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76, Report #251457
May 31 2007
01:18 PM
Drive Financial charge fees without notification Dallas Texas
My car is financed through Drive and I have accumulatedover $550 in late fees from being a day late here or there for the past 3 years. I had an issue with my car and had to make a payment a month late due to funds. They called and informed me I had a past due balance of $1400 and I almost had a stroke. They then said it was the late and current car payment. The rest was late fees that I didn't even know had been accumulating. I feel it is wrong for a company to charge such ridiculous late fees without informing you this is their policy before hand. If I would have know this, I would have defered the payments. Kelly Charlotte, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
77, Report #91337
May 13 2004
02:10 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Repo Man tells all on dealerships and drive financial Kansas City Texas
Repo man tells police about the shady practices of several dealerships that use drive financial. Police have started an investigation on these dealerships and drive financial and have stated that all information will be turned over to the attorney general and county attorneys for charges to be filed. Tom cleveland, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #68195
Oct 03 2003
12:24 PM
Drive Financial Drive Services ripoff and very deceptive practices Dallas Texas
I have had a car financed with Drive Financial for four years. Yesterday I just got out from under them. I have reported them to the Federal Trade Comm. I believe if they were reported more the might finally get shut down. They do lie to you, and violate every harrassment law the FTC has. I'll make it easy for you the # is 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357). The adress is Federal Trade Commission CRC-240 Washington, D.C. 20580. If enough people do this they be shut down . Dawn dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #384609
Oct 24 2008
07:04 PM
Drive Financial Richardard Tomlinson Houston Attorney filed class action 2006 against Drive Financial Dallas Texas
How is non of the Texans here know about the class action filed by Tonlinson law firm in Houston? It was filed in 2006. Just typed in class action lawsuits against Drive Financial & up it popped. We should all be so lucky to have one already started. And isn't it strange that none of the Drive agents have mentioned this????? L F North Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
80, Report #353918
Jul 21 2008
06:31 PM
I received a sub prime loan at Toyota of Lewisville who financed me at Drive Financial Services. I have never been late more than 30 days but they show my account 1 time over 30 because I made a payment online a couple of years ago and it would not take the one payment, but required 2 payments. I called Drive Financial and they told me to STOP payment on the check already sent and make the 2 payments. I did just that. Because I did what they said by stopping payment, my account cannot be paid by check because I stopped the payment at their request. Also, I sent a certified letter several months to have them call me so we could update some info including not to call my cell phone anymore but they could call after 2p at my job. They continue to call, harass me on my job and on my cell. They get me so mad I just start going off on them. They intentially are mean and vile to me. Everybody I have spoken to seems to treat me with anger and deceit. I cannot believe the Attorney General allows them to do business in Texas. I havent even been able to make an online payment at all. They have taken my checks over the phone several times but they claim they have not. I needed to make a payment tonight and I called, got some punk named Jessie and he was a real smart Ass. He has obviously not had any respect taught him and I want to find him really bad so I can see what type of person does this. I want a call from someone that can help me edit my file. They have miss typed and miss spelled some things. I have 2 more years to pay on this and I need a better way to communicate with them. Help! Keith Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
81, Report #448923
May 05 2009
10:39 AM
Entity: Dallas, Texas
82, Report #464084
Jun 23 2009
11:11 AM
Drive Financial Drive Financial Are Liars, and Thiefs Dallas Texas
I had quite a few issues with Drive Financial, I once had an agent call and tell me for the current month my car payment was $20.00 Cheaper because I had paid over a few months, so I put exactly the amount the agent informed me in my checking account, and Drive tried to take the full amount out, which made my account overdraft, and they offered nothing to try to assist me with the account they messed up. September 2008 the engine in my Infiniti QX4, and the mechanic I took it to, told me one price, then charged me something totally different, I contacted Drive and explained that a mechanic had charged me more to repair my vehicle, Drive stated they would pay the dealer for the vehicle, and add the rest to my auto loan, I agreed to this, because this seemed like a great way to get my car back, well after they did this, Drive informed me that my car was in repo status, and I would have to pay what the dealer was charging me, and a month in advance on my car note, which was a total $2500.00 which I could not afford, now I received a bill after my car had been auctioned off, the remaining balance is $7,000.00 Sjones134 Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
