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26, Report #275614
Sep 21 2007
01:35 PM
Direct Tv cable tv Louisville Kentucky
Directtv came to my home and installed two regular receivers and one hd dvr receiver. After the installer left the hd dvr receiver quit working after a half hour, I called in to report this and Directtv told me it would take them two weeks for a technician to come out. So i asked if they could send me a new receiver. Well they did and that didn't work neither. So i make the call for a technician to come out, I wait two weeks the technician shows up at my door, a really really young man shows up to my door and turns my cable box on and tells me the obvious, your screen is black, the connection is fine i have to order you a new box i proceeded to tell him that they already gave me a new receiver and the same problem is occurring that the technician on the phone said you were sent out to look at the hd satellite. he said there's nothing that i could do here frustrated about that i called costumer service i wanted to cancel my service because nobody at Directtv could take care of the problem and they hit me with the contract cancelation fee.I will not pay for service that i never received. Strate2nd keansburg, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
27, Report #538936
Dec 14 2009
07:41 AM
Direct TV Cancellation Fees Internet
Cancelled my service with DirecTV today and was told I would have to pay a cancellation fee for the leased equipment I purchased thru BestBuy.What a RippOff!
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #388910
Nov 07 2008
11:17 AM
Buyer beware. Direct TV is a giant company, but you will be treated very small. I subscribed to Direct TV in September 2007 and was thrilled to have the NFL Sunday Ticket. They wanted a $250.00 deposit which I let them take from my debit card. 1st they took $500.00 from my account, and told me I had to wait 10 business days to get my money returned to my account. I was furious. But it gets worse. 2 days later , I had no direct tv service. They informed me that I owed them over $450.00 and they suspended my service. I pleaded with them that I had never had Direct TV before. They gave me a previous address which was my sons address. Almost the same names, but different socials, etc. I pleaded with them, but they never returned my deposit or restored my service. months later I paid a deposit for my aunt to get Direct TV. I should have known better! I was about to pay my rent when I found out that DIRECT TV han taken 1053.00 from my account for my aunt's bill. It took me two eviction notices, and 3 weeks of constant pressure to get this money returned to my account. Is there anything we can do against a giant like DIRECT TV? Joe walker DALLAS, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #442228
Apr 09 2009
09:27 AM
Direct TV Bait and Switch Inglewood Nationwide
Direct TV called and offered me a 23 dollar per month discount for 12 months for switching from Dish Network. In a 40 minute conversation about Net Net costs the sales person never brought up that I would have to fill out a rebate form on line in order to get my 23 dollars per month savings. After I looked over my bill I noticed that I did not get the discount and called Direct TV. They said 60 days had passed and that I was no longer entitled to the discount. After repeated calls they have done nothing. Their customer service is hopeless and even escalating the issue has solved nothing. I have contacted the BBB and the AG in California to help so we will see. Scott HIGHLAND, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #583462
Mar 20 2010
09:20 PM
DIRECT TV, DIRECTV hd recv, Internet
 on may of 2009 I was on craiglist and found 2 hd recv for from 2 diff people.the people who was selling the equipment work for dtv.them said the onl;y thing I would have to do is call dtv and get a new access card for 20.00 bucks.I did so.but I called in to make sure that both recv were own and not lease,that way I will not have a 2 yr commitment with dtv.But found out that 1 hd recv was own but the other hd recv was lease.let me make a long story short.when I called in to cancel my service.I was told that I had a commitment for 2 yr.I told the agent to reserch his notes and the agent read one of the notes to me whice said them were unable to switch the hd recv from lease to own.I wish someone would have told me that.I called in many of time and every agent I spoke with said the problem has been taken care of.and they are trying to stick me with early term fees. so if anyone buys own equipment from any dtv employee,please make sure the agent you speaking with is not overseas in some out source call center.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #775126
Sep 10 2011
07:53 AM
direct tv misleading, unauthorized charge, Internet
dirct tv tricks customers when sending installers to your home, they have installers do the job and they give you a receipt and say that they need a signature saying that they did install when actually they are having you sign so they can charge your credit card when they want. they also mislead you with services that you pay for but have no use for. for example i spoke to representative and ordered nhl center ice after being told i would be able to watch every flyers game in the season and after calling for months and disputing not being able to watch gamesi was told that it was because direct tv did not have rights to those games, bringing up my question so why did you lie to me and have me pay for it instead of refunding me my money and canceling the package that i had no use for. to top it all off i called a month prior to canceling service to ask about early termination fees and was told i had no contract so i cancelled, three months later they took $ 516 out of my bank account that i did not authorize and will not do anything about it
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #550306
Jan 06 2010
01:33 PM
DIRECT TV Holding overpayment Internet
DIRECT TV SUCKS!!!  After putting up with outages for the 18 month contract period,  every time it rained, I decided to go back to Comcast, my cable provider.  Unknowingly, when I paid my last bill, I was paying one month in advance to I was due a refund after cancelling service and returning equipment.  When I ask about the status of the refund I am told it takes DIRECT TV 6 -8 weeks to issue a cfredit to the credit card that was used to pay my bill. If we paid our bills to Direct TV 6-8 weeks after receipt out service would be terminated and we'd be responsible for any fees involved in a premature breach of contract!  Any company that cannot handle a simple refund should not be allowed to remain in business. 6-8 weeks is rediculous!  DIRECT TV SUCKS!  I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #574791
