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27, Report #1372569
May 11 2017
06:03 AM
Dell, Dell Computer, Dell Technologies Dell XPS 13 9360 Display issue won't get issued a replacement Austin Texas
I've purchased a Dell XPS 13 9360 and I've had problems with the video flickering.  It happens about every 5-10 minutes for about 5 seconds. I've spent probably 30-40 hours trying to resolve the issue and I'm pretty fed up with it over the last 2-3 months.  I didn't notice it enough to decide ultimately to get my money back but it is too late. I've run the diagnostic tool, and it apparently failed.  A technician was sent to my house to replace a part of the computer not related to video, and the part was refurbished.  I declined opening the device up and wanted to get my money back.  Apparently this test always fails unless the computer is plugged in apparently.  I found this out after the technician left...good I didn't let him replace a non-related part! I've realized my 30 day return window has passed.  Gulp! That's after spending a few hours here and there trying to resolve the issue. Now I have a machine with an issue that is going to take plenty of hours to diagnose. I've updated the BIOS, updated the Video drivers, to no avail.  I've now engaged Dell Chat support, who has stepped me through the entire process of doing this all over again. At this point, I've asked for an escalation.  Normally this has been easy in the past, but I'm being forced to step through a repeat of the troubleshooting process which I've already accomplished At the end of the day, I'm seriously regretting this purchase.  Until I get either a replacement, or my money back, I've decided to write reviews preventing someone from making the same mistake.  This is a top of the line machine, there should be no reason why I can't get resolution in a timely manner without having to sacrifice 2-3 hours out of my day to watch someone remote to my machine and install drivers. This is a warning to others, stay away from this product.  I rarely have purchased any laptop in the last 10 years that haven't had some major issue with it, and Dell is no exception.  I'm now stuck with a time burden and a device that I do not want.  You really have to stay on top of electronic companies these days....they will literally attempt to *** all the time away.  The real purchase price of this machine is now double for the time wasted that I will not get back. Perhaps sharing my woes preventing others from buying this device will help Apparently from what I am reading this issue has been around much longer than the 9360 version of the XPS 13.  That is unfortunate. The service help, although very kind, chooses not to address my request for escalation or talking about a replacement item.  Im having to restore my device to a previously configured configuration.  Does that mean I'm not entitled to update the drivers, ever? I dictate the terms of this agreement, just because you already have my 2500 dollars for the laptop does not mean that I can keep spending hours daily debugging.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #187757
Apr 20 2006
06:09 PM
Dell Computer Corporation Dell Computer Corporation/ Michael Dell DELL RIP OFF Bait and Switch Round Rock, Texas
Dell Advertised the Dimension B110 on yahoo for $ 345.00 part of the package was a free monitor upgrade to a 17 inch E176FP Analog Flat Panel. I placed the order well within the due date and what I got was a old clunky CRT monitor. When I complained to the online sales rep whom I spoke to, he directed me to general customer service. There they made me wait 45 minutes before they answered and stated that they will take the computer back but I will have to pay for shipping charges. When I told them that they sent me something other than what I ordered and that they reneged on their sales offer, they hung up on me. I called Dell returns, where some one equally rude told me the same nonsense. I finally emailed Dell Corporation's Board of Directors, attaching a copy of their Internet Offer - No Response. The next day some CS center in India called and offered me a free printer. I told him thatI just wanted what was promised on the internet advert. They said uh ok sorry but since that was not entered we can't send that to you When I explained the bit about the Advert and Dells responsibility to live up to its committment they either did notunderstand or comprehend and hung up-usual Dell response. I will now file a complaint with the BBB and the Department of Consumer Affairs. To anyone reading this if you are going to buy a pc or anything related to computers, you would be well advised to stay clear of Dell. They are crooks plain and simple. I also was a shareholder and though the amount was nothing significant I sold all my shares the very next day. If Dell treats its customers this way and resorts to devious ways to make a buck then I will be darned if I purchase their shares. What a lousy, crooked, devious, slimy company. Gulshan Floral Park, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #22730
Jun 14 2002
01:45 PM
Dell Computers My Dell headache deceptive company Austin Texas
