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1, Report #5023
Apr 26 2001
12:00 AM
well folks, this is a funny one. anyone out there been ripped off by an ebay dealer? those who say yes will get no help from their investigative team called safeharbor. they have told me that they just dont have enough staff to conduct investigations and i kind of feel for them. If youre company was only worth a few billion you would be short staffed too :)..the peopl ethey do have do essebtialy nothing exceot to send you a standard form letter asking you to dump a truckoad of evidecne on the doorstep of the law. ...i think its bad enough being ripped off without assembling the evidence and prosecting the villains yourself. with all the money ebay makes they could hire an entire fleet of ace detectives. but no, they are so cheap, they pick unskilled personnel to send out form letters to the victimised. i have been complaining about this gang od thugs who use several names and the same address to cheat and otherwise dupe the puclic. just for the record their seller names of artofthor, thor32, junkless, juxtaposer, and posterbunny. three of these people are stil suspended as was thor. But what does ebay do when they let these scum back? they made them what is called a powerseller which is kind of a hallmark of credibilty. they dodos are the enemies of the people and supprtive folks should write to safeharbor@ebay.com or founder@ebay.com to exporess your solidarity with al the victims of ebat ripoffsa that go unprotected.....thanks for listening and remeber STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING...........rick stein
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #632249
Aug 17 2010
10:41 AM
eBay payp[al Internet
This may make no sense but im really upset that when i went  to pay for an item on ebay it wouldnt let me use our debit card. It is a mastercard and now I am afraid that we are goin to get a bad review and thats not cool. This is our only account and we could just go and get a prepaid visa or something but its just the purpose of convience.. When I am trying to use our credit card to make a purchase and am denied that makes me feel useless. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anyways to get around the bad reviews?? should i just tell the person what happened??
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #126656
Jan 10 2005
09:49 AM
Ebay ripoff overcharges dont sell on ebay Internet
Why do people sell on ebay? there are other auctions that do not charge you rediculous rates. I listed 30 items as you almost have to just to sell one or two things. i wound up oweing ebay more than i made. a lot more. ebay makes money, you dont. then if you cant pay their redicules fees, they ban you from selling or buying. well dont worry ebay, i will not be back. there are plenty of auctions that only charge if you sell your item. Jimmy monticello, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #92417
May 21 2004
09:40 AM
Ebay MY Ebay Internet Nationwide
While not a monetary ripoff, Ebay has implemented a new format for their My Ebay page. They have essentially stolen the old My Ebay page and replaced it with garbage. There has been an immediate NEGATIVE response by buyers and sellers alike. Approximately 88% of all people giving feedback to Ebay HATE the new format, with many ending their auctions and taking their business elsewhere. Ebay, appearantly, doesn't care about their users as their stance has basically been If you don't like it, tough! (my quotes). I would recommend that anyone thinking about buying or selling items on the internet find a different site than Ebay to do it. At least pick one that cares and listens to it's users. Dick Florence, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #800272
Nov 20 2011
11:25 PM
eBay eBay Ripoff! Internet
I have been a long time seller since 2004 and their service has rapidly declined. They give the excuse they hold my money because I'm a new seller; which I'm not. I have lost over 1,000 dollars in refunds because they refuse to pay me my money. I can't afford the shipping costs out of pocket. They charge me $118 a month when 80 percent of my item don't even sell. They refuse to pay me but expect me to keep paying them in fees ( money I don't have) because they hold my money. I have spent several hours in disconnected phone calls & stuck on hold. Just to be transferred over and over because no wants to explain to me why they restrict my account and take my money. I have 100% percent positive feedback and I always shipped my items out the same day a buyer bought from me. Paypal has explained they hold funds because ebay tells them too. Its an endless cycle that neither one wants to take the blame. eBay claims it Pay Pals fault and transfers me there. Pay pal says it ebay's fault. Absolutely no solution at all. Its my money and my belongings!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #650886
Oct 14 2010
11:10 AM
Ebay Ebay and paypal Internet
Recently, ebay removed a listing for security reasons, I had already purchased and paid for the product from the seller. The items finally arrived after a month, and are garbage! Ebay's buyer protection was supposed to cover this! However ebay now allows this type of store providing they are from outside of the country! Customer support is of no help, it is now in india and they seem to enjoy stealing from Americans. Ebay and paypal are the same company.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #925685
