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76, Report #598536
Apr 30 2010
08:46 AM
Dish Network - Echostar Dish Network Aided in ID theft Littleton, Colorado
In November 2009 Dish Network allowed an individual posing as me, to call in from a different phone number and have another person's account activated using my bank account information. They charged me over $70.00 and refused to rectify the situation. I had to go to my bank and have my checking account cancelled, have a new account opened and have the money replaced through FDIC. Dish Network did not refund the money and they have refused to cooperate with the police in any efforts to prosecute the perpetrator of this fraud. In contacting them numerous times, they have informed me that I am not entitled to the information on my own account with a court order and in the same call denied any fraudulent activity had taken place. I have cancelled my service with them and would recommend that anyone NOT do business with them.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
77, Report #205331
Aug 09 2006
05:07 PM
Dish Network has the WORST customer service imaginable and do not support their own hardware. I had defective Dish hardware and after I was forced to purchase a warranty for equipment I don't own I was still made to pay $29 for a service call to replace defective parts, after the service call my equipment worked for less than a week and then I had to call again, they tried to charge me for another service call so I decided to cancel my service. It took 3 phone calls to get someone to actually cancel my service (after I heard every sales pitch possible). After cancelling my service I started getting harrassing phone calls from Dish (literally 1 every 30-45 minutes for over a week) trying to sell me on their service after I already had digital cable installed. To top things off, I received 2 horribly damaged boxes to send my receivers back in and they wanted me to remove part of the dish on my roof and refused to send a tech to remove it. If anyone is considering switching to Dish, DONT. Jason Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #271695
Aug 31 2007
05:31 PM
Dish Network Dish Network Lies Ripoff Raleigh Nationwide
I was looking forward to becoming a Dish Network customer and freeing myself from the outrageous cable prices. However, after dealing with Dish Network, I'm totally convinced that that America has gone to hell with it's education, respect and overall work ethics. I had an installation date scheduled for 9.31.07 from 12-5PM pacific. After moving everything around in my busy schedule I find out at the end of my window of time that in fact there was NO installation scheduled!! . Then I'm told I have to wait another week and do the same thing over again. So, I decide to cancel my order and then I'm told I have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund. Travis Palo Alto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, Nationwide
79, Report #296587
Jan 03 2008
08:43 AM
I called Dish Network in Oct 2007. I explained to them that I would like to purchase a soffit mount for my Dish. I told the customer service agent that I was placing gutters on my house. I wanted to know if I could just buy the soffit mount kit from them. My local radio shack was out of the soffit mount kits. The agent explained that since I had been with Dish Network so long, (about 3 years +) that there would be no charge for equipment or service. He said he would set up a service tech to do the installation. I asked the tech the same thing as the agent. Is there any charge for the installation or equipment. I was told by customer service that this was free. The tech said there are no charges. My soffit is vinyl attached to studs. This guy was clueless on how to attach the equipment. It was late and he really did not want to do the job. He was 2 hours late by the way. The service agent stated that he would be a my house between 11-4. He arrived at about 6:15 while I was in the middle of dinner. I took him around back and showed him the area where the dish was. He said he could not find a stud to place the equipment on. Being that I built the house, I showed him where the stud was. He then said well this is too narrow to put the equipment on. He really did not want to do the installation. I asked him what would satisfiy you to attach the soffit bracket to. He stated that he would need solid lumber to attach the equipment to. I said will you give me five minutes. He said o.k. I went to my garage and got a piece of lumber and my cordless saw and nail gun. I cut the wood and nailed it up. You could see shock in the guys eyes when he realized he was actually going to have to hook this thing up. He finished setting the bracket and said do you have any Allen wrenches? I said not that I could find in the next few minutes. He said you will have to tighten the screws on the bottom with Allen wrenches or the unit will blow over with a high wind. It this happens you will lose your signal. So now we don't even have the right tools to do the job. He left me with a Dish Network Service agreement. The area for labor has a big zero written through it. The line on hardware charges has a big zero through it. Description of services has SOFFIT MOUNT written on it. I am now getting a bill since November that states I owe $100.00 for labor. Do not take the word of a phone agent that says it is free. They also said I did not report the charges. My wife did call and dispute the charges. It sounded like the woman she talked to was in India or a forein country. Her accent was so thick we could barely understand her. She did not understand what we were asking, she kept stating that we owe $100.00 and there is nothing she can do. That's great customer service isn't it? I called today and cancelled my subscription. I usually pay online, and on time every month. I just don't get where customer service went. Maybe when enough people leave them they will get the picture where there money actually comes from. Mark Montgomery, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
80, Report #917367
Jul 25 2012
01:52 PM
Dish Network Dish Network Deceptive sales and contract practices Rude Service ?? Reps littleton, Colorado
