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76, Report #93078
May 26 2004
02:53 PM
Cross Country Bank hidden charges and late fees Trenton New Jersey
trying to pay the bill off, and i am getting unbelievable charges place on my bill. i sent them a check for three hundred to get rid of a five hundred dollar bill and it has grown to almost seven hundred dollars............. i have not used this card since april because i want to get rid of it. i am getting overlimit fees. something has to be done. i am soooo sorry that i did not get on the internet earlier before using this card. these are horror stories. Paulette trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Trenton, New Jersey
77, Report #92307
May 20 2004
02:58 PM
Entity: HUNTINGTON, West Virginia
78, Report #72009
Nov 15 2003
09:58 AM
I was rip off by cross country. they put my account to a collection agency i payed in full and they are still sending me bills that i owe. i have letter from the collection agency paid in full. my is getting higher and higher. Melinda SAN DIEGO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
79, Report #69541
Oct 19 2003
06:50 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff deliberate reporting of incorrect info to credit bureau Wilmington Delaware
Account paid in agreed upon settlement after 6 months of harrassing phone calls to home and job. Threatened me and my 14yr old son. Took new mortgage out on house and Cross Country was paid in December 2000. On Experian credit report they list themselves as being a collection account and credit high balance of 1400 in 2002. They list last activity unknown. Balance 0. Date Paid Unknown. Sometimes it will say Consumer paid for less than full balance. Charge Off 5800. How can there be a charge off of total amount they charged and a payoff of 3500 that they report as unknown. The credit limit on acct was 3500. The additional 2000 are fees they charged to a closed acct. I disputed 2 times with Experian Credit Bureau but they say info is correct. Now I have reported Experian with FTC and CCB. These people were paid almost 3 years ago. Now a report was pulled by a bank for a mortgage I need and it says CCB reports date of last activity March 2003. Seems they only report incorrectly to Experian. So now I deal with a 620 score with Experian. Patricia CornwallonHudson, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
80, Report #70626
Oct 30 2003
11:11 PM
Cross Country Bank Un Believable and Fraudulent Fees Wilmington Delaware
I know that I will be striking a chord when I mention the shafting I have been taking from Cross Country Bank. First off, I have tried for years to get these people to reduce my interest rate. I've gotten nothing but the run around and numerous excuses when I am able to reach them as to why it's not in their policy. Second, I have been subjected to a Participation fee for having the card which I have asked on numberous times to have them remove, but get an excuse that it can only be removed when the balance has been paid off, although they claim that I received info about this bogus fee and was given the opportunity to OPT out. What peson in their right mind would purposley subject themselves to a fraudulent fee every month. When I finally spoke to someone, I was told that I needed to get the balance below $1000.00 to have the fee removed. Third, I have tried to get them to explain why I am paying a cash advance fee when the card has been cut up for 10+ months, and all I am doing is trying to pay off the balance. The answer I finally got was because at one time you asked for a credit increase, another time you went over your limit (which I got a fee of $30.00 added to my account), yet another time I was late with my payment(so they claim)which I got another take it in the shorts fee, but I have been paying over the internet and received a confirmation number that the payment was posted before the due date. So when pressed to speak to a manager, the response is we'll have to take your number and call you back. I am STILL waiting for that one to be taken care of! Fourth, The Kicker is this one. I currently have a balance of $1800.04, the minimum payment is $54.00, the finance charge is $50.83, which means $3.17 is being applied to the balance, 94% of the money I send to this F@%*%#! company is going to their Bull!&%# finance charges. When asked about that finance charge, along with the 30% interest I am being charged, the response was because I had a late payment by 6 days almost a year ago, that was the reason. But the funny thing is (again) is that my payments are made on the internet and (supposedly) posted that day, when in actuality, they aren't and I am dinged for the fees. Plus If this reaming isn't enough, I get the pleasure of an annual fee of $50.00 coming up here by the 14th of January '04 just for being one of the unfortunate individuals that is associated with this crooked company by virtue of their enslavement credit card. Believe me I get so angry thinking about the money I have shelled out just to stay on top of this thing, knowing that I am taking it up the tail pipe with all their fees and finance charges that I wish that the F*^&#! Iraqis would take their aggression out on this company and bury them into oblivion. Anthony Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
