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26, Report #1327696
Sep 12 2016
10:16 AM
Direct Buy Travel Travel by Direct BuyDirect Buy Deceptive and deceitful Nationwide
We have been members of Direct Buy for many years.  Rarely have we used the services, but when we did, we found that we saved a tremendous amount of money.  A little more than 12 months ago, we were approached to look into their new Travel options and services. We attended an event at the Gaylord Texan and the offers made seemed too good to be true, so we declined to upgrade our membership at that time.  The offers were points, free cruise for two and free resort stays, based upon availability, on at any of their resorts, or any cruise line or fleet.  Several weeks later, we started receiving phone calls about this same opportunity.  After much back and forth, over the phone, with the sales associate, I started asking very specific questions. The associate continued to tell me over and over again, that by upgrading our membership at just over $2500, we would receive a 7 night cruise, on any cruise line, for two, and a 7 night resort stay, or, two 7 night resort stays.  The choice was ours. My husband is an avid cruiser so I had an idea of the cost of cruising and thought we'd get pretty close to breaking even at $2500 if we chose a cruise and a resort stay.  With our longstanding membership satisfaction to guide me, I agreed, and paid the money over the phone.  Everything changed once I tried to book the cruise. During the sale mode the associate, continued to say Any cruise line, 7 nights, for two people.  I tried to book a 7 night Alaskan cruise and was told it was not good on that particular line because it is considered a luxury line.  Just today, I tried to book on another line for a cruise to the Bahamas.  Nope, not good on this line either. Any cruise line means exactly that to me.  At the time of purchase, the rep even went as far to say that a Viking River cruise would be acceptable. Never was it mentioned that there are excluded resorts or excluded cruise lines. In addition, the sales reps go into an overload of information on air travel discounts. I have not attempted to use this yet, I'm holding my breath because again, at the time, it did seem too good to be true, all the other promises were.  
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1367277
Apr 12 2017
10:07 AM
Direct buy travel Direct buy Directbuy travel rip off!!!!! Nationwide
  Cost me $2000 and promise of either two weeks free anywhere in the world resort or one week free and three or four day cruise. Now that it's time to use my resort it's not free after all, I spent two hours on the phone clarifying making sure that the $2000 would be going towards at least a free week somewhere and it turns out unless I want to go to Mexico there's nothing free most resorts around $2000 so what was the point of joining and paint 2000 upfront and having to pay $2000 for the week unless I go to Mexico which I really don't care to go to ,The whole thing is a scam do not join you could get better service at AAA
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #188121
Jan 05 2010
05:36 PM
Direct Buy Direct Lie Frauds Liars Biggest scam ever ripoff Shrewsbury Massachusetts
We fell into the trap after the initial visit tour. We should have known better because of the high pressure sales tactics but unfortunately we joined DIRECT LIE.We were builing a new home and were told that we would save tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah, right. This from someone who has no clue about building. It was not until after the first two months, we discovered that they could not beat our price quotes on windows, shingles, doors, siding and most importantly the kitchen that is their big seller. What a joke.When we tried to approach the owner, who is not a very good business person and is actually very immature, and received no satisfaction. I called UCC headquarters and spoke to franchise relations and reported the Shrewsbury franchise and their bad business tactics.Within four hours, I received a call from the Shrewsbury store stating that my membership was revolked with a full refund. My response was revoked? more like terminated at the customers request but if it makes you feel better to say my membership was revolked so be it. Bottom line is I got my money back and never have to deal with that BS again.DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE SCAM, YOU WILL BE SORRYAn educated customer is their worst enemy.SB thompson, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
29, Report #233143
Jun 16 2011
09:46 AM
Direct Buy Membership is a rip off DON'T BUY IT! Ripoff Scottsdale Arizona
Sounds like a great idea. The company lets you look at Dealer catalogs and tells you to keep it quite. I did just that and found that everything I bought was cheaper on the Internet. A refridgerator, ceiling fans etc. What was there response to my letter to them? Nothing. What did they do when I told them they were too expensive? They said they would look into it. In fact, they don't look into anything except scamming new members. Save your money and your time. If you want something to do, call the Attorneys General and file a complaint. I will.Sam Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on United Consumers
