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76, Report #518565
Nov 02 2009
02:09 PM
Dell fraud Internet
I paid extra to have access to top tech advice. When I started some grad classes on-line, I kept loosing my internet connection. Not knowing this is to be expected wihtout broad band or satellite, and I just didn't notice it so before since I didn't need to spend so much time, I called for help. This happened the next week, too. The first week, I had to go back in time on the computer. The second, week, I had to reinstall everything. One charged me over a hundred dollars to ask me to download a bunch of security programs from The last one said they expect it may be worse and go over my maximum hours, and then, a tech would have to be sent to my home to fix hardware. I had made straight A's the first week of my computer class and the school averaged it to a 71  since I could not work the third week, so I lost over $500 and would have had to repeat the class. The third time, however, I called McAfee Security System which is from the people Dell had on my computer. They indicated that is trouble and know for it. After scanning for more trouble, they took off all that showed me how to use the computer cleaner, and since now I clean often, scan often, and defragment, I have had no further trouble. Overall I lost about $700 between the class and the fee for phoney top tech service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
77, Report #393402
Nov 20 2008
04:16 PM
Dell Bad Customer Service. Greater Manchester LAncashire Nationwide
On the 5th November 2008, I ordered a Dell Studio 17 laptop and case total price 650GBP. On Monday the 10th November I received a call from the account manager (lets call him Mohammed) who dealt with my sale telling me that the laptop was on it's way and the couier would be in touch. when I checked my order status on the Dell website it said my estimated delivery date was the 24th November. I called Mohammed on the 17th of November only to get through to his voice mail, I left a message for him to call me regarding my order, I did not get a call back. So I emailed him, still no reply. Today (20th November) I get an automated email from Dell telling me my order has been put back until the 2nd December due to a shortage of parts. So, this morning, I spent almost two hours trying to speak to someone in a Indian call centre to ask why my order had been put back, I was passed from reception to reception I spoke to six different people who did not seem interested in my call and just kept quoting my extended delivery date. I even left Mohammed three voice mails, I was told he will take between four and six hours to reply, thirteen hours later still no reply. When I asked if I can cancel my order the person I spoke to said I would have to speak to the person that took my order (Mohammed), guess what they put me through to his voice mail. By this time I was so angry, I asked to be put through to a manager in the UK, I was told this is not possible, I asked to speak to a manager in the call centre, I was told none were available. So Dell have had my 650GBP since the 5th November and I have no laptop. Peterbez SalfordUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DELL
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #378141
Oct 03 2008
06:16 AM
Dell Tech support is a joke Internet
I have been waiting over 2 months for Dell tech support to assist in clearing up the computer problems I have been having with a Dell Inspiron 531s that I purchased in May 2008. The modem had went bad and after over 7 hours and a week of being on the phone with tech support, they finally sent a tech out to install a new modem. The tech support had me reload the operating software and ever since then, I can get on line, but none of the other features that I could use when I bought the computer are working. It will not allow me to print and the software Dell sent apparently doesn't have any printer drivers on it. I am in the process of purchasing a new HP desktop so that I will have a computer that works properly and also have knowledgable tech support that actually helps the consumer rather than just blowing them off. The current Dell I own is the 4th computer I have purchased over the years from Dell, but Dell will NEVER get my business again. Dave D Foley, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #405209
Dec 27 2008
06:18 AM
Dell TV Plasma TV Ripoff Nationwide
I bought a 42 Dell Plasma TV. It worked less than 2 years. Dell's authorize service company offered $1100 shipping plus $276 for fault isolation --- that's not even starting the repair! No service. No support. Don't buy a Dell - they don't stand behind their products. Anonymous Saint Cloud, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #401813
Dec 16 2008
06:41 AM
Dell Price Gouging Internet
When I was ordering memory chips online from Dell on their website, the total cost for my order came to $618. However, the Dell website returned an error informing me that due to the large size of my order it was necessary to contact Dell via phone and place the order that way. So, I called Dell and I was put in touch with a Thomas Vincent [ or 1-800-456-3355 x 9461176] to take my order over the phone. Thomas proceeded to ask me a series of questions totally unrelated to my order (such as how many employees do you have in your company, what line of business are you in, etc.). I soon was to learn that the whole logic behind Dell forcing you to call them to place large orders was so that they could make an estimate of how much money your company makes (by the questions that they ask) so that they could charge you more for your order. All of a sudden, the cost of my order jumped from the $618 that I was quoted online to $735 that I was now told that I had to pay (because apparently their computer system had ascertained from the answers to my questions that I was a perfect candidate for price gouging). I have contacted Thomas Vincent [ or 1-800-456-3355 x 9461176] about this matter and he refuses to comment on this price gouging since he obviously earns a healthy commission from it. If you want to order parts online in future, I highly recommend PC Connection[]. I have used them for years and they are a trustworthy New England company that keep jobs in America (unlike Dell who send their phone support jobs overseas to India and leave Americans unemployed). Remember, if you buy from Dell, you are paying to take jobs away from American's and send them overseas. Andrew Dunn Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #401314
