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1, Report #475440
Jul 31 2009
06:44 PM
Drive Financial Ripoff Dallas Texas Internet
In having only one day to purchase a vehicle, I went to what I thought was a reputable dealer in the DFW area. Once the final paperwork was brought to me, I was informed that my monthly payment would be $428 per month. Thinking I was done, I expected to get my keys and leave the premises. I was then told that the financial institution amended the contract, and I was now going to pay $538 a month. Stuck between a rock and hard place, I could either accept or walk from the dealership. My interest rate went from 13% to 27% in the blink of an eye. Since this time, I have lost my job, home, and marriage. I attempted to make an arrangement with Drive Financial, but was told that I was required to make and submit the required payments. During this last years period, I have logged six to seven calls a day, seven days a week with regards to the one payment I am behind. I have since filed 2 complaints with the FTC with regards to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and at least my referrals have not been receiving the same amount of phone calls. This company has no regard for the existing economic climate, and will harass and intimidate anyone that dares defy them. I will continue to fight this company using the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and at least now they know I will not kowtow to them. Daniel Azle, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #180278
Mar 09 2006
04:03 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I have been with these idiots since 08/05. Everything was fine until 01/06. I was a pmt. behjind I confess, so I doubled up in Jan. to catch it all up. My wife called in, did a check by phoe and it went through, cleared the bank. Their accounting dept like idiots didn't think it went through and cahrged my bank again!!!!!775.20!!!! They credited it back 8 days later, but I paid 240.00 in overdraft fees to my bak for this!!!! Well, a week later they did it again!!!!!! 775.20 out of my bank!! This time I had the bank block it from actually posting to my checking account. That cost me 180.00 in fees!!!!!! Well, I called Kevin, their incompitent vice president. Like I said, I paid my car pmt and it was up to date!!! Now they send me a letter saying I an good until April 2006??? These people are fools! Well, hereit is March and they say I am 4 onths behind and right this minute they have a repo agent looking for my car. I am dumbfounded at this. I am sorry I ever got a loan from them. They have my account so messed up that I can not come up with the 1400.00 they want. They have me where they want me, cornered. They get the car back , screw me for the money, and garnish my wages, just as I got my credit all fixed. COUNT ME IN ON THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!! I HAVE PAPERWORK READY CALL ME, E-MAIL ME WHATEVER U NEED TO DO Paul Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #140195
Apr 25 2005
09:27 AM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I have been having a account with drive for 4 years now... I mail my payments in either me or my husband... the account is in my name and my name alone. so usually my husband mail it in. paying it from his checking account. This time we mailed 2 different checks in one envelope. trhe car payment is 325.61. My husband paid 200 out of his own checking account. by writting a check. and I paid the remaining balance. Drive rep called me on friday and ask about the payment ..I told him it was mailed on monday...he said well maybe its in our mail here.... Well I called the voice response unit and it showed that a payment for 200 dollars posted on 04/23/05...where is the remaining.... no one can tell me.... I have the copy of the check that was mailed to Drive.Im waiting on the Ceo to call me back... This is petitful that they reps get to do this to people.. Thye treat they customers like crap... I think I have more money to pay on this car.... now than I have put into the car.... I have always had nothing but problems from Drive since year 2000.... Most of the time when I contact the Ceo he will help and apologize to me for his dum reps... the Ceo will help and apologize..But those reps they hire... are gonna really bring the company down.... When the rep called me on friday.... about the payment he got smart and rude..and I got rude right back ..thats how I know... they did something with that check.... Mary Stafford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
4, Report #400509
Dec 11 2008
07:45 PM
Drive Financial DRIVE Financial Rip Off Dallas Texas
I was Was with another finanical service and some how drive financial ends up being the new financial service. i'm pretty up set because the keep lying and saying the have not recieved any of my payments and i have my bank statement prove that they getting the monies i sent. Now some how i'm 14 days late with my payment when i sent them a payment 11/03/08 and 11/24/08 and another on the 30th november. which put me behind in my rent what i'm i to do? Each time i got statements from my bank with a conformation numbers. oh yea just sent them a payment on the 5th of December 2008. there is no grace period nothing, give the people something to work with Please somebody help! they can see how everything is happening with the people around the world it's like they don't care and always talking about picking up sombody car. i don't care any more i had stress so much i'm getting sick. what is all this worrying going to add to the day? thank you all dried up Margaret sierra vista, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #316146