My headache with the Dell company began as soon as I got it out of the box. I entered the information that they wanted for thefree windows-XP upgrade coupon in the spaces provided. Their server refused it,and refused it, again and again. The same problem occured with the $150 rebate. You had to go to their web Rebate site, and print out the coupon. Luckily I had a printer already or I would have been in the same boat as trying to get the XP upgrade. When the check finally came I tried to cash it but the check had a not good after date on it. This was less than 30 days after I received the check. Luck was on my side as I had kept the coupon copy I made. The contract with the rebate center(not Dell) stated that I would have 60 days to cash the check. I had less than 30 before the check was invalide. The call center really had no choice but to reorder the check sent. It has of course not been received as of yet, and I have had the computer for 7 months. I've been of course been paying interest on this amount of money, since I've not been able to apply it to the special government purchase loan available through the State Employees' Credit union. Dell says that after 2 reformats to see if we can get Explorer to work properly, and numerous clean boots' of ME install disc, that there is nothing they can or will do about the windows problem, and they won't give me XP as that program has expired. I am now stuck with going out to buy my own copy of XP, or continue to use the Earthlink software I don't like as my way to connect to the internet. Windows still doesn't function properly and Dell basically say's too bad. Dave Charlotte, North Carolina
30, Report #353902
Jul 21 2008
06:01 PM
DELL Beware, when dealing with dell computer repairs! Outsourced In Asia Internet
Until today, (07/21/08) I'd thought of DELL as a good computer sales company: there are 4 dell pcs and laptops, and 4 dell printers in my home. My favorable impression was first dented when i had a problem with my dell pc. Since the warranty had expired, I agreed to pay $39.00 for technical assistance. That was on 05/08/08. After I'd paid, the technician spent about 3 hourse with me, but couldn't fix the problem. She told me her supervisor would call me the next day to complete the job because she wa stumped, but it was I who finally called back two days later. I got a different technician this time, but with the same unresolved result. A third technician instructed me to open the computer and do some repair work myself. The upshot was that this technician couldn't fix the problem either. He got his supervisor to tell me to seek help from any local computer tech to find out what was wrong with my computer. After the diagnosis, dell would be happy to help me fix the problem. His opinion was that I had a hardware problem. I later called dell to tell them that I would report back to them after i'd had the diagnosis. I took the pc to a local tech shop, where it sat until two weeks ago, when I was told I needed a new hard drive. I ordered it and it came in today. After I installed it I called dell to report that my feat and to ask them to help me finish the job. And guess what! Your computer is out of warranty so you have to pay for us to look at it, I was told. I explained that this was the culmination of an unsolved case for which I'd already paid $39. He replied, It is more than one month. I said, Of course, the computer was at the repair shop. what could i do? All this time? he shot back. Yes! I got it back only two weeks ago, and the hard drive arrived only this evening It was as if i was talking to a robot. Your computer is out of warranty ... I said, Tell your supervisor I'm not going to take this rip off lightly. Tell them I'm going to write in the press, complain to my Attorney General and my Congressman Your computer is out of warranty ... I pleaded, Just tell me what to do next, because the computer is asking me to press F1 of F2 Your computer is out of warranty ... Me: I have several discs all named reinstallation discs; which one should I put in first? Your computer is out of warranty ... . If you pay $39 you will get good advice how to restore your computer I want you lawyers out there to advice me about my options. I believe that dell is riding on the eroded goodwill of customers who haven't had the misfortune of running out of warranty with their products. Dell doesn't value the loyalty of its longstanding clients. The customer is not mighty enough to sway public opinion or to seek redress for shoddy treatment. If you're stupid enough to try to keep a dell computer for more than 4 years, you're not worthy of our sympathy. Dell, Well, Well, to HELL!!! Bruno Auburn, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #466899
Jul 01 2009
03:11 PM
Dell Computers - Dell Lies Round Rock, Texas
Dell customer service is terrible. ordered a computer on line and call them to ask for my companies discount. I was offered a 40.00 discount if I left the order like it was. i was told to call bck after the first statement to verify the credit. Called and was transfered 8 times. No body speaks english. ask to speak to someone I can understand and was told they can not transfer you to the US. ask for a supervisor and was told there were none. called a second time --- the same thing. No would take ownership of the issue. Just received a call from the customer service resolution department guess what could not understand the name or number. There is no way to speak to anyone that could handle my issue. I have purchased 4 computors. No more Aj columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
32, Report #403477
Dec 20 2008
02:00 PM
Dell Dell lied to cover up their mistake . Internet
Ill keep it as simple as possible with the facts first Dell issued a coupon code for a TV deal. Dell accepted my coupon code Dell sent me a confirmation of my order Dell withdrew money from my account. Dell recieved the payment from my bank electronically. The next day Dell cancelled my order Dell did not inform me, or give reason for cancel. I spent 2.5hrs being transferred around to finally be told that I was in DE status which means my credit card was declined. More facts. I did pay by debit card. My card was NOT declined, and Bank of America agreed to provide this in writing for me. My Bank of America acct was debited, and Dell recieved my money before the order was cancelled. BOA will write to this effect. I will now wait 72 business hours before my money is available again at BOA ( right before christmas mind you ) Below is a letter from me to Dell after receiving a canned response after hours on the phone. From: Todd xxxxxxx Sent: Sat 12/20/08 3:02 PM To:;;; Kris, This is a bigger issue than a coupon code