Dec 14 2008
07:04 PM
Entity: Texas
82, Report #439110
Mar 30 2009
11:23 AM
DELL worthless warranty Internet
A HUMOROUS STORY 1. One of the hard disks in my 3 year old DELL went bad so I ordered a replacement disk. (58 dollars, delivered). 2. A day later I got an e-mail saying this type of disk was on back-order and would ship in about 2 weeks. 3. Two days later the disk is delivered to my home. 4. I didn't put it in that day and the very next day a letter arrives from DELL telling me that my warranty would expire in a month and wouldn't I like to pay about 250 dollars for an extended warranty? That the computer was still under warranty seemed like the ever elusive free lunch! So I contacted dell-support, explained the issue, which I am pretty certain the tech did NOT understand, and was passed off to customer-care. 5. A contacted customer-care on a Friday so I was fairly certain they wouldn't respond in a timely manner so I replaced the hard drive and restored the RAID 1 mirroring. (The good new is that the DELL manuals --if you can find where they are hidden among all the junk they load on your system-- are pretty good. The RAID manager was from INTEL and their web-site has good instructions on restoring RAID arrays.) 6. Today customer-care responds that they cannot do anything except have me ship the disk back. I quess they want to send their techs out with a replacement disk and install it? I was momentarily tempted to send them the old bad disk but better judgement prevailed. 7. Needless to say I don't think I will give them about $250 for an extended warranty. LESSONS LEARNED ( in over 40 years working with computers) A. The companies are now competing on PRICE. In any given year the company will have a few percent of their customers so irate with them that they leave. But the same is true for their competitors -- look at the RIP-OFF reports for the other companies. They just swap their irate customers. Incidently this isn't limited to computer companies -- have you ever tried to get any service company to fix THEIR foul-ups? B. Forget tech support. If you can read go to the trouble of actually reading the documentation they provide. I know a lot of it is nearly hopeless jargon but with the aid of search engines you can get through most of it-- and you will be more knowledgable than their techs, who are just reading it themselves. This will require at least 20 hours of HARD work. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. C. Warranties-- just assume what you buy is as is. Most computer stuff is amazingly reliable. Plan on fixing it yourself (if you can) OR plan on using some local tech shop and paying. Remember you may not get what you pay for but for sure will not get what you didn't pay for. You did shop on price didn't you? D. Do NOT buy anything with a DEBIT card. USE the shop-safe or similar option on your credit card -- if you don't know what this is you need a new credit-card company! I do a one-time card through Pay_Pal whenever I can. And by the way, even on a credit card anything for under $50 is of no interest to your card company -- see A above. Tom-ca livermore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #367791
Aug 28 2008
10:37 AM
DELL Round Rock Texas
There are two issues and I'll be succinct and brief with both regarding DELL COMPUTERS, DELL, DELL CORPORATION. 1) Two years back I ordered a Dell laptop that to this day I can't use. When you download a security suite the main page and screen goes blank. Twelve different computer repair shops didn't and don't know what to make of this. DELL TECHNICAL SUPPORT wasn't/isn't helpful because you mostly reach people with thick Pakistani accents that claim their names are Dave. (if male) Susan. (if female) DELL stopped communicating with me regarding this ongoing issue when I asked to return the laptop. DELL draws the line at accepting returns and usually blames the consumer when things go wrong or are wrong from the very beginning. When in doubt put it on the consumer and indicate that the consumer must have poured heavy flammable liquids, usually 40-40 oil - on and through-out the keyboards and while sleeping. 2) I ordered five varying electronic items through DELL'S 800 number. I became concerned with the salesperson because he knew mostly nothing about which he spoke (camcorders with hard drives) - and was turning pages and reading descriptions/making his pitch up as he went along. I thereby cancelled said order prior to ending the conversation. At which point in time the salesperson shipped the order, anyway, and we were off to the races. The order arrived seventeen seconds later, even though I'd phoned the salesperson seventeen times because I expected him to ship the order regardless of my wishes and instructions to the contrary. I'd also emailed said salesperson 112 times DO NOT SHIP DO NOT SHIP - DO NOT SHIP - PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKES I'M BEGGING THEE DO NOT SHIP. (DELL insists that consumers are safe from said behavior by an arbitrary call that comes from a different department - verifying said order - when that call came - I again instructed callee THE ORDER HAD BEEN CANCELLED) Five boxes were now sitting in our complex's management office