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76, Report #59728
Jun 05 2003
06:03 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Hatboro Pennsylvania
Fannie's Going Inside Fairbanks - it has just begun ..... Fannie's Going Inside Fairbanks: Letter to Senator says GSE employees to montitor servicing center June 4, 2003 By ANNE LINEBERRY According to a letter delivered to a senator, one of the nation's secondary lending behemoths intends to start personally monitoring the business practices of one of their mortgage servicers. Fairbanks Capital Corp. has agreed to allow Fannie Mae employees to monitor its workers during daily business in its mortgage servicing center. The Utah-based Fairbanks has had trouble staying out of the headlines lately, with last minute finance deals, replaced senior executives, protestors jamming up board meetings, servicer ratings cuts and even a news item on the CBS Evening News detailing customer complaints. GSE-Fannie detailed their findings and future actions concerning Fairbanks in a letter to Maryland Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Monday. Sarbanes had requested Fannie look into Fairbanks practices in a letter dated March 31. In that letter, Sarbanes voiced concerns about Fairbanks' servicing practices. The senator included in his letter an investigative reporting package from Baltimore television station WBAL. Fannie responded in a letter to the Senator from general counsel, confirming that an investigation would be pursued. In its Monday response, Fannie noted that they had investigated Fairbanks' sites in Salt Lake City, Utah, Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida. The investigation by Fannie found three main problems: inadequate internal controls; inadequate dispute resolution; and improper assessment of certain fees and charges, the letter said. Websites abound online for those who feel they were fraudulently treated by Fairbanks. In fact, two of the company's most vocal critics, founders of the site Borrowerhelp.com, have gone to Utah to serve as unpaid consultants in helping the company develop new consumer policies, according to various media accounts. Since reaching Salt Lake City and observing changes in the company, the two critics, W. Craig Kenney and Brian Barr, now say that Fairbanks is a model for needed change throughout the sub-prime industry, according to a Salt Lake City Tribune article dated May 30. According to the letter from Fannie, Fairbanks will no longer be eligible to service Fannie-held mortgages until Fannie is satisfied that Fairbanks is handling servicing properly. Excluded from this agreement are certain closed loans. Fannie will also be allowed to review deliquent loans before they are sent into foreclosure, the letter said. Weekly reports detailing business activity will be issued by Fairbanks to Fannie, the letter said. As part of the agreement, Fairbanks has agreed to reimburse customers for improper fees and other inappropriate charges, according to the letter, initialed by Franklin D. Raines, chairman and chief executive officer of Fannie. In response to Fannie's actions, Sarbanes issued a statement which read in part, I...want to commend Fannie Mae for moving so quickly to address this situation and to further prevent consumers from becoming victims of these schemes. A media spokesperson for Fairbanks reiterated the company's comprehensive plan to review loan processes, adding that the company has been and is making improvements. Fairbanks has been making headlines lately. Here are a few recent developments concerning the company: May 27: Fairbanks announces a financing arrangement in a press release, which states in part: The proposed agreement provides the extension of committed financing for servicing advances and working capital through September 30, 2004. Further, the Company's primary shareholders will provide an additional $35 million of financing. May 23: The ContraCosta Times website reports Fairbanks' protesters descended on the board meeting of parent company PMI Group, Inc., a day earlier. May 13: Fitch Ratings downgrades the company's residential subprime primary servicer rating. The press release voiced concerns over management loyalty and financing. May 8: PR Newswire releases company statement naming Brad Shuster Chairman and James Ozanne Chief Executive Officer for Fairbanks, replacing current executives. April 30: Standard & Poor's Ratings Services announces a downgrade on Fairbanks, to below average from strong; and removed them from CreditWatch negative, calling their outlook stable. The S&P report noted documentation that indicated a pattern of apparent Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. Also, the report spelled out concerns about the training levels of primary collections employees, inbound call abandonment issues and foreclosure rates that do not necessarily reflect reasonable efforts to exhaust loss mitigation opportunities. April 29: Fitch Ratings places Fairbanks on Rating Watch Negative, citing a pending determination of the impact of certain of their reporting and remittance practices. March 27: Fairbanks issued a press release stating that the company would cooperate fully with reviews by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concerning servicing practices. BushkillGal Milford, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fairbanks Capital Corp