83, Report #439297
Mar 30 2009
07:14 PM
Drive Financial, Drive Financial called my husband's work so much it got him fired.. Dallas, Texas Pennsylvania
We financed a car through Drive Financial in 2007 and it has been a nightmare. We fell behind due to our daughter having special needs. They called my husbands work so much it actually got him fired. They call my house about fifteen times a day and try to be coy and block out the number. They have told me that they can call whenever they want. When I told them I could send them what I could they told me to sell something in my house, or go give PLASMA!! Could you even imagine? I have paid on this car for two years and the balance has not gone down at all. I have told them I am willing to let them come and repo the car and the man said I couldn't yet. I've had to shut my house phone off because they call so much, they call my mother's phone looking for me, she had to change her number, I'm just at my wits end. If there is a class-action lawsuit I would love to be involved. I can't take the harassment anymore, I'm at the end of my rope dealing with these people. Please help. Sam HAMLIN, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pennsylvania
84, Report #245580
Apr 25 2007
07:18 AM
DRIVE FINANCIAL Count Me In On Lawsiut! Drive Financial is a RIP OFF!! Dallas Texas
Entity: Dallas, Texas
85, Report #296885
Jan 04 2008
02:08 AM
Drive Financial Dallas Tx. Breach of Contract by Drive Financial? Dallas Texas
Before I start I just want to say that I understand that there is a high intrest payment on my loan, I knew that when I signed the contract. I also understand that I will be paying on the intrest more money than what I am paying for the actual car. Now here is where everything goes kinda Blahhh. On June 2nd of 2007 I got an email saying that I could get financed on a new car, and seeings that I have very poor credit and in desperate need of a dependable car I jumped in. I have issues with the dealership that sold me the car because I feel that the worker there took advantage of me because he saw the word sucker plastered on my head, but that is a different topic. My main issue is with Drive Financial. My intrest is 24.9% over 5 years with a monthly payment of 422.00 a month. So I will be paying 30,000 for a 15000 dollar car by the end of my contract. I was told by the dealership that I can refinance after a year for a lower intrest and possibly lower car payment. When I spoke to a rep with Drive financial I was told they do not refinance. So I was mislead there. I told the rep that 422 dollars was a lot of money to come out of one paycheck so would it be possible to split my payment so that I am paying half of the payment bi-weekly, and I was told that I could do that. So I paid a months payment then called Drive two weeks later and was ready to make my first half payment and it was then that I was told that they do not accept half payments that will go towards the principle. They will take that money and put it towards the intrest but I still have to pay the full monthly amount of 422 each month. I was also told that if I have a due date of the 2nd of each month that even if they recieve the check on the 2nd of each month, I am still charged a daily intrest fee of 10.40 because it takes 5-7 days to process the check. Well just because someone does not want to get up and go the the bank does not mean that I should have to pay for them being lazy plain and simple. I make sure that my bank send out my payment so that it is recieved before or on the due date, so I should not have to pay any daily intrest fees. I was told that there are two ways I can avoid those daily intrest fees. One is doing a check, or debit card over the phone, but that is an additional 10.95 per transaction, or I can allow Drive to automatically deduct the payments out of my account each month. Well I do not know about you guys, but I do not want anyone having access to my checking account except me and maybe my wife (depending on if she lets me buy what I want :) ) I do not know the laws in Texas but I do know that here in Cleveland Ohio that is illegal for them to charge daily intrest fees when they have recieved my payment, just because they do not deposit it right away. When trying to dispute that with them, it resulted in them hanging up on me Now here is what REALLY gets me steamed. I was told that each day my payment is late I am charged 10.40 per day for each day that my payment is late. I am also charged an additional 10.40 if my payment is more than 30 days late which means that depending on how many days are in a certain month I can owe over 320 just in intrest alone for one month. Something about that did not seem right so I decided to look at the contract that I signed with the dealership, and on my contract it states that if my payment is MORE than 10 days late I am