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76, Report #1077068
Aug 19 2013
02:20 PM
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
77, Report #1145277
May 09 2014
07:09 AM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Rip Off And Liars! Iselin New Jersey
I went with the socalled number one extended car warranty company called Direct Buy Warranty. Purchased the policy with 99,700 miles on my 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. 6 weeks later my engine died with 104,900 mechanic believes I threw a rod. I call up Direct Buy and they tell me to submit maintenance records along with them sending an inspector to look at my vehicle. All was done and submitted. I then receive a call from Direct saying the inspector determine my car had a high probability of an preexisting condition that caused this issue. You will need to tear down the engine to determine this. Then the rep told me that this falls under some guideline that does not allow them to cover my car. At this point I'm confused. I told the rep that if the inspector says the engine needs to be tore down for further inspection how does this void my warranty? The rep again reads from there policy that if it is determined that it is from an preexisting condition that voids the warranty. I brought up what the inspector said...that the engine would have to be torn down to actually determine that. He said you can do that, but we still will not cover it. PERIOD. We will email you a form to refund what you have paid. Stay away from Direct Buy! And to update, I was told they would give me a refund. I have paid them a total of $380. I was refunded $9.39. $95 was for the inspector who went out to look at the car (which was never a fee to be paid by the client, as a policy holder you only pay the deductible.), the rest went to fees. So as a warning to you all, stay clear of Direct Buy.
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
78, Report #1146026
May 12 2014
05:40 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Big Time Rip Off Iselin New Jersey
I had a problem with my power steering pump on my 2005 Mercedes SL500.I took the car to the dealer and it was diagnosed on their computer that gave 2 codes:Code 1: C1525-064 indicating system pressure too low.Code 2: C1526-016 indicating malfunction in pressure supply.continue driving my car in that condition will result in more damage according to my service adviser and his manager at Mercedes dealeship.The warranty company (Direct buy auto warranty) sent an inspector to look at the car and he came with a conclusion that the problem is due to wear and tear and denied the claim.I disputed that denial but still no result. I end up cancelling my warranty with them.The service manager at the Mercedes dealership was very much surprised by that denial.I do not advise anybody to purchase a warranty from that company.  
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
79, Report #1192537
Dec 02 2014
12:19 PM
Direct Buy This Company is a HUGE rip-off Albuquerque NM
I've noticed that people are saying that their memberships are in the several hundred dollar range now.  When I joined the membership was several thousand dollars. The rip-off is that in today's market this business provides no benefit.  Prices are nearly always higher than what you can buy for either online anytime or at local stores most of the time. The Albuquerque Direct Buy physical store is closing so now what we have is a high priced membership that is no better than or or any other store. They say we are getting a benefit by being switched to Home Shopping. Thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars for this is a joke. We should be getting a refund and option to opt out for a reimbursement. This business is out-dated and not worth anything. Do not believe anything you hear at their sales presentations!
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #1282289
Jan 25 2016
02:57 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Unable to contact to cancel contract Internet
Purchased an extended warranty from this company about one year ago. I have sold the covered vehicle and have attempted to contact Direct Buy Auto Warranty to cancel the contract. The phone disconnects after one recorded message or anything. I've also sent emails to their customer service address with no response received. My account keeps getting charged and I'm in contact with my bank to refute these bogus charges that keep hitting. If anyone else is having issues with Direct Buy Auto Warranty please report them.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #1323602
Aug 20 2016
12:13 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty NO Service Iselin New Jersey
I had an auto warranty with Direct Buy for many years on a previous auto, 2011 Mercedes.  I never had a claim or reason to contact them.  I then traded it in and got a 2012 Jaguar and contacted Direct Buy Warrant to change the warranty to the new vehicle.  They proceeded to make the change and sent me the new warranty contract, but it had an error.  That was in December of 2015.  They had the wrong effective date on the contract along with the wrong expiration date since I had informed them that the factory warranty was still good until 10/18/16, or 50,000 miles, whichever came first.  I have now sent them over 10 emails with NO response, called them over 10 times and left a message and they have not called me back.  I now sent them a letter to 33 Wood Ave. South in Iselin and it was today returned to me not deliverable as addressed.  I have been very patient and would love to be closer to their office(if they have one) so that I could confront them face to face, and take the matter into my own hands using my fists if necessary.  My new contract number is VSC#xx1424.   Thanks.