because our manager, thinking she was doing me a favor, signed for said boxes when they were UPS shipped. I didn't panic - merely called DELL (the salesperson never returned one of nine frantic confirm-cancellation-calls/nor did he respond to any one of seventeen frantic please-confirm-cancellation-emails). Ignored me knowing full well the drill is that DELL likes orders/would support and back him. DELL would not take packages back - telling me that they didn't believe me - that all of their salespeople are model-community-and-civic-people, in fact that most if-not-all attend church on a regular and consistent basis. DELL then semi-relented but I'm not sure if anyone would consider this relenting. They offered to take the mis-shipment back but only if I agreed to have my account debited 50% of the order. In other words there is a consumer penalty assessed for the misbehavior of DELL salespeople. DELL then interrogated me, advised me to get a criminal attorney, and further threatened me with both Kojak and Columbo. They've gone to great lengths to place a positive DELL spin on this procedure - to defend any and all DELL (800) salespeople. At all times have they challenged the facts as I've presented them - at all times DELL has ruled in DELLS' favor. Via DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES as well as DELL CUSTOMER CARE. At all times DELL EMPLOYEES defend and explain away one another's actions and behavior - their trump card being the collection agencies. So the laptop sits underneath some trash in my living room - I can still use it providing I don't wish to go online - kind of like an expensive typewriter. And because I've fought to have this issue resolved with various branches of DELL - when I now call DELL a recording comes on indicating I've reached a non-working DELL department and to please check with the DELL operator. I'm abhorred by DELL, horrified that two simple transactions met with such hostility and negativity - and that they choose to fight with customers with a long track record of responsible consumer buying behavior. I often use COSTCO as a model - because COSTCO does not challenge or beg-to-differ or insult/tangle with customers and/or consumers - COSTCO takes a customers' word for what's transpired - never challenges its' customers - so that COSTCO is always a pleasant and winning event for those of us that shop and buy there. I'm at a loss to describe what little respect I have for DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES, DELL CUSTOMER CARE, DELL-in-general. That a year or two (in the case of my laptop) has been met with, at best, INDIFFERENCE on behalf of the good people over at DELL. I said to DELL, look, if you don't believe a word of what I'm saying, okay, I can live with that - what about this - what about I take a polygraph and ship you the results - will that help? Na, they wouldn't believe the polygraph, either - as they'd know nothing about the reputation of the firm or person giving the actual exam. Oh, okay, well, thanks anyway DELL! Nofski Joseph Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DELL
Entity: Round Rock, Texas
84, Report #568201
Feb 11 2010
04:20 PM
DELL Computers Credit Card Hold Issue Online, Internet
We decided to purchase a laptop from Dell on 2/9/2010. We went to the website and ordered a computer. Later on, after speaking to family members and reading tons of bad internet reviews about Dell computers, we decided to cancel the order. We canceled the order two hours after it was placed.We canceled the order by phone. The order was still in processing and never went through. I asked the customer service representative if my credit card had been charged. I was told, Don't worry about that. I told her that I was not worried, I wanted to know what was going on with my credit card. She told me that my card had not been charged. I asked if a hold had been put on my card. She said no.Today, 2/11,  I went to purchase a computer someplace else and my card was declined. I called my credit card company and was advised that Dell has a $545.00 hold on my credit card.I called Dell and was literally transferred all around the world (India and another country where I couldn't identify the accent). I finally got a supervisor (after being on hold for 20 minutes) who wanted to argue with me about the hold on my charge card! He tried to tell me that we only ordered the computer yesterday. After I would not back down he finally admitted that the hold had been on my credit card two days, but insisted that it would take another day to come off.I am in the process of filing an attorney general office and an FTC complaint regarding this issue. The credit card company does not consider a hold a charge, even though the hold has reduced my available credit balance, and will not allow me to dispute the matter.What Dell is doing is fraud. The hold on my credit card should have been released immediately when I canceled the order two days ago. It is nearly impossible to get a native English speaker on the phone. The customer service is the worst I've ever experienced anywhere. The reps can barely speak English and you can barely understand a word they say. They're also rude with poor attitudes. I've never seen a company where people are so argumentative when they are clearly in the wrong. The company itself is not a good company to do business with.I'm writing this complaint to warn others. Do NOT do business with these people. All of the reviews you are reading here are true. I'm thankful that I did not actually go through with getting the computer.My sister bought a computer from them a year ago that was not supposed to be built with non-proprietary parts. The computer is full of Dell parts. Dell is actively being sued by at least two Attorney General's offices, and possibly more.Save yourself the hassle and headache. Do not get tangled up with Dell. You will be sorry.