Entity: Hatboro, Pennsylvania
77, Report #53845
Apr 21 2003
07:39 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks Capital Mortgage wrong ssn,misapplying payments, failing to credit payments ripoff victimized many consumers Jacksonville Florida ..... Fairbanks bought my loan almost two years ago. At that time they claimed my account was 3 months in default when they bought it. Fairbanks has misapplied my payments, Did not credit my payments in a timely fashion. Fairbanks has not provided me with timely or clear information. They have the wrong social security number listed. They are uncooperative a lot of the time. When they do cooperate its about three months later. My home is listed in foreclosure in progress. Leaving me unable to refinance. There is an ongoing class action lawsuit filed in California for California consumers only. I would like to see a class action lawsuit for the rest of us consumers who are being ripped off and harrassed. I have contacted the attorney general for Nevada and I am trying to find out how to get a class action lawsuit started. Debbie Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
78, Report #78223
Jan 26 2004
09:02 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp ripoff nightmare from hell fairbanks Salt Lake City Utah
i edwarda want to say that at least i,m not alone on this ,i been wanting to type this story for a long time but i had trouble with my net.so i find myself in bankrupt because of fairbanks capital corp. after i gave them 7000.00 dollars in sep. in 2002 just because i was 2months behind in may so i oude april and may of 2002 so i payed in may 826.00 for april and i called and they said it was ok.so, in may i was going to pay another 826.00 but before i did i got a forcloseture letter that i was going to loose my house just for 2 months this is ubeliveable i dealt with banks before like bank one,superior bank and ocwon i had all these until i got with fairbanks and i didn,t ask for them it was bought out just like so many others,so anyhow that was just the beginning of my night mare so i payed the 7000.00 in sep. and was reinstated and in dec. of 2002 i got another letter saying that i oue another 2000.00 for escrow that i was unaware of, if i oued this money why didn,t they say anything before my husband asked for his money through his 401k. i believe that they did it delebretly so we can lose our house so here we go again,but this time i went to my lawyer and said,what can i do and he said i,ll call there lawyer and he did and the answer was give me more money like almost 6000.00 and i said know,i well not give them anymore money because i well lose my house anyhow,so a couple of months go by and i got on the net because at this time in sep.i was afraid to get a provider for the net cause i,m not a computor smart but i,m learning so anyhow i went and got enough nerve to get hooked up with the provider and begain to explore and all of a sudden a pop up came up and it was fairbanks being in the rip off report and i was so numb that i felt my blood go to my feet. so i started to read all the reports that people had aginst them so i told my lawyer and he said that i had to file a class action lawsuit on them because if i did it it would cost so much money and anyhow who would we sue because there is more to the story and more then one owner there is fairbanks and equiy credit corp. involed it,s a vendeda so i went to james hoyer from fl. and filed the class action lawsuit and i got the ftc settlement hot line the no. is 1-877-862-0886 for any consumers who have fairbanks capital loan call this no. and give them your loan no on the phone when you call have it ready because they are going to want it.or go to www.ftc.gov. now consumers well be notified by mail about their stake if you have moved or have any qestions call ftc no. i know that ohio has settled at40,000.000 just in ohio but in other states what that settlement is or well be i don,t know.may be this well help to call ftc or just get ahold of fedreal trade commision. in ohio 27,000 people were victums and i,m one of them.to all out there god bless and don,t give your hard earned money to the rip offs because you well lose your house anyhow with or with out an agreement payment unless you have lots,and lots of money and you can win with lots of lawyers to fight for you we are talking corporation that has money and lots of lawyers. right now we live at peace of mine but i do miss my house and then i don,t but we live in a big victorion house with 5rooms and 3baths and pay 500.00 a month for now until i get my oun house my husband makes good money i,ll say over72,000 but these packs of devils from hell ruewend our credit and forced us into forclosture but that ok, because i have god on my side and he well provide and he well provide for you too, because you and me and all others are innocent of this hell hole and they well pay because god knows all and he understands all there the theifs not us. thy shall not steal. good luck to all Edwarda clyde, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fairbanks Capital Corp
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
79, Report #87434
Apr 13 2004
09:27 AM
GMAC Mortgage, Fairbanks Capital ripoff from fairbanks then sold to GMAC Waterloo Iowa