mistake made by dell. And speaking to you proved that. You stated ( on a recorded conversation ) that my order was cancelled because of a DE which you explained to me was a decline of my payment method. I spoke to Bank of America this morning, and I had 1080.87 available at the time of purchase. All of the billing and shipping info matched the CC used. I did not go over my daily limit, and NO my card was not declined as your representatives falsely put on the cancellation. Putting DE on my order is an attempt to cover yourselves for your mistakes. Thats inappropriate, and unethical as it is a bold faced lie. I can understand a mistake, but not owning up to it is a huge deal. I have been assured there was no decline. The money was taken from my account completely and electronically sent to dell, before my order was cancelled. So besides the fact of not honoring a pricing mistake that DELL made, Dell has also now lied to me, and falsely presented my account with a decline that never happened. All in an effort to cover up DELLS mistake, not mine. As stated below in an email from US_CSD the reasons for 'cancelling an order', does not state ANYTHING about cancelling an order based on pricing errors. Instead it says payment method problems. And Dell has chosen to falesly accuse my of a declined card, so that it can fall within this statement rather than the truth. . About orders canceled by Dell ============================== We may occasionally have to cancel an order for one of the following reasons: - Changes made to an order: If you change your order, the original order is canceled and a new order and order number is assigned to your purchase. To find recent order numbers, sign in to My Account at - Lead-time has been extended: If it takes longer than expected to build your computer, we have to get your approval for the delay. If we can't get your approval within the required timeline, we're legally required to cancel the order. - Payment method problems: If your order is canceled because of problems with your payment method, contact your financial institution to find out why they didn't authorize the purchase. If your order has been canceled and you want to replace the order, talk to a Dell agent at one of the numbers listed in Section 1. Thank you for choosing Dell. I spent 2.5hrs of my day today being transferred from one person to another today. Each of which assuring me that the next person would resolve this. Two of which purposely hung up on me. Tyler (Your salesman ) who actually laughed at me and refused to provide me with a badge ID because he didnt believe I needed it. So Ive lost 2.5hrs of my valuable time, and because of Bank policies I have to wait a full 72 hrs ( DAYS BEFORE XMAS, Mind you ) to have my $106.75 returned to my available balance. Dell TOOK my coupon code. Dell accepted and CONFIRMED my order. Dell took, and RECEIVED my $106.75. Dell cancelled my order without ANY notification, or reason. Dell FALSELY put de on my order in order to make this cancellation fall under your 'rules for cancelling' Dell has done nothing to compensate for their mistake. I have personally bought two PC systems from you this year. My employer ( School Districts of IL ) have purchased over 8000 units from you this year alone. And I am Dell Certified Systems Expert. And all I get is the run around from Dell managers with false information. I want this taken to corporate, and my bank has agreed to be on a conference call, or provide written documentation to the fact that my card was NOT declined. Regards, Todd *********** MCP, MCTS, DCSE 708.********* Papo08 palos hills, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DELL
Entity: Internet
33, Report #540047
Dec 15 2009
06:21 PM
DELL Computers Dell will not stand behine product Internet
I order a computer from Dell. To avoid comlications I ask for only Word, Excel and Outlook. Word and Excel are worthless. They shut down, one day I when I use its English, the next day its Czec does have a thesaurus. ONe day Word and Excel will retain Recent Documents, then for no reason I have no recall of Recent Documents. They will not support. Dell claims I must pay to get tech support - soft ware is not under warranty. Buying a Computer? Stay away from Dell - no support.Jim
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #718604
Apr 17 2011
06:45 AM
In July 2010 I bought my Dell Studio 1749 from Incredible Connection in Menlyn, Pretoria, South Africa. (For me a whopping R13 000). It was faulty from day 5: too late for me to return it to the vendor. Every time I booted it would switch off.Over a period of a month - until the end of August - I had to wrestle with the Call Centre (12KM away in India) to get the product repaired. The intestines were replaced over and over again. I had to reload and repurchase software to the tune of R5 000.The keyboard was never replaced properly. It was buckled - albeit slightly - in the centre. This means that everytime I type a character any number of additional unitended characters are entered. Given that the keyboard was replaced twice and being thoroughly worn down be DELL and their unaccountable call centre, this was something I decided to live with. The upshot is that while you can keep editing text in a document type file, you cannot log into websites for any assortment of transactions because you cannot control the password. It is blipped out as you type it. My access to the DELL hard drive is facial recognition so no password is needed for me to boot.Most recently 2 weeks ago this situation became untenable - because of increasing work pressure - and I resolved to pursue the matter at all costs. Needless to say without success. DELL certainly does not require its call centre to be accountable. They undertake to have their supervisors call you back. This does not happen. One cannot enforce some form of accountability from DELL domestically.DELL just cannot service its clients in SOUTH AFRICA.
