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26, Report #58928
May 29 2003
11:10 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp. ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks are trying to take our home. Jannet gulfport, MississippiUnited Kingdom
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
27, Report #58569
May 27 2003
05:31 PM
Fairbanks Capital Poor Customer Service Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks purchased my mortgage from Conseco Finance back in early March. I pay half payments every 14 days which means I end up making one EXTRA full monthly payment every 12 months. I received a threatening letter back in April stating that I CAN LOSE MY HOME because they stated that I did not make my March payment. I sent several copies of checks front and back from my bank that clearly shows that they were cashed by Fairbanks. Yes, this does include MARCH. I called tonight to see what has been done. I was told by JULIAN at customer NO-SERVICE that the research department takes up to 60 days to review complaints. It did not take them 60 days to send me a threatening letter!!!!! I asked to speak to the research department and I was told that they can only be contacted by Fax. Now I see why FOX channel 13 out of Tampa and other affiliates nationwide have done reports on FAIRBANKS. THANKS FOR THE AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. Joe Brooksville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
28, Report #95390
Jun 18 2004
06:16 AM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Salt Lake Utah
Fairbanks has ripped us off left and right. We borrowed 29,000 in 1997. we just paid it off in 2004, and owed more then we borrowed. How do you figure that. We have had payments they did not post. Ton's of late charges ect. M rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake, Utah
29, Report #37142
Dec 04 2002
01:30 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff consumer fraud jacksonville Florida
I have an account with Fairbanks Capital. I was one month behind and Fairbanks said that I am 2 months behind (not counting a September payment I made which they said they never got yet I have the canceled check to prove it), threatend me with a foreclosure letter, and wanted me to pay 3 months in advance. My monthly payment is normally $982.00 and Fairbanks wanted $3,000 for the months of October and November (some were hidden fees) and Decemeber's through February's payments 2,400 in advance! After faxing them the canceled check for the September's payment I tried contacting them about making payments to get caught up I can't get contact anyone. I've made numerous calls to Fairbanks just today. Each time I am put on hold, told to call another number, or hung up on! I was once even told they wouldn't accept my payment! When I called one of the other numbers, they refered me back to the previous number. I still can't get reach anyone on where to send my payment. It is now Decemeber and this month's payment is due and thanks to dealing with Fairbanks for over 3 weeks I will probabaly be billed late charges on my December's payment. Also, I have found out that the person that was handling my account has now handed it over to someone else, and they will not be in until the following week. It has also been a year since I have recived any statment on my house or how much I owe and I do not know where my payments were even going! I have read on the internet other stories simliar to mine with Fairbanks, this company needs to be handled immediatly. Linda Indian Springs, Ohio
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
30, Report #37147
Dec 04 2002
01:59 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff artists and LIARS Phoenix Arizona
My mortgage was sold by my Mortgage Carriage to Fairbanks Capital. At the first of the following month, having no notice from either bank, I attempted to make my mortgage payment on time. At that time my old loan company told me of the sale of my mortgage to Fairbanks Capital. I contacted Fairbanks Capital and they told me they were mailing me a letter describing the sale of my mortgage and where to send my payments as well as my new account number which had not been set up yet. I was also told that I had 60 days to begin making payments to them. One month later I had not received any notice from them. One week later I began receiving threatening delinquent notices from Louisville Kentucky and phone calls from Pheonix Arizona. When I returned the call I was told that I had to make both monthly payments and that I was never given 60 days to begin making payments and that I had better make those payments now. It is now 3 weeks before Christmas and I have 1/2 of what I owe them. I am discusted with their lying, unprofessional practices. They are downright out-and-out lying-through-their teeth to their customers!! Anita Baltimore, Maryland
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
31, Report #37324
Dec 05 2002
05:37 PM
Fairbanks capital ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
Fairbanks Capitol made my life a living hell over the last few years. They are liars,thieves,and the worst pile of scum on the planet.Anyone who can can establish a class action lawsuit against these gangsters will get a place in heaven. Edward Duluth, Georgia