Entity: Online, Internet
85, Report #624310
Jul 17 2010
09:20 PM
DELL customer service bad product Internet, Nationwide
I have had an Inspiron 1721 for 2 and a half years. I have the best warranty that Dell offer, so I guess that was the only good decision made buying this computer. The warranty is up 12-16-10. Since I've had the computer I've had to replace numerous parts, some repeatedly. I have a lemon if there ever was one. Dell won't even consider replacing the computer. I think it is because they are trying to run my warranty out. I will never buy another item from Dell. I use my computer for work and have been without it for more than 30 days since I've had it, due to repairs. Everyone I know that needs a computer, I will do whatever I can to push them to something else. I'm sure there may be good Dell stories, but I don't have one and they have done nothing to show there dedication to their product. Buyer Beware!!! here is a list of replaced items mother board X 2 hard drive X 3 keyboard X 2 LCD X 1 Wireless card X 1 memory X 1 AC adapter X 1
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
86, Report #541536
Dec 17 2009
09:49 PM
DELL poor service Internet
I used to like Dell I have told several friends and family members to purchase from them in the past. But after my first and last order with them for a TV, I truly realized what a mistake it was. This is not something they build that would be affected by parts or manufacturing delays. I ordered a 60 DLP on 12/04 with a delivery date of 12/16. Then they change the date to 2/2/2010..??? I called and canceled the order on 9/14 and was told it was fine and would be refunded. On 9/15 I get an email that the TV was shipped. Now I had already ordered another TV on 9/14, after canceling the Dell order, from else where that shipped the same day it was ordered. So now I have 2 60 tvs on their way. Called Dell and was told when they got the cancellation notice they probably scrambled to find a TV and shipped it.......You couldn't find one before and now one magically appears after I cancel and you just ship it without contacting me first?I see that this once great company has declined into a company that just wants sales and will lie their way to keep them. They make you think your order is in production and there is no way to cancel. That is a lie. They give you a made up delivery date and change it repeatedly.We have rights as consumers to order a product and receive it when it was promised or close to it. I know delays can happen, but Dell needs to man-up and allow people to cancel orders if they are not happy with the new delivery date.They say its because of parts shortages, laptops made in Manila and take time to ship to US before they ship to customer...blah blah...blah. Are these issues the customers fault?...NODid customers ask DELL to kill American jobs and offshore their facilities?..NODo they post on their website when you order that there could be long delays due to parts shortages etc.?.....NOThey just keep pulling in the orders, delaying them and refusing cancellations and refunds.Since my episode with Dell I have been checking their forums and cannot believe the number of people getting delayed and being told tough doo-doo you can't cancel and just have to wait.I have been put on-hold and sent from person to person for hours just to be hung up on when I ask to speak to a manager. The only resolution came when I was told a manager would call me back and I asked for notes to be put on my account: Delivery refused - will allow 1 week for Dell to get back unit and process refund - if not refunded in that time I will begin legal action and complaints to US FTC for violation of mail order act.Guess what happened?... A manager that was too busy to take my call picked up the phone and resolved my issue in 5 minutes!I have had my posts deleted of their forums by their admin for posting this to others that have long delays:Enforced by the FTC, the Mail or Telephone Order Rule applies to orders placed by phone, fax or the Internet.If,after taking the customers order, you learn that you cannot ship within the time you stated or within 30 days, you must seek the customers consent to the delayed shipment. If you cannot obtain the customers consent to the delay--either because it is not a situation in which you are permitted totreatthe customers silence as consent and the customer has notexpresslyconsented to the delay, or because the customer has expresslyrefused toconsent -- you must, without being asked, promptly refund all the money the customer paid you for the unshipped merchandise.Obviously they do not want other customers to know they have rights in these matters.GOODBYE DELL.....RIP
Entity: , Internet
87, Report #761540
Aug 05 2011
04:06 PM
Dell customer service terrible Roundrock, Tennessee
