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26, Report #315538
Mar 06 2008
11:09 PM
I am a single mother of three and was surprised to find two burly men shining flashlights through my windows at 11:30pm. When I apprehensivley went to my front door, i was told they were sent by DRIVE Finance to get my truch. They went on to tell me that they had located the vehicle bya GPS locating device that Drive had implanted in the car. Please keep in mind that I was waken from a sound sleep by my 6 year old son who informed me someone was trying to break into our house. After I went to the door in my night gown and robe, i was told that they wanted the vehicle and I had broken some law and would be prosecuted. i told them that i had spoken to Mr. Woods today and made a payment. THey did not want to hear this and when i suggested they call Drive, they told me it was after their normal working hours but it was not past theirs. The men were dressed in all bleack and it was obvious that they had on bullet prove vest under their t-shirts. I was terrified. They left a letter saying they were special investigators from the theft and fraud devision. I hope this is read by an attorney that would be willing to take me on as a client. Dchunt houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
27, Report #1101262
Nov 21 2013
02:07 PM
Drive Financial Services Drive Financial Services are FRAUDS!!!! Dallas Texas
 My opinion of Drive Financial Services is that they are a big fraud.  I had never heard of Drive Financial Services untill they fraudulently charged my credit card.  I have never had any kind of account with them or done any business with them.  My bank reversed the charges to my account but it really sucks that I even had to deal with this issue.  Based on all the bad reviews, I have no doubt that this company is a big fraud!!! 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
28, Report #136273
Mar 24 2005
01:05 PM
Drive Financial ripoff inadequate management of accounts Dallas Texas
I was the irresponsable on that cosigned for a assosiate of mine. October of 2004 I was scheduled to be deployed over seas and had not heard from this idividual for 2 months. I called the dealership that the car was purchased from and obtained Drive Financial's contact information, I wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up with this car before I left. When I called in I spoke to one of the operators who took my information and put me on hold to transfere me to another department. At that time I was put on the phone with one of the collection people, she informed me that the car was three month past due on the payment. When I questioned why as the cosigner I had not been contacted I was told that none of my information was on file, funny seeing as how when I obtained a copy of the contract from the dealarship my work phone was on the contract even if my home was not. The woman in collections that I was dealing with informed me that she had been in contact with my associate's wife and that my associate had been arrested and the car inpounded. The wife mailed in a check to cover the late payments which bounced. The wife refused to give any more information on the matter. I asked her to work with me so that I could get as much information as possible. I spoke to detectives who found that car for me in a police impound yard. I money grammed the over due payments to stop the car from going into a charge off and mad arrangement with the woman in collections that I was dealing with to have Drive Financial pick the car up from impound and tack the fees onto the loan of the car. After almost a weekt the car was still not picked up and the impound fees were still going up every day, So I took out a loan to get the car. In December I arranged to get the car refinanced to lower not interest and the monthly bill. I called into Drive Financial to get a payoff amount and the operator I spoke to reminded me at least 3 times how important it is to make timely payments. I informed him I had every intention on sending in my December paymen on the 9th (even though bill was due 15th) because I wasnt sure how the refinance was going to take. The operator informed me he was going to make a note that I was going to pay my bill early and if I didnt it would be consodered a broken promise and the company would have a hard time dealing with me in the future. Well needless to say I paid on the 9th. On the 12th I mailed out the refinance check to pay the account off in full and it was received by Drive Finance on the 13th, 2 days before my bill was due. So I gave it a couple of days before I calld Drive to ask about my reefund check. The operator I spoke to informed me it would take anywhere between 30-45 days. Well the check arrived a couple of days later with only my associates name on it, my name no where to be found. I called Drive Financial and the operator I spoke to asked me why cant I just get my associate sighn the check, I told her because he is incarcerated. I was then transfered to someone in the legal department he told me to include a letter of our conversation stating that however I mailed the check back ie: