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76, Report #945953
Sep 24 2012
02:30 PM
Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Refinance Scam Cincinnati, Ohio
I was sent a you're preapproved for a mortgage refinance under the new laws letter from 5th Third bank.  I spoke with a consultant.  After going over my current mortgage information, I sent in my taxes, other income, etc.  He said that I was approved and  that I could save over $800 a month in mortgage fees.   However, I had to pay them $399.00  immediately to get my application in.   I gave my credit card number and was told it was running about two months. Needless to say, after two months, I was told that according to my tax returns, I was not eligable for this refinance.  I asked the consultant why, since this was the exact same information that I gave him prior to him taking my (almost) $400.  I have not received an answer yet.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
77, Report #948819
Sep 30 2012
05:25 PM
Fifth Third Bank Incompetent scammers, idiot 'bankers' Cincinnati, Ohio
BEWARE OF THIS BANK SENIORS!! I opened an account at this bank in May of this year.  Because I had my small ($430) retirement check direct deposited, I was told I could get free checking.  Within 3 months, they changed the rules and I was told I could no longer use my checks unless I kept a balance of $1,500.  The 'banker' told me that I could purchase money orders when I needed to write out a check for $4 each!! Recently, I tried and failed to relocate to Indiana.  These idiots could not even change my address correctly. Because my son put some very critical remarks online regarding this bank, on Friday , 9/28, I received a letter from a 'banker' LaToya Ashe, telling me that both my son and myself had to close our accounts within 10 days. This has been extremely difficult for me as the Social Security Administration is slow in changing direct deposit accounts.  Because I am disabled, I had to hire transportation to and from the bank to get my money. I am no longer going to use the services of any BANK. 
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
78, Report #188701
Apr 26 2006
04:09 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff Dishonest Fraudulent Billing Cincinnati Ohio
MY husband and I financed a vehicle with Fifth Third Bank about two years ago. We kept the car for 13 months and then traded it in for another vehicle. The dealership paid the car off,as usually done in a trade,and resold the car. We payed ALL of our payments on time,and NEVER missed a payment,and NEVER bounced a check. I have bank statements showing every check for each payment and when Fifth Third cashed them. We received a letter saying we still owe a payment on the vehicle that we traded to the dealership that was paid off. Upon calling Fifth Third Bank,we were told that the bank had made a mistake and credited our loan like we made an extra payment. This mistake was not realized by the bank until four months after we had traded off the vehicle. Now we are expected to make a $250 payment to correct the mistake that THEY made even though we have made all payments accurately and haven't owned the car for almost two years. Kara and Greg Bluefield, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
79, Report #176976
Feb 18 2006
07:28 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff won't take care of denial letter I'm asking for Berea Ohio
I'm writing to call out Fifth Third Bank and their mortgage department. When I first called first week of December '05 they gave me the terms of a vacant lot loan. After several mistakes by them, I decided to change loan originators. She said, no problem. I didn't know what the other guy was thinking was so hard. After 3 weeks of waiting, they finally approved us for the loan. (only after I started calling her boss to get answers). She said we were approved but we had to get our debt to income ratio down. Well, we were never told that was an issue to begin with. So we paid down our car. $12,000.00 later they changed the terms on us, again. They said they couldn't give us 100% financing because they had already made too many exceptions. Never telling us in the beginning we were in need of exceptions. So after they dropped the ball yet another time, we said forget it. We don't want to do business with you anymore. Forget the lot, forget you. Deals off. The seller didn't understand the situation and wouldn't give us our earnest money back until she found out what happened. Well, the bank wouldn't help explain it to her. They wouldn't give me a denial letter because they said I was approved. I said I never agreed to the terms so how could I be approved. They refuse to give me any type of letter saying they were at fault explaining the loan in it's entirety. The loan originator agrees we never agreed on the terms. She said it herself. So why are they being so difficult? So the loan originator couldn't help anymore. I started calling her boss. No return call. Several weeks go by. Still calling him, still no return phone call. Finally, I start really harassing him and started calling every 15 minutes. He finally called me back and apologized saying the denial letter would be in the mail. Denial letter came in the mail stating unacceptable property as the reason. Saying the