I had many problems with bogus fees etc. from Fairbanks Capital recently loan was sold to Gmac Mortgage. Loan was transfered with several hundred dollars in late fees which are asked about constantly. Not sure if late fees from previous company can be collected by current company. Please let me know if legal. So far no problems with GMAC except transfered late fees. Hopefully I do not have the same problems as I did with Fairbanks Capital the TOTAL RIP-OFF COMPANY. Lori DEBARY, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
80, Report #86886
Apr 07 2004
01:19 AM
Opt-Out information from the Van Forum : No one who fails to opt-out ot fhe class action in Massechuets will be able to file a suit against Fairbanks. Below is a form you can send to the class action claims administrator to request that you be excluded from the Curry Settlement. Request for Exclusion from Class U.S. v. Fairbanks Capital Corp, Case No 03-12219-DPW; and Curry v. Fairbanks Capital Corp., Case No. 03-10895-DPW To: Claims Administration Center Gilardi & Co.., P.O. Box 80811 Petaluma, Ca 94975-8011 To Whom It May Concern: Please note that I and the other borrowers named on my promissory note wish to be excluded from the settlement in the above captioned case. Name: __________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________ Last 4 digits of SSN: __________________________________________ Fairbanks Loan #: __________________________________________ Borrower _____________________________ Co-Borrower ______________________________ Notes for Use of Exclusion Form This form is designed to provide all of the information required by Section 7 of the Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement you have received if you have been identified as a member of the class of persons whose mortgage was serviced by Fairbanks Capital. You should only use this form if you do not want to be included in the settling class in the Fairbanks case. If you are not satisfied with the terms of the settlement as they apply to you, you should complete this form and send it to Gilardi & Co., PO Box 808011, Petaluma, CA 94975-8011. The form must be mailed by April 9, 2004. If you send this form in you will not receive anything from the Redress Fund or the Reverse or Reimburse Program but you will not be bound by the final order and judgment entered in the Fairbanks lawsuit and you will be free to pursue whatever legal rights you may have. Important Facts to Remember: 1. Everyone who is on your Fairbanks account must sign the form 2. You will need to write in you Fairbanks loan number (you can probably find this number on a bill from Fairbanks or on correspondence form Fairbanks to you) 3. You should get a proof of mailing form from the Post Office when you mail the form. Note: This form and the instructions for use are being provided as a public service. They should not be construed as legal advice or as a recommendation that any individual should request exclusion from the Fairbanks Class. It is recommended that you consult your attorney to determine whether it is in your best interest to participate or exclude yourself from the class. Consumer Advocate/SS Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: SLC, Utah
81, Report #62071
Jun 27 2003
12:52 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff. Has anyone gotten a reply to any complaints against Fairbanks? Jacksonville Florida
Has anyone gotten a reply from borrowerhelp.com or from Fairbanks Capital questions e-mail? If so please let me know by pressing the rebuttal button. Has any of your complaints been resolved by any of the information and help sites. If so please let me know. I'm real curious as to how serious Fairbanks and the advocates are at wanting to help all of us resolve our complaints. I haven't received any responses from any of them. Eugenia Burlington, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
82, Report #59074
May 31 2003
09:59 AM
Fairbanks Capital, Chase Manhattan, PMI, Fairbanks victimized many consumers Salt Lake City Utah
Fairbanks started their scam by charging me three years homeowners insurance when I had homeowners insurance all along. My insurance company sent them proof numerous times and they never credited me. I hired an accountant, he sent proof. They never credited me. I hired a lawyer. He sent proof. They never credited me. Now being in dispute my mortgage is behind. I am put in foreclosure. I agree to send a 13,500 cashiers check and they said they would stop the foreclosure. I Fed Ex the check, they cash it, they stop the foreclosure but then never credited my account for the check! Now they have $20,000 of mine and they won't talk to me. They put me in foreclosure again and even a year after I sent the check they still won't acknowledge this check I sent. The check was finally credited a year and a half after it was cashed. Who paid the interest on that? Me. They told my lawyer I was credited for the insurance but when he looked at the numbers he noticed that I wasn't really credited they just moved the numbers around so I still owed basically the same amount. I offered them an agressive repayment plan they were not interested. Four days before my home was to be sold in a sheriff sale Fairbanks contacted me and asked me if I was still able to agree to the repayment plan I originally offered I said no thank you because Fairbanks dragged this out as long as they could ( a year and a half) so they could collect interest, late charges, attorney fees and other excessive charges on me. I did get a new mortgage but it cost me 12,000 in points and the interest rate is insane. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars because of this. I did a local and national news interview on CBS. I am looking for a lawyer to sue Fairbanks. They have made the last two years of my life miserable. I will never be able to get back to where my equity once was before this happened. I am looking for a lawyer to represent me if anyone can help please contact me. My email is tblazer972@aol.com Tabatha Appleton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City Utah, Nationwide