Chronology of Facts: Dish Account:  May 1 2012, Dish Network sent email to remind us of an appointment for May 2, 2012. Your installer showed up May 2, 2012, As a representative for your company his presence is well below acceptable. He smelled like an ashtray that was in use for several months.  May 2 2012, Technician installed Dish Network equipment, causing damages to home. May 2 2012, Called Technician told him signal poor picture and sound breaking up. May 3 2012, Technicians immediate supervisor visited site, stated dish pointed wrong and the would replace existing LNB. May 3 2012, technician repointed dish and replace LNB. He virtually ignored our complaints about picture and sound, and appeared to be agitated about having to come back out. There was no significant improvement in picture or sound. May 5 2012 Complained about reception picture and sound signal in 30s. May 6 2012, a new technician was sent out tightened and cleaned a ground connection, we pointed out the damages caused by the original installer. May 6 2012, an email was sent to our business at 2:33 PM a service agreement and 60 day installation warranty Indemnifying Dish Network and installer of any property damage. This was sent four days after damages caused, by initial technician. May 11 2012Called Dish Network again to complain about pictures and damagesonth. May 18 2012, Called Dish Network again to complain about pictures and damages, requested a supervisor be sent out was told  Someone will call to schedule in about a month. Again May and June, more calls made, same complaints same answer. June 29th called to cancel due to their inability to provide us with an acceptable  service. I was rudely told at this time there would be over four hundred dollars in cancellation charges, and should we fail to send equipment back in timely manner undamaged there would be additional charges. June 29th  shortly after I cancelled service I received emails asking us to come back. I never did receive a contract from Dish Network, only threats and empty promises, and requests to come back. I have copies of all emails. I instructed them not to call my wife after she called me in tears July 7, 2012, due to their threats, she is on mental disability. July 1 2012, a bill was sent in the amount of $289.25. July 6 2012 Received Dish Network return box PM Friday July 7 2012 Dish Network called Sue had in tears with their threats. July 7 2012, Called Dish - Told them not to call Sue on mental disability, keep their threats to me. July 9 2012, Sent Dish equipment back UPS Paid $21.76 return didnt use their label. July 19 2012, my credit card was billed $355.04, no explanation of charges. July 21 2012, Spoke with expert account resolution specialist Andre - was steamrolled over, He stated they already had their money and if he could find a copy of a signed Contract he would mail, otherwise we would be charged $99 installation fee. July 21 2012 Filed Complaints with AARPS, Arkansas Attorney General and BBB Colorado Against Dish Network. I believe Dish Network is not only engaging in unfair business practices, but border on criminal, as they seem to make up their terms as they go along.  People You need to report these Bullies and their cheating ways to your states attorney general, this is the only way to STOP them.
Entity: littleton, Colorado
81, Report #1128150
Mar 04 2014
02:08 PM
Dish Network DISH Is Dish Network overcharging customers for poor credit scores? Denver colorado
overcharging for poor credit history?Dish Network is overcharging subscribers who have poor credit history. Due to life circumstances in previous lives, my husband and my credit score is less than noteworthy. I understand the reasons for this and know that I have to live with the consequences of my decisions and that companies are hesitant to give us credit because of past performance. However, for your information, it was a result of credit card scams  my husband and I where naive enough to fall for. I have submitted to many claims and complaints against those credit cards companies that took advantage of us. So back to Dish Network. Dish Network is the industry's low cost provider, so it's the best option for people who have financial pressure and want to save a buck on monthly services. Now because of our credit score, we don't qualify for the normal Dish Network service. We have to use their freedom package or flex tv or whatever it's called. Apparently, you can get all the same benefits but you don't have a contract or need a social security number. At first I wonder if it was a scam or something. However, despite the fact that Dish Network claims that all offers are available, some offers -- like the free iPad from Dish Network and hopper upgrades -- are not available to people with lower credit scores. Plus you have to pay for the set top box. The cheapest one costs about $250 and the prices go up from there. Dish Network is overchargingI know that Dish Network -- like any company -- has the right to check our credit scores if we give them permission. But to charge us so much more is unfair. Dish Network shouldn't practice this kind of price discrimination. If I miss a payment, then I'm stuck with expensive box (I paid $349 for multi room DVR) that won't work with other pay providers. I can't use the box for DirecTV, comcast, or anything else besides Dish Network.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #190755
May 09 2006
06:46 PM
Dish Network ripoff porno fradulent chargesdish network Littleton, Colorado
I received my dish network statement, i noticed the bill was very high, I discovered there were porno movies listed to my account totaling 106.82. I immediately called to dispute these charges to my account, I live alone and work during the midnight hours, so I knew they were not made from my home, needless to say after spending an hour and half on the phone speaking to individuals who could barley speak english, I was told they do me a courtsey of refunding half of the price for the movies I ordered, I advised them that was totally unacceptable that I did not order them and for them to take off half of the charges would be an admittance that I had ordered the movies.I asked to cancel my account if they did not remove the movies and Rick said shure it would cost me 13.33 a month till my contract expired in another 13 months. I know I am not the only customer that has had erounious charges to there account, it is a sattelite network, I was also advised they have no fraud or security department. Bottom line is I WON'T PAY FOR THESE CHARGES! This sounds like a class action lawsuit to me, I know I can't be the only one. Thankyou Felicia Mechanicsville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
83, Report #1094853
Oct 26 2013
05:43 PM
Dish Network LLC Dish TV, Dish Network, Dish Dish Network Installs device/service without authority on private property Littleton Colorado
Dish Network, its affiliates or partners, installed without proper authorization, the Dish Network Service at the following location:(address removed)The installation was placed on a shingle roof with wood underlayment. The install was not approved by the proper authority before install. The location is a rental unit. The erroneous installation method was PARTIALLY corrected about 45 days after the original install. After having spoke extensively about the issue with a Dish Network employee Zane ID: KZM, I was assured Dish would correct the problem and future incidents would not occurThe basic problem with Dish Network is that the company is so eager to install their product and start receiving payment, they erroneously assume that all is well with the parties doing business. Except, that the Property Owner is not notified and Dish accepts the non owners word that it is ok to do the install.Dish Supervisors locally were informed that any future Dish installations would require direct approval from the property owner, not just the tenant. On 9-30-2013, Dish Installed Internet service without any authority or approval from the appropriate property owner. Dish never fully corrected the problem with the first install by leaving a base mount plate on the roof of the dwelling. The roof mount can be removed and the roof patched but that has not occurred.Consumer's Desired Resolution:1) That the Head quarters of Dish network acknowledge that only actual Property Owners have the authority to grant installation of Dish Network services. 