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
82, Report #1216445
Mar 17 2015
05:32 PM
Direct Buy Don't waste your money or time!! Chesterfield, mo Nationwide
Direct Buy is a complete waste unless you are building or equiping a new home or purchasing alot of items.  even then, some shopping around will get you better prices.  If you are foolish enough to pay full price for the rediculous membership, then I have a whole bunch of things to sell to you.  If you just act like you are not interested, they will continue to drop the membership price.  We were foolish enough to buy in at $1600.  Still a waste of money.  They are not at all helpful, and have few products that we are interested in.  They will tell you they can get almost all products.....  they have never been able to match the exact same product we were looking to purchase.  They also set you up to purchase direct through manufacturers which you could do without them????  We have argued to try to get out of our membership, but they are not willing to let us out.  Our fault for trusting.  Any company that uses high pressure sales and makes you commit after a 1 hour high pressure sales pitch, is looking to hide something.   There are many groups trying to set up a class action lawsuit, that I would gladly join, but nobody has been succesful yet.  If you want to buy something through them, call me!!!  I will show you the price and you can buy it through my membership.  The staff is useless and the product searching in the catalogs is mind numbing.  Best Buy, HHGregg, etc are much better at giving you good deals. Stay away!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #1224489
Apr 23 2015
07:06 PM
Direct Buy Bergen County Yes, they are a ripoff Rochelle Park New Jersey
Do not use this service. They are liars and misrepresent what they can do. I purchased an IDENTICAL kitchen and paid $5000 less than their best price! We aware of their shady practices!    
Entity: New Jersey
84, Report #1224318
Apr 23 2015
01:50 PM
Direct Buy Warranty Rip Off-Lied Iselin New Jersey
I purchased this policy before reading reviews - they have not covered anything they said they would and now I have mailed appropriate paperwork and cant get my refund. I sent paperwork certified and they signed for it.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #1274877
Dec 17 2015
03:38 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Holding my refund Iselin New Jersey
I purchased a warranty for my 2006 Mercedes S-430 in April 2015, paid $2,300.00 for September 2015 I traded the Benz in and purchased a 2008 Caddy Escalade, I was told by warranty Co. that i could tranfer old warranty to new car, after about 6 weeks going back and forth I was told that the caddy could not be covered.This was in mid November, I then filed paper work for my contract to be terminated and for my pro-rated refund sent to me.Well as of today's date 12-17-2015 I have called them at least 3 times a week asking for and update of my refund, I was told that checks are cut on the 15th and 30th of each month.I call on  December 14,16th, and 17th no one could tell me about my refund,all of my calls was cut off and when i called back went right to voice mail.Im due  a refund of $1660.00
Entity: Iselin, New Jersey
86, Report #1390369
Aug 04 2017
09:22 AM
Direct Buy Travel Issue actually was resolved and our money was refunded! Nation wide company Nationwide
 We booked a hotel in Virginia Beach, VA through Direct Buy Travel. The rate was good and the VP reviews through the link on their site seem good. As the time came for our vacation we checked other reviews and discovered the place was not what we expected to get through Direct Buy, and our money was non-refundable. We filed a complaint with direct buy and call them numerous times over the course of about nine or 10 days. We also posted on media how frustrated we were with the inability of the company to refund our money. We are platinum members of direct buy and expected better service. In the end we are pleased to say that direct buy contacted us and refunded our full amount of money for this substandard hotel, even though it wasn't their responsibility For their standard policy. For us they went the extra mile and we are very grateful for that.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #175211
Feb 07 2006
05:43 PM
NC Furniture - Buy Direct - Direct Furniture ripoff is a fraudulent company. Don't buy or expect a lie. High Point North Carolina