I contacted Dell on Saturday, July 30th, to extend the warranty on my Vostro laptop (service tag GCN2DN1).  After waiting on hold for over 30 minutes, I was finally able to place my order to a rep. who could barely speak English.  The rep. told me that the 1 year warranty was $109.  I asked to be billed, and she said that it could be charged on my Dell preferred account.  The next day, I received a call from the accounts dept. to confirm the order; however, the amount was around $150.  I was then told I had to contact the sales dept to resolve the issue.  I then spent another HOUR and was transferred no less than 10 times from one rep to another.  I finally requested to speak with a manager from the customer service dept.  After waiting another 30 minutes, the manager (who also did not speak English very well), told me that the order had NEVER been processed.  He assured me that the manager from the warranty dept would contact me the next day (Monday).  Of course, he never did.  On the following Tuesday, I filed a complaint against Dell with the Better Business Bureau.  On Thursday I received a call from Dennis who claimed to be from Dell Corporate (though his English was far from fluent).  My call was lost and he left a message with his extension to call him back.  I called back promptly and asked to be called back on Friday as it was almost 5pm.  I never received a call on Friday.  I have contacted Dells corporate number at 512-977-0808.  A generic message plays and asked me to leave a message.  Then the recording stated that the voice mail was full.  Friday evening around 6:45, I finally received a call from Dennis.  After explaining my experience, he offered to give me a discount of $9! He claimed the original amount was $168 even though I was quoted $109 from the first rep.  After arguing with him for several minutes, he offered $80 for the warranty.  I reluctantly agreed.  However, I am even wondering if he will even process the discount.  I wouldnt be surprised if I get the bill and still says $168.  Even if he does, I am still very unsatisfied with a $29 discount for the immense frustration Dell has caused me. Until this experience, I have had quality service from DELL.  However, this experience has taught me that buying a Dell isnt worth it anymore due to their PATHETIC customer service.
Entity: Roundrock, Tennessee
88, Report #649978
Oct 12 2010
11:26 AM
dell 5160 mother boards, Internet
been having issues with power supplys and mother boards for the 5160 inspiron,since the warranty has expired they want me to pay for everything that is going on,thank god for the internet and eBay,Ive had the power supply go bad 2 times, the CPU started acting up and when i disconnected it i found they never used the heat transfer grease. after i put it on it worked good.Ive replaced the hard drive,now i get a amber light which i can't get any answers on because they want money for their  defective device,i think i have to replace my mother board.its been an on going struggle,i don't think i will go back for another dell
Entity: , Internet
89, Report #907728
Jul 06 2012
01:47 PM
Dell tech support scam , Internet
I have called Dell three times since May 7, 2012.  On May 7,      I was sold a support desk contract (Dell Solution Station) for $204.70.  On  6/7/12,     I was sold System Mechanic software for $116 On 6/30/12,    I was sold a McAfee contract for $63.83 The total is $384.53 in less than two months.  This is almost enough to purchase a new computer.  After each time I call, my computer begins acting  worse than ever.  I am feeling like a patsy. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
90, Report #166948
Dec 05 2005
05:26 PM
Dell ripoff Austin Texas
On 6/17/05 I ordered a Dell 1700 printer, as soon as I received it, it started jamming up. I tried to use it for about a month when the jams just got worse. I called Dell and they sent me a replacement. I returned the first printed. The second printer also jammed. I called Dell and they wanted to send yet another printer but after speaking to them we decided they would just send a new drum. That did not work either. The newer drum was sent back because it was not the problem the old drum was put back into the 2nd printer. Now, I called Dell once again. This time they were sending us a 3rd printer with the understanding that if this one did not work we would get a full refund on the printer & 2 toners. I have spoke with Dell several times since trying to get this resolved and my credit on my account. The dates being 10/3/05, 10/13/05, 11/17/2005, 12/5/2005 2 different times. These do not include the dates of all the calls for the tech support. This still has not been done and they received the last printer on Sept 1, 2005. The credit to my account should be $442.93. Not like it is that large of an amount. I just cant afford to be put off for months at a time as they dont want to be with there payments either. They have their printers, which I have provided them with all the tracking #'s as well. Hope you can help. Penelope jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
91, Report #168908
Dec 21 2005
06:09 PM
Dell ripoff Online Internet