83, Report #44031
Feb 03 2003
11:55 PM
Fairbanks capital victims...PLEASE we need all of you to email 20/20 and Dateline on the same day!!!!!!! THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9th 2003. Email your stories on THIS DATE!!!!! With all of our emails arriving on the same day we should gain someones attention on a National level!!!! Take the time and do this, if you know anyone else that is a Fairbanks victim, let them know to do the same!!! If they do not have the means, or the time, email their story for them!!!!!!!! Dateline - Dateline@nbc.com 20/20 - ABCNEWS.COM; click on 20/20; then click on e-mail 20/20 under resources. Please include your full name, address, phone # This will confirm that WE ARE REAL, and will allow them to contact us to assure their story on Fairbanks Capital. Also mention RIP-OFFREPORT.COM. They have helped all of us, and should be recognized. Fax Dateline a copy of your actual Rip-off Report. Don't forget to leave your report here at RipOffReport.com also file your complaint with the FCC @ 1-877-382-4357 it takes just a few minutes on the phone...it WILL make a difference!!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!!!!! S Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: NATIONWIDE, Utah
84, Report #57817
May 21 2003
10:45 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp update Fairbanks still unfairbanks rip off Phoenix Arizona
Well, here is an update on whats going on. We still have never received an invoice from Fairbanks, but we faithfully pay our monthly mortgage to them. They tried to say we didn't and tried to get our automatic stay from our bankruptcy lifted, so they could take our home. Well we fought back and they dismissed it, but we keep getting letters that they still are going to sell our home in June in a sheriffs sale. This is very wrong, since we got a letter from the courts stating the automatic stay was dismissed, and we could keep our home. Now I'm wondering if we should just sue them. I'm so upset! I raise 8 children and a granddaughter here, I can't lose my home, thats why I pay faithfully every month. Fairbanks never contacted me on late fees or fees like everyone else talks about, so if they are using my mortgage payment for other than my mortgage, I don't know about it! This company doesn't do business right, and we need to stop them now!!! The pain from all this abuse from them is hurting me and my family. If there are more people in Pennsylvania, we need to fight this together, but in the meantime, I am talking to an attorney to stop them. They can't take our homes! Frank Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
85, Report #101476
Jul 31 2004
01:41 AM
Fairbanks Capital fairbanks ripoff.. lets roll Salt Lake City Utah
This whole situation stinks. I am tired of being and acting like a dumb whiny victim. I will go down swinging. How about a protest.. or Let's organize ourselves and choose a date and time and choose some symbolic gesture to let the media, politicians, consumers and fairbanks know we're not happy and want them to look further into the situation (non violent and legal of course - we don't want to in the same class as Fairbanks) a sort of moment of non-silence for Fairbanks victims. I suggest something like an organized donation of blankets to some homeless shelter. After all it would be for a good cause and the symbolism is there. ideas? Sam st john, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
86, Report #34458
Nov 06 2002
09:03 PM
Fairbanks Capital CROOKS - with a capital C!!! Salt Lake City Utah
I agree with everything written...these people have charged me fees for no reason, threaten foreclosure, ask for large payments or you'll lose your home. They have charged for a hazard insurance that I did not authorize and you can't get hold of anyone there...it's like calling into a black hole. I've left about 2 dozen messages in the past 2 weeks and no one will call you back. I've been told that at least 5 different people are my account manager and when I finally get a live person they don't know anything!! How can this go on?? These people are total crooks!!! John Waterford, Connecticut
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
87, Report #13134
Feb 02 2002
12:00 AM
fairbank capital corp the big ripoff
Entity: Nationwide
88, Report #56665
May 12 2003
07:35 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corporation CONTI MORTGAGE ripoff Jacksonville Florida