charged either $15 or %5 percent whichever is greater. Nowhere does it state what Drive mentioned to me. When I called Drive and explained that to them, the lady on the other end told me to hold on so that she could look at my contract. She came back and few minutes later and here is what she said. Unfortunatly the daily service charge is not in your contract, but that is something that Drive Financial does When I tried to dispute it with her and inform her that you can not have me pay something that I was not informed about, or that is not in my contract, the phone call somehow got disconnected. Now granted if you want to avoid the late charges then you need to make your paymenrs on time, but at least in my situation, my credit is bad and so I am high risk to begin with. Trust me I want to pay for this car because I want to rebuild my credit, but Drive knew I was high risk that is why I am paying 24.9 percent intrest. But trust me on this, had I known about the daily intrest fees, I would of walked to work and saved 400 dollars a month till I could afford to but a junker for a few grand. I have come across some rude reps, but I think what really gets me upset is the lack of knowledge the workers have. I am told so many different things by so many different employees, and none of them equal what I was told by the previous rep. But the one thing every single one of them gets correct is When can we expect payment, and how to hang up the phone when you want to dispute something with them. So whoever wants to do the class action lawsuit count me in. I do not know how you can reach me, but at least through here we can keep in contact. Thank You Roger Roger Cleveland-Strongsville, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Financial
Entity: Dallas, Texas
86, Report #298307
Jan 09 2008
12:18 AM
Drive Financial, Drive Financial Messed Up My Bank Account Dallas Texas
In December of 2007, I called Drive Financial to change the due date of my autopay draft that reoccurs every month from my bank on the 2nd. I requested that the date be changed to the 25th of every month, as my rent check comes out around the 1st of every month and I cannot afford both my rent and car payment at the same time of month. The associate then changed my monthly due date to the 25th of every month. On the evening of Saturday, January 5th, 2008, I checked my online banking account and saw that Drive Financial had still autodrafted my car payment of $263.28 from my account on January 2nd. This caused my bank account to be overdrawn and immediately, a $36.50 charge was assessed. I had some other ACH payments that would be coming out and knew that those, too, would be assessed overdraft fees. I tried to call Drive Financial right away but they had already closed and no one would be available until Monday. I did, however, send an email to Drive's customer service explaining my situation, but figured no one would be around to read it until Monday. On Sunday, 1/6/07, I called my bank and spoke with a rep. He was very helpful and told me that if Drive refunded the $263.28 then my bank would also reverse every overdraft fee that occurred due to Drive's negligence. Around 9:00am on 1/7/08, I called Drive Financial and spoke with a Customer Service Associate (CSA), Deann*. I explained the situation and requested a supervisor right away. She put me on hold and after holding for about 8 minutes, I was disconnected. This, of course, did not make me happy. I called back again at about 10:30 and this time talked to a CSA named Sandra*. Sandra transferred me to a supervisor, Irene*. I had to explain my situation again to Irene, and she told me that if I faxed in a refund request to accounting, they could issue me a refund. I asked if I could just speak with the department myself and she said that was not possible and all she had was a fax number for them. So, I faxed them my bank statement, along with my refund request. Irene told me it takes 3-5 days for a refund to occur but stated she would put a rush on it for me, as I have no money in my bank account. I immediately faxed the request to the Accounting department at Drive and received confirmation from my fax machine that it transmitted OK. I called my bank back, to again clarify that if Drive refunded the payment then my bank would reverse the overdraft fees that occur. I spoke with a bank rep, and she did indeed confirm this. Today, 1/8/08, I called Drive again to make sure that they are on the ball with processing my refund request. I spoke with a CSA, Karen*, and told her I would like to talk to Accounting to make sure they got my fax and were taking care of my request. She did not seem to know anything of my situation, as there were apparently no notes in their system about my issue. Furthermore, she said, Accounting was only accessible by fax and I could not talk to them and neither could she. I then requested that my autodrafts each month be cancelled, as I did not want this to happen again. She said that I had to fax my request in writing at least 30 days in advance before my next autodraft. Fuming, I hung up. But I was not satisfied with this recent conversation and decided to do some web research about Drive Financial. To my dismay, I came across