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26, Report #430387
Mar 03 2009
02:18 PM
Fifth Third Bank ,Fifth Third Bank Auto Loan Nightmare Cincinnati Ohio
We have an auto loan with Fifth Third bank. Since the loan's inception it has been nothing but a problem. We were supposed to be financed through GMAC at 8% interest and the dealership processed the loan through 5/3 instead. The first communication we got from them was a letter saying the vehicle wasn't worth the loan amount and they weren't accepting it. We called them and they said that the letter was incorrect and the loan was accepted. The loan was processed at the wrong interest rate and that supposedly was corrected but never was. The payment book didn't come for two months after the loan was processed; we had to call and ask for it from them. The first two payments were never applied to the loan because of the lack of a payment book and were termed delinquent; that got resolved. It gets better. We go to the bank and they agree we should get the interest rate adjustment; oh, sorry, no can do but we sure can set your payment up for automatic withdrawal. No, thanks. They send us out a letter saying the car was not insured; it was and we sent them the proof. In the meantime 5/3 insured it and tacked another 40.00 a month on to the payment without explaining why and were able to send out a new payment book that time with no trouble. If you make a payment at the branch..good luck with them posting it and showing it as received on time and when you tell them you made it at the branch they tell you it needs to be in OHIO on the due the branch not a part of your institution??? Guess not. It gets even better...they send a repossesor to the house and he says the loan is delinquent and we have been notified by phone and letter (not really) and they take the notice, no nothing and we let it go; we don't fight the guy (who thanks us and tells us someone pulled a knife on him before when he was picking up a car so he really appreciates us being so cooperative) and we are so embarassed that this happened we'd like to fall into a hole. We pay to get it back; 600.00 in fees, 1900.00 total.....funny; the statement they can only mail to you shows 11 payments made from 2/08 to 2/09...sounds like one payment behind to me. We try to make arrangements to get it back..they can't find it....CAN'T FIND IT! Wait we get a letter (6 letters actually in one day) stating as of 2/27 the loan will be delinquent and subject to reposession..they already HAVE the car, they already HAVE the amount they claimed was delinquent which they would only accept in cash or credit card payment, they subsequently sent out a statement that they charged 3.00 for with the delinquency letter showing it wasn't paid to them although it was along with an additional payment through March, they have the 600.00 reposession fee, they've sent letters after they've already taken the car saying the loan is in default and they're going to take it if we don't respond in a certain period of time, their employees won't give out their names; they are rude and arrogant and they will make an appointment for us to retrieve the car and they can't FIND THE CAR! And they tell us they don't know why they took it. We had to file a police report to get the car back. We have it and paid the car off today. The gas cap was broken and the paint dinged and it had some mileage put on it. Roadwarrior55 Elmhurst, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
27, Report #411969
Jan 14 2009
11:08 AM
Fifth Third Bank Fifth Third Bank, Worst Auto lender I have ever dealt with. Cincinnati Ohio
OK, so here's my story. I have never missed a single payment on my auto loan with Fifth Turd Bank. What happened is I switched insurance companies. There was a small lapse in coverage of about a month or so. They contacted me stating that because I didn't have coverage they were forcing me to get their coverage which costed about $3700/yr. I laughed at them, sent them proof of my current coverage and went on my merry way. Then, after a few months passed, they started contacting me saying I was $270 behind on my payment. I was confused as I hadn't missed any payments. It took about two weeks of talking to about a dozen different (and I might add quite rude and incompetent) people to figure out that they were charging me a prorated amount of ~$700 for the lapse in coverage. Fine, I didn't argue the point and gladly started to pay the higher payment for my oversight on my insurance. They said they added this amount to my monthly payment over the next ten months, starting four months earlier, which was the $270 past due. Now, I know i can never portray to you just how difficult it was to get this information, but let me tell you, it was a HUGE debacle as NO one there had any clue as to what was going on. By the time I was FINALLY told why I owed money, my account was in collections and they were threatening to repo the vehicle on a daily basis. Now remember, to this point I had never missed a payment nor under-payed (at least not my normal payment). So I had to literally yell to get a supervisor on the line just so that they would take my account back from the collections agency so that they could talk to me at all. After it finally got back from the collections agency I requested a deferment of the past due amount of $270 since I didn't have that extra money to pay on top of the $600 payment I was already making. They said sure, just make this month's payment and we'll defer that past due amount. I paid the current payment THAT DAY at a branch. Never got my deferment. Now its back with collections and threats are flying as usual. I'm in the process of filling out paperwork to refinance the loan with another lender, and will never deal with Fifth Third Bank again for any type of business. Good Job guys, your rude and incompetent employees and suspect billing practices causes you a PR black eye. Good bye and good riddance. Mike Mchenry, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
28, Report #420519
Feb 05 2009
10:04 AM
Fifth Third Bank getting ripped off by Fifth Third Bank Elyria Ohio