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
35, Report #529404
Nov 27 2009
11:16 AM
DELL Computers dell xps m2010 lemon Internet
I puchased a Dell xps m2010 about 2 years ago.  I  had  spent most of the time since then trouble shooting and repairing this thing since then. After 5 visits from their techs and about 200 hours on the phone.  They eventually replaced the old one with a new one.  Now that the warranty has run out.  The thing continues to break down.  On my own, I have replaced the graphics card once already.  It worked for about 3-4 months and now it has gone out once again.  Now I'm left with a useless laptop.  I know that many other owners of this lemon are having the same problem.  Is there a fix for this or a recall for this computer.  I have never had the thing running long enough to use it as a reliable productive tool.
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36, Report #168116
Dec 16 2005
07:52 AM
DELL Or Dell customer/sales service is horrorable Internet
I am opening a small business and needed to purchase several computers to link via a LAN. Upon checking Dell's website, I had some questions with respect to some systems they had for sale. I didn't want to talk to anyone because there were too many questions and it would have wasted time to sit talking and trying to make notes. I emailed Customer Relations with the request as they were the only option I could find the first time through the site. The only thing they'd send me was the message to call some 800 number which was exactly what I told them I didn't want to do. That lasted two days. When they refused to give me information on how to contact management with a complaint, I again visited the website. There is absolutely no info there that allows disgruntled customers to contact someone with the power to change Dell's business practices. I did find an option to chat with Sales. Before asking them the questions Customer Service wouldn't answer or forward to Sales as I requested, I inquired about a management contact. It became obvious these emplyees are nothing but rebots with no concerns or ambitions other than sitting at a computer sending pointless IM's back to customers and potential customers placing them in a never ending loop to nowhere. Some Customer Service that is. Finally, on the second attempt, Fredrick, gave me a customer service website and phone number. While checking the website (about 2 minutes, which was less time than it took for each of the responses received from the first Sales Agent), he sent an IM asking if I where still there and he was about to end the transmission. EXACTLY 2 seconds later, he was gone! You'd have to be Superman to type that fast of a response. It was clear he had no intentions of waiting for a reply or helping this potential customer. As I told them in the How'd we do? survey after the disconnect, I will never, ever buy from Dell following this absolutely awful service. I pray that this report will likewise convince each of those who read it that any company that would rather give you the run-around than actually helping you as a potential customer will undoubtedly screw you even more once they have your money following a purchase. Just don't do it. Buy somewhere else! Kevin Spring Hill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #327005
Apr 18 2008
08:28 AM
I purchased a laptop through Dell Financial 2years ago. When purchasing it I was told by customer service that I was approved for the Prefered Dell financial account at a 13 percent interest rate. I was somewhat hesitant because the rate was so high but was then ensured that as long as I make my payments on time that the rate would go down. I didn't receive a first bill and then two months later received it. There was 2 months of interest taked on this bill and not it was not the rate I was promised, it was actually 29.99%! I called Dell and confronted them with the lie that was told to me. I got an apology and that was all! They did not give me the interest rate I was promised in the beginning and would not take the computer back because it was past the first month guarantee. It has been two years that I have been paying on this computer and I have hardly put a dent in the principal! Every time I call them I remind them of the rate I was promised and the rate I am paying now. There has got to be a law out there that does not allow these type of companies to get away with lying to consumers. I also recently (within the last 7months) found out that you have to call and request them to lower your interest rate. They will review your account every 6 months. I had it redused one time (7months ago) and have called again to requeest another one and the will not reduce it again. I have never been late on my payments. WORD OF ADVISE: NEVER GO THROUGH DELL FINANCIAL!!! Amanda Huntsville, ArkansasU.S.A.