many unhappy reviews of customers of Drive Financial. This disturbed me. Even more worried about Drive's customer policies and procedures, I called them back, determined to mine more info about my case and why they made such a bad error with my payment. I reached Deann, whom I had spoken with on 1/7/08. I again demanded a supervisor and she transferred me right away, to Irene again. I told Irene that Karen had no notes in the system about my issue and Irene seemed confused. She had all the information in front of her, so why Karen didn't was beyond me, and Irene, too, apparently. However, I politely insisted on speaking with Accounting, and like Karen, Irene told me that the department was only accessible by fax. I stated that they can't possibly be inaccessible. Were there guards blocking the department with a stone wall around it? She said to try calling back in a couple more days to see if there was an update from Accounting in the system regarding a refund for me. I asked that she herself try to reach them and find out for me if my fax was at least received. She said that she wasn't sure and that the call volume was pretty high and that I would most likely have to wait awhile. I told her that was fine I didn't mind the hold time. She muttered something under her breath, to which I'm not sure what it was, and put me on hold for about 20 minutes. The conversation that follows next was so upsetting that it was what fueled my decision to file a dispute against Drive's auto payment and thus form this site.A woman picked up the line and asked if she could help me. I said Hello .is this Accounting? The woman said that no, it was not. I was confused I thought Irene transferred me to Accounting, I said, and the woman said that she was a supervisor, at my request. Hmm.I had thought Irene was a supervisor, but anyways.. I explained my situation to this new woman, who called herself Ms. Johnson*. When I explained that I wanted Accounting to refund me for Drive's error, she got very condescending with me. She said that it was my job to change my autodraft date with Drive apparently online. She said that although my due date for my payment was changed to the 25th, it was my responsibility to also make sure the autodraft date was changed to the 25th. I explained that I thought that was taken care of in December when I called to have my date changed. She said that just because my due date changed doesn't mean the autodraft date changed to the 25thit can't change itself! she remarked. I told her that in December, the CSA whom I had spoken with should've let me know that the autopay date had to be changed its an automatic assumption that when you change your due date, that's when the payment will be deducted from your bank! She claimed that it was in no way Drive's fault that I didn't realize this. She said I needed to go online and fix it myself. So, with Ms. Johnson on the phone, I went into Drive's website, went into my account and searched all over for the section where I change my autopay date. It was not to be found. I kept telling her this, and she kept telling me well, it should be on there! And, it wasn't. Finally, Ms. Johnson must have believed me that it wasn't on there, so she put me on hold. When she got back on the phone, she told me again that it wasn't Drive's fault and not to be sarcastic, ma'am, but it really is your fault. I proceeded to argue with her that Drive's CSA should've have told me that the autodraft needed to be changed as well. Why else would I change my due date?? There's no point in changing it to the 25th and still having it deducted on the 2nd!! That's not going to help me out in any way! I said that someone there must be capable of changing it in their system over the phone for me. Ms. Johnson said that no one at Drive Financial can change my autodraft date except for me online. She insisted to fax in a request to change my autodraft date, which is odd, because I had thought that no one there could do it for me (since she just told me that it could only be done online!). I also requested again that my autodrafts be stopped and she said to fax that in, too. She also said that Drive will not issue me a refund and that they will also not be paying any of my overdraft fees, as it was my fault in the first place. I yelled, so Drive is not going to be paying any of my overdraft fees, either? to which she raised her voice, and in a very exasperated tone and stated no! I was very upset, as Irene had assured me that I could get a refund. As we still continued to argue, I hung up on her eventually. By this time, I was in tears. I calledmy bank, yet again, and spoke with a very nice rep. I told him the whole scenario. He said that he would get a dispute started for me and also informed me that I would be getting at least four more overdraft charges. He said that a dispute won't happen right away and that it would take some time. He faxed me a dispute form for me to sign and made sure I attached a document showing my monthly due date for Drive when I faxed it back. I tried one last time to talk to a competent person at Drive. I went to their website, went into my account, and clicked on Online Chat. An associate named Carla* chatted with me, and what was curious was that Carla told me that she wasn't so sure I would even have access to change my autodraft date online, which was the opposite of what Ms. Johnson told me. With Carla's help, I was actually able to discontinue my autodrafts with Drive so that this does not happen again. However, the issue with a refund and my loss of money is still in progress. *Name has been changed for privacy Anonymous Anonymous, OregonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Financial
