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76, Report #199920
Jul 07 2006
05:45 PM
EBay eBay's unreasonable suspension actions Ripoff Internet
I've been on eBay for years. I was on it before my husband and I were married 6 years ago...and we've both had accounts ever since. Apparently, the account that I had with eBay BEFORE getting married still had some user fees owed. Suddenly, I get suspension notices for my current account AND my husband's account because eBay says it found a connection between our accounts and this old one. Okay...no problem. It's an old account, but if I still owe fees from it, I'll pay them. Nope. EBay says the ONLY way to resolve these accounts is to email them from the account causing the problem. THIS ACCOUNT HAS NOT BEEN USED IN 6 YEARS. The email address connected with it hasn't been used in 6 years either. I obviously have NO access to it and can't possibly email them from it. How ironic that an account they claim is connected to OURS(enough of a connection to justify suspending both of our accounts)...is considered private...so they can't give me any information about the account or associated email accounts through it. Basically, since I can't access this old email account, I have NO way to resolve the problem...thus, we lose both of our eBay accounts. If this is how unreasonable eBay is...I'll find another auction site and help it gain some steam in the consumer battle against eBay. How disappointing. Sylvia Cleburne, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
77, Report #180999
Mar 13 2006
07:05 PM
EBAY-comebay ripoff can't fix lockout Internet
3 and 1/3 week ago i repored a bad and paypal.com. 2 hrs laateer i was locked out the system. and seeing this out fit doesn't use phone, 90. hrs, still can't fix tbl.. !!!!! even to thee 2 level tech. tried to resiter, new password.. these peple have a very problem!!!!!!. i'm droping the and going buy.com... be very carefull they will geat you to and not help anyone.. calling corp offices, areporting offical complain to the board od decctors... evvey one be very careful they will not help any, seeing that 1183 ripsoffs on record beware Robert RACINE, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #180069
Mar 08 2006
03:41 PM
PayPal - ebay ripoff Internet
Same story as many others. I sold an item on ebay which was paid for through PayPal (buyer apparently using a stolen cc, according to PayPal). We shipped the item, had a signed receipt, and received positive feedback from the buyer. We transferred the funds to our bank. Later, funds were removed from our bank. We inquired and spoke with buyer. He said it was a mistake. Funds were refunded to our bank account. Later, funds were charged to our CREDIT CARD. Notified CC company and we received a refund. Later, our CC was again charged saying that PayPal stated we did not follow the rules. I faxed all info we had, signatures, correspondence, etc... about 20 pages to CC Company and to PayPal (AGAIN... they lose things). Latest chapter is that funds were credited back to our CC. Don't know what will happen NEXT???? I'm hoping this is over, but in the meantime, I have closed all PayPal/Ebay accounts and will NEVER give them access to any bank or cc account. D Kerrville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #177875
Feb 24 2006
01:32 PM
Ebay ripoff San Jose California
Ebay SUCKS! I've been a regular buyer and seller for the past few years and I can say that their Customer Service is BS!!! They have suspended my account since Dec 05 because my banking information had changed, and before I had a change to login and change it for them to deduct their seller fees, those dummies locked my account! FAST FORWARD to todays date, the fees have been paid off yet my account is still suspended! They are so freaking fast to deduct money but so Fing slow to reinstate anything. Still no response from them! Just an automated message someone will respond to your query within 24-48 hrs? Oh yeah, funny I'm still waiting for their lame asses to do something! Ying Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
80, Report #198288
Jun 26 2006
03:29 PM
EBay ripoff Suspended with no explanation Internet
My company posted 2 items in our auction store, they were put on the auction, and the next day, we were suspended. eBay states that we were in Policy violation and that we needed to submit paperwork confirming who we were and that we actually had the items we were selling. We submitted all the paperwork that was requested 5 times before they admitted that they had received it. When we asked what exactly we were in violation of, the only thing they could do was cut and paste policy which said nothing as to why we were suspended. As of today, 6/26/06, they have stated that they are going to communicate any further with us concerning this matter. This was after we asked to see the policy that stated all companies or individuals needed proof that the merchandise they were selling was in their immediate possession. As we are a minority owned company, a licensed Government contractor, and we find this very appalling that this sort of company is allowed to operate this way. We had prior to this moved our business to YAHOO Auctions, where they actually understand business sense. You don't pay for their service, but you pay for eBay? They say they look out for the online interests of their customers, however, they don't know who all their customers are. Join us and many other businesses that trying to make the place to do business. Josh Reno, NevadaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #327369