I agree with everything i have been reading about fifth Thir they need to be hit with a class action law suit . i also have an account with them and their fees are CRAZY , the way that they charge the daily fees are out of this world .I cant believe that i contacted the federal government had even though they have loaned banks OUR money they are not now or in the near furture planning on placing any laws to help protect customers from being ripped off by banks . I used to do telephone customer service for a bank and every cance i got i helped people with fees they were charged as long as it didnt hurt me by causing me to get fired or loose my job . Then the bank started monitoring how many fees each associate was giving bank and started writting them up and would if needed to fire that repersenative if they gave back to may fees , they set a daily limit on how many they coud reverse then they set up a computerized system that would make the determination for the rep and the only way to override was by a supervisor . Just thought you would like that piece of information. But back to Fifth Third someone PLEASE do something about this ank maybe if something is done about them then other banks will have to follow suit and if not maybe then the government will finally hear our pleas and do something themselves. Even after being a rep for another bank and knowing all about the Fed. Regulation laws for banks to follow i still am shocked about how this bank does its processing and charging of its fees. I once made a deposit on a Saturday and the teller told me funds will be posted first thing Monday morning but waht she neglected to tell me was that i deposit was also on hold til Monday and that the funds would not be available to make any purchases over the weekend . I made only 1 purchase at Sams club for 14.and change , on Wed. i recieved a letter telling me i was over drawn adn had been charged the nsf fee as well as 3 6.00 daily fees , i even got a 100.00 cash back from the check i depositd wich also caused a nsf fee , because the hold was for full amount of check and since i got 100.00 back it overdrew the account. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US OUT!! Melina elyria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Elyria, Sheffield, Ohio
29, Report #314863
Mar 05 2008
03:26 AM
Fifth Third Bank, Fifth Third Bank Looses another payment Cincinnati Ohio
My mortgage payment is due on the first of every month and like many I get paid on the first and fifteenth day of the month. I wrote the check on February 1 and put it in the mail with several other bills. I had to travel out of town for a couple weeks and was not home to receive phone calls or read mail. Therefore I did not receive any notification from Fifth Third until after the bill was just over 31 days late. Firth Third is insistent on reporting my 30 day late bill to the credit reporting agencies. Seems that either the United States Postal Service lost my payment or Fifth Third did. In 25 years of bill paying, I can't remember the USPS loosing a bill, but I have caught banks screwing up! My bet is my payment was received by Fifth Third, just Fifth Third did not process it. Looking around at other postings here on I noticed two other statements (0308642 and 0308569) submitted on 02/13/2008 that state a similar complaint to mine. Statistically speaking this is a significant quality control issue. There are other complaints of payments being posted several days after being received. Oddly enough I received another collections phone call from Fifth Third Bank after I reissued a check for the pervious months past due payment and the current month payment. I see one of the two checks I presented to Fifth Third on March 3 cleared my bank on March 5, the other check has not cleared. Both checks were presented at the same time to the same teller (I have the dated time stamped receipt). With the speed of computers and the communications infrastructure wouldn't you think Fifth Third could be a little more on top of things? I tried to talk with some banking people at Firth Third and they didn't really seem to care about my situation, they just wanted the money. My credit score is in the upper 700's and you don't get that score by making people chase you for money. No one even offered any solution to prevent this from happening again. For the $1,000 in interest they receive from me a month, one would think I could get a little customer service. Maybe Fifth Third would try to sell me more services than just this mortgage. Fifth third you missed an opportunity to shine! This is the address to Fifth Third collection department in case you want or need to complain: Fifth Third Bank Cincinnati Kevin Kabat Office of the President 38 Fountain Square Place Cincinnati, OH 45263 John Commerce, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
30, Report #196171
Jun 13 2006
08:35 AM
Fifth Third ripoff unnecessary charges Canton Ohio
I am definitely going to change banks. I've been a customer for three years now and have had constant trouble. Besides an unfriendly staff (with the exception of a lady named Terri), I also have had to contend with the ridiculous over the top NSF fees. If I have sufficient funds for all of my checks but for one, why on earth do they bounce all of them? Even if I calculated it the supposed largest check first way, it still wouldn't come out to the ridiculous fees they've charged me. In addition to the NSF fees, they block my debit card from being used for 30 days. Isn't this a double penalty? If they are going to turn off my debit card, they better damn well return all of the money they've skimmed from my account. IF there is a class action lawsuit for this bank, please give me the information so that I can enlist. Colleen canton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Canton, Ohio
31, Report #419145
Feb 02 2009
12:54 PM
Fifth Third Bank ,Fifth Third violates their own written policies to charge fees Cincinnatti Ohio
After 10 years I was forced to move banks. 5/3 set up an overdraft account to protect me then changed their policies and charged me over $300 dollars in fees over a 10 day period. They admitted to policy violations but would not refund all the fees. They said I should monitor my account daily on line. If I did that I would not need the overdraft I could just transfer from savings. Another time, They held a local check from my buisness account (not at fifth third) for ten days and caused me to bounch several checks. When contacted customer service they admitted a 3-4 day hold is allowed but is usually only one day. You have to watch every transaction and fight for any refunds if they will give them at all. I intend to reduce my two free accounts to a few dollars, then transfer $$'s between them on line to show activity and have them mail me my monthly accounts for the next ten years just to cost them. Jeffjet Indianapolis,, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnatti, Ohio