I ordered a very expensive computer from Dell and within 6 weeks, my 20 inch flat panel digital monitor broke. I contacted Dell and they stated that they would send me a new one. When I received my new one, it was refurbished. I spoke with customer service about this and they stated you only get a new replacement within the first 21 days. This refurbished replacement only held up about a week and a half. They replaced it with another refurbished monitor. I asked them to send me the information stating that you would only get a new replacement within 21 days but they did not. They only sent me a link stating that it would be replaced with a new or refurbished product if it breaks within one year. The only info. I saw about 21 days is for a full refund. So I paid the price of a brand new monitor but received a refurbished one. Karen Oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #202017
Jul 19 2006
10:44 PM
Dell Rebate ripoff Houston Texas
I had purchased Dell's extended warranty for three on my Desktop in the month of october 2004 and i sent the mail in rebate for 150 dollars in the month of November.I waited for 6 months and called them and they told me they did not receive or it might have been lost and since we are valued customer they will look into it.From that day to this day they have told me constantly that they are going to process my mail in rebate in 6 weeks and it is 1 year and 8 months and everytime a manager by name Mark sends mail you will be receiving soon and it has not come. Dell doesn't do anything free to it 's customers but then why do they take the customers for granted.Last week again i received a mail that i will be getting but this has been going for 1 year 8 months.I have 15 emails from them regarding the same. It is not the question of 150 dollars but their sloppy work and giving wrong information and they tell us to check rebate over phone and then we hear that there is no rebate for that phone number on their record. Are there many people like me? Nancy sherman oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
93, Report #177970
Feb 24 2006
07:07 PM
Dell Rip off Nationwide Nationwide
My father decided to purchase a new computer for me as a birthday present. At the time of purchase, we were offered a mail-in rebate by the operator. However, we were never told that we had 30 days to mail it in. That was something we found out 3 months later while looking at the packing info. on the box the computer came in. We wrote a letter to them, asking them to reconsider. We have not heard back from Dell. That rebate is over $100 and my dad would like to have it. Shannon Santee, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
94, Report #205608
Aug 11 2006
08:34 AM
Dell rip off Indianapolis Indiana Internet
when I placed my order for my computer, I ordered Microsoft office. It was left out, when I called and notified them of this, they said they would send it out, i never recieved it, I called again and they said they would send it out, they sent me the wrong thing, when I called the forth time, they told me I was too late, passed my 21 days and there was nothing they would do. Kayla Noblesville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Internet
95, Report #206706
Aug 18 2006
06:38 AM
Dell Latin America ripoff poor service Internet
I had ordered three systems from Dell Latin America to be paid by money transfer. I cancelled two them, however, when I checked the site I realized that the one they had active was not the system I want; this was August 9. I have emailed my sales rep on several occassions requesting a change in the order and an invoice, but he has not replied. I tried calling but I get only voice recording, I left messages but still nothing. I even tried to get the invoice online but when i tried to register they say the site is not available, I should try again. Today is August 18, and I have yet to hear or get anything from Dell, they need to do better, considering how they are always lauding there customer service. G.W. KingstonJamaica Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DELL
Entity: Kingston, Internet
96, Report #284242
Nov 11 2007
04:49 PM
Dell Poor Customer Service Austin Texas
Yesterday, I reported on what I thought was an example of incredibly poor customer service. Two individuals commented on my complaint. Robert wanted to know if it was a gray market computer. No, Bob, I ordered in online from Dell, it was shipped from Dell and I have an invoice and order number in hand, but there is no way to get that to Dell. Incidentally, Bob answered the question I was trying to ask Dell, and I didn't even have to buy anything from him. On the other hand, Phoebe from Beverly Hills thought I was way out of line expecting an answer to a simple question on the 366th day I owned the computer. I also have a Dell laptop. The little spindle in the center of the DVD drive was not fastened when I received the computer. But it was O.K., if I remembered to remove the spindle from each DVD I played and replaced it properly. Yes, you guessed it - there came a day when I forgot to remove the spindle and could not find it anywhere. Since the unit is useless without the spindle, I asked Dell to sell me a 5 cent piece of plastic. They refused. The said I had to send the computer back and they would replace