Aug 10 2012
08:33 PM
eBay ebay, fraud, fna auction value Internet
On August 7, I received payment for an ended auction from an eBay buyer. According to eBay's polices, they held the payment until the buyer received the item, which was marked as delivered and signed for by the buyer on August 9. The buyer was not happy with the item, so I offered a full refund once they returned the item and the funds cleared. Instead, the buyer demanded a full refund prior to returning. I contacted eBay regarding this and they stated it was up to the buyer to return the item and that, unless they filed a dispute, I would not receive the funds. The buyer filed a dispute. When I contacted eBay, they stated that the funds would be held indefinitely until the dispute was resolved and the the buyer was the only one who could decide if the dispute was resolved. They also stated that it would take 72 hours before decision could be made and--given that I had messages from the buyer stating they would not return the item--it was not likely the decision would be in the buyer's favor. In the mean time, the funds would not be released and the buyer was able to decide on whether they would keep the item or return it. I called eBay several times on August 10 to get this situation straightened out, but the Resolution Department was not able to assist. So, about one hour after my conversation with a supervisor in the Resolution Department, I logged into eBay to see if, by chance, the buyer had responded to the dispute. to my surprise, there was a message from eBay stating the case had been reviewed and was found in the buyer's favor. Now, I am out the item (which was expensive) and eBay has kept the funds and stated they are not likely to be released to me.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #289532
Dec 06 2007
06:35 PM
I was trying to sell a car on ebay and during the process there was fraud on our account, so they agreed to give us credit to sell another item..sounds great i thought so they did as they promised and gave me the credit. Well within the next three weeks we were trying ot sell more items and the same thing happened, this time they did not agree to reverse the fees because they said that there wasn't fraud when I had many e-mails proving so. I have been fighting with them for over a month over a 5.50 charge that they will not reverse. I am done fighting with them it is not the money that is the problem it is the matter of fact! Jasmine riverside, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1058830
Jun 13 2013
09:20 AM
Ebay Ebay Does Not Protect Sellers  Internet
I have been a user of Ebay since 2010 primarily as a buyer but in the last several months I started selling large quantities of products with them and in addition opened an ebay store subscription. What I found was that ebay charged large fees to sell and did not prottect me as the seller from fraudulant buyers at all. Ebay's Buyer protection and feedback system creates the perfect enviroment for people to commit fraud on sellers using the buyer protection plan and feedback as tools to do it. I experienced people buying items then demanding partial refund in return for positive feedback, I experienced people buying items then 45 days later requesting refund with nothing wrong with the item they purchassed and I experienced absolutely no backing from ebay to assist and stop such buying practices. In addition because of ebay's policies my funds were held so I could not get the money paid by legitimate buyers for my products, my bank account was indangered of overdraft even with funds in my paypal account from buyers overall I had no safety in selling on ebay and suffered loss in profit because of them. Ebay offers a 45 day return policy regardless if the buyer is presentin false claim in order to get refund with evidence to prove fraudulant claim and regardless of facts and discriptions along with listing photographs. If you sell on ebay in my opinion you leave yourself wide open to be overcharged to do so and you are leaving yourself wide open to theft. You also leave your personal finances at the fingers of ebay basically by listing with ebay your investment in product becomes turned over to them with you doing all the work. In the end you get what is left over after ebay, paypal and fraud takes its portion of your sales.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1152448
Jun 05 2014
02:48 PM
eBay eBay Rip-off Internet
We recently discovered that Ebay charges an insertion fee of $ 20.00 not only when you start a listing but MONTHLY for as long as your listing is not sold, and this is regardless of how low your asking price is.This charge is collected if you place an item for sale in their imaging category. When you look at their fee schedule for this category, it prominently displays an insertion fee of $ 20.00 and a selling fee of 4% of the selling price. You have to dig in into their fine print to find out that this is a MONTHLY charge (it took us 45 minutes to get to the right screen that says that this is a monthly charge).What a rip-off !!! We just tallied our charges and they amount to over $ 600.00. Over $ 320.00 for an item that we were trying to sell for $ 250.00.They call this fee an insertion fee. How can they justify collecting in perpetuity? You only insert an item once, when you start your listing.We wonder how many eBay customers have been riped-off this way