Feb 25 2010
09:27 AM
DIRECT TV Bundle Scam Internet
I've been a Direct TV customer since Dec 2008.  In November 2009 I was interested in changing my internet service provider.  I went to the Direct TV website and saw that I may be able to bundle internet service with my current Direct TV service.  I called 800-531-5000 and was transferred to the Bundles Dept at 866-684-7457.  I spoke with Carla, and she offered me AT&T internet service that included a one-time $12.95 installation fee, $45.00 plus tax for 12 months, 6.0 meg/sec, with a $10.00 bill credit on my Direct TV bill for 12 months.  She informed me I would need to either buy a modem from AT&T or get my own, and also said I would be okay without having a phone line.  She placed my order for an activation date of 11-13-09, and sent me an email summary of all the information above.  The email states it will take 8 weeks for the credit to go into effect. I have this email still. I received a few calls over the next few days confirming my services.  I believe one said they needed my CC number to set up automatic billing, which I did, and I'm not sure what all the other calls were for.  Anyways, my service was set up on 11-13-09, I know have AT&T internet. I expected to see the bill credit in January, but it wasn't there.  I decided to wait until February just in case.  But SURPRISE! no bill credit.  I started calling Direct TV upon receiving my February bill, and it has been a nightmare since then. I have called atleast 10 times, and spoke with atleast 20 people.  I call Direct TV and the say I need to call AT&T.  I call AT&T and they say I need to call Direct TV.  I call Direct TV again and they say I need to call Direct TV Bundles.  I call Direct TV Bundles and they say I need to call Direct TV.  You see my point. As I've spoken with these 20 people, I've been told that the $10 bill credit does not exist, althought if you go to their website right now in the Bundles section you can see it does exist.  Then I was told that I am not bundled.... So I guess I just magically got AT&T internet connected in my house on 11-13-10 despite the fact that I have never called AT&T to order anything.  I've only called Direct TV to order internet.  Then I was told that I have to call AT&T because if I am bundled then I don't have a Direct TV.... but hmmmmmm Direct TV takes money from my account on the 17th of every month so I apparently have a Direct TV bill. This whole process has been more than frustrating.  I am now waiting for a call from the Escalation Dept, but somehow know I won't get anywhere. I am very disappointed as I have been happy with my Direct TV experience, and am only asking for what was promised to me.  However, with every phone call I am belittled and basically called a liar. 
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #1201870
Jan 15 2015
11:44 AM
Direct tv Scammed Nationwide
 I cancelled my services with Direct in December. I had called 3 times to make sure my contract was up. Each time I was told yes. So I cancelled and switched back to my previous provider. When I did call to cancel they confirmed again that my contract was up. I told them to cancel then. I was then told that my contract was extended for 6 months. No reason and did not have my permission. We got that worked out. So I thought. I returned all equipment within 7 days. I was charge $100 for cancelation. I called again and asked why. They said because my contract was not up. I blew up and got it taken care of, I thought. One week later the money was taken out of my account. I called back. Said the money would be credited to my account. To my Direct account. I don't have an account anymore. After a confirmation email saying the money was put into my Direct account, I called back. They said it does not show that the money was suppose to be put back on my card. I told them I did not have an account with them and never would again so the money better be put back on my card. Because of this my account was over drawn and what I was told could take 5 to 10 days for the money to be put back on my card. My bank charges $23 a day. I told them they would be responsible for that as well since it is their fault. Of course no comment from them. I have never been late on a payment and was always early. But if I was late or if my account bounced they would have charged me a fine. ( had a family member actually charged like that). So needless to say I will NEVER use them again
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1157206
Jun 24 2014
04:27 PM
Direct TV Installation Nightmare Norway Maine
As a homeowner and landlord I thought I was doing my new tenant a favor when she asked if she could transfer her Direct TV to our residence. As I was going to be out of town (yeah, OK, I should have known better) I reviewed with the tenent where on the house the dish could be placed. When I returned home the installer had butchered the back of my house and installed the thing in about the most obtrusive location possible. He drilled over 17 holes in the side of my house and then proceeded to not pre drill the achoring bolts he did use so that the cedar clapboard siding was split behind every bolt he used. My wife came home while he was installing it and the installer quickly told her he would fill in the hole riddled siding which he then promptly didn't do as he left. Not happy with either the location or the hack job the installer did I then sought to have it relocated to get it out of my line of sight while sitting on my back porch and have it placed where it should have been. Customer Service at Direct TV? Ouch!! First I was told I would have to file damage reports, get estimates for repairs etc., and basically spend a couple of hours of my life officially asking them to fix the problem...when I told the customer service rep. I shouldn't have to spend my time working on their mistake and that I just wanted it moved I was informed that I would be charged 60 dollars. They claimed they had my wife's signature allowing placement; my wife claims otherwise. Let's face it Direct TV, just like Comncast or other corporate megacompanies, is a nightmare to deal with when it comes to customer service, they butcher my house and the best they can do is offer to have me pay for it. 