32, Report #457217
Jun 01 2009
07:01 AM
Fifth Third Bank Has anyone ever been fired from Fifth Third unjustly? Cincinnati Ohio
Has anyone ever been fired from collections at 53 Bank? I have been experiencing co-worker bullying and I'm afraid they will fire me vs her.This woman keeps maticulious notes on all employees and then turns them over to the supervisior. She is a Team Lead of three of us. If I do get fired, I will be the 14th person in this position that this woman has gotten fired. She has taken me and the other woman that works with us to HR numerous times for trivial things. She reports ever move we make and in the meetings with the supervisior, she brings all these things up. I'm hoping that at least a few of the 13 others that have been fired will respond as I am thinking of filing a law suit against this woman. Mad as hell Newport, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
33, Report #308642
Feb 13 2008
01:45 PM
Fifth Third Bank USPS Must Lose A Lot Of Fifth Third Banks Mail Cincinnati Ohio
Recieved a call from Fifth Third Banks computer today, stating that my payment had not been recieved for Feb. Auto loan. So I checked my online bill pay and the payment was sent for payment on Feb as due. I called Fifth Third and informed them that the payment had been sent and asked if they could check with their recieving dept. to make sure they did not infact have it. The person from Fifth Third informed me that things always get lost in the mail, and instead of doing any research on their end I should put a stop payment on that check and send a new one. Now it would be a late payment and I would be have to pay late fees. I would have to believe it is in Fifth Third Banks training program for customer nonservice relations to not help their customers. I called my bank and explained to a real customer friendly bank representive and she put a stop payment on the Feb 1 check and reissued a new one, she also waved the stop payment fee. It nice to know that Firth Third Bank has the USPS to blame for their misplacement of their own paperwork, and they don't need to have any customer relations as I can see from the many articles about how bad they are. P.S. In 48 years I can't remember anything that the USPS has lost on me. Michael Rockwell, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
34, Report #324618
Apr 08 2008
03:18 PM
Fifth Third Bank Fifth Third Taking thier sweet time settling my disputes Cincinnati Ohio
I am 46 with 2 teenage daughters at home and I am disabled. My direct desposit goes in on the third of every month. I had a company that I did not have any dealings with taking money out of my account and the bank let them. I had this in dispute then on March 2008 my direct deposit went in and and on that saturday I used my debit card for gas, then on that sunday early morning I went to use my debit card for coffee and cigs and reliezed my card checkbook and license were gone, I called and alerted my bank at once. I went to the bank when they opened on monday morning and explained what ahd happened they put a block on my account then, which should have already been done when I called. I had to go through doing disputes on the charges that were done after I called in on my account which also started a domino affect on overdraft charges. I was credited the money back from they one company and some fees but as to all the new charges nothing. I was crdited one dispute of 107.00 about 10 days after I filed the disputes. Then on the 18th of the month 3 more withdrawls came out of my account 1 for 200 1 for 160 and one for 260 (this is on an account that has a block on it) which caused more overdraft fees. I had to file more disputes. Now in April when my direct deposit went in the sucked all thier fees from the top which left me with very little. I am now still waiting 35 days and nothing I go to the bank 3 or 4 times a week and call and talk to supervisors on the phone several times a week to be told we are sorry but we are doing the best we can. A week ago monday a supervisor guareenteed me my money was being released into my account on friday no later than monday, so on tuesday I call and no money, I spend the entire day on the phone back and forth waiting to find out where my money is. At 5:15 the branch calls me and tells me Ohio cant find my dispute paperwork all of a sudden, so she has to fax it again meaning what I have to wait another 30 or 40 days in the meantime I am getting charged more and more fees. I have not paid a bill since feburary, they came and repossed my car today and I am getting an eviction notice this week. I cannot get any money I cannot get back any money and I am going to lose everything I own and be in the street. ANd there is nothing anybody can do because its comapany policy and I have to just wait it out. BULL BULL BULL This bank is such a rip off Cindy Oldsmar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
35, Report #343348
Jun 23 2008
05:41 PM
Fifth Third Bank Black cats on Fifth Third! Lexington Kentucky
Black cats on Fifth Third! What was an authentic check turned out to be a bogus check! I got a nice little sum of money from doing an internet survey, and now some goon says I didn't follow correct procedure on my survey; I am stealing money from him. Well, his outfit is bogus anyway so he can afford to get ripped off by me. Ck in delaware Wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Lexington, Kentucky
36, Report #927446
Aug 15 2012
06:58 AM
Fifth Third Bank Do not get a home loan through Fifth Third! Lakeland, Florida