Entity: Dallas, Texas
87, Report #301279
Jan 18 2008
12:06 PM
Drive Financial Services Drive Financial Criminal Dallas Texas
I have been a customer of Drive Financial Services since April, 2003 (that gives you an idea of how much money I have given them). Now I'm at the end and the balance on my vehicle is $4,660.92 after 45 payments. This is ridiculous. I have just made my June, 2008 payment and only have 5 more payments through November, 2008. If I'm ahead on my payments why do I owe so much still. When I called the lovely Drive Customer Service I got a lot of double talk and you don't understand, until the woman finally hung up on me. I have paid long and hard and enough is enough. I know I don't owe $4,660.92 and I'm not going to pay it. What everyone on this site and who visits and reads these reports on Drive needs to do is take them to Small claims court for starters. Lawyers are very expensive and Small claims court cost filing and serving fees. If enough people bring this to Judges attention the over abundance of fees and interest and illegal tactics Drives uses something can be done. If Small Claims doesn't work then pay a lawyer it cann't cost much more than what Drive rips you off for. I sent a letter to the President on December 11 with no response to date and I don't expect he will respond. Why should he they are getting away with treating subprime lenders this way. We may have been subprime lenders but we work hard for our money and deserve to be treated fair and equitable. I intend to take Drive to Small Claims Court and to file a report with the Better Business Bureau in Baltmore; but I have no intention on paying them $4,660.92 they will get $1,770.55 which is the balance of 5 payments I owe them. I want the title to my car and if they don't give it to me I will file Small claims papers against them and if that doesn't work I will pay an attorney. I believe Drive is also somehow teamed up with Wells Fargo and they are being investigated in Baltimore for illegal subprime lending tactics. The small people can make a difference wright letters and lobby your Mayor's, local Delegates, and Congressman. If enough people speak up about Drive maybe something can be done or they can be put out of business. I understand people with credit issues want a company that will take a risk but this is beyond a risk. Drive is criminal! Please if there is a lawyer reading this report take this case as a Class Action lawsuit....Please! Debbie Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
88, Report #302764
Jan 23 2008
05:11 PM
Drive Financial Drive Financial miss posted my payment Dallas, Texas
I made my payment as usual, always sent it certified mail. Well this time they miss posted my payment for the wrong amount. No big deal right? Wrong, this payment was made in August of 2007 and now it is January 08 and they still have not fixed the miss processed payment. They ran the payment for only half the amount, my bank notified them that the check was wrongly processed and then made the corrections. Drive Financial kept billing me for the difference and after talking to them they kept telling me that the check (for half the amount) was sent back NSF. I am a Bank Manager ok and I told them that it was a payment that was possessed wrong and for the wrong amount and that all the monies have come out of my account, the total payment was made. I then proceeded to fax them a dozen times over the next months the bank information that clearly shows the error and the correction that was made and showing all the money that had come out of my account. They keep saying that they never received the fax. I faxed it to every number they gave me, at least eight different numbers. So I sent it certified mail and they signed for it on December thirteenth. Today I got a final notice in the mail for intent to repo my car because they refuse to correct this error that they did. The repo amount is for; get this, $200.00 on a Thirty thousand dollar car that I have made every payment on time. In talking to them they told me that they started working in the information I had mailed to them on January 11th. I was a bit upset by this because I had sent this stuff a month earlier and they are just now working on it. Seeing the information they still won't call off the dogs. They are trying to get me to double pay and they keep reporting the messed up payment to the credit company. My payment is 517 and for 200 bucks they want to repo my car!!! Dealing with these people have been a nightmare, they are rude, insulting and keep telling me my check for 517 was NSF for 200!?!? How can that be I asked them and they call me ignorant. You can't partially cash a check. I have sent them clear proof of this issue and they are not interested in fixing it. I need help!! So add me to this class action. They are the worst so I am going to refi with a different company just so I don't ever have to deal with them. Blake Saint Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