Fairbanks Capital Corporation/AKA CONTI MORTGAGE CORP $35,479.08 interest during the past three years Principal has not change it remains the same $84,549.47 Jacksonville Florida ..... For the past four or five years we have had the same principal and paying at least $11,000 a year in interest. We are not sure of how Fairbanks continues to charge us this exuberant amount of money. Once upon a time we had a several hundred dollars in escrow and currently there is $2.77 in escrow. Currently I am trying to pay off this mortgage principal to refinance our loan at a lower interest rate our current interest rate is 13.490%. It is my understanding that since we are paying the principal off before the actual maturity date than we would not have to be paying over $4000.00 in interest. I have requested a payoff over the phone and they have refuse to give it to me. Fairbanks also have refuse to make since out of how they are able to charge me with property preservation that ranges from $11.35 to $105.00. I have read where they have been sued and it seems that they may have an inside track on how to be legititmately deceptive. However, I am also reminded that they are on their way out and hopefully the people who work for them should realize that they are practicing deceptive and fruadulent practices. You cannot get a straight answer from anyone and there is no such thing as customer service. They have swindled us out of at least $40,000. I want to get from under their deceit. It is a shame that our government and judiciary are allowing a mortgage company to deceive so many people throughout the country and get away with it. However there is someone more powerful than any one of them and I will wait patiently and do what I need to do, but I will also wait and see the SALVATION OF LORD MOVE THROUGH THIS CORRUPT ORGANIZATION REAL SOON. Marvin Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
89, Report #64197
Jul 20 2003
07:51 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripped off and scammed Georgetown Delaware
i have been misled for three years and i have paid thousands of dollars to fairbanks... over 50000.in three years all went to phantom fees?now after living here for fithteen years im going to lose my home they are going to forclose.... my whole life is destroyed..... by these people... i dont know what to do or if i can do anything ? my buissness is here my shop is here im a plumbing contractor if i move my buisness is destroyed... i hate these people..... Thomas georgetown, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Georgetown, Delaware
90, Report #53265
Apr 16 2003
10:24 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff abused & mistreated Philadelphia Pennsylvania
In July of 2002 I was late with a payment (2 days)and they refused my payment. So I resubmitted the payment with the late fees and they still refused it saying that they would send me papers to refinance through them to make up the late fees. The papers never arrived so my wife and I repeatedly called to find out what was going on. Every time we called the papers were always in the mail or the person we needed to talk to was not available. Then we were given other numbers to call in other cities. Always getting the run around. One day in our local paper I see our house in the legal section being sold by the sheriff. I called again and they assured me it was a mistake and gave me another number in another city to call to get the paper work straightened out. More runaround no papers. At the sheriffs auction the only other bidder was the parent company of fairbanks capitol. We have been evicted from the home we have lived in since 1984. No credit rating. Nothing that can be done. Just screwed in Indiana. George Terre Haute, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
91, Report #36187
Nov 25 2002
10:02 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp Foreclosure threats ripoff Phoenix Arizona
This last past few month has been hell. The house I live in belongs to my father, which he past away about a year ago so now the house belongs to me. Just a few month ago I started getting letter from Fairbanks Capital stating I was 3 months late with my payments and I owe $700.00 dollars. Then they sent another letter stating my home was going into foreclosure by november 1st if I didn't pay the money. So I payed the money because I have small children and we had nowhere else to go if I didn't. This time I received a phone call stating I still owe $700.00 more. This is getting very frustrating. I need some help. Darnetta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entity: Phoeniz, Arizona
92, Report #41650
Jan 15 2003
06:23 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