I was looking for a bargain for dining room furniture and found what appeared to be a wonderful deal online at I placed an order for a dining room suite on November 19, 2005. I received a call within minutes from a representative (on a Saturday) regarding a glitch when I used my credit card. The representative took my information, processed payment and told me someone from their firm would be in touch within a couple weeks to confirm the order and discuss delivery. I was hoping to see the furniture by the holidays and called on December 2nd to inquire about my order. I spoke to Cheryl I believe and she told me not to expect the furniture until at least February 12, 2006. I told her that wasn't acceptable and that their website claimed that my order was likely in stock and should be delivered between 4 and 12 weeks. I honestly smelled a rat as I have bought furniture before online and even had great success on Ebay. I had never gotten taken. I explained that their website seemed misleading and I felt I was being taken. She refused to give me a refund on my credit card claiming that I should have read the disclaimer online. I told her I was very unhappy and would contact my credit card company. I held out hope that I was wrong. Through the month of January, I would check their website daily and look at the furnitrac order system and hope that something would change. Nothing did. I then attempted on several occasions to contact the customer service line but with no answer. I then contacted the sales office and was told to try back during normal business hours as they could not help me. In came February and I needed some answers regarding delivery dates and became upset when I left emails and phone call messages to contact me regarding my order. I finally called on Friday, February 3rd and was told that my order was not in the system and that the earliest I could expect my furniture was mid-March. I became very upset and was shifted around from sales person to the v.p of sales, Cheryl again. She again refused to offer a refund and stated that she would have to contact the manufacturer to check on my order. I told Cheryl that I would give her until Monday, February 6 at noon to give me an answer. She agreed and promised to make that call by then. Unfortunately, she never called, emailed or anything. I called again on Tuesday, February 7th and spoke to a representative that said that Cheryl was in a meeting with the senior staff and she would be given a message to call me as soon as she got out. Again, no call, no nothing. I reported the situation to my credit card company and was told that I should receive a credit to my account within a few days. Never buy anything from this firm and check the internet before making large purchases, especially if it seems too good to be true! G Bowling Green, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: High Point, North Carolina
88, Report #324167
Sep 10 2009
02:09 PM
Direct Buy Of Silicon Valley Direct Buy of Silicon Valley WHAT A SCAM Mountain View California
On December 12, 2007, my wife and I attended a presentation by invitation from Direct Buy o at their facility located at 1157 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA. 94043. After the presentation we were given a one-time opportunity to join their membership and we made an uncertain decision to do so. After leaving the facility, my wife and I started questioning our decision to join their program with such an impulsive decision and decided to cancel our contract that we signed with Direct Buy of Silicon Valley.When we arrived home we placed a phone call to Direct Buy of Silicon Valley at 5:10 PM and spoke with the front line operator expressing our desire to cancel the membership contract that we had signed earlier that day. The lady who answered the call instructed us to issue a letter to the corporate offices in Merriville, Indiana to cancel the contract (since the Silicon Valley address was a post office box and not a physical address) . Also, we were informed that the corporate offices is located back East and were closed for the evening, she suggested that we call them tomorrow to get a fax number. The same evening at 7:39 pm, we placed a second call to Direct Buy of Silicon Valley to see if there was a possible way to deliver a cancellation letter to them without having to wait to send one to their Corporate Office in Indiana.The lady who answered the phone was uncertain of whom that might be and we then waited to fax our cancelation the next morning to corporate.On December 13th, 2007, my wife phoned (from her work office) the Merriville, Indiana corporate office and was given the fax number of 219-755-6245 where to send the cancelation letter. In addition to faxing the cancellation letter to corporate, my wife faxed a letter to the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley facility at 650-810-1919. Also, I emailed a copy of the same letter to ( the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley Customer Service Manager, Jessica (Jessie) Sanchez. .With no response from the Corporate or the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley office, I called Direct Buy of Silicon Valley facility and the corporate office on February 20, 2008 to confirm our cancelation and status of our refund of $900. I spoke with a lady named Stephanie.Stephanie asked me what fax number we sent our cancelation letter to and that she would look into it. Stephanie gave me the email address of her manager, Rose ( and suggested that I re-send the email to her since she would most likely be the one who handles cancelations. I asked Stephanie if she wanted us to re-send the fax so she would have it as a