2) That Dish Headquarters inform the local office(s) that represents Dish in this area, a memo reflecting that approval of installation must be attained Prior to installation of any Dish Product(s).3) That Dish Headquarters require the removal of the mount bracket currently on the roof of the location mentioned, and any repairs needed as a result of the erroneous install be performed at no expense to the actual property owner.RESPONSE FROM DISH:     Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX:    On October 7, 2013, we received your complaint, dated October 4, 2013, filed with the Better Business Bureau.    In your complaint you expressed concern with the installation of the satellite dish at your rental property (address removed). You also provided feedback in regard to this matter and requested that the mount bracket be removed and that any damage be repaired if needed.     When we spoke, I explained that the DISH Network account holder is responsible to obtain permission from their landlord to install the satellite equipment prior to the installation. Please know that the customer also signs a service agreement in which they agree that they have authorization from the landlord of the property for the installation. We are unable to honor your request for the removal of the mount bracket. We encourage you to contact your tenant in regard to this matter.      We appreciate your feedback and it will be shared with the appropriate personnel.     If there are further questions or concerns about this issue, please feel free to contact me at (720) 514-7082.    Sincerely,Christina AtencioDispute Resolution SpecialistExecutive Escalations TeamDISH Network, L.L.C.    Phone Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:00 am to 2:30 pm MST    (720) 514-7082    cc:     Denver / Boulder Better Business Bureau        1020 Cherokee St.Denver, CO  80204        David Laslo 
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
84, Report #134021
Mar 07 2005
10:07 AM
Dish Central, Network ripoff by Brnadon with Dish Central Pflugerville Texas
I disconnected my Dish, when I called and spoke with Darron he said my promotion fulfillment would be $160.00 this was in Dec 04. In Jan 05 Dish withdrew my account $686.00, I called and noboy could give me any information so I disputed this charge and closed the account. In Feb 05 I received a letter from a collection agency for $956.00, I called Brandon and he said I took the equipment, which I was told to do, he said they give wrong information and he knew this, I said they shouldn't be able to closed accounts if they didnt have correct info. I sent the equipment back with their UPS # and now Brandon has decided I still owe $336.00 and my credit now has a flaw. I had good credit prior to this. I have called the FCC and filed a complaint and now I will contact the State comsumer protection agency to file a complaint. I am on a limited income and would like any help from any lawyers out there that are interested in a class action lawsuit. This company needs to be put in their place. They shouldn't be able to ruin peoples credit because they are money hungry. I believe they make up figures as they go along. Patty Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Pflugerville, Texas
85, Report #306403
Feb 05 2008
02:05 PM
Dish Network A Dish I Don't Recognize Nationwide Illinois
(An actual email to Dish's executive customer service - yeah right and NO response) Dear Sirs. I title this e-mail's subject as such since dating back to September of 2007; our experience with Dish is NOT the Dish that I left cable for but rather a Dish currently operating very much [JUST LIKE] cable. At this very moment, your failings are so frequent and numerous since September that basically, my wife wants you guys OUT and I am finding it extremely difficult to keep you in. Beginning with the most recent cable like experience (and please understand that any reference to cable is a purely negative one; so accordingly, any reference to Dish as such is not positive in any way, shape or form). To be scheduled for a service call on Super Bowl Sunday; to wait the requested five hour window (12:00 pm 5:00 pm); to have guests anxious that they would be able to see the game; and to NOT have the tech show up; to receive NO call; to having to scramble to find a way to watch the game; is very cable like. That is what happened just on Sunday alone. But since September: Multiple outages and disruptions to our purchased/owned 311 receiver Multiple problems with your system not reflecting the proper # of leased vs. owned receivers Due to the above, your system has regularly and unilaterally de-activated the owned 311 receiver since your system seems to think we have too many allowable leased receivers Spoke to (a very helpful) executive level supervisor a couple of weeks ago who graciously offered to replace a leased 301 receiver with an owned 301 to help correct the problem. Promise kept and new (to be reflected as an owned 301) received. However, upon multiple attempts to permanently (and properly) activate the owned 311 receiver once and for all AND the newly received owned 301, your system continued to show too many leased receivers. Multiple promises to properly update the system have failed and the problem continued to persist (up to and as recently as Saturday 2/2/08) Separately, back on Monday 1/28/08, a leased 301 started to malfunction (could not receive proper channel programming due to your system continuing to show too many leased receivers). A Tech agent (helpful) sent out a replacement leased 301. We received this replacement on Thursday 1/31/08; yet again were not able to get it activated due to CONTINUED mis-information reflected in your system regarding the # of leased vs. owned receivers. As of Friday 2/1/08 your system should have reflected 2 owned receivers (one 311 and one 301) and 4 leased receivers (two 301's and one VIP 622 (1 HD TV + 1 SD TV) On Friday evening 2/1/08; one of your (very helpful) Level 2 Tech's with the help of a Supervisor was finally able to get the owned 311 working and the newly received leased 301 to work. (The previously [2 weeks ago] sent owned 301 was working properly as of Friday). HOWEVER in the midst of doing this almost instantaneously, service was completely knocked out for our HD system (check switch problem). My wife and I can not chalk this up to coincidence. We just can't. This all led to the service call scheduled for Sunday 2/3/08 in which the failure for the tech to show was all of unacceptable, disrespectful, and blatantly cable like. In summary; your very cable like failures not only includes the entire above but to wit: Your very helpful Level 2 