81, Report #82796
Mar 04 2004
12:30 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff I had no idea what I was getting myself into Internet
I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Applied for a credit card with cross country bank and all hail broke loose. Things were fine for a while. Then the over limit fees came. Along with those they drafted my checking account twice in one month and was not authorized to do so. An overdraft fee was charged to my checking account for a bounced check, due to their error. A few calls enabled me to get my money put back into the account, but rest assured it wasn't put back as fast as it was taken out. They even refused to pay the overdraft fee. My due date miraculously changes whenever I turn around, so there are always late fees attached. The annual % is always increasing and this is from someone who called and requested my account be closed. On a closed account you can still rack up over limit fees, as well as late fees. To boot, they were still charging me insurance on a closed account. Have been trying to get this MESS taken care of but it seems that the total increases instead of decreases. At this rate a credit counselor has informed me that it will tale 15 years to clear it up. DO NOT, under any circumstances deal with these folks who claim that they practice legal, and good business ethics. mother m hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #115235
Oct 29 2004
12:29 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Huntington West Virginia
Cross Country Bank Ripped me off Big Time. I paid my balance off completely, then I was laid off twice in one year after 9/11 attacks. I paid for insurance on my credit card in order to protect my credit. Cross Country took my balance from $0 to $1311.00. In fees only. I had to move and get my number unplublished because they would call me five times a day harrassing my family. Every time I would tell them I had insurance and the insurance was supposed to pay for my minimum monthly balance. I contacted the insurance company, after sending in al of my documentation. I actually had to send the information certified with return receipt request in order to keep them from lying and saying that they did not get it once again. After five months the insurance company paid a whole $38.00 on my card. after Five months. I called Cross Country back only to be told, I see why you got fired from your job bitch. From one of the customer service representatives. I attempted once more to explain, I am not paying for something that should be paid for alreasy, I have insurance on this card, being laid off is covered under the contracted agreement between me and cross country bank. As is stands today, I have a $1311. balance on my credit report I refuse to pay. This credit is hurting me even when it comes to car insurance. I refuse to pay this money. That is like having auto insurance, getting in an accident and you and the other party are not covered because your insurance company refused to do so. I HATE CROSS COUNTRY BANK AND I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS. SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. Add'l an ex-co-worker of mine, was sent a cross country bank credit card int he mail. SHE NEVER ACTIVATED IT!!!! Cross Country Bank sent her an over draft statement with fees included on a credit card, SHE NEVER ACTIVATED!!! Again, this was going on while I was fighting with them as well. This company is PURE EVIL FROM HELL. They think that it is funny. Ruining peoples credit and taking their money is not funny. I want to sue them so bad. They need to pay me and my family for everything they have done to us. Thank you Rose Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington, West Virginia
83, Report #113619
Oct 19 2004
09:53 AM
My charges were less than $350.00 and now the total is $1977.57. This has occured because of the over the limit fees, late fees, finance charges, and the cap ins that I paid for, which didn't pay when I went on medical leave. I applied for my ins when I got hurt on the job, the ins co. said they needed 3 mnonths statements from before my accident. When I called the company they said I should have kept the monthly bills that I had recieved. Since I was out of work, I couldn't afford to send the payments andymore. They canceled the cap ins. and kept charging me over the limit fees, late fees, and finace charges. The people when they call are very rude, I actually had one tell me that I was lying about my medical condition. Now that it is with a collection agency the calls still come some are still very rude. They said that since i couldn't pay the offer that they were making that was my refusal to pay, event though I offered to let my lawyer right them a garantee of payment upon my workman's comp case. Stephanie Geneva, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