My wife and I decided to buy our first house. We went through the First Time Home Buyer's class in the area and were going through Fifth Third because they seemed very nice in all the branches we went to, and promised a discount when you have a home loan through them and an account. We went to a branch and were approved right away. We then went through the process of finding a home. We found one and contacted the bank to tell them we want to proceed. The sellers were nice enough to put a new roof on the house, because the old one was the original. They were ready to sell us the house from the day they signed the contract. Then the fun began.... The loan officer asked for paperwork. He had us email and fax it. He said it was easier and faster to do that. We had no problem doing so. We gave him everything and a couple of weeks later he said he needed more. We sent him what he asked for, and he told me that's all he needed. It was getting very close to the original closing date, but he reassured me we will close on time. Then it was the Friday before closing on Monday. I called my realtor and asked him if the loan officer contacted him, he told me no. We both contacted my loan officer's boss and all of a sudden the loan officer was rushing to his office to do some of our paperwork. Suffice it to say we did not close on Monday. Since hardly anyone closes on the original date, I wasn't very worried. We signed an addendum to the contract and waited. Then a week later I recieved a call from the Ohio Fifth Third (their headquarters) and spoke to another loan officer. She asked for more information. I emailed it to her and we waited. A few days later she asked for more information. Again. Again. Again. We were getting frustrated. Then our local loan officer asked for more information. We sent THAT to him. We asked how much more they needed. He said that was it, he was just waiting for the underwriters to aprove everything. The woman from Ohio asked for more information at that time. We were very frustrated and my wife told her she doesn't want to give her any more information because our local loan officer told us that's all we had to do. The woman was angry with us and I went on a conference call with both loan officers. It turns out our local officer didn't have the authority to tell us we don't need to give any more information and only the woman from Ohio did. Now we were afraid because we gave her a hard time, not realizing she was the underwriter (she told me she was only a loan officer). After all this and a total of 5 addendums (more than average according to my realtor), we finally closed over two months after our original closing date. The seller's realtor asked what took so long, and we just shook our heads. We told her to be careful with Fifth Third Bank. After all this, we recieved a letter from another mortgage company a month and a half later. Fifth Third already sold our mortgage! What is it with these people? Nonetheless it's better they sold it, so we don't have to deal with them for the next thirty years. We are going to close our account with them and going with our old bank.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
37, Report #275589
Sep 21 2007
11:16 AM
Fifth Third Bancorp FIFTH THIRD BANK STRIKES!! Cincinnati Ohio
I have been with Fifth Third bank since it has taken over Old Kent. I have had my fare share of overdrafts in my time thru Old Kent and now Fifth Third. I was recently informed. I had placed a payroll check into my bank account on a Saturday, and I proceeded to use the funds thru the weekend. When I went online to balance my account as I always do on Monday morning it said that I had a balance of roughly 30 dollars but that I had over drafted my account an that charges were pending. I persisted to call the customer service hotline to review why I had pending charges I was informed that only 100$ of my deposit was available as of Saturday and that due to my pending charges they were charging my 5 overdraft fees in the tune of 165$. They told me that a notice had been sent in the mail stating the changes to their policies and that everyone was notified. I was never notified by mail, and there were no notifications on my online statement. So that day I proceeded to get some help by getting an online loan to cover the overdraft fees. The bank told me if it was deposited that night there would be no fees for the pending charges. The next day when I reviewed my online statement I noticed it said I had an available balance of $120 dollars but my ending balance for the day before was a negative $168 dollars. When I called they told me that the pending charges came thru at 12:00 midnight, which is their posting time but the deposit did not go thru until 12:01. They were not willing to work with me at all so I was charged another $165 dollars in fees. Then to top it all off after they told me that the only way to have access to a deposit in my account is to have cash deposited, so I had my father remove $500 dollars cash from his IRA account at Fifth Third and deposit into my account so that there would be no more screw ups. Minutes after he had deposited the money into my account I checked my online statement it said that between the funds that I had available and the deposit that was made I only had $176 dollars available. They are holding $400 dollars of the funds to verify the deposit. This is ridiculous. The money was transferred from a Fifth Third bank account and they are going to hold the funds. I am completely fed up with their lies and their poor customer service. I am pulling my bank account with Fifth Third along with my parents. I have spoke with many other individuals who have told me due to the way I have been treated and what has happened they are doing the same. I have a total of 8 people who are pulling their accounts with Fifth Third. Now I know that 8 people to a large corporation like Fifth Third is very small, But I will continue to warn everyone about my experience with this corporation and warn them to take their business else where. Joe Northern, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
38, Report #158259
Sep 25 2005
10:03 AM
5th Third Bank - Fifth Third Bank ripoff skip a payment Cincinnati Ohio
Received a Skip a Payment Form from Fifth Third Bank (which we have done before) for the month of August 2005. We signed this form and mailed it in. Two months later we received a letter stating the August payment was never made. Called Fifth Third Bank and they refused to deal with us because it was sent to a collection agency. Never received any notice from the bank that the skip a payment was not accepted never missed a payment before and they immediatly sent it to collections. I think Fifth Third Bank does this so they can tack on late fees. I am taking out a home equity loan to pay off this car loan so I will never have to deal with these crooks again! Steve North Port, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
39, Report #163128
Nov 02 2005
09:10 PM
Fifth Third Bank - 5/3 Bank RIPOFF Lying, uncooperative, mismanaged, deceitful and Fraudulant. Cincinatti OH