38, Report #172835
Jan 22 2006
10:44 PM
Dell Suggestions for dealing with Dell Round Rock Texas
I have been dealing with Dell's tech support and parts department for many years as an independent VAR. I frequently work on customers Dells and this is my experience: 1) I will NOT attempt to act as a proxy for my customers if they own a Dell Dimension. Dell makes this incredibly difficult if not impossible. They want to speak with the person who purchased the computer and just generally make it a logistical nightmare. In addition, I can't understand a thing they say. I essentially tell them, if they can get Dell to send them parts, I'll install them and get the machine back up and running, but thats about it. 2) If you want decent service, purchase an Optiplex from their business division. I can tell you from experience that the difference in support and response is night and day. Recently I had an Optiplex in my store with bad capacitors. This was a know issue and Dell had acknowledged it. I believe they had earmarked something like $300 Million to deal with this issue. They sent out a tech promptly, but replacing the motherboard didn't fix the issue (even though it had bulging caps). A day or two later another fella showed up with another motherboard and a small daughter card that controls the on/off switch. That appeared to fix it. I wasn't in the store when that took place but I told my mangager to make sure the tech reboots the computer at least 10 times before he leaves. She caught him on his way out the door and had him reboot it several times guessed it, it failed again. Two days later the original tech showed up with a power supply. That fixed the issue. The sad part is that these so-called techs arent even trained or instructed to do multiple shutdowns/restarts. Thats a gimme in hardware situations. All in all, Dell held up their end of the bargain...but at a price. This was an Optiplex purchased through their business division. Lastly, there are just enough differences between Dimension motherboards and generic boards that I won't even attempt to put a 3rd party board in a Dell. I have also been told by some collegues that even their power supplies are proprietary. And I tend to believe him because in the case stated above, one of the things we tried when the first tech came out was a standard ATX12V power supply and it didn't fix it, yet the Dell power supply fixed it. Henry Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
39, Report #339798
Jun 12 2008
06:49 PM
How Dell Cheats Customers See the timeline and events: 06-May-08 I placed order for Dell Printer and Desktop 08-May-08 Order shipped by Dell 12-May-08 Package Received. I ordered Printer trusting Dell that it will come in a usable condition. On receipt Printer Cable was missing. I immediately contacted Dell and I was told they sell it separately for $50 including freight and handling. 13-May-08 to 26-May-08 Called Dell several times to request for a Return Authorization as I was fed up with this cheating. To me it sounds like you buy the computer and they will sell keyboard separately. Finally a customer Care Rep persuades not to return the whole package and sends me email promising a coupon for $50 so that I can buy the printer cable. 03-Jun-08 I send emails to senior managers in Dell complaining that I have fully paid printer but can not use it as no coupon has been sent despite promise. (Dell is waiting for one month to pass so that warranty period is over and I can not return the package). 04-Jun-08 I receive coupon in email and immediately book the order for cable 05-Jun-08 I send a formal complaint of the incident, and a customer care rep replies saying in his email that It has been brought to our attention that most customers now have pre-existing USB cables and as such a large amount of cables are finding their way into the garbage. Do they think that this information brought to their attention gives Dell the right to deceive the customer on internet by not telling that printer comes in an unusable condition? Why don't they say that printer comes without cable and the price of cable is this much in addition to printer price? How can they rip the customers off later by selling the cable at a premium price? 06-Jun-08 I receive confirmation email that Printer Cable has been shipped. 09-Jun-08 Next day after shipping confirmation I receive email saying Due to an increased demand we are experiencing a shipment delay. We are currently establishing the new shipment date, and will contact you as soon as your new date is available. I immediately sent complaint to the same person. On one hand he tells that customers are throwing cable in garbage, on the other hand someone else says there is increased demand. I suggest that all prospective purchasers of computers and printers beware of dishonest and disgraceful cheating sales techniques and awfully poor customer complaints handling. I have paid Dell in full for the whole package, but even after a month can not use my printer. Dell is not willing to help and address the issue. I am surprised, how can Dell stop delivery after shipment confirmation. One Dell employee accepts my stance of cheating by Dell, sends apology, gives credit coupon, the other stops the delivery after shipment confirmation. Has anyone heard that among hungry street dogs, one vomits, and the other starts licking? Aqib North York, OntarioCanada
Entity: North York,, Ontario
40, Report #1082759
Sep 08 2013
05:54 PM
Dell Dell opts out on consumers Austin Texas
To Whom It May Concern: In 2011 I had purchased a Dell laptop using my newly issued Dell credit card. During the initial call to Dell the representative was extremely inappropriate with me, for example, cutting me off when I tried to ask questions about my purchase and at one point stating he had added items to my bill that I had specifically stated I did not want. In hindsight I should not have finalized the purchased but was excited after rebuilding my credit. I decided I would verify what I was charged for by viewing my receipt or billing statement for my purchase. When my computer arrived there was no invoice to verify what I had been charged for and in addition items I did request and believe I was billed for were not included, including Mcafee virus protection which I later had to purchase myself. I attempted on numerous occassions to request an itemized copy of my bill through Dell and what occurred was over a year of being referred back and forth between customer service and financial services. I eventually came in contact with a supervisor Tennissia who stated she realized I had been inappropriately billed and that my account was mishandled. Tennissia reported after consulting with her supervisor that