84, Report #53692
Apr 20 2003
08:41 PM
Cross Country Bank outlandish ripoff late fees Boca Raton Florida
Cross Country has been ripping off my mother for 4 years. She only used the credit card one time and owes them $600. Now after always paying those outrageous fees, she is stuck with $2,000 debt. She is out a lot of money. Martha san diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
85, Report #53609
Apr 19 2003
01:12 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff! mistreated and ripped off Boca Raton Florida
I had an account with them for 5 years. In that time i had 1 late payment which i even tried to avoid by calling them on the day the payment was due and make a payment by phone. They refused to waive the fee and I closed my account. Then I get a bill that shows my Interest rate raised to a whopping 29.9% and a $6 participation fee which I was completely unaware of. When I called to find out why I had this fee they claimed to have mailed out a notice about a fee being charged if your acct. balance was over $1000 and that since I did not respond in writing within 30 days of their notice to opt out of it, I now have to pay that. I have no recollection of ever receiveing this notice but that didn't seem to matter to them. Also, they said the notice also stated an increase of 3% interest rate to my acct. Then since I had that 1 late payment in 5 years they had raised my rate 6% more. This is (il)legalized loan sharking if you ask me. Alan kewaunee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
86, Report #53636
Apr 19 2003
07:10 PM
Cross Country Bank rip-off scam con artists Boco Raton Florida
This company has threatened me for the amount of 997.00 in interest charges. I couldn't believe this amount! I tried to work with these people, but they would not listen! They called me several times a day, even on Christmas! I do not owe this kind of money at all. Then a couple of months ago, a collection agency contacted me by mail threatening me to pay or else. I already paid off 150.00 to these people. I didn't know they were a scam, until I read about other people went through the same thing I did. Deborah Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Boco Raton, Florida
87, Report #54840
Apr 28 2003
05:13 PM
Cross Country Bank deceptive practices, fraud deceptive company Boca Raton Florida
I made a payment arrangement with CCB. They are debiting my account every month on the same date for the same amount as agreed. The collections department assured me this would eliminate any over limit or late fees. Every month I am still being charged over limit and late fees. I called to straighten this out and was told that the payment amount was insufficient and the date was 3 days after my closing date, making every payment late. (I argued that couldn't that mean that it was EARLY for the next month?? They said no - apparently there is a week of time where a payment is considered late, but not early for the next month... payment Limbo) When I complained that the arrangement amount and dates were set by their collection dept for the purpose of avoiding late fees and over limit fees, they told me... HONEY, COLLECTIONS WILL SAY ANYTHING TO GET A PAYMENT OUT OF YOU. In other words, they lied to me... and now I make payments of $108 each month, with $96 going back to them in fees. In six months I've paid close to $700 with my balance decreasing only about $50.... Abby Carmel, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
88, Report #94623
Jun 12 2004
10:26 AM
Cross Country Bank EXCESSIVE CHARGES Trenton New Jersey
I did like so many trying to repair their credit and got this card. I had it put into debt coonsolidation to get it paid off that was four years ago. Today I received a phone call from an attorney that they had been given this bill tocollect. Well my $300 credit card experience with this ripoff company is now $2400 with all the charges they keep adding to it. I have it in debt consolidation with another company and he is suppose to call them Monday and will settle for $1800. If that isnt a rip off I dont ko what is. For over four years I had this with Debt ManagementCredit counseling o out of Boca Raton Fl and it never got paid down the interest was never lowered and basically i screwed on this deal. both of these companies are a rip off and shouldnt be allowed to operate. DMCCC wouldnt even give me a statement on my account with this credit card company or anything else. Something needs to be done about Cross country and soon, I cant even imagine how they can do this to people and get away with it. Connie Spencer, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Trenton, New Jersey