Apr 19 2008
07:44 PM
Ebay DEN OF THIEVES Internet
This is a warning to those of you contemplating on purchasing a product on ebay. I bought a CD on 3/03/2008 from bighawa0 (big_hawa@hotmail.com), that was to have games to download to a PDA but the software was bogus and it would try accessing an unauthorized web site that was blocked by my firewall software. I reported this to ebay and received a response on resolving this matter with the vender. I then received another email that the vender was not going to resolve the issue. There was it no further communication with ebay. Then today 4/19/2008 I went to pursue this matter further, I found that the emails that ebay sent to me regarding this matter had disappeared from my email ebay folder. There is a way to retrieve emails that have been sent but not opened, now ebay has a way to retrieve emails that have been read. So beware. Anyhow back to the DEN OF THIEVE web site known as ebay. During this time I received an email from another customer that got ripped off from this vender (big_hawa@hotmail.com) and this crook is still on ebay. Now I don't mind paying a $20 stupid tax but when I run across a crook and report them they should be reprimanded not supported and protected like ebay did. So my advice to you is to just use ebay as a tool to see what is available and pricing. I then search the Internet where you can find a better product with more reputable companies not some hack looking to make a buck off a few suckers. Remember to use Ripoff Report before purchasing it saved me potential loss in the past. Thinknthis Rochelle, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #327582
Apr 21 2008
12:06 AM
EBAY Protecting Criminal Ripoff Sellers Internet
EBAY is protecting certain criminal sellers by giving them status of so called Power Seller and other severely misleading lies. Simply peruse sellers with high sales and then examine their negative feedback. Some screw customers at a rate of one per DAY! The EVIDENCE is posted right there in ebay feedback. Anon Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #181354
Mar 15 2006
12:53 PM
Onlineguitar.com - ebay store ripoff internet
I bought a cello through an ebay store as named above. ONLINE GUITAR store seemed to be reputable enough. I received a cello late November 2005 which remained unopened until Christmas. The Cello was broken through at the back of the neck. There was NO damage to the box and this was not a shipping issue. For the next THREE MONTHS I have corresponded both email and phone and gotten every run around imaginable blaming shipper, saying no problem it will be right out to you, then delays, then denials that this was ever promised (thank goodness for saved correspondance) I have gone round and round and even had them send me a fake shipping number. They now are ignoring me altogether. I am using ebay's complaint system to try and get reimbursed for some of the money spent. These people were horrible to deal with, ripped me off completely and were very good liars keeping me trusting that they were sincere for far too long even though of course deep down inside I knew better than to trust them after the first time they began not taking responsibility. It's disgusting to me and I am not going to take it though I am sure they think I will just let it go. Please be careful shopping with this online store. Carla Carbondale, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
84, Report #239735
Mar 19 2007
03:08 PM
Ebay Double Billing Practices ripoff Internet
Ebay can set up a seller for automatic billing to pay their fee's or other charges each month. Twice now Ebay has attempted to collect fee's from me even though I'm registered to make automatic payments each month. They send alerts, these will divert and redirect you directly to their alert whenever you log in at ebay. They can verified by checking my messages within your my ebay section. I received an alert that stated my account was due, even though I have been using the automatic payment method for quite some time. This alert was sent exactly one day ahead of the date when their own automatic payment system deducted or charged my personal bank account for the same amount due. They send these special Alerts that redirect your browser directly to this message and the message contains a large explanantion mark within a box to make it appear as something very urgent. To say it gets your attention is understatement, it redirects your browser when you log in or choose a location on eBay that requires you to normally log in. You have no choice but see the Alert. You are forced to view it. Of course I verified the Alert within MY MESSAGES in the My Ebay section of my own account. It was there. I paid no attention to the ALERT simply because I knew my account was set up to make automatic payments and it had been making the payments all along. Secondly eBay had done this before and I fell for it, so I ended up making a manual payment only to learn that immediately following this manual payment that the auto payment system went into effect. I had now made two payments for my amount due. Ebay said they issued no refunds per their policy but did give me a credit. They advised me to setup an automatic payment plan to avoid making manual payments in the future....DUH! This latest attempt to send an urgent message via their urgent alert system made me think twice of course. I wondered how many other members would do what I did in the past and fall for this scheme by eBay to virtually