tech from Friday was informative in explaining that in Dish Networks own words/definitions we are a 5 Star Account. Her summary description of such an account is based on the fact that we were longtime Dish customers (6 years); we pay on time; we pay via auto pay and we carry a pretty full freight programming package. In addition, if we (prior to the recent past couple of months) did not like dish, we obviously would be interested and keen on having every TV in our home operating on Dish. This point should be noted as clearly a previous vote of confidence for Dish. However, from both me and especially my wife, as of this very moment, that vote of confidence flatly does NOT exist for Dish. With the exception of the above noted 3 standout service reps. and a Mr. Frank Lagourgue/Operator # KSA (based in Texas). I make this point to say that these 4 individual's efforts do not make up for the very poor and inexperienced customer service we have received the overwhelming majority of times since September. The account notation and documentation process is virtually absent as there is very little or no carryover notes/updated information input into your system. Dropped calls (we say hang ups), failed promises, no overtures to make things rights in terms of rebates/credit you name it add up to a very growing cable like experience. To close - this is NOT the Dish I know and I totally do not recognize who you are anymore. I recognize cable when I see it, and quite frankly these days, that's who I see and hear when we must deal with you guys. It should be clear to Dish that we have stuck with you guys based on our tenure and programming with you but your reception has faded, your satellites (an analogy so to speak) are out of alignment and it would appear that Dish could care less if we were 5 Star customers or not. We await Tuesday's 2/5/08 service call, but at this point; not with a lot of confidence. My wife, in particular, awaits the results. Dish!@#$% Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
86, Report #225229
Dec 13 2006
04:08 PM
Dish Network billed for equipment installed for hail damage & we had dish home protection Littleton Colorado
damage to the outside equipment. hail storm was about six months earlier than repair date. dish had to be repaired about October. we have dish home protection $5.99 per month but this does not cover nature's damage so they say. the dish people charged my account $99.95 to install equipment. insurance should cover their equipment! Marty rotan, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
87, Report #225053
Dec 12 2006
08:03 PM
Dish Network Never Give Dish Your Debit Card San Antonio, Texas
Their ads say Choose your package $59.00 per month or $49.00 per month.. sounds great but after you pay the monthly fee then the equipment fees start rolling in. They wanted over $150.00 every two weeks. We cancelled and were waiting on their equipment return boxes to send back their equipment. Before we got the boxes they withdrew over $500 from our checking account using our debit card. We are filing complaints with the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau and are meeting with a lawyer tomorrow but do not trust these thieves!!! Never give them your debit card!! Stephen San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
88, Report #257514
Jun 28 2007
02:15 PM
Dish Network - Dish Pronto Ripoff lied about services available Millersburg Ohio
I purchased an agreement with Dish Network through a third-party company called Dish Pronto. Dish Pronto does not tell you that they are running a third-party company upon signing up. Dish Pronto promised to give me satellite TV for 24.99 a month as well as providing DSL internet service. They installed the dish and it does work sometimes. I am still waiting for internet service. This company lacks integrity of any kind. My charges each month are $15-20 higher. When I called to cancel, they literally refused. They wanted to fix the problem instead. I said great, hook up the internet service. They refused that as well. DSL is not available in my area. I was told that I would be charged a cancellation fee of $240. I stated that there was a 7 day period to cancel. I was told that was incorrect even though it's written on the contract. The billing for this company is a nightmare. I have to literally figure it out myself. They add charges for no reason. I subtract them every time. I keep track of the days without service and subtract them as well. Dish Pronto and Dish Network certainly have room for improvement. The dish ran away with the spoon is a quote that accurately discribes this whole scam. Gina Akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Millersburg, Ohio
89, Report #1417614
Dec 18 2017
08:37 AM
I have problem with the Dish Network billing.Previously they were charging monthly my Capital one  Credit Card automaticcaly [32.12$] .While back there was a fraude charge from different merchant on that credit card .I reported the fraude ,they blocked the credit card and they issued a new credit card.Meanwhile in order to have my payment to Dish go smooth I called them my other credit card and  they charged for the month of Nov.32.12$ on Nov.12.Each payment supposed to cover their service for the rest of the month, then I figure out that I am covered by the end of Nov. But  I saw in my Bank statement that there was another charge of 48.40$ on Nov.29th. when I called them just to find out  what that charge is for the only excuse that they had was that  my Credit Card was declined, I checked with my Credit Card company[Capital One] and they denied that any charge of Dish ever declined.Dish Net wrok did not have any answer for the extra charge on Nov.29  and they got all angry, to me it sounds like I have to eat the extra charge and do not ask for any explanation!then I decided to cancell their service on Dec.15 .I know that there is some charge  for  their Silver Plan but that is only 9$ and it supposed to come in my next billing period that will be Dec.12 not Nov.29 after all they are the one that with the lack of any rational answer made me to cancel their service.DISH NETWORK IS A BIG RIPPOFF PLAN  THEY WILL NEVER SEE A PENNY OF MY MONEY.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #209929
Sep 07 2006
12:39 PM
E-Club Satellite Dish Network - Dish Network RIPOFF DISHONEST FRAUDULENT CREDITCARD THIEFS Internet
I just found out that E-CLUB has being taken money out of my account without my authorization, I had subscribe for Dish Satellite and some how they have my credit card account # and have taken money out of my wife's credit card as well, THIS IS A RIPOFF and they should be prosecuted,I called the Dish network and they said they have no idea or information about E-CLUB, I had to cancell my credit card and my wifes credit card as well. Is there is some one out there with info on this so call e-club satellite protection plan I will appreciated if you can send some info to the viewers here .... ;( Ben Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #55398
May 02 2003
09:20 AM
Dish Network ripoff ripoff business from hell Jackson Mississippi