overnight, second day, ect. it would be returned to me the same way. I Fed Ex priority over night. I waited 2 weeks when I received nothing I called. Speaking to the same gentleman in legal well they said they never received the check, but they were going to look for it( I have the fed ex proof that someone signed. Then I started dealing with another gentleman that was helpful and nice. He told me my check would be mailed oout 2nd day on a Friday by Tuesday when I still had no check I called him back, he said he found out that the email he forwarded requesting my check had no even been read by accounting department so he was going to walk the request over, well after stillnot getting my check I have started calling on a daily basis. I was informed to day that the accounting department didnt even have record of mailing me a check in the first place and could not cut another check if one was allready floating around. Finally they tracked down who signed for the check in the mail room and then who signed for it in the accounting department but there is still the matter of the missing check, but that they should be able to have me a check cut today and atracking number to give to me. Well my mother decided to give Drive a call and spoke to a VP of Financial and he is very upset that his people wrote a 690.00 check and didnt record it, also that the gentleman that is helping me doesn't have the authority to request a check to be sent, so we will see in a couple of hours when I call for my tracking number if I am to receive me check Teresa hawthorne, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Financial
Entity: Dallas, Texas
29, Report #141715
May 05 2005
07:12 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
Receiving harrassing phone in the start of the loan I had to get through this company it was ok . Then they must have gotten new staff and all they do is call and harrass you or your family members asking where you are and they are told not here don't live here. And some guy named hugh asked who it was he is talking to and then turned and asked if they were having s--with me. I feel this is very improper for anyone to ask something like this there was 1 rep who was very helpfull her name is christine . I was very happy dealing with her but the others are so nasty unwilling to help out and demanding that they be paid in the beging of the month and the end to get ahead on payments. If I had found this site before signing the loan papers I would have burned them so I to say to anyone looking to finance an auto, get your credit in order befor dealing with these people I wish everyone else having this type of problem luck Stewart' middletown, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
30, Report #153723
Aug 15 2005
02:15 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
A representative employed by Drive Financial, disguising himself as a police officer, contacted my HR Dept. to verify employment and declare that he had a warrant for my arrest. My ankle was and still is broken from a car accident and severity of my injury has caused me to take STD (short term disability), I'm going through a divorce, my mortgage is $950 not including other household expenses What baffles me about the situation is that I spoke with a Drive Rep. explaining my situation and I was under the impression that we had come to a consenting agreement, regarding my financial stability and how to rectify it. Unfortunately, that was not the circumstance at all. I was continually harassed, until I submitted to voluntary repossession of my vehicle. Overall, Drive Financial needs to be stopped and reprimanded for their actions. S. Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
31, Report #147374
Jun 24 2005
11:24 AM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
To all parties that have been ripped-off by Drive Financial I am interested in entering into a class-action suit. I too have been harrassed on numerous occations, to no end. They call on phone numbers and they have been told not to call them and they still do. Contact me! I'm ready for a class-action suit!!!!!!! Tp Cedar Hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
32, Report #103328
Aug 12 2004
10:15 AM
Drive Financial continues to screw customers Dallas Texas
I financed my car with Drive Financial in Febuary of 2001 after my car decided to die. I was recently divorced and my ex had done a nice job of ruining my credit. When I bought the car, I set up an ACH transaction, so that the car payment would automatically be deducted from my account every month. I never heard from Drive Financial, until about two months ago. All of a sudden, I was receiving 2-8 calls a day, telling me I was past due. Please understand my frustration, as when I checked my bank account for the last year, I ALWAYS had a debit from Drive Financial. So, each time they called, I called back. The reps will NOT let you talk to a manager. They kept asking if I would like to set up an electronic check to bring the account current. How do you explain to an uneducated phone jockey that your account is current???? Finally, I did get in contact with a manager. Drive has recently