the American Way..blame others for what one has done!!! I do not work or have any association with CCB.. I just happen to be reading all the smut throughout the internet. jason chicago, Illinois
Entity: cicago, Illinois
14, Report #19755
Apr 28 2002
12:53 PM
Cross Country Bank consumer fraud ripoff Virginia
About two weeks ago, my husband received a call from Cross Country Bank. He thought it was a client and was tricked into giving them my office telephone nuumber in another state. Now they have more information about me than they had at the outset. (Name, two telephone numbers.) I have received numerous telephone calls from the representatives of this company during the past two weeks at both my numbers. The representatives insist that I have not one, but two accounts with their bank. The reresentatives have asked for my Social Security Number and other personal information, which I have declined to provide. I have tried to ascertain why these people are calling me without giving them any information about myself. So far I have been unsucessful. The reps will not put me through to a supervisor, unless I give my personal information, despite my stated concerns that someone may have stolen my identity or that someone is trying to trick me. One of the reps said I have had two accounts with them since 1997. I have never had any acouunts with Cross Country Bank. I don't know if it's supposedly VISA, or Mastercard, or what. I believe that this is a boiler room either trying to steal my identity or trying to get me to subscribe to credit with their outfit. I do not want to do business with this ripoff company. I do want the calls to stop, but I'm not about to give them my Social Security Number over the telephone. The telephone number they have provided me is 1-877-273-7690. I have spoken with Tanya Williams, Tiffany at ext. 33, Frank, and others. Please do not do business with this company. If anyone has had a similar experience, please notify me. Thank you. Janet Maui, Hawaii
Entity: Virginia
15, Report #22655
Jun 13 2002
02:03 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Huntington West Virginia
Does not honor their credit protection program when you get into a financial situation such as hosptial and medical bills and situations. They keep adding the late charges to your account. Keep calling you at all hours of the day and night even after you have told one of the representatives that you can not make a payment. They force you to give out your banking information in order to get their money quicker. Says to you that it would be better on your behalf if you pay your bill from your account to save yourself from the quick money gram. They are just out to get your money. Not to help you with your credit. They start you off with a small credit balance and then take the major of it away with all the hidden fees that they do not tell you about. Companies like these should not be allowed to prey on consumers who want to rebuild their credit the honest way. These people are not honest. Celia Wooster, Ohio
Entity: Huntington, West Virginia
16, Report #15662
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
cross country bank is a scam
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
17, Report #15606
Mar 02 2002
12:00 AM
over limit scam at Cross Country Bank real scam artists
Cross Country Bank says that it allows 2 free inquiries to its toll free number per month and 50 cents each additional inquiry. after making 2 phone calls, which I considered to be 2 inquiries, I was charged $1.50 which sent me overlimit for that month. Upon questioning, I learned that on each phone call I checked 3 things, which cross country says is 3 inquiries. I told them that their wording was confusing. They insisted it wasn't and refused to credit me for the $29.00 over limit fee due to this incident. I'll pay off this card and cut it up. These people really are scam artists, I considered this a trick to try to get overlimit fees. Samuals Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #15327
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country bank This company stinks!!