trick people into paying their accounts because they make it look so official and urgent. It's a nice little trick that they can excuse themselves from by saying almost anything. The bottom line is that are sending urgent messages in a form that is not usual, appears important and urgent, and then following it with their usual system of auto billing. They get double the amount and offer no refund. How this is legal blows my mind. My imagination goes wild. It forces people to list things because that's the only way to recoup their money back. It forces people to continue to be active on ebay whether they want to be or not, it's pure trickery and deceit. I'm sure it also increases their books, people are forced into listing things in the future because eBay burned them into paying fee's due with a trick. You're not just a seller on eBay when they dupe you into over-paying your fee's you are now a slave to eBay if you want that money back. I have been set up to make automatic payments for a long time. I have made automatic payments through their system regularly. They sent me this redirecting urgent and important message even though they sent me an invoice and then followed that up the very next day by making the automatic payment. My account balance is 0. My account shows the payment being made through the automatic payment system and list a date that is exactly the very next day after the Alert. I have over-draft protection on my personal bank account. The amount due was under $50 and at no time in at least the last year (my account doesn't display for more then that) has my personal bank account fallen under $500! No, there was no issue of insufficient funds, in fact they manage to get my money automatically each and every month at the same time. How many people are being duped by eBay into paying their bill due only to discover that they are charged and extremely short time later, automatically and a again? What other practices are they using to trick sellers into paying double? Knowing that they will not refund over-payments and that the only way to recover any over-payments for a seller is to have a credit or close the account puts eBay in a unique position to gain from something that is not theirs. That pretty much defines stealing. They tricked me once, not this time but I can't help wonder how many people pay them manually when they get a message like I did? Knowing that a customer has been set-up to make automatic payments and sending them this redirecting, urgent, and highly important message a day or so ahead of when their own automatic payment system is going to collect anyway? Oh we made an error, oh we changed our system, oh that's an error and we'll apologize for the mistake PLEASE! for crying out loud...this is designed, this is a tactic, this is a scam and it not only violates the consumer it defrauds the investor as well because they can inflate their numbers to make gains by duping money and not returning it with their slave owning ways to pad the books. Gregory Farmersville, MissouriU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ebay
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #134723
Mar 12 2005
12:01 PM
EBAY Ripoff Disgusting business practices Internet
have to agree with all of you, Ebay isIN IT FOR THE MONEY..so POWER SELLERS will never be banned from this site, and the trashy, negative feedback they leave will not be removed.I know, my friend was at 100% positive since 1999, and one NEUTRAL feedback for InstrumentAlley on eBay, got him a hate-filled negative feedback.After researching the feedback left for and by this vendor,he complained to eBay , along with all of the others this vendor had left vicious feedback for.They do nothing.It's all about the $$$$$ kiddies.There are good folks out there in cyber-auctionland...just stay away from the POWERSELLERS, like INSTRUMENTALLEY. All of this feedback..star rating, powerseller crap is just psychology , much like grade school tactics..you get a GOLD STAR if you do... you wear a dunce cap if you don't....and Teachers Pet never gets in trouble. If you are going to buy or sell on eBay..don't take the crap too seriously...unless you lose money to an eBay crook.I agree. there are plenty of crooks on eBay who could not do business in any other venue. Danni olderandwiser, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #1115356
Jan 14 2014
10:02 AM
eBay moebiusdx fraudulent advertisement Internet
I was shopping eBay and bought an item clearly advertised as a 10 pack, but only recieved one. When I complained I was offered my money back, but the package had already been opened.  Also, is it really worth it to drive down to the UPS store, stand in line,  pay money to send back an item so I can gey my $12 back? Get real. How many thousands are ripped off this way? It's a scam. When I complained to eBay, whom by the way have a policy of money back guarantee if you do not recieve your item, sided with the seller saying that I was mistaken, that his ad did say one, when in fact it clearly states 10-pack. (How the hell you get one when it says ten is beyound me.) Their policy is a lie.  When I tried to leave a negative comment to warn others of getting ripped off, no sooner that I posted it, eBay removed it. This is a bold faced statement that eBay corroborates with thieves.  Hell, what would stop me from running fraudulent ads on eBay if eBay will back me up and keep all negative comments from public viewing? Buyer beware,  ebay will rip you off. moebiusdx will lie and steal your money,  just like he did me. 