implemented a new system. The new system doesn't recognize ACH payments automatically, so I was being put on a 'Virtual Call' list. In response to the other posts about Drive ... some of you have cases, such as the lady in Guam who wasn't late on payments but Drive paid insurance deductible and picked up the car, some of you don't. You have to understand, they deal with high risk customer's every day. They have heard every story in the book as to why a payment hasn't been made. Now, that doesn't give them a reason to harass. However, the FCC does allow them to call UP to 8 times a day. Additionally, unless you send your letter certified mail asking them not to contact you, they won't. They never 'received' your regularly mailed request. If your late, your late. Unfortunately, you have gotten yourself into a position where your credit is already bad. They aren't going to give you 1 day of grace, let alone a week or a month. They have every right to call and collect on a debt that is owed. Good luck to you all who do have good cases. The rest of you .... pay your bills, live within your means, and do something to move up in life. Rachel Central, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
33, Report #68269
Oct 05 2003
08:29 AM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Cypress California
This company just repossessed my vehicle when my payment was one month past due. I don't care. I wanted out from under them anyway. My saga with them began about 6 months ago when my husband and I found a second vehicle we wanted to purchase. A local bank approved us for financing and offered to pay off the Drive loan and put it all on one payment (YAY!!). We called Drive and asked for a payoff on the loan. They REFUSED because I was 4 days past due on my payment. I made the payment, then called again and asked for it. They told me I had $600 in late charges due and when I paid that off, they'd give me the payoff balance. I told them if they'd give me the payoff INCLUDING the $600, then they'd have all their money and we'd all be happy. They flatly refused to do that. I talked with an attorney who composed a letter stating court rules and made it sound all official and we faxed it off to them. They still refused and ignored my requests. We lost the new financing and the option on the second vehicle. I then refused to have all contact with them. I continued making my payments when it was convenient for me, but never more than 10 days past due. I fell one month behind when we purchased a home and I had to tie up money elsewhere. When I called them the following day asking for my personal items back, they told me I surrendered them all when I surrendered the vehicle. (I still don't have my things back and my husband's tools for work were in the car) They have consistently refused to apply payments when sent by mail. I wouldn't ever allow them access to my bank account to automatically deduct the payments, I had a big red flag fly up when they first suggested that, so I never did it. They at times took up to 24 days to apply payments sent by certified mail. The only time they applied payments immediately is if you wired them by Western Union, which costs $12.95 (which I would deduct from the payment and my fees & costs). My husband wants to start a grass-roots organization called Let's Drive Drive Out Of Business. Here's a kick in the pants to them. We recently got financing in place for another vehicle through the same bank. I told them what happened and they said, Like we pay attention to that group? So, for any Drive Financial Services employee out there reading this, your company means NOTHING to real financial institutions. Dana Walled Lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cypress, California
34, Report #68909
Oct 12 2003
05:47 PM
Drive Financial Services harassment Dallas Texas
This company has steadily harrassed me about my ex husband's vehicle. A vehicle of which I have signed no papers for. They call me at work every day Monday - Friday. They have called my family and our mutual friends and discussed the account in detail. They have even threatened me and my family by saying the car is stolen and anyone caught in it will be arrested. They have even went so far as to leave a note to this effect at my brother-in-law's home. Apparently someone has given them personal information regarding my family which proves they are discussing my ex's account in detail. I thought there were Third Party Disclosure laws against this. I have asked them several times not to call me but they have ignored me. I have even threatened to sue them for harassment. They have also ignored those threats. I have gotten to the point where I don't answer their calls. Clair Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
35, Report #95091
Jun 16 2004
10:23 AM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