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
32, Report #38426
Dec 16 2002
09:02 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff fraud business Jacksonville Florida
Can anyone tell me if any lawsuits are in Maryland, Fairbanks needs to be put out of business I really cant believe they can get away with this, we have to have rights. Please if anyone konw of any lawyers in my area, please let me no. Thanks Robin Savage, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
33, Report #31039
Sep 25 2002
09:40 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp. ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Equicredit sold our mortgage to Fairbanks Capital back in Dec of 2001 by May 2002 we were in Foreclosure because of late charges. When Equicredit sold our mortgage we send tha payment to Fairbanks and Equicredit was still chargering us for some late too. I call Fairbanks they told me that we needed to send them $3.800 we did by the time the next payment was due we sended them the payment of $1.269 they took most of it to late charges and olny $700 when to the mortage. We were never able to catch up so they strated Foreclosure we went to file papper for more time and to get a court date we took those to their attrney office he never file the pappers i guess becuse we never got a court date. We file Bankruptcy and sold our build. We got the build for $131.000 We had to sell it at 139.000 because of all their late charges and court,attorney fees.They wouldn't accept no less Than they send us this friend letter (congrations Our records indicate that your mortgage loan had been paid in full) The good thing about it is they are out of our hair THANK GOD. Vincent Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
34, Report #32987
Oct 20 2002
09:20 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp ripoff, dishonest billing Phoenix Arizona
Fairbanks Capital bought the loan on my house from my Mortgage Company. I received a letter stating that Fairbanks Capital had bought my loan. Thay would be sending out a monthly statement. My Payment was due on the first of the month even if I did not receive a statement. I sent my payment along with a copy of the letter telling me that they now hold my mortgage. The day after my payment would have been late. I received a monthly statement from Fairbanks Capital. (I checked with my bank and my check had been cashed on time.) Looking at the statement, I saw that they had increased my payment over $789.00. After four calls I hope they have corrected their statement amount. Sylvia Sacramento, California
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
35, Report #32923
Oct 19 2002
08:16 AM
i have had problems from day 1 when this company was contimortage. iat the time had two mortgages and i went to rock financial who at the time was processing loans for contimortgage. my loan was fha at 7% and at the time i was late they told me that if i didnt sign i was gonna be foreclose on.the mistake at the time was i didnt have a lawyer which the told me wasnt necessary. so i did and now i was paying more then my income could support at the time.then they changed to fairbanks and i cant get them to give me a complete pay history.what started out as a 51000 balance has went to 64000.00 and i just found out it is a ballon note which i was not told about. i had to file bankruptcy and the put me in a fore berence plan which is how all those fees for thier lawyer got to 64000.they are saying they are gonna review me for 6 mons and after that they want me to pay 900.00 up from 530.00 to cover fees and late payment . i have been trying to find someone who can refinance this and its hard cause most dont want to cause of the things fairbanksput on my credit report. they didnt evn report i have been paying them since 1999. Harv Toledo, Ohio
Entity: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
36, Report #30460
Sep 18 2002
09:18 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff victimized many consumers Jacksonville Florida
A second report on these people. First of all I want to let you know that the people that actually do the drive-by property inspections for these people earn $4- 10 each! I worked for almost a year doing various inspections for mortgage companies. Sadly the majority of homes I inspected for Fairbanks have been lost by the poor unfortunate people who thought they owned them. I felt sad for all these people but really glad I wasn't with them, even though Olympus is also corrupt and stealing millions of dollars, at least they would listen to me. Then my loan got sold to these theives. It has been only 19 days, I am ready to walk out and leave my house to get away from the stress they cause me. Hang up, ignoring me, etc...I called a realtor and told her to sell it fast. Today, after thirty calls, most of which I got hung up on even before talking to someone, hours wasted on the phone, an ulcer forming, blood pressure rising and a sick feeling in my gut a rep. called...no name, asked me what I wanted. I demanded a complete accounting of ALL my payments, they claim Olympus didn't send them one but said he would call and try to get it. I tried to explain why I needed it and he told me he didn't care and didn't want to listen to me. It didn't matter what I said. I tried to ask about my payment but he wouldn't listen to me long enough toget the full question let alone give me an answer. I am so stressed I can hardly stand it/ Is any one doing a class action suit? Call me , I'm in!!!! JoAnna Eden, Idaho