One time Dish Network posted a debit on my checking acct card, and stole $448.00 out of my acct and causing several nsf charges and bounced checks even my car note to be bounced, and went into my acct and withdrew the money without my consent. I had to go to the bank a file dispute papers against one time dish, It even caused me to go to the hospital for the stress I received because of this,and had to get medications and take off work. I am very upset and fed up with dish network pulling this type of prank against me. I am hurt and very bitter towards dish network and they are responsible for all of this. I will never in life suggest anyone go through this and not to get any services with dish network. I called the customer service department and they were very rude to me and stated this is in th contract that they take the money out of your acct if equipment is not receive. I sent the equipment back with ups and equipment was received before time. Another thing is they only gave me a credit of $355.00 which was not the correct amt, I sent all equipment back in same box and they did not give me credit for the piece off the satellite and it was also in the box. I was transferred to some young lady, the last call I made to them and she was very nice she went in and gave me the $53.00 credit. They took out the amt of the last bill, I have no problem with that, but before you go into anyone's acct. and withdraw money. You are suppose to get the permission from the individual, I never received a call or anything from Dish before they went into my acct and withdrew this amount of money from my acct, causing this big time screw up, and they are liable for all the nsf charges on my acct, and all my suffering and pain!!!! Very upset and abused, Janice Jackson, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: JACKSON, Mississippi
92, Report #154835
Aug 24 2005
12:25 PM
Dish Network ripoff Columbia Missouri
I signed up for dishnet work on or about July 18th. The tech guy came out and was there at 8:00 to install everything. He left at 2:00 and did not hook up the dish, I had no service. I got home that evening and called dish network and explained what had happened to only hear this has happened before with this tech. They send another tech out that evening, he was there from 7:00 to 10:00 finally got it hooked up and With this package it was 2 receivers for 49.95. The first tech only brought out 1 receiver. About a week later we were moving into our new house and I called to have my 2nd receiver brought out and to set up a time to be moved. I was informed that if i wanted a second receiver that it would be another 49.95. I ask to speak to a supervisor and they told me the same thing 49.95 for second receiver. I said when I signed up for this service it was 49.95 for 2 receivers and it wasn't my fault the first tech who was there 6 hours forgot it. She didn't care I ask to speak to another supervisor, got no where. After a couple of days calling them and trying to explaine this to their so called customer service department I finally gave in and said i'd pay the additional 49.95 for the second receiver. We set up a time for the following week between the time of 8:00-12;00, at 11:45 still no one had showed up so I called and customer service said they were running behine and it would be another hour, I had things to do and couldn't wait so I called back extremly upset and said i just wanted to cancel the service, I was told there would be a 250.00 charge for canceling. I think this is unfair, the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. Very rude spervisors and I spoke with several of them. It was a bad deal from the beginning. So now i'm sending back the 1 receiver and remote I have and am being charged additional 250.00 for such poor service on their part. Candace Holts Summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
93, Report #129050
Jan 26 2005
08:54 PM
Dish Network Total Fiasco Engelwood Colorado
To all Who read this: This is the letter I have written, faxed, and emailed to Dish Network. As of now, I stll have not recieved ANY compensation or even a phone call to try to make things right. You decide what you would do after this ordeal. January 26, 2005 9601 South Meridian Drive Englewood, Colorado 80112 Dear Sir or Madam: My name is ############ and I reside at ############, ##### ############## ########. My telephone number is (###) ###-####, which can be used to pull up my account. I am writing you today to give you the first chance to make a horrible situation right before further action is taken. I have been a loyal customer for 2 years now, and never in my entire life have I been treated as badly from any service than I have these last few months from Dish Network. The following is a rough day-to-day estimate of what my wife and I have dealt with: 1. On or about the end of October, beginning of November we purchased a house and began negotiating with Dish Network to move our existing satellite and add two more receivers for a total of four. The young lady I spoke with was very friendly and came up with a deal; one (1) 301 receiver new, and one (1) 501 receiver used for $149.00. The installation would be free as long as I stayed a customer for another year. As I have had no problems up to this point, I was happy to extend a years service from your company. At this point in time we did not know exactly when our closing day would be, so she informed me that she would save this deal into the computer and we would be able to pick it up within a one months or so time. 2. On or around December 10, I contacted dish network to put the items in place. The first person I dealt with was very unhelpful and after almost 20 minutes of trying to figure out what was needed, they dumped me back in to the system where I had to start over with another operator from the beginning. Upon once again going over everything, the new person was very helpful and completed the transaction. I changed my account to the new address and telephone number and ordered the two new receivers. I paid $149.00 on the spot using my credit card as I was told that this needed to be taken care of before sending out. I doubled checked to make sure which address they were going to send it too and they assured me that it was I was also told that both units were in stock in would arrive within 7 to 10 business days. 3. Not too long after Christmas, I called to check on my order, as I still had not received it. Once again the person I spoke with was very unhelpful, not exactly rude, but kept placing me on hold and telling me there was a problem. She came back and told me the items still had not been shipped, then placed me back on hold, then dumped me back into the system where yet another operator picked up and yet again I had to start over from the beginning. This operator told me that both units had shipped and proceeded to give me a tracking number. She also told me that the units had been shipped to the old address and that I had never changed it in the system. Now for the 2nd time, I changed my address and telephone to the new one. I tracked the