lot was unacceptable because of the delapitated house on the property. Even though they approved it. The seller didn't like that. Saying it was incorrect. Which it really was. The manager wouldn't return phone calls again. So I started calling his boss. This guy was even worse. A month and a half later I'm still waiting to take care of this! He finally called and faxed over a new denial letter stating excessive obligations in relation to income which we agreed on. But he wouldn't sign it, nor put the correct date on it. Now, he won't answer calls again. What is with these people?? I was so nice the whole time with them. So they walked all over me thinking I'd just give up. Well, I can't. I want my earnest money back. The bank is the one that dropped the ball, and they admit it, but not on paper. What gives?? Elaine Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Berea, Ohio
80, Report #201210
Jul 15 2006
09:16 AM
Fifth Third Bank Horrible customer service, excessive fees Cincinnati Ohio
First off, I acknowledge some fault in this event and have attempted to work with Fifth Third to resolve it equitably to no avail. They appear to 1) not want to resolve the issue, and 2) want to continue it so that additional fees may be added. I am a student at the University of Cincinnati, but do not live there when not attending school. When the Spring Qtr ended I drew my account down to about 1 dollar and went home for the summer not intending to use this account until school resumed in the fall. Early in July I received a notice of an overdraft of $37 which occurred on June 21, about a week after I left Cincinnati. (This was actually an unsanctioned use of my account which has since been reversed). I was notified by the bank via mail, which took about three weeks to arrive since it had been sent to the dorm at U.C. and had to be manually forwarded. Fifth Third had been adding an additional 6 dollars per day for each day overdrawn, in addition to normal overdraft fees! The bill was now well over $100. After speaking to a bank employee I sent a check for $70.00 covering the overdraft and the $33 fee which I certainly felt responsible for. I also faxed and mailed a letter explaining that I did not feel responsible for the accumulation of the $6/day fees but that I was paying the overdraft and inital fee. The bank certainly could have mitigated the fees by contacting me by e-mail or phone rather than by mail, something they seem to be able to do now. They also could have kept a happy customer by ending things with the amount I paid. They seem to be so big that thoughts of customer satisfaction have no place in their bank. At this point the only money owed is related to the $6 per day fees they have continued to add. The debt is self perpetuating. Warning to University of Cincinnati students! There are many banks in Cincinnati. Steer clear of Fifth Third Bank. John Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
81, Report #202480
Jul 23 2006
08:54 AM
Fifth Third Bank Excessive fees and transfer policy ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
Upon setting up my new checking and savings account with Fifth Third Bank, I was told that checking overdrafts would automatically transfer funds from my savings account. This did not happen. I was charged $99 for three overdrafts which totalled only $8. The bank arranged the overdrafts so that the highest possible number of overdraft fees would be charged. In this case, three overdrafts at $33 each. Upon complaining, the total overdraft charge was reduced to $50 and I was informed that my savings account would then be connected to my checking account. Even with the reduced total, this is unfair. I was told that my accounts would be linked. There should be no charge due to their mis-statement. Verl indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
82, Report #193286
May 25 2006
01:30 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff payments lay on desk for late fees Cincinnati Ohio
Fifth Third Bank is really ripping off it's customers. The bank claims to allow a 10 day grace period.(crap) send in your payments and let them lay on a desk until the bank can add late fees. We were verbally told that the payments may lay on desks 10 to 14 days before the payment is posted because they have so many payments to process. Not my problem. The bank is very hesitant to send any thing in writting. Fifth Third Bank is making a lot of money on late fees,and reuining credit history. Should this be allowed?????? Definately Not!!!!!! Come on people don't let the bank away with this. I'm joining the class action lawsuit. Let's go after these gold diggers!!! Gary l Port St. Lucie, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
83, Report #308569
Feb 13 2008
10:09 AM
Fifth Third Bank Two payments send before due, not received poor customer service Cincinnati Ohio