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1076326
Aug 16 2013
05:59 AM
EBAY NetNuetral EBAY Feedback deceptive - Netneutrals Internet
Sellers pay a fee to netnuetrals.com to have your ebay buyer feedback removed.  This is obsured!  if I leave feedback based on my experience how can ebay remove it saying it doesn't contain facts.   How can your seller experience be based on all facts?  IE: The person representing the company is rude to me or doesn't deliver as promised?  How can you base that on fact?   Its a money making scam and I am looking to start a class action law suit against this.   The seller gets to continue to sell cars until the dispute is redolved.  Do you know how many cars a seller could sell in two weeks?  Others buy a car based off the feedback of the seller.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1131047
Mar 16 2014
10:18 AM
eBay Questionable eBay Practice Internet
eBay is running a promotion via its internal messaging system. Here is the spam-like heading of the message:Your $10 Coupon expires soon.But the recipient has no such coupon. The body of the message tells the recipient how to earn such a coupon. SPECIAL OFFERList and sell an item by March 19, 2014, and get a $10 eBay Coupon when it sells.**But that's not necessarily true. There are undisclosed conditons to be met that are revealed if the recipient clicks on a box that says Get $10Nowhere in the email does it say that the recipient should click on anything. Nowhere are the additional hyper-linked conditions revealed unless the recipient correctly guesses that there might be something hidden.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #1258185
Sep 30 2015
11:08 AM
Myra Soto via Ebay Ebay, Myra Soto Burbank Internet
Myra Soto of (((Redactedzz000 Burbank California (((Redacted)))is a DEADBEAT EBAY BIDDER. She bid on my ebay auction and NEVER PAID ME!She cost me 85.00 to date. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1227037
May 05 2015
01:48 PM
eBay eBay screws buyers Internet
I bought a monitor on eBay.  When it arrived, I found that it did not support the resolution advertised.  This was a bait and switch by the seller.Attempts to resolve this matter with the seller failed, so I contacted eBay customer service.  I was told to return the monitor.eBay's customer service policy very plainly states that the seller is responsible for fees when the seller misrepresents an item.  eBay's customer service rep instead ruled that I have to lose money and that the seller should get away with no penalty whatsoever.eBay is the most dangeous shoping site on the Web.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1344444
Dec 20 2016
02:00 PM
eBay eBay big liars! Internet
 I had a defective item that I bought on eBay, and the seller told me to send it back, but it was a item made in China. It costs more to send it back than what it was worth. eBay told me that the seller was unable to print a return label, and that they would have the seller reimburse me for the return shipping. The seller did not reimburse me, so I called eBay and they told me to work it out with the seller. It seems eBay can't remember what they tell you! Big liars!, so watch out for this.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1204642
Jan 27 2015
07:46 AM
Ebay Another ebay seller gets ripped off!!! Internet
I recently sold a iPhone 5 on eBay. Transaction went smooth so I thought. 2 weeks after transaction was completed customer said phone resets after using it on Wi-Fi to watch video. I never had an issue with the phone and suspected the individual had modified it in some way and suggested they take it to an Apple store to try to diagnose the problem. This would be the only communication I would have the buyer. A few days later a case was opened and quickly closed in favor of the buyer. I was never given an opportunity to tell my side of the situation. I was informed that I would have to refund the customer in full once the buyer shipped the phone back. However 2 days later EBay deducted a full refund from my PayPal account and I have not received my phone back. My emails to both the buyer and EBay are going ignored now. I will never sell an item on EBay again. 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1365239
Apr 10 2017
11:01 PM
ebay ebay buyer protection failure Internet