Mar 08 2008
09:45 PM
Drive Financial Drive Financial Scams Scams Scams Plaino Texas
Drive financial is a total ripoff, since I got finance for a car with this company back in 2006 it has been a nightmare from hell. I have recieved harrassing calls back to back on the same day. When discovered that my contract was wrong nothin was done about until 6 months later and then they want to charge me a late fee for there error. Anywy I have asked them plenty of times to come an get the car an the only response is when can I make the payment. As of right now I am not going to pay them anymore I rather risk my credit than to be bother with this company anymore. There customer service sucks and there records are never correct. We must do something to stop them. I am up for the class actions lawsuit, please feel free to count us in on any legal suits going on and help us not these scam before they hurt another individual. Jay atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
6, Report #262416
Jul 22 2007
06:29 AM
Drive Financial The Drive Financial Ripoff Plan Dallas Texas
I have always made my payments without fail. One day i ran into a financil difficuty and called and spoke with one of Drive Financilas reps and asked if i could move my payments to a diffrent date towards the end of the month.I was told that would be no problem. Well need less to say it has been i get constant phone calls 2-3 times a day i have even been threatened to have my car repossesed when payments were all ready made. I have tryed to contact them on numerous occasions by phone and e-mail. I was left on hold one time for more then 3 hours and i refused to hang up until finally they just shut there phones off. Do not fall for there scam like i did you will definetly regret it! Bill j Gainesville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
7, Report #300157
Jan 15 2008
08:45 AM
Drive Financial Drive Financial Harrasses, hidden fees, lies. Dallas Texas
We have been with Drive Finance for about a year now and they are the worst company ever to work with. We were told at the beginning of our loan that we could refinance the loan after 6mos. and came to find out that this is a total lie. The company does not refinance at all. There are always fees added to our next payment whether we pay on time or not and they always have a bogus excuse for the fees. Whether you are late or not they call your home to find out where the payment is. They have called our home and cell phones up to 30 times a day with different numbers. I am keeping a journal for harrassment purposes. We had the unfortunate circumstances of having to do a deferral due to our daughter having two open heart surgeries. They made us feel like we were worthless for having to do so and then when we got our next statement there was an extra almost $200.00 in fees added for the deferment that we were never told about. Class action suit sounds good to us. Count us in!! Zlmlmom2 Elburn, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #137235
Apr 01 2005
05:13 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
Drive Sucks!!!!!!!!!!! I have been billed for a late fee since 10/2004, which was the first late payment my loan has ever received. To this day my monthly statement still shows a late fee of 16.38. I called today to inquiry about the late fee. Before I could get out the reason for my call I was bombared with Name Social vechical locate mileage. Anna told me that the statements are behind and really I dont have a late fee and it might take sometime for the statement to reflect the correct payment amount. I find that very strange. After reading all the horror stories on this site I know I need to get this car paid off ASAP! DRIVE get ride of the boot-leg system and catch up with the rest of the world! Pam Romeoville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
9, Report #134949
Mar 14 2005
03:16 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I had to have my car financed with this company because I had just divorced and had no credit. I have paid on it for one year and my balance is higher now than it was when I first started paying on it. I have never been late on a payment but because I changed job's I phoned them to ask if my due date for my payment could change. They were extremely rude and told me no and that I would accumulate $4.50 per day in late fee's for everyday that my payment is late. Is this legal? I don't understand how anyone can ever get them paid off. betty nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
10, Report #130603
Feb 08 2005
02:29 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I do believe the company is a ripoff, but because of my circumstances I have to work with them. I believe if I pay my note on time and am never late hopefully I will gain to rebuild my credit score. I know the only way to do so would be with a substandard company like Drive Financial. Trudy cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
11, Report #64781
Jul 28 2003
09:18 AM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