89, Report #197226
Jun 19 2006
11:30 PM
Drive Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I have nothing nice to say about drive at all the are very rude. I called to get my due date changed and the girl on the phone at drive told me it would not be a problem to chage it to the 25 of the month but when i called them back to make sure it had been done the other lady told me it was no record of me trying to get it changed and that i could not change it for that day any way they only could go until 5 days after the due date. This company has no idea what customer satisfaction is. Also i am paying twice of what my vehicle is worth. It would seem like since they are already riping you off they should do what ever to make the clients happy. I will be interested in suing the heck out of these people. I was a day late because my due date fell on a weekend and they were already calling me before i could go and pay it and then said i owed them 20.00 dollars because i was two days late. I really got a bad deal all the way with this vehicle the car dealer was shady and the finance company is too. To all the consumers in the world beware and do your home work on the car dealer as well as the finance company. Latonya tarrant, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
90, Report #136170
Mar 23 2005
04:20 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff! Drive has done some weird things to me, too. Dallas Texas
i hate struggling with drive also. since april 2004, i had been asking for a statement of my account. i just received it in an email yesterday. they have called me and told me i was late on my payments and added some extra fees... i was actually ahead by a month, which should have been wrong because i was paying an extra 20.00 towards principle and they hadn't applied it there. they have even applied .59 to my principle payment and the other 212.00 to interest. i have been yelled at, misdirected to some fax number which noone answers, and they had listed two different accounts on my credit reports. they claim to system upgrades this phrase is a lie. they had me spend 5.00 to fax a letter to some bogus fax number to remove the incorrect information and also to reapply my payments correctly. i am sick and tired of calling them only to answer the same questions over and over again. they HAVE to be doing illegal stuff to charge the interest rates they do...compounded daily. class action needs to come in affect somewhere for this business to get a grip. i have even been hung up on by some kid. Christine florissant, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #161232
Oct 18 2005
06:58 PM
Drive Financial don't take a loan with Drive, take the bus! It's less hassle. Ripoff Dallas Texas
I too wish to be a part of the class action lawsuit, I know exactly what everyone is talking about. None of it is made up or exaggerated, it's all true. Please count me in. Lu ann Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
92, Report #314168
Mar 03 2008
08:20 AM
Drive Financial Drive is no good for anything except lieing Dallas Texas
Please include mr if there is a lawsuit. I have been with drive for 2 years now and have had nothing but horrible service from them. You never get the same person twice when you call and if you ask for a so calles supervisor you get the guy the next phone over I am sure. I was trying to better myself and save my home from forclosure so I declared bankruptcy well the case was dismissed by the courts due to some numbers not working for the bank, well drive came and repossed my car with not so much as a letter or phone cal asking if I wanted to bring the account current. I would have been glad to pay them as it was my lawyers suggestion to add them to the case. They have told me they could not contact me because of being in bankruptcy, but if the case was dismissed then I was no longer in bankruptcy and they should of called. They one thing that really pi**es me off is they sent the repo company to my wifes place of employment and snatched the vehicle from there, leaving her embrassed and having to answer everyones questions, not really knowing what was happing herself. I then get a letter saying I can pay 400 dollars and reinstate my contract so I call them only to hear I have been lied to again and I hav to pay 4000 dollars. The excuse this time was the letter is computer generated and they can do nothing about it, I told em turn the computer off then and honor what thier company mails out. But they just enjoy ruining lives I guess Keith Ellenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
93, Report #326257
Apr 15 2008
01:32 PM
Drive Financial Services drive is a rip off Dalles Texas