Entity: internet, Internet
87, Report #1091866
Oct 14 2013
12:42 PM
EBay Unfair Practices Internet
My issues is this. I sold an item on ebay with the listing clearly stating that there is no refunds or returns and that the item does work. When a buyer contacted me we told her the same thing it does work but we had no way to test the item on a cell network. Well the buyer paid for the item then 2 weeks later writes stating that the phone is stolen and cant be connected to the cell service and is demanding her money back. She open a case against us and ebay sided with her but not refudning money till we get the item back. Once we finally got it which took over a week to get the screen was cracked and parts were missing from what we sold.  We contacted EBay and they said basically it was our fault because we sold a defective item and that it was fine that she broke it before sending back. When i heard this i asked then if it would be ok if i bought a car off ebay totaled it and then said it wasnt what was listed? and she hung up on me. I find this to be very unfair business practices and ill not being doing any sales with ebay again.
Entity: Select State/Province
88, Report #1196454
Dec 19 2014
06:55 AM
Ebay Fraud Stafford Internet
Ebay uses a vendo sigmacellular. Sigmacellular ripped me off by selling me a T-mobile phone that still has been unpaid for. When I attempted to go to a T-mobile store to activate an old (supposed to be new) Samsung II, they had difficulties but with careful investigation, T-mobile discovered the phone was unpaid for. I wrote the vendor at the supplied contact email and the vendor blew it off and let me know there was nothing they could do because it past the return policy days of 45 days. I was in Afghanistan working at the time of purchase so I had no idea the phone was faulty. It was supposed to be a gift to myself for when I reach the states. It is commonly known to never trust ebay but I chose to go again the grain and it was a bad decision. Here is the conversation between the vendor and myself. Message 1 from me to sigmacellularAnderson 7/24/14 To: customercare@sigmacellular.com  hello, the phone you sold me does not work in the united states with T-Mobile, my carrier. the reason is that the Samsung II  sold to me is recorded by T-Mobile as a non payment phone. Which means the phone was not paid off by the previous carrier. Therefore, the phone will not work unless the balance is paid in full by the previous customer or myself. The burden of paying the phone off is not mine so I definitely will not be paying for it. I want to send the phone back and receive my refund. Originally, I had it sent to Afghanistan where I work in the US Army so I could have a new phone once I reach the United States. But as mentioned before, it doesn't work because the phone has an unpaid bill. Please advise. Message 2 from sigmacellular to meCustomer Care (customercare@sigmacellular.com) Add to contacts 7/25/14 To: Anderson  Hello and thank you for contacting us. Please reply with either your eBay user ID or your PayPal transaction ID so that we could look up the the transaction.  Message 3 from me to sigmacellularAnderson 7/27/14 To: customercare@sigmacellular.com (((phone number redacted)))  Message 4 from sigmacellular to meCustomer Care (customercare@sigmacellular.com) Add to contacts 7/28/14  To: Anderson   Hello and thanks for the information. We were able to locate your transaction.Unfortunately, the item is well past our 30 day return period.This period exists as we only have 45 days from the purchase date to send all returned merchandise back to our vendor. Message 5 from me to sigmacellular Anderson 7/29/14 To: customercare@sigmacellular.com The 30day return policy would make sense if i was sold the advertised product. I was sold a used phone with a tmobile bill remaining. You are running away for $204. Please remedy this issue, it would be a burden for me to move forward for $204. Please advise 
Entity: Internet
89, Report #1183217
Oct 16 2014
09:13 AM
ebay Fake Windows 7 software Internet
I purchased a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 on EBAY. A few days after I purchased it I received an email from Ebay saying the seller was no longer a registered member. I contacted ebay and they contacted the seller who inturn contacted me and assured me that I would receive the item. I received the item about 2 weeks later. I loaded it into my computer and registered it to what I thought was Microsoft. After about 30 days I got a screen message that this was not a genuine Microsoft copy of Windows 7. I contacted Microsoft and tried to register it and it was definitely a counterfeit copy. I contacted Ebay and explained all of this, they opened a complaint and tried to contact the seller. Ebay said I had to wait until Oct 16th to escalate the case before I could get a refund. On Oct 16 , I contacted Ebay and was told that the 30 day period that I had to file a claim had expired and I could not get a refund.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #1133611
Mar 25 2014
05:39 PM
ebay animous feed back from buyers Internet
 Ebay allows animous buyers to contact ebay and give negative feed back without the seller knowing.  There is no item number reference,  no dates of sales,  absolutely no facts that a transaction even accured.  Once this happens ebay then has the right to hold all the money coming into your paypal accout.  Yet I am expected as a buyer to mail the product that has sold without  being paid.  I have to wait for the item to be delivered and three more days if they buyer says ok,  before I am allowed to have access to my money. way to go ebay,
Entity: Internet
91, Report #1188406
Nov 12 2014
10:22 AM
Ebay Supportive of scam artists Nationwide
I sold my used cell phone on Ebay, and selected the option to not accept returns. The phone was in like new condition. The buyer received it and claimed on Ebay that it was not as described. Ebay automatically took the money back out of my paypal account without my consent and forced me to accept a return, even though I had opted not to accept returns. The buyer returned it and it was missing components, including the screen protector and SD card. I opened a case in the ebay resolution center to dispute it. Ebay finally reviewed it 3 days later and said they decided in the buyers favor, even though they stole parts of the phone. It is very difficult to contact Ebay, you cannot contact them by email, and will wait on hold 40+ minutes if you try to call them. They support scam artists and will not stand behind the buyer if you get scammed. Do not sell on Ebay!!