Drive Financial, the worst company to ever receive a car loan from. I am almost finished paying for my car, missed a payment and needless to say, 11:00 at night a gentleman came up to my home saying he was with investigative services. When you see that and also see Dallas County you panic. He had left the card with my sister and we returned the call when we got home. The people that answered the phone said they were issuing a warrant and my husband was going to jail and someone would be at my home in 5 min. After making several calls trying to handle the situation, the manager/supervisor said the only way no one would come would be submitting $1000 in cash. Needless to say we didn't give them the money because you can't trace cash. We also had informed them a payment had been made and this was harassment. We were called liars and every name but a good one. These people will call your job endless and when you ask them not to call they ignore it. They called my supervisor, manager, adminstrative assistant, neighbors, parents and even my church. These people don't care and have no ethics. I have also been caught up on payments to see my car dragged off because I didn't return a call by 5pm. Talk about ruthless! Cynthia Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
12, Report #208017
Aug 26 2006
09:14 AM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
In June 2006 I thought my payment was processed for my payments. Well in August 2006 they repossessed my car saying they have not received a payment from since May 2006. NOT true I paid them! (so I thought). According to them I give them the wrong information on my bank account which is the same bank account I had been using since I got the car in March 2005. Why didn't they contact to tell they had a problem getting the money? According to them they did! Well I use my cell phone as a primary phone I got one call from them in July 2006. That was three weeks after my payment to them! So the customer service agent puts me on the phone with this arrogant supervisor who I ask if they have ever received a bad check (which they had not). He says he can not answer that question! He is looking right at my account why can't he tell me if they received a bad check from me! First, I am told that I can pay them $200 to keep the account open. I tell them I need the bank to investigate what happened to my payment. This arrogant man tells they are not waiting for the bank and they are coming to get my car! Needless to say at this time bill is $701.52. They repossessed my car now the bill is $1445. WTF? I am selling this car to get out of the deal with Drive Financial Services. Now I know I do not have perfect credit but do I need to pay for this with a bunch of crooks! B Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #171417
Jan 11 2006
08:48 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
Funny, when you experience financial difficulties and need or would like to get ahead of the game sometimes you have to play hard. So, we pay to play right? So then, learn to play with the big boys. Sometimes I feel that I am somewhat victimized (when late or the phone calls NEVER cease). Then I read everyone else's issues with Drive. Then I realize, UH_OH, we actually deal with TWO horrid and scandalous companies =DRIVE and WFS Financial. Who's sorry now?? But, and this is a big BUT, I remember how to play the game. * My home phone has no voice mail (no way to confirm its me)* My work phone is actually connected to my home phone (no way to contact my co-workers or employer)* My mailed statements come on time, with balances, fees, etc. so I am prepared to pay the amount (when we can sometimes)* I have options to make payments... i.e., autopay from my bank - western union - moneygram - phone with my ATM or credit card. So I CONTROL what info they receive about me. AND Finally! I have a garage!! No repo's. But I pay what we can during hard times and they do back off. The few times I did speak with Drive, they were CLUELESS. My address was wrong, my phone was someone else's... but after a little girltalk the customer service rep was eating out of my hand... So, LADIES be nice. You get what you want. GUYs, be charming. Apologize, tell them your running late to get dinner on, tell them that it's been so chaotic with all the moving... Whatever it takes to tame the beast in them. Got it?(I'll probably change my entire outlook on this company very soon - but it isn't my first time around the block with second chance financing. LOL) M Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
14, Report #181875
Mar 17 2006
11:17 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I bought a car through drive financial back in Oct 0, I have nothad any problems with them so far besides the fact that I am paying 25%APR. This place and the car dealership work together to RIP us off. I didnt have good credit so i took what i could get, even if my interest rate was high. I went to the first car dealership and they offered me one car. So we took it, next day I went to the dealers website and the car was listed for 2,100 less. When i took it to the dealer and asked why he said drive charges them a bank fee and they have to charge it to us but when I asked him to show me this on paper he couldn't so i returned the car and got my money back. then went to the next dealer told them what happened, they said that was illegal and they would