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1037755
Mar 25 2013
09:30 AM
Direct TV False information - overcharges Internet
In Nov. 2012, I applied for and was offered a $29.99 cable service package from Direct TV after I phoned a number on my ATT landline bill.  In Dec. a technician installed a dish and a black box and established cable service to my HD Sony Bravia 40 TV set.    The bill for December 2012 was for $42.00; I complainted to Direct TV but their representatives refused to discuss the billing issue and the fact that I had applied and promised the 29.99 package. I then filed with the BBB.  The company replaced the initial box with a smaller box - the picture was very bad and some channels were removed.  I refused the company's solution because I no longer had HD when my Sony is an HD receiver!    I then returned the cable cards and requested that the company removed their black boxes from my property. I was shocked when I restored my regular TV antenna to find that my TV is no longer HD.  I believe that the Direct TV equipment damaged my set. I found out that no matter what package the consumer requests, Direct TV will install a box called a Genie and overcharge customers.  Their representative outright lied to me and the package that was offered was not the one that I was billed for; the company refuses to negotiate with regular customers and they are a multi-billion company because they overcharge customers as was my case.  I do not know how to restore the HD in my Sony HD TV.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #1008487
Feb 04 2013
08:41 AM
Direct TV Misleading Sales tactics Internet
Direct Tv has service representatives in Retail Stores, who represent them and sell their service. My family and I were stopped and enticed to change our cable service to Direct TV based on the information she provided us. Also stating that the deal she would give us in the store was better than we could get online. We were promised the Entertainment package with the nfl sunday ticket, nba, nhl and some nascar package for 57.99 which was great. We picked the Entertainment package because she was giving us all the sports packages therefore it was fine that the package didn't include them. Well come to find out we did not get any of the sports packages with our deal. Direct TV basically told me their representative lied to us and that because they are not technically their employees they don't have to honor what she sold us. So, I promptly cancelled the service on the installation day. They didn't even try to make up for the misrepresentation by offering a package that included the basic sports channels, unless I wanted to pay for it. I really don't know how they think the sales personnel selling customers these packages are not part of their company. They represent themselves as direct tv employees and the company should be held responsible for what these people are selling. 
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #1334186
Oct 20 2016
11:38 AM
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1160750
Jul 09 2014
11:29 AM
direct tv rip off artists Internet
I was a customer of direct tv. I lost my house to a fire in March and I let direct know what happened and that I would continue with their service when I found a new place to live. I started noticing money being taken out of my account by them. I contacted them and asked why and they claimed eaarly termination. What I told them was I was going to start back up when I moved they continued to take money. I moved into my own apartment and called them to get my serviceback and they made me pay for a new box after the other one burnt up and told me they would refund $380.00 which they actually took more than that. I have it back on but still no refund which I was suppose to get today. Buyer beware of direct tv. 
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1384047
Jul 08 2017
12:20 PM
Direct TV Hampton Virginia
Reported a lie about offering me a package that they say I refused. When in fact they refused doing anything for me when I called to find out about my bill and the charges for services that were not used.
Entity: Hampton, Virginia
41, Report #741271
Jun 15 2011
06:36 PM
Direct TV Qwest & Direct TV Bundles Direct TV hidden fees Internet
If you order Direct TV or a Bundle from Qwest or another phone company, make sure you don't end up getting scammed like we did. They will tell you you get up receivers for up to 5 rooms free. But this is only installation. After you get your 2nd or 3rd bill (the billing is absolutely horrible - it will be different every single month so you will have a hard time figuring out when they have over charged you - it is one of the ways that they scam so many people) you will notice that you are paying far more than what you were quoted. What they didn't tell you is that in order to use the TVs in the other 3 rooms of your house you have to pay $6 for each box per month! Then of course you lose signal whenever there are storms - which blows. Take my advice - don't get Direct TV!
