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76, Report #1292643
Mar 09 2016
01:15 PM
First Premier Bank Unlawful Business Misconduct Sioux Falls SD
I was bamboozled into a credit card with credit limit of $700.  I was not truley aware of what I would have to endure due to my mishap in judgement. Unfornately, $175 of the money went back to First Premier Bank upon issuance of the credit card without my knowledge. I am appauld that I have to pay for money I did not accumulate, but due to being a new homebuyer I have to pay off this credit card to help increaese my credit status.    
Entity: Wilkes Barre, Internet
77, Report #1398368
Sep 07 2017
06:14 AM
first premier bank fpb sioux falls South Dakota
 First premier Bank keeps charging me hidden fees. i have not made a purchase in months and always make my payment on time, they charge me 62.50 for an automated fee whatever this may be. I cant pay it off because I have kids and work paycheck to paycheck. I only used this card to get necessities. i wish i would have never got this credit card.
Entity: sioux falls, South Dakota
78, Report #35104
Nov 13 2002
07:24 PM
FIRST PREMIER ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
This is a you've got to be joking, right? ripoff outlandish ripoff late fees ..... I thought that I had seen and heard everything, but what we got in the mail today makes even jaded lil'ole me shake my head in amazement. As my battle continues with First Premier over the unauthorized debits (now turned over the Division of Banking) taken from our checking account, FAR in excess of any balance owed,on another card (balance owed: 142.50 to pay off, now trying to extort over $800 for returned item fees...on UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS.. they decided to make our day with this chuckle. On another card that we totally paid off, we received a bill today for $61.00. What for, you ask? Well, apparently we (according to the rebels without a clue of First Premier) owe them $3.95 for an internet access fee. Hey, it gets better. Being that the card is paid off and account closed, we have zero credit available. BUT, hold on.. because we have ZERO credit available and the account is closed, we are now..$3.95 overlimit. Just for that, $25.00 overlimit fee, PLUS $25.00 late charge, charge for insurance, AND a finance charge on the purchases of the internet access fee and credit insurance. This is in addition to yet another card we paid off that they charged us overlimit/late fees, even after it is already on my husband's credit report that he PAID IN FULL. The fees were due to credit insurance fees being charged, on a PAID OFF/CLOSED account. After I finish laughing, I will fax the nice joke sheet we received today to the South Dakota Division of Banking when I arrive at work tomorrow. SHEESH!! Are they stupid or do they think the entire Sherri Richmond, California
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
79, Report #359273
Aug 04 2008
11:08 PM
First Premier Bank-Souix Falls First Premier Bank They charged me for a credit card that I never received!!!!! Souix Falls South Dakota
I just recently applied for a card with First Premier Bank about 2 months ago, and I was approved. But two days ago, I received a letter in the mail saying I owed them over $1,000 for a card I SUPPOSEDLY had in Kansas City in 2005. I applied for a card in 2001 and never received it. They said I could not receive and cards vrom their bank because of my credit score. Ain't that some $^%+!!!! Babyirl-Atl Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
80, Report #581757
Mar 16 2010
05:46 PM
First Premier Bank First PREMIER Bank Wretched Company Caused Error But Still Insists on Reporting Inaccurate Chargeoff Sioux Falls, South Dakota
First Premier bank is a wretched company full of horrific people.  I have started a blog to help people collect information about this company and its practices. I would love any of you to visit the blog as well:  firstpremierbankisevil.blogspot.comThis is the story:Due to their own bank error, they processed my payments but did not apply them to my account.  While I was traveling, they charged off the account and reported this to the Credit Bureaus.  When I called, they profusely apologized for the bank error, took my full payment to close the account, and promised to have all the negative notations removed with the Credit Bureaus.  After all, it was their own error that caused the negative notations.  After I made the payment, they mysteriously forgot all about their agreement with me.  They now claim to have NO knowledge of their error.  When asked to provide evidence and information regarding the employee I talked to, they said all information about my account has been purged.These people have repeatedly claimed that I should be proud to have them because they offer credit to people with bad payment histories.  My credit report shows PERFECT payment history, with the sole exception of their company. This is why I first tried to close the account right after it was opened, because I realized this SCAM CARD was not appropriate.  I called them to cancel the account, and they threatened me.  The representative told me that First Premier would act to ruin my credit if I canceled and protested the fees!  I hadn't even used the card!  I have disputed with the credit bureaus, but the history keeps coming back verified, despite the bank error that caused this.  I have contacted numerous regulatory agencies (the Federal Reserve Board, etc.), but First Premier simply claims to have no record of their promises to me!  How convenient!They send out form letter responses and refuse to change their errors.  I think they fear that changing their errors will admit some kind of fault on their part that I could sue for later.  But I have made it very clear that I will be suing if, and only if, this erroneous reporting with the Credit Bureaus does not get taken care of immediately!For the love of God, do NOT deal with this company!  The y are lying thieves to start with, and they are deceptive frauds to finish!