I understand that I may have been a financial risk, but is that any excuse for poor service from Drive Financial. I financed with them in August of 2004, and have never missed a payment in 2 years. In March of 2004 they lost my payment, and demanded that I make another payment. This was done in April of 2004. When I checked to make sure that they posted my payment I found that only 1 payment had been posted to my account. Upon speaking with their collection supervisor I was told that it really wasn't their fault. That customer payments go direct to a lock box, and those people are stupid. They probably didn't look in the envelope for the second money order, just pulled one out and posted it to the account. Be glad that they posted that one. That I would have to pay for the stop payment and obtain a new money order. I explained that it is up to a $35.00 fee to do this, as well as a 45-60 day turn around for me to be repaid for their mistake. She stated that it is not her problem, and please send the payment that day. Since that time, I have received upto 5 phone calls a day. One person will say they are sorry that no one has noted the account, next person will be very rude and demanding. Calling the corporate office is useless, they tell you to put it in writing and then deny getting that letter. If I had it to do over, I would rather finance with Uncle Guido than Drive. Rebecca Carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
36, Report #49967
Mar 20 2003
12:57 PM
Drive Financial Services rip-off Dallas Texas
Drive Financial is the demon of all demons. These people don't possess one single moral fiber. We've been a customer of Drive for over a year now and had never been 30 days past due. A couple of months ago, our son was diagnosed with Cancer. So of course there were unexpected medical bills that had to be paid in order for him to get the treatments that he needed because insurance of course only covers 80%. We called Drive to try and explain the situation, even offered to have our social worker from the cancer society to call them and explain that we have applied for help from different cancer charities and would be able to catch up on our car payment within the week. (It was then almost 2 months past due, I will admit). They did not care, took on the attitude of business as usual and kindly commenced to hanging up in our face in mid sentence of our explaining the unforseen circumstances. They didn't even attempt to work out anything with us, no words of sympathy, just a nice dial tone was their response. We had never in the past, ever had any problems making the car payment and we atleast called to try and make some type of arrangements while our child is busy fighting for his life in his battle with cancer. And what did we get from Drive? A simple have a nice day and then a dial tone. I will never forgive them for this type of treatment. Denise Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
37, Report #215474
Oct 12 2006
04:01 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
I would love to join this class action suit, but this site will not allow anyone to contact one another...instead they want you to buy their product...their reasoning...they don't want people to be ripped off again...I think that this is an explotation in and of it's self by this site. With that being said, I wonder how we can bring Drive Financial to an end??? My sugguestion is to file a complaint with the Banking and Finance Commission with a request to have the pratices of this company along with Bank of Scotland to be inclulded in the investigation as they are the holding company for Drive Financial. Then contact the Better Business Bureau in can find this information if you look up Dallas Chamber of Commerce. I have spoken to them and they are quite helpful and although they did not admitt to any other complaints they said they would be happy to hear from other customers. I think that if we contact attorneys on our own, they will have their own networking system in place; ie, the Law Journal and will advertise for others to join in their law suit. If it is a Class Action Law Suit, there will not be any charges up front for anything. The payment will come at the end when a settlement is reached. I hope that this information has helped someone. As for me...well, I have been through the same experiences as each and everyone of you has been through. I am disabled, had some problems, went to the big guns and thought it was account is current, but they repossessed my car any way and said I could have it back today if I made a car payment is not due until end of next week...I was told I was 80 days late and I would have to pay the repo expenses as well...of course, added on to the back of my account. This is the NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARE...the account that never ends and instead of never stops taking...taking our money, our dignity, our privacy, our joy, our being called on Christmas Day and hearing the representatives laughing at you in the background and making derogitory comments about you, what you look like (they have a copy of your driver's licence picture in their time, I heard one person in the background taking bets on where the dart would land on my picture) I have tried desparately to get some other company to sell me another car and pay off this debt, but Drive has totally ruined my credit report to the point that I can't even get a job!!! I am an educated, well respected member of the community and church...I am a minister and I know that God has this one...I have a lot of patience for everything, and I do not believe in retaliation, but didn't Jesus turn over the tables in the courtyard of the Synogog when the merchants were ripping the people off??? Drive Financial beware...God sees you and you will have to answer for your actions if not here then when you stand before Him. I hope that all of you will heed my suggestions and it is my earnest prayer that each and everyone of you who has been wronged by Drive Financial get restitution and additional compensation for your troubles. Drive Financial is really where the devil resides and does his best work!!! Patricia Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