89, Report #94678
Jun 12 2004
08:37 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Huntington West Virginia
This is the letter I wrote last week to Cross Country bank. To whom it may concern: Since I am convinced that you get 100s of letters a day like mine, I am going to do my best to make this letter stand out. I am sure that you take the best of them and frame them and enter them in the Irate Customer of the Month contest. Ready? Is Cross Country Bank a branch of the Mafia? Your business practices certainly make it appear as such. Let us recap, shall we? On May 8th, I paid my bill via the internet. (Please see enclosed copy of e-mail receipt) I got an email confirmation telling me so. But wait! I also got a phone call from Jason in collections telling me that it did not go through, and he needed me to do a phone payment right then! AND pay a late charge, AND pay an over limit fee. I explained to Jason (the reason I am putting that name in parentheses is because I do not for one second believe that this guy's name is actually Jason) that I would need to verify what he was saying and could I please have a number with which to call him back. That number is 1-866-484-1398. Try that number yourself. It doesn't work. Oh by the way, you should be aware that you are the only credit card company in the freakin' world that CHARGES MONEY TO PAY YOUR BILL ON LINE!! I am on to you though. IF you allowed people to pay on line for free, then they would actually pay their bills on time AND YOU WOULD NOT GET ANY LATE FEES! I think an insult is now in order. Kiss my butt. I was going to say *ss, but I am not ready to get that nasty yet. So, looking at my e-mail confirmation AND my bill shows me that I did in fact pay my bill on time. Hmmm. So take your lare fee and over limit charge and kindly do the Richard Gere gerbil deal. You know, shove it up your Ass. Damn, there I go swearing again. Let's move on. Lat year, I lost my card. I called promptly so as not to incur any charges and to save you any charges for fraudulent activity. What do I get for my trouble? A THIRTY-DOLLAR CHARGE FOR A NEW CARD!! This is a goddamn (oops, I swore) piece of plastic that costs roughly 7.8 cents to produce. Here comes another insult. Ready? LMB. (See if you can figure out what this acronym means. If you can, put $5 on my card) I also noticed that generous TWENTY NINE POINT NINE PERCENT RATE you are charging me. I read the fine print, and sure enough, there it is in black and white. If I go over limit, the rate gets raised. But let's see how that works, shall we? I love this part by the way. Congratulations on finding yet new ways to f*ck your customers in the *ss. Oh, please forgive me for insinuating that you engage in sodomy with your customers. That would be an insult to all sodomites everywhere. I charge $100 on the card. I send you $100. YOU add the interest to my limit BEFORE you credit the payment sending me OVER the limit and triggering the rate increase. Brace yourself, here comes another insult and it is getting bad. Go f*ck yourself. I almost forgot the best part of your card. You charge an annual fee of $72. PLUS a $6 a month, and I love this term by the way, participation fee HOLY SH*T!!! I GET TO PARTICIPATE AND IT ONLY COSTS SIX F*CKING DOLLARS A MONTH!! Woooooooohooooooo! Sir or madam, whichever gender you are that is reading this, please take a time out and BLOW ME! I could care less if you are a 55 year old, 40 pound overweight MAN, gobble my knob! Needless to say, I will NOT be needing the services of your bank any longer. Please cancel my card as of June 2nd, 2004. I regret not being able to send it back to you in little pieces, but I threw it on the barbeque on Memorial Day and watched it melt. Please feel free to share this correspondence with your cubicle mates in West Virginia. I could certainly lob many insults about people from West Virginia, but I choose not to at this time. I like West Virginia. I got laid there once. You can thank her for sparing you another tirade about West Virginians. In closing, let me assure you that I have contributed my very last dollar to the Cross Country bank money machine. I have transferred the balance to a credit card company that has no ties to organized crime. Say hi to Guido and Joey Bag of Donuts for me and please feel free to stop by and visit if you ever get to Seattle. I will be happy to show you the sights and give you a Donkey Punch. Or a Korean Hot Plate if you so choose. Sincerely, and I do meant sincerely, Richard. (Hint: LMB equals Lick My rhymes with hag.) I got a call back from them yesterday. They left a message and I could swear the lady was giggling. Richard auburn, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Huntington, West Virginia
90, Report #21721
May 29 2002
08:33 AM
Cross Country Bank Rude customer service name calling abused & mistreated Wilmington Delaware