Help in Fighting Fairbanks Capital Corp FAIRBANKS CAPITAL YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME! ripoff business from hell Salt Lake City Utah ..... I see that the list of people that are engulfed by the wrath of Fairbanks Capital Corp is growing everyday, my heartfelt sympathies go out to you all. My mother's battle with this aweful company will hopefully be over soon. I HIGHLY RECOMEMEND that you get an attorney ASAP for all of you about to be forclosed on, especially. Don't even bother contacting customer service or any other dept for that matter, BYPASS all that and go straight to the top! here is the name of the CEO and also contact their legal council directly, flood their office with phone calls! Also contact EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Especially your state attorney general,your governor, the dept of banking and finance for your state, HUD, the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, ACORN, NACA,(If you only have one home and are not a real estate investor, NACA may be able to help refi predatory lender loans, I hope this helps you all and good luck! Mr. Thomas D Basmajian CEO Fairbanks Capital Corp 3815 South West Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Federal Trade Commission Phone: toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) Regular mail: Federal Trade Commission CRC-240 Washington, D.C. 20580 HUD/Office of the Inspector General NUMBER IS: 202-708-5227 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410 Georgia Attorney General Office of the Attorney General of GA Thurbert C. Baker 40 Capitol Square SW Atlanta, GA 30334 Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs at (404) 651-8600 or link to their website at http://www2.state.ga.us/GaOCA/ The Honorable Roy E. Barnes State Capitol Building Constituent Services Room 111 Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Phone: 404-656-1776 Fax: 404-657-7332 Florida Attorney General Office of Attorney General State of Florida The Capitol Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050 Main office telephone numbers Voice: 850-487-1963 Fax: 850-487-2564 UTAH Attorney General Questions, Complaints, and Requests: (801) 366-0260 General Office Numbers: (801) 366-0300, (801) 538-9600 Toll Free within the State of Utah: (800) AG 4 INFO (244-4636) E-Mail: uag@utah.gov California Department of Justice Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 Also call the following number to complain (it is the consumer affaires division):(904) 722-7691 Bill Garland, President. Jannet Yates, Consumer Affairs Consultant. Phone # is 1-904-722-7704 Fax # 1-904-232-4626. Or Jannet Yates's direct fax # is 1-904-232-4663 Call, Toll-free 1-800-96-SHARK or, write NACA Advocacy 3607 Washington Street Jamaica Plain MA 02130 Email address: Shark@naca.com http://www.naca.com/index.jsp Laura Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
93, Report #41469
Jan 14 2003
05:12 PM
fairbanks capital rip-off jacksonville florida
They bought my mortgage in May and dropped my name from the loan ( they left it in my ex's name). It took until September to get that fixed. They took my December payment and applied it to an escrow account that I didn't know I had and to the principal. Now they are telling me that I owe them three times my normal house payment and are threatening to forclose. Every time I call to try to resolve this they play twenty questions and won't talk to me until I tell them where I work, how long I've worked there, how much money I make and basicaly how many times I go to the bathroom every day. Then they are really rude and make comments like I'm not the one who's late on my payments Diana Albion, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: albion, Indiana
94, Report #42488
Jan 22 2003
06:04 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Jacksonville Florida
FAIRBANKS CAPITAL ripoff's lower than dirt life sucking pieces of crap the business that doesnt give a dam JACKSONVILLE Florida ..... The last letter we received from fairbanks was that they might go ahead and for close, That was on nov. 19th 02. we started calling them at 9am on wed to find out what was going on and finally found out on thurs at 3:3o that they were selling our house on friday morning and we had untill closing of that day(thurs) to come up with the payoff amount that she finally gave us after 2 days of calling. we told her we'd have the money on monday and they said no. were selling it. I called on friday to see if they had sold it or not and the lady said yes we bought it. but we still havent received any mail stating this. There is a lot of blood, sweet and tears on this property and it's a crying shame we have to loose it. We had a buyer for it and fairbanks said no were buying it. this is a bunch of crap what these people are doing. Some one needs to stop them NOW! they dont answer the phone there rude and they give you the run around untill it's to late and your home is gone. And they add and make up a enormus amount of money you owe so you cant afford it any way. We've been trying to get a payment history for 2 years and they refuse to give us one we can read. Della TACOMA, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: JACKSONVILLE, Florida
95, Report #36853
Dec 02 2002
06:15 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I have received the exact etter from Governor Bush. I then rececived a letter from this florida department who told me that servicing companies are beynd their scope and that they had to forward it to the states attorneys office. They also sent a letter to Fairbanks giving them 30 days to respond. I am telling everyone out there... do not lie down and take this!!! Whatever contacts you have with Fairbanks you must put it in writing and send it certified mail!! Do not believe anything they say over the phone. They lie and deceive only to get your money and then apply it to whereever they feel like it. You must demand them to put an agreement to you in writing. They say ne thing over the phone and do another. Please do not let them tire you and make you give in. Jolene New Fairfield, Connecticut