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
81, Report #327891
Apr 21 2008
11:15 PM
First Premier Bank Rip Out From First Premier Bank Sioux Falls South Dakota
I had an account with First Premier Bank anad I canceled the card due to the fact that I was being charged monthly fees on top of numerous one-time fees. It was just too much to handle. Since I have canceled, I have been charges more fees and I checked the balance and recent charges and there are more charges after I canceled the card. This is not right and I think that somethong should be done about all of this wrongdoing. People are already having hard times now as it is without companies taking extra advantage. Sarah Laurel, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
82, Report #383438
Oct 21 2008
02:37 PM
First Premier Bank, Sioux FallsFirst Premier Bank Issued Credit Card with out my authorization Sioux Falls South Dakota
I received an offer in the mail to apply for a credit card, so I went to the website and filled in the information. At that time I did not know the terms of the credit limit, interest rate ect. so I thought I would be informed of this before being offered the credit. That did not happen at all, next thing I know is I get a bill in the mail for $179.00 and a credit limit of $200. I never accepted these terms. Later in the week, I actually get the credit card and a statement saying it is active. Suspicious of all this I try to locate a contact number on all of the papers and to no surprise there is only one that leads to automation hell. I Google the company and find another number. I call it and the first representative wants my personal information before they can do anything. I told her the CC number and let her know that I did no accept this card and wish for them to take it back and delete me from their system. Well, her response is she cant do that without verifying all of my personal info. I was advised by my attorney to no give them any info for they have committed fraud already and me doing so could only make things worse. I tried to call back and talk with someone else 4 times to no avail. I finally got transferred to a fraud hot line where I left a voice mail. I have yet to resolve this and will keep you posted. Word to the wise, do not apply for credit with this bank, you will not know the terms, you will be billed an exhorbinant amount and so far, as I am seeing you can not cancel the account. I will update if I get more info Sickofscamsflorida Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
83, Report #436961
Mar 23 2009
09:37 PM
Premier Bank First Premier Bank A Blatant Ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
I rarely have used this card with a $250 yet I owe $368. Although I have paid this 250 over and over again. They charge this outrageous fee that is a made up they find a way that you then over your balance and they charge for an over balance fee. If you are close to your due date they wait to post your payment until it is late then a late fee. The late fee then puts your over the limit which is another 29.00. I spoke to a representative on Friday not only was she very nasty but she could speak about a 25.00 charge that I made. In the conversation I mentioned that I paid 165.00 last week and I have a 17.00 available balance, she continuously mentioned that I used 25.00. What she didn't mention were 200.00 in fees that they have charged me. After the conversation I sent 106.00 which should have given me 123.00 available. I checked the available balance tonight I have an available balance of 6.00. At the very least where in the heck did the 11.00 go? There strategy not only cost money but somehow gets reported on the report as late and over charged. Chardyjr Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
84, Report #110192
Sep 26 2004
12:26 AM
First Premier Bank ripoff First Premier free credit report is not free they charged me $30.00, nothing is ever free! Sioux Falls SD
First Premier Bank offered me a free credit report and charged me $30.00 and also charged me alot of hidden fees to join. I had their card for 2 weeks and spent $40.00 and now owe them $250.00. Steven valrico, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Valrico, Florida
85, Report #217527
Oct 24 2006
09:26 PM
First Premier Bank First Premier Usury Charges and all for a $300 limit? Sioux City South Dakota
What a SCAM. Some credit rebuilder. More regulation of these evil cards is needed. Their fees jacked me over their prescribed limit. I closed this sucker down. Over 150 bucks in fees for a $300 limit which is really only about 150 dollars in the beginning? A secured card is much better. This is a waste of time. And, the monthly participation fee is a total joke. Participate in WHAT? I'm not that desperate for a credit card. Chase and their usury fees put me in the hole. Why go back? Angie Batavia, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux City, South Dakota
86, Report #368528
Aug 31 2008
05:15 AM
First Premier Bank FIRST PREMIER IS A BIG RIPOFF!! South Dakota south dakota
got the card called to cancel, said they would waive fees, but they are liars,, and now i am receiving statements for payments for fees, liar liar what can i do about this, fraudulent peoples, ripping innocent peoples off, it already a struggle HELP ME PLEASE. Sister west palm beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #958177
Oct 22 2012
08:33 AM
FIRST PREMIER BANK FIRST PREMIER BANKCARD Creedit Carde Company did not Market the Card Default Insurance Accurately. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