I am writing this on behalf of my mother. Her husband has had a card with this company for three years. After 9/11 he was laid off from work but kept making payments. He did get two payments behind. Well, he was called back to work last month (thank God). They call 3-5 times a day and my mother tells them the date he will be home(he works on a boat). They have called her a liar and a bitch several times. I have also talked to them. They informed me that I HAD to pay his bills. Little did they know I used to work in debt collections. I asked for a supervisor. They said they didn't have that number. I informed them that I had spoken with the Attorney General's Office, Sec. of State of Akr., State board of Collections, and the Banking Dept of Ark. They were REQIURED by law to give me their corp. headquarts phone number. They hung up. I called about 15 times and got the same response. I went on the internet and found the name Applied Card Systems. These are the people that handle CCB customer service issues. Their number is 1.302.467.4600. The person I spoke with (Gerri) said that she would make sure that my mother wouldn't be called for 30 days and she would let the President of the company know (yeah right) My mother then cancelled HER credit card. Yes, she had a credit card with them and STILL couldn't get any help. I just wanted to let people know not to bother with CCB...Call Applied Card Systems. Sean Locust Grove, Arkansas
Entity: WIlmington, Delaware
91, Report #23343
Jun 24 2002
12:53 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Boca Raton Florida
i got a credit card from cross country bank and te interest was 19 but the interest was 25 %which is a rip off i made my payments on time but then i had a financial problem where i could no longer pay them so i feel that i dont owe them because i paid high interest rates that was a rip off tem charging 25 %interesti feel they ripped me off. %they also call and make threats to me margaret frankfort, Kentucky
Entity: Boca Raton, Kentucky
92, Report #24442
Jul 11 2002
05:44 PM
Cross Country Bank is a outlandish ripoff business. Internet, USA
I purchased my business in August of 2001. Since that time Cross Country Bank has called on an almost daily basis asking for one of the previous owners old employees. They have been told many times this person does not work here and not to call anymore. But still the calls keep coming. They told me that I had to submit in writing a fax that the person does not work here and they gave me a long distance number to call. Why should I pay for a long distance call to notify them that someone doesn't nor never has worked for me. They have waisted hours of my time on the phone and my time is money. I am the owner of a small business and my time is valuable. It's hard enough to make my own bills let alone get abusive calls about someone else. Last night I came home from work to a message from some man I have never heard of. The number was toll free so I called it. That number refered me to another number that wasn't so I called it. It is cross country banks customer pay line. Not only are they harrassing me at my business not they are calling my home. I now have a long distance charge on my line and I don't even have one of there cards nor have I ever. Help! micky portland, Oregon
Entity: Internet
93, Report #24206
Jul 08 2002
05:05 PM
Cross Country Bank abused & mistreated Boca Raton Florida
Yesterday, I received a call from Cross Country Bank. At first I thought it was a wrong number because the individual acted very peculiar; he wasn't sure who he was calling and when I asked him who he was, he mumbled something like, Hector. Since I don't know any Hector, I told him he had the wrong number. A minute later the phone rang again, this time my husband answered, and it was the same person. My husband demanded to know why this guy was calling but he just kept asking for me, when my husband asked where he was calling from, the guy said, Florida. I told my husband that I don't know anyone in Florida, but the guy insisted on talking to me. I refused to take the call, thinking that it was a crank caller. My husband hung up. Again the phone rang, this time the person finally said that he was calling from Cross Country and wanted to know why I hadn't sent them a payment. I told my husband that I had indeed sent them a payment and that I was always on time with my payments. The man wanted to know the check number and the amount and date I sent the check. I grabbed the phone and told him that he needed to check his records again because I had sent the payment. Well, he told me that he didn't believe me and that I had better send in a payment because I was late on my account. By now I had had it with him, I asked him for his name, this time he said his name was Calvin. I asked for a last name. After going back and forth for a while, he finally said it was Jamison. I told him that I was going to report him for harrassment, and he simply said, Go