As an excellant Fifth Third customer, with no late payments, excellant credit history and score, I'm now faced with some of the scenarios that I read about here. My payments are due the 5th of each month. I make (send) my payment in on the 19th of the previous month. I sent a payment on Jan 19th for my Feb 5th bill. On Feb 4th, my online checking showed it had never cleared and I called Fifth Third. Their customer rep, though sympathetic, said it was lost in the mail and to stop payment of that payment and send another as I had a 10 day grace period. I suggested stopping the payment and I'd do an electronic check with him over the phone. His reply was that I could not do so until the payment was actually late. So I stopped the check, was charged $29 by my bank to do so and mailed another payment. Checking my online account on Feb 12 (two days before my grace period was up) I saw my second attempt at payment had not been posted to my account. Again I call and was told to wait another day as they had not received it but the first payment did arrive on the 4th after my first call (what a coincidence) but of course they couldn't post it as it was stopped by my bank. I wait till today, called Fifth Turd and still they have not received it and of course use the excuse of the postal service. I asked for a supervisor ( an unsympathetic and unfeeling person) who again blames the postal service and says if it does not arrive until after the 14th that I will be assessed a late fee. From here on out I will be sending the checks with a receiver confirmation and catch them at their little game but in the meantime I'm at their mercy and being held hostage. I'll keep you all posted and any comments will be appreciated. Don Edgewood, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
84, Report #331309
May 08 2008
07:18 AM
Fifth Third Bank Biggest Liars & Crooks in the Business Cincinnati Ohio
Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Lending Bank in Cincinnati, OH should be blown up....This bank should be ashamed of how they do business. I cannot wait till the day they fold. My boyfriend financed his car loan through them via a Used Car Lot where he purchased his vehicle. Had he known the grief this bank would eventually put him through - I guarantee he would not have chosen them. I know for certain that he will NEVER do business with this bank again after his ordeal over the last few months. His experience - as with others who have had similar experience from reading their Ripoff report - put in his address change on his payment coupon as requested by the bank & has this option on the payment coupon was never changed by anyone at Fifth Third. He then - coincidentally- never received any of his correspondence at his newly changed address from this Lender. He was charged 24 seperate late charges on his loan of which he never knew about because he was never receiving any correspondence from them. Then because of his so-called delinquency on his payments - which I find very strange because all of his payments from what I had seen of his loan payment history - were all made on time or within the supposed 10-day grace period; his interest rate went from 6.? % clear up to almost 11% interest. Needless to say - right before the last payment was made on this auto loan - Fifth Third Bank called after magically contacting his parents for a phone number - said that he still owed a phenemonial amount on this loan. Of course arguing with them did no good - because one morning he went to leave for work *BOOM* his truck had been repossessed by these idiots!! After numerous run-arounds on the phone - and a different amount given of what was owed each time - a payment amount was finally determined. What a HORRIFIC mess it has all been. He also had to drive all the way to Cleveland to retreive his truck & spend even more money - in which he was also lied to about storage fees. He was told no storage fees would be charged for 10 days - NOT TRUE - charged $25/day from the get go. AND GET THIS - even after he paid the amount that FIFTH THIRD said was the payoff amount to get his truck back out of repo - THEY CALLED AGAIN THE VERY NEXT DAY & SAID THAT HE STILL OWED $90.01!! And they wonder why they have so many law suits against them????? No wonder people go bullistic on these companies!!! Yes if there is a Law Firm who would like to take on this case please contact my email account given thru this site or would like to start a Civil Action Lawsuit on behalf of so many other victims of this Ripoff Bank. MY BOYFRIEND OR I OR ANY OF OUR FAMILIES WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS - EVER!!!! Imagine how this has destroyed his credit which was at a score of over 700 before this whole ordeal. Nancy Lima, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
85, Report #181415
Mar 15 2006
05:37 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff dishonest overdraft charges Bexley Ohio
Ok - I've read a lot about the overdraft fees of 5/3. And please - don't post giving me some lecture on my irresponsible financial habits. Two days ago, I checked the 5/3 web-site and to my dismay found that I was $150 overdrawn. I had written a check to someone in JANUARY that he just decided to deposit. My direct deposit pay check was due in on 3/15 (today), so I gathered up every cent I had and went on 3/14 to deposit $315. I deliberately took the deposit before noon and took it to the teller rather than the ATM. I asked the teller if I was going to get charged anything, or if there was more pending, and if this amount would cover it. She said yes, that it would cover it and I was ok. So I left thinking Wow - dodged a bullet there! Then I got up on 3/15 and discovered that $330 had been charged to my account in over draft fees. Panic stricken I called