The company gave me $400 in credit and added $175 in charges. Than when I tried to enter into a credit counseling company to try to pay them off, they REFUSED! Jill Matthews, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #17905
Mar 31 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Boca Routon Florida
Cross Country Bank has added unfair charges to my account and as well they harass mean 3-4 times a day. Their call center is located 25 miles from me and they call me constantly. I have had heart problems and been in and out of hospitals, and unable to work. My mother has been paying on my account as much as she can.She called and made arrangements to pay an electronic check on her account. She gave them all of her account information,and the idiots tried taking the money out of my account three times costing me $27.00 each time. Of course they would not pay me back, or credit my account. My mother made arrangements to make a payment on the 16th of next month (Apr),they agreed and said they would stop calling. Four hours later they called for a payment. They called even 3 times on Easter Sunday.I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor they would not let me untill I told them what I wanted. I refused and had to call back several times and untill I told them I would come up and talk in person if he did not come to the phone did he answer. He refused to give me his last name. I asked why they keep calliing me after arrangements have been made he dodged the question. Finally things got heated and an agument insued I told him the harrasment better stop and he gave me some sort of mumble jumble about why it was not considered harrasment.It does not matter how many times you talk to them they will keep calling you. Another thing is that is verry irritating and unprofessional is,I have call management that makes blocked number calls say who they are and what company they are from, and they continue to call and say Hey Mark pick-up like it's my best freind or something. I have asked them nicely to tell me on the call management recording that they are Cross Country Bank and I will be glad to talk to them. They countinue with there antics though. Mark Hurricane, West Virginia
Entity: Boca Routon, Florida
20, Report #37233
Dec 04 2002
10:27 PM
Add us to the list of consumers who have been totally ripped off by this Cross Country Bank credit card scam---we paid them off in full and closed the account in september......they say the payment was late...finally three months later they send a bill for $76.00 for an account that was paid in full (ahead of due date) and closed---they are extremely nasty to deal with--and I would like to know where to report this to, surely there are government safeguards for the victims of these scam artists. This company needs to be put out of business fast. Roger Forsyth, Missouri
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
21, Report #35655
Nov 19 2002
02:06 PM
cross country bank ripoff unlawful billing practices
I sent in enough money to pay my credit card off in full called to close the account the representive said I had a 13.00 credit 5 days latter I got a bill for 44.00 one of the items that they billed me for was for 30.00 for over my credit limit which is insane since I had a credit and the account was closed they also billed me for credit insurance. Lisa Missoula, Montana
22, Report #35837
Nov 20 2002
05:47 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff new york new york
I have been called several times by Cross Country Bank informing me that a payment hasn't been made on my credit card with them. WHAT CREDIT CARD??? When I informed them that there must be some fraudulent activity they said that maybe you should call everyone you know. I asked them to please send me any information that they may have on this card so that I could take the appropriate actions against whoever I might need too. Here's the kick in the head....they told me, look at your credit report. Approximately four days later I received a call from a collection agency who said the account has been turned over to them. They suggested that I go to any Cross Country Bank to retrieve the information. Now being that I work 14 hours a day, and there's no Cross Country bank anywhere near me, what is one to do. Someone is apparently using my information and has run up a credit card and has had the nerve to even make payments!! Gregory New York, New York
Entity: Internet
23, Report #32935
Jul 19 2012
04:16 PM
Cross Country Bank harassement ripoff Willington Delaware
Who they hell are you Ronnie from Beckley, West Virginia You must be one of those people who has no life!I don't even know how many times you replied to all of these reports on CCB...and in your reply you try and make this persons word uncreditable...Do you have a card of there's, that you are just throughally impressed by?What you work for them? Your married to one of the owners?Well I suggest you shut the hell up, if you don't have something to say that has to do with the complaint of the report then don't put your f***ing opinion in!No cares about How you feel about this company Were here to let people like us(who are upstanding citzens)know how down and dirty this company is....And people like you, who respond to these legit reports aginst this dirty company, only goes to show what asshole's they have to defend them...obviously someone who knows nothing!Ronnie you and CCB will get what goes around!!!!!Big Buddy!!!Arin Anaheim Hills, California
Entity: Willington, Delaware
24, Report #31411
Sep 29 2002
10:13 AM
My wife and I both went through divorce and bankrupcy in prior marraiges and ended up getting suckered into this and have made several offers to pay off account but dispute over limit fees {over 350.00)and get nowhere except threatened with a bad report on my credit ...duh. cant talk to the disputes dept as they have no phone # and am tired of hearing threats from non english speaking people who, well lets just say I could talk to a tree and get more of an intelligent response wanted to pay the acc. off but am getting nowhere DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU TOO!!!! APPARENTLY WHEN YOU GET A CARD FROM THEM YOU OWE TWO OR THRE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN FEES before you even use it. Jeff Greenville, Michigan
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
25, Report #48817
Mar 11 2003
05:37 PM
Cross Country Bank rip-off
they give u a credit card a tell u that u have a 2500.00 credit limit.but charge u 2300.00 just to use my credit is shot.please tell me that i'm not they want to pay 2500.00 back even though i only spent 300.00 u tell me George houston, TexasU.S.A.

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