take care of us.Yea Right! They gave us a higher interest rate, asked for more money down, and over charged us 2,700 like i wouldnt notice. This time i spent 3 months arguing with them and sent a letter to the attorney general before sending it i dropped them off a copy. They called me the next day and so what can we do to make you happy, anything. Anyways I settled with them instead of sending the letter and they have been making my car payments for me for 3 months. In exchange I can not take legal action against them, i figured that was alot quicker then any civil suit. Obviously what Drive and these dealerships are doing is illegal and needed to be stopped. So if you are about to buy a car always view their internet prices you would be amazed they give you a price based on your credit, gender and age. Why should people with bad credit who obviously need cars other wise wouldnt pay an interest rate of 25% which im sure most of us are doing have to pay an outrageous interest rate and price of a car. Drive is suppose to help us rebuild are credit who can do that while making a $500.00 car note? Crystal Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
15, Report #185493
Apr 07 2006
02:18 PM
I used barnone on the television to obtain a car, because college bills ruined my credit. I purchased a car through Drive Finacial who has givin me a high rate. By sending payments to Drive Finacial using their address they had listed on the envelope. When I sent the payments to them by standard mail they would never recive them, and then the harrasing phone calls would begin. If I was past due one day they would call me up and ask if I could borrow the money from family or friends to pay them. First of all that is rude and unproffesional to begin with. Over the course of time I went on diability and happened to fall behind. I was directed to a man named Scott ( whom they have know idea who he is now) who said if you can fax me documents and pay this amount of what I could, I would be ffered a deferment. He recorded my voice of pushing back my month and half I was behind and making me current. Well that did not happen, I kept recieving phone calls, and they had no idea about the deal, and said there was no deferments happing after march 7, 2006. Well I talked to Scott way after that towards the end of March. I sent the papers they needed again and still they said they never recived them. I finally sent them a third time today, and I am still unsure if they recived them. I used a postal place to send them this time, using the same number, and reciveng a conformation code that they recived the fax. I wish I had never used barnone or the company Drive Finacial ever, I am paying three times the car value by late charges and more becuse I have to pay for money gram each time becaue they charge you money for check over the phone and money gram. The company does not believe in reciving standard mail. They are a total rip-off. Kyle NORTHAMPTON, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
16, Report #258724
Jul 04 2007
10:18 PM
Drive Financial liars Dallas Texas
i fell behind in my payments a guy called from drive to ask why and i explained my situation .he told me i could defer 2 payments if i could send them $200 in a few days i agreed .he told my next pymt would be on july 14. well on july 3rd i get a statment in the mail saying im $1087.11 behind so i called drive immediately. the lady i spoke with said i was denied the deferment. i asked why i wasnt notified so i could of made my regular pymt in june .she tried to tell me i wasnt guaranted a deferment. i know what the gentlemen promised me they need to get there stuff straight stop promising people stuff they offer Sandy staunton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
17, Report #277001
Oct 04 2007
07:30 AM
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
18, Report #283651
Nov 08 2007
06:38 AM
Drive Financial RIPOFF!!! Dallas Texas
This is one of the biggest ripoffs I have ever heard of. I purchased a car the first of 2007, had NEVER been late with a payment, I had surgery, was off work and hospitalized and missed one payment which was NOT even 30 days late. I called several times to get them to defer a payment so it would not affect my credit and they refused and are still refusing. Apparently, if I was off work, all bills got behind so 1 month's payment deferred would have caught me up. I called again today and I told them I was recording their conversation, and they said if you do not stop recording, we are going to hang up. That tells me they are full of Sh_ _!!! They said we give referrals only for a circumstance that will not reoccur. The only thing they could say was pay a payment and a half this month and next month. If I could not make one, how can I make one and a half? Stay away from these people!! They will not HELP you at all!! Car Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #97533
Jul 03 2004