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #1282047
Jan 24 2016
01:04 PM
Ebay confusing to dispute undelivered purchases Internet
Over a year ago I bought and paid for Stem Enhance, two bottles. Never received and tried repeatedly to solve with seller. Now, I try to go on Ebay.com and can't figure out how to do anything about this. THEY are accomplices in theft! I also had two accounts on Paypal,and one, with $300 in                                                                                                       it, vanished.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #1281023
Jan 19 2016
02:54 PM
Ebay fruad scam England Internet
Ebay is allowing scams to cotinue on there site.  Twice I tried to buy good from ebay, twice I was ripped off. I filed a claim to return an item but because I was outside of the country they made me send my item back at my own expense. Unfortunately the cost of the shipping outwieghed the cost of the item. So I kept it. I called customer service but they told me to go fuck myself. Worst company ever since paypal left. Good job pay pal, f*** you ebay.
Entity: Internet
94, Report #1227927
May 09 2015
08:35 AM
95, Report #1164031
Jul 22 2014
10:30 AM
eBay e Internet
eBay has a Buyer Protection Plan that is supposed to protect buyers when sellers are dishonest in their advertising. But, it turns out that even if something is written in an ad, eBay decides for themselves if they will hold a seller to their written words, or not. Is that even legal???? I've always been told that if a seller states something in their ad, the seller is legally bound to produce what was advertised. But, apparently, not at eBay! I purchased an item via eBay that the seller specifically stated would be sent Priority Mail, and that I would only be charged for USPS fees - the item was NOT sent Priority Mail (this was even verified by the seller) and I provided additional evidence that the fee the seller charged for shipping was well over the actual shipping charges - BUT eBay said it didn't maytter. Their policy is to deny claims like mine. What??? Isn't eBay's system supposedly built on trust between buyers and sellers? Shouldn't buyers expect sellers to have integrity? Or, does eBay just want to collect the fees and let buyers fend for themselves? Doesn't eBay claim that they will protect a buyer if a seller misrepresents an item? Then why didn't eBay require the seller to adhere to what was written in their ad? Are eBay's promises as empty as the seller's words were? Apparently you can't trust eBay to uphold their word, even when it's written, just like ebay seller ID: nrsimha, David Shapiro of Topanga, California, nrsimhananda@gmail.com didn't accurately represent the shipping method, the shipping charges, or the arrival date of the item sold to me, eBay did not honor their pledge to hold the seller accountable for their ad.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #1210850
Feb 22 2015
10:29 AM
eBay/Paypal Scam, overcharge, Deceipt, Internet
I opened an eBay store yesterday, I also downloaded Turbo Lister. I used to sell on eBay about 3 years ago and did very well. Yesterday I started uploading items to my store and I stumbled upon many issues. When I edit or list items on my turbo lister, they would either not get into my store, or they would not be edited. I worked for 1 whole day trying to fix these issues. for 11 items. I would get 1 of the missing items into the store (by ending it, redoing it and getting charged again) then another item would be missing from my store. Maybe a coincidence, but this was one of the most expensive items that I had which was available in 2 sizes (quantity 2) . Turbo Lister kept freezing up and crashing, and my store played musical items in which one would disappear or be wrong next. Items that showed in my inventory were NOT in my store and there was NO way to get them there. I would edit, save changes on the site and the next time I looked it was wrong (AGAIN). I ended up SO frustrated that I decided I couldn't do this for another day and I closed it all. Now I am being charged $200.00 for ending early! Not a bad haul for eBay, 200.00 form a seller in 1 day. I used to sell there and LOVED it. Now nothing works the way it is supposed to and it seems your store gets jerked around before you can even get 15 items in it. When I think of the hours that I put into that yesterdaym and the frustration and now my hard earned money going down the drain. I have this to say: never again! I will NEVER use eBay for selling again. This is a total ripoff that I paid for a service that was so screwed up, and now because it's nonfunctioning, I have to pay even moreSo, if you're thinking about selling on eBay DON'T you will regret it!