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
30, Report #1018066
Feb 21 2013
01:23 PM
Direct Buy Warranty WARNING! DO NOT BUY Iselin, New Jersey
As short as I can keep this - be aware this company has no intentions of maintaining your vehicle.They are at the top of using the internet to scam money away from YOU by using deceptive practices and dishonest sales people. I foolishly bought into their sales pitch for a car I bought for my daughter. The very best Bumper to Bumper warranty available quote the salesman. My daughter has taken her extremely nice 2006 Nissan Murano in for needed repairs. The paper work sent by these schiesters clearly says that her problems would be covered. We get a call back from a very poorly english speaking person to tell us claim declined. Obviously a company scheme to eliminate the need to try to argue with someone that does not understand. I spent $1500 to buy the initial premium package. My daughter and I have had to spend $1250 out of pocket to pay for repairs that ARE CLEARLY STATED AS BEEING COVERED in the warranty papers sent to us. My goal is to inform as many people as I can that may consider extended warranty for a vehicle.. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS COMPANY. Google them. Do what ever research you can. Unless a bogess, paid respondent posts, not one customer is happy. I hope we all can organize and put this scumbag company out of business.
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
31, Report #995439
Jan 12 2013
09:26 PM
Direct Buy direct buy is really a direct scam with high pressure sales and they're full of lies richmond, Virginia
We were invited to tour direct buy for an overview of their membership program to purchase items at the cost distributors pay.  We were enticed to the walkthrough with a 2 night 3 day vacation, $100 dinner card, and water park passes.  Ultimately we didn't get what was promised. The dinner card is limited at best.  The 2 night vacation really turned into a 1 night vacation and must be booked for 3 different dates in the event they must cancel...etc, etc We listened to the endless promises of rock bottom prices on high end merchandise but when I questioned the one major appliance I was in need of I was told they don't carry that brand...figures.  The saleman was rude and condescending when he realized we saw through the scam he was trying to sell.  Run the number folks, make them show you the savings and they crumble... Awful experience - would never ever consider a membership.  Not to mention, who what kind of company uses the buy now or you won't have another opportunity marketing strategy???  UM - okay so if I called tomorrow you'd turn down my 5K...I don't think so.  However, pressure sales are the first sign you should run and run fast!!!
Entity: richmond, Virginia
32, Report #267764
Aug 15 2007
02:53 PM
DBA Direct Buy Customer Service At Its Finest - Be Informed, Be Wise when you BUY from DIRECT BUY Thousand Oaks California
I have read many of the Rip-Off reports on Direct Buy .. I am a customer of the Thousand Oaks facility .. here are some undeniable facts that one needs to consider .. I did a complete home renovation, I joined Direct Buy to assist in saving money on this .. it did just that .. in my kitchen alone I saved over over $30,000 after paying for my $6000 membership plan. The savings came from being able to purchase a much higher quality kitchen cabinet and counter top. This is a fact .. not a tale, if I never save another penny from Direct Buy, it was worth it. The customer service associates at Thousand Oaks are simply the best .. they are the reason I go back to Direct Buy to make purchases.Have I had problems .. sure I have, but I would have had the potential for problems using any other company also. The fact is .. I saved over $30,000 just in my kitchen alone.So be wise, shop wise - you will find that DBA Direct Buy is not a flook .. rather they are a company who gives what it says it can give. They never claim to be able to save you money on every item .. but what they can save you money on is surely worth the nominal investment one makes.Dba direct buy - the real deal melvbirye, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Thousand Oaks, California
33, Report #77184
Aug 21 2012
07:52 AM
Direct Buy -UCC Total Home ripoff - Deceptive high pressure selling Spokane Washington
Beware of the company Direct Buy in Spokane! They generally are showing their infomercial on the weekends to lure you into their showroom. Reminds me of a spider luring their prey into the web, and by that time, it's too late. They claim to eliminate the middle man so you can buy directly from the factory at a much reduced price that the factory sells to the stores.The owners of the franchise, Ron and Denise Cully, I considered used false advertising to get me there. I and several other people were escorted into another room to watch a video about their franchise. Toward the end of the film, the real truth was starting to be revealed. The cost of the dues was $2500.00 and $200.00 a year after that for 10 years. Reminded me of a time share scam.After the film, we then were sat down to go over the paperwork to sign up. I was told that if I did not sign up that night that I would not be able to sign up ever again. In sense blackballed. Ron Cully even suggested putting a small down payment down and can finance the rest. I explained my situation to him about building a house about a year down the road and was not ready to commit to something like this right now and if I could sign up when I'm ready to go. That wasn't flying at all with him. He said now or never. I've been in sales all my life and have never had to resort to the tactics he was using. Thats when I decided that no one treats me with this much disrespect and got up and walked out. Hope this report helps someone out. Please don't get conned and cheated by this sleazeball. He will get his due when the big man upstairs has him and his wife before him for judgement.Richard Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Spokane, Washington