reference when she spoke with Rose about this matter. Stephanie agreed that would help.I then continued to do the same by calling Jessica Sanchez at the from the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley office. Since Jesse was not available by phone, I left here a voice mail and sent here an email explaining what had transpired.Again, with no response from the Corporate or Direct Buy of Silicon Valley office, I emailed out a new letter and placed a phone call on February, 29th, 2008 @ approximately 11:34 AM.Finally, I received a response email from Jessica on February 29, 2008 @ 2:29 PM.Jesses response was, I apologize I have not gotten back to you sooner. I did receive your fax copy of the email, however when I compared that to our email logs for on 12/13/08 I have all emails except yours. I have all emails prior to 2:35pm and after 2:35pm, again none are your email. We keep all emails for tracking purposes. You mention that you were instructed by one of our representatives to call our corporate office in regards to your cancellation. We would never have referred you to our corporate office as the cancellations are handled directly here at our local showroom. I will have to take this matter up with our owners who are expected back from vacation sometime tomorrow. We will be in touch shortly.On February 29, 2008 @3:55 PM I also received the following email response from RoseI did receive the email you referred to and, as indicated in the email the center sent to you today, concluded that this was something that needed to be handled at the center level. I forwarded all of the information to them through our member messaging system which is the normal procedure. Based on the email they sent you today (which they copied me on) they will be in contact with you further on your request.On March 04, 2008 @ 5:30 PM I received via email form Jesse Sanchez the followingAfter looking further into your request we are requiring additional information. It is odd that our email system has ALL emails for 12/13/07, except yours. We are requiring some additional information from you. You mentioned you spoke to someone here at our facility. Please provide us with the phone records showing us that call was made and we will more than happy to honor your request.On March 05, 2008 I responded to Jesse via email: I am a bit taken back by this email response. As far as I was concerned, I after in good faith when I signed up for your service on December 12th, 2007; I also acted in good faith when I attempted to cancel our contract the following day December 13th, 2007. I feel as though I am having to defend myself when I was misinformed by your representatives to contact corporate to contact you corporate offices to cancel my plan. I have furnished you documentation showing that I did email a cancellation letter to your company on December 13th, 2007. Up to this point, I have been patient waiting for your responses in addition to our refund check to be issued. I do not intend to go searching through my phone records to further verify my desires to cancel our contract with you.I respectfully ask you again to process the cancellation request effective December 13th, 2007 per the documentation already furnished.Up to this point, I have furnished email to the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley facility the following documents which they have requested: email messages with a return receipt attached, the month of December 2007 phone records showing phone calls placed from my residence to the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley facility.After issuing these emails, I was ask to come to the facility to show original documents and they would issue me a cancellation of contract and a check for my refund of $900.00. I set up an appointment to meet Jesse at the Direct Buy of Silicon Valley facility on April 2, 2008 between 4:00 PM 5:00 PM. After arriving there, I was asked to wait in the reception area, after waiting for over 30 minutes then I was asked to come back into the facility to show Jesse the original documents. After furnishing Jesse the requested documents she excused herself from the room (with the documents I furnished her) asking for me to remain in the room. When Jesse returned she informed me that she would not be cancelling the contract unless I provided her additional information. The information she required was the phone records indicating calls to their corporate office. I explained to Jesse that these calls were placed from my wifes corporate office (Computer Associates in their South San Francisco facility) and that there were hundreds of lines there that her request was unreasonable especially since I had already furnished her with enough documentation supporting my claims.Jessie responded saying that without the additional phone records as documentation they will not cancel the contract. I explained to Jesse that I have acted in good faith through this whole process by following their many requirements to cancel. Also, throughout this process, it was clear that I had lost my