ahead, be my guest. I told him that what he was doing was harrassment, and he just laughed. I finally hung up the phone. I then picked up the receiver to call the operator to complain about a harrassing caller, and the guy was still on the line! He refused to hang up! I hung up again, and when I checked the receiver, he was still on the line, calling my name. I couldn't believe it! He was tying up my phone line. I couldn't make any calls! I finally just let the receiver sit. I could hear his voice saying he was still there. After about 10 min. I hung up the phone, checked the receiver, and thank God, he was gone. I then called Customer Service to report that individual, but was told that no report could be taken. Why? Because he probably gave me a fake name! I asked if that was customary, for the reps to give out fake names. The rep said, yes, sometimes. I asked to talk to her supervisor. Well, her supervisor was not there. I asked to speak to someone in a higher authority. She was it! I asked for her supervisor's name. It was Mario, she said. Last name? Nope, no last name could be given. I asked for Mario's supervisor's name. John. John who? No last name could be given to me. Why? For security reasons. I asked for a corporate phone number. No, no corporate number could be given, but she could give me the corporate address. I told this rep that my account was not overdue and that I did not want anyone calling me and harrassing me. She said that my payment had not shown up on their system, therefore, it was overdue. I couldn't believe it! I told her to send me something in writing telling me that my acct was past due. Nope. Just wait for another statement, she said. I asked why Calvin (?) wanted to know my check number and amount. For our records, she said. But your records aren't giving you the right information anyway! I said. So what's the point? No explanation was given. I later called 411 in Florida and asked for a phone number for Cross Country Bank. Guess what number I was given? The Customer Service number! Unbelievable!! These people get a bunch of kids to serve as Customer Reps, they're not trained properly, speak to us in whatever manner they please, and we as customers have no recourse. I was going to call the BBB but after reading some reports on those people...forget it! But beware! These people don't care about their customers or that their information on their customers is erroneous. At this point I am anxious to find out if I will be charged a late fee. I have cancelled my credit card. But they probably don't have that on their system either... Esther Los Angeles, California Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
94, Report #18666
Apr 11 2002
04:10 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff ripoff business from hell Boca Raton Florida
They can charge you what ever they what to & we can't stop them. We payed our off bill every month,then we moved to the other side of town (with notice). Our bill still was payed off we didn't owe anything. Then a few months later they charged the annual fee no problem, except they did not send a bill for it just a collection notice from a lawyer.Because the annual fee wasn't payed they charged late fees & interest. By the time the Lawyer was though we owed over 500.00. Our limit was only 300.00.The lawyer says they charge 100.00 annually, but the web site even says 50.00. He deals with them all the time. We should have known the fee was past due he said. It was our fault for not contacting them about the bill. Even though it was paid. How many people send money for something without a bill. Louis Lawton, Oklahoma
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
95, Report #16705
Mar 13 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff dirty ripoff liars Boca Raton Florida
These scumbags at Cross Country bank are lying sacks of dung! My room mate had a visa from these thieves.She became unemployed and did the best she could to make payments.Granted not always on time.She slipped further and further behind.She called at least two dozen times, that I was witness to,requesting some type of payment arrangement.Every time she was told about the Hardship program.This has gone on for at least 8 months and she has yet to recieve the application for this program that they promised her. Also the telephone is in my name. I've asked them politely,(Not any longer!) to stop calling 24/7 but I might as well talk to Helen Keller! I don't owe these idiots a dime but they still feel the need to disrupt my life! If I ever go to Florida again believe me,I WILL look these assholes up. I want to disrupt there lives like they disrupt mine, and I don't even have any buisness with them Kevin Colorado Springs, Colorado
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
96, Report #22225
Jun 06 2002
05:59 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff deceptive, business from hell Boca Raton, Florida