units and ended up having to go well over 50 miles out of my way to pick them up at the UPS as they wouldn't deliver to the old house do to no one was living there. Upon arriving at UPS, I was then told that there was only one package. I proceeded to call Dish Network on my cell phone where I was on hold for more than an hour. When I finally got a hold of someone, this is what I was told. 4. The gentlemen that I spoke with told me that due to an influx of units sold on and after December 21, that my unit was of course on back order and would be sent out sometime the following week. I comely told him that this was a great story and all but I had paid in full and ordered my units weeks before that and was told that it was in stock. He placed me on hold, which in fact I ended up yet AGAIN being dumped into the system where another operator picked up and I had to start the story over once again. THIS operator told me that there was a problem between where the order was taken and where it needed to go to be shipped out. He apologized and told me he would get it out as soon as he could. I then for the third time made sure my address was changed and then verified TWICE to make sure which address this unit would be sent. He verified the address and also said we should get it by the following week. I then tried to set up an instillation but was told that all four units had to be in my position before I could actually have them print a work order. This was due to the fact that they needed the new ROO and SOO numbers before they could assign me a day. This made since so I just planned on taking off that whole week to make sure someone was home to receive it. Granted I had vacation time coming so I didn't lose any money, but the principle of the thing is, yet again, it was the wrong information. 5. On January 5th, I called yet again to check on my order. I was told it had been sent out, but once again, it was sent to the old address. After a lengthy apology and promise to get the address changed (This is the 4th time I have changed it now), she put me on hold, and yet AGAIN I was dumped back into the system and given to another operator. When this operator came on, my address was verified as being changed by the previous operator, and I was given another tracking number to find my unit. On January 6th, once again I had to drive well over 50 miles out of my way to go get my unit from UPS. I then called right on the spot and began to set up an instillation day. Incidentally I complained that you had a problem of not sending out my units, but no problem sending me a bill. I was given a 15-dollar credit on the system for time not used. 6. When I called to setup a day for instillation at my new house, the earliest day they had was January 15 from 12:00 to 5:00 PM. The operator then told me that I had not paid for installation only for the units. I told him to kindly check in my notes, which should explain everything that needs to be done. He did find such a note and apologized for the misunderstanding. I then verified once again that it was for the new address and that it was a 4 -unit setup, which he agreed it was. I also asked him if he needed the numbers to put into the system as before that was what I was told I was waiting for. He happily told me not at all, and said that is what they tell us so to be sure that when they come for setup that all units are there. Not to worry. But with all that has happened up until now, I was. 7. On January 15, 2005, my installer arrived pretty promptly to put units in. His first question to me was where is the problem in the two rooms. I told him he was here to install a satellite and 4 receivers. His work order had him set as a Trouble shoot 2 receivers. He was not able to stay and actually left. Upon calling Dish Network I was told that this is what I had requested, that they would NOT have put it into the system like that unless I had told them to do so. I said this was ridicules and answered me by saying there was nothing he could do at the moment. I then answered that this was just the last straw and that I would kindly like them to close my account and I would send all items that I already had back for a refund and I was going to switch to a competitor. I was then told that I was under a contract and would be penalized if I do so regardless. I was placed on hold and yet again I was dumped into the system where another operator did promptly help out. Luckily the installer returned 20 minutes later and said that he was given permission to do the job, but needed dish network to change the order. The operator changed the work order and granted the installer whatever it was he needed, and he worked for the next 7 or so hours in the instillation of the units. 8. After everything was in place, one of the new units did not work. Dish Network told me that it would need to be replaced. It would be shipped UPS blue and I should receive it rather quickly. A $7.00 credit was given to the account. 9. On January 15, I called Dish Network to let them know that one of my old controllers all of a sudden had stopped working. We laughed a bit as this was just icing on the cake with everything else that was going on. He told me that the controller was free, but I had to pay a $14.95 fee for shipping and handling. He asked me the receiver it was attached to; I gave him the number from my 511. I also pointed out to make sure it was one that went with a DVR as I have 3 of those and only one of the others. He repeated the order and we hung up. 10. On January 20, I received my controller bright and early before work. It was of course, THE WRONG ONE!! This in itself is what prompted me to take action. I was ready to put all this behind me, but this simple order mess up is the straw that broke the camels back. I was told to ship the controller straight back and that she PROMISES me to get the right one too me ASAP. 11. As of January 24, I spoke with an operator by the name of Al who was extremely helpful in the fact of providing me with an address and e-mail to send this information. He also noted that as of January 24, my new remote should be in my hands when I get home from work as UPS has a delivery schedule as of today. 12. Upon coming home today, my wife informed me that quite a few of the upper channels do not work on the recently replaced receiver. After talking to Dish Network techs, I am once again informed that the receiver is not in working order, and has to be replaced. All operators were quite friendly and helpful. Its almost as if we have a screw you in our contract. I know this is a stupid thing to say, but here we are 2 months later and I STILL am not 100% up and ready to go. As you can see by the enclosed letter, this experience of one blunder after another as well as extremely inappropriate and down right rude at times customer service, is something no Dish Network customer should ever have to go through. I am basically past the point of being upset and more now concerned on how we are going to be treated in the future should any other problems arise. I spoke with a huge variety of different operators from all over the US, and found maybe two or three to be helpful and understanding to the needs that needed to be met. This company seems to pride themselves as being ranked #1 by JD Power and Associates. I hope this means that this letter will not be ignored, but put to use to fix this wrong doing and make sure that other customers are not going through the same awful experience that we have had to deal with these past few months. I can assure you that if nothing is done, upon my contract being over, I will promptly be switching companies. As up until now I have had nothing but great service, I really do not want to proceed in that direction. I do hope some kind of an understanding can be reached. Thank you for taking the time to work this problem out. Jonathan Royal Palm Beach, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Engelwood, Colorado