there was nothing they could do to help me. During this time I was incessantly called during the work day and on my work phone, each time I would attempt to explain my billing concerns, lack of invoice, and experience. Each representative expressed the same lack of integrity stating it simply wasn't there job to address this. In August of 2012 I wrote the better business bureau about Dell's lack of integrity, communication, and professionalism. To date have never received a response. What I am requesting is simple #1 for the credit I worked so hard to repair to be fixed to be accurately reflected 2# to see an actual invoice of what I was charged for #3 for my bill to be modified to reflect what I actually received and was usable. In addition Dell should indicate some level of concern over how my account was mismanaged and the lack of ethics and integrity with which it was handled. Your prompt response to this matter is greatly appreciated. If needed I can provide a copy of the letter I sent to the Better Business Bureau and a chronology of my contacts with Dell in attempting to appropriately resolve this. Thank you  
Entity: Austin, Texas
41, Report #1065386
Jul 08 2013
06:39 PM
Dell Dell Arrc Nashville Dis Hearten Customer Lebanon Tennessee
 07/05/13 I posted the following message earlier to day and the Camera that was held in Production has been ship but GUESS What it's still red and that's been the problem all along (I wanted BLACK) Boy what slap in the face........  On 07/03/2013 I place an order for a Nikon Cool Pix L820 Red and granted I did an do want the Camera BUT I want it in Black since I went back to the site and check if the model was sold in Back that was the Color I wanted.. So to save time I went online fill out the return form and before I knew it a Rep contacted me, to some-it-up the Rep offer 25.00 off my Credit to keep the Camera well I didn't want the Camera in that Color and express that to the Rep well there was no reply....I started a campaign of Calling Dell time after time....well you have to wait for the package in order to get your Label sent to you ( got that statement 2xs) then I tried ordering another Camera-same one but in Black that way it would be on the way once I return the 1st one now granted I have enough money in my account BUT Dell or it's staff felt I must wait until the other has been return moreover after getting up set now I have the Label that I was told I had to wait for and the other Camera that I really want is being held in Production for 2 days and I can't have it sent to me until this other mess is cleared up...I've b a Customer over 2 years and Pay my Bill....Thank you for the Treatment Dell, bet you want offer that 25.00 NOW after all this $&#%. It's a shame the staff at Dell will be Dell's down FALL.
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
42, Report #971912
Nov 20 2012
01:33 PM
We puchased a Dell Inspirion 620 a year ago. Two months later the hard drive failed. A tech was sent out and replaced the drive and it was fine until two weeks ago. My husband went to get online and was denied access with error message 651. I have another desktop hardwired to the same router that works fine, so I changed the cables and still nothing. I called my ISP and everything checked out with them. I thought my warranty was expired but when I checked the receipt I found I had two weeks left, so I called Dell. Which lead to countless phone calls 15+ and numerous troubleshooting steps, including resinstalling my OS. I have had the motherboard replaced 2x now, two techs have come out and the last one suggested the computer  be replaced. There is no way to isolate the cause of the issue. Centainly, the Dell experts can't. They offer me yet another motherboard and then on to replacing the hard drive again. This is unreal. And throughout this entire process I am constantly reminded to extend my warranty for $148 for they can continue to assist me. I escalated this call to corporate. They were completely of no use whatsoever. Constantly assuring me of resolution but really just bluffing until the warranty expires. Finally, they offered a replacement with a refurb, unwarrantied. After buying 8 or 9 computers from Dell over the years I will never buy another thing from them. I highly recommend NOT buying from Dell at this point. Their products are not up to their previous standards and the customer service is nonexistant. I have health issues and this has caused more distress than I can even say.
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43, Report #1284050
Feb 01 2016
02:54 PM
Dell Dell Avoids Conact to Prevent Order Cancellations Internet
I placed an order for a TV on the Dell website on a Sat morning.  I changed my mind when I realized the rebate card offer was only good at the Dell site.  I tried several times during the weekend and on Monday morning to reach anyone at Dell.  But to communicate with them, one must have certain numbers (e.g. customer #, order #, etc) and Dell witholds these numbers to shut you out.  Once the order has shipped they send you a receipt with all those numbers. When I got that email with the requisite nubmers on Monday afternoon, I immediately contacted Hyderabd, India chat site to stop the order.  The woman said she could not cancel orders and gave me an 800 # to call.  I called and got another Indian voice, male this time, and after collecting the magic numbers from me, he told me it was too late to cancel the order. This was at 3 pm on the first week day after the order was placed and within 30 minutes of receiving the email with the magic #s.Then the nice Desi man offered me a refund equal to the return shipping cost (for Dell), if I would accept the the order.  The $20 was not enough for me, so I declined the offer. Then he told me to just return the item after it was delivered.  I know this will require an RMA# and it will take an hour of jumping around Inida call centers to get thea #.  Then I will have to drive the package to a UPS or FEDEX center.Do not order anything frrom Dell unless you are convinced that you want that item.  They will not let you rescind the order and will force you to take delivery  in hopes you will keep the item rather than jumping through th hoops necesarry to return it.  This is a scam.  Reputable companies do not need to operate this way.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1340836
Dec 01 2016
11:43 AM
Dell Inc Dell Bait and Switch Nationwide