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #1209736
Feb 17 2015
12:12 PM
Direct TV Scam Direct Tv Scam Direct TV Scam Detroit Nationwide
Direct TV uses several deceptive business practices. The most aggregious practice is charging customers a month in advance. This is deceptive because Direct TV or no business should have the right to collect fees for a service before the service is delivered. Another gutter business practice is offering customers premium channels for three months and then charging customers $50/month when they do not cancel. 
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #64790
Jul 28 2003
11:01 AM
Prime Tv Direct Tv ripoff dirty ripoff liars Miami Florida
i had direct tv installed in may. i have called about my rebate at least 10 times. every time i call they put me off another 10 to 15 days. i still haven't received my $99.00 rebate. i draw disability which is not much and i need my rebate. they have lied to me from day one. direct tv says their not responsible for rebates that prime tv is.they failed to tell me that when they installed this system. they led me to believe that everything came from them.they lied about the second receiver. i was told it would be no extra charge. i'm paying $4.99 extra a month. it is a shame that a company like this can rip people off. i hope this helps someone not to get ripped off the way i did Brenda blairsville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
44, Report #61946
Jun 26 2003
01:06 PM
Prime TV/ Direct TV ripoff Southern Pines North Carolina
I got the number off an ad on TV, so I called I was told free insulation, 2 months free service. Than I'm told I had to pay the installer $99 and I would be reimbursed. I even payed the $19.90 shipping and $49 for insurance on equitment. The installer installed the equitment, he than calls Direct TV, I'm than told I had to pay additional $55 for activation. I told the person no one told me that there would be more charges. I told them forget it I will not pay more money because I was never told. Direct TV told my husband I was not to pay the installer, and I wouldn't get the $99 back from Direct TV. So I called Prime TV they told us to deal with Direct TV. We talked to a manager at Prime TV she said she would wave the $55, but that was to late after approx. 2hrs of going back and forth with both companies. I called my cable company so I can go back to basic cable. These 2 companies are really bad. I feel if they shouldn't get away with this. Because someone might think their getting a great deal and their being ripped off. Its not fair.. Wendy Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Southern Pines, North Carolina
45, Report #661574
Nov 13 2010
12:27 PM
Dish TV and Direct TV Screwed by the satellite tv companies Internet
Last week I signed up to have Dish Satellite TV installed in my home.  The man who took my order spelled my name wrong, my street address wrong, my town wrong and my zipcode wrong.  I took a day off work so I would be home when the tech arrived to install the system.  That day I received a call from the tech, he could not find my house.  It turns out he was searching in a town that is ten hours away from where I live.  He said he needed to look into the problem and would call me back. He never did. So I started calling Dish TV.  I made a total of 10 calls, each time I was promised I would be called back and never was.  Finally, after 3.5 hours of frustration and talking to every possible Dish rep, I was told installation would be this morning between 7am and 9am.  I called back AGAIN to verify this, and spoke to a supervisor.  She contacted dispatch and verified the time.  I went to work last night, got home at 0200 this morning, woke up at 0700 to be available when the tech arrived, and guess what, no one showed up.  I called, was told the installation time had been changed and I had not been informed.  They had set up the time when I was unavailable and at work.  NO APOLOGY WAS GIVEN.  So I cancelled.  Next, I contacted Direct TV.  I was upset, and told the man I had been treated badly by DISH and would appreciate honest and fair treatment.  He promised me he would do just that, and also informed me that he frequently had customers call and complain about DISH.  I then asked him if DIRECT tv provided local channels in my area.  He promised me they did.  I asked three more times during the conversation to verify this, and he promised they did.  I then went through the long process of setting up an account and service date.  After the conversation I called back AGAIN to verify I would be getting local channels. This second rep also verified this.  I then found out that the man who had signed me up originally had lied about the final price I would be charged.  This made me suspicious, so I called a friend who had Direct tv and she told me she did not have local channels. SO I called Direct TV back, and GUESS WHAT, no local channels.  I spoke to a manager, wanted the man who lied to me originally to be reprimanded, no such luck.  I cancelled that service too.  Now I have no TV.  The local cable tv is terrible, just a few channels, very expensive, and very low quality.  I am VERY ANGRY with both satellite companies for lying about price, channel availablity, and for letting me take time off work and NOT SHOW UP, and for the fact that I have now spent a total of 7.5 hours on the telephone trying to straighten this mess up. THE SATELLITE CABLE TV COMPANIES DO NOT CARE. THEY JUST WANT THEIR MONEY.