94, Report #129248
Jan 28 2005
10:32 AM
Dish Network Aka Echostar Communications Disenfranchised. Ripoff! Englewood Colorado
My name is Tony DeRego. I have had Dish Network for over two years. I tried to talk to the customer service representatives about the fee increase and my inability to pay. I spoke with a supervisor named Cindy who was no help and only spouted the company line about how costs are going up. I spoke with Christina Beam of the executive management team, and she told me sarcastically, this is not let's make a deal. I spoke with her supervisor, Adam who was apologetic but could not help me. The most I could pay more would be $1.00 a month. I tried to resign a new contract but, they refused. I had to end my service. Jim DeFranco of dish network refused to help me so I have no recourse left other than to complain. have been sick with stress and an upset stomach because of this. Tony roseville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, California
95, Report #162952
Nov 02 2005
12:20 AM
Dish Network ripoff San Jose And Pasadena California
I sighned up with dish network for a three month promotional deal at $19.95/ month. I've only been with them for three months and just got a billfor almost $100, 98.47 to be exact. 3 x $20 should be $60! very pissed off. Also found out that after the three months the rate goes up to$36.97 / month! almost twice the teaser rate. I sighned up for a two year contract!! they said there is a $10/month cancellation fee that would come up to $210 if Icancelle my contract!!!!! Is this legal? How can they get away with this??? Stuart Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California
96, Report #66841
Sep 11 2003
02:06 PM
DISH NETWORK ripoff-dishonest Littleton Colorado
To Whom It May Concern: On July 18, 2003 one of Unicom representatives showed up at my house and offered to Dish Network promotion program: (3month free, free installation and equipment, $49 activation credit). I agreed to the terms and conditions of Dish Network policies and requested fast installation. He assured me that someone will call me next day and will set up the installation date for me. Surprisefully, he requested my social security number and credit card number, which was provided to him. On July 21, 2003 I became aware and called Unicom to make sure if his information (business card, Dish Network documentation) was truthful, however I was in the system so my awareness was gone. Three days later I became more aware because nobody called me since that day. At this time I decided to call directly Dish Network and notify them about this situation. I agreed to cancel my account with Unicom and deal with Dish Network directly. I was more convenient with DN as an old satisfied DN consumer (used to have an account with DN). We set up the installation date to July 26, 2003 (between 8-12am). Somehow I didn't wake up first thing in the morning and missed my installer. I founded out at 10am that he left a voice massage on my answering machine. I called DN and made a request to reschedule my installation date. New date Aug.2, 2003 was given to me. On Saturday, the 2nd day of August, Mike (the technician) showed up on time and requested letter of installation approval from my association company. I didn't know that such a letter is required for the installation. He offered a temporary installation on my patio, after his conversation with the main office. He called the main office to check the cost of re-installation. The answer was NO ADDITIONAL COST. He installed the dish temporary on my patio and insured/notified me that after I received my letter of approval I have to call DN and set up re-installation date and someone will come and move my dish to the permanent location (roof). After 2 weeks, I received my letter of confirmation from my association company. I called DN and requested such a procedure. I was notified that I have to pay an installation fee due to my second installation. After my conversation with one of the supervisors of DN I received the local phone number and I was asked to call them. The spokesperson insured me that this person will help me with solving this issue. The local office provided to me an additional phone number local technician manager (Andrew). I spoke to the technicians' manager (Andrew) and he agreed to move my satellite dish from my patio to the roof at no additional charge. We scheduled the morning hours on Thru. 09/11 9-10am, surprise fully, nobody showed up at my house. I wouldn't be writing to you; however I'm thinking that this simple contract and my decision of switching from Comcast to Dish Network was a very unintelligent and disappointed me. I'm losing lots of hours by talking to you; additionally I'm taking extra hours off from my work. This situation cost me a lots of money and nerves (I forgot to mention that the credit of $99 which had been taken out of my account, was never returned to me, and both DN and LaSalle Bank are blaming each other). In the conclusion, I would like to come to an end and have my dish finally installed on my roof. I'm also concerning termination of my account with DN and involving my lawyer in this procedure. Please take this into consideration. I hope your future clients will be more satisfied and pleased with you service. Tomasz Carpentersville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
97, Report #106857
Sep 03 2004
11:25 AM
Dish Network installation bonus and practice. Rip-off! Atlanta, Georgia