After reading all these letters I am so sick. I to am and have been a victum of this company. I lost my job and after months of trying to get stuff back together I to was harrased at home all hrs of the night. After getting caught up with payments I requested a deferment which they did grant. But not with out finding out that they had lost my payment, found it then reversed my payment and never gave me credit for it. Ater a few months of fighting with them and contacting all superviors that I could. I finally got the answers that I needed. Please stop these people and there poor treatment to people and low class clowns that run this company. I'm in for the class action, Place, time. and fax number Lets get them and show them that consumers have rights too! Iris San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dalles, Texas
94, Report #276554
Oct 01 2007
08:06 AM
Drive Financial Someone Please Send Drive Agents a copy of the FDCPA laws!! Dallas Texas
I work both sides of the industry and can tell you I have never been talked to like I was talked to by a rep at drive. I worked at GMAC who is very conservative and does not ever talk down to their customers. I am a single mother and have found myself having to use a sub-prime lender due to credit issues. For the person stating fix your credit and you wont have to deal with scum like Drive, I hope you never go through a difficult time in your life so that you have to eat those words. I am not going to make excuses I am an adult and in trying to face my mistakes I contacted drive to let them know that I was in a situation where I needed to send a payment the next day and then again another one within a 2 week time frame. Mind you, I am a skip agent and work for several repossession companies, I know the laws very well and am aware that I am in the wrong and do not treat the customers I speak with aggressively or disrespectfully, I just make them aware of the laws in Texas and what would be the outcome if they did not make payment or arrangements. Drive is not at all using the laws of Texas. I spoke to a rep who yelled at me at least 10 times where is the truck without even taking a breath, she then asked me if I was ashamed of myself for not making a payment. I have a message on my voicemail (which by the way they are not allowed to leave a message on unless it spacifically states your name on the voice mail message that you create, and mine does not) her message was horrible!! I then asked her why was she talking to me that way, and reminded her it is against the law to say what she was saying. The rep would not stop screaming so I had to disconnect the call. I got home, looked up the company leaders, sent an email asking someone to call and listen to my voicemail message that their agent sent. I then received another call from another agent asking if I wanted a courtesy program to get me caught up on my delinquent balance. I told the agent of the last agents manner which she admitted was not right, and that my vehicle was not in repossession status for her to even request the truck. Where do they get these employees? Do they not train them the laws of collection before giving them a phone and a persons personal information? We should know what kind of person is looking at our social security numbers and drivers license numbers...I will let you know why after I am done with contacting an attorney on this case because I know what kind of people they are, I have an inside scoop just exactly what kind of people they are giving our information to and you will not like what I know. Michelle Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
95, Report #296740
Jan 03 2008
03:36 PM
Santander Consumer USA AKA Drive DRIVE FINANCIAL- NO Ending Nightmare Arlington Dallas Texas
I have been with Drive Financial since July 2007. Since my credit is no good they were the only one which financed my car. BIG MISTAKE. I have made payment to them since that time, not always on time the first of the month.... I can believe that this company costantly harrasses you by phone on your job, during holidays (I am not kidding also Xmas Evening I got a phone call) Sundays and most of everything you must speak to some MONKEY who they do not even know how to pronounce your name. If you make a payment through their web site they charge you to send money to them (convenience fee). IT IS A RIP OFF and I am thinking to tell them to take a hike. DO NOT FINANCE from them as they are a bunch of thieves, but most of all incompetent idiots. Francesco Belleville, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
96, Report #63351
Jul 10 2003
10:42 PM
Drive Financial harrassed us by phone till we felt abused & mistreated Dallas Texas
Anyone who has had to deal with this company knows what an absolute nightmare they are. My loan payments were not posted to my account properly and Drive was not willing to explain anything to me. They would call my husband at work when our payment was not there 1 day after its due date. They would call him 5 to 7 times in one day at work, then leave approx. 4-5 messages at our home that same day. They will call and call until you have just lost it !! They will say they are coming to get your car when its not even late ! One employee of Drive even threaten to come kick my husbands ass when my husband yelled at him for calling and harassing us. After a year of abuse I finally contacted the better buisness bureau. Boy, I wish I had thought of that sooner. I received a letter and a correct break down of my payment and have not received one phone call since ! The better buisness bureau handled this quickly and I was very impressed. Drive Financial needs to be put out of buisness for the abuse and improperly posting payments on accounts. BE CAREFUL AND DEMAND BETTER SERVICE !!! Tina Bay Area, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