the local 5/3 and after being on hold for 7 MINUTES (without any one checking to see if I was still there and able to hold), the branch manager said Sorry, I had other customers and proceeded to ask me what was wrong. I told him all of the above, and reminded him that an $1100 deposit was going to clear today 3/15. He proceeded to lecture me on personal finance and basically told me that I need to suck it up, it's all my fault, etc. He offered to refund a WHOPPING $66 back to my account. When I asked about any additional fees he said oh yea, there's another $198 that will hit today. I asked him to waive those in light of the fact that the $1100 was being deposited and he said he would talk to the branch that my account was opened at and see what he could do. I said no thanks, I'll call them. So now I'm on to branch manager #2. Not quite as worthless, but still rude and not helpful. This branch manager said he could refund $150 back, but couldn't do anything about the pending charges, even though there was supposed to be a direct deposit because he couldn't see it. But mind you - he could see all the pending transactions, as well as the $198 in pending fees. AMAZING how their computer system has selective sight. Oh, and he so kindly reminded me that 5/3 is for-profit. No kidding! So - the resolution to this is that he'll refund my $150, but that's it. I'm definitely closing the account - like I should have 4 years ago when this happened to a friend. To sum up my main complaints - Why in the H*&^ would you clear a debit before a credit? Why would you clear the larger items first, if not to just make money? Why would you allow a credit/debit card to continue working after an account is overdrawn? It all seems like it's just one big ploy to make 5/3 money. Natalie Canal Winchester, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bexley, Ohio
86, Report #238898
Mar 14 2007
06:31 AM
Fifth Third Bank dishonest reposession, took the money, legalized stealing ripoff Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cincinnati Ohio
In November we had our truck repossessed. Our fault completely. That same day, I called Fifth Third Auto Leasing and asked what we needed to do and pay to get the vehicle back. We were told there was a 700.00 repossession fee on top of the two payments we missed, one in February, and one in August. We scrounged together the money, and a family member helped get it paid. She spoke with a representative, and was told that if it was all paid right then, that the repossession fee would be 350.00 instead of the 700.00. She authorized transfers from her account, and they transferred one amount of 1157.85, and another amount for 305.00. Total paid to Fifth Third 1462.85. This was all paid the same day, but yet it took 3 weeks for them to tell us where our truck was so we could get it back. When we went to finally get it, we had to pay 60.00, and then the man who had all our things that were inside the truck wanted 100.00. We continued to get bills for 6.00 here, 15.00 there for fees and such, and when the December payment was due, my husband paid everything, all the fees, everything. Now we are getting mail and phone calls saying that we owe them 700.00 for a repossession fee, that we havent made our payments, which we have, and that our lease is again in violation. When we call customer service, we get extremely snotty people who treat us like criminals, and won't give a credible explanation of why they think we owe this. If in fact we did owe this amount, why were we allowed to have our vehicle back? It just doesn't make sense, and we are getting nowhere with this horrible bank. Beware consumers, if you do business with Fifth Third, make sure you write down every conversation you have with them, and keep every receipt showing payment. I closed my checking account with them years ago because they floated my money for up to a week when I made a deposit. They had the cheapest rate to lease with, but I will never do it again. Susan Richland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Kalamazoo, Michigan
87, Report #238274
Mar 05 2007
06:10 PM
Fifth Third Bank Changing Dates off Deposit Ripoff Wadsworth Ohio
Again the Bank is up to tricks. Now The have Changed the Dates Of the time that the Direct Deposit went in. Checks were writen so the deposit would cover them Now they say that the date of deposit was on a different day.Now I have been charged again.. When a Check went through on the 28 and was comfirmed they say it is not in the computer.. I want to go after them. All other banks also get 3 to 5 days to fix an overdraft. This Bank Fifth Third Bank Charges the same day of $33.00.. What do they thing their doing...They need to be stop. We need to shut them down.... We need our money back that they have taken.. Help.... Because they make mistakes..we are paying for it... What can we do.. Mary Wadsworth, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wadsworth, Ohio
88, Report #240250
Mar 22 2007
10:59 AM
Fifth Third Bank Unauthorized & fraudulent debit card transactions Cincinnati Ohio