34, Report #104585
Apr 04 2012
12:00 PM
Direct Buy ripoff, dishonest, sneaky Annapolis Junction Maryland
I am a former employee of Direct buy of columbia,I worked there a little over six months.The whole time I was there I couln't Why people would even come there and waste there time. The membership is 3,500.Now who in there right mind would spend that kind of money on a comany that is going to be moving at the end of the month.What if they go out of business? I have witnessed people come in there not even knowing they are already members,because they have changed there name it used to be UCC total home.There are so many thing s about this company that I want to tell.First of all you watch the the informercial you think you are getting information in the mail you don't.You get a phone call three times a day for three days sometimes more than that if business is slow.Then they demand that you bring your spouse.They don't want you to say I have to talk this over with my spouse. At the open house they start off by saying their not here to sell you a bunch iof merchandise. The only thing they want you buy is that 3,500 membership.The sales person is getting anywhere from 10-15 percent of your money.There is no return policy. You pay first,if you like it that's great if not that's just to bad. They not going to call you back. When you have a problem they are going to tell you that you can't talk to the manufactuers. So who do you talk to?I have witnessed them telling the receptionist to call someone back about a refund. Come on Alex Wong and Ruel Rodgers be men. You weren't scared to take these people money,and lie and tell these people how great your company is. When all you care about is that $3,500. All I can say is DONT DO ITKiona Severn, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis Junction, Maryland
35, Report #389534
Nov 09 2008
08:18 PM
Direct Buy is an entire SCAM is being investigated by the Florida Attorney General!!! Tampa Florida
Direct buy is a total scam. My elderly mother was scammed out of $5200 for a 'worthless' membership to be able to purchase scratch n dent merchandise for top dollar prices...She was given a 'now or never' high pressure sales approach. Total scam operation... BEWARE... TELL OTHERS ABOUT THE SCAM KNOWN AS DIRECT BUY> They will lie to your face and pretend to be something they are not..they have no direct deals with manufactures except the ability to purchase less than perfect damaged merchandise...They also except you to buy $17,000 worth of this garbage just to break even on the stupid membership...We are in contact with the Florida Attorney General and they have several other complaints on record so hopefully they will be shut down soon.Dont believe any of the 'positive' comments on Direct Buy that you see on this site and other places on the internet..They are actual Direct Buy employees pretending to be customers... They are total SCUM!!!Sharon Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
36, Report #393498
Nov 20 2008
09:05 PM
Direct Buy Friend or Foe? You be the Judge. Indianapolis, IN 4Indianapolis Indiana
My husband I and I went to the invited guest pass sales presentation a couple of months ago. We were so to speak wined and dined with attention, of course the owner's own personal time spent with us, and then the brief explanation of the show room only after every effort was secured to assure us that joining would be very beneficial for us. We made it clear we could not pay the full amount up front and would have to space the payments out. No Problem, that is why we are here to help. You are becoming part of a family.So far we not only have not had time to go mingle with the family in Indianapolis which is two hours from home, we just recently have been making some financial adjustments with our bank to consolidate down to one rather than three. I have had the payments come out consecutively up till this week. I have had no calls from Direct Buy, in Indy or otherwise nor has my husband. Tonight when I got home I opened a letter from Beta finance for the sum of $3,920.86. I am asking myself who in the heck do I owe that to?Of course it is 10:00 PM and no one is open so I let my fingers do the walking on the internet and much to my surprise there is Beta Finance and oh...associated with it is well guess who...Direct Buy. My payment was due on the 17th. The bank which it was coming out of has to be the one we have closed and I have just established the new one and simply forgot which bank it was coming out of.I recently