desire to do business with them especially after how I had been treated. With no response from Jesse, I informed her that I would rather attempt to resolve this peacefully without third party intervention; Jesse said that she didnt take threats lightly. I informed her that this was not meant as a threat; however, I just didnt want to involve others into a situation that should easily be resolved. At this point, I said you dont want a consumer in your facility with a bad experience that might offer negative feedback to others. Jesse then asked me to leave, saying that I was speaking to loud. I responded by saying that I will leave, but keep in mind that they cant have it both ways by holding me to a contract and not allowing me in the facility.One other thing is that a portion of this contract was financed through a third party company named Beta Finance Company Inc. in the amount of $6,000.00. I have informed Beta Financial of my request to cancel this with Direct Buy and as a result my contract with them should be cancelled. Beta Finance instructed me that the only way to cancel with them is to have Direct Buy furnish them with a letter. I informed them that I was having difficulties with Direct Buy acknowledging my request to cancel the contract I signed with them, and that I am concerned that this might impact my credit rating. Beta Finance informed me that it hadnt been sent to collections yet; however, it is getting close to that point.Tye Redwood City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mountain View, California
89, Report #1046141
Apr 25 2013
10:58 AM
Direct Buy Warranty Direct Buy Auto Warranty liars, thieves, scumbags South Iselin New Jersey
Per contract terms, it was cancelled and I was quoted $511 in refunds which never arrived. I did the requested paperwork indicating the account to receive the credit. Company claims to have made a credit back to another credit card, but this is false - nothing was received by that credit card issuer. (I had used 2 different credit cards for monthly payments, yet they allegedly made payment to a closed credit card account). Direct buy says otherwise and refers back to the credit card and refuses all other communication.
Entity: South Iselin, New Jersey
90, Report #1050633
May 13 2013
03:46 PM
direct buy of RICHMOND direct BUY now using US mail to send out FAKE parcel PICKUP notices Richmond, Virginia
DB OF richmond sent off colour green/ fake parcel  pickup notice designed to look like USPS MAIL OR DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE USPS  notification card for Return RECEIPT Requested POST MAIL POSTCARD. POST card cleverly crafted so most of you will not see the small print that says it is from DB OF richmond  BUT IN bigger LETTERS IT HAS YOUR NAME  AND A pkg number and a PHONE number to call for p/U OF THAT ...ALLEGEDLY  'ANDROID PHONE AND TOUCH PAD ipAD'fake parcel pickup notice----- now down to doing this this I WILL DROP MY CARD OFF TO A postal INSPECTOR i know..see if they are VIOLATING ANY US MAIL NOTIFICATION STANDARDS..
Entity: Richmond,, Virginia
91, Report #987541
Dec 27 2012
09:20 AM
Direct Buy Rob Bengston (owner) Owner of Direct Buy Hauppauge, NY was abusive to my wife for asking a question. Hauppauge, New York
My wife and I called direct buy in Hauppauge NY to ask if we could see the showroom and learn more about Direct Buy. Upon arrival the owner Rob Bengston and his sales staff quickly showed us the showroom and quickly explained how the process works. Rob then proceeded to bring us and 3 other couples into a room to make a 45 min presentation all of which was a surprise to us. After 45 min of high pressure sales presentation (very much like a time share presentation) we were told to then sit with a sales person for them to go over the membership options. Rob Bengston at that point eluded to the fact that if you do not sign up that day you were not allowed to come back, ever. At that point my wife asked him that question in front of the class, (do we have to sign up today and pay the $6,500 that day or we could never come back). He was very shaken by the question but evaded the answer, she asked again and he evaded the answer again. My wife wanted to know because now after spending a few hrs there and not being able to go home and think it through was not in the cards for us. We had just lost our home to the flood and were in the process of rebuilding. We then sat with a salesperson and were trying to work out something so we could still have time to think about joining when Rob Bengston (the owner) stormed over to the table we were at and stuck his finger in my wife's face and yelled at her for asking that question. He was physical and abusive in his demeanor and was totally out of line and unprofessional, if Direct Buy is a franchise they should re-evaluate him as an owner. After an hour he sent me an e-mail with an apology for his actions which he knew were out of line but should not have happened. As a business owners ourselves there is NO excuse for treating a customer in that manner, stay away from Direct Buy Hauppauge.