08:49 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I purchased a truck in March of 2003.I'm disabled and terminally ill, I fell behind on my payments in October. From October until while I was very sick I was not able to make a payment I didn't hear a word form anyone at Drive. I got a letter from a representative from Drive claimimg there were several ways she could help me get caught up on my payments I was 3 months behind I was told that they could defer the payments I owed but would have to make one payment plus the intrest before I could do that or I could do a Hardship refinance which would lower my payments but would have to be current to do that. I was getting calls from people who said they were Assistant Branch Managers and could take care of my problem but needed to be current first. I had at least 5 different people calling me a day each 2 to 3 times, no one knew anything that was discussed with the last representative they never note your account. Then you have a Loss Prevention representative who calls asking where you sleep at night and how many nights a week you are at your address. In February I was contacted by another branch assistant manager who told me she was calling to try to collect one lasst time on the car in our conversation she stated that my account had been charged off and and if I wanted to do what was right because of the charge off it wasn't fair to the stock holders and owners of their company I should try to start making payments and do the right thing but at that point their next step was to have their attourneys file a lawsuit against me to collect the balance due on the car loan, they would not come get the car but just file against me. I never got a notice that I was behind in payments, the invoices they send out never note if you are behind it just shows the next payment and that date. The account manager would call and discuss my account with anyone who answered the phone giving out all the information as to how much I was behind, when I paid last the payoff information and then would tell the person that they should have me call within 10 minutes or they would file against me. I was in the hospital at the time and got the message from and as sick as I was I returned the call within 7 minutes to be told that the person who called me was gone for the day. I tried to call several times the next few days and all I got was a voicemail service Audiovox that would not take messages, their web site never seems to be able to get emails to representatives. I think if enough people contact their Attourney generals office and file a complaint something might happen to them and their practices. I was told that a Class Action Lawsuit might get their attention. Michael Surfside, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #140535
Apr 26 2005
09:30 PM
Drive Financial ripoff harassment texas
Hello, I am writing this because of Drive Financial. This company needs to get there accounts straight. I purchased a car in 2003 and have had nightmares w/them. I have paid this company sometimes late and they are first to call and harass. They even called my 80year old grandmother and told her my car payment was behind and if she knew where we lived so they can pick up my car. I immediatly called Drive and spoke to someone named Mr.Monroe, I explained to him never to call her again. He then stated very rude Well we need to contact you. I explained to him I would make my payment by money gram that day and not to call her again. A few days later after my payment they had someone call my cell phone and he stated he was from the recovery dept, and for me to clean out my car, they were looking for it. I called them again and spoke to someone there, dumb csr's and advised him regarding my payment. He then stated I was late again and needed to pay Jan and Feb and March. This was just recently. I advised them i made 2 pmts in Feb, paid March and April's wasn't due. They then stated they needed another pmt. My due date was not until the 22nd of the month. I then advised him I would make my April's pmt early. I paid it on the 16th. I explained if i paid this months pmt early I was not going to pay on the 22nd. Mr Monroe again assured me not a problem. Well, today i was called to pay or they were to pick up the car. They called me again today at work, which I have told them i cannot accept calls at work all the time. A Chris vp of company stated he needed another pmt by the 30th of this month. I advised him of the arrangements w/Mr Monroe. He then stated he could not help me. I finally advised him I was tired of all the calls and if he had to pick up the car go ahead. I had to scrape up to make my car pmts. After being unemployed for 5months due to a long surg i fell unto this mess. Im fed up. I cannot pay $360 amonth 2 times. Mind you that is $720 a month for a dodge intrepid 2002. They are Crazy. For that amount I should be driving a BMW or something nice. Thats all for now. This company sucks at customer service. I work in Customer service and I would never treat people like that! Blanca clovis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Other
21, Report #391978
Nov 17 2008
11:58 AM
Drive Financial misleading harrassing, lying representatives Dallas Texas