closed my account which was a direct pay card and everything is to be transfered to our joint account. Ok, three days later and they have sold this off already with not so much as a phone call. Some family, and some customer relationship. I don't think so. I will be calling them in the morning and finding out why we have been treated so insignificantly after spending so much time convincing us how important we were.Places like this should not be allowed to operate under this type of pressure sales and then cut your legs out from under you and your credit with absoutely no warning. I would be very interested in anyone else who has experienced this and filing some type of joint legal interst to put places like this under more restriction in dealing with the economy and people vunerable to their sales techniques.Regards,Glenna Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Pizza Hut
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
37, Report #335624
May 29 2008
08:05 PM
Direct Buy - Beta Finance DirectBuy; What a scam? Cincinnati Ohio
Last year, my wife and I recieved a free pass to a Direct Buy Seminar. The show went very fast and they were all very convincing. They talked about how you can save thousands of dollars each year by buying everything directly with the companies. It all sounded so great. So we continued to listen to the sales person. We were really unable to have time to think about the company because they tell you if you dont purchase that day, you will not be able to come back, so we were hurried along with the paperwork.After signing all the papers, we left. The next day, it was like what had we done? We tried to contact them back to cancel, but after several attempts, they would not contact us back. We were supposed to start a payment plan, but after talking with a rude individual from Beta Finance, which apparently is a subsidary of DirectBuy, we tried to explain to them that we were unable to afford this and that we had tried to cancel, she said that there was no cancelling it because it was a contract we signed.Both of these companies are frauds. They have mastered their techniques of getting into the pocket books of the general public. Beware!! Make sure before you attend one of these seminars, be sure and do your homework and not fall into their trap.Anonymous La Grange, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
38, Report #449834
May 08 2009
01:05 AM
DIRECT BUY refused to cancel my unused membership Lenexa Kansa
We signed-up for our direct buy membership about 4 months ago after recieving an exclusive invitation from our local store. We were advised to come together as this was an important business meeting.We arrived only to be escorted to a private room with curtains and a television and watched about 2 hours worth of videos. In between the video sections, a young man did brief presentations about direct buy's prices compared to that of local competitors as well as other retailers. He was very convincing.After his presentations and video we were briskly escorted to a private table to speak with a sales associate. He immediately brought out a contract as well as a laminated price chart to evaluate how much we could afford to pay. We were a little overwhelmed but remained open-minded.After reviewing the charts, we realized that we really couldn't afford any of the options and told the gentelman that very thing. he then escorted a younger man to our table who proceded to lay things out to us. We told him our situation and he tried to relate. He tried to be average and tried to understand not being able to afford more bills. We were so embarrassed.He ran away again and came back with a new deal. He asked us to write one check now and to post-date another check for when we could afford it. After being humiliated, we humbly obliged thinking that maybe this might be worth it. After all, we had just purchased a new home and needed furnishings. we were so wrong.After realizing that we could not afford the monthly payments, we contacted our local direct buy and asked if our contract could be canceled. We were told that we were responsible for the contract and that it could not be negotiated. Not be negotiated???? We further explained that if it could not be canceled, we would simply stop paying and they would have to send collectors after us in order to get our money. We were then reminded that the contract we were held to would negatively impact our credit should we decide not to pay and that it would be in our best interest to just pay it.We have never been treated so poorly by any business. Even our credit card company is more polite and flexible. I am so angry about having to pay this monthly bill for services we clearly won't use. I understand why companies have contracts, but if there are financial issues preventing people from paying, you would think they would let you quit for a minimum fee. Not with direct buy. you have to buy out your $5,000.00 contract. Nice.If anyone is having the same problem or is interested in filing a suit against the company who won't give us our money back, please contact me! I want to keep my money...not give it away!Thanks-Lacie Olathe, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Lenexa, Kansas
39, Report #444545
Apr 17 2009
04:05 PM
Direct Buy pressure sale ,made to feel umconftable , Hauppauge New York