Last year I had a number of unauthorized charges against my Fifth Third Bank Mastercard debit card. They were made by online casinos outside the U.S...I filed a dispute with the bank and changed my debit card number. Fifth Third investigated and returned the money to my account. In November, I found that it had happened again but this time dozens of charges; some three and four times a day and all for similar amounts. I Fedexed a dispute to Fifth Third and after a month, I Fedexed another dispute. It has now been 5 months and Fifth Third claims that they never got my disputeseven though I have proof of delivery. They started investigating in January after I filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve in Cleveland. I have sent 14 faxes to their Dispute Department, all unanswered. I have received two form letters saying that the matter will be resolved in 30 days. That was two months ago. there is a substantial amount of money involved and Fifth Third never called me once when these charges were being processed to question if they were authorized. That is a violation of their agreement with Mastercard. It appears that Fifth Third's security is non existent. I had five accounts with Fifth Third and I have closed four of them. I only have the one left that is in dispute. I believe that if they did this to me, they have done it to others and i would love to nail them with a class action. By processing offshore online casino charges they are facilitating criminal activity in violation of the RICO Act. Ken Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
89, Report #266628
Aug 10 2007
12:26 PM
Fifth Third Bank ripoff Overdraft Abuse Credit Card Fraud Lombard Illinois
53 bank issued a credit card in my name without authorization and charged overdraft fee's to it. When I called the bank to state that someone had used my credit card without authorization, the Customer Service rep stated that was the way they did overdraft protection and that I should pay the fee immediately to avoid interest accruing. To add: I had a credit card with them and never had used it, I believed this is the credit card they made the charges to. HOwever, I checked my account later that same day and noticed a 2nd credit card on my account that hadn't been there before. It had been opened the day my account when into overdraft by someone other than myself. Overdraft fee's in excess of $500.00. Andrea North Aurora, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Lombard, Illinois
90, Report #259184
Jul 06 2007
06:02 PM
Fifth Third Bank Wound up in middle of computer scam Ripoff Oswego Illinois
I signed up with an internet organization called Arts and Crafts, Inc from London, England. Gentlemen involved were Dan Scott and James Bromley. The job was called a Bookkeeper/Rep. Job entailed receiving cashier's checks and money orders from there customers and cashing them and wiring the money thru Western Union. The total amount stolen from me was 15,078.85. When i went into Fifth Third I had asked the first teller to please verifiy the fact that a cashier's check from Gilbert Marcus in Georgia was real because it looked funny to me. The teller took it upon herself to declare it a good cashiers check, stating that if it wasn't she would take the blame because she approved it. That particular cashier's check came back to the bank on the 7th day, but because i had more than enough money in the account to cover it, they did not bother calling me about the situation. I received this copy 14 days later. I came back into the bank obviously numerous times doing the same job, only to ask questions about money orders and if they could please verified if they were good, the teller informed me they had a number to call, but again refused to verify it since i had enough money in the account to cover them. According to the criminal attorney that i talked to, i am simply a victim of both Arts and Crafts, inc of London England and the Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third Bank has lied numerous times to me, telling me since i had a black balance that my ATM was now in place, and i could access my account on line to see just exactly how many charges they had in fact hit me with. They said to go ahead and write your checks to pay your bills only to have them bounce the checks, and tell my ACH items that the account was in deed closed. So they have been holding more than 15,000.00 in my account and refusing to honor any checks or ACH's. They also refuse to do anything about the amount even though they were truly involved. They refuse to reverse the charges of overdraft even if this is a fraud situation. They feel that i had to be involved in the whole situation. Which i was not. The branch in Oswego, IL does not care about its customers, they only want to make life as difficult as they can make it. Let's face it, they charge you charges just to make money because they cannot find a better way of earning money from customers. I had money wired into this account to cover my lose and they refused to post it for 6 days. Just so they could get their money. They reversed items that had cleared the bank while it was still in the black. Patricia Montgomery, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oswego, Illinois
91, Report #256919
Jun 26 2007
07:55 AM
Fifth Third Bank late fee assessment , can't explain delay in mail John P. Knieriem Ohio