First Premier Bank, This company falsely marketed to me the Default Insurance for their credit card. What I thought would be covered through an unforseeable event such as (unemployment). Years later I was contacted by a Collections company representing this company and I was promised that if I paid this item it would not report on my Credit file. these are both serious violations of the law both in part of the Bank as wel as the Collection Agency.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
88, Report #167940
Dec 14 2005
04:48 PM
First Premier Bank Do something about First Premier ripoff dispicable Sioux Falls South Dakota
I feel I have been ripped off by Premier. The so called agreement about not suing them is bunk. That is like saying I promise not report a crime if I see one. Fraudulant or unfair practices should be reported.I have contacted my state attorney, the BBB, the FTC, my congressmen, and I am working on the Attorney General, the Governor, the preseident, and any agency I can contact. I am also contacting news agencies in hopes they will do a national story on this and other companies like this. Preying upon vulnerable people with poor credit so therefore limited options is dispicable. Susan Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux City, Florida
89, Report #267402
Aug 14 2007
11:24 AM
First Premier Bank This is How to Successfully Complain About First Premier Bankcard Sioux Falls South Dakota
I was a victim too of First PREMIER Bankcard not because I applied for their card but because of ID Theft. I quite frankly would never want anything to do with this scam bank. As I have researched them they are very clearly a pedatory lender and quite frankly take in fees, etc. from those who have the least to start with. I have read screens and screens of folks complaints on how they have been ripped off by First PREMIER Bankcard. I would be the first to agree that those fees are told to anyone who applies and like kids in schools....many folks just don't read or pay attention to it. Yet, there are those who by no fault of not reading the fees etc. have been duked by First PREMIER. Those are the ones that must fight back and that is the only way this predatory bank, lender card issuer, scammer, etc. will be made to answer. I have corporate attorneys that I can ask easily for advice and that I have done. So here goes how you can really put the bite on First PREMIER. If you have a legtimate or think you have complaint then write to: 1) State of South Dakota Office of Attorney General Division of Consumer Protection 1302 E Hwy 14 Pierre, SD 57101-8503 2) South Dakota Department of Revenue & Regulation Division of Banking 217 1/2 West Missouri Avenue Pierre, South Dakota 57501-4590 Now the South Dakota Division of Banking hold immense power over First PREMIER because they hold the charter for that bank. Pull their charter and First PREMIER can not operate and is out of business. So you clearly see the immense power that state agency has in correcting your problems. I firmly believe that all those who have legtimate complaints write both these agencies we can bring forth a major investigation of First PREMIER Bankcard and in the process get your problem resolved too. I hope you will join with me in ending the grief and unfair practices of First PREMIER Bankcard. If we work together we can make this scam bank follow established guidlines and standards in the banking industry. Robert Huron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
90, Report #280972
Oct 25 2007
08:25 PM
First Premier Bank Card First Premier has caught the eye of major consumer advocate groups Sioux Falls South Dakota
We all have been reading on this website and many others how First Premier Bank Card has been truely ripping off unsuspecting folks around this country. We have seen how folks respond to this website and say well folks should read the rules and regulations as they are clear and they are their its their own fault. Well for a long time too I have been watching this what I call scam bank as they stay just above the law in South Dakota and that is pretty much below the law in most other states. I watch First Premier as they are on my radar screen constantly. I direct your attention to the URL listed below on an extensive study done by Cagey Consumer. They have taken First Premier's advertising sent to unsuspecting folks around this country and they show how First Premier uses every trick in the book to hook these folks into high fees and high interest. They show how this bank truly is ripping off the consumer. I mean when you get a credit card with a $300 credit limit and the first month is over $200 in fees from the bank alone you got to say this is a real scam bank and they are...First Class Scam. So please check out the URL and see what the consumer advocate group has to say about First Premier: There is also a good chance that Kiplinger's magazine is going to do high interest high fees credit cards as a feature article in next few months. You can believe First Premier will be right up at the top of the list. Best thing we can do is get the word out to folks on First Premier and that will end their business of ripping off the unsuspecting consumer. Kevin Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
91, Report #61589
Jun 23 2003
06:12 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