I decided to install Dish-Network satellite Tv service motivated by $200 service bonus granted. After I fill the on line request I received a written confirmation that four consecutive months of TV programming will be credited towards thay $200 bonus. Hard to resist - I have paid initial $49.99 fee by entering my debit card number and shortlu after the equipment arrived. Next was the bill for the equipment which suppose to be free once 2 years of service was opted. I clarify this one issue. Next month a service fee was withdrawn from my account, but I do not select automatical withdraw. After I call the money was returned, but the bonus appears to be invalid. Next month the withdraw repeated without my authorisation. I was contacted Dish Netwirk service manager and provided him a copy of the statement showing the bonus I received. Mr. David Patton responded that I dont have such bonus. That was enough. I call and order to stop the service because mutual agreament is brokem by Dish Network Company by misrepresentation of service. This what should be free for four month was not. More, they refuse to take the installed equipment back out of the roof (the antenna) and receivers. Also they notified a collection agency CBE Gruop. Many annoying calls I have receved from this guys demanding cancellation fee from me. Please look closer of fraudulent practice by Echo-Star so call Dish Network company. I'm able to provide a written confirmation of bonus I have received with my name on it printed clearly. There is no mistake from my side, but I can not tolerate fraudulent practice. Delicately speaking - taking the money from someone's account it is a theft. Probably I'm mot the one only who trust Dish-Network. Regards, Andrew Germantown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #104075
Aug 17 2004
12:28 PM
Dish Network ripoff misleading promotions Englewood Colorado
Our story about the brilliance of Dish Network starts about six months ago. Dish Network was running a promotion for HD receivers for a reasonable price. We were told that since we were existing customers we would have to wait until we've been customers for a year and then we would qualify for an offer for existing customers. So, we waited out the six months. The end of July comes around and my husband calls Dish Network and is told that our contract is actually one year and four days, but, after that time we would qualify for the dishing up promotion where you rent the receiver. So, we wait out the week. I call Dish Network my self and I'm told that we do not qualify for any promotions. I ask answer. I ask to speak to a supervisor...still no answer. I ask for another supervisor, maybe someone who could answer this simple question (why do we still not qualify???) and I'm placed on eternal hold never to hear from an employee again that evening. The following day I try again. I speak to a little guy who, guess what, could not answer my question. We're frustrated by this point because we are a customer in good standing: we've never been late on a payment or even missed a payment and we've been a customer for the mandatory year. I ask to speak to a supervisor - three times - and I'm finally told that a supervisor is on the line. The little guy actually tried to disguise his voice and pretend to be a supervisor. By this time I'm way past frustrated. I demand that the supervisor get over themselves and get on the phone. I get this lovely little gem, ID 3EB, the situation goes from bad to worse when she asks me if I know the expression what goes around comes around means, then says that I'm about to get mine. I'm questioning whether or not she's an actual supervisor given that she only worsened an already bad situation and not try to diffuse it. 3EB tells me that I should maybe wait another 11 months, but there are no guarantees that we will qualify for anything. I finally hang up on the model of ineptitude and try again when I've cooled off. I'm finally told that it looks like a glitch in the system, that we should qualify for these offers. The next business day I call to make sure that there is nothing they can do for us. I was told that maybe if we wait for another month. This was a man in the executive office. I responded that we would not be a customer for another month. We are getting Direct TV tomorrow, complete with an HD receiver. Sad thing is, we are paying $400 for it. I guess that is what we are worth to Dish Network...$400. Dish Network never offered any incentive to stay with them for another month and made it really clear to us that they do not care about keeping existing customers. Why should they, they lock new customers into a year long contract and will make money off them. In addition to emailing a complaint to Dish Network (which I'm sure will be dealt with like the problem itself) I've also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the city that Dish Network is headquartered. My next plan is to send the equipment back to Dish Network - in a shoe box. Michele london, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
99, Report #2766
Jul 28 2000
12:00 AM
DISH Network pick up the equipment fefund our money
we changed from our long used c-band satelite system to the dish network, after reading the ads about free equipment, and programming rebates, and free installation. the offer was to good to refuse. the dish network representative who installed the equipment charged us for the equipment and installation with the agreement that when he recieved money back from dish he would refund our money. He has never turned in the paper work for the installation and equipment, and although dish network is aware that thier representitive charged us when he wasn't supposed to, they keep demanding more money from us for programming that we are not recieving. We only ask now that this equipment be picked up and our money refunded, but this request has also been refused!!
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #11698
Jan 16 2002
12:00 AM
Starband / Dish Network ripoff
Last year I took advantage of an offer from Starband (now owned by Dish Network, aka Echostar). Said offer was for a satellite system that received both internet service and Dish programming. All I had to do was to commit to pay $99 a month and I would receive both. The advertised connection speeds were very attractive especially since I live in a rural area not covered by DSL. After paying over $600 for equipment and installation, the service was less than advertised. Several tech support calls later and after several denials of anything being wrong, Starband agreed that there was a problem with the assigned cluster for my receiver and promised to correct the problem in a week or so. In the mean time, Starband sends out a message to all users that the support for the existing model 180 modems would be terminated and that you needed to obtain their new model 360 modem. However, in order to obtain the new 360 you had to extend your contract by an additional year. The latter being tantamount to extortion. Meanwile... the cluster problem was never fixed so I contacted Starband several times via email and received only canned responses. Finally after being on hold for an eternity, I was able to contact a compassionate customer service rep who agreed that my service was sub standard and that I could terminate my contracts without penalty. Unfortunately, this was all going on while Dish Network acquired Starband and their agreement to terminate without penalty went out the window. Now Dish is demanding I pay $250 for termination of substandard service. I have advised Dish that I have no intention of paying the $250 and that I am seeking any and all parties involved in class action against Dish so that I may join in the complaint. Today I received another collection call from Dish, they just don't know what I'm Not Paying means.
Entity: Pasadena, California

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