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
96, Report #57904
May 21 2003
08:30 PM
Entity: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
97, Report #77611
Jan 21 2004
07:23 AM
Fairbanks Capital Corp. ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
I feel that we have been tooken advantage due to the fact that this company is putting on payment on us that we haave already been counted for. They say we are befind on our payments more than I think we are. My husband and I filled Bankruptcy to catch up our payments and to help stop foreclosure our home of ten years. We were send an extra $200 with our payments and still we are way behind. Where dose it stop.The more we think we are getting ahead the more we are behind. Something is going on with this company and I believe what other people are saying!!!!! is true!!!! Sharon Ninety six, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
98, Report #56620
May 12 2003
01:32 PM
Fairbanks Capital Corp. ripoff consumer fraud Salt Lake City Utah
I too have been ripped off by Fairbanks Capital Corp. First they notified me that I was behind three months of payments (which was not true). They began foreclosure proceedings. I was in Bankruptcy at the time and my Bankruptcy attorney immediately filed action against the company when I was able to provide 5 years of canceled checks showing my mortgage was paid and paid on time. We won that case, and all the illegal charges, etc. were removed from my account. It was funny that after the court case.. suddenly I recieved reimbursement for three months of mortgage payments (my attorney had me pay an additional three months) and then all the extra fees, charges, etc were refunded to me. I finally refinanced with a reputable company on early discharge of my bankruptcy (paid out 2 years early). During the time I was with Fairbanks they charged me lender-based insurance coverage saying I never had insurance on my home. My insurance company sent repeated proofs of coverage (I have had coverage with the same company for 20+ years). I finally refinanced in Sept 2002 and today, 05/12/2003, I recieved not one but THREE letters from Fairbanks stating, We have RECENTLY recieved your hazard insurance policy for the above referenced property. The lender-placed insurance coverage we obtained on your behalf has been canceled effect 08/01/2000. Any unearned premium will be credited to your escrow account. First off, I dont have an escrow account with them any longer and it has taken one year for them to even acknowledge that I had/have insurance on my own. I have now contacted their Customer Service Department and asked the total amount I am being refunded and asked how long it would take to get a refund. I was told they don't have a total amount they could give to me, and that it would take 30 days to get a refund. I have now *reminded* them that I filed suit against Fairbanks before and won, and that I am not above filing another suit against them to get the money that they owe me. I was told that my customer account rep doesn't take phone calls (how convenient).. but the Customer Service rep has emailed my account rep to let them know they have 5 business days to have my refund in my hand, or else I will seek legal action against Fairbanks once again. Anyone having problems with this company needs to contact an attorney right away. This is the only way to deal with them effectively. Pam Shelby, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
99, Report #57357
May 17 2003
05:07 PM
My prolems started with this company last year when they reported me late when in fact I was not, I provided the documentation from my bank proving I was not late, in vain I then provided the same docs to my attorney he in turn wrote Fairbanks in vain, the late notation remains, this past month I mailed my payment on the first I recd a notice from Fairbanks stating my payment was late, and demanding a late fee this is unreal I cannot understand how they get away with this someone please help,I am willing to join any group that will stand up against this company. Ron OhioU.S.A.
Entity: LOUISVILLE, Kentucky
100, Report #57522
May 19 2003
10:54 AM
Fairbanks Capital Fraudulent, Rip-off trying to sell houses for double their worth Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Not only is Fairbanks Capital corrupt with the mortgage end of homeownership, they are corrupt with REO sales as well. After they repo the homes, now they are trying to sell them for twice their worth, and lie about the problems with the house, saying they don't know and it is As-IS. They know full well about these houses. I tried to buy one from them that had every radiator in the house burst, and it needed new floors, new water heater, and an entirely new heating system. PLUS the garage roof need replacing entirely. So much water damage, it needed a good 50 grand of work. Fairbanks is selling this house at full assessed value, before the damage. The refuse to even consider less than their asking. What a bunch of disgusting rip offs. They also work with dishonest real estate agents, so be very wary. Don't do business of any kind with Fairbanks, either mortgage or REO. Virginia Kingston, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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