I had two mortgage loans through Fifth Third on the same house. One was my primary which was down to $112,500 or so in 2002. In 2002 My wife and I (now divorced)took out a home equity line of $20,000.00. At the time they appraised the house for $130,000.00. Because of the divorce and a reduction in my own income, I struggled to make the payments. The primary loan was $1080 a month. By the spring of 2004, the primary mortgage was in default. I was able to bring it current, but fell behind again almost immediately. In June of 2004 I conceded that I would not be able to keep it and put the house up for sale. The primary mortgage went into foreclosure shortly afterwards. I had a buyer by early Fall. The offer did not cover both loans. It would have paid off the primary, legal and real estate fees and commisions and about half of the $20,000 equity loan. Fifth Third's equity loan department refused to discuss this with me. Because I had continued making the equity payments, they said they had no reason to discuss a short sale with me. This was despite the fact that the same corporate bank was forclosing on the primary loan on the same house. The lady I was working with in the Primary loan department attempted to force them to agree by going over their heads, but we were still told no. I decided to quit making the home equity payments. I figured that they may be more willing to negotiate if that loan was also in default. And besides, if I was losing the house anyways why make payments that I would never benefit from. In December of 2004, I had another purchase agreement/ offer on the house. Once again the equity loan department refused to consider a short sale. I explained to them that once the redemption period was over that their lein falls off the home anyhow. I was willing to negotiate a payment plan on the balance of the loan, if they would accept the short sale. They could have received $10,000-12,000 of the $20,000 and I could have only owed them around $8,000. Either way, when the foreclosue was complete, or a sale was finalized, the loan would no longer be secured by the house. Much to my disappointment (and disbelief) they still refused to cooperate. I had yet a third buyer lined up in the early Spring of 2005. But once again the equity department refused to work with me. To summarize all this chaos; Although my two loans were held by the same bank, one department cost the other department thousand of dollars. It took a full year for foreclosure and eviction to occur. The primary loan department had to have taken a huge financial hit, that was not necessary. The primary loan was a FreddieMac loan, so they also lost money. Finally, the PMI company had to cover the difference on the primary loan, when there would not have been a difference had I been allowed to sell the home. The house was listed in June 2004 by my agent at $139,900. The first purchase offer I recieved was for $130,000. The second offer was $125,000. The final offer was for also for around 125,000, but that person was willing to go as high as 132,000. In October 2005, FreddieMac sold the house at auction for $110,000. Now the equity loan department has begun legal preceedings against my ex-wife for about $22,000 (Because she was a cosigner on that loan). I feel I went above and beyond what most people would have in that situation. I tried for a year to sell the house, I made innumerable calls to dozens of different Fifth Third employees, as did my real estate agent. We were both treated poorly by the majority of people we talked to. One person, Homer Smith, actually threw out a purchase agreement that my real estate agent faxed him because it was not addressed properly. Not only has Fifth Third bank cheated themselves and me, I believe they have defrauded FreddieMac and the PMI company. If anyone has any advice, or could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to assist my ex-wife in this matter. She should not have to pay this and I am not in the financial position to pay it myself. Michael Burtchville, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fifth Third Bank
Entity: Cincinatti, Ohio
40, Report #310967
Feb 21 2008
06:01 PM
Fifth Third Bank sent my auto loan to collections for lack of insurance. They never sent me a notice of anything. I get a call from a collections office stating that they are about to reposses my car. I have never missed a payment and made more than what my payment is suppose to be. The lady at collections started asking if I had insurance and I did so she gave me a number to call. First thing Monday morning I did and got my insurance co. on the phone with them on a 3 way call they updated their information that I had insurance and never went a day without it and Fifth Third Bank's insurance dept. said it was taken care of. Three weeks later I am still getting harrassing phone calls from the collections people demanding payment and the next months payment also. I have spent countless hours on the phone with the insurance dept. at the bank and cutomer service and not one person can help me. All I get told is sorry for the inconvience but there is nothing else we can do, our system is updated but it can take up to 30days for corp. to get the update. I should have never been turned over, I have always had insurance and provided that the day I bought the car to everyone. They even failed to notify me of anything that was going on. I am truely in a nightmare for something that is not my fault! Susan Mooresville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Cinn.,, Ohio
41, Report #314678
Mar 04 2008
02:40 PM
Fifth Third Bank Unfair and Excessive Bank Charges Lexington Kentucky
After years of banking at 5/3 Bank, I tried to refinance a mortage on my business commerical property. Not only did they offer me a horrible rate, almost 3% more than what I eventually refinanced for, they also said that it would be impossible to take out any of the equity. The building was appraised at %165,000 and I owed $101,000. I had asked for $8,000 to make improvements. 5/3 said no. I refinanced with PBI Bank and they were happy to give me a great rate and the $8,000.00 and told me I could have taken more if necessary. After this poor treatment, I decided to change banks for my business and personal checking and found that 5/3 charges $50.00 per account to close an account. That is a rip-off. I have emptied the accounts, but have not closed them as they can sit at zero with no service fee. I want to protest these fees and get the accounts closed. Michele Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Lexington, Kentucky