I was looking for some furniture to buy on line. as most folks do they look for the cheapest price they can find. I surfed the web ,and found many sites to browse. and one site came as (wholesale to the public) prices lower than the retail stores can sell it at . So I call up and they said you need a appointment to see what it was about. I sat through a hour of this sales pitch and was confused that a 5,000.00 menbership fee. Well they told me that if i bought retail goods for about 3 year i would be saving over several thousand if I bought through the directbuy membership . It sounded good because me and my wife because were refurbishing our house and was about to spend several thousand dollars. I gave a deposit os 2,161.00 dollars for a deposit and signed a agreement and pay a thousand dollars over the next 3 months .Well let me tell you; when me and my wife were driving home we said to each other !WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST DO! Let me tell you the real deal, The prices they say for the retail are over inflated and their price is a few dollars less What bulls**t. They charge you for the freight on everthing you buy, and the sales tax WHAT A RIPOFF. after the second day I call up the sales person who signed me up . I told her I could not join for financial reasons. Well she said they could not give me back my deposit . Im now takeing them to court to get my money back . What a drag folks DIRECT BUY IS A SCAM!Artman572000 dix hills, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hauppauge, New York
40, Report #448759
May 04 2009
06:00 PM
Direct Buy - Directbuy Female Sales Director uses the LORD to sell memberships Conyers Georgia
This center is all over the place. Don't feel this membership is worth $5,000. If you finance it, the int rate is 18%. That's an additional $1,500. YIKES!!!If you don't want to pay finance charges, the cash offer price for their membership is $4,000.My husband and I visited this center last month and sat with a fairly large black woman with a bad wig who said she was a director. After the tour we sat down at a table and started to converse. When we told her we didn't think this membership was a great fit for us, she started preaching about the LORD and how the LORD sent us in her path and wanted her to help us stop paying retail. She just kept going on and on. Almost begging us to take this membership. I finally asked her is she was on commission. She said yes and that commission was only $25.00 a person. I asked her, that out of $5,000, all she gets is $25.00? And she said yes because the owners aren't able to pay their directors what the other centers are paying their directors. WHOA!!! We just wanted to learn about Direct Buy. Wasn't expecting to be in church. I suggested that she should probably look for another gig. I almost felt sorry for her.What kind of people do you hire here? We were so turned off and her grammar was horrible. If this is the type of employees the company has representing them, then this center really doesn't know how to hire or run a business.I called another center in Duluth and did some investigating. I found out that the owners of the Conyers center is Rick and Barbara Smith. Their son, daughter and the son's best friend (Ryan Smith, Megan Smith, Brian Watson) works for them and are overpaid for what they don't do. I was told that they are struggling and are about to lose their franchise because they are behind in their franchise fees in the tune of $300,000. Also, they are under watch by corporate because a member who placed a large order around christmas complained that the order was never placed but the center swiped their credit card for payment.Richard and Barbara Smith were co-mingling money from members who paid for merchandise they ordered. They were using this money to pay their bills and payroll - and not placing members orders. Apparently, when you place an order, you have to pay upfront.BUYER BEWARE!!!IF YOU JOIN THIS CENTER, THE DOORS MAY CLOSE SOON. THEN WHAT!!! YOU WILL HAVE TO TRAVEL TO DULUTH TO DO YOUR BUSINESS.I HEARD THE STAFF IS NICER THERE.Guest at this center Peachtree City, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
41, Report #449087
May 05 2009
08:19 PM
Direct Buy Conyers, Ga Location - GIVE ME MY DEPOSIT BACK!! Conyers Georgia
This location will not give me back my money. I put money down towards a down payment for a membership. After a change of heart, this center will not give me my money back.CROOKS!!!NO wonder there are so many complaints on this site about your organization.Hope this reaches anyone before they go to this center on a invitation pass.THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND.SIGNED: PISSED OFF AND MADFam u grad Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
42, Report #449024
May 05 2009
03:07 PM
Eddire Ferro/ Direct Buy fired me under false pretenses Chesapeake Virginia
fired me under false pretenses, said i didn answer for a customer and put not interested, but how ever the customer call back and said they wasnt interested so thats why i put not interested. eddie mad up lies on why i was firedTaylor2 portsmouth, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chesapeake, Virginia
43, Report #406541
Dec 31 2008
01:16 AM