I placed an order on ebay on March 6, 2017 with a seller with a reputation score of zero.  The item was reportedly in a city about 50 miles form my location and noting this, inquired about meeting locally to pick up the item.  No response was recieved in response to this.   Tracking informtion (UPS,) was posted on ebay and two things came to my attention.  First, the package weight was listed as 1 lb, the item I ordered was a full size carpet washer abd weighs approximately 22 lbs.  Second, the shipment originated from a town in central Minesoota not the city in Georgia that the auction claimed the item was in.   I followed the tracking ifnromation and on the date of delivery, the number showed delivery but nothng came to my house.  I submitted a claim through buyer protection and though the seller never seemed to respond, my claim was denied due to the tracking info provided.   I further persued this with UPS and was able to produce a letter showing the actual destination of the tracking number from the auction.  This turned out to be a business that I have no affiliation with.  On appeal, ebay buyer protection has still refused to overturn the earlier decision and is now asking for additional documentation from me prooving that I did not receive the package at that alternate address.   I don't know when or how the burden of proof was shifted to the defrauded party but I want other prople to know that ebay cannot be trusted to investigate fraudulent sellers.  Be careful what you buy online.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #969139
Nov 14 2012
01:00 PM
ebay chinese scam on ebay, ebay chinese rip off, ebay scam, china scam, chinese ebay scammers, Internet
Ebay, Be aware of Chinese sellers on eBay I heard of other cases as well (involving Chinese sellers), but no to many of know people have the time to write or denounce this. Because they say that  is not worthy spend time for articles less than $20. My case; I bought a product called Electric Pet Dog Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Clipper Care   Item no: 370529142204  on Sale date: 09/12/12 for $16.94. It finally arrives on  10/05/12, 23 days after the sale date. The product did not work, (is does not charge) after many emails explaining, counter questions rifi-rafe etc. finally on October 17 the seller said that the replacement was sent. But no shipping tracking numbers etc. the give some PO numbers but never a tracking number, they told me that it will arrives before Nov 10. AND TODAY IS Nov 15 AND NO NOTICE. CONCLUSION Ebay has  45 days after you buy an item to open a case. The Chinese seller delayed and stalls everything in order to avoid and dodge the CASE DISPUTE. SO THE 45 DAYS PLACE can be expired. Everything ends that the Chinese seller ( newkitty1116 ) does not have a bad review and does not have to return back the money for his scam. Is a perfect scam on ebay. Note: Ebay do not have a direct contact method in this kind of cases. All contact method is a generic and standard automatic process flow. I heard many cases of this kind of scam, so be aware if a product from china does not work immediately dispute the case, do not try to fix with the seller, if after open a dispute case, the seller fix everything, your review can be positive not before.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #1035317
Mar 16 2013
03:09 PM
sheilaelina- Ebay Sheilaelina - Ebay Ebay Thief and Liar, Not To Be Trusted Ebay, Internet
Selilaelina Is an absolute fraud and thief, she received one lot of items she bought which was recorded as delivered by royal mail and then then she questioned my proffessional conduct claiming it had not arrived. I then was prompted to send a second set as an act of faith by company associates and i then received negative feedback claiming that i hadn't sent it. The day before i sent the replacement she posted feedback stating that i'd sent it after negative feedback had been received when the new lot would not have reached her yet showing that she had received the origional lot on time and was lying to get a free set of items as it couldn't have been the replacement she was talking about. She then sent me harrasing emails and kept contacting me saying that she still hadn't received the items even though she'd said she had. I don't know if she's got a mental condition or she's just a liar who forgets her own lies but she is very very annoying and if people don't know she's lying she's tretcherous for your reputation. Avoid Her At All Costs
Entity: Ebay, Internet
20, Report #1304630
May 09 2016
06:25 PM
 I purchase a  Garmin  NUVI     200W    GPS,  I  purchase  this  item  think that  if  it  did  not  work  ebay  would  refund my  money,So  took a  change  and  order  this   junk Item.    when you type  a O   the  letter next  to  it  come  when you try to  erase it   that a problem because  the erase  does  not  work  at  all, so  when that  happen  you  have  to  hit  the  back  button to  start all  over  and  hope  the  right  letter  you  type  in is  correct . IT  HAS  DEFAULT  KEY PAD,  PURE  junk  $49.99, i  should  have  order  it  from  A*****   where   they  stand  behind  their  word. I  feel  like  reporting  EBAY  A**  to  the  FTC   Commission.   This  is  a  SHAME  BIG  COMPANY  like EBay'  BUYERS  BE WARE  WHEN  ORDERING  FROM  EBAY ,.THEY  WILL NOT  REFUND YOU  FOR   THEIR  JUNK SOLD ON THEIR  WEB  SITE
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1222445
Apr 14 2015
03:02 PM
ebay ebay buyer protection program Ebay Buyer Protection Program ********! Internet