42, Report #171900
Jan 15 2006
11:41 PM
Fifth Third Bank it should get a name change to fee third bank Southfield Michigan
I have had nothing but problems with fee third bank and it's fee. A few years ago I was unlucky enough to get a lease auto from fifth third. I got nailed on a couple of late fee ($35 per). I thought this excessive considering it was a 200 lease. I called and asked if they could switch the due date because it was on the 25th of the month and I wanted more towards the end of the month so it would be due when all my other bills were due. To do that it would cost me $20. I couldn't understand why they need 20 to switch a due date. I then inquired about having them directly take the money out of my account. They said they would do that but there was a fee of .30 per transaction. I know it's not a lot of money but I have most of my bills taken out directly and no other company I have dealt with charges a fee. Now my lease is up and I'm sure they will nail me for a bunch of things. A few months ago I did they unthinkable. I got a promotion in the mail for a 2 percent cash back credit card from Fee Third. I thought about it and figured Christmas was coming and it's better then the 1 percent card I have now. When I got the card I checked their web site. I couldn't figure out how to pay online so I called them up and they said you could only pay online if you have an account with them. Now that's service. So I kept the card anyways and when I got my bill in I made sure I sent it in 5 business days before it was due. Five days after they bill was due I noticed they never posted the check. Then they slammed me for a $35 fee. Was I pissed. I called and they said they never got the check. After screaming they said they would wave the fee if I went to a bank branch and paid it that day. I did, and wouldn't you know it the check I sent in by mail was posted that night. So now I double paid. It just seems like they held onto my check to nail me for a late charge. It just seem fishy that it would take 14 day to get the check only to have it post after I went into the bank branch. I really can't wait until I earn enough for my cash back, so I can call then up to cancel the card and tell them to shove it. Joe Warren, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Michigan
43, Report #72362
Nov 18 2003
05:17 PM
I called since my car payment did not clear and was informed a $50.00 late fee would be charged if not received by tomorrow. I then made another payment over the phone which costs $9.75 and Jason did not inform me that this took 2 days so I would still be charged the $50.00 plus the $9.75 and asked what would happen when my first original check was received which had been sent 10 days prior he said they would apply it to next months payment. He told me to call my Bank and stop payment on the first check (this would have cost me another $30.00). I placed a second call and asked Barbara to speak to a Supervisor and she said this was not a Supervisor's area and she suggested I cancel my phone transaction with the Collections Department and transferred me to them and I talked with Marie who said we cannot cancel any phone transactions, you have to have your Bank stop payment on your check. She proceeded and asked me if she could be of any other help and I said let me think because you have not been of any help so far and she said have a good evening and hung up the phone. Jason, the first employee I talked with was very rude and did not explain that the phone transaction would take 2 days which I would still be charged a late fee plus the $9.75. When I called back and told them that that was not originally told to me the lady said it is in his notes that he explained that to you. I told her if it was explained I would have never done that, it served no purpose. It did not eliminate my late fee and I ended up paying $9.75 plus the late fee. I feel they do this to people to collect their late fees and probably hold their payments to enable them to do this. I always pay my bills on time and have a very good credit rating to prove that fact. Tina Fredericktown, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
44, Report #72518
Nov 20 2003
03:13 AM
Fifth Third Bank Credits auto payments late Cincinnati Ohio
I also have the problem with this bank crediting my auto payments late. I lease my car. I always send my payment a couple days early and I always use my bank's on line bill payment service (which is supposed to have the payment there by the date I enter as long as it's at least 4 days in advance). Fifth Third isn't set up to accept electronic transfers, which I think is odd for a bank so my bank has to send them a check. For about a year I had no issues, the payment was posted within 2 days from the date I entered to make the payment. Then they held a payment for about 7 days, which put it past the 5 day grace period. They socked me with that $35 late charge and refused to refund it. I figured fine, I had enough money so I paid a month ahead. That lasted until last Christmas and I had to skip a payment. So I started making sure I made payments so they would be there 5 days before the due date. In August they started holding the payments up to 11-12 days before posting them. When I called to complain all they would say if is that they are not responsible for the slow mail. My bank's bill payer showa when the check was mailed. I offered to fax them that page to prove that the check was mailed, that I wasn't just some dead beat claiming the check was in the mail. I figured if the my bank told them the check was mailed on a certain date that would make a difference. They couldn't have cared less. I argued so much that they did reverse that late charge and now I go to the branch to make my payments. I can't wait for this lease to be up. I will never deal with this bank again. They are rude, they don't care about the customer and I find it odd that if I check my payment history my payments have always posted within 2-3 days of when they received them. Maybe because the lease is nearing the end and payments were always made on time they figured they needed to do something to get some extra money from me??? R Jeffersonville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
45, Report #135712
Mar 20 2005
06:20 AM
Fifth Third Bank Screwed employees big time Naples Florida