Jerold Evanson Jerold Evanson & Pat Evanson owner of UNIWAY Direct BUY Sandy Utah
My wife and purchased a membership program from these crooks and were promised great deals on furniture and paid $5500.00 dollars and now we are told they are bankrupt and never had any furniture in stock and will not take calls, they have taken thousands up on thousands of dollars from innocent hard working people that were victims of these two that claim to be members of the lds church... any info on there where abouts please respond.Corey alanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
44, Report #396360
Dec 01 2008
02:48 AM
Direct Buy In Las Vegas Fatty Mike Yearty a Nightmare!!!! SCAM Las Vegas Nevada
Went to the Direct Buy in Las Vegas and a Gay Big Fat, White hair guy with sausage fingers named Mike Yearty sold me a $5000 membership and I have not saved my membership yet. They say they are lower but the pricing is not that much lower. We have compared and found many of times some retail stores are very close in pricing.We don't have to wait 10-20 weeks for delivery and pay just 5% more or less. The service staff is wonderful but not worth the money. The Guy Mike would not let me cancel my membership. They say you can cancel but they ignored my calls so I would pass the recision period.I was excited about the examples they showed me but I came to find out that the pricing is so much similar to retail that I don't waste my time. I wasted 5,000 well let's say $10,000 after the interest on financing the membership with Direct Buy in Las Vegas.Directbuy rippoff in las vegas las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
45, Report #435413
Mar 18 2009
01:59 PM
beware of the sweetened scam!!!! I am cautious of financial scams, since I am a financial advisor. But this multinational group have it all or it seems locked up.The story is as follows; I had called them from the late night adds, curious to see what was the commotion all about. They were nice and everything sounded good, but the invite to visit the showroom was in Ottawa, 2 and 1/2 hours away from Montreal, 5 hours back and forth. i did not accept, until 2-3 mths later the called back and offer gifts without signing up. i packed up with the family and left to Ottawa, left the children at the movies (they don't allow children under 12) and listened. The prices were amazing, 1/3 discount and so on and so forth. Now my issue was can we purchase through the internet and see all your catalogues, they told me yes. They handed me a credited membership, took $524.50 up front and my gift was a 3day stay in remote locations ( i still haven't used it).Drove back to Montreal, and waited 6 days for my codes to enter the internet. When I received it, my wife and I stayed till 2 in the morning trying to find specials, all B.S. nothing worth the while and the cheapest was light fixtures at $1200. I called the next day to cancel, in which they responded the General Manager Marc Comeau will attend to this. One month passed no call, I emailed him and he responded that I am not able to quit because it is a contract. Now in accordance to the Ontario Consumer Protection any membership contract has a 10 day grace period. Mr. Comeau said that this law does not pertain to them, WOW!!I drove to Ottawa and kindly requested that they cancel my membership as per all the emails I had sent, he politely said that he will do it but i will be penalized. I don't care just cancel my Membership !!!I'm still waiting, and filling out a grievance with the Consumer Protection. Meanwhile Beta Finance, the real sharks behind this operation, gave me credit without any questions or verification, and now wish to submit my name and my wife to a collection agency. Talk about getting the short end of the stick, I HATE THEM.!!!!Please beware, do not even enter the showroom, it a scam. a sheep in wolves clothing.Hans montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: OTTAWA, Ontario
46, Report #433939
Mar 13 2009
02:25 PM
Direct Buy Lied to get me to sign up Pleasenton California
Direct Buy lied to get me to sign up.Took salesman aside to make sure they had contractors that worked in my vacation ski resort condo area that I was planning to remodel. I even showed him on a map. He assured me that there was no place they didn't cover. They work with contractors in any town on the map. I also asked him if they carried Natuzzi furniture. He told They carried all manufacturers. I told him I had to be sure they had people in my area as that is the only reason I would sign up. He assured me it wouldn't be a problem. Would not refund when I found out there was no contractor that services my area. Complained to a worker there and she stated she heard the salesman make false statements all the time. When I questioned direct buy at showroom they said the salesman was probably a little confused because it was a fairly new store he might have made some mistakes, but didn't mean to. I tried working with them for awhile on kitchen design, but it was so frustrating and a long drive to showroom I went to Home Depot and got an estimate from them. I gave a copy of estimate to DB designer, and she gave me an estimate that was more than HD. When I called to question their 40% off retail ads they accused me of taking their estimate and showing it to HD so they would beat the price. They did eventually come up with a contractor they said would work in my area and they have clients that live there. I called a few times to ask contracter about my ski condo remodel with no response. I asked kitchen designer and she didn't know if he worked that far away.Angelcakes El Cerrito, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pleasenton, California