EBAY BUYER PROTECTION PROGRAM: YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED!! I recently bought an item from an Ebay seller. I receieved the item. But the item was difected and did not work. I was not worried since the item was unter ebay buyer protection program. So, I was confident when I shipp the item back to the seller, I would get my refund. I emailed ebay saying that the item did not work and I wanted to ship it back to the seller. They asked me to ship it back which I did right away. But I never got the refund from the seller. So, This time I called Ebay customer service and I explainded my situation. After they kept me wait on the phone for about an hour, they told me I was no longer protected since the purchase date was older than 30 days. Regardless, I cantacted ebay and returned the item right after I received the defected item. I waited a month for the seller to refund my money. So, I was the one to be punished for that.   DON'T GET FOOLED BY THE FANCY WORDS (EBAY BUYER PROTECTION PROGRAM)   YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED !!!   Andre
Entity: Internet
22, Report #896904
Jun 13 2012
09:36 AM
EBAY Ebay.com Ebay.com ebay online shopping ebay auctions ebay feedback greedy dishonest scammers , Internet
EBAY- PARASITES.... EBAY ===GREEDY, UNETHICAL, LIARS. Ebay buyer protection is a scam, Ebay ratings are a scam and Ebay file a case... is a scam.  Bought shoes off of Ebay, paid good money for them- nearly 50 bucks. I got them and they were nothing like the pic. The seller had a refund policy right on the same page she listed the shoes I bought. She wrote:  if not satisfied will gladly issue a refund. When I received the shoes, I was shocked to find out I had been bamboozled. She must have taken the pictures of the shoes when they were brand new, wore the hell out of them and then when she was done with them put them up for sale... or something like that. She took THEE best pictures of these shoes one could possibly take but they were in no way true-to-life pictures. I went through the process of contacting the seller to see if she would honor her own refund policy... of course she DIDN'T. She would not issue me a refund because all she had to do was DENY my reason for wanting a refund then she used her 'good score' to call me a liar because she had a bunch of happy customers. I'm not debating that she did have happy customers but to use that against a customer who is not happy with being manipulated into buying a worn out old pair of shoes after seeing a picture of lightly used, nearly new shoes.... that's a rip off. Why even offer a refund if you are not going to honor it?? To put the buyer at ease when making a decision to hit the BUY button. So then after, I contacted seller who denied my concerns, and refused to issue a refund, she told me to open a case with EBAY knowing that would not do me any good. She seemed to be an 'old pro' at this, and has obviously gone through it before. I opened a case with a very relevant complaint and pleaded with Ebay that they let me send them the pics in the auction and pictures that I would take of the shoes so that they can compare the actual condition to the auction pictures. I did not get a reply, a few hours later I received a 'decision to side with the seller' ebay saying that I had changed my mind about the purchase of the shoes... hahaha...   I have to laugh. Because that is absolutely a LIE. They sided with her because they make alot of fees on her, and I am only a periodic shopper. I know money talks to Ebay... but that's the only thing, they don't really decide based on facts, truth, on what is right and ethical and true... they simply make their decision FOR who they make more money off of (.) So... don't even bother arguing with them whether you are a seller or buyer if you are up against someone with more purchases or sales than you... it's futile. and don't trust the 100% rating- that's a fraudulent lie for the people ebay makes money off of.  EBAY would not even LOOK at my own pics of the shoes before they decided... they just gave an automated excuse and sided with $eller. I believe the decision was automated because... had a real person seen these shoes they would have shook their head like I did and issued a refund immediately and pulled the seller's shirt tale for scamming me. I don't think a thrift store would have had these shoes up for sale. They are trash worthy..or dog worthy that's about it. thee most expensive doggy chew toys...  ever....  FU EBAY- you greedy parasitic dirt bags.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #1050609
May 13 2013
02:42 PM
Ebay Inc. and Ebay Motors has been protecting a seller by the name of hubcapjoes (Joseph DeMacro of Oradell NJ). This seller is engaging in illegal practices and bad business conduct outside of ebay or conduct unbecoming of an ebay seller by using sites like youtube to harass and bully other ebay sellers. He even admits in his videos that he will go after various ebay accounts.They have been hiding his feedback and protecting this guy because he brings Ebay a lot of money in seller fees but he is a big scammer in the NJ area and may also work for DOT there. Hubcapjoes is small time compared to some of the hubcap competitors that sell on Ebay but we were able to bring this information to light because he's on youtube daily talking about what he is doing to people.Here is his small seller scam:Hubcapjoes buys from new sellers on Ebay Motors, sellers that have low transaction records and out of every so many sales he will claim that the seller sent him scratched up goods and he will call ebay and get that seller removed. We have videos of him admitting to this. Ebay will then remove the seller which in turn allows hubcapjoes to sell more goods on Ebay because his small competitors are being removed from the system or they are being discouraged from selling any longer so they leave.Joseph DeMarco makes out by doing this and his sales prove it. We also noticed that hubcapjoes is buying to boost his buyer feedback from various stealth accounts he owns such as turbo*87, and cruisecontrol54. We are on to hubcapjoes and our videos will prove what he's doing if you visit (((link redacted))) 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #159658