In the fall of 2004, Fifth Third bank announced its takeover of First National Bank of Florida in Naples (some people had left good jobs to come work at First National just a week before the announcement). Fifth Third announced that it would be about four months for the merger to be completed and layoffs to occure. That it would appreciate people to remain working hard up to the last day and then they would receive a severance package (which turned out to be about 2 weeks pay, but that is beside the point). Many employees were supporting families and could not afford to take chances so they looked for other positions. Some people found them. As it turned out, everyone at the headquarters, except vice presidents, were laidoff. Those people who resigned before the last day, even though they gave 2 weeks notice and always received sterling performance reviews, were forever barred from employment with Fifth Third and Human Resources marked them as left without notice or poor performance and ineligible for rehire to take revenge on them, thus screwing them when trying to find future employment. Please let them know you feel about this unethical behavior. Scott Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Naples, Florida
46, Report #143324
May 19 2005
08:01 AM
Fifth Third Bank Ripoff, Rude Customer Service Reps, Poor Branch Management Customer Service Cincinnati Ohio
Where do I begin? We deposited our payroll checks into the account on Fridays at 12 noon. Come Monday morning, outstanding checks were posted to our account, but the payroll checks were not. Therefore, we were constantly getting nailed with $6 daily overdraft fees and $30 overdraft fees. This happened almost every week. When entering the bank to deposit checks sometimes the tellers offered overdraft protection which we applied for and where denied THREE times. The last time they offered it to us, we had to laugh. We figured out that we were losing almost 10% of our income in bank fees. we tried it all. Contacted 1-800-972-3030. They referred us to our branch. So we would contact the Branch Manager and it would be days without a reutrn phone call. One time he called at 5:30 and said he was leaving for the day and would have to call us the following day. He did not. The fees got so outrageous ($120 for one) and we were treated so rudely, that we sent a letter to Headquarters and no one replied. That was the last straw. We cashed our payroll check at a local grocer, and walked into our Home branch with the cash to bring the account into the positive and close it. They actually told us that we had to wait until the cash cleared the account before we can close it and that would be three business days!!!!!! WHAT???? ITS CASH! What does it need to clear! We argued and they kept telling us that was their policy. It was VERy apparent to us it was nothing more than a scam to get some more fees applied to our account so we would not be able to close it without giving them more money. Luckily we were finally able to leave Fifth Third and go to a great bank where we put our payroll checks in Friday night and its there on Sat morning. What a concept! I was relieved and astounded to see the amount of similar complaints by consumers! We need a class action law suit. I can not believe they have been able to get away with this for this long. Michele Sheffield Lake, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
47, Report #121823
Dec 08 2004
09:44 AM
Third Fifth Bank Ripoff Overdraft fees were $102 after going over by $20 Marysville Ohio
On a trip to Las Vegas, my wife (Christa) made a withdrawal from an ATM and was not warned that she would go over on her account. She had made other withdrawals that day, and as such, would go over by about $20, but she was not warned by the ATM that she would go over, and ended up going into overdraft. The overdraft charges started kicking in. She had made five charges that day, and charged us overdraft charges on three of them. They say that it is their policy to charge overdraft on all charges for the day that the overdraft occurs. Thus, they suggest that they are doing us some kind of favor by charging us $90 on the first day instead of $150. The next day we put $37 into the account (which was overdrawn by $24 total) and then they charged $90, setting the account into the red, and charged us another $6 for the day, and another charge the next morning, for a total of $120. There goes my tax cut. Paul Marysville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Marysville, Ohio
48, Report #106667
Sep 02 2004
08:56 AM
Fifth Third Bank Ripoff doesnt like to take responsibility for their actions rude management Whitehall Ohio
Back in March I went into the bank to see if I could put a stop payment on an automatic withdraw that was to come out in 4 days. The associate got the ok from the supervisor and they gladly took out the $29 fee. With the understanding that as long as it doesnt come out in 3 days or less everything would be ok. I got the stop payment receipt and the $29 was taken out. 4 days later I called the automated system and the stop payment was taken out which sent my account into overdraft and 4 checks had bounced that came in (all smaller amounts) that same day. I went to the bank and told them they needed to take off all the stupid charges that they put on the account $6 a day OD fee and $30 per check. They took it off but 3 days later sent the stop payment through again. more OD fees and more time spent trying to get it taken care of. I called the company that all 4 checks were wrote to and was told that I would have to pay the checks and the $30 fee per check that they charge and I would have to try to recover it from the bank later. OK I paid the checks and went to the bank again. The managers kept telling me it was the company who did the auto withdrawls fault and that I would have to get it from them. I took in all the papers from the bank and the store that the checks were wrote to. At the bottom of the stop payment order it states If payment is inadvertently made contrary to this written stop payment order, it is the responsibility of the account holder to show actual loss due to such payment in order to recover from the Bank, I highlighted it and was told by the manager that he didnt think that is what it meant, when I said here is my proof. Finally at the end of August I had to go in again (actually several times this month) because he gave corp the wrong account number to put the $120 in for the fees charged by the store. The last time I went in I was told I think you are taking advantage of the bank he said that I should be aware that things like this might happen and keep extra money in the bank to keep the account from OD. He laughed at me when I told him that I spoke to an attorney. The fact is that if they put the checks in in the order they are received and not from largest to smallest (which is how they seem to make all their money, OD fees) they probably wouldnt have had to pay $120 in check fees. But the manager said that was my fault to for not telling them about it so they could try to talk the company out of charging them that much. Kimberly Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Whitehall, Ohio