John P. Knieriem Senior Vice President Fifth Third Bank, is the name on my third alleged delinquent notice, yet when I ask to speak with him, he does not take incoming calls. I have sent my checks through the USPS in advance of my payment due date , and to this day they claim they get them late, I have checked with the US Post office and they tell me it takes 3 -5 business days to send mail from where I am in Texas to Cincinnati, Ohio. Fifth Third apparently only seems to get mail from Texas every 12 days , if I follow their logic. I can use a automated system they tell me, however I now refuse to use this out of principal. That they say they will not change my fees, yet they always seem to get my check for the payment they claim I am late on is ironic. I have advised the lease company I went through that I will not use them again if they use Fifth Third Bank and that I will tell my friends to decline a lease if they are financed thru Fifth Third. Kevin colleyville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
92, Report #256300
Jun 22 2007
07:50 PM
Fifth Third Bank double charges on overdraft Ripoff Louisville Kentucky
itsd good thing I check my account on a daily bases, they double my over draft instead of 133.00 for for it was 266.00, went to the bank. teller told me that they recieved a notice this morning that this had happen but did not know how many account were affected, nor did they bother to try to find out and correct the problem, nor did they care. i know their are going to be a lot of pissed off people. Roxanne louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
93, Report #268254
Aug 17 2007
11:41 AM
Fifth Third Bank overdraft fee ripoff Mount Vernon Indiana
lets see 0n july 27th i had 31.00 in the bank made a deposit on that day. of 200.00 and had 187.00 in bills taken out . so thay said i overdrew because only 100.00 was deposited that day. they said they changed it and sent a notice out to everyone i called and told them i didnt get nothing like that now i am up to 300.00 in overdraft fees. Steve mount vernon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Mount Vernon, Indiana
94, Report #248788
May 15 2007
02:38 PM
Fifth Third Bank Joins the banking ripoff bandwagon Cincinatti Ohio
I am extremely angered that 5/3 has joined other banks in ripping off its consumers. I had switched to 5/3 3 yrs ago because I had left another bank that charged NSF Fees when an account did not actually drop into the negative and in my search for another bank had found 3 others that charged NSF Fees because an account might go negative. It used to be that you got charged NSF Fees when an account actually fell into a negative balance. Now you get charged NSF Fees if an account MIGHT fall into a negative balance. Online transfer of funds used to be immediate and be posted the next day all the way up to 11:59pm. Now I am tired of seeing banks who think it is ok to make a profit off its consumers because their account MIGHT overdraw; especially when items on hold may not actually be due to be billed up to a week later. A customer will need to log in EVERY SINGLE DAY to check and see if a bill that is on auto-pay had put a hold in before it was due, even though they are not going to actually bill the account until the due date. This is especially true of bills that come due on a weekend or a holiday. There are also times when companies put in a hold of much larger than the actually purchase and again unless a consumer logs in EVERY SINGLE DAY they will not know if a company has done this. NSF Fees should NEVER be charged unless an account ACTUALLY falls into the negative balance at the end of the day. I would not be surprised to see that 5/3 will lose consumers as a result of the changes to how accounts will be charged overdraft fees; either to a bank that still follows the actual balance system or leave banks all together. My account with 5/3 never actually fell into the negative balance yet I was charged $198 total in NSF Fees because I had holds pending in my account from companies that had put a hold in up to 4 days before they were actually going to bill the account. I had also made 2 fairly large deposits transfered online from my emergency account to my main account. These deposits until Feb 2007 were immediate and credited the same day up to 11:59pm. In both cases it took 2 days for the deposit to credit. Both accounts are with 5/3 so they know the funds are there. Why now the wait for verification of funds? I got so fed up I sent the board of directors of 5/3 a copy of my statement and a similiar copy of this letter. I also notified them that I had sent to my state senator a copy also. I am tired of seeing banks who think it is ok to steal from their customers by charging NSF Fees on accounts that never actually overdraw. I have now lost $264 to 5/3 for NSF Fees on an account that was never actually overdrawn. Bewarned and if you have a 5/3 account check it EVERY DAY. Mary West Salem, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinatti, Ohio
95, Report #271937
Sep 02 2007
01:00 PM
Fifth Third Bank Robbery without Use of a Gun Willowick Ohio