August 2008 unfortunately my mother was ill and needed total care. My good source of income was altered to less. In August I called Drive and asked to speak to a manager. I explained to the manager that I will be facing hard times due to my mothers illness and the economy. I had requested an extension before the account went bad. she stated she could not grant an extension because the account was not in a delinquent status. She proceeded to explain that in order to receive an deferment my account would have to be close to 60 days past due!!!! So with that in mind I did everything I could do to make sure my next payment went thru. I called my credit union they would not finance because negative equity. I contacted ot her companies that say the refinance bad loans that didn't work either. A drive representative called me and we discussed the account he stated he can get me an extension if I would make 1/2 of a payment which was $249.00. Well I made the payment then I get another call from a lady I explained to her what the other caller stated. which he said he was a manager. Well the lady said they give extensions but they have to be approved 1st and that isn't guaranteed. I finally told her that I have done everything I can do to work with your company If you can't work with me then come get the car. She said she will have someone to call me back. I did receive that call. I had to explain my situation again I asked for an deferment he said they don't give extensions this man proceeded to tell me drive don't want the car we are willing to work with you. They have not worked with me since the first time I called which was back in July 2008. He threaten to report to my credit. As if I care at this point (what)! by this time I have had it I'm willing and ready to give back the car. Dealing with that company is not worth the aggravation. I've receive several calls from different agents and they all have nasty demeanors. Keep in mind these agents are merely collectors they make the bulk of their money from accounts payable commissions. I called them out on it and none of them denied it they rather switch the subject Meaning they would do anything lie, make false promises to get that bonus. So don't be mistaken if someone call and say that they are a manager and they could help the best thing to do is call yourself and demand a manager, write letters send them certified. I will be making a complaint to bbc, consumer protection, consumer affairs and the ftc, federal trade commission. Everyone should move forward to get them out of business Denise Mauldin, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
22, Report #186713
Apr 14 2006
09:03 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
All customer of Drive Financial file reports to your BBB. If they can write false reports on us, then we all need to stick together. since Drive feels they can do whatever they like, by breaking Fair collect Act,and sleep at night. Drive is not about helping people, they about distroying people credit, and charter, who have had problems in the past, and are trying to build and reestablish their credit. File your complaint to the BBB. This Company folks needs to be make accountable for their actions. Brenda Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
23, Report #230329
Jan 13 2007
09:02 AM
Drive Financial update on dishonesty Ripoff Dallas Texas
this is a update i was injured in the 12-19-06 accident i have learned do not do business with drive financial or saturn of amarillo. with saturn of amarillo the general manager dean and the business manager david were deceitful and dishonest. i asked david the name of the company where my car would be financed thru he just told me atlanta georgia. He was dishonest from the start. Drive financial called 3 times last night once this morning. I always thought saturn was honest obviously not. if one saturn auto dealership is bad they ALL are bad! In the future always ask where your car will and i will be gload to join a lawsuit against drive financial. bob canyon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
24, Report #274942
Sep 17 2007
12:04 PM
I am willing to join in on the class action suit, I have had my loan with Drive since April 2006 and every month gotten phone calls. I do not get my statement until 5 days before my due date and they expect me to get the payment to them on the due date not reasonable. No matter if my account is current or past due I always get calls. When I have been late and I speak to someone about when I will make the payment I will get another call a couple of hours later, to me that is harassment. When I bought my car I was not informed about the so called bank fees, they are breaking laws when they do not disclose all the info. Please feel free to contact me. Dm Orange Park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
25, Report #328838
Apr 25 2008
09:01 AM
Drive Financial Harassment/Unmeritted Repo Dallas Texas
This company contacted my references and told them that they were co-signers on my loan, not just references. This company gave out my personal information to these references. This company then had my vehicle repo'd without merit. Now, the towing company is requiring an additional $450.00 in order to have by vehicle returned. The people that repo'd my vehicle were rude and unprofessional. They stated to us that they could get inside out vehicle if they needed to, which indicated that they would go through our personal belongings. Drive Financial has been harassing my references for no reason because our payments were made to my knowledge. The company did not contact me by phone or by letter or by electronic mail. I have had no legitimate or substantial contact with Drive Financial concerning any problems or issues. This company has an outrageous finance charge and its business procedures are under-handed, at best. Dhmay Willow Spring, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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