49, Report #108899
Sep 17 2004
01:30 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff dishonest incompetent unprofessional Cincinnati Ohio
My husband and I look out a loan for a Van originally from Old Kent Bank which was later became Fifth Third bank we decided to transfer the loan to my credit union for a lower interest rate so I contacted them for a payoff which was given via an automated system along with a per diem. When I went for my loan a Supervisor from my credit union contacted Fifth Third and was given the amount of the payoff, a per diem was also given and added to the amount so the loan would be paid off. Fifth Third cashed the check and my credit union received a Release of Lien which was sent to the State of Michigan and recorded as my credit union being the lien holder. This all took place on April 16, 2002. I've never heard anything further until April 19, 2004 when I went to get a new loan from my credit union for my truck, even though I took out a equity loan last year. I was informed that I had an outstanding loan with Fifth third. I called 5/3 talked to Sheena who transferred me to Tracy, she discussed this with her Leah her manager and I was told they are not certain what actually happened but clearly an error had happened and because they had released the lein the amount would be adjusted off with 7 to 10 days. I asked for a letter stating this completed and she was putting notes on the computer and a letter would be sent and if I had any problems or question I could contact her at ext. 65449. On May 4th I called and talked to Sheena who informed me there were no notes out there and the loan still existed, she would not transfer me to Tracy but did talk to both Tracy & Leah and neither one of them recall our conversation (how convenient). Sheena suggested I have my credit union call them, and in the mean time she would put notes in their system on today's conversation. May 6th my credit union called there and talked to Danell who said there were no notes and had no idea what was going on, so my credit union faxed them a letter and a copy of the check and lien release. May 11th I called and asked for a manager Courtney transferred me to Jeff who listened to me and then said he couldn't do anything about it, when I asked what his position in the company was he said he worked in the collection department, I again asked for a Manager and he transferred me to Connie Henry who informed me that I still owe and that it's my fault that the amount was pd off - it is 5/3 policy that all payoff amounts must be done in writing therefore I still owed - the automated system does not say this amount is not valid unless you receive it in writing, and the loan papers that I signed were with another bank, and it does not say that on the papers either. I asked her if I still owed why would they sign off on the lien and she said because we were asked to do so but that did not mean the loan was paid off and I should have known that. I asked her why would anyone send you a check for over $8000.00 and ask you to sign off on the lein and then not make a pmt for 2 years, as far as I knew banks did not release lein in case of default, they had nothing to reposses - her comment was garnishment of your paycheck. I told her I did not feel this was legal and she said this is called unjust enrichment she was very rude. Now I get a letter telling me I need to provide proof of insurance on the vehicle (which I no longer own) or they will insure it for me - I can't insure something I don't own and I don't know how they can insure something they released. With all of the personnel that I talked to not one of them was able to assist me, keep their word, enter notes onto the computer, or have the professionalism of a customer service person, or hold the position of a manager. I was treated as if I was the one who made the error and would pay dearly for it. I do not feel that I should have to pay for their mistake, this is an additional 2 years of interest @9.24% and the mistake was not just a few hundred dollars. Cathy Grant, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fifth Third Bank
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
50, Report #86246
Apr 01 2004
01:27 PM
FIFTH THIRD BANK ripoff, dishonest fraudulent late charges CINCINATTI Ohio
I paid my car payment online on February 13, 2004 but Fifth Third Bank says they didn't receive a draft until February 27, some 2 weeks later and charged me a late fee of $16.00. My bank has verified that the payment went out by US mail on the 13th day of February. The grace period expired 13 days later on February 26th, one day before Fifth Third acknowledges it received the draft. It doesn't take the mail 14 days to run from Indianapolis to Cincinnati (98 miles)or anywhere else in the USA as their Customer Service people have suggested. I complained bitterly to their customer service and was never able to contact a supervisor nor were my calls returned despite several attempts. I submitted documentation to their customer service by mail from my bank that would indicate they are lying but have not received a response as of yet. I finally complained to the attorney general who said it was out of his jurisdiction but admitted they had about 40 similar complaints against Fifth Third. They forwarded my case to the Comptroller of the National Banks in Texas and they said this matter was out of their jurisdiction because Fifth Third is not a national bank and forwarded the case to a Federal Reserve supervisory agency in DC who sent me a letter and said it was out of their jurisdiction. Something needs to be done about these people and apparently there in no controlling authority over these people. What a scary thought! Larry New Palestine, IndianaU.S.A.

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