I too wanted to set up a credit line and Cross Country offered me a small $300 limit. The first month I used the card 3 times for small things and when tries to use a fourth time I was told overdrawn. I had used around $100 total and they had put in $200 in fees to start up. I was not told about these fees. The monthly bill came and with all the fees added I was over $300. I sent $50 but next month they still said I was overdrawn and the bill was even higher. They had tacked on $30 for not paying amount they wanted and they said it was late and charged another $30. Now I am way above $300 limit. Even when I sent the money they wanted they still tacked on $60 every month. I have never used the card since the first month. I do not have the money to pay the whole thing but throughout the months I have more than paid $300 and all the fees. These people are incredible! They say I owe over $500 and they call several times a day. I am made as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. I will not pay anymore. Sandra St. Augustine, Florida
Entity: Boca Raton,, Florida
97, Report #22582
Jun 12 2002
02:22 PM
CROSS COUNTRY BANK ripoff Boca Raton Florida
Well, my trouble with the $hit@zz of a Bank started when I split up my minimum payment and sent them them 2 payments (one every 2 weeks in a one month period). Well on my check I CLEARLY INDICATED 1st half of March Payment; and 2nd half of March Payment. Well these dumb $hit@zzes took it upon themselves to apply the 1st payment to the previous month (which had ALREADY been paid!) Then they hit me with a LATE FEE! Said I didnt pay the miniumu BULL$H*T is what I say!) Well a lot of yelling, screaming, threats of my proceeding with a lawsuit AGAINST them, and even writing to their $hark/lawyer Mr. Bozo. I FINALLY got a letter back saying that they would remove the late fees. Well THEY DID, but ever since then EVERY TIME I send in a Payment (let's say the payment is due on the 27th of the month, and I send the payment VIA CERTIFIED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED on the 12th day of the month) It takes them 13 - 15 days AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED THE PAYMENT to credit it to my account AND OF COURSE THEN IT IS ALWAYS LATE, SO I WIND UP WITH A LATE CHARGE, I THINK IT'S UP TO $90 BY NOW (I'll wait till it's a little more and then I'll file my Complaint In the Southern District against thier $H*T@ZZES!(although they have had Ms. McCarthy write to me and state that it is their policy to post within 24 hours I wrote back to her and told her that was A BUCH OF $H*T and that I have the Green Return Receipt Card to PROVE EACH AND EVERY MONTH that they got the payment 13 -15 prior to applying it to my account. Oh I also sent them a Cease and Desist Letter (I work at a major Law Firm in New York City by the way ;) to get them to STOP HARASSING ME AT WORK AS WELL AT HOME. SO I DARE them to keep it up.......I say It's TIME TO PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS....I read one person's comment about notifying all your other creditors and stating that you will have to file bankruptcy due to CROSSCOUNTRY BANK. GREAT IDEA.....If these other companys worry about not getting paid, perhaps they will get on CCB's @zz as well! K Staten Island, New York Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
98, Report #22461
Jun 10 2002
10:30 PM
cross country bank ripoff - outlandish late ripoff fees Beech Grove Arkansas
After filing bankruptcy i tried to rebuild my credit with a cross county credit card. I am being charged outlandish late fees and there are charges on this card that are nothing but clearly fraud. I have refused to pay on this card any longer but am waiting to see what will happen next. dede beech grove, Arkansas
Entity: beech grove, Arkansas
99, Report #21129
May 18 2002
07:04 PM
Cross Country Bank is a fraudulent rip-off business. Wilmington, West Virginia
cross country bank is a scam! I was 38 cents over my limit & charged 30 dollars. The rep said he could not waive fee. Phyllis troutman, North Carolina
Entity: huntington, West Virginia
100, Report #20281
May 06 2002
10:25 AM
cross country bank ripoff huntington West Virginia
ever one should look up the fedaral collection laws , that is involved with cross country bank .. and start recording the collection calls , all you have to do is tell the caller that you are recording the call. and its not agianist the law.. they will tell you , that you do not have permission, but it doesnt matter.. it just for use for the amount of calls you recieve.. for a class action law suit.. if they are found guilty they can be made to pay, a thousand dollars or up to 1% of the gross profit.. we need to sue them for harrassment for there colection practies not the way the company does business..that wont get any where. but harrassment will take care of the other.. jeff twin falls, Idaho
Entity: huntington, West Virginia

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