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
37, Report #37081
Dec 04 2002
04:50 AM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff business from hell Jacksonville Florida
I have read so many storys from others, my heart does go out to all, I live in Maryland, my husband and I refianced in 8/2001 with Equicredit, never knowing that they where the devil. My husband and I both are on the loan, are I thought I was, Fairbanks Capital told me on the phone that they could not talk to me, they need to talk to Clint my husband, I told them I'm his wife can I help you, they said (NO) you are not on the loan if you want to talk with us your husband will need to (fax) a letter giving you permission to talk for him! I have fax that damn letter 100 times, all of are storys seem the same, they also started escrow account for insurance that we dont need, late fee's for payments being late that are there on time, they are crazy. good luck to all, Robin from Maryland Robin Savage, Maryland
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
38, Report #37953
Dec 11 2002
04:29 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff business from hell Jacksonville Florida
My story starts two years ago with Equicredit. My husband was in charge of making the mortgage payments, while I paid everything else. Everything was fine until one day I received a threat to foreclose in the mail. Apparently one of my husbands checks had bounced, and all of a sudden they want two thousand dollars or they are going to foreclose on me. My house payments were only six hundred and twenty five dollars a month. I ended up fighting with this company for almost two years before they finally said my account was caught up. I sent them at least ten thousand dollars above and beyond my mortgage payment because one agent would call, tell me to post date a check for a thousand dollars and I would be caught up, then two days later somebody else would call and want another six hundred. Finally in march of this year I got them to say that I was finally caught up. Then in April they sold my loan to Fairbanks. At first I was glad to be away from Fairbanks, thinking that nobody could be as bad as Equicredit. Boy, was I wrong. They started off right away taking two months worth of payments because they said that I owed money for insurance that Equicredit had purchased for me. I never heard anything like that from Equicredit and I had my own insurance. But, no matter how many times I faxed in the proof of my insurance, they still refused to take the money and put it back on my account and kept charging me fees. So in Septmeber I got a bill consolidation loan to catch them up totally. That cost me three thousand dollars. When I paid that the agent that I talked to said that took care of all fees, payments, everything. The next thing I know I get a letter in the mail saying that my payment was going up over fifty dollars a month for insurance, which I already had. I called Fairbanks about this and to make sure that the three thousand dollars I sent in was posted. It was posted all right, but the agent I talked to said that I still owed 900 dollars in corporate advances! When I asked him what that was he just said, oh, that is stuff that Fairbanks has had to pay for you. I have rambled on long enough, but first there are just a couple other things that I want to say. I read the report from the Fairbanks employee that said, pay or get out or something like that. What do they want us to pay, because I know that I have paid much much more than my monthly payment for a long time. Those of us who are customers of Fairbanks aren't looking for a free ride or anything. All we want is to make our payments and not be threatened with foreclosure every month unless we pay outrageous and bogus fees. Tracy Arcadia, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
39, Report #37700
Dec 09 2002
07:10 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp ripoff Louisville Kentucky
They try to take money that does not belong to them outlandish ripoff late fees ..... It all started when I faqil behind I send them the late fee,s then I get aletter in the mail that they want 1,492.45 I call the mand ask them why they received my house payment. So they tell then I owe them to late fee,s for December and I owe them for to drive byes and ademand later. I told them I was not sending them all of that and they said I would be paying interest on it daily until I paid it in full. They ask me all these questions when I tell them I am not giving all of this information they tell me not to be rude . I was not being rude I was just tell them I was not giving them all of this information I was calling aBOUT the they had sent .Tahat's when she told me everything else. Brenda Springhill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