Oct 05 2005
05:43 PM
EBay, PayPal eBay & PayPal don't value customer's time Internet
I tried to pay for an item on eBay with PayPal because it was the seller's preferred method of payment. I spent twenty minutes trying to put the payment through. I was told that my perfectly good passwords were not valid. I ended up getting new passwords for two accounts, to no avail. It was a frustrating twenty minutes. The Pay Now button on eBay was blank which added to the confusion. After this I asked the seller to let me out of the transaction. I assumed that this would not be a problem. She told me to try again. She said that this kind of thing happened. Well, that's NOT acceptable. She dunned me for payment. I wasn't happy about that. Then I wrote to the CEO of eBay about all this. I got a response from PayPal, which is owned by eBay, blaming a corrupt cookie for my troubles with PayPal. I was directed to erase the cookies from my system. I did, but that was a big mistake. Now I'm no longer automatically signed into dozens of sites. The inconvenience is considerable and is continuing. I would not do that again. Now I am suddenly getting spam from PayPal which I did not before. I was told by PayPal that those are impersonators sending the spam. Perhaps, but their timing is spooky since that email is not listed anywhere. I was told by PayPal that I can download some special toolbars to help distinguish spoofers but I will no longer follow advice from PayPal about what to do with my computer. I wish I had not cleared my cookies as they told me to. I had been leaning towards just not dealing with PayPal and eBay; too many problems. I wish I had done that, as draconian as it sounds, I get message that my time is not important to them. There are endless snafus and wierdnesses and omissions. They have a great image but they don't have it together. Anne o. Anonymous LocationU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #216303
Oct 17 2006
06:24 PM
Ebay - Bikertn2 Ebay member ripoff Internet
Bikertn2 of Ebay sold my kid a box of baseball cards with the 2 good rookie cards removed. The box was all raggedy. It was not in the shrink wrap like he said in email. When bikertn2 was contacted, he said that: 1. Someone at the post office opened the box and stole the cards. Contact the post office. or 2. TOPS forgot to put the good cards in and to contact them on this old set. or 3. You know how kids are. One of my son's friends probably stole the cards when he was not looking. Oh well. Bikertn2 tried to offer some random cards to replace the cards not included in the set. My kid ordered the full set for a reason. He wanted a full set and with the two good cards. Then, bikertn2 tried to say that we didn't have a kid and were trying to game him. This same family has 100% perfect scores (two of us) at Ebay other than bikertn2 and his revenge rate. We've bought full sets before. We bought this same set from another honest dealer at Ebay. We are not card sellers. Our kid is not. He plays with his cards. They are not likely to be mint ever. Who cares? He just likes cards. The deal bikertn2 tried to cut was give him glowing feedback. Then, he would send back part of the money with a good cut for him in addition to his shipping which was over-the-top. We'd end up with NOTHING. He would have money plus the rest of the set. This would ensure positive, happy feedback on our end in exchange for fabulous feedback on his Ebay report. If you look deep in bikertn2's feedback, you'll see some negatives. Those took some b**s. This guy threatens the heck out of anyone cheated. He sure dropped the F bomb on us, and that's not the way we talk here. It's much easier to chalk it up. Click again to find his nasty revenge comments on those who stood up and said this guy's bad news. Note also that in Oct of 2006 that he retracted 68 Ebay bids. What's up with that? How often does a finger slip and buy and then retract? I've bought stuff online for 8 plus years. I've had a few minor rip offs, but I've never been ripped off plus been lied to and threatened on top. I've never reported anyone before. And, I can tell you that Ebay did nothing. That's really the sad part. They've set up a system that can be gamed bad. They send the so sorry bot emails. When someone like bikertn2 sells enough stuff to make it worth their while, they don't care how he gets positive feedback. They make some money. They aren't digging deep when it lines their pockets. Cyndi Salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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