I have recently been replenishing my personal and business checking account with more money then I make. I put in $238 on Wednesday and it had not cleared yet on Thursday. I was told that they needed to verify the funds. Please keep in mind that $200 was cash. I used my debit card, not realizing they needed to verify the cash amount and was charged with a $170 overdraft fee. I also placed over $600 in my business account. As of Saturday, I was informed that I only had $300 and change in the account due to overdraft charges. I have never had this many problems with one bank. I'm usually very good at keeping my accounts uptodate and having a good record' book, however even my record states that I have money in the account - I receive an overdraft notice from 5/3, It seems to me that they are robbing me of my money and without using a gun. Also, if find out if I want to pull my money from my business account (checking and savings) it will cost me $50 each to do so. No one told me about this - however I was told I needed to place $50 in the accounts to start them. I want my hard earned money back. What do I have to do. I have spoken with people at the bank - no go, I have contacted FDIC no response yet. I can't be the only one having these problems, every time I go into the bank, someone is in there arguing about their overdraft fees, money missing from account, etc. Meghan Wickliffe, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Willowick, Ohio
96, Report #277934
Oct 09 2007
11:01 AM
Fifth Third Bank Erroneous law suit filed, falsified information, totally inept and unprofessional Dayton Ohio
This has turned into a living nightmare. I have tried for over a year to get this matter resolved and can't get any help. I have not had nor do now have money for an attorney to help me. This bank has filed an erroneous suit and judgment against me and I am desperate for help as this matter is destroying me financially and emotionally. I am 70 years old - never had any suits or judgments against me. In July 2004, I sold my business to an employee. At that time, I had a business loan along with a credit line with 5/3 Bank in Xenia, Ohio. 5/3 was willing to loan the employee the amount needed to purchase our business on the condition our original note was paid off with the money employee was borrowing and I would co-sign for his loan. The only amount of money left owed to 5/3 by me was a $19,000.00 line of credit that was current when the suit was filed. Once I received the papers I found that some of the information was incorrect. In fact, blatantly falsified in several instances. They had me living at an address in Dayton I had never heard of - I lived in Yellow Springs. We moved to Florida the fall of 2004. Unbeknown to us, the employee stopped making his monthly payments on the loan shortly afterward. The bank never notified us when the loan became delinquent nor did he communi-cate to us he was in trouble until much later. Immediately upon receipt of the complaint/summons filed July 27, 2006, I called our banker at 5/3 bank. Mr. xxxx assured me he would check into it because he was certain it had to be a mistake. Repeated calls to the banker over the next few months were met with the same excuses and I'm checking on it,etc. He later informed us he couldn't find our paperwork, etc! The new owner would not communicate with us regarding this matter either. He also had been sued. We were also never notified of any date for court hearings. T hen, without any notice to us, 5/3 sold new owner's loan was sold to a collection company who has hounded us for several months now. They didn't go after the new owner until just recently but still hounding us to pay. But the worst thing is they sued us for a note that was paid off completely!!! Banker said the papers were lost, yet he admitted remembering we had paid the note off!!! I mainly want this false information removed from our credit report and the judgment withdrawn. We truly feel the 5/3 banker and bank has been incompetent and accused us wrongly. I have copies of correspondence from this banker who wrote to our vendors/other lenders where he has admitted the bank was in error! He admitted and signed his name. We can prove some of the information in the court documents was altered and falsified, but we do not have money for an attorney. They want $5,000+ and we do not have it or any means of borrowing now since this judgment is against us. We are probably going to lose our home because of all this. It's just so unfair. Our only fault was in trusting a person and co-signing. Has anyone ever experienced this type of problem or know of any recourse we might have? If we could find a lawyer willing to take this on contingency I am sure we'd win and make 5/3 pay!! Brenda Brooksville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
97, Report #274229
Sep 12 2007
11:28 AM
Fifth Third Bank The Two faced company Columbus Ohio
I purchased a new car in 2004, in 2005 I had some financial problems. I contacted Fifth Third bank and they did a check by phone for a one month payment and told me at that time, my vehicle would not be repossessed. I came home from work the same day, and a tow truck came and took me vehicle. I contacted the person in charge of my account and explained that I had already made a payment and was told that I would get to keep my car, and she said well that isn't my fault. In August of 2007 the company contacted me for the first time since they repossessed my vehicle and told me that I owe them $5,000 and they will take legal action if I don't pay them. 2 days later a collection agency calls me and tells me that the reason I owe so much is because Fifth Third Bank continued to charge intrest and late fees on the account the entire time that they failed to contact me. I have had the same address the entire time, and my Phone number had never changed. If they would have attempted to contact me, I am sure I would have known about it. Now they are threatening to garnish my wages. I have 2 small children and we are hardly making it as it is. Fifth Third Bank is the worst company I have ever came across. I can't believe the way that they treat thier customers. Anonymous Barberton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