40, Report #34321
Nov 05 2002
03:07 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp ripoff deception Jacksonville Florida
My 72 your old mother-in-law house was originially financed with this company approximately in 1996 by her.Two years ago we reaffirmed with them as they threatened her with foreclosure. Since that time we have had no verification of account status, principal balance, interest applied, or even replys to update payments made. We have corresponded to numerous voice recording, faxes, and even real live bodies with no assistance. They continuously tell us we owe them more money or they will take forclosure steps. We comply with their requests out of fear of my mother in law being homeless. Now we find out that the latest payments were not applied to the mortgage but to fees and that again we are behind in the mortgage payment and again foreclosure is being threatened by them and their attorney. We do not know what the fees are but always made large payments at their request, again out of foreclosure fear. Due to my mother-in-laws, health and income, town taxes put her in trouble. My wife and I went today to meet with our local town official. We were greeted with a check for taxes due on my mother-in-laws property, paid in full to the tune of $2200.00 dollars. Sent via UPS overnight from Fairbanks Capital Corp out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Now isn't it interesting we can get no information on her loan( they have a copy of our power of attorney), however they pursue an MLC and anti up the taxes!!! In March of 2002 they again threatened foreclosure unless we paid an additional 3,000 and uped the payment from 1000/month to 1550/month until July 2002. We did this. In September we were told that the payment that they received in August and September were not applied to the mortgage but again to fees. We are again being threated with foreclosure as the payments have not been received on the mortgage!!! An ongoing cycle. We cannot continue this cycle and want to get some resolution quickly. skip and Linda south dennis, Massachusetts
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
41, Report #39367
Dec 28 2002
08:38 AM
I had equipcredit mortgage before It was sold to Fairbanks. Equipcredit had paid my real estate taxes. Fairbanks called for the entire amount to be repayable in 12 months. They automatically change my payments from 600.00 to 2400.00 without notifying me. For two months we were sending in our regular amount and they continued to cash the checks. The customer service bounced me around from dept to dept with no real solution, But they continue to call daily sometime more, demanding and promising to foreclose. After a heated discussion with one of their hired terrorist they demanded that I pay the entire amount owed in full at once. I decided to refinace with a different mortgage company. Even though they were cashing my checks they reported me late according to my last credit report. At no time did I talk to the same person twice, there is not a single contact person to talk with according to the last hired hand I add contact with. Please include me on any class action suit. Rex Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #44258
Feb 05 2003
12:18 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I requested a payoff statement from Fairbanks September 25, 2002 and was informed that it would take five (5) days for this report to be completed. I asked that the statement be faxed to me and to make the payoff good through October 10, 2002. I called them several times trying to find out when this statement was going to be faxed to me. I finally received the faxed statement October 11, 2002, but the payoff was only good through the tenth of the month. They charged me $50.00 for the payoff statement, which was no good, and 11 days late. They charged me $12 to fax me the no good document. Now I'm trying to refinance and they tell us that they sent the release to be processed on December 16, 2002. My attorney check with the county on January 16, 2003 and there is no record of the release being received by the county. We ask if Fairbanks could prepare a new release and send it to us, but I was informed that was not possible. This has been a very frustrating experience with this company. Clyde Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
43, Report #44152
Feb 04 2003
05:39 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off liars Louisville Kentucky
Iwas ripped off by these people and want something done about it.I had given up because I was tired of fighting with them But now I have decided they are not going to win . Feb 2 I got served with papers where they filed to foreclose. They filed it Aug 27 1999 I have 30 days to respond to court THE ONLY DATE ANYWHERE ON ANY OF THE PAPERS ARE AUGUST 27 1999 I am afraid that my 30 days are JUST ABOUT UP EVERYONE HAS GOT TO E-MAIL 20/20AND DATELINE SUNDAY FEB 9 PLEASE WEVE GOT TO STOP THEM E-mail me and tell me your story we have got to be heard Pam pana, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
44, Report #49541
Mar 17 2003