38, Report #215994
Oct 16 2006
08:24 AM
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
39, Report #421228
Feb 06 2009
07:31 PM
Drive Financial No understandable english spoken Dallas Texas
First experience: customer reps dont speak English or understand English. Their customer service is very rude, says unethical comments to people. Have a smart mouthed responses to customers, have interest rate of 21% or more. Be careful to read the Fine print!!!!, I personally have been called over 9 times within a 15 minute span while at work, since they call your job also. They threaten you . Yes they are a lender if you have had credit problems. But if yours like mine a medical problems like heart attack, and you have a lot of out of pocket expenses like us. It doesnt matter to them... they are very very aggressive, If I had known this I would have stayed away, we were talked into them by our car dealership. Only to be sent home with the car, and we will have your loan papers ready tomorrow, come see us and you will be set with your car, warranty and all, ready to go NO problem please........................... dont get fooled like me. Firmly put..... you cant afford them to finance you.. Wilcox BOONVILLE, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
40, Report #424900
Feb 16 2009
10:27 PM
Drive Financial Deception is there game!!!!! Dallas Texas
Drive financial repo-ed my car in 04/07. I got it back in about 35 days. I was told that my credit would be updated. A few months later I lost my job, so of course late fees accumalated and the calls were persistant. I was offered several payment arrangements to pay a certain amount to obtain a deferment. Once the amount was paid, I would continue to get calls and the rep would say no notes were listed by a rep with the option to have a deferment. Ok so here we go again new rep, new offer and they would promise to list the conversation in the notes. Needless to say it took three arrangements to finally get a deferment, meanwhile the fees just keep accumalating. Unfornately last year I had a accident, financially things were so hard for me (single mom of three working a part-time job making $8.40 per hour 16 hours weekly) my insurance lasped. I immediately called Drive to inform them the car was totaled and where it was located. They informed me they would send someone out to declare totaled. I called them three days later to have a rep laugh and say we don't do that. To make matters worst as I attempted to get another car, to my discovery drive never updated my credit the car was listed as repo even though It has been a year and a half later since I got a back. I called to see what the problem was and to my suprise no one could tell me anything, furthermore I was transferred so many times, placed on hold and finally disconnected. I went from recieving calls everyday three times a day to, never hearing from them and finding it next to impossible to contact them. The conclusion of the matter was I finally recieved a letter stating I owe them $11,000, I had paid them a total of the same amount over the three years I had the car. The most embarrasing part is trying to convience car salesman that I got the car back after the repo, although my credit had the car was repo with no update of repossesion. Now the new update is the car is charged off, not as of December 2008, at the date of the accident but April 2007. What a bunch of decieving, lying, ripoffs!!!!! Darlene Oswego, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #378411
Oct 04 2008
09:34 PM
Drive Financial oops wrong car! Dallas Texas
My husband has taken a hit like everyone else in the mortgage business, & was recently forced to close his own small company. Yes we had gotten behind on our Tahoe, which has been moved to Drive Financial, but had just agreed on some agrrangements, AND just made a payment! They came that very day & took our Tahoe. Apparently, after speaking with someone there, it was a mistake & they wouldn't charge us the redemption fee. Gee, thanks! Meanwhile, we went all weekend without my car, & then we had to go Monday (quite a long way) to go pick up. It wasn't returned to us. I really meant to do something legally to them, or see what I could do, but things have been crazy, so I'm just trying to work 24/7 to keep a float. So, let this be a warning. If in Texas, keep your car in your garage!! I know in TX I've read that they can't get it out of your garage, it must be a peacefun repo.....if there is such a thing! Even if you're up to date on payments, Drive Financial is known to make mistakes such as the above mentioned, & then just say, Oops....sorry!. They need to be out of business. Riley r. McKinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #464867