this company which states we are here to help our customers is b.s. 1st i called them because of all the fees i was getting on my account on which i was never informed , they were never on any disclosure and plus i was never even helper . 2nd i call the company to close the account and guess what i still have charges being made to them . 3rd as all customers have stated they mess up your credit and god knows how in the hell to get rid of them i have made payment by payment to get out of this company and once they see your account coming down they put a overlimit fee , how in the hell could you get a overlimit fee if the account is closed and in steed of you sending a 20.00 payment you send a 200.00 payment and you still owe the same balance you had plus then you start to get min payment 123.15 plus a $20.00 past due fee , a overlimit fee of $25.00 and good knows what next fee . last but not least once they issue a credit limit you get a letter stating you have went over your credit limit and now from $350.00 your account is in a 433.15 , what in hell happend to the $350.00 limit you had and if your making payments month by month why doesnt this amount go down even making a big payment of 200.00 dollars . Paul kissimmee,fl,, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
92, Report #54630
Apr 26 2003
08:53 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff credit reporting fraud Sioux Falls South Dakota
First Premier Bank Incorrect Credit Reporting..... Refused Cards (Is this their Payback??) Sioux Falls South Dakota ..... In March of 2001 our neighbors brought over some mail they told us had been put in their box by mistake. One of the items was a credit card from First Premier Bank, it had been opened. We had never even applied for a card from First Premier, as we already have a Providian Visa. We contacted the Police Dept and they told us to contact the Credit Card Company. I spoke with a very nice CSR and told her the situation. Again she was very polite, told us she would cancel the cards and post that they had been reported stolen. She asked if we would like new ones sent to us, and she explained the fees to us. We said no, we did not want Any cards, we were very happy with our Providian. She told us everything was all set. Fast Forward 2 years, we are buying a home and of course checking our credit. On the report it does show the card that was reported as stolen. BUT it also shows April of 2001 $350 was written off on a NEW account. We never recieved any other cards, therefore never used any. And certainly never agreed to any fees. All I want is for this company to remove the incorrect statements on my 3 credit reports. Scott Bennington, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
93, Report #509740
Oct 15 2009
10:57 AM
First Premier Bank Card - Premier Bank Card Subprime card, subprime customer service, one giant scam Sious Falls, South Dakota
I received this card without even applying for it and decided to activate the card to help boost up my credit. I understood that their would be fees associated with the card but to charge someone $3.95 to access their account online and a $7 fee to give them money online is ridiculous. Here is how this card works, you are charged $95 PROGRAM FEE *FINANCE CHARGE*, $29 ACCOUNT SET-UP FEE *FINANCE CHARGE, $7 MONTHLY SERVICING FEE *FIN CHG (i was charged this twice), $48 ANNUAL FEE 10/09 THROUGH 09/10, $29 LATE FEE (only received one statement, which was paid in full on 10/13), $3.95 INTERNET ACCESS FEE *FINANCE CHARGE*. On top of all those fees, they charge you $7 to for the convenience of making a payment via their website or $11 if you call their so called customer service number to make a payment. I can deal with this, I am trying to re-establish my credit since it went downhill when I lost my job 19 months ago. My biggest complaint is they do not tell you that they will hold your payment for 7days and not allow use of the card. I made my payment on 10/13, expecting to have use of the card the following day. My wife called and spoke with a supervisor who told her since the payment was made after 3pm CST it would not be posted until midnight 10/14. My wife specifically asked if the card would be available for use on 10/15 and was assured it would be. I log in online today 10/15 only to find my available credit is zero but yet the balance owed in zero. I called only to be told the account has a hold on it until 10/20 and the holds are done at random?? I was not given a specific reason for the hold but told can conference my bank in with the credit card company to verify that the funds did clear the checking account or that I should have called them directly to make the payment using my debit card instead of using my checking account. This does not make sense to me, the money comes from the same account no matter if I use my debit card or checking info. I believe it is a scam to get more money from someone. At this point I paid my bank to put a stop payment for the $285 I made, which cost me $28 to do. I am only paying for my actual charges which total $63.21 and they can do what ever they want with the rest of their outrageous charges. I have cut up the card and will not be using it. I refuse to pay for charges when I do not get the benefits that I expect with a credit card.  Some card company, they are suppose to help with re-building your credit not put you deeper in debt. Their lack of customer service, supervisors not willing to do anything for you only tell you nothing can be done to bad. I also discovered other hidden fees that are not communicated in their cardholder agreement or on the website: Credit limit increase: $25Auto Draft: $11 every time they automatically take the paymentWire Transfer fee: $5 for every wire transfer you doAdditional Card: $20 annuallyBe aware of this company. Its not intended to help you but to charge you all these fees up front and then later when you least expect it. I would not recommend this card to anyone no matter how desperate you may be for a credit card.