02:51 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off Jacksonville Florida
I had refinanced my house through a normal mortgage company and they unfortunately sold that mortgage to Fairbanks Capital Corp. Because of all the low interest rates I was hoping I could refinance at 4.75% for 15 years except there is a 10% penalty on my loan if I refinance within 3 years. I have called and asked about refinancing through them except they do not do any financing. If this company is able to buy peoples loans then they should have to service them also. If they do not want to be in the financing business and purchase loans then they should have to service them, if someone wants to refinance then they should do it or sell the loans. They will not give any staight answers except to say TO BAD. This is not how businesses should be allowed to operate. Ron Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
45, Report #49111
Mar 13 2003
04:31 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp rip-off Jacksonville Arizona
Leo Mcdonald was short one payment then sent a Demand Letter - YOU Could Lose Your House The Mortgage was down to $1,744.70 After Making a payment of $800.00 The Mortgage with fees is now $1806.67 They also have to make three payments a month now. They are on social Security and Food Stamps. They are theatening to forclose on the house. And this is the way they treat customers. We are helping them refinance to get out of this nightmare. Dan Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
46, Report #49000
Mar 12 2003
08:18 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off scam con artists Hatboro Pennsylvania
We have been dealing with Fairbanks Capital for approx. 4 years. Every time we turn around they are telling us that we are in default and we need to send so much money to keep from losing our home. We thought that we would wise up and start sending them money orders and overnight them. However they still said they wasn't receiving our payment on time. So for the last year we have been paying cash via Western Union, We have our records and are up to date, unless you ask Fairbanks, they say we are in default again and that they did not receive Dec.,Jan., or Feb. payment. They sent us back a check for Feb. payment,which they said they did not receive, and said our home is in foreclosure and to keep that from happening we need to send them between 1150.00 to 3432.00 depending on which represenative you get. We are in the process of dealing with an attorney and sending letters to our senator. This Has Got To Stop!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernie Henderson, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Hatboro, Pennsylvania
47, Report #47402
Feb 28 2003
04:07 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off thieves Hatboro Pennsylvania
I sit here reading all these reports on Fairbanks Capital and I can't figure out why they haven't been stopped. Last year my home was foreclosed on because as everyone else there were fees added to my payments that were not true. Back in Feb. last year we got behind on our payment. I called in to make the 2 payments that we were behind in a check by phone. I was prepared to make the 2 payments that we were behind plus the late fees. They would not accept it. They said I had to send 1885.00 My 2 payments plus attorney fees. We decided that we needed to send it to get our payment back in order. So we did. They accepted it.(1885.00) About 3 months later we fell behind again. Work was slow and things happen sometimes. I called again thinking that I would be luckier this time. Not hardly! This time they said that we owed way more than 2 payments. They said that we owed 5151.67. Can you believe that? Fees for drive by appraisals, late charges, taxes,(Which I have proof I paid) Insurance (Which I already had) Get this attorney fees from back in Feb. (I still have my quick collect reciept from where I sent them the money in Feb). I confronted them about the 1885.00 and they told me that they did not apply the extra 900.00 I sent to attorney fees but to the principal. They made the decisions on where the money goes. This is crazy. I can't believe that they can get by with this. But they have and they will continue. I undoubtably had sucker written all over my face to have sent them the money the first time. They foreclosed on me last Sept. It has bothered me so much that I have written the attorney general and the banking dept. about this matter and the banking dept. gave them 30 days to come up with the paperwork that would support what they were saying that I owed. They sent the banking dept. a copy of the agreement that I signed when I financed my home(Which was not originally with Fairbanks, They bought the other company out). The banking dept. didn't accept it and now they have only 15 days to come up with the paperwork. If this doesn't work I am going to find me an attorney to take this one. I lived in my home of 13 years all my kids were raised there. We live in a much nicer place now but it isn't our home. I plan to fight till I win. Fairbanks Capital preys on people like me that they know will either pay the money to keep their place, or also on people like me that really doesn't have the kind of money to send and they know it so they place so many fees that you can't pay. They win all the way around. Either they get all the money or they get your home. Oh, by the way we didn't pay the last time because they were wrong....we didn't owe all of that money. And if they come up with any paperwork for the banking dept. it will be lies too. There is no way they have proof. WE DID NOT OWE IT! If we had sent it it would have been to do over again. I plan on winning this one! Tina Pontotoc, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Hatboro, Pennsylvania