Dell advertised their Day 6 Doorbuster -  additional 20% off ALL Alienware  Outlet Desktops   I watched the computer I wanted for 4 days, logged in an hour before the sale started to keep an eye on it. Added to my cart at 2:05  no discount.  removed, refreshed, re-added, no discount. At 2:11 placed in queues for chat and phone support to find why the no coupon required discount was not applying.  Finally completed the purchase a 2:24 because I didn't want to lose the single outlet computer expecting to be able to resolve the issue with the 20% not applying like you are able to do with any other company.  The phone was filly answered at 2:35 and was online with them for over 45 minutes and they said that they could not give me the 20% only 10%. I will not go into the details of the other 4+hours of calls I made and how many people in service, member purchasing (who agreed I should have gotten the 20% discount but didn't have the ability), and Sales Return specialists I spoke with but the repeating phrase I was told was regardless of the reason the 20% was not applied they would not honor the discount. I opened a complaint with the BBB 12/1  Gerard James at extension x4161002 an Executive Resolver called in response to my complaint He said  if sale was available when I placed my order I would have gotten the discount (would not research or even acknowledge that there could be a possibility that there was a technical issue on their side) Had not looked up the details of my order or looked up details of the sale specifications even though I provided the link to thier sale page He said he is not able to look up details of the sale He said  they take my word about what when and how I bought the computer but will still not honor the discount Finally he  looked up my sale and said I purchased an outlet Alienware Desktop at 2:24pm on 11/28 which is within the parameters of the sale He agreed the sale said no coupon required He said for sales there are a limited number of dedicated computers for the sale so only a small portion of the stock on hand is allotted to the sale and so the computer I purchased must not have been one of those dedicated computers so I do not get discount He agreed the sale did state on ANY dell outlet Alienware desktop while supplies last (does not say limited quantities) but regardless would not honor the 20% discount I explained that is the definition of bait and switch – he disagreed His definition of bait and switch is “advertising for one price and selling for another without providing the proper terms” but he says this does not fall within those parameters I don't understand this sort of lack of customer service.  the sale says ANY and While Supplies Last.  Obviously I made a purchase during the sales time so there was clearly supplies on hand and the sale does not say limited quantities. I have screenshots of everything to back up my claims. I am pretty sure that the reason the sale did not post to the transaction was there was an error in how they formatted particular sale. ALL the other Doorbuster sales had a coupon code except for this one Day 6 item so the sales system did not know to apply the 20%.   To me this looks like a simple technical error on their part which happens to every online company once and awhile but for some reason Dell just cannot accept that technical issues can happen. I am just shocked that they can agree that my purchase was for the correct item at the correct time for the sale but still flat out say that they will still not honor the discount. It is the very definition of bait and switch. This is WRONG and ILLEGAL! Dell ... please fix this! ...  or I say Anyone up for a class action law suit ?   
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1305948
May 16 2016
09:53 PM
It is related to refund issue i have with I purchased Bose System worth $600+ tax from I used my Credit card worth $250+tax and Dell Certificate from AMEX rewards worth $350 for the purchase of bose Sound system from I didnot like the product and i returned the bose sound system within 30 days return policy from dell. While returning, i called Dell Return customer specialist regarding my doubt on refund of my $350 used as Dell Coupon, which i receievd from AMEX, and also $250 used from my credit card while purchasing the bose system.Over the phone, the return specialist assured me that i will get refund of my amount whatever the mode of payment i made to purchase the bose product. Again, I did double check. while on the call with her, on my refund of my dell coupon used(specifically asked myself) she again assured me that yes u will get refund on coupon too. On that NOTE i agreed to return my product which i purchased from dell on the same call. I return my product using ups/fedex and reached dell address. After few days i called Dell Customer care to check the status of my refund, Dell Customer care started saying you have $250+tax refund waiting and will be refunded back to you once processed.Then i asked about dell coupon amount which return specialist assured me of refund while placing return oder. Then dell REP started saying dell coupons are not refunded and we will not refund and its lost. If dell coupons are not refunded, why did return specialist lied me first in place, and falsely assured me of my full refund, when i called before initiate return of my bose product? Still Dell customer is not owning responsibility to cross check TRUTH and what myself and return specialist conversation had conversation and what false assurance provided by dell return specialist. Because of dell return specialist wrong information provided to me,I dont have my bose product or my $350 dell coupons issued by AMEX. Please help me resolve the issue. I have called dell customer care 100 times till now. sent messages over twitter, facebook but no resolution. Everytime they are saying coupons are not refunded. Issue here is when i called dell before initiating the return, why did return specialist provided FALSE/Wrong information? if she would have told me true and knowledgeable information, i would have not return my bose product? Also one more important clause, if they say return policy with full refund. where is full refund here? Its fraud dell is involved in. I expect customer will call customer care to clarify but when customer in return gets wrong or misleading information, where shall the customer go?I even tried contacting AMEX to re-issue coupons but amex declinded as they say they have issued one time and this problem belongs to dell and dell is liable for this mis-appropriate information provided to me. Today i even got response over twitter regarding the same issue from dell customer specialist saying they dont have infomration about refund when i was placing an return request. if i go by that then why didn't return specialist bother to address upfront before initiating my return form over call? Question here is about lies and avoidance to address the issue and punish the culprit lady from customer care.