97, Report #419068
Feb 02 2009
10:24 AM
Drive Financial RUDE and useless employees... Dallas Texas
So today I made a payment of $714 to get my payments caught up. I paid by Western Union, so they should have it within an hour. I called and asked them why I was still unable to look at my account online or why I hadn't received an email saying that a payment has been posted. Terry hung up on me after I informed him that a lady there once put me on hold, did something on her computer...and what do you know...I could look at my account online. LOL I guess Terry is having a bad day, because I called again and Tiffany said to try back in a couple of hours and I should be able to look at the activity on my account and that she would send me and email that the payment has been posted to my account. She was nice, so if you MUST deal with Drive Financial...try asking for her. I can't stand this company either, constantly harrassing you. Calling all hours of the day, from numerous numbers. Calling my cell and work repeatedly. I HATE this company, but I have to have a car. And I don't want a repo on my credit, as if my credit isn't bad enough...that's why I had to go through them. So best of luck to anyone who HAS to use this company! Luvulotts4ever Ft. Walton Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
98, Report #482647
Aug 19 2009
06:55 PM
Drive Financial Santander Deceptive, criminal, ignorant, Los Angeles, California
What a group of rip-off artists! This company needs to be brought to it's knees!   I too am a victim of Drive Financial's harassing tactics and unscrupulous ways. I've always made my payments on time. Since April I have been harassed for a payment they claim that they did not receive.  I have proof that not only did they receive my April payment, but they cashed it.  Instead of them tracking the payment, they harass me and tell me that I have to pay late fees for this payment and that I remain a month behind on my payments.  They have poor customer service skills.  They talk down to you with such disrespect and seem to find it to be funny.  It's like owing ignorant loan sharks.  I am willing to join any class action suit against these people because there is strength in numbers and they need to be stopped. Let's get them! Rachel
Entity: Los Angeles, California
99, Report #499970
Sep 24 2009
03:00 PM
DRIVE FINANCIAL Santander Another victim of this company.... Rochester, New York
My wife recieved two statements for her truck payment.  1 from Drive & 2 days layter one from Santander.   We never heard or dealt with Santander before.  The numbers didn't match, so wifey called to find out what was going on.  Because whe had never heard of Santander before she asked for them to send some type of statement proving that Santander bought out, took over or what ever the situtation was to send them the payment.  After three months we still received nothing.  In August a repo man came to get the vechicle.  I spoke with him, showed hims our paperwork and he stated that he was working for Drive & never heard of Santander himself.  To avoid any trouble I let him take the vechicle because he had the cops with him. He gave m e his number & said give him   acouple of days to see what he can find out.  2 days later he called & said he had to retun the vechicle.  But I  had to pay him $200 for he's fees.   Ok, we were happy to have our truck back.  It was our only mode of transportation & we have kids still in school.  I called Drive & got Santander's customer service rep.  As other's have expressed they were rude & talk down to people.  They refused to send any doucumentation of their takeover of Drive & also could not even tell me when they had been given the account.  They sent the repo man again & still have the nerve to call asking for a payment!!  Still they cannot tell me why I have 2 bills with different amounts....PLEASE inculde us in any type of case.  They need to be stopped!!
Entity: Rochester, New York
100, Report #396911
Dec 02 2008
09:35 AM
Drive Financial Services The loan that never ends...... Dallas Texas
I financed a vehicle through Drive Financial on September 2007. My payments are around 400.00 a month. Every month when I check my statement, I notice my balance doesn't seem to be going down. 15 months into this loan I have only reduced my balance by 1,100 dollars. Everytime I contact Drive I am given different explainations as to why the majority of my payment is being applied to interest. The majority of my payments have been on time but no one is able to tell me why each month different amounts are applied to principle and interest. On one month 28.00 went to principle the remainder was applied to interest. How am I ever going to get out of this loan. If anyone can offer me some advice I would appreciate it. Kak9255 mt.airy, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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