48, Report #47620
Mar 02 2003
07:16 PM
Fairbanks Capital rip-off Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks bought my mortgage on February 2000 and stated that I owed the company five thousand dollars. My spouse had to file bankruptcy to keep our home. We were not late making any payments. My spouse since then died.Fairbanks requirement was to sign a forebearance agreement and send several thousand dollars. I complied with Fairbanks request. I have tried to refinance my homeFairbanks is stating that I owe nine thousand dollars for a six month agreement. In the year 2002 I have paid Fairbanks over twenty-six thousand dollars and they are still requesting more money. I have spent all my savings attempting to keep my home. Fairbanks has reported negative reports to other lenders to lock me into their company. I need help.No one will refinance my home because of the negative reporting. I taking medication because of Fairbanks Capital. I never know when they will request more money. Harnetha Suwanee, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
49, Report #11285
Jan 11 2002
12:00 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation
Sadly, I must agree with the previous posters regarding this company. Sadly, also, we had no choice in the matter, as our loan was sold to them from a previous lender. I've been having to call them every month since they bought the loan to make sure my payments are posted on time, make them reverse the late charges, etc. Requests to speak to supervisors are met with disgust, and more often than not, the supervisor is walking the floor and cannot come to the phone right now. Could he call you back? Trying to get out from this company is also a nightmare, when you look at the outrageous fees they charge for payoff quotes and the like. Also, expect to recieve threatening phone calls from the collections department, starting the day after the printed due date on your statement. These may continue for days, and may also occur days AFTER your payment has been posted to your account! If forced to deal with this company, I suggest the following: 1) document any and all phone calls/correspondence, etc. I have been doing so for the last six months, and have some excellent ammunition for my next step (harassment lawsuit). 2) dont be afraid to keep asking for what you want, whether it's a last name, full names of supervisors and managers and their phone extensions, or just a return call. After a week of making a pest of myself, I finally got thru to a person that was 80% able to handle my problem (as opposed to the regular CS people that can do mabye 10%) 3) send any payments registered/express/overnight mail. Yes, it's an extra 12 bucks out of pocket every month, but it's the only way to verify when they've recieved the payment, and you'll need this evidence to force them to post the payment on the day actually recieved, rather than when they damn well feel like it. 4) some of the supervisors have very thin skins. One wrong word or nose snort from a customer, and you risk being hung up on. Try to keep your tempers in check, and hold your tongue when they make little whiney noises when you ask them to honor their policies. 5) be patient within reason. today is jan 11. I started working with their people (if you can call it that) on December 17 to get the current problem sorted out. I have talked to 7 different CS people in the loan department, 2 collections agents, and one supervisor (who hung up on me after I commented on his whiney noise). As of today, my problem has finally sent to their cashiering department for correction (late posting on a payment). We'll see if they follow through... As with the previous posters, get out while you can. Then check with your local legal aid society and see if your treatment qualifies as harrasment under the law. I did, and it looks promising!
Entity: hatboro, Pennsylvania
50, Report #41633
Jan 15 2003
04:53 PM
These guys are IDIOTS! They just tried to bill me for $ 1059.96 for the year of 2001. FOR HAZARD INSURANCE!! THIS IS 2003!!! They have continously harassed me because the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I have sent them faxes, my insurance company has given them policy numbers, however they have held my monthly payment (then billed me late fee's) HOSTAGE until they update. They do not update, and fail to be a BUSINESS!!! If I was stupid and rich and did not know better, I would probably pay them. How many innocents have been ripped??? Adrienne Valrico, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: HATBORO, Pennsylvania

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