Jun 25 2009
09:18 AM
Drive Financial Change of legal contract Dallas, Texas
THis is a formal complaint against Drive Financial. I purchased a vehicle with Chapman on Bell rd and 19th ave in phoenix az. Drive changed my payment and interest rate about 7months into the contract. I have contacted a contract attorney and we are going to start a class action suite against them. Matt Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
43, Report #443741
Apr 15 2009
09:43 AM
Drive Financial Bug-A-Boos Dallas, Texas
I am on the phone with drive fianacial asking them to explain how I have paid them 3000 in the last three months and I still owe over 900.00. I have paid more than I have owned. They told me because I am past my maturity date, the payment is being applied to my principle and interest . I told her when I made the payment of 500.00 on the 04/03/09 It was @ 1204.0, if you subtract 500.00 from that it leaves 700.00 but she (tonya) told me that brings me down to 900.00 I had to do basic math with her and tell her 12 - 5 = 7. SHe attempted to say that it some interest principle thing. I explained to her so every month I am paying an extra 200. SHe said I didn't say that. I explained to her since it changes by 200.00 every month common sense says, YES!!! I also explained to her that they were trying to get me to do a loan remodification to extend my loan. I told them I want to pay it off and not deal with you guys anymore. I should have done the loan remodification and just paid the 500.00 every two weeks and been done. Don't trust what they say because they aren't interested in helping you (esp. in this economy). The will do whatever it is to milk you for the most money. I asked her to put a supervisor on the phone and she put me on the phone and hung up, Thanks Tonya for your wonderful customer service!!!!! (LOL) If there is class action lawsuit I'm in!!! I owe 911.00 and will pay another 500.00, which should bring me down to 411.00 but if I don't pay all by the 4/29/09 and extra 200.00 will be assessed to my account. Crazy. Anybody have 411.00 I can borrow, LOL!!!!!!! Favor vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
44, Report #454419
May 22 2009
10:23 AM
DRIVE FINANCIAL Lies, hidden fee charges ect DALLAS Texas
This company has charged me over the requested amount on the deal. They have made it difficult for me to resolve this issue and have added new charges. I was out of work for about 3 months and i called them to ask them if i could deffer a payment until my income was reestablished and they told me that they would add them at the end of the note. Therefore i made several payments that were lower and higher than the actual payment and it was made to get it caught up. Then they are now stating that i am a month behind on my payments and i only have 1 payment left and im not behind they are stating that this payment is due immediately. I made a double payment of 706.00 in April and have made my payment for May. They are going to charge me 387.00 if not paid by 06/06/2009 and the payments are not due until 06/17/2009. Is this crazy? Please help me. They are ripping me off. Gloria Midland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
45, Report #496346
Sep 17 2009
10:25 AM
DRIVE Financial car loans ripp off winchester, Kentucky
drive financial now is Satander is charge $ 10.95 every time I paid electronics also the was harrasment because I was 3 days late i never been late no more than 10 days yesterday I was visitind a faily memer to the hospital when I got a phone call from tem  overhead pages i don't know how they find out i was in the hospital that time  I call back to htem telling you will never call me on that number i never gave this to you the Custumer Services they can call at any number if they want even I never gave the number to them PLEASE CAN ANYONE IS FILE FOR LAWSUIT PLEASELET ME KOW I BEEN PAYING MY CAR OVER 4 YEARS I STILL OWN 16000.00 THANKS
Entity: winchester, Kentucky
46, Report #475349
Jul 31 2009
01:39 PM
Drive Financial Rule of 78's Dallas Texas
All of you who have any credit issues need to be sure that you are not signing for a loan that uses the Rule of 78's to calculate interest. This is a VERY antuiquated, redatory type of loan. I, too had a loan from Drive Financial. When I refinanced out of the loan I learned I had not paid ANY principal. When Drive was pressed to answer why we found that our payments had all gone to interest that was calculated for the life of the loan and added to the front end. In some states these type of loans are illegal and they are typically only used by subprime lenders. Beware of this type of loan and be sure to ask if this is how your interest is calculated! Carpoor Ely, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
47, Report #428910
Feb 26 2009
07:42 PM
Drive Financial Poor Records Dallas Texas