98, Report #278386
Oct 11 2007
10:05 AM
Fifth Third Bank Failed to cancel a debit card lost in the mail Chicago Illinois
Almost 1 year ago my husband left his debit card at a restaurant and we decided to cancel the account just incase someone had wrote the numbers down to use later. A few weeks later we still hadn't received our new card so we called in to the bank and were issued a new card and told the other was cancelled. Yesterday I signed onto my online banking to make sure some automatic bill payments were made and was shocked to see that my account was $130 overdrawn. Then while looking through the transactions I realized that we had not spent $1500 at, $300 at or miscellaneous amounts anywhere else. I immediately called to the bank and was informed that a debit card (not matching any debit card number we have) has been making these purchases over the past 2 days. So the bank didn't cancel the card that was lost in the mail almost a year ago. Old Navy has been awesome at canceling the orders and calling my bank to have the money un-authorized. JC Penney is trying to intercept the packages via UPS and then will credit the money back to our account. The other online retailers have not been as helpful. We have a police report going and they have found the IP address used was from Israel. They think someone got our card that was lost in the mail and then sold the information over the internet. So I am angry about the theft but I am angrier at 53rd Bank for their lack of help and their refusal to take responsibility for their mistake. They have our money in limbo and will not release it. Old Navy released $1500 in authorizations and never processed an actual payment on the account but the bank will still not put the money back into our account. Melissa Kingston, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
99, Report #272170
Sep 04 2007
06:21 AM
The new scam..... I applied for the 5/3 overdraft protection credit card, since I could not handle the hundreds of dollars in fees I have paid in the past few months. I recieved a card in the mail with the Fifth Third Identy on the front, I called the number that was on the sticker attached to the card to activate the card and the service. The very next weekend I had $156 in overdraft fees, (which by the way were clearly not overdrafts, since a check was deposited by 2:00 on Friday, and transactions were made over the weekend). SO, I called 5/3 to ask them about this... Their response You were not approved for Fifth Third Over Draft Protection!! The card they had sent me was not a 5/3 card, it is a HSBC Card, so it will not protect me from overdraft fees. The card really has no affliation with 5/3. Customer service said that they have a relationship with HSBC, so that is why I recieved the card. So, I have now paid $19 annual fee to have this card that I do not want, nor did I apply for. And I will still continue to get overdraft fees, which have totaled over $700, just in the past few months. Believe me, I asked all of the appropriate questions about the overdraft protection when I called to activate the card. I was told that if I overdrafted my account, I would be charged $9.00 per transaction.. I will be pursuing this legally! Scammed, mi Sunfield, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #291799
Dec 15 2007
09:42 AM
Fifth Third Bank Are you being taken by 5/3 too Cinncinnatti Ohio
As a former employee of Fifth Third Bank, A word to the wise: Close your accounts and go elsewhere!!! They aren't ethical @ 5/3 and I felt guilty for even working for them. If you feel you're being taken, believe me, YOU ARE. Someone deposits a PAYROLL check and its not available until Tomorrow? Unheard of in banking. They thrive on overdraft fees and credit cards and if I didn't sell enough credit cards? The pink slip. oh, and the best part about our beneficial overdraft protection for our customers that keep our door revolving? We link the checking acct to a 5/3 Credit card in hopes that you all rack up a huge balance that ya'll can't pay off so the bank makes interest. Oh and did I mention that even though you're covered by our overdraft protection to make your life easier you're still charged $9.00 in fees for each item if you use it. and after 10 times the cost goes up , so yes its tiered to help pay for the exec's vacations. So, my advice is for all of you out there to find a nice local community bank that cares about their customers and treats them like a person, not a number. and if you fall into a hardship, they do everything within their power to help you- not throw the book at you.I think its more fitting to say Welcome to Hell, Not Welcome to fifth third JT cinncinnatti, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cinncinnatti, Ohio

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