the whole DVD drive. So I did. It cost $189. And the best part is that the drive they sent back was the same one I sent in (I marked it), but with a new spindle. I guess Phoebe thinks I should just have tossed out my desktop Dell instead of trying to find the answer to a question not covered in the documentation. Well, maybe that is the way it works in Beverly Hills, but university professors do not have that luxury. So Phoebe, I hope you noted that Dell didn't care if my laptop was in its 366th day as long as I paid the $189 to fix a problem they caused. And, Phoebe, if you are really tossing out 366 day old computers, let me know. I will gladly drive to Beverly Hills and take them off your hands (no charge). That goes for all your friends as well. That's it folks. if you still want to buy from Dell, don't ever say you weren't warned. James San Clemente, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #223443
Dec 02 2006
02:12 PM
DELL Ripoff Unfair Lease Practices Austin Texas
The following practice performed by DELL I consider unfair 1. Listing two lease options, i.e., 2 year, 3 year, but only showing one estimated buyout price, based on the 3 year least option. NOTE: The buyout price after a two year lease is around 75-80 percent of the cost to buy a band laptop, similarly equipped. 2. Automatically renewing the lease for three months if the lease holder does not contact DELL 90 days prior to the lease expiration date. 3. Not notifying the lease holder that their lease has been extended for a three month period due to the lease holder's failure to notify DELL 90 days prior to the lease expiration date. 4. Not providing a notification reminder of the lease holder's End of Lease options near, at or after the lease expires, except by request. 5. Not providing a deliverable location for the US Postal Service so that all lease equipment being returned to DELL by the US Postal Service will be returned to the sender. NOTE: If leased items are not return to DELL on time, DELL is able to charge for another lease period. Mark Bellingham, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
98, Report #232078
Jan 22 2007
07:13 PM
Dell Dishonest - fraudulent sales Austin Texas
after being ripped off on a four year warranty on one computer, I made the stupid mistake, of purchasing another Dell. It was delivered Jan. 11, 07. I hooked it up on Jan.18th. It does not work properly, I contacted support, I contacted chat service, I requested a return for credit, I am in the 21 day period, they want to pass you around from one dept. to another, Maybe to deplete the 21 days. I have experienced some bad apples, but Dell is the bottom. I have one thing going for me dell i am a disabled veteran, on a disability monthly anuity, and you can't touch a goverment check. I don't have anything else, no car, no home, i rent a two room apt. and have very little clothes, so if you want a couple of worn out shirts you may have them. This computer is not paid for, so if you want it back , then send me a return label, and i will continue to use my old 6 year old hewlett packard computer. seeing that the two year old dell jqn4461 does not work, even with two years of dells fraudulent warranty. they say, three strikes and you're out, i have two, but i will not buy the third one. party's over. Willie Danville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
99, Report #263869
Jul 28 2007
02:19 PM
Dell Hell -- Two Thumbs Down Austin Texas
What is Dell Hell? you may ask. It is a realm in which a customer supposes that just one more email or telephone call will persuade Dell to stand behind its products. Our ministry used to buy computer equipment almost exclusively from Dell. Now we plan to shop almost anywhere but. Visiting and entering, Dell into the search engine yields nearly 700 complaints! Unfortunately this once-fine company is relaying customer service calls to foreign telephone representatives who neither speak nor understand English very well. The consequence, once callers get past lots of hold time, is tiresome repeating and clarifying. Even worse, their protocols, seem to be contrived to avoid actually servicing or replacing equipment in accordance with Dell's warranties and service policies. It is a sign of the times when such a large, successful corporation will so flagrantly trash its goodwill with customers in an apparent grab for short-term profits. P.S. Check out (((link redacted))) For even more fun, google Dell sucks and see how many agree. Mark Dallas, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Austin, Texas
100, Report #292694
Dec 18 2007
06:46 PM
Dell still waiting Texas
i have been trying to get get my inspiron 1521 fixes now sinces the middle of nov/07 they will not answer emails, when you do get ahold of somboby after waiting 30min. to an hour ,they will tellyou there coumputer is down call back in 2 hours. 1 month later and there coumputer are still down HELP!! CUSTOMER NUMBER xx116 CASE#xx688 Ipod45 CARTHAGE, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Texas, Nationwide

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