47, Report #432538
Mar 09 2009
11:25 PM
Rip-off Report Investigation:EDitors UPDATE: Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to DirectBuy for its Commitment to Excellence in customer service.Rip-off Reports investigation of DirectBuy uncovers an ongoing commitment to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect the company will always work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any complaints or concerns in the past, present or future. DirectBuy pledges to help members and guests realize their dreams through exceptional customer experiences and unparalleled savings, service, and selection.The Rip-Off Report Investigation revealed a demonstrated commitment by DirectBuy to providing excellent customer service and resolving customer issues. They achieve this through several means, including a recent partnership with customer service experts to actively survey their members and guests and make changes that improve their processes and ensure a uniform exceptional experience for every customer. To address the most common concerns, DirectBuy recently started offering free trial memberships at participating club locations, as well as additional tiers and terms of membership to meet a broader range of household budgets.Two weeks I went to an open house. When you first arrive everybody is so nice and personable. You are assigned to an individual who will sit with you in a room to watch a video, which I'm sure nobody paid attention to because the only thing you interested in is the cost for joining. Also, after viewing this video you are told that you can't tell anybody and if you decide not to join at that time, you will not be allowed back into the facility.I sat down with this individual and I explained to him what my goals were and the reason why I was interested in this company. I was told about the shipping, handling and taxes. I was also told the items would be shipped to the facility and I should come there to check out the merchandise.I was told the membership fee would be 4750.00 if I paid in full, but if I could not do this, there were other options. I opted to take the installation payment. I must also mentioned once I signed the contract, these people would not have spit on me if I was on fire. I was no longer important to them. However, two days later I found out that I was not told the truth about the freight charges, which means I would be responsible for freight, shipping and delivery to my home.If the correct information was given to me, I would have never joined this bogus company. When I called on the second day after signing the contract, I was told somebody would contact me, which never happened. I called the next day and the person I dealt with during the open house answered the phone and his attitude was quite nasty and rude. He told me I should have been watching the video.I called the corporate office to make a complaint and I was told it was out of their hands. However, I did explain to this individual that I was not going to roll over and die or disappear.I've currently contacted the BBB, local television stations. I will be forwarding all information I have to New York State Attorney General. I was also advised to contact the FBI because this appears to be an across state federal crime, due to the large amounts of money which is being scammed from each member.Ingrid Far Rockaway, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: WOODSIDE, New York
48, Report #816332
Jul 14 2012
02:51 PM
Direct Buy Fraudulent sales practices The Woodlands Texas
I went to DirectBuy one weekend after seeing all the promotions.  I had absolutely no intention of signing up - I just wanted to check it out and see if my key was the winning key.  Once there, we were told that one of the services they provide is auto buying.  Since I am looking to purchase a new car, I decided to sign up.  After waiting a week for the password so I could log in to the members web site (I guess they make you wait a week so you won't be able to check out the website and then cancel under the three-day contract cancellation laws), I was unable to find anything about cars.  I called and was told that the cars are under a different website.  On that website.  The first thing you see on the website is a large pink box that says Warning to those of you who are dealing with most Texas Credit Unions: ... As of this time... can not deal with most Texas Credit Unions.  What kind of ripoff is this??  They sell the membership to Texans by telling us they can save us an average of $5500 on a car, then direct us to a website that says we won't be able to use a Texas Credit Union to buy the car!  I complained to the company to no avail.  A couple of months later, I went by to look at a sample of flooring.  They didn't have it in the warehouse, so they ordered it.  Guess what?  It never came. This company needs to be shut down and told to refund every member's money.  What a ripoff!!