Entity: Sious Falls, South Dakota
94, Report #13548
Feb 07 2002
12:00 AM
95, Report #60386
Jun 11 2003
01:55 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff took payment out of bank with out permisson and take advanage of elderly Sioux Falls South Dakota
Gave permission for them to take out of bank one payment so they took it upon themself to do it again the next month and that caused me to be overdrawn costing 60.00 dollers in fees Beulah Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
96, Report #174088
Jan 31 2006
01:19 PM
First Premier Bank Poorly coordinated, no integrity, a Legal Harassing Loan shark bank ripoff Sioux Falls Iowa
First premier bank is a good service & highly reliable, but when u pay back, if u miss 3 days they'll harass you till they recieve the payment. I mean more then the due & late fee. (better not forget the $39) or else they'll harass you till you send that!! And for some reason they charge you a $60 annualy fee & $6 per month membership fee. Which they don't tell you unless you read the fine print or ask. For a 1st card it's good. They report to the credit breaus like the others do but they're known for harassing their clients (No-Duhh) But other then that.. Drop'rm if u have them. I threaten them that if they keep on harassing more for $20 i'll drop them. the check they claimed came late. by 2 days. I express i didn't care & would drop them, it happened again. Well 2nd time around i dropped them. What was funny was that they recieved the money order but. It didn't clear? A money order didn't clear?. Poorly coordinated clearly Scott brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, Iowa
97, Report #233825
Jan 31 2007
06:33 PM
First Premier Bank Ripoff Don't apply for a Credit Card with this bank Sioux Falls South Dakota
Yes I Have bad credit. This Loan Shark Bank says the APR is 9.9% but it is 19.9% and with $178 in start up fees..I should have read more about this bank, which is really 1 bank with alot of different names, ripping people off with bad credit.Please everyone, dont apply with this bank.. Mike Concord, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
98, Report #245983
Apr 28 2007
10:31 AM
First Premier Bank first credit card ever, over charged and wont let me cancel out fraudent Ripoff Sioux Falls internet-
i never had a credit card thought by getting one would help my credit payed 100.00 first payment when told payments would only be 20.00 a month they charged over use fees and i never got to over use the 300.00 i payed what i used and it stopes working so i dont use it ,tryed to cancell out they wont let me , my bill keeps adding up what do i do ,never getting another credit card ever. Loleene freedom, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
99, Report #75240
Dec 18 2003
10:35 AM
First Premier Bank Fraudulant Credit Reporting and Unfair Fee Practice Sioux Falls South Dakota
I have an account with First Premier Bank and mny credit limit was 350 i was at 352 balance. My payment was due Nov 30th. On Dec 5th they reported me to the credit bureau as an account closed by credit grantor and a balance of 459 dollars. I called them and the said since i was 5 days past due the suspended my account and charged me late fees and over-the-limit fees to push my Balance to 459 that Really killed my credit score. I was denied a loan because of this. I was 5 Days late! Randy Johnson City, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
100, Report #139751
Apr 21 2005
01:13 PM
First Premier Bank Credit Card ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
This company called me at my place of employment threatening me and harassing me, claiming that they did not recieve my payment when I have mailed it on the SAME DATE for the past 9 months!!!! If you are paying this card on time and they are not making any money off of you, they fraudulently withhold your check until you are late and then call and harass you and charge you with a late fee threatening your credit. These actions constitute FRAUD AND ARE ILLEGAL AND I am going to report them to the state attorney general. Does anyone know if there is a class action law suit against them? CP Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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