Entity: roundrock, Texas
46, Report #1273340
Jul 19 2016
12:34 PM
Dell Computer Dell Refurbished Computers Not Refurbished Nationwide
Dell Computers sells what it calls refurbished computers on e-bay and elsewhere.  I purchased one presuming that it had been refurbished.  When I received it, it kept doing quirky things and didn't work right. I went to the Dell site and ran a diagnostic test on the computer which said that it had a defective hard drive.  To me that means that it wasn't even tested before they sold it. I checked with Dell and their cheaper replacement hard drive was about $150 at the time.  When I contacted them about replacing my hard drive they said they would allow me $50 towards a new one.  When I protested their response was after all, you have a USED hard drive. My suggestion is to NEVER purchase a refurbished computer of any kind, particularly from Dell unless you can be absolutely re-assured that you can return it if it is defective for a full refund.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #133211
Feb 28 2005
06:32 PM
Dell ripoff yeah you bet. Nationwide
Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Well you know, that is if you speak english as a primary language. Yeah, you bet, put me on the list. Oh yeah, the stay the hell away from dell list, and I haven't even recieved my first bill! I certainly didn't just get here on a whim. I am so done with dealing with that mess O.K. Outsourced American jobs and money is already a real sore issue with me and now I am a participant. SORRY DELL wrong patsy man. Fall victim to dell's b.s. sales dept. and trust that you're supporting world slavery and unknowingly killing America. DELL? You see this? This is where my time is going now!! Scott cashmere, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
48, Report #137217
Apr 01 2005
03:48 PM
Dell is misleading about their printers, Ripoff! Nationwide
When you buy a Dell Printer from Dell, they dont tell you that you can only get the cartridges from, Lexmark makes their printers and alters the cartridges so they will not fit and you have to buy the Dell cartridges. Dell marks up the ink so high and dont tell you what they are doing. So dont buy a dell printer, it will cost you more money in the longrun. This gives Dell about a 79% margin on their ink which is way too expensive. John Hermitage, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #138088
Apr 08 2005
01:49 PM
Dell Computers Ripoff! Internet
I bought my dell laptop top of the line in Novevember 04 I also purchased the tech support for an additional 400 dollars. every time you call them you get someone out of the country that you can barely understand. After several months of problems unable to be solved, I requested my money back. They said it could not be done since it was past 30 days. I said you guys kept telling me that the problem could be solved and unfortunately their procrastination made me unable to return it and get my money back. Not only my money but endless hours trying to fix the problem. I am unable to disconnect from the internet and unable sometimes to connect. We have unistalled and reinstalled everything I have even had to take days off work because they only send dhl which requires a signature and I live in a security building and they won't leave it for me. I keep asking for a replacement. They say that is not their protocol. I finally got a supervisor in tennesee. However, the supervisor even changed 3 times after replacing the mother board, hard drive, and modem and reinstalling all programs and drivers it still is doing the same thing and they are charging me for the parts they sent which I was told they would not. Everytime somthing is uninstalled it means hours and hours of reinstalling earthlink and norton's and endless hours of downloading since there disc's are not current. This has been such a nightmare that I am at a loss for what to do next. The person whom I last spoke to was supposed to call me back the following sat to make sure everything was working and he never did. I have called him 4 or 5 times since and now he won't call me back. I can only say that my time is very valuable and spending over $2000 should have insured a good, reliable product, but that has not been the case. I recommend anyone considering buying a dell product not to!!!!!!! They are evil Beverly Canoga Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #143722
May 23 2005
12:54 PM
Dell Computers ripoff Internet Denver, colorado
Dell computers said we were late on payments when we were not and come to find out they had two accounts under our name and were letting someone else order from the other account and then reported us as late payments to the credit bureau. I ended up having to pay them off in full and am filing a lawsuit against them. There customer service was the worst and since I didnt know the other account number they wouldnt give me information on it but, it was under my social security. No one with Dell would help us they kept reffering us to the collections department when we actually were paid. They suck and I will do everything in my power to make sure they dont do this to anyone else. I am doing a public speaking on the local TV station here about how they ripp people off and how I had to pay for someone elses stuff which was $4678.33 before I could clear my credit. Christy Arvada, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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