They call late at night, make threats about reporting to credit buearu and make suggestions on how you should handle your personal finances. I have yet to receive a copy of all of the financial records of payment. Stephanie woolbright Capitol Heights, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
48, Report #437364
Mar 25 2009
12:11 AM
Drive Financial Runaround Dallas Texas
Drive Financial is expert at giving the runaround! We paid off our truck in December 2008, with never a late or missed payment. We signed over a $4,000 check from our insurance company as part of an early payoff deal since Drive would not sign the check over to us to get the repairs done until we had payed off the truck, and the insurance company had of course written the check to us and them. The deal was that check and two more payments, all of which we did. Since then, we have had nothing but problems. First, they were calling for a payment in January, and when told that we had made a deal, NO ONE knew about it. Fortunately I had made them give us the deal in writing before we did anything, and when presented with this, they immediately promised to fix the problem. February comes, still no title, and we get another past due statement. (Mind you, we are trying to get financing for a house during all this, so you can imagine this wasn't helping!) We call again, no one knows about the payoff. I have to go back to the original person we talked to and she again promises to fix it, it is all ok, just a clerical error, etc. March rolls around, still no title. We call and are told first that we have not payed off the truck and have an over due balance. Once again, we go through the story, I get transferred about 4 times and then the story goes to we accidentially released your title to the insurance company, give us a few weeks to get it back. What about the overdue balance? Oh, that will be fixed, clerical error, blah blah blah. So, I call my insurance company who is VERY helpful and does a thorough search and lo and behold, they do not have our title, never have, don't know anything about it. Called Drive back and told them this. They said oh, they do, but they don't know they do, etc. At this point my very frustrated husband mentioned the word attorney and boy did things change! Now they say we can have a title by the end of the week. Funny, since it was going to take a month or more before... Anyway, we will believe it when we see it. I don't know what the advantage is to them to give everyone the runaround like they are, but aside from being shady, incredibly hard to get ahold of, and apparently disorganized, they are without exception the rudest office staff I have dealt with ever. I have been disconnected, left on interminable hold, ignored, told to just hold my horses, I have had multiple unanswered messages/unreturned phone calls, and any number of other inexcusable customer service no-no's. I will NEVER deal with them again, and I would (and do) encourage everyone I talk to to not fall for their financing deals. Frustrated Used to live in TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
49, Report #436427
Mar 22 2009
12:51 AM
Drive Financial ripoff this company Texus
hi guy i have the same problem with others, they charge my bank account and they said it wasnt go through and post me as a past due and then the repo my car, so right now i dont have no car cuz they repo it, and they report to 3 credit beauru so i cant even finance with any company cuz of my current repo. i am a student who need the car to go to school to complete me goal, they dont even give me a chance i was late payment only 2 payment and i was paid them all, they said they bank didnt go through even it was showed it on my bank account. now i dont know what to do, just go school with friend and other family to drop me of and pick me up between school and work.. it's really terrible, i was cry all the time cuz i want to get the car real bad, but they turn me down every where, but they keep ask me why u run your credit alot, cuase it bring your score down , but they really stupid to ask me.. if i can get some why would i ran my credit, becuase they cant help me to get the cr that why i ran every where to find one who can help.. but no one... please do something to this company Aboupha las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Texus
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Feb 02 2009
06:21 PM
Drive Financial Buyers BEWARE Dallas Texas
Drive financial has been receiving weekly payments from my company starting October 2008. They say they arent receiving. Checks havent cleared the bank. We have received four checks back in the mail and they are now charging late fees as well as interest at the sum of 29%...We will take action We bought the van in June of 08 and not one single payment was processed the right way leaving cancelled check fees, late fees, and interest all on us, the consumer. Dont get sucked in by this company. We are looking to refinace this vehicle as quickly as possible L. roggow Goodrich, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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