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #165234
Nov 19 2005
05:07 PM
Direct TV Bad service Tehachapi California
As written to the company. my experience: I waited from 8am to, (going on the 4pm hour} for you to arrive. 2 phone calls later and still nothing. you had scheduled an appt. with me between the hours of 8am and 12pm. I work 5 days a week, waiting on my days off for a utility service, to provide a service, key word service, which I will be paying for, is not, to say the least, a great way to spend one's day, even you have nothing else planned! I am thinking you should definately consider 4-10(s), and possibly some other options. I would think your goal as a company, would be to make my time, both waiting and recieving a magical experience. One I choose to remember and energetically want to past on to others. I will,without a doubt, not pass your name on, in favor of your best interest anyway. The following are questions, I an sure , since judging by the standard of employees you do hire, will not be answered. But, now said and asked I relinquish the monkey to you. As follows: Do you not have a estimated time for each installation, and if so, if a particular installion runs into a problem, are your installers not informed to let the rest of your clientel know they will be running late? If you do nave a client with a more than normal complicated installation, do you not have a procedure taht allows them to trail that installion, and or in other words, 'reschedule' so that you may meet the rest of your obligations. and moving on... Are you the sole reason, dish and or other satellite providers can be so righteous, because your service is so lousy. In Closing; My husband is most tempermental when it comes to his entertainment, via TV. He has bounced about in his quest to find the best. That being a users right! When at first we called, your rep. argued over who knew our phone number. we have in the past given you cell numbers, which have been changed, due to service. I did however give him the number which will and has not been changed. For your records I will offer you that number (xxxxxxxxxxx) Buttom line would be this: Think about it! I am not giving you my business, I am offering you my business, it is your best interest to see that I am a happy customer. And now for the rest of the story, how do you like it!. Dave Tehachapi, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tehachapi, California
47, Report #113535
Oct 18 2004
06:36 PM
Direct TV Ripoff illegal renewal Boise Idaho
Direct TV billed me for automatic renewal. I did not request service or receive service. The invoice has been sent to collections. I've notified by phone and in writing. Michael Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
48, Report #533137
Dec 03 2009
02:54 PM
For the past 15 years I have been a loyal customer of Direct TV and paid my bill EVERY month on time.  When I decided to try another company and disconnected, Direct TV charged me a $140.00 disconnection fee.   Why would the do this after 15 years of business?   This is the worst business model that I have ever heard.   To make things worse they tried to keep me as a customer by charging me a lower rate.  Too late!  WHY DID THEY NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE GIVE ME SOME FREE MOVIES OR LOWER MY BILL BEFORE I DECIDED TO TRY THE COMPETITION?   Unbelievable stupidity for a business model...   I am now with (((Redacted)))and will NEVER go back to Direct TV.   They have no business morals or intelligence! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #334428
May 23 2008
07:56 AM
Direct TV unautharized charges El Segundo California
In October 2007 I lost reception on one of my tv's. I called Direct TV and was told that the reception box was faulty and that they would send out a replacement. The person that I spoke to never told me that my contract with them would be extended. If they had, I never would have ordered the box because I knew that I would be moving in December. When I called to cancel my subscription in December, I was told that I would be charged an early Cancelation Fee. I have sent many letters to them disputing this fee to no avail. They have now turned my account over to a collection agency...HELP! Artie Boynton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: El Segundo, California
50, Report #352969
Jul 18 2008
06:23 PM
We had to sell or house after a huge lay off at my husbands work. 250+ workers in a very small town. We had to sell our home and move out into the desert so my husband would have a job. There was NO Direct TV there. The new owners of our old home took over our Direct TV contract so we would not end up with a early trenination fee. They were going to need it anyways. (No Cable there). about a year and a few months later we get a bill at my kids home which we left as a alternate address. It appeared as if we had signed up for Direct TV once again. But we han not. This was in January 2008. In Febuary they threatened us with collections ect... even though we felt that the bill was not correct we had no Direct TV. But they said that we did not finish our contract so we still had to pay no argument according to them. So my husband paid the $157.28. So we could have argument time. we figured we could get our money back.without us going to collection.well that was last Febuar 2008, we still have no money, now they are saying The money's in the mail thats been going on since June. when this first started in January they were going to turn it over in Febuary(without cause) I am prepared to go to small claims and if I can turn them into collections. any suggestions? DIRECT TV OWES US $'s Oly, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: LOS ANGELES, California

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