Entity: Hauppauge, New York
92, Report #1240627
Jul 08 2015
07:05 PM
Direct Buy Direct Buy of Cincinnati What a scam.....if you have not away! West Chester, Ohio
Once again, Direct Buy has elected to disappoint members who paid a hefty price for memberships in their buying clubs  I am just one of many to report on their decieving practices, but here goes.  As a residnet of Dayton, Ohio, I joined Direct Buy several years ago.  While we have experienced savings along the way, 1st....our Dayton club was closed and now the Cincinnati club is closing.  Translated, if one lives in Ohio, they no longer have a Direct Buy club to visit.  Accordin to their corpoate communication, all transactions will now be conducted on-line, as 60% of the members ordered solely on-line.  Let's see.....what about the other 40%....or those who prefer to see a sample of cabintes, or hardware or materials prior to ordering? Unfortunately for those of us who have invested in Direct Buy, the writing is on the wall.....they not long for this world.  Don't believe me....look at Forbes for the 4th worst franchise to invest in.
Entity: West Chester,, Ohio
93, Report #1205427
Mar 14 2015
01:37 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Direct Buy WARRANTY Auto warranty company booted from N.J. for consumer complaints Iselin New Jersey MIDDLESEX COUNTY – A company that advertised customers would never pay for covered auto repairs bills again has agreed to stop operating in New Jersey within six months and reimburse consumers who purchased motor vehicle service contracts but were not provided the coverage as promised. The settlement resolves a lawsuit brought by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs last year after Direct Buy Associates Inc, which operates as Direct Buy Auto Warranty, with a business address in the Iselin section of Woodbridge, allegedly violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, the Regulations Governing General Advertising, the Plain Language Act and the Business Corporations Act through its advertising, offering for sale and sale of motor vehicle service contracts.Direct Buy Auto Warranty advertised it sold auto warranties and/or extended auto warranties that provided comprehensive and bumper to bumper coverage. The company, however, sold motor vehicle service contracts, not warranties, and the coverage offered was limited by a number of exclusions. Eddie Miller, Direct Buy Auto Warranty manager, said the company never advertised bumper to bumper coverage. Many customers purchase an auto warranty or extended warranty and they think everything is covered, said Miller, adding that the contract is posted on the company's website, allowing customers to see what they are purchasing before they pay. In addition, Miller thinks it was an overreaction by the state to force the company to stop operating in New Jersey.He said the company agreed to the settlement in an effort to avoid costly litigation. He said of the 270 consumer complaints over nearly four years, 41 were directed to the consumer affairs and the rest were taken from the Better Business Bureau. He said the majority had been resolved by the company before consumer affairs got involved. Of the 43 customers scheduled to receive restitution, Miller said 27 that had already been refunded, canceled or claims paid, so the restitution amount should have been reduced. We are striving to make the company better, said Miller, adding that many of the directives have already been implemented by the company. According to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, the company advertised that customers who purchased coverage would never pay for covered auto repair bills again, and that it would pay 100 percent of covered repairs and that there was no limit on how much we will pay your shops labor rate.But in reality, the motor vehicle service contracts provided by the company did not pay for repairs that exceeded the manufacturers suggested retail price for motor vehicle parts or for labor that exceeded the current national flat rate. The settlement will provide up to $199,559.75 in restitution to qualifying consumers who purchased the company's motor vehicle service contracts and filed complaints with the consumer affairs division. The company also was assessed a $500,000 civil penalty, and it will pay an additional $111,009.41 in reimbursement to the state for its attorneys' fees and investigative costs. Out of the total settlement amount, $400,000 of the civil penalty is suspended but will become due if the company violates the terms of the final consent judgment. Businesses that engage in deceptive tactics like those alleged here harm New Jersey consumers, violate New Jersey's consumer protection laws, and will not be permitted to do business in the state.This settlement protects New Jersey consumers by prohibiting Direct Buy Auto Warranty from selling contracts to our consumers and by requiring that they shut down its New Jersey business, Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman said. Consumers reported the company denied claims verbally, and that the reasons for issuing a