Entity: The Woodlands, Texas
49, Report #853347
Jul 12 2012
02:06 PM
Direct Buy Lanham Maryland SCAM misrepresentation Internet, Maryland
Direct Buy in Lanham is a big Rip-Off and scam.  They tell you one thing at the seminar to get you to join, only to find out later that the information was not true.  I am fighting with BBB to cancel my membership now. 
Entity: Internet, Maryland
50, Report #838965
Jul 28 2012
10:55 AM
Direct Buy Sign NOW or NEVER Again Equals Bad Service and Hidden Fees Columbia, Maryland
I filed a complaint with the local BBB. Under the Must sign now! technique scared us into signing heading. The issue started with the sales guys conveniently forgetting to mention a training session AFTER the 24 mind changing period. Training includes all the stuff they dont want you to know. The 8% shipping. You can order about half the product ONLY through that office ONLY through their people. EVERY product we have wanted could be purchased for less money or was not available, despite the ads we were shown during the interview. Even the high-end products are a rip off. They have similar product descriptions as the nice products but in their books MAY have a different name. My experience was with flooring. I was so unbelievably confused by the product comparisons that I  ended up purchasing from somewhere else! Purchasing an item can take several weeks with an 8% shipping fee never discussed during the high pressure sell. An 88 dollar toilet that I could have purchased at Home Depot cost me weeks of my time and 8% in shipping costs. We spent a bunch of time describing the foreclosed property we purchased. They provided a guy that does flooring for the Direct Buy price. I compared with other flooring contractors. I got the same price. When I called the contractor I was told Well we do it better. And you will never find MY price with this quality of work. Whats the evidence of that? His professionalism? Fencing boards were not available after we very specifically described the property we purchased. Last but certainly not least is the financing. I was told that my credit card would be charged, I thought I was signing a document to have a direct payment from my card.  I told him we were refinancing and would probably pay later with that money. We were so pressured I missed the document purpose of what was put in front of me to sign. Now Beta Financing has a loan in my name for 19% interest!!!! AFTER I specifically said what my plan was!!!! When I called Beta Financing they told be they were just a collection company. They were horrible to deal with. They literally said What do you think we are in business for...we make money off these loans  I was floored.  Please cancel my membership, cancel the Beta and refund the money I have paid to Beta. They cant fix the credit calls they had to do, which is what I was avoiding in the first place. But if there are other credit related impacts that I am not realizing. I want that dealt with also. After the BBB of Baltimore was notifed, Direct Buy treated me like I was a long term customer. The Direct Buy response is bogus. They mention that I purchased on item and as my original complaint states. It cost me more to order the same toilet that I could have got from Home Depot. Although, they forwarded the agreement I signed. I did not realize what I had signed because I was so under pressure to sign then and there. The training they mention is whatever the reps says we should have taken  whenever they want to hit me with another fee. He also mentions that we joined 6 months ago, what does that have to do with how this situation transpired. I expect him to do the right thing and release us from this ridiculous commitment. 
Entity: Columbia, Maryland

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