Entity: Internet
97, Report #1221009
Apr 07 2015
05:06 PM
Ebay Buyer scam beware Internet
I just sold iphone 5 on ebay and I check and double check before carefully shipping it out. THe buyer later report the phone does not powered on. He quoted imei to me in the email with raise my suspicion. I figure if the internal were swap then surely there is no way I can verify if the returned phone was indeed mine imei # or not. Call Ebay, she told me ebay does not protect buyer from fraudulent return. What the f***, you protected the buyer by refunding the money back but if I some how could confirmed that the phone was indeed not mine, I can't do a damn thing. That is the last time I will be using ebay to sell my stuff. Curses them, they will if my pray are answer going out of business in two years. Mark my word!!!! PS: This is not the first time either, something similar happen in almost the same way. Seller need protection too!!
Entity: Internet
98, Report #1329702
Sep 23 2016
06:17 AM
Ebay Misleading Store Managment Internet
I have been an Ebay seller for 5 years and never had a problem before. Recently I decided to open an Ebay store because it seemed to make the most sense for me at that time. I educated myself about an Ebay store, compared different store levels etc. Well, to make a long story short...Last month I had Hip Surgery and I put my store on Vacation Mode because I knew that I would not be able to package and ship for at least 2 weeks. I thought I was set and had nothing to worry about. Was I wrong !! Even with my store being on Vacation, buyers purchased items. Ebay displays that this seller is away until a certain time and that their might be a delay in shipping. Of course, I was unable to check Ebay for almost a week after I returned from the hospital and found out that I was in violation of the handling time that I had on these items. I called Ebay and explained what was going on...What a waste of time...The lady that I spoke to pretty much told me that I am still responsible for shipping the items even if my store was set on vacation. What does that mean? So, if I would be on vacation I have to take all my merchandise with me so I can ship them while I am relaxing somewhere on the beach? Ebay is not what it used to be, the Ebay market is the perfect place for scammers and cheaters and the seller gets screwed. With this said, why does Ebay have a Store Vacation setting? Worthless !!!  This ruined my feedback and cost me money ! Thanks Ebay for screwing your sellers ! You should be sued for not living up to your own rules and regulations.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #1421553
Jan 06 2018
07:53 PM
ebay removed my negative feedback of dishonest seller Internet
I purchased an item that was poorly and inaccurately described. Seller listed a model number but since the item is no longer in production that model number did not yield any information. I did voluminous research to understand the item I was buying and based on the descritpion and pictures thought I was buying something very different than what was delivered. I immediately contacted the seller. He refused to take back the item and refund the hefty pruchase price of $250. I filed a Paypal claim, which was denied. I know that does not look good for me but the item was a specialty item and I don't believe the Paypal staff have any idea of what it is and therefore of why it was inaccurately described. I filed 2 appeals, which were also denied. I provided rheams of evidence, which was ignored. I could then not file an eBay claim because I had filed a Paypal claim, something no one told me. My only remaining recourse was to leave negative feedback for this dishonest seller, which eBay removed. eBay gives no recourse to buyers who were burned by dishonest sellers if a claim is denied, even if it was denied in error. Read feedback from buyers who burned in the same way I was. In fact eBay censors feedback from buyers and calls that a policy. I have been an eBay buyer and seller for 17.5 years. I will never purchase or sell another item on eBay. Shame on eBay for throwing buyers under the bus. I'll do my buying on Amazon from now on. Amazon knows what buyer protection means and they stand behind their promise. 
Entity: Internet
100, Report #1409904
Nov 01 2017
12:43 PM
EBay Seller fraud
i purchased a four piece splash guard set on eBay for my 2017 Accord.  The ad said the parts were for a2016/2017 Accord.  They do not fit the front fenders.  i returned the item (10.00) and the seller refused the refund.  eBay decided in his favor.
Entity: Nationwide

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