denial changed when consumers made repeated inquiries. Under the settlement, the company is required to issued written notifications of denials and must state the reason for the denial. Under the settlement, the company will be required to inform the state's consumer affairs office of any complaints it receives during at least the next 12 months and how those complaints were resolved. Any additional complaints directly filed with the division will be forwarded to the company.Those consumers not satisfied with the company's response may choose to arbitrate their complaints before the Division's Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit. Under the terms of the settlement, the company's website must be revised to state the company no longer sells motor vehicle service contracts to New Jersey consumers, and to provide its new business address outside the state, once it shuts down its business operations in New Jersey. (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Iselin , New Jersey
94, Report #1243043
Jul 20 2015
11:37 AM
Auto Chips Direct Junk Do Not Buy Internet
Cheap crap, looks like they took parts from Radio Shack and slapped them together.  Would take back.  Thru mine in the trash. Run the other way!!
Entity: Internet
95, Report #401590
Dec 16 2008
09:00 PM
Direct Buy - LMA Direct My intent to rescind my membership with Direct Buy of Fort Worth Fort Worth Texas
Pursuant to Direct Buy's three day right of rescission policy as stated by Bart Fesperman on May 22, 2007 highlighted and documented on, I rescind my membership agreement (#558) dated December 13, 2008.Furthermore, rescission is demanded or as a result of failure of consideration, illusory terms and ambiguity. A full refund is being demanded including my $1987.00 down payment in addition to the return of the original retail installment contract.Marcus fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
96, Report #394107
Nov 22 2008
10:40 PM
Direct Buy: Mountain View (Silicon Valley) CA High Pressure Sales: Buy now or you have no other chance Mountain View California
If you have ever seen an infomercial in which you are lead to believe that Direct Buy will save you loads of money, think again. I attended one of their high pressure sales meetings in Mountain Views this afternoon and I was stunned. The initial price to join is $6,390.00 and they get 8% on every transaction. During the presentation, they show lots of video testimonials that are several years old. You are assigned a salesperson, in our case a horrid herpetic, who was very cordial and knew the game. The owner, Mark, was very smooth and obviously made a ton of money doing this, presented a case as to the wonderful benefits of this scam. Being mildly intelligent, we walked. They were stunned. I am so happy I have a stong willed, very intelligent wife who was not going to let anyone get over on us. Thanks, honey!As for Direct Buy, as Limp Bizkut said, you can stick that cookie up your a##.This is the ultimate scam. I guess I should buy a franchise so I can take advantage of what P.T. Barnum said, a sucker is born every minute.Stay far away and inform your friends, if you a true friend!Chris San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mountain View, California
97, Report #1275465
Dec 21 2015
06:51 AM
Direct Buy Warranty RIP OFF! Do not buy anything from this company. They are being investigated for fraud! Ohio Nationwide
I am hoping at least to save one sucker from buying anything  from this company. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in Ohio as they have recently moved out of NJ and are operating out of Ohio. In full disclosure I never had to use them for service, (thank God) as I cxld after 6 months and asked for refund. It has been a nightmare dealing with them. They never answer the phone, or if they do, they transfer you to a non existent connection and you get disconnect after 40  minutes on hold. I just call everyday, put the phone down on hold and go about my business. In the last 2 weeks, nobody has picked up after the transfer, I only getting disconnected. Just for fun, today I called 5 times and got a guy who just transfers you no matter if you ask for supervisor, refund dept or whatever, you get disconnected after being on hold for 30-40 minutes. The new tactic last week was a slow motion answering machine that in not audible, and then you get disconnected. I feel confident there is nobody on the receiving end as far as an office just a rented phone in a sham cubicle. BEWARE. I am about to contact my connections/friends at the IREPORT news division here in Los Angles where they do investigative reporting on fraud, poor business practices etc. Maybe getting the media and the authorities involved will help shut them down and stop them from conducting their sham business. As a time reference, I purchased the warranty in Feb. 2015 and requested to terminate the contract in August 2015. It is now almost January 2016 and I have yet to get a refund. This company is totally just a scam....I do not know how they can exist without being investigated and fined, and shut down? Fraud!! Beware!!!   
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #409855
Jan 08 2009
08:11 PM
Direct Buy, Trinity Innovative Enterprises, LLC Direct Buy Of Lehigh Valley 472 FOR ALL YOU DISATIFIED DIRECT BUY MEMBER Allentown Pennsylvania
I would file a complaint with the Better Busineess Bureau, your local ATTORNEY GENERAl and the Federal Trade Commission. Let's bring the scum bag John Gagan down.Here might be some helpful information.Heidi Arnold Franchise Realations 219-736-1100 ext 608 219-648-7339 FaxThis is for your tom Whitehall, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
99, Report #1019333
Feb 27 2013
08:05 AM
direct buy phoenix nw Russell Bosworth, Bosworth, Direct Buy Phoenix Northwest Convicted Felon/CROOK EXrealtor now operating Direct Buy as Owner/ Managing Manager-BEWARE I Internet
Having heard so many pros and cons about this company we decided to go in and take a look for ourselves. To our repulsive surprise we were met by a man who we thought was a past nightmare. In disbelief we continued with the introduction of the company. This man was once our realtor and property manager, until he decided to close the doors to High Performance Realty, located in Avondale Arizona in the middle of the night with 100's of thousands of dollars from many regular hardworking trusting churchgoing folks like myself. This man left many many people with debt, shattered dreams and no answers. He was stripped of his license and imposed to pay restitution to us and to this day were unable to find, serve or have received a single cent from him in any form of restitution. Forwards we find out he was arrested and prosecuted for burglury. Home furnishing from a home he was aware was vacant. To our dismay he claims to own the Phoenix DirectBuy location. Leaving shortly after the presentation, which by the way seems riduculous to buy a 5000.00 membership to buy goods. People save yourself the headaches and peace of mind from this convict. Beware of this man and his family name in Phoenix, bad business practices. Read articles on the millions of dollars this man and his family have stollen. Reference.. Phoenix New Times Russell Bosworth, Maricopa Superior Court, Arizona Department of Real Estate 
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #1168204
Aug 07 2014
03:10 PM
Direct Buy Warranty Direct Buy Auto Warranty Direct Buy Warranty is a Scam. Transmission not covered because they cannot see from outside what could be wrong, For Real! Nationwide
Watch out for this company!  I purchased the top of the line warranty Direct Buy Warranty offers.  My car is a 2006 Audi S4.  I have had my car at the shop for 3 weeks waiting for them to inspect the vehicle.  After repeated calls daily from the service shop and myself, they finally resolved today to contact me to say that they cannot cover the transmission because they cannot visually inspect it.  Well, of course you cannot see inside a transmission until it is removed and apart.  Oh, and they do not cover the cost of removing the transmission even if anything is covered.  They call that diaognostics.  Seriously. They did not dispatch a technician to try and drive the vehicle which would have solved the diagnosis that the transmission is slipping.  Stay away from this company.  I had a prior issue before when I needed to replace some bushings on the car.  After weeks of arguing they finally covered a cost for bushings for an A4.  I had to pay the difference for the labor cost and the correct S4 parts.  When I submitted a complaint on this same site, they contacted me asking me erase the comments and they would pay the balance for the S4 bushings.  Did they, of course not.  Their whole business model is to deny the claims and mae it impossable for you to get any real service.
Entity: Nationwide

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